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F. A-22014/16/2012-Admn.E.N To, M/-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dated: 14.02.2014

Notice inviting Tender for engaging of Security Guard in the Office of Employment News.
The Office of Employment News invites quotations of Security Guard. The Scope of work and General Instructions for submitting quotations are given below. Before submitting the tenders the firms are requested to go through the terms and conditions. The authorized signatory of the firm should sign all pages of the tender documents as a token of their acceptance. 1. The tender is for providing one security guard in the Office of Employment News as detailed below: a. Office premises situated at East Block-4, Level-5, R.K. Puram New Delhi.

2. Period: The contract will be initially for one year from the date of supplying/start utilizing the services by the Office of Employment News which on satisfactory performance may be extended for another one year on the same terms and conditions. However if the performance is found not satisfactory the contract may be curtailed / terminated at any time before the normal tenure owing to cessation of requirement or deficiency in service or substandard quality of manpower deployed by the service provider. Further, the Employment News reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time even before the expiry of one year period. 3. Eligibility Criteria & Qualification of the service provider a. The agency must have been registered under the Labour department, Government of NCT of Delhi and have a valid License. b. The agency must pay to its employee as per the payment of Minimum Wages Act. Copy of acquittance of previous month duly signed by the person at the disposal of Employment News should be attached with the bill for claiming payment monthly. c. Yearly 2 times uniform to be provided to be selected by Office of Employment News. d. Must have experience in providing such services earlier. The list of clients for whom the agency is providing similar services may be provided. e. Firms blacklisted by Govt. /Autonomous Body/PSU/Corporate organization are not eligible to Bid. If any stage of bidding process or during the currency of contract, such information comes to knowledge of Office of Employment News shall have right to reject the bid and forfeit the EMD or terminate the contract as the case may be without any compensation to the bidder.

(2) 4. The tenders should accompany with a copy each (duly attested by a Notary Public) of the following: (a) Certificate of Registration; with Labour department Government of Delhi (b) Copy of PAN/GIR Card; (c) Registration of ESI; (d) Registration of EPF; (e) Registration of Service Tax with No. (f) Company Profile and list of clients, if any. (g) License to engage with business of Private Security Agency issued by Home Deptt., Govt. of Delhi. (h) Experience certificate along with IT return filed for the last two years. 5. Tender documents Fees : (i) Rs. 500/- on cash payment with Accounts Officer Employment News. (ii) Rs. 500/- DD payable in favour of GM-cum-CE, Employment News in case of tender documents downloaded from the website of Employment News. 6. The tender complete in all respect should be in a sealed cover and addressed to the GM-cum-CE, Employment News, East Block-4, Level-5, R.K. Puram New Delhi-110066 should reach by 28.02.2014 The Bid will be opened on 28.02.2014 at the office premises of the Office of Employment News, in presence of the representatives of the agencies. The rates should be quoted only as per format given. Conditional bids, quotations without the documents specified in Para-4 above shall not be considered and will summarily be rejected. No overwriting/cutting is permitted and in such cases the quotations will be rejected. Quotations received after the due date and time due to any reason what so ever including postal delays shall not be considered. The tender cover must be superscripted TENDER FOR providing Security Guard. EMD: An Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of Rs.2000/- (Rupees Two Thousand only), in the form of an account payee Draft of any Bank in favour of GM-cum-CE of Employment News, Govt. of India, payable at New Delhi, must accompany each tender bid, without the EMD shall be summarily rejected. In case the agency is not selected, the EMD will be refunded without any interest. The agency that has quoted the lowest rate on the basis of Total charges will be selected; however the decision of ADG, DPD will be final. If the lowest quoted agency does not accept the order, their EMD will be forfeited. The rates quoted should ensure that the personnel deployed for this service contract are paid as per the statutory norms including the Minimum wages, as prescribed by the Government of Delhi from time to time, and the statutory benefits like PF, ESI, Bonus etc. as may be applicable. (A copy of the latest minimum rates of wages issued by the Delhi Government should be enclosed with the quotation). Service Charge should be quoted in variably. The details of work to be carried out is as follows: The agency shall a. Engage one Security Guard from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 6 days per week.




10. 11. 12.

(3) b. Ensure that the personnel to be deployed should be a bonafide citizen of India and experienced, physically, mentally and medically fit regular employee of the supplying agency. c. The personnel posted by the supplying agency shall be on the roll of the supplying Agency and have no right for any claim of regular employment in Govt. in any circumstances. d. The Security Guard to be deployed shall be well behaved and in case it is felt by the Office of Employment News that any personnel deployed is not suitable for carrying out his duties, then the personnel is to be replaced immediately by the agency; e. The agency shall be responsible for all risks involved, liabilities and obligations arising out of this contract under any provisions of law in force from time to time. f. The agency has to ensure that the persons deployed for the job are reliable and should obtain proper police verification before deployment g. Ensure that the personnel deployed for this service contract are paid as per the statutory norms including the Minimum wages, as prescribed by the Government of Delhi from time to time, and the statutory benefits like PF, ESI, Bonus etc. h. The monthly wages for the month in which the persons deployed should be made in the subsequent month but not later than 7th of each month. i. Responsible for ensuring satisfactory execution of the job as well as compliance of all statutory requirements/ benefits. 13. Payment Procedure a. Pre-receipted monthly bills (in triplicate) shall be submitted by the Agency for the services provided in the preceding month after making payment to the deployed staff. The bills shall be processed and paid within a reasonable time. The bills should be submitted along with Performa/certificates as required by Employment News, ESI challan, PF account details of the personnel deployed etc. b. TDS: TDS at the prescribed rate from time to time would be made from the bills in accordance with the provision of Income Tax Act, 1961. c. Any other deductions mandated by the prevailing laws applicable to such contracts would also be made. d. No enhancement of rate on any account/reason, whatsoever shall be considered during the currency of contract. e. No advance payment would be made under any circumstances. 14. SECURITY DEPOSIT: An amount of Rs. 15000/- (Rs. fifteen thousand) by way of FDR, favouring GM-cum-CE, Employment News, New Delhi Fore-closure of the service contract in full or part: a) The Employment News reserves the right to reduce in part or full the scope of the contract during the period of award of contract. The payments would also be adjusted on pro-rata basis as determined by the Employment News. The revised payment would be accepted by the Agency. b) Office of Employment News reserves the right to terminate the contract earlier either in part or in full. In the event of such termination, Agency shall be paid for the actual work performed till the date specified in the notice. 16. Penalty for non-performance/under-performance: If the Agency fails to provide


(4) Competent personnel for satisfactory completion of the Employment News work or in case of any delay in deployment of personnel shall be deducted proportionately. 17. Settlement of Disputes & Arbitration: In the event of any dispute or difference whatsoever arising under this contract or in connection therewith including any dispute relating to existing meaning and interpretation of this contract, the same shall be settled amicably in the first instance. All unresolved disputes/ difference shall be referred to the sole arbitration of mutually agreed person appointed by the GM-cum-CE, Office of Employment News, New Delhi. Supervision of the services and manpower deployed: a. The Agency may depute a senior person responsible for monitoring the quality performance and presence of the manpower deployed for the Employment News. b. The person deployed must be well mannered and loyal and if any time found to be guilty of mis-conduct in any matter, the concerned personnel may be replaced by the agency immediately, and such personal shall not be redeployed for duty again.. c. The Agency should ensure that the person deployed, while on duty, is well behaved and also discipline like non-consumption of alcohol and smoking. d. Any theft or mis-conduct by the personnel deployed, during the course of their work, shall make the service provider as well as the person concerned liable for penal action under IPC, Cr. P.C. or any other relevant provisions besides, action for breach of contract. e. Agency shall be held responsible in case any of the persons engaged by them creates unwanted situation, unnecessarily shouts, raises slogans against any officer/person within the office premises or during the period of the job order. This act shall be considered as breach of the job assignment and shall be dealt with as may be deemed fit by the Office of Employment News; Agency shall be fully responsible for theft, burglary, fire or any mischievous deeds by his staff. f. Agency shall be solely responsible for any loss or damage to Office of Employment Newss property while it is in his charge during the period of the job order/ assignment. g. In case it is felt by the Office of Employment News that any person engaged by the Agency is not suitable for carrying out the job inside the Office of Employment News premises then the person is to be replaced immediately by the Agency. The contract is further subjected to the conditions that: a. The work shall be carried out properly and of full satisfaction. b. The Agency shall have no claim against Office of Employment News in respect of any work withdrawn from them at any point of time during the period of the contract order or reduction in scope of services. c. The Agency shall ensure that problem pertaining to their employees is not passed on to Office of Employment News, fully or, partly in any manner whatsoever. d. Office of Employment News shall not be responsible or pay any claim for damages/ cost other than rates agreed to in the job order/ assignment. e. The agency should not assign or sub-let the contract or any part of it to any other agency. f. Office of Employment News reserves the right to withdraw / relax any of the terms and condition mentioned above so as to overcome the problem encountered at a later stage. (i) Date and time of availability of Tender Document On 17.02.2014 (ii) Date and time of receipt of tender On 28.02.2014 at 3.00 PM (iii) Opening of Tender Documents On 28.02.2014 at 3.30 PM



(Tintus Sorenge) Section Officer (Admn.)


Provision of Security Service at Office of Employment News, R.K. Puram, New Delhi.

3 Monthly Basic wage per Person (Rs)

4 PF(Rs)

5 ESI (Rs)

6 Service Tax (Rs) (12.36 %)

7 Service Charge/ Rs)

8 Total amount (Rs)

Category Monthly of Man Basic wage power per person (Rs)

(in words)

(in figures)

% of monthly basic wage

% of monthly basic wage

% of monthly basic wage

Amount %

=3+4+5+6 +7

Supporting documents for monthly basic wage quoted above (Column 2, 3) (such as latest order from Labour Commissioner/ Delhi Govt. regarding minimum wages). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Signature of the Authorized Representative with date Name of the Authorized Representative Name of the Agency Address of the Agency Seal of the Agency

(6) Documents to be enclosed at the time of submission of tenders The Agency/Contractor/Firm submitting tender for providing of Security Guard at Employment News, New Delhi shall enclose the following documents along with the completely filled-up and signed tender Form (A). 1. Registration Certificates: The Agency shall be registered with the appropriate Government Agencies for provision of man-power/security personnel. Attested photocopies of the following documents in this regard shall have to be enclosed. a) b) Service Tax Registration Document Certificate of Registration with P.F. Commissioner c) Certificate of Registration with ESI labour d) License issued by Ministry of Labour e) f) Service Tax registration License to engage in the business of private Security Agency from government of NCT Home Deptt. Delhi No A copy of certificate


Income Tax return of the last two years along with duly certified copy of Profit & Loss Account. Brief profile of the Agency. Experience in the field (Please furnish the details of number of existing as well as earlier clients and the satisfactory service). The experience should be supported by copies of contract and letter of satisfaction from each client.

3. 4.

5. CERTIFIATES This is to certify that I have enclosed copies of following documents in support of my Tender S. No. Type of Documents Whether Yes or No 1. Document showing registration with i. Commissioner, Employee, Provident Fund

ii. ESI Corporation iii. Service Tax 2. 3. License issued by the M/o Labour Govt. of NCT of Delhi License to engage in the business of private Security Agency issued by Home Department NCT of Delhi Signature of the Authorized Representative with date Name of the Authorized Representative Name of the Agency Address of the Agency Seal of the Agency

4. 5. 6. 7. 8.