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STANDARD & LABELING PROGRAM for Distribution Transformer

Bureau of Energy Efficiency
(Ministry of Power, Govt. of India)

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Distribution Transformer Help and Sample Filled up Application

The developed E-Filing application is as per Schedule 5. Agencies must read Schedule 5 for Distribution Transformer before filling their applications. The schedule can be downloaded from the BEE S&L Home Page. We strongly recommend that you must first calculate your Star Label using the Calculate Star Label link on the BEE S&L Home Page. Your award of label will be based on the information entered by you in the application Agencies must read General Instructions for filling up the E-Filing application for BEE Star Labeling. The information in the sample application shown here are for illustration purpose only. In document upload, we only accept PDF/word/scanned copies. Each page of the uploaded document must be numbered, signed and stamped by authorized signatory.

Document Upload

All the uploaded documents must be in PDF/word/scanned copy Each page of uploaded documents must be numbered, signed by authorized signatory and stamped. PDF Copies of Trade mark, quality, BIS, Sample label, and Authorization letter must be uploaded. PDF copy of the test document, The lab where test was conducted and the date on which test was conducted. (Date of testing must be before the date of upload of document). In uploading the document, when your one document is uploaded, button for upload of next document will be automatically enabled. The applications shall not be processed till all documents are uploaded and verified with the hard copies received at BEE. Manufacturers after e-filling can get a print copy of the application filed and must send all the documents immediately to BEE for award of Label. Merely filling an application form on the net does not qualify you to get the label.

Distribution Transformers
Scope 1.1 This standard specifies the requirements for participating in the pilot energy labelling scheme for oil immersed, naturally air cooled, three phase, and double wound non sealed type out door distribution transformer. 1.2 The referred Indian Standard are IS 1180 (part I) Out door type three- phase distribution transformers up to and including 200 kVA, 11 kV specification, IS 2026 (part 2) Specifications of power transformers for Temperature-rise and IS 2500 (part-I) -2000: Sampling Schemes indexed by Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL) for lot-by-lot inspection 1.3 The standard ratings covered under the pilot energy labelling scheme is 16, 25, 63, 100, 160 and 200 kVA.

Distribution Transformers Star Rating Plan

Distribution Transformers Star Rating Plan

Distribution Transformers

Label Design, manner of display

The label design and manner of display shall be described in Annexure-I as

Fig.3.1-Design Scheme of BEE Label (Sample)

Fig.3.2-Colour Scheme of BEE label (Sample)

Fig.3.3-Sample BEE label

Labelling Fees
One time company registration/Security Deposit fee of Rs. 1 Lakh. Registration fee is payable on application for authority to affix labels is Rs. 1000/- ( Rupees one thousand only) Registration fee is payable on application for renewal of authority to affix labels is Rs. 500/( Rupees five hundred only) Labeling fee for affixation of label on each piece of qualified product is INR 100/- (one hundred only).

Equipment Registration Form

Equipment Registration Form

Equipment Registration Form

Equipment Registration Form

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