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SAT Math Syllabus

Welcome to SAT Math Prep! We have a lot of exciting work to do this year, and not a lot of time to do it. We have some ig goals to reach, and to get there we ll have to work hard, work together, and stretch o!rselves. Our Goals: ". All st!dents will complete "##$ of the homework assignments. %. All st!dents will raise their SAT Math scores y at least "## points. Contact Information: &nstr!ctor' Peter (! )lassroom' *S +ay ,d!cation )enter -o!rs' After school, Sat!rday from "PM to .PM. ,/mail' Classroom Rules: ". 0e prepared for class with all materials needed. %. 0e respectf!l of all people and property. .. 0e responsi le for comm!nication, work deadlines and 1!ality, and setting goals. 2. 0e prepared to give yo!r est on every assignment every week. GRADING POLICY: A: 90 100 % B: 0 9 %

C: !0 !9 %

D: "# "9 %

$: %#0 %

Course &o'ics Outline: 3ote' This timeline is s! 4ect to change at the instr!ctor5s discretion. *3&T " #"6#26%#"27#%6#86%#"2 *3&T % #%6":6%#"27#%6":6%#"2 *3&T . #%6%%6%#"27#.6%%6%#"2 *3&T 2 #.6%=6%#"27#:6">6%#"2 *3&T : #:6%26%#"27#?6#>6%#"2 *3&T ? #?6"26%#"27#?6%"6%#"2 *3&T > #?6%86%#"27#>6#:6%#"2 *3&T 8 #>6"%6%#"27#>6%?6%#"2 Strategies and Tricks for the SAT Math Pre/Alge ra6Alge ra 9eview ;!nctions 9eview Practice SAT Math Sections )oordinate <eometry 9eview Practice SAT Math Sections Plane <eometry 9eview Practice SAT Math Sections Solid <eometry 9eview Practice SAT Math Sections Trigonometry Practice SAT Math Sections +ata Analysis 9eview Practice SAT Math Sections 3!m ers @ Aperations 9eview Practice SAT Math Sections

Late (or): Assignments sho!ld e t!rned in on time, in accordance with classroom policy. -omework may e t!rned in one week late for >:$ credit, two weeks late for :#$ credit, and three weeks late for %:$ credit. -omework fo!r or more weeks late will not e accepted. Detaile* Assi+nment Descri'tions: Test 6 ,xams B.#$CThis category will incl!de SAT practice tests taken thro!gho!t the session, as well as other practice exams taken on the material covered in class. )lass Work 6 )lass Participation B ":$C)lasswork will consist of exploring different topics related to the SAT, working on practice pro lems for the SAT, and practicing different skills related to the SAT. St!dents will receive a classwork grade for each day work, and m!st work diligently and complete the assigned work to receive credit. If you are absent, you are responsible for obtaining notes and work for the day(s) that you were absent. -omework B.:$C-omework will e assigned every day. -omework may e written practice pro lems, work from we sites or other assignments. -omework may e occasionally e t!rned in to e graded in detail, !t will generally e graded ased on completion. &n class D!iE B%#$CThis category will incl!de SAT 1!iEes taken thro!gho!t the session, the 1!iE will e ase on materials covered in class review, lect!res, and notes.