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Charity Wesley February 17, 2014 Lloyd Harlin Polite, Jr.

New Orleans, Louisiana is full of many different talents from modern to present day. It may be a Louis Armstrong impressionist performing for money down at the French Quarters. Or it could be “Mr. Statue Man” scaring little children and even adults. Whatever it may be, it is the home of one very talented, and very handsome, singer by the name of Lloyd. Lloyd Harlin Polite, Jr. was born on January 3rd, 1986 to proud parents Robin Lewis Polite and Lloyd Polite, Sr. in New Orleans, Louisiana. Unfortunately, at the age of three Lloyd’s father, Lloyd Polite, Sr., was killed by unnecessary violence. Because of this wretched event, Lloyd and his family moved to Atlanta, Georgia. At the tender age of twelve, Lloyd was discovered by Joyce Irby and joined a preteen group by the name of N-Toon. The group released two singles titled “Ready” and “Shoulda Been My Girl” from their album Toon Time. Once again, bad luck strikes and the album flopped due to a lack of promotion from the record label they were signed to, DreamWorks Records. Soon after the fail of their album, N-Toon disbanded. The next “to do” item on Lloyd’s list was to get a solo deal. He soon signed with MCA Records and released his first solo single “Hey Young Girl”. Lloyd’s luck was up when MCA Records dissolved into their parent company and let go artists including Lloyd. Finally, Lloyd’s luck turned for the better when he gained a record deal with The Inc. /Def Ham Records by using his song “Hey Young Girl” as a promo and thus his career begins to soar. Lloyd’s first album entitled Southside was released on July 20, 2004. The first single “Southside” was with fellow label mate Ashanti. It reached the top ten of the United State s Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart at a whopping number three and also reached number eleven on Billboard’s 200. In the first week, Southside sold over 67,000 copies. The album received three out of five stars. During this time, Lloyd also was doing side activities

2011. The album’s biggest single is “Lay It Down” and really displayed his vocal talent. “Girls around the World”. Mr. It peaked at number sixty-four on Billboard’s Hot 100 and also number thirteen on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. “Dedication to My Ex (Miss That)” was the third single and featured rappers Andre 3000 and Lil Wayne. it sold 144. Rolling Stones rated this album three out of five stars. peaking at number seventy-seven on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and number seventy-five on the UK Singles chart. The second single.000 copies in its first week. Lloyd created his own record label. released on August 4. entitled “Cupid” made it to number eleven on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. the album Street Love was certified Gold by the RIAA with 500. About the time the third single. 2008. Making music was not Lloyd’s only talent. Lessons in Love. The first single. with the help of the founders of Sho Nuff Records (Henry “Noonie” Lee and Jazze Pha) and keeping how hard it was for him to reach stardom. King of Hearts sold 26. was Lloyd’s third studio album.672 copies. King of Hearts. The second single was entitled “Get It Shawty” and proved to be a modest success. Also during this time Lloyd appeared in episodes of a hit teen show called One on One and an episode of Wild N’ Out. the popularity of the album died down. The first sing was entitled “How We Do It (Around My Way)” featured Atlanta native Ludacris. “Player’s Prayer”. Allmusic rated the album 4. featured fellow New Orleans native Lil Wayne.5 out of five. At age 21. it is safe to say it was a modest success. he wanted to produce it. Lloyd’s latest album. In April of 2007. featured New Orleans native Lil Wayne. “Lay It Down” reached number sixty-four on the United States Billboard Hot 100 and number seven on the United States Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. Debuting at number ten on the United States Billboard’s 200 chart.such as featuring in songs such as “Caught Up” with label mate Ja Rule and “Let’s Cheat” with rapper Tango Redd. Street Love debuted on the United States Billboard 200 at number two and within the first week. “You”.000 copies sold. Polite’s second album was entitle Street Love and released on March 13. came out. was released on July 5. 2007. Being Lloyd’s first album. Young Goldie . The second single.

one must find their talents before using them. big responsibility. as well as bring a few of my friends into the game. He has been blessed to make it from down in the dumps to where he is now. Thus saying.” All of his accomplishments would not have been so if it weren’t for the man upstairs. has what it takes to make it big in the music industry. He wanted to make the road to stardom less complicated for artist to sign for his label. Lloyd stated. to me. “It took a long time.Productions. “At the age of 21. I want to be their stepping stone. so I figured with this company I can introduce new talent out there. who. He was smart and used his talents. Lloyd explained this by saying. Even Lloyd has stated that in many of his interviews. therefore giving everyone a fair chance to make a name for them in this business. to be an executive producer is a big. He is a model of how one doesn’t have to be a product of one’s environment. .

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