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The Seduction Technique

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Compiled by Infernity
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Table of Contents:
Basic Approaches w/ Tips On Getting The Girl You Like: Easy Direct Game Guide: Keep It Simple Stupid: Click! How To Keep A Conversation Going – FISHING Theory: Pick Up Lines, Openers & Tips:



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How To Look Better, Feel Better and Be Better: Online Game - Pickup:

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Grabbin' Tits and Shit (Literally): The Validation Vacuum: Texting 101:


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Text Openers After getting her number: Common Question /w Step by Step:

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DHV Spike Workshop :: Natural Game Made Simple: IOI's - Indicators of Interest + Body Language: Comfort Phase and Jealousy: Kino - How To Touch A Girl:



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How to control your Bitch Butterflies. Leave regrets behind!: First/Second Date Ideas : Scavenger Hunt: How to be a good Wingman:


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Why are you insecure? And why does your game suck:

Seeing Things Through Her Lens :: a Few Simple Daygame Tips [Part I & II]:

Texting Advice 101:

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Mindset Guide: The Importance of FUN!: Ultimate Flirting Tips: Guide to DHV


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Rapport Building Technique

PUA Terminology/Dictionary


Basic Approaches w/ Tips On Getting The Girl You Like
By: aFpe

First Move Tips
Realize that women mostly make the first move, which is simply gazing into your eyes whenever possible.  If you ever randomly look at a girl and she is looking at you then quickly looks away, she wants you but is shy. Same situation instead the girl keeps looking at you, then she deeply desires you.  Whenever a girl smiles at you at a random time, she was, is, and/or going to think about you. It is not always that a girl makes the first move, but if she does then it makes it a lot easier on you in case you ever want to get with her. If the girl you want to get with does not make the first move, then do not think that it will be impossible or even harder to get with her. When seeing a girl you want to get with you have three choices, approach her now, later, or never.  NOW  She is alone &you don't want to approach when she isn't. If you randomly see her &it is not in/at a place where you will most likely never see her again.  Later  If you do not want to approach her because she is not alone and you know for a fact that you will see her again, then later.  Never  Either now, later, or seriously; never. When approaching, have confidence because it is the key to her heart/vagina; whichever you are aiming for. Remember, every conversation should start with a simple, "Hi."  Depending on whether you have seen her before or not, what you could say next may vary. It does not matter what you say, as long as you believe in what you say.  You can honestly go up to any girl and say why you did so.  "Hi, I'm sorry to bother you but I thought you were cute/adorable/beautiful &wanted to say hi."  Then introduce yourself, they will do the same. (there is a chance they will smile before you introduce yourself) After you have introduced yourself, you can then move on to a conversation about anything.  Where you are, the day if it is a special day (holiday, birthday), what she is wearing, politics, news, weather, school, what is new, what is old, your surroundings, entertainment, food, masturbation, games, and even Fatality.  Honestly, a conversation about anything. Do not lie about things though, be a BOSS &stand up to what you do&believe in. If you ended up actually liking her, or just want to have sex with her, or you just simply want to see her again; do not forget to ask for her number.  When asking for a number, you might have to notify her why you want it, and it is better if you do notify her before she asks why.  You can simply say something along the lines of, "May I get your number so we can chat later."

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having an erection. and that messes up your confidence." to her in the hallways whenever you see her. playfully shoot her with your hand.  Sitting really close.  Stick your tongue out at her. or maybe has never noticed you. unless you are just messing around to see if it works on a certain girl simply for the fun/hell of it. do not stare at her breasts like Peter Griffin would. frown. and just say.  Giving compliments can be annoying. Remember. masturbation. but do not let nervousness take over to the point that it will make you not do it.  If she feels uncomfortable and it seems like she actually does not want to talk to you. but a list of compliments can get annoying cause you're going on and on about one thing. you can do everything from the list on top whenever she looks at you.". Class with her? Depending on where you sit. "Hi. stay as comfortable as you can while talking to her and she will stay comfortable too. "Hi.  Sitting next to her &you too are close friends?  Everything from the list whenever she looks at you. smile." then walk away.  If a girl does not say. she will be saying it. if a girl smiles at you.  Footsie ^___^  Walk with your fingers to her hand & "kick" her hand. so it is best and my suggestion to also only give one. Do not get too cocky and/or loud about anything. do not waste her time.  School Tips Say. then honestly. then simply do not perform it a lot.  Examples: Runescape. whenever she looks at you &you notice. Do not openly go up to a girl and say that you like her because that could easily creep her out. "Bye.)      WARNING If you are not comfortable. then eventually make you dream about what would have happened if nervousness had not taken over." to you often or at all. If she wants more then remember. wink. Do not say corny pick up lines. sex talk. Being nervous is okay." you can always just smile at her when she is looking at you.  Poke her (ONLY ONCE! If more than once this will get annoying. Other than the. you can still get her attention to get her more into you. even make a face again. If asked about them. there are things out there that you yourself try to block out just because you think it will mess everything up. but do want to keep her from wanting more from you. You do not want her to get annoyed. so if you perform something that can be quickly and highly annoying (poking). you cannot force a girl to like you. compliments. "Hi. When talking to her.  People do always look around in class. "Hi.      5 . Remember. she will most likely notice then not be comfortable either. do what you know damn well you want and make her notice you by saying it yourself. or even next to her?  Even that close. unless you know her enough to actually like her. get her more annoyed. Next thing you know. she wants you. If once then she will notice &maybe even want you to poke her more. you do not want to get her annoyed. make a face and if she smiles back then do something else. lip sync a. Be cool/chill. do something.

So. she might even help you with the process) Lets say she gets more in depth about computer games.. card games. even masturbation for many of you. touch more. just remember to add. but I am trying to quit them &enjoy life more." &if you do. then simply ask for her Xbox and/or Playstation account(s). approach anyone. Lets say she actually gets more in depth into games. but it does. etc. everything else will fall in its place and work out fine. then once you know her better. and wants to know what you play so maybe you two can play. If you just want to try your luck with girls and do not know who to approach. and you are still afraid to mention it." Lets say she get more in depth about console games. "I just play some Xbox/Playstation/Wii/Computer games.  Hugs. Stand up for what you do &believe in. Which brings me to mentioning to her that you play games. If she asks what you do when/if you are bored. "but on a rare basis" or be honest if you are attempting to quit and say. be honest about it. Stand up for what you do and do not be afraid to mention it. &um. Start with staying friendly and not touching. I do not know how the fuck this works. touch her hands.  "I play Call of Duty/Need For Speed/ Battlefield etc. you can tell her.      Scared to mention you play videogames?    I know there has to be some of you guys that are afraid to mention this. "I just watch tv. pay attention during a conversation.  Simply focus on doing one thing right.  Then you should be less afraid to mention it.  She either likes to play as well. cause some guys are afraid to mention that.  Say.  TIPS Stay as cool/chill/confident/comfortable/ as you can. footsie with her.  Try to keep the conversation going for as long as you can so you can get more out of her. then do not worry. because it means she is interested in finding out the games you play. arm around neck.  I suggest that one thing should be to actually listen to her. then. or play games. Respond in a way that the conversation will not be over."  If she stays on the subject." (seriously though. not just games.  Just say the same for console games. what girl not interested in games even gets more in depth about them? That goes for anything.  Or she wants to know if you are going to waste time playing whenever she wants to hang out. "I play a few games. and whenever you respond to actually respond according to what she is saying." If she gets more in depth about games. then somehow someway.  Lets be honest though. in case you too ever get to make plans. and she will get more out of you. "Board.    6 .

3.. The Bravery Opener: “Ok... you are a BOSS. So this guide will be discussing mostly that. Few quick rules: 1. she wants to know whether you will waste time. and they are direct.  "I play (name of game). If a girl is walking by and you make eye contact with her. I see a girl.. and you start to wonder what shes li. then just say it. Same as before. So simply tell her you play World of Warcraft.  Easy Direct Game Guide: Keep It Simple Stupid By: Luchador This is a common question I've seen popping up all over the place so I figured I'd address it in one post and just link it to here from now on. If you see a cute girl that you think you would want to talk to. I see a lot of people flooding into this site from all the other big schools of PU thought and such. They are honest. if she gets this into a conversation about games. so I figured I'd throw together a guide on it and improve on it when I have the time. You can even ask for help. I'll go ahead and put down my two default direct openers I go to pretty much every time. Minecraft. so this is like the BRAVEST thing I've done all day. quit fucking thinking about it.” 7 . and you think shes cute.. only a boss confesses the truth.  Really though. but I'm trying to quit &enjoy life more. If you check a girl out. “Dude. or whatever you play!  If you are trying to quit whatever game you said.). so I'm sure you have some giant boyfriend around here that would probably turn green and throw a car at me if he were here. it seems the general consensus around here is focused more towards Natural and/or Direct game. or she plays some computer games as well. So now your wondering what to say. in this case it would be a date. 2. but I figured its totally worth it. cause no matter what. go open her. which means she really wants to know.. then just stand up for what you do and proudly say is because she got this far into the conversation. I think you're cute (or some other compliment. First of all. now what?!” People have been asking for openers or opening lines. open.” The Hulk Smash Opener: “Ok. Pretty stupid simple stuff.. open her. but I just had to let you know I think you're cute/adorable/(insert direct compliment here). maybe you can help me with that?" Remember.

. If shes with someone. then you have something in common with her (example: cool bracelet. but how do I know if she's diggin' me? If you search around the community pages.. so here's a few simple tips that will get you talking. shes so cute!” . ask how they know each other. The reason my direct openers work so well is because I thought of them and they are congruent with my personality. “Damn. Notice something about her. … your probably getting blown out because there is much more important shit you can be doing. After the direct opener a girl will usually smile or there may be a brief second of silence.then there's your opener. so if you like it to.. ask a question. 2. ask interview questions. 1.. You can usually pick up on some detail during their answer and continue the conversation off that. 4. Do something. You would be surprised. this is where you can introduce yourself. Yeah cool. Shes smiling at you/laughing at your jokes.. If you're really lost. etc. (If that makes any sense at all) This is just a simple guide on opening directly. Use a qualification statement/qualifier. Just hang in there and get some experience. or just say whatever's on your mind. 3. really lost. 6.. etc) 4. Her chest/tits are facing you.. If you're really. Shes closing the distance between you/seems ok with you closing the distance. Ways to know she's diggin' ya: 1. So I opened." The more you go there. 5. push yourself. Tease her about something. you will get comfortable because you will develop the attitude of "I've been there before.If your mind completely goes blank and you're awestruck and can only think. Shes touching you/ok with you touching her. the more you've been there. If shes doing these things (doesn't have to be doing them all at once) and shes still talking 8 . so feel free to make your own and test them. 2. Try to push yourself a little farther than you're comfortable with. 3.. I listed them as examples. So lets keep it stupid simple. especially if your new to this stuff. you'll find out about these things called IOI's and there are virtually 100's of them you'll hear about. Shes wearing it because she likes it. something she is wearing. Eventually. now what? Everyone always wants to know what to say after the opener. And if you really focus on every little detail and really start to notice the way shes twirling her hair and how many times she blinks.

A lot of these will pop up in the context of the conversation. I can remember before I started this stuff and I saw a guy approach a girl. Tell me something awesome about you. Enjoy it while your doing it. but lots of girls are cute.. are you an open minded person?" If she wants to hear what you have to say. Amendment 2: "Dude. over thinking will kick your ass. then just assume your doing fine and keep talking/progressing. So if you read this post and see a girl tomorrow. no. even if he blew it out. will make additions as requested) ================================================== ================================================== ================================ Note: IF your prone to overthinking stuff and your still working on opening. that she has not demonstrated yet (and you want her to). no they're probably not. win. because you have the balls of a snowman (3 deep and ICE COLD). or draw. Qualification is when you use a statement (or a question) that gets someone to "prove" their self to you. what the hell is a qualification statement?" Its a very cool thing. Most qualifiers statement has a pre-set frame that your hinting towards. most people will look at you like a god." Pretty much directly gets her to qualify herself. and most people are to concerned with their own life to really bother with what you are doing. my friends.. I usually don't analyze stuff until I'm done for the night or at least with the people I'm talking to. TOTALLY!" or something like that.. "Wait. you have no excuse not to approach." Basically stated. lose.) Say your having a conversation about something you like. Then there is the good old. you're asking for it). So keeping it simple. but before you tell a cool story (bro). and I can remember thinking. you ask. that dudes got balls. unless your dressed really ridiculous or you're being very loud (and if you are. or even just a decent you. then go do that first before you start asking a whole lot of questions. Couple Examples: "I LOVE dogs.. " Damn. its one of the many ways people can start to earn their way into your life. At leat not at first. "Your REALLY cute. Once again. just have fun. then she will say "Yes. everyones looking at me!" Well. or action/quality. and she'll start 9 . you doing things that people only dream about doing (even simple things like approaching hotties) will earn the respect of strangers. (And any further questions are welcome. But if you score a number. I mean c'mon... dammit! ================================================== ================================================== ================================ Additions and Troubleshooting: Per Request Amendment 1: "Oh Hell.. People love to feel like they've earned something.. and she now knows that she would be looked upon a little better if she likes them too. are you a dog person?" (statement shows that YOU like dogs.

I could pretty much write a whole 'nother post on this alone. -Finally there is the reel. tap that. Honestly though. Why fish? Because fish. and therefore my theoretical solution. The hook is what you expand upon to keep the conversation interesting. My problem. Get your mind out of the gutter. There are no breaks or parts in this connective tissue.) In this theoretical practice. the basis to this theory is that all of these parts are connected.No but seriously. . they act as the fundamentals to getting your pole erect. or else the metaphorical fish would have no problem getting away. The true backbone of a conversation is the hook. or how sporadically you wish to catch that metaphorical fish. My technique builds on whatever and however she answers. -Connected to the hook is a continuous line / tether that should resemble the smoothness of the conversation. giving it viability across the board. To understand this. Fishing pole. don't stress over this to much. I need to explain FISH a bit more in-depth. It has been well established that you can do something wild (like doing push-ups in front of them. we both know you're gonna tap that. this post is my own take on the BASICS of how to hold a conversation with any other person. you're more comfortable. the conversation should flow smoother as time progresses. both for the fact that the approach is over. I should add a disclaimer after the original post.. is based in the meaty parts of a conversation. a great starting spot for talking to a girl. Engaging in a conversation In this theory. then assume your doing fine. where there comes conscious effort in how quickly. which I am sure you have heard before. but this is the basic crash course. I do not touch upon how to approach or make first impressions on a woman. 10 . but they focus too much on specific situations. How To Keep a Conversation Going – FISHING Theory By: Boomaler Fish? FISH? Yes fish. Remember. If your still new. After writing this.naming off things that she likes about herself in an effort to meet your approval. as seen in a SimplePickup video) to simply introducing yourself plainly and clearly (as also has been given credit). I don't want this post to be too much about other big topics (like qualification).. pretty much any time you're not figuratively saying "hi" or "bye" (because c'mon. Don't forget to compliment her when she complies. The one thing to keep in mind is: fishing! Theory: -Just like the components of fishing. but also that there will be a good number of hooks that you should be keeping in the back of your mind. Like said below. if shes still talking to you and showing one (or more) of the four indicators of interest (or IOI's) I mentioned. how aggressively. conversations can be traced in much the same way. I know that there are a number of these out there. lest you sit in awkward silence & the metaphorical fish simply swim away.

and I love the music. music] Etc. which could have resulted the rest of the conversation being more relaxed & familiarized. or sometimes you realize that you do not actually have any similarities in a bad extent . Afterthoughts Expanding my fishing theory. for the sake of keeping conversation light. etc . my name's Dr. there are plenty of fish in the sea. Sample Sample conversation (note: This is being written off the top of my head as I think of it. X: Oh jeez. as I relate the example back to my theory): -Hi. that was the first similarity that arose.F. Notice how easy it is to hook off of almost anything she said.exercising] -Dr. It's true that the opening few lines were dry. Sometimes the girl will give you less material to work with.all of which is perfectly fine. -My name's Boobs. The hook does not have to be large. So if you ever catch yourself on the brink of an awkward silence. so you're a night-person? -Boobs: No. [She just kinda contradicted herself. I'm actually a morning person. and it is fairly lame but does show the characteristics of how my theory is actually integrated. where I had left it off. I usually do my tai-kwon-do in the morning [What. I did not plan any portion of this sample. you do not have to have some grand conversation-starter geared up in your mind. hook . I just had to come over and meet you. Just keep in mind that the above conversation happened as I was writing it. tethered. More-so weight-lifting than aerobics. I'm not a morning guy by any stretch of the imagination. which is why you can't go in with memorized pickup lines and predict the conversation. Also annotated within this sample are my comments. Y'know. (infact a lot of this was kinda dry. X: No kidding! I'm kind of a fitness guy myself. and informative. but this music isn't my favorite. [Hook . X: Nice to meet ya Boobs.mall H. she has boobs. but I do like to put on [music type here] when I'm at the gym. -Dr. and you're a bit confused. Keep in mind that not every conversation will turn out well. Also.nteresting S. I love to dance. but it's not often I get to meet such pretty girls. Also. My fishing theory works well in this regard due to the famous saying. That's the entire reason I've concocted this theory. [Hook .ooks Note that I specifically (and deviously) labeled "S" as 'small'. -Boobs: I love clubs. such as philosophies on life. [Hooked . different kinds of fish require different types of lures. I'm not really a club kind of guy. X. is she trying to scare you off? Psh.ind I. future boyfriend/girlfriend plans. Hook .exercising. I usually have classes in the morning and they're the worst.mornings] -Dr. but you did learn about her) but notice how it got easier as the conversation went] -Dr. or are struggling to keep the conversation going. X: Oh cool.classes] -Boobs: Yeah. It's the comfort and knowledge that is gained through all these small hooks that will give heed to much deeper subjects.everything that does not usually come naturally in a conversation. but whatever. just remember to FISH! 11 .

Openers & Tips By: Infernity BEFORE YOU READ: THE MAIN GOAL IS TO GET THE GIRL TO LAUGH. BE CONFIDENT SHOW HER YOU ARE A BAWS. 5." *This one got me laid twice already. haha. 4.) Anywhere . (Many may not agree with me but that is mostly my opinion and view on how ME. firm hand shake and introduction. ALSO STRONG EYE CONTACT. When i see this I usually try and go in and say this "So what pick-up line did he use?" If all goes correctly she would laugh and you would have a chance of talking to her. Remember..) Club/Bar . and hey If it works she will be generous. keep her smiling. she might be looking for a certain type of guy.Pick Up Lines. what doesn't work for one guy may work for you. so offer to buy her a drink and get to know her 6.. MYSELF and I pick up chicks and it does work) 1. blah blah blah. BUT it also incorporates a compliment on her smile. walk up with confidence. so I had to come over and say hi.) Approach a girl. more as if your trying to make a new friend.(Props to Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother) When a girl orders a drink. 2. some don't.. and MAKE IT HOT and they will work if they are not cheesy Tips: 1. just they way you present it may have an effect.) Anywhere . 3. remember MAKE IT FUNNY. AND NEVER MENTION ANYTHING ABOUT SEX TILL LATER ONE BECAUSE MOST CHICKS WILL REJECT YOU BECAUSE THEY THEN KNOW YOU WANT ON THING.) Keep Strong Eye Contact at ALL TIMES! I can't stress this enough. (Don't make it obvious your hitting on her. and take it from there. keep eye contact.) Never make a sexual comment at first.(Props to Jason) Approach a girl and be like "Hey! I'm sorry I thought you were really adorable and I just had to come by and say Hi!" There we go easy way to approach. and so they will also feel confident and comfortable around you..) Try get the girl to laugh. MAKE IT SIMPLE. It depends on the girls mood.) 2. She will respond more to you then she would to the other 100 horny slobbering guys that are trying to hookup.) When at a bar/club/party when a guy gets rejected it doesn't mean that she will reject every guy. Before she takes a sip run up to her and be like "Woah Woah.. 12 .* See this is a good opening to introduce yourself. she probably will look around the place or at people before taking it and drinking it. But it never hurts to try. tell the girl "Hold Still Please. I just want to show Santa what I want for Christmas" Hahah trust me some chicks dig it. switch to camera... girls will then notice you are confident and comfortable around them.) Your OWN..Approach the girl with confidence *Remember STRONG EYE CONTACT* and tell her "I'm sorry but you're smile juts kills me.. take out your phone.... leave those for a bit later. 3. Don't Drink that! I saw some guy slip something in that!" She may answer "WHO!?" Tell her you didn't see his face blah blah." if she asks why tell her "Oh.

Don't know what to say? . I kind of dance with her at the place were standing.. don't worry. So when it gets quiet between you two. if you see that she is uncomfortable (face expressions and reactions) let go and rethink your plan. 7. She Wasn't expecting it. (They like it because they know only a BAWS will attempt something like that!) *** At the end of the night or when I leave the girl always ask to exchange numbers (DON'T PUSSY OUT!) And What I do is i give them a peck on the cheek. "Hey Sexy!". her hand or arm. go up say Hi and start a conversation of what is she doing here alone (if she is alone). 13 . it's useless and will often get you rejected. Try to get close to her while maintaining EYE CONTACT. if she back away keep going but not to fast. If you can successfully do it. NO Cut the crap. once in a while it's fine for keeping the conversation going. juts peck her on the forehead and leave. But ask yourself why are you feeling nervous? Rejection? . If you are nervous about this. If you maintain strong eye contact grab her shoulders (gently) look at her. Start slow by touching her shoulder or arm or hand just slightly and quickly. How does she likes this place. when shaking hands giver her a kiss on each cheek. Put her hands around your neck.4. If you run out of things to say. then warping them around you. Keep eye contact and try move in slowly. 5. tell her something like "I like penguins " She's going to laugh because it is original and random. it's funny. keeping eye contact. If she moves back keep holding her.So we all have them. 8. just say something that works in with the atmosphere.) Be yourself. If she keeps backing away then STOP she is not yet comfortable.. Simple. her jewelry (I never say stuff bout the dress she has on because it shows that I am interested in her body more than I am in her) Just don't over do the compliments.) Most people will ask "So how do i go in for the kiss?" Well what I do is i keep her face close to mines when I'm talking with her.) Confidence is KEY! Also when talking to a girl think of her as a friend that you haven't see for a really long time! It works trust me. 10. The best pick up lines are as I mentioned "Short. and HOT". big deal there are many more girls out there. and amusing. Funny. I thought you were cute and I wanted to come and say Hi!" Works Really well! DO NOT use cheesy pick up lines.) Bitch Butterflies . or just by holding her waist. But if she doesn't then go for it ** Also when you approach a girl and introduce yourself... You can then escalate it slowly. or trying to show her you see something else in her. just talk about something random. 9. and rejections help strengthen your game and will auto-correct you in the future.) Compliment her smile. and your hands around her waist. Holding her hands. 6. her face. First time here. A simple "Hey. "Where have you been all my life?". After I put her arms around me and my hands around her waist.) Never use pick up lines such as "You fell out of Heaven!". not someone else.) When trying to pick up a girl remember BODY CONTACT! Touch her on her shoulder. smile and try take your hands up to her face hold it and try go in for a kiss and follow tip #10 If she back away from this one. it's new.So. you do not want to go in too fast.So she rejects you. you will have a better chance of hoking up later.

If your not. equipment. and if anyone wants. People want to change. then when I started wanting relationships with women that lasted longer than a week. it lead me to breaking these things down. and other random things. crunches. if you are already doing this. water is the best replacement. Instead of telling you what to say and give you a bunch of my routines. then awesome.How To Look Better. Many people think you have to pay hundreds of dollars on gyms. If your completely lost.. Thats it. they take up less than 25 minutes of your day (if you do it twice a day). This is horrible for you anyways. I would suggest you get into habit of doing so right now. I had originally wrote this up as a workshop labeled Project Attraction II. Candy bars. Lets get started. If your someone that looks in the mirror and is not happy with what you see.. 3. I was amazed at all the routines. but this is really efficient. Once again. You can do the pushups and crunches when you wake up in the morning. I didn't have a lot of value in my life. but the more you do the better. and really want to keep it simple. this is one of the best ways to seriously improve that area. so I made a list of things you can do. but instead I'll just list it here so guys can do it as they want. not only is this healthier. fast food. Like I said. 14 . My recommendation here is to get in a routine. at first.No more sodas. your skin. Cook for yourself. listed why you should do them. as well as your concentration (once you wean yourself off the caffeine). I want you to have true value in your life. I didn'tDO things. altogether. this alone will greatly benefit your health. 1. You don't have to have an insane diet. Stupid Simple Tips: 1. etc. or old routines. I didn't HAVE things to talk about. Some of them worked. I'll link you to an awesome website to get started with this. That would soon change. some of them went. and running. then I will give you some tips that will really make a change in your life and won't cost you any more than your already spending (probably end up saving money). and eventually. That was good. cold reads.. But the one thing I noticed was that I could go out and use some of these tactics and not really improve my life at all. its a great thing to know how to do that will impress the ladies.. Pushups. Things that really happened to you that you can really talk about.Quit eating junk food. I can give examples of what I did to satisfy these goals as well as some sources of inspiration.Work Out: This is something that will supplement every other part of your game. You don't. bad. Its tough because everyone loves some fizzy bubbly. but most of the time they want to do the least while expecting the most. magic tricks. Feel Better and Be Better By: Luchador When I first got into the community.Calisthenic exercises. this is the simple way. you don't have to do all of these. but this will improve the way you feel. and supplements. 2.

“Your so out of shape!”. take a picture of yourself (if your unhappy with your build) when you wake up in the morning. tell them your doing a project on dating principals (you are). This isn't about that. You can even do this with chicks that work at the store.Approach women you think are hot. 2. that way.4. its simple. the more you can think about more productive and useful things. either way your immersing yourself in talking to hotties and getting something else out of it (self improvement based) at the same time. but everyone looks forward to his meet ups. Have them fold up the paper and drop it in a small container anonymously. and took the tips they gave me that I really liked and threw the rest out. Get in the habit of doing this. I only approached girls I thought were attractive for number one.Find a fashion/look challenge This is a great way to get your wardrobe straightened out and approach lots of women. The more of those stupid insecurities you get rid of. What does all this do? It gets rid of that stupid insecurity in your head that screams. and they helped me a lot. To complete this task. or see if they will take 10 minutes to help you out. so this one is a lot simpler. Ask them to write on a piece of paper what they rate you on a scale of 1 to 10 and name one thing they like about you and one thing you should work on. its simply a study for self improvement for a blog your writing.Cut down on drinking. Ways to complete this challenge (only have to do one): 1.Number one may be too much for a lot of people. Organize a night out with your friends and make sure that at least three of them show up.Be a leader One thing that used to irk me was how people talked so much about “leading” and “being alpha” and the only way they showed it in their lives was by one upping people and AMOGGing way to much. Approach women and ask them what would look good on you.As dumb as this sounds. this can also really help you build a true social competency. some are simple hang outs and some are charity events. I have done both. look at that picture and remember how you felt when you were living an unhealthy lifestyle. Make sure they know this isn't something to build your ego. People may even start to ask you” 15 . you'll always have people willing to come along and hang out because you tend to pick fun things to do. The reason I recommend these two things is because I have done them before. 5. There are two ways to go about this. AWESOME challenge if you're new to working out 2. This is about getting people to want to follow wherever you want to lead them. 3. Every time you think about breaking your new healthy trends. and its a very simple concept. and he is leading them to do it. One of the best naturals I know organizes events for his friends to come to all the time.

do something for your church or place of worship. do 16 . We build houses. They want you to lead. Also. Don't just project it. So if your really passionate about running and health. go to a rally or something that caters to your views and help out. Be a leader. fix cars. you'll have something to talk about and experiences to back it up. then have a good time with them. 2. If your religious. if it feels good and you like doing it. Every really successful role model I've had believed in some sort of cause and acted on it. If someone in your family lost a battle to cancer. it will be easy to talk with her about this stuff. Set aside some time to do something about it or go to an event related to it. when are we all getting together again?” When someone asks you that. Start small with little hang outs and meet ups at your local pub or coffee shop. maybe even find a new passion for something. You never know when your next big project is right around the corner. And when it comes time to talk about things that are important to you. run a 5 k road race. are in charge of fixing things. because your passionate about it. or some other event. Cool video on leadership Steps to complete this challenge: Organize a meet up with friends and follow up with them to make sure they show up. This will help you develop a strong opinion about something. if you meet a girl with similar interests. Find something that has meaning to you. go to a rally.Create something This is a cool challenge to accustom you to the feelings of finishing something that you start. This challenge is based on you getting behind something you believe in and taking action on it.“Hey man. You can be as extravagant as you want.Be a man with a cause There has to be something in life that your passionate about or that your at least interested in. they are willfully hoping that you take the responsibility of organizing something. work on planning a weekly or bi-weekly thing with your friends. Don't talk about being a leader. this is a great way and opportunity to find it. Steps to complete this challenge: 1. but a simple meet up at a local place will suffice. and you can gradually work your way up.You must leave your house to complete this challenge. If your a hardcore political person. I listed some examples above. for the most part. Do this and this goal is completed. While your doing this you will also be meeting like minded people and building your social circle. Men. Inspirational People for this Challenge Steve Jobs EPIC Speech on making your own way 5. 4. because they believe that you do it well. The only way to get good at this is practice and take charge.

anything. Don't sell yourself short. Start learning a new language. Cool video of guy using spray paint to create an AWESOME picture 6. then 17 . I got a strange sense of fulfillment out of working in the concrete business.manual things. so make sure you pick a project you really think you'll enjoy. In this exercise. you will pick up a new skill. write a book. Part 2. seeing some of the beautiful work we did after it was finished. this is complete when you learn how to play your first song all the way through. I've seen one guy actually paint a really awesome picture and put it in his house to customize it the way he wanted it to be. learn something cool and practice it. Steps to complete this challenge: Build something. create a blog. as well as speaks like 6 or 7 different languages. The dude has a very successful band. finish you first few chapters. Cool Resources Learn Spanish Basic Guitar Lesson Part 1. It feels good every once in a while to complete a project and step back and look at the finished product. You have completed this challenge when you have created something and finished it. buy a model and complete it. You may find a new hobby while doing this that gives you a lot of fulfillment.Learn a cool new skill Ever watch someone do something that requires a tremendous amount of skill and just sit back and admire them for the amazing things they can do? Ever wish you had some sort of skill like that? You can. Invest your time into something. or if its something bigger (like a blog or a book) you have completed this challenge when you have truly invested into it. This could be anything from a second language to picking up that guitar in your room and learning some chords and some basic songs. You can put a new shelf in your garage. One person that has really inspired me in this area is my best friend and wing man. or if its a book. your good after you have written five entries. anything. Everlong aka Jude. he plays all the instruments and sings. Its inspired me to really pick up on learning a second language and start working on the guitar thats been collecting dust in my room. If your goal is to salsa dance. anything and complete it. your complete when you successfully dance with a girl (using this skill). So if its a blog. Few examples: If your goal is to learn guitar. Practice it and you have completed it when you have reached a comfortable level of proficiency and put it to good use.and Part 3 Basic Salsa Lesson Steps to complete this challenge Simple. Its a really cool thing to do and a great way to get an internal sense of value. learn to salsa or swing dance. but it takes time and effort. learn to play an instrument. If your learning a second language.

because a lot of people are held back by the stupid things that we don't deal with like we should. Your building a cool hang out spot for you to go. It clogs our mind when we go out and it can seriously affect how we view ourself. Let this be the start of an awesome new source of value in your life. Steps to complete this goal Find something that is nagging you. Find somewhere and get to know the staff. talk to them. coffee shop. or even forgiving someone. and hit the place up regularly. Now is the time to clear up some nagging disagreement that doesn't matter or making ammends with someone that deserves it. hit up a coffee shop. in the back of your mind thats making you feel negative emotions and create a course of action and resolve it. This can be a great place to have events with friends and get great service at the same time. Build a good reputation there. 3. You have completed this challenge when: 1. Steps to complete this challenge Find a local place that appeals to you and your beliefs. local place where people go and get acquainted with the staff. make them smile. Its good to clear these things out or do something that makes you feel good emotionally. you have completed this. This doesn't mean go around inviting people back in that you have willfully cut out of your life for the better.Clean up emotions This one is important. If your not a drinker. learn their names. show them appreciation. Once you have done this. 2. 8.have a very basic conversation with someone in a second language and your good. even if its just telling a family member you love them.You have been to this place at least three times. It always feels good to be appreciated. It feels awesome to go to a place where your company is appreciated and it sometimes leads to you getting cool little perks and freebies along the way. or asking someone for forgiveness that you have crossed at one point in life. this is meant to deal with any sort of guilt or emotion that you can't seem to let go and your actively avoiding it. club. find a place whether it be a bar. Some inspirational people (to me) that have acheived proficiency in a cool skill: Everlong aka Jude's hit song (he sings and plays all instruments himself) Coolest Dub-stepper EVAR: Amazing Dancing 7.When you've had a conversation with at least 3 people that work there.Become a regular This one is pretty easy.Someone refers to you by name when you walk in/ show up. This can also be combined with the leading people challenge. 18 .

like if you see a girl and she scares you because shes really hot. This isn't something you have to make a pattern of. Walk an old lady across the street. Take a girl or a friend to a movie. Facing fears and knowing what if feels like to overcome them is an important part of life. then confront the fear. you can combine this with the leadership challenge and have a family board game night or something.Kick Fear in the Ballz This challenge is all about confronting something that scares you. and a very good thing to come to terms with. Positivity and a sense of fulfillment never hurt anyone. friends). 9. and during the previews or before the movie starts. the less you limit yourself. even if its just picking up some trash off the street or something. so you can gear this more toward doing something with them. but its an exercise to see how you feel when you do something for someone else. You can combine this with your “get behind a cause” challenge if you decide to do something charitable. 19 . go talk to her. help a stranger do something. Steps to complete this challenge Help a friend change a tire.If you don't have anything. whether it be a hot girl or heights. it can be something really simple. If your afraid of heights. face it. acquaintances. take the movie theater challenge. because they will still be there when other relationships fail you (girlfriends. Whatever you think will help someone and make you feel a little better. Anything that makes you feel some sort of fear. and it makes you feel like a good person. They should sing along with you. It can be a life long fear or just something making you feel uncomfortable right now. Steps to complete this challenge Simply face something that scares you. it doesn't take much time out of your day. It feels good to do something altrustic every now and again. open some doors for someone. Family is a very important thing. Now. but if they don't sing the whole song anyways in front of everyone. Fullfilling relationships with people you care about are very important.Be uplifting This is more along the lines of doing something for someone else and not expecting anything in return. Inspirational/Motivational Video 10. Also. go hiking up a mountain. stand up and get everyone to sing your friend happy birthday (even if its not their birthday). if your one of those hardasses that aren't afraid of anything. It can also be simple things. call up a family member and let them know you care or do something awesome for one of them. The more fears you face.

Mimic it with your own twist if you can. once you complete some of these challenges and you want to learn how to tactfully express them (if this is a sticking point for you) then gohere. But this should be a good rundown from start to finish with what to do. this is a good start. 20 .. Are you into goth chicks? browse some goth girl profiles and see how they design their profile. Disclaimer: You do not have to do everything in this guide. and getting control of your own life. When you push yourself and try new things. and you'll improve in many different areas. and hopefully will be easily searched for in the future. Online Game Pick Up By: PinkTaco Well. just picking a couple things will really help you and may spark something completely new in your life." Make sure your profile is set up in such a way that it attracts the ideal girl you want. Feel free to to share your experiences in this thread. Also. and it has now reached the point I figure I can give my online guide to my tactics and procedures to lay girls from online game. some of these may be groundbreaking for you. I'm actually a little disappointed in that because my bar game has dwindled. Having a sense of “knowing you can do it” even if you suck at it right now. you may find a new passion. all I ask is that you read it through before making any assumptions. . you can eventually push yourself to become proficient at most things. Some of these may be obvious. Me personally? I have a crazy sense of humor and I chose to go that route. First. Some of this information will really not be new as I've commented on it in people's "help with online game" threads. its been 6 months of online game for me. I will constantly add new challenges to this post and update it regularly. I've spent majority of my game in online game these past 6 months. you develop confidence. it doesn't fit right. which can eventually breed competence. Just make sure it is congruent with your ACTUAL behaviors. yes I am qualified to give my guide. If you have a crazy and funny profile but you dont dish out some funny lines in your messages. With that said. You'll pick up many things to talk about. to Everlong's DHV Spike Workshop. you'll meet new people.================================================== ================================================== ================================ These are things that are meant to enrich your life and make you feel better and more confident about yourself. good or bad. lets begin. In that time however I have accumulated 30+ numbers and have laid 8 or 9 girls with 3 of those months being me in a relationship with a girl from online game. If you don't feel like your living an interesting and challenging life.The Profile Your profile WILL set the boundaries for initial "Should I respond to this guy. you may simply find a way to have more fun.

Too long and it is too much work. One self picture isn't terrible but don't make that your only picture style. You with friends. The goal is to spark interest without making the task difficult on her end. Keep it to you want Dating. Long Term. This is the message I use these days simply because I can copy/paste it easy and it gets decent results.. Don't have any pictures? Go out and make some. After meeting so many girls from online game obviously discussions about the online sites come up. You want social pictures.. girls are just as shallow as we are when it comes to this. but before I'd let you into my social circle I need to ask you a couple of questions. 1) can you cook? 2) are you rich? 21 .. Yes. throw a minor tease about it and then ask a qualifying question. Stay AWAY from "looking for intimate encounter" statuses. Powdered Toast Dogs are people too! Bearded Ladies Big Bums A lot of the girls's I closed have literally said "I never read any messages. You can't have a cool funny headline with "how are you?" as your message. Too short and the girl won't be interested. other women. Your message will get lost in the sea of semen. so you need them. Quote: "One of your interests is cards? What is that suppose to mean? drinking card games? You aren't a drunk are you? I could probably see past the drinking if you can make some mean tacos. example. I make my headlines anything random that pops in my head. having FUN. I've looked at girls's mailboxes and 99% of the messages have "hey" or"whats up?" as their headline. Another style of message is to just go right into the qualification." Now for the subject. Quote: Well you look kinda cool." Keep your messages SHORT and sweet. There are many ways to go about the first message's content. they make a difference.The First Message Once you have your profile set its time to start sending those messages right? In my opinion THE MOST IMPORTANT part of the first message is the headline. Sure you could. They are my favorite food of all time. Any female profiles with that status are usually fakes and women will INSTANTLY turn away most of the time if they see that. etc. she moves on. I highly recommend NOT doing self photos in the mirror. Trust me. the reason I read yours was because of your headline.. but we want the best results right? So lets make the first impression count. Friends. The most impressive way and the way with best results is to find something on her profile. Some examples.Pictures are also important. .

I like milkshakes so I use that. every word in her sentence is all a clue as to how into you she is. Really though... I just assume she is going to take my question sexual. .." I like this way better because girls WILL take your question sexual. Opening message Her reply My DQ and qualify Her reply Sexual escalation Her reply Meeting escalation Calibration is needed in every response. I have NEVER had a SINGLE HB reply with anything other than "Oh man. making a new friend. You can ask a question that could be taken either way and let her do it for you or you can do it yourself... if you get back a "no and no" message. you could probably wreak havoc on the town with me one day. what do you do? You better be closing. Sure she may have responded to your initial response. Start mentioning an activity you do. Quote: "So what is your favorite thing to do when you are alone? Oh. Quote: "You seem cool so far.This example is a bold one. whatever." 22 . I escalate sexually on my third response and to a meeting shortly after. and work our way up to making fun of small children. and now i want your penis!" It works the same as in person." This one line is so powerful.Holy shit she responded. It applies to online game too. the length of her message. So be ready to handle that if you choose to use this message. So now you are having a dumbed down version of cyber sex. The more interest you get. Wow thats cool and all but HOW do you escalate sexually ? Easy. Her number of smileys. well if I MUST keep it PG then blah blah" or something of that nature. so I tell her to keep things "PG. but might not respond back to you with a sexual answer. Sexually. Always swings back in my favor after that... I can't remember who said it. WHAT NOW? One of the major problems I see with guys asking online game questions about what went wrong is escalation. do it. but ALWAYS be closing. But in my can you cook are you rich example. the less interest you get. the more negs and DQs you throw her way.. yourself?) see what I just did? as a joking reference to a movie I just made this thread sexual.. and present the idea in her head of coming along with you to do it. the faster you can escalate. The general outline of all my conversations is this.. Yum Yums. the same way you would in real life.. Probably start small with something like a milkshake. Always always ALWAYS escalate... I know how you girls think. and you can come off as a huge dick. thus the problem that the conversation never escalates. and keep it PG missy. (Do you like to. Always be escalating and always make her be qualifying and dont forget your DQs. to a meeting. So to MAKE it escalate I force it to. I respond simply by saying the message was a joke and she needs a sense of humor. thats NOT as good as "OMG like the other day I did this.

Online game brings out the extreme shallowness in women. I don't even know your name yet. Hopefully this was helpful to you fellas. I usually just ask for the number right then. Game on gents. sometimes it can be bad to use messenger applications. the specifics of what I'm looking for(friends. Unless you are a REALLY chatty person. you read that right. Bam. And we all know what a woman thinks she wants isn't always what she really wants. DO NOT GIVE UP. It gives the women a chance to weed out the men they "think" they want. etc). Saying something like Quote: Well hanging out might be kind of hard. However. you can do everything I've said here to the T and still get some HB's to not respond. but never close. You can only talk SO long and when the conversation starts to die. Now what? Well. Yes it can happen but its much better to go too fast than not fast enough. you CAN go too fast. If the convo randomly ends I will almost always send off another message and majority of the time the response is "oh yeah I have just been busy with work. If you mention the digits for a meeting and suddenly she stops responding it was too fast. 23 .. instant response. the "set" was blown. If she doesn't reply. Who knows. And no.. and all sorts of other reasons that in person would never matter. then something is off in your game. its almost always a DLV to yourself if you can't keep it going. I have sent an opening message that was never replied to. don't imply you are annoyed.The Close So she sounds cool with hanging out.One very VERY important thing to remember is that if she randomly stops responding and you think it was going well. I carry on like I don't remember speaking to her and suddenly this time I have better results. keep it to 1 and only 1 follow up message. Wait a few days.. and fire off another. what have you been up to lately?" Don't let it bother you. YES lets stay up all night and ****!" With that said. I escalate so fast I don't even have their name yet 90% of the time. I will wait a few weeks. HB's get busy too. . if you get a lot of replies. I've been turned away because of my height. its strange. depending on how far you got. I will message HBs online that Ive actually had 1-2 messages with but she stopped responding. In reality it doesn't matter. you need those digits son.. long term. Once she has agreed to hanging out. I only ever do these days if its her idea because she doesn't like the website. it never matters that I didn't. Also. dating. much less have your number. . I use to think switching to another online communication source was a good idea. You can also. With that said. sometimes with work. if you don't get a response then send a "Hey punk.Summary In the end." Yes. fire off a message like its a first meeting again.

fun times" or something like that. It happens.. its to get attention. ie. There are all sorts of signs to begin looking for this kind of behavior. Also knowing if the boobs are real or not makes a large difference. Depending on the tone. Sure yes. Blows my friggin mind. Or a frame thing where they just follow my lead. Girls with fake boobs love showing them off. This is it with some new revisions and more details. 2. the easier. Now lets sidetrack to the padded bra I mention earlier.Grabbin’ Tits and Shit (Literally) By: PinkTaco So I've mentioned a brief guide I had with how far one can go in set in regards to uhh "feeling up" girls. these can be fake interest signals) I'm not saying you have to see a low cut to feel boobs. So the bigger and more shown." This was when I first started to think that maybe interacting with a girls tits in set could be done extremely early. The other scenario is under deep sexual tone but at that point you may as well be getting a room. All sorts of shit. there are also just girls that maybe have fakes and are letting you feel how "real" they are. First. I just got a full nipple show. they paid money for them they want others to know. First gents. but playfully cupping her boobs and that type of thing. I'm extremely nonreactive to essentially everything that happens to me. is how low of a cut the shirt/dress is.(be wary. She just kind of shrugged and goes "Yeah. So let's get into the brass tacks. But it just makes things more obvious. I either do it the fun playful way where its "kind of" under a joking context. I'm insanely surprised how passive/accepting girls are to showing or letting you grab their boobs early(like 10-15 minutes) into sets. when I do hit a situation where a girl is OK with me feeling her up I obviously never flip out like "OHH BABY FUCK YEAH BOOBS!" I do one of two things. So I started doing all sorts of things (when the opportunity arose) to test the waters. Obviously. I'm not worried. So I' believe its that lack of reaction and not caring that makes them feel more comfortable with me grabbing their goods combined with buildup. For example. I want to figure out if its more of a situation where its my approach to the titties(lawl) or if its my reaction to the situation. 24 . she just grabbed rubbed my chest and I made the comment it was my turn. The ones that are proud of their tits are the ones most likely to let you feel early on. It all started last halloween when I was out and a girl I was talking to started adjusting her massive jugs and i basically got a free show. Lastly. What does one need to look for? 1. but its also because they are proud of their goods. A girl can literally grab my junk and call me hot and say its huge and i'll just shrug and say "thanks. hell. You need to learn when to see the differences between boobs in a push up/padded bra. now take your hands off. Not like having sex in the place and rubbing her junk. Now as I've been thinking about this kind of thing more. I mean how often do you see girls in A cups wearing low cuts without a massive padded bra? Not often." I'm very hard to impress anymore. and every girl in the world pretends to deny this. I made a casual comment like "Man. It doesn't mean much to them. fair is fair.

boobs that fit in a regular bra, and fake tits. The best way to tell the difference is how *tight* the skin at the top of the boob looks. If it looks like if you push on it, it will be a rock they are either fake or pushed up/padded. If there is some looseness its a good bet they are real and not pushed up. Why do I take the time to mention this? Well because girls wearing push ups in low cuts are also really likely to let you feel. Simply because all you are going to feel is bra anyway. (laugh) 3. How touchy feely she is. Some girls are just straight up more touchy feely than others and more receptive to your touching. Think of how touchy a stripper is. When you come across a girl that is very grabby then chances are she is going to push a boundry. Either a titty twister or an ass smack. When she does, that is your chance to escalate the situation. I have a theory that women who are attracted with subconsciously 'bump' a guy to get his attention. So when a situation like a girl's boobs bumps into my arm while we are talking I take notice. I will even comment with about how she should stop hitting my hands with her tits and escalate into that… which brings me to the next point…

When do you go in for the kill?
Under the right circumstances there are a few situations where you can physically now go in for the kill and start playing with her stuff. 1. At any point she brings up the realistic or fakeness of her boobs and how 'awesome' they look. Any time a girl does this, she is literally forcing the conversation onto the subject of her breasts. Now, if you are beyond the point of shit tests, the conversations have had sexual undertones, and attraction is apparent , this is a signal. So the obvious segue of conversational flow is to see just how good they are. An example.. Girl: 'oh please, no girl can hold a light to my boobs. All natural baby.' Me: 'Is that so? *grabs* Well what do you know, they are.' I don't ask for permission. I don't ask anything. She brought it up and she tried to brag. I'm testing to see if shes bullshitting me. That's all there is to it. As I said before its not a 'OMG BOOBS' moment. Its a 'matter of fact.' 2. How much she is, quite literally, throwing them in your face. I'm talking her hands strategically playing with hair just above her cleavage line, arched back and breasts pointed directly at you, anything to draw your attention to her boobs when you are well past shit testing stage and attraction is obvious. If you begin to see this for an extended period of time, its time to make an attempt. This is a little more subtle so I will usually bring it up myself Me: "You know, if you keep throwing those things in my face I'm just going to have to smack them out of it."


Her: "Oh yeah right, you like them." Me: "You caught me..." *grabs* 3. Kino has escalated in some form. This can be anywhere from tickling, titty twisting, or her rubbing your chest. I always call myself an equal opportunist. If a girl is rubbing my chest to check my pecks, then I am rubbing hers to check her tits. If she gives me a titty twister, she damn well better believe I am too. Aside from a playful punch to the chest(that can actually hurt really bad for a girl) I mirror any behaviors. If there is also a sign of escalation I will go there myself. For example if it starts as a punch to my arm, then a jab to my ribs, then we get closer and its a smack on my ass, then I'll escalate to a titty twister on her, or depending on the sexuality, just rub them right then. Understand here gents when I say I go in for a *grab* I don't literally mean I am sticking my hand out jabbing her jug and giggling like a school girl. There has to be some finesse to it. You need to be somewhat decent at kino and understanding boundaries. I personally, have never been chewed out or smacked or gotten a 'WTF YOU ASSHOLE' face but I can certainly imagine it could happen. The 'this is ok' signals need to be there or you risk repercussion. An uncalibrated feel will seriously fuck you over. So tread lightly. Ironically enough though, I have gotten free passes to feel boobs well before I had a free pass for a make out and that actually seems to be REALLY consistent. I don't expect or even want any of you to suddenly start running out and trying to grab tits as a part of your game. But its something fun to do, obviously.

The Validation Vacuum
By: PinkTaco
Here is an amazing post about some interesting insight into female behavior, and things to look for when coming across a girl that seems to be playing tons of games. Its a funny thing about dating.. its not hard. And when dating becomes difficult, there are reasons for it. None of them good. When the two of you are together, things just click. She's perfect in every way. In a world where women are either snobby ******* who don't give you a look in or every girl you get seems to turn out crazy...along comes this shining light. She's gorgeous, she laughs at your jokes, you can be yourself around her and feel completely comfortable, the sex is great etc etc. But it's not even just about sex. It's more than that. She...gets you. There's just one problem. When the two of you aren't together, you feel like a wreck. Why?


You text her and can be waiting hours, sometimes days for a reply. When the reply does come, it's brief. She doesn't even ask questions. Sometimes it can be as simple and closed as 'Ha. Yeah...' It seems like when the two of you AREN'T together and enjoying this deep-rooted connection you have, she's not even that interested. This doesn't make sense: you could have sworn she was in love with you the last time you saw her! Shit...the last time you saw her was three weeks ago! You were supposed to go out on a date last week, but something came up at the last minute. She had to babysit/study/was exhausted from a tough day in work. Last week, same deal. She did say: "I'll make it up to you tho " so you'd forgotten about it. But now a week has passed and that wink has still to be converted into any ACTUAL making up!! This doesn't make sense. If it was as simple as her saying one thing and doing another, you'd know that you were getting played. But she's not. When you finally manage to tie her's perfection. It's like that line in that Alanis Morrissette song: "An old man turned 98. He won the lottery, then died the next day." A lot of us spend our whole lives striving for perfection. But when you get everything you want, this crazy little thing called life can take it all away in a heartbeat. And when you're around this girl, it feels that way. Like you've found exactly what you're looking for. Like you've got to do whatever it takes to hold onto it...because, if you mess it up, you're back at square one and won't get another shot at 'it'. So the more you don't see her, the more your brain will naturally conspire against you to make you think that you're doing something wrong. That you're messing things up. Who'd have thought that perfection could destroy you? Well, I'm letting you off the hook. Because this isn't perfection you've found. Far from it. You, sir, have encountered a Validation Vacuum (VV for short). She's not a slut...not by my definition anyway. A slut is somebody who uses her sexuality to manipulate 80-year old's into signing their life savings away...or will sleep with her grotesque boss to get a promotion...They know they're doing wrong and don't care. They deserve a scornful name like a slut. The VV breed of woman possesses extremely low self-esteem. She believes that she doesn't deserve a man who can make her happy. Maybe she has daddy issues or some similar case that I would pity if she didn't chew decent men up and spit them out. It is sad if you think about it. A woman who turns herself from a person who


BELIEVES they don't deserve a good guy (generally thanks to a previous man in their life) into a woman who genuinely doesn't deserve a good guy. These tend to be the girls who marry the cheating and beating husbands. The type we wouldn't be surprised to see on Jeremy Kyle one the pregnancy tests reveals that the prick is the father of her child, at the expense of the unfortunate nice guy. But don't spend too much time feeling sorry for them. We're all dealt our cards, it's how we deal with them that defines how we will eventually live our lives. And if you're like I was in more naive days, you'll end up thinking about it then thinking you can 'change' them. Sorry, but life doesn't work that way. These days, my own personal attitude towards women is that I want to get out there, encounter as many as possible then find the best. To do this, you'll HAVE to encounter validation vacuums at times. They're everywhere. And you'll HAVE to fine tune your selection process to rule them out immediately. Here's some further helpful hints for spotting them: They're in constant contact with every ex they've ever had and try to make you feel as if it's normal behaviour. (I could do a whole article on this point alone. In short: no, no, it's not) They don't feel as if they should be held accountable for their behaviour (i.e. let you know where they're going, what they're doing etc. They'll be deliberately secretive or illusive They've got an excuse for everything and they all seem believable at the time. (Validation vacuums are generally good, compulsive liars) You're constantly second priority in their plans. In other words, they'll make time for friends, family, school, sleep, procrastinating, almost anything above you. And, once again, they'll attempt to make you feel as if this is all normal behaviour and that YOU'RE in the wrong for thinking otherwise. She will do, say, act however you want to keep you interested. If she feels like she's losing you and the ONLY thing she can do is give you a blow-job to hold onto you...despite the fact that she rarely gives blow-jobs...she'll do it in a heartbeat. The VV's need this constant attention and validation from men or it'll make them confront emotions that they'd much rather avoid. In short: If you find yourself thinking, "This doesn't seem right..." but instead of questioning this girl's logic, you question your own then you are with a VV. Oh, and because I know that a fair few women actually read this, if you apply to the above you ARE a VV. You can reply and argue with me if you'll give guys a good heads-up. Here's my rationale towards these girls: GREAT for quick hook-up's, flings etc. GREAT for random, exciting adventures and experiences.


When you're given the choice between spending time with this woman and pretty much anyone else. sometimes go off the radar for a few hours. talk about something you already talked about. This is a strong point of mine so I'll give you guys some quick tips for now. Make it short and interesting. Be unpredictable once in a while: sometimes respond immediately. Once again. go out and actually find the perfect girl instead of settling for mutton dressed as lamb. then what can you do for them? Feel sorry for them from afar. Texting 101 By: TheGeneral I've noticed a lot of guys on here who are having troubles with their texting. You can't help someone who doesn't truly WANT to be helped. HORRIBLE for everything else. Nor is it possible to. And you can't MAKE them want to be helped. Just not:"How was your weekend?" Always sign your name under the first text to avoid the "Who's this?" 29 . Copy her rhythm: if she texts you back after 10 minutes. don't wait those 2-5 minutes First Text Send your first text as soon as you want. Timing: Don't respond immediately. If someone is BUILT to respond negatively to being treated well. Often. The reason for this is that you are a busy man. choose the latter. Preferably the same night/day. If you are exchanging as fast as a conversation. very sad circumstances lead them to being this way. calls etc. Since it IS your responsibility to give yourself the best life possible. I'll re-iterate: these women shouldn't be treated with scorn. wait at least that same amount of time. If she takes longer. Added perk is that you will be texting with her all day instead of a few minutes.GREAT for boredom texts. wait 10-15 minutes before responding. This woman will not be your loving girlfriend (she may suck it up and be a terrible gf for a while though if she's short of options) or your wife. *exceptions* I recommend a minimum of 2-5 minutes and a maximum of 3 hours. You're not going to change them. But it's NOT your responsibility to help them.

What you need is a strong hook. you don't even know the first two. you wait 40 to respond."Yeah. this is something I used: "I have three secrets I've been keeping from you.. meet me at x at x and you might get this secret out of me. And sometimes just wait an hour extra to text back) The first two should be something like (but be creative. which will be your hook for meeting up." (react really slow. you can know the first two.. Instead make statements or ask questions with multiple hooks she can respond to Flaking This is when a girl doesn't respond. you're funny" I'll send: "Are you kissing my ass or flirting with me?" Be super confident! I get texts like: "You're not shy at all. I am like totally super shy you know. First round is on you" One word responses Your texts aren't fun enough. are you" . An example is the three secrets. but it shouldn't be a question. wait 3. I am. Make innuendo when the conversation allows and see how she reacts.. something that will make her curious and want to respond. if she waits 15 minutes to text. At least that is what you are trying to convey with your texts. if she texts immediately. 50% of the time you'll get this reply: "whats the third one?" "Whoa whoa. See Flaking to see a response with a high hook value. text after 5-10 minutes." (this makes it obvious that I'm being sarcastic) 30 . if you don't know anything to say -> "I have the same outfit you wore.It's not an interview So don't keep asking her questions about stupid shit just to make conversation. doesn't matter that much. Or she is not in the mood to text. if she waits 2 hours. these can be anything): " #1 I really thought it was adorable that you thought I didn't notice you checking me out all night" #2 something about the conversation you had. but I really can't tell you anything about the third one" She'll want to know about the third one.. Make it sexual as soon as you are flirting You are a fun and sexual guy. but it looks so much better on me" (you can only pull this kind of ridiculous shit if you have been flirting with her and making her laugh a lot) "#3 is not something I can text you about. I'll Usually send a first text that uses callback humor (a joke about something we already talked about) Then after she sends something like: "Ha. Wait for a better opportunity or come with an amazing text.

.. 31 . We'll show em lil buddy (opener) I know my math u+i equals 69 (opener) Girls are gross.) Text Opener after Getting Her Number By: Raydar (opener) What are you doing. (opener) How's my favorite little brat doing? (opener) Ciao bella! / Mi amore! / My cheri amore! (opener) I just made you open your phone for no reason. If not just think of me! (opener) Aliens are coming to abduct all the good looking sexy ass people! You will be safe. I'm just texting to say goodbye (opener) Remember guys tomorrow is "Hug a retard" day. (opener) Hey princess... Is there any way you can escape? (opener) Why'd you have to give your mom my phone number. or haven't.So don't freak out like you did last year.. You know that she has been thinking about you. (opener) Did you know a blue whales tongue weighs as much as an elephant!? That’s ridiculous… Gotta love animal planet during the lunch break… (for flakes) I just met your twin (for flakes) I like talking to you and I don't play games. Make your compliments genuine and unique.. (opener) What sort of trouble are you causing? (opener) I am luring girls to my house with candy. Reward that behavious with a complimenting her in the right way.. Just hi or something. I bet my weekend can beat up your weekend. NO ONE IS TRYING TO HURT YOU! (opener) I miss you and wanna see you. I Just came back from the aquarium and I saw the cutest fish there. nice combo" Me: "Not even in the mood for applesauce though. which do you prefer skittles or M&M's? (opener) Hey.? She won't quit calling me now.This is a text I sent recently Me: "Thinking about your nipples and applesauce" She: "Oh.... cutie? :-) (opener) SURPRISE! (opener) Knock reminded me of you :P (opener) I hope you are smiling. And she does this you are golden: She sends two texts. it makes me want to play with it while I kiss you" (if you've already kissed her. My friends dont believe retards can text.. I think we're really good together. with a big enough time difference.." Being aloof and compliments When you respond to her slow enough..looks like I got you in check =] (opener) Hey goof. but this dumb security guard won't let me in the me a favor and text me right back. See the difference between: "I like your hair style" and "I like how wild your hair is.. Lets try it if not that's cool and I'm glad we met.

I can't wait to kiss them again.. (attraction) I just don't think we should do this anymore. divorce. congratulations =)" "Who is this?" [girls name] "I know. there are many other threads already out there giving advise. (push-pull) You just popped into my head so Hi.Opening lines 32 .. argue about our third kid's name. It's also worth noting that many of the answers given here are NOT the only way to respond to a situation. I laugh.(Perhaps picking up girls myself?) Pssht don't make me laugh. For some reason.. I've noticed that there are a number of areas that keep arising in the forums repeatedly. I smile.but he's not spanking you enough! (attraction) I don't think you're ready for this jelly (attraction) Awww. I get excited... retarded people amuse the hell out of me! (for same night) Sweet dreams. Please blow in the phone. so being blessed with an empty Friday evening tonight what better way to spend it than to share it with you guys? . get married...I'm just being an ass " "Did you know that LIPS and KISS are typed the same way on your phone?" "I love how soft your lips are. and grow old lonely and depressed (attraction) I don't know who you're boyfriend is. (comfort) Something about u seems to always make me smile. you're so sweet. some of which I will try to include into this one." Common Question w/ Step by Step By: Chinko Greetings players. I think your my favorite... (sex) This is a breathalizer test.. [name] (attraction) Let's fly to Las Vegas.. :-) [name] (for same night) Hey I hope you got home safe. (comfort) I was thinking of you.Bitch butterfly's Section B ..(push-pull) Out of all the (first name) (last name)'s I know.Sometimes you make me feel like I am just a piece of meat... Context: Section A . You're making me get diabetes. When u speak. When u please stay out of there (push-pull) Everytime I see u...Result: Positive 90% for sperm breath MULTI-LINERS "congratulations" "for what?" "what did i do?" "why?" "i was just thinking of u. sexy.

it'll sink and be swept away instantly. But in the case that she does like you and you have a good connection then you could potentially get a girlfriend. If you only gain interest of one girl out of ten.. different people react to different things. But how do we treat this unwelcome guest? Well let's revisit one of Simple Pickup's videos and listen to what Kong has to say about it himself: "You've got to realize that the "bitch butterfly's anxiety" is a completely irrational fear. this could not be more accurate. Think of it as a 'No risk." Did you get all that? Kong could not be more accurate. chances are the next time you find yourself in a similar situation you probably won't do much else different. On the other hand should you wish to put an end to this tragic cycle of lust and depression than you MUST push yourself to your limits and BEYOND your comfort zone. In fact. every single one of us. that I am) Rejection is COMPULSORY if you plan on being successful and changing your life.. (I got that from Lord of the Rings by the way. =========================SECTION A======================== 1) I want to approach a girl but whenever it comes down to it I suddenly contract a mild case of "Bitch Butterfly's*cough cough* .We've all been here gents. By not talking to that girl in the supermarket or passing by the opportunity to walk that cute girl home you've already in essence been rejected.Keeping the conversation flowing Section D . That's the price my friends and is it worth paying? Is the temporary comfort you feel now more valuable than the excitement of taking a girls number down and making out with her later on? Remember. the skills you'll gain from it are indefinite and can be used for the rest of your life.Again. However what I can supply you with is a free. i'm sure you've all heard the term "You miss 100% of the shots that you don't take" it fits perfectly here. Another great tip from Kong is: "So the point here is. strive for it. you walk away and life goes back to normal. that's just how things are unfortunately.Lame girls and awkward situations. there is no real 'set in stone' opening line that is guaranteed to work. anticipating and knowing you're going to get rejected is like rock upon water.Section C . casual and yet effective example. call me 'Pythagoras' but that's "ONE MORE THAN ZERO". The moment you decide to deceive yourself into thinking 'Oh that girls not my type' or 'She's with her friends' that's the moment you reinforce this cowardly response of running away and allowing the 'Bitch Butterfly's to control the evening.. i'll go up to that cutey pie over there but what do I say?" A fine question good sir. One such example is to ask a girl or group for directions to any random place. =========================SECTION B======================== "Fine. don't be afraid to'll just keep on running and that's the way thing will be. high reward situation' If you go over to the girl and say "Hi" and she rejects you than nobody loses." .Flirting Section E . a nerd. the place 33 . from mere peasants such as myself to the Gods: Kong and Jason. rejection is temporary.

of course you don't have to follow this template but i'm just giving ideas as to how you could compliment a girl. just interrupt them in the middle of their sentence and say 'Sorry I lied.doesn't even have to exist..It usually has them laughing and wanting to know more about their gruesome demise. I already knew where 'x' was. you've just: 1) Successfully approached a girl . An example from Simple Pick up is asking 'Hey what's your favorite vegetable?' Here's the video link. 3) Not come across as some cheesy bastard or a timid socially awkward penguin.. ========================SECTION D========================= "Well the conversation is going well but how do I become more flirtatious and give off the 34 .   An example of a normal question is: "What type of music do you listen to?" An OPEN QUESTION is: "What sort of music are you into? Please don't mention Justin Bieber or i'll kill myself right here right now haha" See the difference? Pretty much everyone has an opinion on Justin Bieber. 2) Mentioned she was cute which lets her know right of the bat that your interested.especially those cold.but now what? How do I keep the conversation flowing?" One of the more common tips I give here on the forum is to ask 'OPEN QUESTIONS'.. needless to say you all died' ..Huzzah. If you see her in the corridor you could just stop her and say "Hey (insert name). heck you can even lie and use this to your advantage and say 'I admire his bravery' or some nonsense like . it allows the pair of you to break the ice and have a great come across as flirty by complimenting her and don't do some cliché cheesy line. it could be the 'Geneva Convention' be creative. ==========================SECTION C======================= "Right I've approached her and introduced myself. If it's a girl you see everyday then it's not much different. skip to '4:10' in the video it's really useful: http://www.. Another tip I can give to keep the conversation flowing is to ask random questions. I just thought you guys were cute and I needed an excuse to come over and say hi hehe" Lo' and behold gents.It's important to say it with a smile... soul devouring girls." . Once the girls are aimlessly pointing directions.. what are you up to?" Wait for her response and then just slip in 'How come you've come in dressed up so nicely today? Are you seeing your boyfriend after school or something? haha. sinister.3&feature=plcp One more example that I use on girls at my school is 'I had the craziest dream last night and my friends and you were in it. Open questions are just standard normal questions you would ask but spiced up to allow the other individual to answer with greater flexibility.Now excuse me as I attempt to purify myself and find meaning to my existence for justifying Justin.

holding hands etc. Your eye contact tells the girl how comfortable you are.right signals?" This is perhaps the funnest part of it all. because it is here that you enjoy the fruits of your this pretentious b*tch. if you do need to look away do in the manner so that your eyes are slowly being drawn back to hers. If you just came up to her and said 'Hello' and that's it it'll be dead awkward. She's simply not worth your time. A more passive yet effective tip is through eye What Jason does is say: 'I know how to palm read. Skip to "0:58" in the video: http://www.e. here give me your hands' the girl asks '"Do you even know how to do it?" and Jason replies "Naa i'm just using it as an excuse to hold her hands" which had them laughing. if you came up to this girl and said some cheesy pick up line such as "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" Then I would understand her response. Skip to "1:20" in the video for a demonstration: http://www. Let's just put this into perspective.... in a romantic and sexual environmental such as a bar or club you'll do well to get as close as you can to her. Here is another example from Simple Pick up in action. What you need to do is close the distance between you and the girl. roller blades and tight spandex clothing. Like a boss. Furthermore! (yes there's more) at "1:20" in the video Jason goes on to describe the type of guys the girl is into and what he actually says is describe everything that he was wearing i. in many of "Simple Pickup's" videos they shout funny things like 'Forever 35 . If you came in casual but sweet and interesting you'll have landed right smack down in the middle and no one could ask more from you. ..4&feature=plcp If your picking up during the day just focus on the first two tips given i. Another tip is asking for a girls hand and twirling her around. remain confident and start of topics such as 'Hey i'm 'Chinko' What's you name? (Insert name) you look like a rocker. You could in these manners:  Try salvage what you can from the conversation. and then replying "Now I have an excuse to hold your hands" It's all about being silly and cheeky fella' Kong goes on to say "If your eyes are darting around the room while your talking to her.If she continues to role play a brick wall just use the first option above.e. she's going to think your an insecure person or that your very very nervous. but if your going to be looking deep into her eyes she's going to know your a very confident person. ==========================SECTION E======================= "Ok but what do I do if the girl i'm picking up is really lame and isn't making any effort in the conversation?" It's happened to me before and it's happened to the Kong. Do not however stare for too long or else it comes across as am I right?" . not like one of those Justin Bieber fans. Jessie and Jason.

I do not usually use the pickup artist lingo these days. Your opening lines should be confident. a DHV spike can be dropped at any point in conversation. whereas a DHV story requires an inward transition. I will use myself as an example. holding their hands and maintaining strong eye contact. beginning.  If you feel she's just being lame and she has no other excuse you could just tell straight. which relies primarily on DHV spikes and qualification. ================================================== So to summarise:   The "Bitch Butterfly's" is a completely irrational fear and CAN be overcome. It's best to go down in style and make her look like a boring old fool. end and outward transition.. To keep the conversation flowing ask 'OPEN QUESTIONS' and be random. but I will be using "DHV" in this post because it'ssimple.metaphorically. the background (i. Lame/boring girls = Fuck e'm.what happened?" . . interesting and can be a little bit cheeky but NEVER do a cheesy line. Here is my explanation of the very simple mechanism. rather than posting the same general idea 50 times. You can flirt in a number of ways by being playful such as complimenting them. leaving the door open for follow-up threads in the interaction. . I figured I would do my part to help out and. because I rock. The Theory of DHV spikes is that.e.    DHV Spike Workshop :: Natural Game Made Simple By: Jude lot of guys have been asking about what I call "DHV spiking". cool guys don't look at explosions.alone!' at them if they reject them. Note: DHV = demonstration of high value. I thought you were interesting.. Then just make up the excuse that your meeting your friends later and walk away. theory) behind it. I will help you lot craft your own effective spikes to throw into the first few minutes of conversation.It'll make her think twice about her responses in the future and might just save another player such as yourself from her wicked ways. and an exercise for you to bring this powerful tool into your own arsenal. start a thread whereby I can explain my approach. middle. "man. Here are some things in my life that give me high social value: 36 . In this thread.Like a boss of course.

or they can be simple points about how you are seen as unique and of high value. when I settle down. DHV spikes avoid this issue in that they are quick and easy to throw. Yes. We have visited some good friends in Nashville. I have lived in several countries and have a very wide perspective of different cultures. and I am not shy about helping my friends increase their success with women. whereas a well-told DHV story has the potential to really wow the target if it catches. even if it bores her (DLV). and it does not interest her in the least? Here I have to make a choice between acknowledging her disinterest and cutting the story short (DLV) and continuing to finish the story. One of my primary hobbies is psychology and understanding people. it will not come across as such. play and write music for a rock band. they can be utilised more than once. So if I were to meet a girl who studies Environmental Sciences. and it is my primary passion in life. 4. 7. It might feel like bragging at first. In addition. both from the learning and from the instructing standpoint.but what if I launch into an elaborate story about how I am bilingual between German and English and all that. Saint Louis. We have a rather famous song called "To Write Love On Her Arms". Two of my best friends are in the band with me. easily adaptive and most of all. You can present them as stories if you wish. it can in the same way leave you stranded if it fails (think USA in the Vietnam War). the above 5 points might be turned into DHV spikes in this way: 37 . I recommend that each of you make a short list of some things that show your value.1. Crafting a DHV Spike is quick and easy. thanks to the community. 3. come in under the radar.. but if you use your spikes properly. Helping people brings me fulfillment. without losing their effectiveness. Denver and soon Los Angeles. I understand women very well now. Game is one active manifestation of this interest. as I studied languages at uni. Guerillas are quick. DHV spikes have the advantage that guerilla warriors have over heavily armoured troops. One of the first things people will ask on a college campus for example is "what do you study?". mobile. Since May I have taken several incredible roadtrips with my bee-effeff Luchador. 2. Atlanta. my girlfriend knows I post here. Important is the understanding that you cannot DHV effectively if you do not have a perception of high value in yourself. four of them fluently.. and they do not require an exit strategy and conversational transition the way a DHV story does. The problem with DHV stories tends to be making them apply and relate. You need simply to pick something out as a cue that you can logically connect to your DHV area. In the same way. 5. I am very open to everyone in my personal life about what I do. even in same conversation. because that is my chief passion in life: helping people accomplish something they love. I speak five different languages proficiently. I sing. These are basically summaries of areas of high value in your life. I want to teach people. especially relative to the area in which I live now. Eventually. 6. which I could perhaps use to lead into DHV#2.

It was cool. Maybe I should use my hypnotic powers to promote the mindset of preservation and sustainability . inviting her to tell me more about her side of things. (if she asks any sort of question about Madrid. You know.... The idea is that you are injecting this value spike into the same conversational thread. some of these are spikes that I use nearly every day. because I would love to work on something related to that. If you don't think you have any... Don't be shy. she will follow-up on it.. eh? That's awesome.1. 7. and he loves it. Then try to formulate some spikes out of them. Note: although I did pick that cue at random. It's almost a shame that I love teaching so much. that's awesome. He's totally got me on board with the sustainability movement on campus as well. and she is a really hardcore greenie. I have friends that have studied there.. He helped get me involved with lots of eco-friendly activities and all. then I'm fucked. 4 and 6. 2. but do you really think that's going to come up again? probably not) So what you have to do now is to first write up a list of sources of social value in your life.. Good times. And I believe the quote "it's not lying. Brilliant. I tutored an Enviro major in French last semester. my mate Luch and I actually made a 24-hour road trip to visit him in Denver last August. 5. and I hear Madrid absolutely gorgeous. Be creative. Enviro... Environmental Science is way cool. that's sweet.. that's great. my guitarist and I wrote a song promoting the environmental movement last week". I was studying abroad in Madrid last semester.. and he got me thinking about all that. Environmental Studies. If my spike hooks. The drummer in my rock band studies Environmental Studies. That's cool. it's flirting" applies here. 3. Lying: that's awesome. new and interesting. 38 . a good friend from uni studied that.. Madrid was one of my favourite destinations during my holiday travels when I was younger.. Girl: I love travelling. Also note: there are so many different directions you could take these spikes. Everyone hates smalltalk. you would love the mentality back in Austria. Ah. 2. and I went to about 10 different countries on my of the guys that I used to help out with girls is an Enviro major.. Ah. and common sense is usually your friend.. and any of these methods will provide the potential of getting out of the fluff and into something exciting. (this may not be true. you avoid the risk of appearing to take over the conversation and bragging about how awesome you are. 4. or even things about which you would like to know more. Namely Spikes #1. 6.. write some hobbies or interests you might have. I wish I had made it to Spain when I was still living in Austria. I could just as easily have said "yeah.. I will usually end with a follow-up question. this is much more likely here than than the latter example) Flirting: that's awesome. Because you are not transitioning per se. I think we could use some of that to help our community.

to hide the fact that she's looking She introduces you to friends She buys you a drink She calls you a player or a heart-breaker On her way out. she is particularly talkative (to get your attention) She asks you for your name She asks you your age (make her guess) She compliments you She is playful and tries to challenge you She's disagreeing but laughing She's punching your arm but laughing She uses nicknames for you She plays with her hair while talking to you When she is sitting next to you her leg touches yours She repeatedly touches you in any way She asks if you have a girlfriend She mentions your girlfriend without knowing if you actually have one When she has to go to the bathroom. she comes back She holds eye contact for longer periods of time when she speaks with you She avoids mentioning her boyfriend If it comes up that you like somthing. she holds it for a second She smiles at you She stands nearby (proximity) She interrupts your conversation from nearby or laughs at something you said While walking by. or needs someone to show her how to do it When she says or does something. she asks you where you are going (Invite her) She returns your calls She invents reasons to be near you. she mentions that she likes it. interact with you. she turns her body toward you or brushes against you She says something to her friend and they both giggle She asks you for a light or the time or in any way initiates a conversation While you're talking to her group. she looks at you to see your reaction She looks at you from the side. or have isolation with you Passive IOIs  Her friends go (to the bathroom or bar or dancing) but she stays 39 .IOI’s – Indicators of Interest + Body Language By: Inernity Active IOIs                                        She re-initiates conversations when you stop talking She giggles She touches you She tries to get rapport and build Comfort with you She looks back and glances at you repeatedly ever minute or so She tosses her hair (to see if you will look) If eye contact happens from a distance. too. she re-approaches you to tell you that she is leaving (Get her #) On your way out.

discomfort with the situation Leaning in closer .lack of confidence. she follows you or waits for you She doesn't flinch or pull back if you happen to get too close She doesn't resist when you escalate physically (or she gives token resistance to avoid feeling like a slut) The most important IOIs to look for are:     She She She She re-initiates conversation when you stop talking giggles touches you tries to get rapport and build "comfort with you" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here is a handy list of body language signs. Does body language tell if someone is lying? While it is a nearly impossible to know for sure if someone is telling the truth. superiority Hands on hips . uncomfortable Dragging feet . disinterested Leaning away .aggression Crossed arms . hands .timidity Head rested on hand .interest.nervous Hands behind head .thinking. in thought Tapping foot . 40 . these nonverbal cues can help you with interpreting body language.boredom Looking away to the left .a sign of stress "Shifty" eyes . there are a few signs of lying you can keep an eye out for.lethargy Dropped shoulders .in agreement Head down .interest. lying Shaking of legs .nervousness Stroking of chin . agreement or understanding No eye contact .lying Messaging temples .anxiety Nodding .    She moves to see you and hangs with you for extended periods If you move. comfortable Looking at watch .in defiance Hands on table .arrogance.lethargy or weariness Fidgeting with objects.bored. Given the proper context.low confidence Clenched fists .shut off.nervousness How to Tell if Someone is Lying: One of the most sought after secrets of understanding body language is the ability to tell if someone is lying to you.impatient or nervous Wiping hands on clothes . Examples of Body Language:                        Body hunched .

It is important to understand that you shouldn't force your body language.If you have a drink in hand.these may be appropriate on an intimate date. If someone is noticeably nervous and shifting their eyes around. there is a decent chance that they may not be telling the truth. Don't walk fast. try looking at their nose instead.Nothing will stress you out more than moving at full speeds. Use your body with purpose . Don't be afraid to take up a little space. Liars.No fidgeting and keep your hands out of your pockets.The first symptom of lying is lack of eye contact. and remember. cool and collected. They won't be able to tell. especially liars who are not well practiced. Leaning in is another way to show your interest. Your body language will naturally improve because of it. you can never be 100% sure. keep it to your side. close talking -. Holding your drink in front of your chest can express the same feelings as if you were standing with your arms crossed. or better. will show signs of nervousness. Use your own judgment in regards to the circumstances and context. Forced body language can come across as awkward and strange. or you may creep them out. shifts their body somehow in another direction. Watch the subject's hands. which is a trait that can aid you in a variety of circumstances.Laughter is contagious. but that you are in control and unafraid. or are oddly timed ("I really like my gift!" and then smiling afterwards). If their body gestures do not match. It will also help make you a more persuasive salesman. When two people have 41 . it'll calm down the people around you who pick up on stressful vibes. this is another common behavior. Breaking eye contact downward is generally more positive than breaking eye contact to the sides. Study the person's emotions and their statements. this is a common symptom of lying. just don't stare. or places objects in between the two of you. Not only will this help calm you down. Most of us can usually spot unnatural movements. You want to come across as confident and in control.This is a tough one because it can be hard to pull off. There are different body language expectations for different circumstances. if they touch their hand/mouth/throat while speaking. If you have trouble looking people in the eye.Make eye contact with the people you are talking to. Eye contact is powerful . Show your interest . On a job interview. Use your hands to expand on points or call attention to important statements. but rather be aware of it to help control your emotions and tactics. not in front of your chest. it will also help put you in a positive mood. Relax. you want to appear calm. not put-up-your-feet comfortable. You do not want to come across as creepy. Prolonged eye contact. Improve Your Body Language: Improving your body language will help you come across as more confident. Show you are comfortable in the situation. Slow down. just be careful not to lean in to soon or to often. Further signs of lying are if the person turns away. Mirror . breathe regularly . don't talk fast and remember to breathe. looking to the side as the speak to you. but not in a job interview! Here are some tips we've come across to help improve your body language: Smile and laugh .Nod occasionally to let the person you are interacting with know that you are listening and are in agreement. Hold objects by your side .

.strong Rapport. Tip 7 . This means that they are comfortable and their head and eyes will also be focused on you.Eyes: Dilated pupils .Feet: When you are in conversation with someone you can tell if they are comfortable and interested by what you are saying by their feet position.Hands: Open palm. . Practice makes perfect. the same signal can be interpreted in a different way. 42 .Arms: The main two expressions with arms is that they are either closed (folded) or open. Likewise if they are gazing down this express's shame. Tip 8 . Tip 5 . it will be really awkward for everyone. If they are standing with a stance wider than that they are a confident and are in a grounded position to show they are in control. They can tell so much information about the person if you know what you are looking for. When standing opposite one another the other persons feet are facing in your direction. If someone is standing with their legs shoulder width apart they are relaxed. Also .here are ten more quick tips: Tip 1. This means that the person n question is not interested and might even feel uncomfortable in the situation. Tip 6 .the person is relaxed and comfortable. or it could mean that they are focused. When standing opposite someone their feet are pointing away and their head and eyes are not focused on you. Just be careful. When their arms are open the person is in an honest position and is accepting of the situation. Remember the eyes have so many meanings and it's easy to make the wrong evaluation. It depends entirely on the circumstances at hand. Tip 3 .the person is interested in the topic. you can stimulate this by consciously doing it. People say that the eyes are the windows to the soul.Eyes: If someone's eyes are gazing to the side it is a trait that they are feeling guilty. As in most situations. When folded the person is possibly angry or disapproving. Tip 2. Tip 4 .Legs: When stood up Legs are a good indicator of how confident someone is.Rubbing of the Chin: If someone is rubbing their chin it generally means that they are thinking. If you can. The example above could also mean that the person is on drugs.Mimicking: When you are talking to someone. their actions and body language will naturally start to mirror each other. as if you get it wrong. The hands have many expressions and are a good place to start when learning how to read body language. if they are mimicking your body position and action it means that they are comfortable in the situation and most likely interested by you and what you are saying. Generally when some ones hands are open it means that their defenses are relaxed.. They will most likely be nodding and agreeing with a fake smile.

) However. The more you practice the easier it will become and the more subtle you will be able to do it. Drumming or tapping with the fingers indicates frustration. Most men can make a woman feel comfortable with them if they're not trying to have sex. When the eye brows are raised.Fingers: Fingers can create many gestures and are great for reading body language. so don't worry about sex for anything in the comfort phase. If someone is curling their fingers tightly they are usually pleading for some thing. Tip 9 . This can lead to a potential GF or Wife or w/e. This is very much used alongside crossed arm action. • You leave comfort (and go into seduction) as soon as you escalate to sexual touching. The greater the surprise the more raised they will be." Sounds easy. Tip 10 . Enjoy! Comfort Phase & Jealousy By: Infernity Here is a small guide of what a comfort phase is. Comfort changes her from "I want him but I don't know him well enough" into "I want him.. Remember reading body language is not a skill that can be learned over night. but there is a way to work through this. In other words: • You enter comfort as soon as you both accept that you are attracted to each other.Eyebrows: The eyebrows have many uses. 43 . I hope you have enjoyed learning how to read body language tips. You never know how much comfort is enough. (Sex comes in the seduction phase. If the legs are open when the person is seated then they are in a relaxed position. Comfort is the missing ingredient that allows you to convert mutual attraction into sex. you have three things working against you: 1. When sitting down if the legs are crossed it shows the person is in protective mode. Not enough comfort before you shift into seduction. You enter the comfort phase once she is attracted to you and you've convinced her that you are interested in her for reasons she thinks are valid. When someone flicks their eye brow up and down quickly they are greeting someone else or are showing they have acknowledged them. A pointing finger can either be someone pointing to a item or place. Listed below are some examples. and you're a p*ssy.When stood up with legs crossed the person is probably shy. Too much comfort before you make a move. it can also indicate anger. doesn't it? By itself. it is. and you're a horny loser. This used to be a big trap for guys.. the greater the frustration and tension inside the person. The same as when standing. normally the person is shocked or surprised. The faster the beating.

They have a picnic and hang out for 6 hours. If you can grind with her on the dance floor without grabbing her ass. If you spend all of your effort making her feel comfortable and safe around you without maintaining the tension and intrigue that you created in the attraction phase. • Don't stop being a challenge. On the other hand. normal. • Make YOURSELF her source of comfort: Imagine that a girl invites you to a party. Remember. you should still tease her. that will build comfort. You don't need to be so dismissive anymore. then they have a drink. Boy takes "Girl B" window shopping. how do we build comfort and defeat these obstacles? • You get points for just being there: You build comfort with a woman by being in situations with her where you could theoretically try to escalate sexually with her. It's hard enough in seduction to shift from non-sexual touching to sexual touching. At appropriate times.. while you do the same with her. Bring her to places where you're the center of attention. • Be genuinely interested in her. then they go to bookstore. you can see how useful this is in reverse. This is important preparation for seduction. but it's still stressful not knowing anyone. you will obviously need to be touching her in an increasingly sexual way. right? Wrong. She has seen herself in more situations with the guy. Make her work to win your attention. and that you don't have to worry about physical escalation while in comfort." She leaves for a few minutes and you awkwardly meet her friends while attempting to make a good impression. she won you over in qualification. don't worry. Then she comes back. You're setting yourself up for failure in seduction if you don't do the groundwork in comfort. You can't focus only on comfort. but don't. If she can sit on your couch without you being all over her. that builds comfort. all over a 6 hour period. disagree with her. the interaction becomes boring for a girl. By working to win your attention. by being happier when you're around than when you're not. Then she goes and you're uncomfortable. Keep the romantic/Sexual Tension going during the comfort phase. • Speed things up with multiple venues: Boy takes "Girl A" t o the park. If this isn't easy. rocking the tension too high in comfort will feel awkward and out of place. and will also destroy any comfort you've built up. be who you want to be – and let her learn about you. You have to escalate touching. and you're relieved. If you've been following along. Which girl is more likely to be "ready?" Girl B. 44 . she will be following behavior patterns that she is accustomed to following when she's interested in someone.. etc. To some extent. Now that you're in comfort. On the other hand. You may have figured that this is seduction. it's expected. 3. Like the other phases. The comfort game requires a lot of subtlety and mental dexterity. The high-energy flair in attraction isn't really useful here. Once there is no tension. etc. then they grab a bite. So. then she'll get bored and you'll lose her.2. while building comfort. and therefore feels she knows him better. it needs practice and intuition. and attractive for you to ask her personal questions about herself. It's infinitely harder in seduction to shift from no touching at all to sexual touching. It turns out that she knows "everyone" and that you know "no one. comfort is where you "be yourself" – or at least. In the seduction phase. by trying to make a good impression on your friends. Making her follow them with you solidifies her attraction.

and in trying to seduce you. This being said. However. An indirect plotline would be when out shopping with Sarah. 45 . she keeps calling wanting to come over. since a friend of mine is cooking me dinner. She'll try harder at that point. so withholding sex becomes counterproductive for her. Amanda is quite attractive. • Fourth. it's really nice." The latter betrays insecurity. jealousy can do a lot of good: • First. "I have to stop off and pick up some wine. so she'd better move on you before it's too late. • Second." Doing anything that makes it look like you're trying to make her jealous will backfire. Many attractive women are always casually dating a small number of guys when they are between relationships. and when leaving tells me to call her so we'll go out for a drink . gives me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Here are some hints: • Less is more so don't overdo it. so practice the basic elements of comfort first. I mention that I have to be done at 6. Let her imagination do the work for you. until a feeling of jealousy hits. jealousy is a strong feeling. It's a necessary element in the toolbox of any man. If you're on a date with a girl and you run into another girl. it acts as a trigger for a woman's "pursuit" switch. A woman might find it more comfortable to date someone in the same situation as opposed to a man who is focused solely on her and who doesn't have other options. so she knows it's a date . jealousy will make your job in seduction much easier. You can introduce jealousy plotlines directly or indirectly. • Respect social norms. Feeling jealousy and then feeling relaxed and then feeling confused and then feeling happy has much more of an effect on a woman than just feeling happy. she can't deny to herself that she wants you. She knows you can just get it somewhere else. she knows that other women are staking their claim. A Jealousy Plotline is used to make your target woman feel jealous of another woman. she will want you even more." is infinitely better than "my hot 21-year old neighbor is so in love with me. not really thinking about it. Done properly. and happen to run into Amanda on the street. • Make it "accidental. Also. this is a really easy place to make's a direct plotline because it's happening where the target (Sarah) can perceive it. Don't talk about another girl unless there's a reason for it. a friend is coming over for dinner. nothing can totally kill a good interaction with a woman as quickly (and irreparably) as a poorly executed jealousy plotline. Sarah knows that guys don't make plans to cook each other dinner.ADVANCED SECTION Jealousy Plotlines ! Use this one with caution. Here's a brief example of a direct jealousy plotline: I take Sarah out shopping. so you will need to know how to do this effectively with 9s and 10s. or women. • Third. jealousy can create comfort for a woman who dates a lot. A woman can be enjoying an interaction. Women like strong feelings and going through a range of emotions.instant jealousy plotline. At that point. She knows you have options. who are interested in you and to whom you are neutral or interested.

Kino – How To Touch A Girl By: Thijs's okay (good. This would display social awkwardness. and talk for 5 minutes. She had a sex life before she met you. The second will be the fast way to use kino. bumping into my friend's dorky kid sister Gertrude and being all into her won't create much jealousy. That one has a very low risk but can take a while to spice things up. Get over it.. Don't ask leading questions (as an example: "Did he stay over?") or try to learn more (example two: "So. 46 . If you're attracted to her. She will mention other guys. • Make sure the jealousy is warranted." in an effort to see if she contradicts you over the word 'dating'). brushing off the "other girl" would make your date feel like you have something to hide. I've noticed a lot of people were making threads and asking: "How do I make things more sexual??? plz help" "How do I touch a girl???" "How far is too far when I touch a girl?" Fasten your seat belts. Take it from there. It's not cool to go off for 20 minutes with her and leave your date alone. other guys are too. Very high risk. gradual way of using kino. Greet the "other girl" like you would a good friend that you hadn't seen in a while.intro the "other girl" by telling your date cool things about her. but IMMEDIATE attraction. this guy you're dating. You can help this . sometimes to test you. Introduce her to your date. actually). If I'm on a date with Tammy the supermodel. Here is the Kino guide! WHAT exactly is kino? Kino is the art of touching a girl. sometimes in passing. WHY do we use kino? We use kino to put a girl in: -The Comfort Zone -The Attraction Zone HOW do we use kino? I am going to explain two styles of kino for you guys now. the same way you would if you were talking to two women and your male wingman showed up. • Don't ever – EVER – be jealous yourself.. Similarly. players. The first is the slow.

Example of the moment you have to do this: "Hey" *light touch on elbow or shoulder* "I thought you were adorable. It is why we usually will not bare our neck to a stranger. and you protect some vital organs with your arms) Example of such places: -inner arms -waist -neck -lower back -foot soles (but please don't start touching those in the middle of the dancefloor." Don't leave your hand there too long.) How do I escalate kino? Here I'm going to tell you about the two different ways. When you would touch a stranger and immediately leave your hand on their shoulder while you talk. but has the highest success rate. Type 1 This is the slow one.I will also provide you with some tips. She will be used to you touching her right off the bat. First. and I just had to come say hi. It just doesn't feel right. I will tell you most about nightgame.. you will touch her. Not for them. It is also why we fold our arms (protect arteries in your arms. What kino can be used to put a girl in the comfort zone? Any touches you would use with your friends. and neither for you. including but not limited to: -High fives -Fistbumps -Shoulder and elbow touches (really harmless) These will be quick. Those are usually places where arteries are present. Everytime you say something funny. That is the reason girls (and humans in general) protect them. cause that's what I'm best at. You will IMMEDIATELY touch her when you talk to her. When you go up to a girl and you want to talk to her.. 47 . It gets awkward if it's longer. 2 seconds when you use the opener should be enough. Everytime she says something funny. The attraction zone Kino that will make a girl more attracted to you is touching places on the body that are sensitive or usually protected. you will touch her.

A great tip: Squeeze her hands softly and she squeezes back. Next step would be touching her waist while you say something. Next step is lower back. She will think you don't know what you're doing. You can now easily pull her in closer. she's into it. This means you can go for the kiss soon. she won't do anything. Nobody sees it. Next steps are neck. 48 . Move your leg to the beat. because those are pretty insensitive parts of the body. she'll keep her leg there. If you can hold her lower back. You pull her hips into yours. If you want to go for the kiss. You can stroke her back while you keep talking normally. the spot boyfriends touch their girlfriends when they're out in public together. If you can touch those (find a good excuse though). you "miss" and brush your hand over her pants. Look at her reaction. She IS attracted to you and lets you touch her face. face and hair. and if she's fine with it. you can be sure you're into the Attraction Zone. simultaneously touching the skin under it. Hands are the easiest body part to pull back when she doesn't want you to do it. Other things you can do are: -Take her hand(s). When you're sitting close enough to have your legs touching. Again. -Take her arms and put them around your neck. she WILL notice this. -Boob kino. This is the typical "boyfriend-spot". you start with light elbow and shoulder touches. you start walking and hold your hand out for hers when you start walking. Remember: IF SHE DOESN'T MOVE AWAY. and it creates a little "secret-feeling". you can move the touches to her upper arm. So you do it. You can put your hand around her shoulder when you're showing her something. If she likes you. brushing against her. Attraction building. maybe touch her face with the back of your hand (optional ) You should FEEL when the time is right. Using this type of kino. -Notice something she's wearing (best things: bracelets and necklaces) and touch it while you say something about it. As you notice she is comfortable with that (almost ALWAYS). Instead of grabbing her hand. YOU CAN CONTINUE ESCALATING. give her some triangular gazing. -Example: you're in a couch. -You're in a couch again. there are people in front of you talking to you and the girl next to you in the couch.Escalation: As I already said. If executed like a baws. you're already doing really well. It WILL turn them on though. Let's say you're holding a cup/glass of beer. You can. and she WILL move away if she's not comfortable. It's also a great way to tell if she's really into you. brush her boob with the back of your hand. it should seem like an accident. She WILL notice this. -Pussy kino example: you want to take her to someplace else. you can't really rush anything. while you're talking and gesturing. Unless she gives you a good opportunity.

EDIT: You should feel comfortable about all the kino you're doing. 49 . or wrap her arms around you. conversation techniques. you can escalate WAY faster. Using this technique. I can show some of you beginners some tricks and practices that should help control the bitch within you and put it in check. and might not know what to do at first. but you shouldn't focus on kino only. Doing this will make her really really horny. Kino is used to back up your conversation. EDIT3: What to touch/do when kissing. you can get to those 30 second kiss closes. SHE will think it's weird. You can grab a fistful of hair at the back of her neck. You do have a high risk of immediate rejection when you use this. or grab her chin to pull her into a kiss. !! Attention !! Type 2 This is the fast way. pulling hurts like shit. there are some awesome guides explaining how to bring out your natural game. hands on her lower back immediately. using kino. Confidence is the absolute key in this technique. -If she RETURNS your kino.-You can skip any step. You can also just hold her face with one or both hands. If this happens. It's possible. But what good are they if you constantly get hit with the BB's? So I hope with this guide. EDIT2: Kino alone won't get you the kiss/quick fuck. because she KNOWS that's about to happen. The problem is that you increase the risk of her suddenly saying "no" or moving away. or act like it's weird. If your conversation sucks. etc. You see a girl. That means she starts touching you back. kino could be crap. Controlling The Bitch Butterfly’s By: 2Rude I see a lot of discussions about people getting the infamous Bitch Butterflies. and then close your hand. Sure. It will generate some pressure on the skin of her head. It's a tough issue that I don't see getting harped on enough around here. Because you've done that first bold move (they call it The Claw) you can now escalate really quickly. You go up to her and immediately pull her into you. Use that to your advantage and keep holding her close while you start talking. You open while or just after you're doing this. She WILL be overwhelmed. And I'll start off with the obvious step. This is also the one Jason used in the last vid. If you think it's weird. DON'T PULL THOUGH.

But sometimes that just isn't enough when it comes to action. Watch less pron. Doesn't matter. watch TV. STUDY FIELD REPORTS AND GUIDES! Many of you aren't approaching yet which is understandable. It's a Win/Win. etc. If you find yourself being tempted to fap. you'll have the support of everybody here who'll love your story. Partake with the rest of us and join the journey. and girls WILL pick up on that. watch videos with a powerful message that will overall pump you up. So take a week off. 3. Also read some tutorials. And you've probably watched every Simple Pickup video. Why not use this to our advantage? One thing I've experimented with and I try to practice WAY more often now is to just NOT fap. just look for the one thing that will make you throw your game face on and put you out on the field. but we can't none the less. go for a walk. seductive. So before going out listen to your favorite track (bump that shit). 50 . Whether they have found success or failed miserably. It should knock those Bitch Butterflies right out of you. Members here have made some very informative/in depth guides that are definitely worth the read. Play games. It's not easy. You can even sign up for a "No Fap [Insert Month]" thread here. Build that sexual drive and you'll notice a drastic difference. That's just how we're built. stressed. Some can more than others. Your mind will be more at ease and you should feel a better vibe. Anything will work. but you'll be less motivated and it increases bitch butterflies. Anything helps. once you approach and have a field report of your own (good or bad). use that emotion. do something else right away to take your mind off it. Just don't clog your mind too much. You never get judged and you'll be commended no matter the result. but it's an extremely helpful practice and the results are definitely worth it. Masturbation not only decreases your sexual drive. You'll be more confident. anything. No fappage with motivation is a powerful combination.1. We fap because we're either bored. Also. exchange advice. Also if you're mad about something or you're Mr. so what else is there? Well study other people's Field Reports in the other forum section. Rogers happy. LESS FAPPAGE! Our number one problem as guys is that we can't really help or control our sexual drive. watch a video with some hot chicks. 2. clear your mind. But sexual drive isn't necessarily a bad thing either. or just straight up horny. internet bro fists. angry. Share laughs. it'll prove to you how easy it really is and you'll learn from their successes and mistakes. I find that my game is twice as better when I don't fap. Either way. and you'll have a better time. Listen to people stories. FIND MOTIVATION! We all watch and get inspired by Simple Pickup.

Contemplate what you're going to open with. learn from your rejections and rejoice your successes. 5. So remember guys. exciting and adventurous mood for the evening. Take control. Happy hunting! First/Second Date Ideas: Scavenger Hunt By: Jude So a lot of guys I see posting on forums ask about good ideas for a follow-up date. know the result and let it pass or do nothing leaving you wondering what could've happened. So I hope I was able to reach out to some of you and shed some light on the issue. but she needed some coaxing to allow herself to embrace the idea of doing exciting and even crazy things. I have regrets from years ago that still haunt me til this day. the BB's are less likely to get in your way. So that's all the advice I have for now. or be left with the what-ifs? You can act a fool and make yourself either look good or stupid. You just approach without thinking. I promise you. Just don't over think when you're about to approach or DURING your approach (unless you're that good). NEVER be left with regret. Also knowing that you just did something that MOST people wouldn't dare to do is a very satisfying feeling. She was a cool girl. what you can say. Trust me. Just go in an have fun with it. Just ask yourself. Sometimes saying "fuck it" is the best thing you can do. JUST GO FOR IT AND REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN! The "GO" mentality is the greatest advice. Your mind will get clouded and you'll end up trying to script a conversation. 51 .4. Just allow yourself to get better. but you can stop it for the moment. Would you rather know the result good or bad. I say this because if you see a hot chick. It's a quick attack to the Bitch Butterflies before it can take over. These steps have helped me a lot as of late. And it's okay to have a game plan the night or day before. so I thought I would demonstrate something fun I like to do on first or second dates to create a playful. I knew the challenge would be getting her out of her shell. she's giving you the looks and you let that opportunity slide by. The Bitch Butterflies CAN be suppressed at will. You can never really get rid of your butterflies. And I've said this many times before on here and to my own friends. Wounds are temporary. Just DON'T let it happen. If you follow these steps. DON'T BE LEFT WITH REGRET! I can't emphasis this part enough. On my follow-up date with HBperú. don't let it control you. Regrets are forever. it'll come back to haunt you later. And NEVER try to remember too many lines. and how you're going to close prior to an approach. The answer should be simple.

We were going at it in the back of my motor within two hours. He or she will walk past you and tap you on the shoulder to "un-freeze" you. Find someone who can name its capitol city. Emerge with clothing and hair disheveled and exit the store immediately. 52 . which you will improvise on the spot Surrender: walk from the back wall of a shoppe to the front entrance with your hands raised above your head. Just some thoughts for any of you who might be looking for ideas for a unique and exciting first date to get the mood up and set a high level of state for both you and the girl. maintain that you were born and raised in the particular city you currently are in. this date really helped her embrace the excitement and fun of the date. and I got some extra input from my best friend Luchador. Just Dance: dance down the walkway for the length of five stores. I compiled a list of "moves" or things to do. Freeze: when your partner says "stop". Approach and teach him or her a secret rockstar handshake. Here are some of the things I included:           Geography: have your partner name a random country. At any rate. The only rules are that you must not tell anyone else that you're doing a scavenger hunt. Dirty Free-for-all: race to get five quick kisses (pecks on the cheek count). gradually increasing in difficulty and/or silliness. When asked. Foreigner: speak for three minutes with a stranger using an accent other than your own or the local. I'm Talking to YOU: find out where a stranger went to uni without saying the word "you". Rockstar: find someone with grey hair. Pretend to be drunk. freeze and stand completely motionless in the middle of the walkway for 60 seconds. Get Sleazy: walk into a changing room together. This was all done in a large indoor shopping centre. After that we went out for a pint or two and I had time for some more structured game. Winner gets one from the loser.I revisited an old date model I had employed a few times back in Austria. looking as suspicious as possible. Borracho: talk to a stranger for two minutes. who has also done this sort of thing on dates. My date essentially consists of a scavenger hunt adventure which involves communicating with others in a rather public place.

We pick out a set. That is. Let's say for example he runs the first set. Second. as I call it. which utilises KdG's ability to fly airplanes and my rock music as an effective DHV Spike. various compliance tests etc can be very effective for you in helping your wing isolate his target. and he really threw himself into it. so when he does enter. I gradually introduced him to game theory and all.   A few things are happening under the radar in this scenario that make our system so effective. reverting to the opener to introduce him: "this my mate Kyle. I have hooked by this time. allowing KdG to use his proximity to the target to gain conversational isolation. until he has his target hooked to him and gained at least conversational isolation. you are supposed to make yourself beta to him (assuming he is running the group). my solitary goal is to occupy the obstacles. First. immediately upon opening. as an example. Mind your body language to make sure that You are the set-up man. Think of it as such: your wing isolates his target in conversation. since the person you "have to get back to" is now standing next to you. His success is your success. I acknowledge outright that KdG will be running the set.e. so he simply approaches me and says "what's up mate?" or something fluffy. but it tends to play out differently. This enhances the group's perception of his high social proof. Do not take the piss out of him.How To Be A good Wingman By: Jude The Wingman's Guide à la Everlong I will use my first wingman ever. I make sure to DHV spike for him before he arrives. Finally. he has recognized a target. he enters as a high-value. and I introduce him to the group. i. He is then on his way to a close. but once your mate arrives and you introduce him. he's the pilot". The opener itself is no different than any other indirect opener. I then move on to occupying any obstacles. alpha individual. He is a yank who frequented my Irish pub on his semester abroad in Salzburg. physical frame control via "locked in" positioning. We use as our default indirect opener "who is hotter. 53 . and we became close over bartalks about girls and life. and I continue to run my own conversation as I wish. pilots or rockstars?". while you simultaneously isolate the friend(s) of the group. which sets him up that much more for success. I open. We do throw the traditional time constraint of "I've got to get back to my friends" to eliminate the who-is-this-new-guy tension. and you should work to help him close. KdG enter thirty seconds after I open. Kyle der Geile. A seemingly obvious yet frequently overlooked principle of winging is to acknowledge that your mate is the man here. the time constraint is void. and a lot of it pertains to the principles of winging.     So here is how it would go down.

. [It may help to understand how this works if you actually visualise this in your mind. Everlong: very cool. or do you work etc? (question actually directed first at Girl #2. 54 . This creates two different conversations right next to one another. we need to get various conversations going at once. We definitely had some crazy times back then. the drummer in my band studied environmental science. I studied marketing and I just started working for Blabla Company. brilliant. Luchador: (to Girl #2. that's for sure. There is no real opportunity to relate to someone on a deeper level or to escalate conversationally. Girl #1 is mine and Girl #2 is his. Do you know what you will do after uni? Be responsible.. and he is having a one-on-one conversation with the other girl (or the guy(s)/obstacle(s)) in the group. bla bla . your two girls and you standing in a circle listening to your wing talk. We usually operate under the rule that he who approaches gets his choice of the girl. And of course. when he and I shared a flat. For this reason... Take turns running sets. However. with being a wing comes certain responsibilities. so that you each have opportunities to be in the spotlight..One thing that is very useful when working with a wingman is conversational isolation. who is standing in front of Luchador) Girl #2: yes. or what? Girl #1: yeah. because Luch will actually start up a conversation with Girl #2 while Girl #1 is in the middle of qualifying herself to me. then ease your way into making this work smoothly and effectively. let alone physically. He was actually the one who got me to start recycling regularly. Conversational isolation is when you are having a one-on-one conversation with one girl. Start with the basics. maybe you've heard of him . but I will finish uni this Summer. Everlong: ah. I much prefer going out with a wing with whom I have a great chemistry as opposed to going alone.. It's tricky to explain. I will apply for jobs here in this city. but I also want to apply for bla bla . let one another know what works and what could be improved. starting parallel conversation thread) so you studied marketing? The co-host of my radio show does that. and the wing occupies the other (or the rest). which allows you to elicit a truer response from your girl. be sure to give each other constructive feedback as to what is working and what could be done better to bring about greater successes for both of you. and you? Girl #1: I am studying environmental science. DO NOT BE OVERWHELMED by all this. since her friend is occupied by your wingman. Here is how it works: This is an example of how my wingman Luchador and I create conversational isolation. So I hope that little dialogue was not too tricky to follow.] Everlong: are you two students here. You do not want to have your wing.

who is more your type. if you want that kinky..... open-minded girl who will do almost ANYTHING with you for some amazing sex? 55 ." She got your dick hard? Go rail her.. how does a NATURAL think? Like this: 1.. different ethnic backgrounds. It's ON! 2. I want to stick my cock in her.. NOW! And then go bang that hotter chick after.. If I want to fuck them. and they are DOWN? Then it's ON! Not this "oh shes only a 6.. I know a lot of guys picked this up from "The Game". the hotter chick might suck at fucking all together. while you smell like freshly fucked pussy.. happens occasionally. and they know. STOP USING THAT "HB" SHIT! In fact. athletic. and other PUA forums. I don't want to stick my cock in her. thin. just saying. Furthermore. STOP 'RATING' her on a scale! Why? You are placing the girl on a pedestal anytime you are JUDGING her based on looks. It's NOT ON! 3. This transcends your game SO deeply.Why Are You Insecure And Why Does Your Game Suck By: WhiteRanger Using "HB" (HotBody) is one of the most insecure things to do with your game.. THAT'S IT! I've had sexual chemistry with all types of girls. or a 6. but let me reiterate. Funny enough. curvy.. its INSANE! Now.5. Maybe after some drinks/time It's based on sexual chemistry... and in a negative way. mystery method.

.. hot red pants.. It made me look back on my early days in game. How? By simply removing this archaic 'PUA' reality mind-set. they became more confident and open around me. sexy mall girl. The approach in question: "Hello.. and stick with it. and thought I might share this with you all here.. and you have to respect a guy for having the guts to walk up to a girl and say that. and just wanting to be dominated like a little slut..DON'T JUDGE HER! That is the LAST thing she wants. swallows.. they became hornier. and look at some of the very simple things I have learnt to give the direct approach a great deal more punch. Go out there. Now. This post is not about routines or structure. but once I got rid of that "HB" mentality. I'm guilty of RATING girls in my reports in the past.. Especially since it took place in a crowded cafeteria. 56 . and sexually active.. filipina... Stop Judging Chicks. Girls became EXTREMELY sexual. This is about learning to understand how girls interpret the things we say and what we convey by how we say them. and start getting laid more! Seeing Things Through Her Lens :: a Few Simple Daygame Tips [Part I & II] By: Jude Hey gentlemen! I ran into a question over on Stylelife about direct daygame. This is about seeing things through her lens. Cojones. etc. What do I use now? Nicknames like russian twin. Girls hate being judged for being horny. well. Pick that one thing that turns you on about her.. etc.. recall some of my approaches. By no means terrible. I don't do this normally but I just wanted to let you know you are very beautiful".. and could potentially give you a hardon. since this community has a much stronger tendency towards direct daygame as opposed to the structured nightgame advocated elsewhere.

so minding the frame is more important than it is in indirect game. if you want to get technical here. which again shifts the focus away from what most guys see as "the opener" itself (since the "you're cute" line is really just a small part of the opener) and onto your desire to see value in her on a level deeper than her skin. which makes it a very powerful move. so I decided to come say hi and find out what you are all about. If you want to go deeper. and also a large part of why I love simple direct game.. with its small and simple adjustments. you will recognise that "I don't normally do this. the emphasis in the first version is on HER. which I have found will make all the difference. Direct openers by nature DO sacrifice a wee bit of this value by acknowledging her physical beauty (the prime source of social value for her). On the flipside. who are you?". For the girl. and is why many continue to get blown out.Mind your frame! The faux-shy "I don't normally do this" gambit can work if you are confident and careful in not framing the approach as a validation-seeking one. "Hey there. as nearly every girl says. "cute" can twitch some girls out as "something one might say to a child"." This frames me as the person of high value. but I am including this as an explanation of why this particular approach is fundamentally flawed. as the decisive man who is not only confident enough to go talk to a girl that he thinks is cute. so I decided to come say hi and find out what you are all about. I think this is the singular most misunderstood point on the Simple Pickup forum. This leads me to the third thing to consider. it is perceived my girls as as very romantic. "I think you are cute" is not an opener. 57 . This just means.. That is a statement of interest with no follow-up. then I would strongly advise some simple rewording. 2. 3. especially during the daytime. Also think about using a word like "pretty" or "adorable" (my personal favourite). 4. and very "intense". Notice that I include at the end of my opener "I am Jude. I always tell guys to avoid using the word "beautiful". but who is going to go deeper than just the physical beauty and qualify her on the rest of the package. negging and DHV all rolled into one congruent and truthful statement. who are you?" Practise saying that. but YOUare blablabla" is a very weak position to take because it puts you in the role of the one of lower value. don't kiss her arse. My version on the other hand. It is generally too aggressive for direct daygame. You should not be thinking about all that whilst opening. This is a small but very important line. but I still use it and rarely encounter issues there. This is just a small tip that I've picked up in my earlier days of chatting up girls. I'm Jude. really. Finally. Again. "I saw you in the cafeteria and I thought you looked cute. According to my own personal experiences and observations. If you prefer the direct sort of opener (and I love this type). very serious. as well as many different conversations with many different girlfriends and female friends. I saw you in the cafeteria and thought you looked cute. Simply put. There are several important things at play here: 1. there is a great deal of implicit qualification. that is hugely important. focuses on ME. I generally do not use words like "hot" or "sexy" during the daytime (although a nighttime setting is slightly different).

what with no vocal tonality. but to immediately move on to a more personal exchange. If done properly. 58 . It is the same natural mechanism that makes most girls forget the exact opener you used that helps them hang on to the big and memorable things and forget the rest. Hawtt and dangerou$: reference to a Ke$ha song. It is in the deciding of what to use as callback humour that this notion of "seeing things through her lens" comes into play in a major way. any routine you use etc must resonate with her if it is going to move you further toward success. We as people condense things. So some general things that provide for good callback topics:     Inside jokes Roleplaying Peacocking (for either of you) Venue changes One simple trick that I have started sharing to people who need help in choosing hot threads has been to have them imagine the girl telling her mates about the night before. then responding accordingly. Ultimately it is all about learning to see the interaction through her lens as well as through your own. anything you say. whereby you both exchange your value and all that good stuff. These are just a few things to consider regarding direct daygame. namely how one can effectively use 160 characters to get a girl back into the mood and state she was in when you met her. the goal of direct daygame is to show a small bit of sexual interest. 2. Pink blazer: any girl I spoke to that night will remember the pink blazer. she will find herself thinking about something that had earlier that evening or the night before spiked her buying temperature and had her seeing me as an exciting. Remember: chances are. no context. *80s pelvic thrust* How did your night end up? So what there is doing the actual "calling back"? 1. interesting and sexual entity. It is no different from the communication skills involved in the rest of game. I was actually talking on the phone with Rockinrolla about this last week. when you created attraction and escalated etc. but of course I am still looking HAWTT AND DANGEROU$.Remember. But it is manageable. The standard piece of advice in game today is to use "callback humour" in either a telephone conversation or via SMS. And it can make or break your game. We remember big events or big things that stick out about other people. i. It is difficult and sensitive. you were not the only guy whom she talked to or even who approached her last night. Real-Life Example: So my pink blazer is TOTALLY drenched. this is effective in that. which we had joked about / bonded over early on in the interaction. rather than getting the weak and needy "hey it's Jude from last night" message. then later in on the dancefloor when the band happened to play that song.e. no body language.

Texting shouldn't be the thing that you get to know a person by. think of a brief interaction you had. The reasoning behind this is because I'm a firm 59 .Imagine that the next day one of your target's friends would ask her "so what did you get up to last night? Oh. How much of that interaction do you remember. Texting Advice 101 By: BangBoomDone Hey guys so I've been reading lots of forum posts recently and it's apparent that many people have problems with "text game". and what was it that "spiked" your state enough to be retained in your memory days later? I teach this little trick to help guys consistently get positive responses from numbers I have gotten. it was not something that offered what could be considered a large or memorable contribution to the interaction as a whole as she will remember it. you should have at least one or two solid hooks that she will 1) remember and 2) respond positively to when you SMS her later that night or the following day. Perhaps a stranger that you have met and conversed with at the supermarket. My target might have said something like "well we had some drinks and danced with our friends. I've landed myself in the dreaded friend zone plenty of times. and is one of my favourite shirts) because although she did comment on it. I can call myself a very good texter because I can now get girls who say at first "I don't text first" to texting me first all the time. Here are a few rules that we can go by (offer your opinions on these rules and if you have any additions then offer them up. If you are doing things properly. We danced a bit and had a great time". maybe even a phone call from a mate to "catch up". Never reply as soon as you get the text.) NEVER 1. So there it is. another simple tip that I hope will help some of you lads improve your success rate by learning to see things through the eyes of the girl as well as through your own. You don't need to do that stupid rule of "Wait double what they took to respond" but certainly don't respond asap because it will show you aren't doing anything interesting. Well first let me start off by saying there shouldn't be a text game (or shouldn't be your only game). you went clubbing? How was that?". To illustrate this. whether during daygame or nightgame. then I started talking to this kid in a pink blazer who was from Europe somewhere. 2. a side conversation with a bartender or waiter from a few days ago. Never make texting a priority especially when it comes to getting to know said individual. but I'm here to say you can trust me with these tips because I know how to avoid it now. It would not make sense for me to make a reference to the shirt I was wearing (it says "kiss me if you're Irish" on the left breast. Never compliment over text. not necessarily in the context of game. 3. It should be for setting a date and the occasional light conversation.

Never send multiple texts in a row (as far as trying to get her to respond).believer that when it comes to compliments they need to come in scarcity because it will make the girls work for it and it will mean a lot to them when you say something. If she is bored with you it's no big deal but if you annoy her with "hey are you there?! "hey cmon give me some attention" she will start to hate you. Say you're talking at night and she suddenly stops responding. I've found that if you do more with less (content). This is why every once in a while I send them a text in the morning or something saying "Good morning sunshine!" or something along the lines to every girl. And guys if she stops texting you during the day she is either busy or she got bored with you. Nobody wants to have a boring conversation of "Hey" "What's up?" "So where are you going to school?" "Where do you work?" These are all questions you can ask in person (despite being a little interview mode).what should you do? Wait for her to respond because the ball is in HER court. 6. She will lie to you sometimes that's just how it is unfortunately. TEASE: Teasing is HUGE. It makes them feel special but DO NOT do this too much. By this I mean you can get a girl to be more interested in you by sending her a few texts compared to having a full blown 3 hour text conversation (That my friends is a no-go and is not successful AT ALL).. By this I mean don't be a lit teacher and try to twist simple text into something more meaningful. It is all about keeping things interesting. Never over interpret what the girl is saying! Does this mean she will never lie to you? No. Never text for more than an hour a day with said person because you want yourself to remain a mystery to her. Hope this guide has helped and if you have any suggestions at all offer them up! Keep checking in because I will be posting text conversations often.. Girls will feel like they're talking to a robot sometimes if you don't. MYSTERY: 99. EMOTICONS: Some people might disagree but use emoticons. 2. KEEP TABS: By this I mean make sure that you retain the beautiful woman that you meet! It is very easy to just lose contact with them." or "You're a cunt " This keeps it playful but cunt might be a word that you reserve for a deeper relationship haha. Texting these questions will result in boredom for most likely both of you. 4. 5. DATE INFO: Of course this is kind of basic but always remember this is your main reason for getting a girls number. For example look at how a flat out insult can become a tease with emoticons "You're a cunt. 5. BITCHES LOVE EMOTICONS. ALWAYS 1. So now that some guidelines are out there I'll be posting on this thread when I have a short and good conversation with a girl over text.9% of girls love a good mystery man.. 4. GIRLS ARE NOT LOOKING TO TEXT SOMETHING THAT MAKES THEM THINK. Good luck and happy hunting! 60 .to see them later of course! 3. your success rate will skyrocket..

you start thinking of a few excuses to back out. If you're going out and you have fun. If you still feel like pickup is a chore. It's all wind blowing through your hair and a crazy feeling in your stomach. as soon as it started. While you're in line. the ride is over. then you have the wrong mindset. it's been a while since I last put out a guide or post. You want to go again. You can't focus on a lot of thoughts except the feeling. Every time you go again. I'm doing it" mentality. then we will go down. A lot of people on this forum seem to forget the IMPORTANCE OF FUN. Then.Mindset Guide: The Importance of FUN! By: Thijs Hey there playas. it looks scary as fuck. you're having an amazing time. people will 61 . though you will still get the crazy feeling in your stomach everytime you get on the ride. people will immediately be more receptive towards you." If you keep overanalysing everything you won't have fun. but you know what to expect now. You stop thinking. If you're the boring guy all stiffened up from "having to go talk to a chick".. It's the same for pickup. you're amusing yourself. Do you really want to step on a ride and NOT have fun? Would people who are on the rollercoaster too notice that you're not having fun? YES. go through this bend. Some people will get super calm and think: "This is going to be fun. It's the EXACT SAME for pickup. but you end up getting on the ride. You shouldn't get on the ride and think "Now they will strap us tight." They clear their heads of the negative thoughts. not something you WANT to do because it's fun. I'll be telling you what your mindset should be in order to get a ton better. It's even more fun than the first time. But then you get this "Fuck this. make a loop. You're a little dazed and not quite sure what happened. If you cannot have fun doing this. the higher and scarier the rollercoaster seems. but it was FUN.. and you feel as if you can never go on the ride. it seems less and less scary." You go on the ride and think: "This is going to be fun. something you HAVE to do. First I'll describe fun in pickup with an analogy: Pickup is like a huge mofucking awesome rollercoaster. It really is one of the most important factors of pickup. The longer you think about it. Before you try it. The moment before you start the ride is the scariest. then we will start moving. The 2nd time is still quite scary. Then you're on the ride. you will not get any better. . You start thinking about what could go wrong and what you're about to do. and you stand in line. but I believe this one is sorely needed.

Look at her like she is up to no good. and low energy with low. Care if she walks away from you. If you have trouble with this. She can hear you. Ultimate Flirting Tips By: Infernity Follow this flirting advice and you'll crush it in your interactions with women. 62 . If you're having fun and you're not overanalysing every interaction. You need to fix your mindset BEFORE you can fix your game. Do you see pickup as a chore or as an adventure? If you see it as a chore or something you HAVE to do. you will care less about the outcome of high energy with high. If she wants it. etc. say "just kidding". Look for her if she goes to the toilet and doesn't come straight back to you. High risk. She will lean into you if she can't. You'll be able to take bigger risks. I want you to. Follow her around the bar/club.don't apologies. you are in charge. and you'll be even more afraid to approach. next time you go out. Lead the conversation. I can give you a 100% guarantee people will respond better than before.these are your enemies to success in the art of flirting. Speak Louder. Nonverbal communication is extremely powerful at generating attraction in women. Don't break the tension . What To Do: Eliminate any need for acceptance or approval . SOLELY focus on fun. Piss her off by being genuinely obnoxious or offensive. which will result in the opposite of what you want to achieve.look at her. Invade her space slightly (e. control the frame.g. Anything else that conveys neediness or desperation.) Touch her on upper arm when you both find something funny .NOT react well.) poke her in the ribs / tickle. This is one of the biggest tips on flirting *of all time*.releases oxytocin (love chemical). Her throwing a drink at you is not one of the flirting signs we are looking for here. and see how people react to you. Remain playful at all times. What NOT To Do: Lean in to her ear. (Body Language is key in these flirting techniques. Eye contact is king when flirting . Do the cheeky smile. you're on the wrong track. Calibrate your energy level . high reward. she’s got a *big time* battle on her hands (and more the better for the Sexual Tension). Caring too much will fuck you over and make you too needy. not on pickup. You are the man.

"Let's go over there. you just spat on me when you said that" The hotter the girl. So the question becomes what does a woman value? Think about Sun Tzu's Art of War: "No season is the best time to attack and no terrain is ideal. "Gross. Any time she displays even a hint of some kind of incompetence.or something like that. it's refreshing" Tell her what to do. exaggerate it. the dominant one. "Come here". unoriginal. "I didn't know it was special needs night tonight. Compliment her on something non-physical. "My 6 year old cousin can txt better than you" If she mumbles or makes a mistake when talking. Try to guess their story. Point is: what is valued by one girl in one scenario will not necessarily be valued by 63 . Comment on people or couples around you.. Or at least not entirely. "Look at this". predictable crap? Do you come here often? What's your sign? Can I buy you a drink? I love you.g.shall we say . I've been studying the art of conversation for many years. "Check this out" and so on. the better it works. chit chat. Dodge her questions that are boring.. Remember your goal: relatively higher value (raising yours DHV / lowering hers Neg/DSQ) this post focuses on DHV. Will you be my girlfriend / go out with me? Would you like to dance? Guide to DHV – Autismus Conversationalist Theory By: Autismus Small-talk. Re-frame her tests. Compliance is her subtly acknowledging you as the leader. and sonce I see a lot of posts here asking about topics related to "Talking" I'd like to give some of my experience with a few factors in the process of "talking a girl out of her pants" This first post relates to DHV routines and attraction switches DHV What's a DHV Routine? . Everything has its strength and it's weakness. and by following what you say. E. You are leading her subtly. Role-play together.What To Say: Fake like she is annoying you. say something like. she is accepting the frame. say something like.Something that sounds awesome right? Wrong. c'mon". to *the max*. If she can't type on her phone.not in my nature. "You seem pretty confident. Make out something she did disgusted you a little bit. What NOT to say: .tired. boring. really conversation of any type is ." . Examples: "Hold this a sec"." Smile when you say these things.

Music look up to you / seek your advice (PbF) Preselection by Females . but it is an interestswitch. *(AtE) Ability to Emote .another. Bedroom Eyes. being part of the "in-crowd" simply means you are part of her world: whether that's Yacht Club. but if your DHV relies entirely on skills then you'll get in the FZ. you tell her you went shopping at some fancy store. Corporate America.this is not an attraction-switch. Yes. (Tho bear in mind that some specific skills can identify you with specific social groups . whatever. This is good for hooking.(usually called social proof) this is just showing that you are with "the in-crowd". *crickets. but you get the idea. Framing your life to DHV and flip Attraction Switches Let's say you open a set and she asks what you're up to today. etc). Attraction Switches These are the primal animal things that any female social mammal will value: (CToL) Caretaker of loved ones . she's like "cool.females desire you (even if they aren't up to your standards) (SeP) Socio-economic Proof . A DHV story about sailing in the hamptons will Hook a sorority girl but will blow out a hippie chick / talking about a film you're making will interest a hipster girl and bore a latina. After college. and there is even an "in-crowd" within each of those. but it will get non-sexual IOI's (eye contact. 64 . it can identify you as a member of her social group (if she's in that group). In high school that's the "cool kids".see socio-economic proof). you are more than an animal because you can think and feel and think about how you feel and most of all: talk about it. What happened!?! you wonder. (LoM) Leader of men . initiating conversation) even if there are no IOA (indicatiors of attraction: hair-flick. I said I shop at Le petit fancieshop! Isn't that a DHV? Yes and no. The rule of thumb for me is: she will value you if she's attracted to you. In college it's less cut and dry but still is usually the jocks OR the student gov OR the Frats. and she's attracted to you if you can flip her does not mean popularity (common misconception).it is more unique to sentient beings . Having rare or exotic skills will not necessarily make her "attracted" to you in the sexual or romantic sense.basically this is showing her that in addition to the animal appeal you have generated with the first four switches. but No. Special Skills and Interests . and for getting her to invest.and she has no reason to talk to them either. Of course these are stereo-types. neck touch..this one is not as visceral as the others .you are discriminatory in who you let into your life (qualifying) and those who are in your life are cared for by you. Social proof is showing that you are part of her social structure . Redneck. it won't generate enough attraction to raise your value much higher than every other guy at that store . I've been there" .

A lot of people are under the misconception that you have to open up to people so they can open up to you and that scares the sh1t out of AFC’S..SeP) but your best friend Jennifer recommended it (PbF). Summary: Answer her questions -> the convo will fizzle. What is Cold Reading? Cold reading is a teaching usually used by psychics mentalists and illusionists to make a person feel like they know a lot about them without real prior knowledge. you ask her what she's up to. after talking about it. she's contributing to the convo because she sees value in you for no other reason than that she feels attracted . Give more DHV details -> the convo will last to build attraction as long as you like (srsly details and tangents can last for hours or days between good conversationalists). this time she answers. how you did it. But you didn't find anything you liked.. she's just a girl that you used to date before one of you had to move and. having a girl bff. Keep detail Threads open and unresolved -> and she will be chasing you . why you chose that method. why you were with the.but that's part II of the Autismus Conversationalist Trilogy Rapport Building Technique By: xavier *If you are lost in Terminology look it up!* So I get a lot of questions about this and let's face it if you are new to this you will have a lot of problems building rapport. You know that by dominating the conversation early you tirggered her visceral attraction switches. who you were with. she asks what you're up to today.Let's say it goes differently: open a set. Now when i said slightly I mean very slightly you do not want someone to feel bad having opened up to you.and she doesn't know why. you tell her you went shopping at some fancy store because it's your cousins' anniversary next month and you really like to get a gift that SPEAKS to you (CoL). always remember that we reward good behavior so you should reward her opening up to you. but you don't. Remember the difference is in the details. Generally. the 65 . you decided to transition to being friends (AtE). the details can be added ad infinitum and each detail should be framed to stimulate her attraction. So anyway. Give the details specifying why you did it. as well as when the last time you did it was. The best way to build rapport are cold reads which I will talk about in a moment plus after you do a cold read you can slide in a slightly challenging comment about the other persons way of thinking in order to keep out of the friend zone and build more attraction. with or for whom you did whatever it is you did. Simply answering a question will get you nowhere. you don't usually shop at this particular store (deniability in case this store disqualifies you from her social group . You assure her you're not her gay. But you know why. where you usually did whatever andwhy you changed to a new location.

4. 66 . She will feel like you understand her. Then use Barnum Statements (The Forrer effect): Basically these are vague statements that apply to almost anyone. PUA's use this to find commonalities helping to build rapport and comfort plus it is a form of DHV. 6. I have an intuition about you. She will feel like u guys connected on a deeper level. 4.. 2..  Using kokology games like The Cube and strawberry fields work like a charm because they also introduce the element of fun. yet sound true to the listener.. Notice her clothes and style: Girls who wear high heels and have tattoos especially two or more do not see sex as a big deal these girls are called justifiers. so she will open up even more to you. That must be difficult..cold reader will make a series of vague statements. Does she have more girl or guy friends: If she has more guy friends in the group that means she is a tester which means she will respond a lot to teasing and she needs to chase you at all times or she'll loose interest fast. I don't think that's the case though. Some of your aspirations tend to be pretty unrealistic. I bet you that most people think you've had life a lot easier than you actually have. i bet you're the kind of person that finds it difficult to really let go and relax.": Say u used #4 she says No u say yes but you do like the attention dont you or if u used #6 u say yes but they are very far reaching and seem unrealistic to some people around you. and other times you just like to chill. There are times when you are very energetic and outgoing. Listen closely: Is she a realist an idealist? 3. If for some reason you are mistaken never take no for an answer always say "Yes But. How to do a Cold Read?  Observe her: 1.. because of the way you look. I think you've actually had to work harder than most people and at the same time you've had to play the role and make it seem like it's all coming easy. Why a Cold Read: People usually won't resist cold reads since they are ambiguous. Body Language: Know what makes her uncomfortable read her is she extraverted/introverted. If you have observed her right u should know which ones to use: 1. This will also help you get into more specific details. You have a strong need for others to like and admire you. 5. You're a shy girl aren't you? You guys need to get her out more.. and then will refine the original statements based on the reactions they got. 2. It is easy to talk to someone whom you have commonalities with. You know you're actually quite tense. 3. Making her feel that sex is a big deal will end you. will observe their reaction.

You can pick your parents from any point in time. intelligence. In this day and age. but not the point of the exercise. 3. Who are they? Interpretation: Only those most comfortable with themselves and their families will answer with their own parents. so they will probably show you theirs. The person's choices for her parents often reflect the qualities and/or conditions that were absent in her upbringing. cuteness. they can be real or fictional. How old are you? How does it happen? And what is the funeral like? Interpretation: Talking about how you would like to die says a lot about how you would like to live. Let them show it to you. sharing that desire brings you that much closer to achieving it. For instance if her dad was Einstein. You can use these timeless questions and interoperate there answers: 1. If she wants her mother to be Amelia Earhart. If she chooses a dog for her spouse's animal. or perhaps their sense of style. For instance. But ask them if they get another one. Insecure people pick animals they admire. Rather than draw attention to this. they usually select an animal that is least like their last or current BF. point out that fact that these are qualities which they want to instill in their own children. What kind of animal do you marry? Interpretation: Confident people pick animals who possess qualities they like about themselves. You must plan your own death. If you had to have a tattoo. When selecting an animal for their spouse. many young people have tattoos. what and where would it be? Interpretation: Tattoos represent permanence. beauty. 4. she wants her children to have independence. The symbol or picture holds great meaning to them. if she says she would be a dolphin it means she admires freedom. 67 . it means that she abhors disloyalty and her ex probably cheated on her. This is a great point of reference for commonality. What are you? You can marry any animal except your own species. The location they would get it likely represents a point of vulnerability to them. 2. Most of us aren't living as we'd like to. You can be any animal. Finding someone who wants to live like you want to live is really special. This is good. she would like her children to be smart and great thinkers. It's up to you to decide which it is.

PUA Terminology/Dictionary A – B – C – D – E – F –G – H – I – J – K – L – M – N – O – P – Q – R – S – T – U–V–W–X–Y–Z *Internet Is Required to Access The Definitions!* #        1 Set / One Set 101 2 Second Rule 24/7 Attractive Man 3 Minute Rule 3 Second Rule 7 Hour Rule A                             Abundance Mentality Accomplished Introduction (AI) Active Attraction Active Disinterest Active Disqualification Affirmation Air Traffic Control Alpha Female Of Group (AFOG) Alpha Male Alpha Male Of Group (AMOG) Alpha Male Other Guy (AMOG) (ASF) Ambiguity AMOG Destroyer AMOG Killer (AK) Analysis Paralysis Anchor Animated Chat Anti-Approach Invitation (Anti-AI) Anti-Slut Defense (ASD) Approach Anxiety (AA) Approach Invitation (AI) Approach Machine Approach Priming Approval Seeking Arbitrary Target Arbitrary Value Archetype Game 68 .seduction.

Hook. Reel. Release (BHRR) Banter Barrage of Awesomeness Beasting Beautiful Woman Syndrome (BWS) Bedroom Eyes (Seducer Eyes) Beginner's Hell Being Present Belief System Below Average Frustrated Chump (BAFC) Best Self Beta Boy Friend (BBF) Beta Male Big Mouth Theory Bio Feedback Bitch Shield (BS) Blind Spot Blitzhooking Blow Out Blow Out Game Blow Out Opener Blueprint Blueprint Sequencing Awareness Blur Body Language (BL) Body Language Clusters Body Language Positiong Body Rocking Bootcamp (BC) Bottom Bitch 69 .          Art of Charm (AOC) Art of the Pickup (AOTP) Aspiring Pick Up Artist (aPUA) Attraction Attraction Circuitry Projection Attraction Triggers Authenticity Auto Correcting Avatar Average Frustrated Chump (AFC) B                                 Backwards/Reverse Rationalization Bad Boy Bait.

                    Bottom Feeder Bounce Boundary Function Boy Band Principle Boyfriend (BF) Boyfriend Destroyer (BFD) Boyfriend Game Break In The Clouds Breaking Point Breaking Rapport Breakup Artist Bridge And Tunnel Problem Bromance Bullshit Escalation Bunny Button Pushing Buyer's Remorse Buying Temperature (BT) Buying Temperature Spike (BT Spike) Buzz C                       Calibration Callback Humour / Text Back Humour Campus Game / College Game Canned Opener Canned Routine (CR) Casanova Cat String Theory Caveman Celebrity Game Celebrity PUA Challenge Point Character Development Charisma Charisma Arts (CA) Charisma Coaching Chat Up Line Cheat Sheet Cheater Chick Bait Chick Crack Chick Politics Chit Chat Master 70 .

                                             Chode Chode Crystal Chode Vaporization Class Cliff's List Close Closer Club Intuition Cock Tease Cockblock (CB) Cocky & Funny (C&F) Cold Approach Cold Reading College Game Comfort Comfort Building Location Comfort Plan (CP) Comfort Zone Commonality Compliance Compliance Momentum Compliance Test (CT) Compliance Threshold Compliment Compliment Opener Conformist Congruence Congruence Test Connection Triggers Consistency Consistency Principle Conspiracy Continuously Orgasmic State Conversational Jujitsu Conversational Rapport Conversational Thread Conveyance Core Core Confidence Core Purpose Core Value Corporate Pickup Cougar Courtship Crash and Burn (C&B) 71 .

     Credibility Date Cub Culture Shock Cutting the Thread Cycle of Internalization / Crystalization D                                    Dance Floor Monkey Dance Game Dancing Monkey Dating Coach Day 2 Day Game Dead Approach Invitation (DAI) Death Row Death Row / Wall of Death Debrief Decimal Rating Scale Decision Dependency Deep Identity Level Change Default Facial Expression Delusional Sense of Coolness Demonstration of Higher Value (DHV) Deus Ex Machina DHV Spike Dick Crack Direct Game Direct Opener DIS Method Disarm Display Low Value (DLV) Disqualification (DQ) Doggy Dinner Bowl Look (DDBL) Dominance Domino Effect Don Juan (DJ) Double Your Dating (DYD) Double-Take Down To Fuck (DTF) Droping Anchor Dual Induction Massage Dynamic Social Homeostasis E 72 .

                              Economic Lover Eject Eject & Explain (E&E) Eject With Explanation (EwE) Eliciting Values (EV) Email Close (@close) Emotional Connection (EC) Emotional Intelligence / Social Intelligence Emotional Leverage Emotional Spiking Emotional Stimulation Emotional Tampon End-Game Energy Level Engine of Survival Entitlement Entourage Entourage Game Epiphany Chains Error by D (EBD) Essense Exaptation External Interrupt Externalized Reference Points Extraction Eye Accessing Cues Eye Coding Eye Contact (EC) Eye Fucking Eyes Go Bright F             Facebook Close (FB Close) Failed Target (FT) Fake IOI Fallout Pussy False Disqualifier False Idols / False Prophets False Presumption False Takeaway False Time Constraint (FTC) Fat Chick Syndrome Fat Girl Overhead Photo (FGOP) Fatty (Tuna) 73 .

                                             Fatty / Fattie Faux Pas Feeding Frenzy Female Gurus Female Pick Up Artist (FPUA) Female Trainer Field Field Report (FR) Field Test Filling in the Canvas Find Meet Attract Close (FMAC) Find/Fuck Ten Other Women (FTOW) Fire Behind the Smoke Fire Gazing First Phone Call (FPC) Flake Flaky Chick Flash Game Flawless Natural Flinch Points Flirting Flooding Smile Floozy Flopsy Flow Fluff Focus Opener Fool's Mate Fool's Mate Fantasy Forcing IOIs Foreplay Close (4close) Frame Frame Control Frame Games Freeze Out Friend Close Friend Zone (FZ) Friends With Benefits Fuck Buddy (FB) Fuck Close (FClose) Fuck Me Eyes Fucking New Guy (FNG) Fucking Ugly Girl (FUG) Full Close (FClose) Functional Opener 74 .

 Fundamental Shift G                        Gambit Game Gay PUA / PU Gay Gay Test Gaymog Geographical Gaming Getting the Party Started Girl Close (GClose) Girl Code Girl Coding Girl Friend (GF) Girl Game Girlfriend Material God Mode Good Guy Game (GGG) Grace Grand Master PUA (gmPUA) Grand Master Style (GM Style) Green Pick Up Artist (GPUA) Grooming Grounding Group Theory Gunwitch Method (GWM) H               Handicap Principle Harem Management High Class (HC) High Sex Drive (HD) High Value (HV) Hired Gun Hired Gun Game Honey Trap Hook Phase Hook Point (HP) Hoop Theory Hot Babe (HB) How To Get The Women You Desire Into Bed (HTGTWYDIB) Hugger 75 .

   Hunny Bunny (HB) Hyperfocus Hypnosis I                        I Perspective Identity Identity Criterion Image Improvisational Opener Incongruence Indicator of Disinterest (IOD) Indicator of Interest (IOI) Indicator of Sexual Interest (ISI) Indirect Game Indirect Opener Inducement to Approach Invitation (IAI) Inner Demons Inner Game Insta-Date Instant/Interactive Value Display (IVD) Intellectual Discipline Intermittence International PUA Interrupt Interview Pickup Isolation It's On Moment (IOM) J    J-Girls / Japanese Girls Jealousy Plotline Just Another Wannabe (JAW) K        Keyboard Jockey (KJ) Keys to the VIP Kinesthetics (Kino) Kino Anchored Motion Inducement (KAMI) Kino Escalation Kino Escalation Ladder Kino Opener 76 .

    Kino Pinging Kino Steps Kino Test Kiss Close (KClose) L                            Label Whore Ladies' Man Lair / Seduction Lairs Lair List Landmines Last Minute Resistance (LMR) Lay of Rage Lay Report (LR) Leading Let's Just Be Friends (LJBF) Life Changing Moment (LCM) Lifestyle Likability Factor Limiting Belief Lock-In Prop Locked Out Locking-In Logistics Long Distance Relationship (LDR) Long Term Coaching Long Term Relationship (LTR) Love Systems Lover Low Class (LC) Low Self Esteem (LSE) Low Sex Drive (LD) Low Value (LV) M         M3 Model Male Pattern Blindness (MPB) Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Master of Ceremonies Master Pick Up Artist (mPUA) Mastermind Alliance Mayor Walking Meme 77 .

Smooth Style Multi-Threading Multiple Long Term Relationship (MLTR) Multiple Long Term Relationship Cubed (MLTR^3) Multiple Long Term Relationship Squared (MLTR^2) Muppet Gallery / Peanut Gallery Muse Mystery Lounge Mystery Method (MM) N              Nano Expressions Nanpa Natural Natural Game Natural Selection Neg Hit/Negging (Negs) Neg Roll Neg Theory Negative Body Language Nester Chick Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) New Behavior Patterns Newbie Mission 78 .                             Mental Masturbation Merging Meta Game / Meta Frame Mid-Game Mind Fuck Mini Cold Read (MCR) Mirroring Mixed Set Moderated Alt Seduction Fast (mASF) Modus Operandi (MO) Moment of Decision Moment of Inspiration Moment of Realness Momentum Most Chicks Don't Suffice (MCDS) Mother Hen Motivation Killers / Motivation Boosters Motor Response Moving Target/Set Moxy Mr.

              Newbie's Paradox Next Nice Guy Night Game Nightlife Princess Nimbus Non-Reaction Seeking Non-Verbal Communication Nonsexual Touching Nonversation Norming Not Ready For a Relationship (NRFR) Number Close (#close) Number Crunching O                 Obstacle October Man Sequence Omega Male One Night Stand (ONS) Oneitis Online Game Open Open Ended Question (OEQ) Opener Opinion Opener Orbiter Out Alpha Outcome Independence Outer Game Outing Report (OR) Over Qualification (OQ) P          Pacing Pair Bonding Paradoxical Realities Party Girl Passive Value Pattern Pattern On-The-Fly (POTF) Pattern-Interrupt Pawn/Pawning 79 .

                                             Peacocking / Peacock Theory Pebble Pecking Pendant Anchoring People Watching Perceived Value Perceptual Escalation Threshold Personal Amusement Personality Conveying Routine Phase-Shift Phone Game Pick Up (PU) Pick Up Artist (PUA) Pick Up Guru (PUG) Pick Up Master (PUM) Pickup Artist Pilgrimage Pickup Lifestyle Experiments Pickup Opportunity Cost Pickup Podcast (PuP) Pillow Talk Pimp / Pimp Game Pings & Pongs Pivot Plate Spinning Plausible Deniability Player Playette Playfulness Plowing Point To Self (PTS) Polarity / Sexual Polarity Portal Words Position of Power Poster Boy Practice Game Pre Lay Relaxation Mode (PLRM) Pre-Approach Invitation. male Approach Invitation (pAImAI) Pre-selection Precedence Premature Ejectulaton (Pre-me) Presence of Mind Pressure Gauge Primary Prizing Process Over Outcome 80 .

                   Professional PUA Project Rockstar Promoter Game Propinquity / Propinquity Effect Protection Shield Provider Proximity / Proximity Alert System (PAS) Prude Pseudo Seeker (PS) PUA Convention PUA Forum PUA Forums PUA Hate PUA Training Public Display of Affection (PDA) Pull Punish/Reward Purd Push-Pull R                        Rapport Re-Opening Reactive Disqualification Read The Fornication/Fucking Manual (RTFM) Real Social Dynamics (RSD) Recalcitrant Experience Recovering Average Frustrated Chump (rAFC) Recovery Recycle Reference Points Reframe Rejection Residential Training Resistance Reticular Activation System (RAS) Reverse AFC Reverse Approach Anxiety (RAA) Rite Of Passage Rituals Road Head Role Reversal Roll Off Romance Artist 81 .

     Routine Routine Monkey Routine Stack Rules of Seduction Rumination S                                      Same Day Lay (SDL) Sandbagging Sarge Sargeholic Sarger's High Save-Me Eyes Scarcity Mentality Score Sealing The Motherfucking Deal (STMD) Second Meeting Secret Society Secret Underground Internet Seduction Community (SUISC) Seducer's Aura Seduction Community Seduction/Seducer Selection Dynamic Self Fulfilling Prophecy Self Point (SP) Self-Kino Separate-Together (SnT) Set Set Rich Environment (SRE) Sex Location Sex Worthy Sexting Sexual Confidence Sexual Discretion Sexual Selection Sexual State Sexual Stereotype Sexy Son Hypothesis Shit Test Shocker Short Setting Short Term Relationship (STR) Shotgun Neg Show of Interest (SOI) 82 .

                                             Shut up and Lead (SUAL) Signal/Statement of Disinterest (SOD) Simple Pickup Single/Same Night Lay (SNL) Situ Situational Confidence Situational Opener Slow Motion Entrance Sniper Neg Social Alignment Social Butterlfy Social Capital Social Circle Social Circle Game Social Conditioning/Programming Social Connector Social Context Social Context Social Cue Social Dead-end Social Exchange Propensity Social Fluidity Social Gathering Social Hierarchy Social Hook Point Social Intuition Social Kinetic Energy Social Mask Social Nexus Social Norms Social Pressure Social Proof Social Robot Social Trees Social Value Social Watering Hole Speed Seduction (SS) Spinning Stack Forward Stage Presence Stale Stalker Stall Starfish Girl State 83 .

                          State Change State Control State Pump State Transference Statement Statement of Intent (SOI) Sticking Point (SP) Stonewalling Strawberry Fields Routine Street Cred Street Game Stripper Game Structured Game Stylemog Subcommunication Subset Subtext Super Hot Babe (SHB) Super Winging Supplication Support System Surrogate Rage Survival and Replication Value (S&R) Swagger Synesthesia Synthetic T                 Tactile Opening Tailgater Takeaway Tandem Hunting Target Target Market Assessment Target-Rich/Target-Poor Teaming Teen Game Text Game The Fucking/Fornication Manual (TFM) The Pick-Up Artist (on VH1) Threesome/Foursome/Moresome Thresholding Time Bridge Time Constraint 84 .

fast (uASF) Us-Bubble V            Vacuum Validation Value Value Connector Value Demonstration Routine Venue Venue Change Venusian Arts Vibe / Vibing Victim Chick (VC) Vulnerability W  Warm Alpha 85 .seduction.              Time Distortion Tits and Ass (T&A) Token Resistance Tool Toolbox Trance Words Travel Pick Up (TPU) Triangular Gazing Tribal Knowledge Tribe Troy Dizon Dating (TDD) Trust Test Try-Hard Turn Around (TA) U           Ugly Girl (UG) Ugly Girl Cock Block (UGCB) Unapologetic Unconditional Love Under 21 Convention Underground Pickup Artistry Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Universal Female Excuse Archive (UFEA) Unmoderated alt.

             Warm Approach Warm-Up Set Warpig Way Below Average Frustrated Chump (WBAFC) Waypoint Window of Escalation Wing Wingman Wingwoman Wood Work Pick Up (WPU) Wow Factor Wussy Y   Yes-Ladder Yet Another Outing Report (YAOR) Z  Zero Night Stand (ZNS) 86 .