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Combat Options

A Basic Fantasy RPG Supplement


Release 1 Copyright 2007 Chris Gonnerman All Rights Reserved Distributed under the terms of the Open Game Li ense version !"0a

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#his supplement additional ombat options for player and non$player hara ters for use %ith the &asi 'antasy Role$ (laying Game rules" )f you do not already have a opy of the &asi 'antasy R(G rules* please visit the %ebsite and do%nload a opy"

Using These Rules

&elo% are defined various optional ombat rules" #he Game +aster must hoose %hi h* if any* of these rules apply in his or her game"

Weapon Specialization
,nder this rule* the player of a 'ighter may hoose a %eapon in %hi h the hara ter is espe ially s-illed" At first level* the player applies one rank of spe iali.ation to the hosen %eapon" #his hoi e must be /uite spe ifi 0 for instan e* a spe iali.ation in the longs%ord %ill give no bonuses %hen using a shorts%ord" 1very third level after first 2that is* 3th* 7th* !0th* et "4 the player applies another ran- of spe iali.ation" 1a h ne% ran- may be applied to an e5isting spe iali.ation* or to a ne% spe iali.ation" 'or instan e* at first level Darion6s player assigns a ran- to longs%ord" Darion gains a bonus of 7! on atta - rolls %hen using a longs%ord" At 3th level* the player may assign the ne% ran- to longs%ord* giving a bonus of 7! on atta - rolls and 7! on damage0 or* the ran- may be applied to a ne% %eapon* su h as the longbo%* in %hi h ase both %eapons have 7! on atta - rolls but no bonus to damage"
Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 Combat Bonuses (Attack / Damage) +1 / +0 +1 / +1 +2 / +1 +2 / +2 +3 / +2 +3 / +3 Attacks per Round 1/1 1/1 3/2 3/2 2/1 2/1

%ith the spe iali.ed %eapon t%o times per round" Additional atta -s al%ays ome after all other atta -s are resolved0 that is* the 'ighter atta -s on e on his or her )nitiative number* then again after all :first; atta -s are done" )f more than one %eapon spe ialist is involved in a battle* ount )nitiative do%n t%i e* on e for :first; atta -s and again for :se ond; atta -s"

Critical Hits
A natural 20 on the atta - die roll results in a threat" Roll again $$ if the player hits on the se ond roll 2a normal hit* not <ust another natural 204* a critical hit is s ored and double damage is done" =o%ever* if the only %ay the hara ter an hit is to roll a natural 20* riti al hits are not s ored"

A natural ! on the atta - die roll may result in a fumble0 if this o urs* the player must roll a save vs" Death Ray %ith De5terity applied" )f the save is failed* the hara ter has fumbled" #he effe ts of a fumble vary based on the type of %eapon" 'or hand$held %eapons* the %eapon is dropped0 use the grenade$li-e %eapons table* to determine %here* onsidering the %ielder as if he or she %ere the >target> in the table" )f the hara ter binds his %eapon to his hand 2so he annot drop it4* then the fumble leads to the hara ter suffering damage e/ual to the %eapon6s normal atta - die 2%ithout ?trength* magi * or other bonuses4" 'or bo%s* a bro-en bo%string is the usual result0 for rossbo%s* a fumble leads to a <ammed me hanism" #he G+ is en ouraged to ma-e up alternate fumble results %hen appropriate to the ir umstan es* using these suggestions as a guideline"

As indi ated in the Atta -s (er Round olumn* at higher ran-s of spe iali.ation the 'ighter is allo%ed to atta more than one time per round" 892 means that the hara ter may atta - three time in every t%o rounds* on e in the odd$numbered round and t%i e in the even$ numbered round" At 29! the 'ighter is allo%ed to atta -


CO% AT O"TIONS the primary %eapon* and the off$handed %eapon adds 7! to the %ielder6s AC value against a single melee atta -er per round" )f the %eapon has a magi %eapon bonus* it may be applied* but only the base bonus for those %eapons %ith multiple values"

T&o'Weapon Combat
#his rule allo%s a hara ter to use a %eapon in ea h hand" #he %eapon in the primary hand suffers a penalty of $2 to hit* %hile the %eapon in the off$hand is used at a $@ penalty normally" ?ubtra t from this penalty the hara ter6s De5terity bonus* %ith a minimum penalty of 70 2so a hara ter %ith !A De5terity does not get a 7! bonus to hit this %ay4" #he primary %eapon must* obviously* be one$handed* and the se ondary must be a dagger* handa5e* or similar very small %eapon" #he off$handed %eapon normally does not get multiple atta -s* even if allo%ed by spe iali.ation" Li-e a monster using an atta - routine 2 la%$ la%$bite4 the off$handed %eapon atta -s at the same time as the primary %eapon" BoteC Off$handed %eapon atta -s 2%ith no primary hand atta -4 are at $8 penalty* %ith the De5terity bonus subtra ted as above" As an option* a hara ter using t%o$%eapon ombat may hoose to use the off$handed %eapon as a defensive item similar to a shield" #his must be de lared at the start of the round" )n this ase* no spe ial penalty is applied to

#he appli ation of Armor Class assumes that the hara ter tries to avoid ea h in oming atta -* %hile still ma-ing atta -s himself" =o%ever* there %ill be o asions %hen the hara ter <ust %ants to avoid being hit" #he player must de lare that the hara ter is defending" #his an be done regardless of )nitiative* and is therefore a good hoi e %hen fighting unarmored and the )nitiative is lost" #he defending hara ter applies a bonus of 73 to AC" )f the hara ter is holding9using a spe iali.ed %eapon* he or she may add the spe iali.ation >to hit> bonus to AC to refle t the additional parrying s-ill" Also* magi %eapons usually onfer the bonus to the AC of the defending hara ter 2as des ribed under #%o$Deapon Combat* above4"



Open +ame #icense

INTRODUCTION Combat Options: A Basic antas! "upp#ement (hereinafter the Supplement) is based on the S stem !eferen"e #o"ument $3%5 (&S!#&)' (hi"h is )pen *ame +ontent% ,he te-t of the )pen *ame .i"ense itself is not )pen *ame +ontent% /nstru"tions on usin0 the .i"ense are pro$ided (ithin the .i"ense itself% #esi0nation of )pen *ame +ontent1 ,he entire te-t of the Supplement (e-"ept the )pen *ame .i"ense' as noted abo$e) is )pen *ame +ontent' released under the )pen *ame .i"ense' 2ersion 1%0a (reprodu"ed belo() as des"ribed in Se"tion 1(d) of the .i"ense% 3rt(or4 in"orporated in this do"ument is not )pen *ame +ontent' and remains the propert of the "op ri0ht holder% #esi0nation of 5rodu"t /dentit 1 5rodu"t identit is not )pen *ame +ontent% ,he follo(in0 is desi0nated as produ"t identit pursuant to )*. $1%0a(1)(e) and (6)1 (3) produ"t and produ"t line names' in"ludin0 7asi" 8antas !ole9 5la in0 *ame' 7asi" 8antas !5*' and 78!5*' as (ell as the phrase ma4e mine 7asi": (7) all art(or4' lo0os' s mbols' 0raphi" desi0ns' depi"tions' li4enesses' formats' poses' "on"epts' themes and 0raphi"' photo0raphi" and other $isual representations' in"ludin0 the e e lo0o' (hi"h is the personal mar4 of +hris *onnerman for his $arious produ"ts' and (hi"h is +op ri0ht ; 2002 +hris *onnerman' and the S"ribbled #ra0on' (hi"h is +op ri0ht ; 2005 <ri4 =ilson: (+) lo0os and trademar4s' in"ludin0 an trademar4 or re0istered trademar4 "learl identified as produ"t identit b the o(ner of the produ"t identit ' and (hi"h spe"ifi"all e-"ludes the open 0ame "ontent% >ore information on the )pen *ame .i"ense "an be found at1 http1//(((%(i?ards%"om/d20 O$%N &A'% (IC%N"% )%R"ION *+,A ,he follo(in0 te-t is the propert of =i?ards of the +oast' /n"% and is +op ri0ht 2000 =i?ards of the +oast' /n" (&=i?ards&)% 3ll !i0hts !eser$ed% 1% #efinitions1 (a)&+ontributors& means the "op ri0ht and/or trademar4 o(ners (ho ha$e "ontributed )pen *ame +ontent: (b)&#eri$ati$e >aterial& means "op ri0hted material in"ludin0 deri$ati$e (or4s and translations (in"ludin0 into other "omputer lan0ua0es)' potation' modifi"ation' "orre"tion' addition' e-tension' up0rade' impro$ement' "ompilation' abrid0ment or other form in (hi"h an e-istin0 (or4 ma be re"ast' transformed or adapted: (") &#istribute& means to reprodu"e' li"ense' rent' lease' sell' broad"ast' publi"l displa ' transmit or other(ise distribute: (d)&)pen *ame +ontent& means the 0ame me"hani" and in"ludes the methods' pro"edures' pro"esses and routines to the e-tent su"h "ontent does not embod the 5rodu"t /dentit and is an enhan"ement o$er the prior art and an additional "ontent "learl identified as )pen *ame +ontent b the +ontributor' and means an (or4 "o$ered b this .i"ense' in"ludin0 translations and deri$ati$e (or4s under "op ri0ht la(' but spe"ifi"all e-"ludes 5rodu"t /dentit % (e) &5rodu"t /dentit & means produ"t and produ"t line names' lo0os and identif in0 mar4s in"ludin0 trade dress: artifa"ts: "reatures "hara"ters: stories' stor lines' plots' themati" elements' dialo0ue' in"idents' lan0ua0e' art(or4' s mbols' desi0ns' depi"tions' li4enesses' formats' poses' "on"epts' themes and 0raphi"' photo0raphi" and other $isual or audio representations: names and des"riptions of "hara"ters' spells' en"hantments' personalities' teams' personas' li4enesses and spe"ial abilities: pla"es' lo"ations' en$ironments' "reatures' e@uipment' ma0i"al or supernatural abilities or effe"ts' lo0os' s mbols' or 0raphi" desi0ns: and an other trademar4 or re0istered trademar4 "learl identified as 5rodu"t identit b the o(ner of the 5rodu"t /dentit ' and (hi"h spe"ifi"all e-"ludes the )pen *ame +ontent: (f) &,rademar4& means the lo0os' names' mar4' si0n' motto' desi0ns that are used b a +ontributor to identif itself or its produ"ts or the asso"iated produ"ts "ontributed to the )pen *ame .i"ense b the +ontributor (0) &Ase&' &Ased& or &Asin0& means to use' #istribute' "op ' edit' format' modif ' translate and other(ise "reate #eri$ati$e >aterial of )pen *ame +ontent% (h) &Bou& or &Bour& means the li"ensee in terms of this a0reement% 2% ,he .i"ense1 ,his .i"ense applies to an )pen *ame +ontent that "ontains a noti"e indi"atin0 that the )pen *ame +ontent ma onl be Ased under and in terms of this .i"ense% Bou must affi- su"h a noti"e to an )pen *ame +ontent that ou Ase% Co terms ma be added to or subtra"ted from this .i"ense e-"ept as des"ribed b the .i"ense itself% Co other terms or "onditions ma be applied to an )pen *ame +ontent distributed usin0 this .i"ense% 3%)ffer and 3""eptan"e1 7 Asin0 the )pen *ame +ontent Bou indi"ate Bour a""eptan"e of the terms of this .i"ense% 4% *rant and +onsideration1 /n "onsideration for a0reein0 to use this .i"ense' the +ontributors 0rant Bou a perpetual' (orld(ide' ro alt 9free' non9e-"lusi$e li"ense (ith the e-a"t terms of this .i"ense to Ase' the )pen *ame +ontent% 5%!epresentation of 3uthorit to +ontribute1 /f Bou are "ontributin0 ori0inal material as )pen *ame +ontent' Bou represent that Bour +ontributions are Bour ori0inal "reation and/or Bou ha$e suffi"ient ri0hts to 0rant the ri0hts "on$e ed b this .i"ense% 6%Coti"e of .i"ense +op ri0ht1 Bou must update the +)5B!/*D, C),/+< portion of this .i"ense to in"lude the e-a"t te-t of the +)5B!/*D, C),/+< of an )pen *ame +ontent Bou are "op in0' modif in0 or distributin0' and Bou must add the title' the "op ri0ht date' and the "op ri0ht holderEs name to the +)5B!/*D, C),/+< of an ori0inal )pen *ame +ontent ou #istribute% 6% Ase of 5rodu"t /dentit 1 Bou a0ree not to Ase an 5rodu"t /dentit ' in"ludin0 as an indi"ation as to "ompatibilit ' e-"ept as e-pressl li"ensed in another' independent 30reement (ith the o(ner of ea"h element of that 5rodu"t /dentit % Bou a0ree not to indi"ate "ompatibilit or "o9adaptabilit (ith an ,rademar4 or !e0istered ,rademar4 in "onFun"tion (ith a (or4 "ontainin0 )pen *ame +ontent e-"ept as e-pressl li"ensed in another' independent 30reement (ith the o(ner of su"h ,rademar4 or !e0istered ,rademar4% ,he use of an 5rodu"t /dentit in )pen *ame +ontent does not "onstitute a "hallen0e to the o(nership of that 5rodu"t /dentit % ,he o(ner of an 5rodu"t /dentit used in )pen *ame +ontent shall retain all ri0hts' title and interest in and to that 5rodu"t /dentit % G% /dentifi"ation1 /f ou distribute )pen *ame +ontent Bou must "learl indi"ate (hi"h portions of the (or4 that ou are distributin0 are )pen *ame +ontent% H% Apdatin0 the .i"ense1 =i?ards or its desi0nated 30ents ma publish updated $ersions of this .i"ense% Bou ma use an authori?ed $ersion of this .i"ense to "op ' modif and distribute an )pen *ame +ontent ori0inall distributed under an $ersion of this .i"ense% 10% +op of this .i"ense1 Bou >AS, in"lude a "op of this .i"ense (ith e$er "op of the )pen *ame +ontent Bou #istribute% 11% Ase of +ontributor +redits1 Bou ma not mar4et or ad$ertise the )pen *ame +ontent usin0 the name of an +ontributor unless Bou ha$e (ritten permission from the +ontributor to do so% 12% /nabilit to +ompl 1 /f it is impossible for Bou to "ompl (ith an of the terms of this .i"ense (ith respe"t to some or all of the )pen *ame +ontent due to statute' Fudi"ial order' or 0o$ernmental re0ulation then Bou ma not Ase an )pen *ame >aterial so affe"ted% 13% ,ermination1 ,his .i"ense (ill terminate automati"all if Bou fail to "ompl (ith all terms herein and fail to "ure su"h brea"h (ithin 30 da s of be"omin0 a(are of the brea"h% 3ll subli"enses shall sur$i$e the termination of this .i"ense% 14% !eformation1 /f an pro$ision of this .i"ense is held to be unenfor"eable' su"h pro$ision shall be reformed onl to the e-tent ne"essar to ma4e it enfor"eable% 15% +)5B!/*D, C),/+< )pen *ame .i"ense $ 1%0 +op ri0ht 2000' =i?ards of the +oast' /n"% S stem !eferen"e #o"ument +op ri0ht 200092003' =i?ards of the +oast' /n"%: 3uthors Ionathan ,(eet' >onte +oo4' S4ip =illiams' !i"h 7a4er' 3nd +ollins' #a$id Coonan' !i"h !edman' 7ru"e !% +ordell' Iohn #% !ateliff' ,homas !eid' Iames = att' based on ori0inal material b <% *ar * 0a- and #a$e 3rneson% 7asi" 8antas !ole95la in0 *ame +op ri0ht ; 2006 +hris *onnerman% +ombat )ptions1 *onnerman %ND O (IC%N"% 3 7asi" 8antas Supplement +op ri0ht ; 2006 +hris