Use keywords to exploit niche markets

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Using Keywords Part 9: Identify and exploit niche markets by Ken McGaffin, 12 February 2008

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10/1/2010 4:49 PM

you’ll have to uncover the niches in your market and decide which ones are worth pursuing. They break their market down and talk about who they are targeting. safe cars. The key to success in selling cars. if you want your online business to succeed. mileage rating or whatever set of criteria was important to you.wordtracker. Segment your market into its niche elements No auto manufacturer would tell you that they sell their cars to people who want to drive. luxury cars. Decide which ones you want to target. Pinpoint key market segments If you want to build a thriving business. 2 dari 18 10/1/2010 4:49 PM . and depending on the manufacturer. you must identify the niches within your market. is to target each of these groups and speak directly to them. 4x4s. then tailor your message to the audience. environmentally-friendly cars and so on. or anything else.1: Auto manufacturers promote their vehicles to a variety of niches within their market It’s likely you chose your last car based on its safety record. convertibles.Use keywords to exploit niche markets http://www. their chosen niches could be people who want family cars. Figure 9.

making these more attractive). (iii) Unearth related keywords that reveal hidden niches. Then calculate the volume of searches to give an estimate of the size of the market (and examine the level of competition you face).com/academy/identify-and-exploit-niche-markets Figure 9.2: Speak to your audience in language they understand Keywords help you find and assess new markets Wordtracker’s Keywords tool can help you identify and quantify niche markets. we’ll look at two hypothetical cases – a bank looking for potential opportunities in the credit card market and a baby shop expanding online for the very first time. (ii) For each popular keyword. Or they could look for specific niches within the credit card sector and target each with a specific message (it’s likely that there will be less competition in some niches. In this lesson.Use keywords to exploit niche markets http://www. Here’s how we’ll set up the Keywords tool to explore how people search around credit card. The bank and the credit card market The bank could decide to target everyone who wants a credit card (a highly competitive market). see how it is used in longer search terms and use the volume of searches to estimate the number of people searching for that particular keyword.wordtracker. There are three stages involved: (i) Find the most popular keywords in your niche market. 3 dari 18 10/1/2010 4:49 PM . Keyword research tells you what people are looking for online and so it can help you assess the size of the market for any particular product or service.

com/academy/identify-and-exploit-niche-markets (1) Choose between Google and Wordtracker data: Pick ‘Google’ if you’re just starting your research and want to get an idea of the size of the market. We’ve selected ‘Wordtracker’. (2) There are three choices under Wordtracker for Match: 'Keywords in any order': This means a search for credit card will match credit card. Now click the 'Search' button and Wordtracker will return up to 1.000 keywords. 'Exact keyword inside a search term': A search for credit card will match credit card and credit card at low rate but not card for credit. and card for credit. as you get up to 1. I would have missed all the search terms that included only the singular. which we learned will show all the search terms that include the exact keyword credit card. credit card.wordtracker. (3) Choose the 'territory' that’s most appropriate for your business – the US or the UK. all of which will contain the exact phrase credit card: 4 dari 18 10/1/2010 4:49 PM .000 keywords at a time. This means the results will include the most popular search terms for both credit card and credit cards – if I had entered credit cards in the search box. You’ll get up to 200 new keywords each time you search. 'Exact keyword only': A search for credit card will only match credit card. credit card at low rate. Choose ‘Wordtracker’ if you’re looking for long tail terms. as we’re looking to expand our list of keywords and want to get as many ideas as possible.Use keywords to exploit niche markets http://www. Note the settings I have used for our example: 'Exact keyword inside a search term'. 'Include: plurals'.

Now it’s time to dig deeper into the keyword information for those two niche markets. It finds two potential niches that match its business strengths – prepaid credit cards and business credit cards. Comparing niche markets At first glance. All you have to do is search within the business credit cards option by clicking ‘search’ next to it.this is a precise tool that reports the counts only for the exact keyword that you Our bank should scan the list of 1.Use keywords to exploit niche markets http://www.wordtracker. Searches such as small business credit card or business credit card offers will not be included in the 'Search' quantity. The count for business credit cards is for those three words in that exact order – no more and no less. not the number of times that phrase appears in the database overall. Yet these keywords are certainly important in exploring the overall size of the niche and Wordtracker allows you to find all of them. 5 dari 18 10/1/2010 4:49 PM .000 keywords and delete terms that are not of interest. That would be a mistake .410 does not suggest a very large niche. it may seem that business credit cards with a search count of 1.

Here are the settings to use and the results: 6 dari 18 10/1/2010 4:49 PM .Use keywords to exploit niche markets http://www. the Keywords tool provides the answer. We can easily ‘Save Selected’ or ‘Export’ this list of 400+ keywords using the click options on this screen. Again. the bank may well take the decision that attracting a percentage of the 10. So.410 listed for the single keyword business credit cards. many more times the 1. Now let’s have a look at the other niche that interested the bank – prepaid credit cards.wordtracker. pre paid or pre-paid. An immediate question comes to mind here – do people type in prepaid.351 people searching in the business credit card niche is a good market to be in.the keyword niche .351.and here are the top terms: Notice the 'Searches' total is now The additional search returns over 400 keyword phrases containing business credit card .

306 business credit cards 1. I can also choose any of the keywords and do another search to discover additional keywords to use. Have a look at further articles in this series: Wordtracker returns over 500 keyword phrases. If I am interested. we know that the business credit cards niche is larger.000 keywords. with a Search total of 5. Targeting a keyword niche is much more likely to give you a good return on investment.wordtracker. From this initial exercise the bank can see that business credit cards is a larger niche than prepaid credit cards. 7 dari 18 10/1/2010 4:49 PM . by investigating each niche. Now I know that the majority of the searchers use prepaid credit cards as their keyword.880. But. You can find out more about targeting keyword niches in Mark Nunney’s article. Now I can go back to the setting and click 'Exact keyword inside a search term' and 'Include: plurals' to get a count for the whole niche. The lesson here is that initial results indicated a similar level of searches for each of the single keywords.Use keywords to exploit niche markets http://www. Keyword Searches for Keyword Only Searches for the keyword niche 5. How to optimize a page successfully for over 10.410 Find keyword variations Wordtracker has given me six variations of the keyword.880 prepaid credit cards 1. I can ‘Save Selected’ or ‘Export’ them.351 You shouldn’t be thinking about targeting a single keyword.

the bank will want to check out how much competition it faces. they would click ‘Get additional metrics. Once that research is Expand your thinking Next. the bank should make sure it has found all the important keyword phrases in the niche market. It’s been in business for about 10 years and has built a good reputation and a healthy turnover. The business owners have decided to expand its online presence. For instance.wordtracker. They have noticed that over the last year or so there has been an increased number of inquiries in the store for organic products. Here are the results: 8 dari 18 10/1/2010 4:49 PM . Now for the baby shop Let’s imagine a shop that sells baby products. Here are the settings to use: This time I’ve chosen 'Keywords in any order' so this will return keyword phrases that contain both baby organic and organic baby. To do this. the bank can continue its assessment of the value of each niche.Use keywords to exploit niche markets http://www. That means looking for related terms such as business finance or business banking and repeating the process of digging deep into the long tail using the ‘Find Keywords’ feature.’ For more information about how to use each metric. we recommend reading Mike Mindel’s article Finding profitable keywords just got easier with Wordtracker’s Keywords tool. Could this be a good market sector on which to build their internet presence? Again Wordtracker’s Keywords tool can help.

You can then Find keywords related to … organic baby. Now. You will notice that at the top of the Find Keywords screen. that’s not all you can do.929. an orange box opens up on the left side. But. we’ve already unearthed a number of useful keywords. with a Searches total of 2.500. the related keywords tool can be set to either Show or Hide. So.Use keywords to exploit niche markets http://www. You can use the Related Keywords tool to find new terms that don’t contain your ‘seed’ keyword. giving a total number of Searches of around 3. 9 dari 18 10/1/2010 4:49 PM . When you click Wordtracker has found around 600 keywords.wordtracker. as shown here. how about natural baby products? How many people are searching for them? Natural baby gives us another 286 keywords with a total of almost 691 Searches.

wordtracker. doing a related keyword search for organic baby will return keywords such as: Eco-friendly Natural baby products Cotton Green Non-toxic The baby shop can then review this list of related keywords (you get up to 300 with Wordtracker) and decide which ones are relevant to the business. it was included in every single result. You can then exploit each market by following the steps we’ve outlined in earlier An additional 300 keywords appear. The owner can then follow the steps we’ve already taken to dig deep into these new keywords and assess the potential size of the market. organic baby gifts.should you exploit each of the markets you have found? That’s a business decision only you can answer based on the strengths and weaknesses of your business and what you really 10 dari 18 10/1/2010 4:49 PM . When we searched for the term organic baby on the right hand side. the big question is . Exploiting niche markets The research we have described in this final lesson allows you to estimate the size of any market online. eg. organic baby clothes. But of course.Use keywords to exploit niche markets http://www. But the related keywords in the orange box are different – they do not always include the original keyword. For example. organic baby blanket and so on.

Take a risk-free 7-day trial of Wordtracker’s Keywords tool and we'll send you a series of seven 'Profit from Keywords videos' that are guaranteed to help you find the best keywords for your business. have a look at: Using Keywords Part 1: Expand your keyword lists Using Keywords Part 2: Optimize your existing content Using Keywords Part 3: Generate search engine friendly content Using Keywords Part 4: Squeeze every bit of value from pay per click Using Keywords Part 5: Choose keyword rich names Using Keywords. to help you make that decision. please email us at support@wordtracker. However. let me quote the father of the marketing industry. Philip Kotler. find niche opportunities and exploit them before your competitors. Research online markets.wordtracker.Use keywords to exploit niche markets For more articles in this series. Optimize your press releases Using Keywords Part 7: Build keyword rich inbound links 11 dari 18 10/1/2010 4:49 PM . Optimize your website content by using the most popular keywords for your product and want to do. Part 6. He says “An ideal market niche would have the following characteristics: The niche is of sufficient size and purchasing power to be profitable The niche has growth potential The niche is of negligible interest to major competitors The firm has the required skills and resources to serve the niche effectively The firm can defend itself against an attacking major competitor through the customer goodwill it has built up” To what extent does your chosen niche fit these criteria? Get a risk-free 7-day trial of Wordtracker's Keywords tool A subscription to Wordtracker's premium Keywords tool will help you to: Generate thousands of relevant keywords to improve your organic and PPC search campaigns. If you have any questions or would like to hear more.

government bodies and non-profit organizations. He is an experienced internet marketing consultant and has worked for major pharmaceutical companies. Add New Comment Optional: Login below.wordtracker. Showing 24 comments Sort by Subscribe by email Subscribe by RSS Thank you for this great note! We will be looking into this keyword tools when we decided to setup an online store.Use keywords to exploit niche markets Using Keywords Part 8: Use keywords in offline advertising About Ken McGaffin Ken McGaffin is Chief Marketing Officer at Wordtracker. Ken unveils the secrets of successful link building in his 135-page e-book. Wordtracker Masterclass: Link Building. 12 dari 18 10/1/2010 4:49 PM . advertising agencies.

Asep Thank you for this clear explanation. Awsome!!!Just Awsome!!! Ken. In this lesson we’ll look at two hypothetical cases – a bank looking for potential opportunities in the credit card market and a baby shop moving online for the very first time. Cheers. I'm already wordtracker subscriber by now and i could put it in the real practices. I was able to trck down keywords that I did not have a clue existed and was able to capitolize on Thanks for helping me get the hang of this finally. Again thanks for this. James 13 dari 18 10/1/2010 4:49 PM . The explanation is very clear.wordtracker. It is one of the best I have come across so far! This information was extremely helpful. Thanks for the great content.Use keywords to exploit niche markets http://www. Thanks for that.

You've helped to convince me that I may want to establish a full ecommerce site for the niche I serve now only through auction sites. Jennifer http://www. Thanks.. In this case. 14 dari 18 10/1/2010 4:49 PM .wordtracker. the learning is just a means to an end. Keep the article coming. Thanks Ken. but as with anything worthwhile. Just goes to show I have a lot to learn. you really cleared up a lot of my confusion. Thanks for taking the time to provide such needed insight. nice I also found some more great keywords. I only wish I would of read the articles around a month ago. the end will being increasing our web traffic I am very excited to see these Just the information that I needed:) THANKS!! Angela www.webfullcircle.Use keywords to exploit niche markets http://www.netwebmarketer.

15 dari 18 10/1/2010 4:49 PM . Thanks Ron www. Keyword research is fundamental and is one of the first essential steps in any internet marketing programme. I hope I can contribute in some way in the future. Could save a lot of people a lot of wasted time and money so it's a very useful investment appraisal tool. Ben Great article. Thanks make it very clear and precise! Dr.Use keywords to exploit niche markets http://www. This is a incredible approach. I am new to this.. just thought of another niche to explore. fine analogies and clearly written.. Mmmm. You have cleared some issues up for me.. Help me alot. I will implementing this asap Ken.Ewan Kennedy. It's a really rigorous approach to researching niche markets before taking the plunge.. Thanks for the clear examples of how to research A really useful I have questioned the amount of sales I am generating as a basis for any further expansion but I suspect that it might be a good investment to develope a website as I will have more flexibility in bringing in traffic. Further articles perhaps can help us defend against attacks from larger organisations! This article should be read by all those setting up a new online venture.

wordtracker. Very good article! Best Ken.Use keywords to exploit niche markets http://www.. Thanks Terry Ken. Ken. Thanks. I only wish I would of read the articles around two years ago as it would of saved me a ton of work. Thank you for this great article. One of the biggest challenges people often have is to learn how to explore how a root word is being used within the phrase cluster.. It will be very beneficial to our software users. Jorge Gurza This was a great tutorial that I have been looking for a while now. Thanks. rather than assuming they know the best phrases. John Alexander Hi Ken.9% of the guesswork can be eliminated by using the right lateral thinking concepts. I went through it and found a few errors of how I searched for keywords. 99.. I will provide them a link for them to do & improve their keyword and niche research for our software. Great article. Kenneth Elliott Very nicely stated. Thanks to Wordtracker..I am copying part of your copy above 16 dari 18 10/1/2010 4:49 PM .. I also found some more great keywords. The article was particulary useful in that it helps in the lateral thinking process required Can i have your help please with the following .

Your name Email address We respect your privacy 17 dari 18 10/1/2010 4:49 PM .com/academy/identify-and-exploit-niche-markets But that’s not all you can do with Wordtracker.wordtracker. You can use the Keyword Universe to find related terms (as we’ve talked about in an earlier video). case studies and tips to grow your business with keyword research.Use keywords to exploit niche markets http://www. Would you be good enough to let me have the link to the earlier video or how do i find it Trackback URL Keyword Expert Newsletter Articles. Authors Newsletters Tags UK keyword research Most popular keywords Long tail keywords SEO skills Copyright Disclaimer 1998–2010 Wordtracker LLP Contact | Affiliate Program | Wordtracker API Sign up for the Keyword Expert newsletter and get Using Keywords. Close Please do not show again 18 dari 18 10/1/2010 4:49 PM . too. We respect your privacy This powerful 66-page e-book (worth $19) contains a nine-point plan for growing your website revenue.Use keywords to exploit niche markets http://www.