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Semi-detailed lesson plan in English 136 (Preparation and Evaluation of Instructional materials in English)

I. Objectives: At the end of this lesson, the students will be able to: 1. Define the different instructional materials which could be used for reporting. 2. Differentiate and compare the values of instructional materials. 3. Construct a paragraph about the uses of Instructional Materials in constructivist and traditional perspective. II. Subject Matter: A. Topic: Instructional materials for reporting B. References: Educational Technology 1 by Brenda B. Corpuz and Paz I. Lucido C. Teaching Strategies: Collaborative learning D. Materials:, Handouts, vocabulary tree, flipcharts

III. Learning Tasks: A. Preparation: 1.Prayer 2.Room Conditioning 3.Checking of attendance 4.Motivation B. Lesson Proper: 1.Introduce the topic by means of reminding them about the start of their reporting in the following week. 2.Present a vocabulary tree with the following words: a. Instructional Materials b. Audio aids c. Visual Aids d. Audio-Visual Aids e. ITV f. Computer Programs g. Printed Materials h. Values i. Constructivist j. Traditional 3.Define each term on the Vocabulary tree. 4.Give emphasis on the word values and those under it which are traditional and constructivist. 5.Define these terms. 6.Discuss the values of Instructional Materials and try to differentiate and compare the two given terms. 7.Give examples on how to use materials each IM under the two perspectives for the students reports.

C. Generalization: For us students, IMs are very important. Before, the teacher is the center of our class. However, due to the need of the changing times, we are now taught of the ways of acquiring, presenting and sharing information to our fellow students, one of which is reporting. In line with this, we students must learn to use Instructional materials for our own benefit may it be on the constructivist usage where an IM is an assistant or Traditional wherein the IM is the presenter of the knowledge. IV. Evaluation: 1-5. Define at least 5 of the IMs presented on the discussion 6-12. Using a Venn diagram, tell the differences and similarities of these values of Instructional materials which are not stated on this lesson. 13-15. In 5-8 sentences, construct a paragraph discussing about the usage of Visual, Audio and Audio-Visual aids in acquiring and presenting knowledge such as in reporting under the two perspectives of values of IMs. V. Assignment: Search about the guidelines in preparing IMs and prepare for tomorrows discussion.

Lesson prepared for peer teaching by:

CHRISTIAN L. CHUA Student, BSE 4-English

Submitted to:

DR. PRISCILLA V. SAN PEDRO Instructor, English 136