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How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

by Norvel Hayes

Harrison House
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are taken from the King James Version of the Bible.

How To Be Led by the Holy Spirit

SB! "#$%&'(#')*#+ ,opyri-ht . *%%/ by !or0el Hayes 1. O. Bo2 *)'% ,le0eland, Tennessee )')** 1ublished by Harrison House, Inc. 1. O. Bo2 )+")+ Tulsa, Oklahoma '(*+) 1rinted in the United States of 3merica. 3ll ri-hts reser0ed under nternational ,opyri-ht Law. ,ontents and4or co0er may not be reproduced in whole or in part in any form without the e2press written consent of the 1ublisher.

1 Renew Your Mind 2 Worship the Lord 3 Walk ! "aith # $alk Hea%en $alk & 'ast (ut )e%ils and Heal the *ick+ , -o Win *ouls+ 7 .e%er *top -i%in/ 7 19 27 #1 &3 ,& 79


5enew 6our 7ind

So then with the mind myself ser0e the law of 8od9 but with the flesh the law of sin. 5omans ':&+

$he a%era/e 'hristian is led ! the *pirit o0 -od pro a l! onl! a out hal0 o0 their li0e si1pl! ecause the! don2t know how to 0ollow Hi1. In other words, 1ost people are not led ! the *pirit o0 -od. You would pro a l! know that i0 !ou were around the1 %er! 1uch. (0 course, people who li%e in sin and don2t know the Lord 3esus 'hrist can2t e led ! the *pirit o0 -od ecause He doesn2t li%e inside o0 the1.

Be 5eborn
In order to e led ! the *pirit, !ou 1ust 0irst o0 all know that -od is a *pirit. 43ohn #52#.6 $here0ore, He 1ust lead !ou ! His *pirit. 7nd since !ou are 1ade in the i1a/e o0 -od 4-en. 15276, !ou are a spirit as well. You have a soul, and !ou live in a od!, ut !ou are a spirit. 8ut until !our spirit has een re orn ! -od, the thin/s o0 -od will e 0oolishness to !ou. 41 'or. 1527.6 You will ne%er e a le to hear -od and e led ! the *pirit o0 -od ecause !ou won2t e a le to see the %alue in the thin/s that -od has to sa! or the thin/s that -od wants !ou to do. 9ntil !our spirit has een re orn ! -od, !ou will not e a le to en:o! the ene0its that -od has 0or !ou. (nce !our spirit is re orn, !ou ha%e a ri/ht to the

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

thin/s that are in the 8i le. -od wrote the 8i le 0or !ou. 8ut do !ou know that the a%era/e 'hristian has ne%er reall! understood that e%er!thin/ 0ro1 Matthew throu/h Re%elation is 0or the1; "inancial success is 0or the1. *piritual success is 0or the1. 7 well od! is 0or the1. 7 clear 1ind is 0or the1. <eace that the natural 1an can2t understand is 0or the1. It is in the 8i le, and it is 0or the1. =%er!thin/ that hea%en has to o00er is 0or the1. 9n0ortunatel! 1ost 'hristians, e%en thou/h the! elon/ to -od and asicall! lo%e -od and would /o to hea%en i0 the! died, are all 1i>ed up. $he! don2t know what elon/s to the1 and what doesn2t elon/ to the1? neither do the! know how to /et it. $he! think, @Well, I2ll :ust /o to church, and i0 it happens to 1e, oka!. I2ll :ust let it happen. 7nd i0 it doesn2t happen, then it wasn2t supposed to happen to 1e.@ .ow that is a out as 0ar 0ro1 the truth as !ou can possi l! e%er /et+ You will ne%er e a le to /et !our thinkin/ strai/htened out until !ou /et !our spirit strai/htened out. I can2t do it 0or !ou, ut I can teach !ou what the Lord has tau/ht 1e.

Listen to the Spirit

"irst o0 all, I want to e>plain to !ou wh! 3esus responds to hu1an ein/s. $he Hol! *pirit o0 -od leads 3esus to respond to !ou. When !ou /o to 3esus and /i%e Hi1 chapter and %erse, then He /oes to the "ather and presents !our case to Hi1 usin/ chapter and %erse. *ee, when !ou are re orn, the -reater (ne li%es inside !ou. He speaks to !our spirit. 3esus reall! doesn2t speak to !ou directl!. We 1a! sa! that He does so1eti1es, ut He reall! doesn2t. He speaks to the Hol! *pirit on the inside o0 !ou, then the Hol! *pirit speaks to !our re orn hu1an A

Renew Your


spirit, and !ou speak out what He has told !ou and rin/ it into e>istence throu/h the words that !ou speak. 8ut i0 !ou don2t listen to Hi1, then He can2t /et it o%er to !ou, and !ou 1iss -od. )o !ou understand that; 3esus Hi1sel0 was led ! the *pirit o0 -od when He walked on this earth as a 1an. He li%ed in a od! that had ones and lood :ust like !ours and 1ine do. 8ut unlike !ou and 1e, He chose to e led ! the *pirit o0 -od in e%er! decision. Ro1ans A511 sa!s that the sa1e *pirit that was in Hi1 is in !ou. 8ut to walk like 3esus walked, !ou ha%e to e willin/ to e led ! the *pirit o0 -od in e%er! decision. 9n0ortunatel! so1e people are in the ha it o0 doin/ what the! want to do and speakin/ out what the! want to speak. $he! sa! to the1sel%es, @$his is what I2ll do.@ $he! 1i/ht as well /o ahead and do it ecause the! aren2t /oin/ to e led ! their spirit an! wa!+ $he! ha%e alread! 1ade up their 1ind what the! are /oin/ to do. We are our own worst ene1!. =%er! od! is their own worst ene1!. 3esus is not !our ene1!. $he *pirit o0 -od Who li%es inside o0 !ou is not !our ene1!. He wants to lead !ou. He wants to i1part thin/s to !our spirit that will rin/ !ou /reat and 1i/ht! lessin/sBnot :ust spirituall!, ut 0inanciall!, 1entall! and e1otionall! as well. He wants to rin/ !ou /reat lessin/s, ut !ou 1ust listen to Hi1. $hat is wh! He wants !ou to do what He tells !ou.

Ser0e the Law of 8od

.ow there are so1e thin/s that !ou don2t ha%e to e led ! the *pirit in ecause the 8i le plainl! states that !ou should :ust /o ahead and do the1. $ake pra!in/ 0or instance. You don2t ha%e to e led ! the *pirit o0 -od to pra!. -od has alread! told !ou in the 8i le to do that, so all !ou ha%e to do is /o ahead and do it. When it co1es to 9

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

rin/in/ sinners to church with !ou, !ou don2t ha%e to e led ! the *pirit o0 -od ecause He has alread! told !ou to do that. 9n0ortunatel! 1an! 'hristians don2t pra! %er! 1uch nor do the! rin/ sinners to church. $hat is ecause the! would rather 0ollow their 0lesh than 0ollow their spirit. In Ro1ans 752#, the 8i le sa!s, O wretched man that am; who shall deli0er me from the body of this death< I can tell !ou Who will deli%er !ou ecause there is onl! one )eli%erer, and that is 3esus 'hrist our Lord. $here aren2t three or 0our )eli%erers. $here is onl! one. 7nd that is e>actl! what %erse 2& sa!s, thank 8od throu-h =esus ,hrist our Lord. Cerse 2& continues5 So then with the mind myself ser0e the law of 8od9 but with the flesh the law of sin. $hat is ri/ht. You are either a ser%ant to the law o0 -od, or !ou are a ser%ant to the law o0 the 0lesh. .ow how would this appl! to !our li0e; I0 !ou were sick and !ou let !our 1ind wander around and /i%e !our od! all the attention, then !ou would eco1e a ser%ant to the law o0 the 0lesh, and e%entuall! it would cost !ou !our li0e. You would die ecause that is sin in the e!es o0 -od. )o !ou understand that; It would e sin 0or !ou to /i%e all o0 !our attention to what !our od! is doin/ and how !our 0lesh is reactin/ and what happens to !our 0lesh. $hat isn2t what -od wants !ou to e thinkin/ a out. -od wants !our 1ind renewed with the Word o0 -od all the time so !ou can elie%e Hi1. 9nless !ou keep !our 1ind renewed with -od2s Word, then !ou can2t e%en elie%e the ook o0 Matthew. 7ll !ou will do is read it ecause it is a nice ook and ecause !ou ha%e een told to read it 0or the last thirt! !ears. You 1a! think it is the ri/ht thin/ to do ecause !our /rand1a told !ou, so !ou 1D

Renew Your


:ust kind o0 read it e%er! now and then, ut !ou don2t reall! ha%e an! earthl! idea what is in there. You can ask 1ost people who ha%e read the 8i le 0or thirt! !ears so1e Euestions a out the 8i le, and the! will respond ! sa!in/, @(h, is that in there;@ $hen when the de%il co1es to destro! the1, the! are in a 0i> ecause all the! did was read the 8i le without con0essin/ it and 1akin/ it a part o0 the1sel%es. 7lwa!s re1e1 er this, @$he de%il is co1in/, and he is co1in/ to te1pt !ou, to /et !ou to !ield to so1e 0leshl! lust or disease. 8ut i0 !ou will keep !our 1ind renewed with the Word o0 -od, !ou will ser%e -od accordin/ to His law, and !ou will turn !our 1ind o%er to the law o0 -od. .ow i0 !ou don2t keep !our 1ind renewed with the Word o0 -od, !ou will ser%e an!thin/ that co1es alon/ that distur s !ou, especiall! !our od!. I0 !ou /i%e so 1uch attention to !our 0lesh that !ou aren2t a le to keep !our 1ind in /ood enou/h shape so that it can recei%e the law o0 -od, then !ou are ser%in/ the law o0 0lesh, and it is sin in the e!es o0 -od. I0 !ou don2t keep !our 1ind renewed with the law o0 -od, which is the Word o0 -od, then !ou can2t e%en o e! the law o0 -od. I0 !ou are /oin/ to think in the 0lesh real1 and worr! a out !our od! all o0 the ti1e, then !ou are alread! in death and don2t e%en know it. (n the other hand, i0 !ou will ser%e the Lord 3esus 'hrist with !our 1ind, accordin/ to His Word, !ou will o e! the law o0 -od.

6our 7ind s mportant, Too;

8ut !ou will ha%e to ser%e -od with !our 1ind as well as !our spirit. )id !ou know that; 9n0ortunatel! a lot o0 0ullF/ospel people will /et aptiGed with the Hol! -host 11

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

and /et on 0ire 0or -od and win souls 0or 3esus, ut a0ter 0i%e, ten, 0i0teen !ears, it /ets to e an old thin/ to the1, and the! stop pra!in/ in ton/ues so 1uch an!1ore. $he! don2t worship 3esus %er! 1uch an! 1ore. $he Hol! -host is still inside the1 ecause He won2t e%er lea%e the1, ut their 1inds /et sEuirrel!, and the! start 1akin/ /oo0! decisions. $he onl! reason the! start 1akin/ /oo0! decisions is ecause the! aren2t pra!in/ in ton/ues as 1uch as the! should in their pra!er li0e, and the! aren2t readin/ their 8i le enou/h to keep their 1ind renewed with the Word o0 -od. *o what happens; $he! turn their 1ind loose in a world o0 darkness where all the de%il /i%es the1 are thou/hts and su//estions that ha%e so1ethin/ to do with their od! or what the! want. He will especiall! co1e to tr! and 0ill so1e e1pt! spot or %acuu1 in !our li0e. 7nd ecause !ou aren2t listenin/ to !our spirit, !ou will e/in to 1ake sEuirrel! decisions. <rett! soon !ou will e sa!in/, @(h, the piano pla!er looks so eauti0ul. $he wo1an ne>t door looks so eauti0ul.@ *he could e a scuGG all, and !ou don2t know it. I talk to 1en so1eti1es who co1e in 0or counselin/. *o1e o0 the1 look like the! ha%e :ust een run/ out like a ra/ and co1e in sa!in/, @I di%orced 1! wi0e ten !ears a/o, and I 1arried this wo1an, and I ha%e li%ed in a hell e%er since. I don2t know wh! I did it. *he wasn2t what I thou/ht she was a0ter I 1arried her.@ .ow do !ou understand wh! I21 still sin/le; 9nless !ou ser%e the law o0 -od with !our 1ind, !ou won2t e%en listen to the Hol! *pirit on the inside o0 !ou. 8ut i0 !ou will keep !our 1ind renewed with the Word o0 -od, !ou can e led ! the *pirit.

8et the Scriptures in 6our Spirit


Renew Your


.ot onl! 1ust !our 1ind e renewed with the *criptures, ut !ou 1ust also /et the1 into !our spirit. $he 8i le sa!s that the kin/do1 o0 -od is within !ou. 4Luke 17521.6 In other words, !ou are onl! one state1ent awa! 0ro1 all the lessin/s that are in hea%en 0or !ou. You are onl! one %erse o0 *cripture awa! 0ro1 success in the area that !ou ha%e not een success0ul in. You are :ust one %erse o0 *cripture awa!, not 0i%e or si>. You are :ust one+ .ow i0 !ou were to sit down and take a piece o0 paper and list one, two, three, 0our, 0i%e, si>, se%en, ei/ht, nine, ten o0 the di00erent areas o0 !our li0e that !ou are not success0ul in, then /o throu/h the .ew $esta1ent 0ro1 Matthew to Re%elation lookin/ up *criptures to co%er each one o0 the1, !ou will 0ind out the lessin/s -od has 0or !ou. Mark that *cripture in !our 8i le, write it out or t!pe it out on a piece o0 paper and 1e1oriGe it so that !ou can /et it into !our spirit. $o 1ake a *cripture a part o0 !ou, !ou ha%e to Euote it 0ro1 !our 1outh hundreds and hundreds o0 ti1es. You ha%e to 1e1oriGe it. 9ntil !ou do, it will not eco1e a part o0 !ou. It will onl! e so1ethin/ !ou ha%e heard, and we all ha%e heard a particular *cripture at one ti1e or another. 8ut unless !ou 1ake that particular *cripture a part o0 !ou, !ou cannot e led ! the *pirit o0 -od in that particular area. 7n! sick person in the world is :ust one healin/ *cripture awa! 0ro1 re1ainin/ sick or d!in/. *o1e people 1a! sa!, @8rother .or%el, !ou ca1e to our church and !ou pra!ed 0or sick people e%er! da!, ut on Monda! 1ornin/ I2%e lost the 1ani0estation o0 the healin/.@ You 1ust hold 0ast to the thin/s that !ou recei%e 0ro1 -od+ How can !ou hold 0ast to the1; You hold 0ast ! the lood o0 the La1 and the word o0 !our testi1on!. 4Re%. 13

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

12511.6 You ha%e to hold 0ast like a ti/er that is hun/r! and /ets a hold o0 a piece o0 1eat. He holds 0ast to it ecause he is hun/r!. He sa!s, @You aren2t /oin/ to /et this. You aren2t /oin/ to /et this.@ $he de%il is /oin/ to co1e and tr! to steal an!thin/ !ou /et 0ro1 -od awa! 0ro1 !ou. 43ohn 1D51D.6 He e%en tried to te1pt and steal 0ro1 3esus+ Ri/ht a0ter 3esus2 aptis1, the *pirit led Hi1 into the wilderness where the de%il te1pted 3esus. It was a0ter 3esus had pra!ed and 0asted in the 1ountains 0or 0ort! da!s and 0ort! ni/hts that the de%il appeared to Hi1 in person and said, @I0 You2re reall! the *on o0 -od, wh! don2t You chan/e these stones into read;@ 7nd 3esus said, @It is written.@ $hen the de%il said, @Well, uh, let 1e show You so1ethin/ else I want to /i%e You.@ 3esus said, @It is written.@ $hen the de%il said, @Yes, ut I2ll take You up on the hi/h pinnacle, and I2ll show You all the thin/s o0 the world, and I2ll /i%e You e%er!thin/ that !ou see i0 You will ow down and worship 1e.@ 3esus said, @It is written and esides thatB/et awa! 0ro1 Me+@ 4Matt. #51F11, author2s paraphrase.6 $hen the 8i le sa!s that the de%il le0t 3esus, and the an/els 0ro1 hea%en ca1e and e/an to 1inister to Hi1. 4Matt. #511.6 3esus told the de%il three ti1es in his 0ace, @It is written.@ "inall! the de%il /ot the 1essa/e and le0t. You can see 0ro1 this 8i le account the reason wh! -od wants !ou to eco1e a 8i le reader and a 8i le elie%er who Euotes the Word out o0 !our 1outh. 8ut until !ou /et those words in !our spirit, !ou will ne%er Euote the1 out o0 !our 1outh. 3esus wants !ou to speak the Word so that the de%il won2t steal 0ro1 !ou.

>ind a True !ew Testament ,hurch

You and I are supposed to ser%e -od accordin/ to the 1#

Renew Your


8i le, not accordin/ to so1e reli/ious concept that !ou 1a! ha%e or the church !ou /o to 1a! ha%e a out -od. Cer! 0ew churches are true .ew $esta1ent churches. You won2t 0ind %er! 1an! churches who will carr! 0ood to the poor and take up 1one! to help the widows and di%orcees who ha%e little children. You won2t 0ind 1an! churches that will help the elderl! either. You won2t 0ind !our town o%erloaded with churches that ha%e those kinds o0 pro/ra1s set up. Most o0 the1 don2t e%en ha%e a witnessin/ pro/ra1 to win souls 0or -od+ You 1a! sa!, @What do the! ha%e;@ I don2t know. I /uess the! :ust do their own thin/. @$hen what happens to the1;@ =%entuall! the! slip out o0 the deep lessin/ o0 the Lord, and that isn2t the wa! -od e%er intended it to e. -od2s 'hurch should e 0lowin/ in the lessin/ o0 -od all o0 the ti1e. .ow an! church can do their part. $he! can at least 1ake a standin/ e00ort to help people in their ti1e o0 need. $he 8i le tells us to do that. 8ut i0 the people in the church don2t keep their 1inds renewed with the Word o0 -od, the! will not o e! the law o0 -od with their 1ind, and as a result their decisions will not e hi/h Eualit!. $he! will e te1pted to o e! onl! the1sel%es and to do what their 0riends think the! should do, and the! will let their 1inds wonder. -od wants the1 to o e! His law with their 1inds. He wants the1 to keep their 1inds renewed with the Word o0 -od and to rin/ hea%en down to earth with their thinkin/.

?on@t Be ?ecei0ed
9n0ortunatel! there are all kinds o0 spirits tr!in/ to lead people, and the! do lead the1. In the latter ti1es, there is a spirit that will work to decei%e, ut !ou 1ust learn to e led ! the *pirit o0 -od. "irst $i1oth! #51 talks 1&

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

a out seducin/ spirits and doctrines o0 de%ils that will e at work to cause so1e to depart 0ro1 the 0aith. 9n0ortunatel! 1an! people are led ! spirits that the! think are the Hol! *pirit, ut the! aren2t, and the! will onl! 0ind it out when the! die and stand e0ore -od. $he Hol! *pirit alwa!s leads people in line with the 8i le. 7lwa!s re1e1 er, 3esus ne%er chan/es. I0 !ou e%er /o into a church ser%ice where the! tr! to chan/e the 3esus that !ou know is in the .ew $esta1ent, !ou are in the wron/ kind o0 church ecause 3esus ne%er chan/es. -od ne%er chan/es. $he 8i le sa!s that -od cannot lie, and the 8i le sa!s that -od does not chan/e. I0 !ou can show 1e in the .ew $esta1ent where 3esus e%er healed one sick person, He will heal !ou. 7nd i0 He doesn2t, then He has chan/ed. 8ut the 8i le sa!s He has not chan/ed and isn2t /oin/ to chan/e. 4He . 135A.6 7nd until !ou elie%e He hasn2t chan/ed, !ou won2t see a cripple /et up out o0 a wheelchair and walk o00. When !ou know -od well enou/h, !ou will e a le to look at a 1an in a wheelchair and sa!, @3esus wants to stretch !our le/s out.@ You ha%e to tell hi1 that. I0 !ou don2t tell hi1, he won2t elie%e it, and he will sit there and die a cripple. *o1e people sa! the! don2t elie%e in 1iracles ecause the! ha%e ne%er seen one. <eople like this sa!, @I ne%er saw 3esus per0or1 an! 1iracles. I ne%er saw 3esus open the e!es o0 a lind 1an. I ne%er saw 3esus heal a crippled 1an. I ne%er saw 3esus do an! o0 that+@ (r the! sa!, @I elie%e 3esus per0or1ed 1iracles then, ut I don2t elie%e He will do it now.@ 7s lon/ as the! talk like that, the! ne%er will see an!thin/. )o !ou know wh!; 8ecause the Hol! *pirit doesn2t a/ree with their 1outh. $he Hol! *pirit a/rees onl! with 1,

Renew Your


the 8i le. $he *pirit and the Word a/ree. .ow i0 !ou want the Hol! *pirit to do so1ethin/ 0or !ou, !ou ha%e to 1ake up !our 1ind to elie%e the 8i le. When !ou tr! to chan/e the 3esus Who is in the 8i le, then !ou are in trou le. You 1a! 0loat alon/ in this li0e, ut !ou will ne%er see the supernatural power o0 -od. 3esus actuall! does want to stretch out le/s and heal diseases. 7nd i0 !ou will e/in to elie%e it, He will do it, ut -od de1ands !our elie%in/. He reEuires !our 0aith. =%en the 1en who walked with 3esus and saw the 1iracles didn2t reall! know Hi1. $he! tried to /et lind 8arti1aeus to e Euiet, ut he didn2t pa! an! attention to the1. He :ust kept on cr!in/, A=esus, Son of ?a0id, ha0e mercy on me; =esus, Son of ?a0id, ha0e mercy on me;A 3esus stopped and said, @$hose cries are cries o0 0aith+ 8rin/ that 1an who is cr!in/ to Me. I co11and !ou,@ 3esus said, @to rin/ hi1 to Me+@ 47uthor2s paraphrase.6 He didn2t sa!, @I0 !ou want to, rin/ hi1 to Me.@ .o, He said, @I co11and !ou to rin/ hi1 to Me.@ 7nd the! rou/ht lind 8arti1aeus to 3esus. 7nd 3esus said, @What do !ou want Me to do 0or !ou;@ 7nd he said, @$hat I 1a! see, 3esus. $hat I 1a! see. (pen up 1! e!es that I 1a! see, 3esus.@ 3esus said, @Your 0aith has healed !ou.@ 4Mark 1D5#,F&2, author2s paraphrase.6 .ow I a1 not writin/ a out what the people who walked with 3esus did, and I a1 not talkin/ a out what !ou elie%e or what so1e od! else elie%es. I a1 writin/ a out what the 8i le sa!s a out 3esus. $here is onl! one 3esus, and He is the (ne Who is in the .ew $esta1ent 0ro1 Matthew throu/h Re%elation. 7nd the 8i le sa!s that the 3esus I know healed lind 8arti1aeus. $he Lord will heal you i0 !ou will show Hi1 so1e 0aith and do what He said to do. 8ut as lon/ as !ou 0i/ht 17

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

the 8i le and re0use to elie%e, !ou won2t /et the Hol! *pirit to a/ree with !ou. 7nd i0 !ou don2t elie%e that, then the Hol! *pirit can ne%er help !ou ecause the Hol! *pirit works onl! in line with the 8i le. I0 !ou 1ake up !our 1ind that !ou will elie%e the 8i le and that 3esus is the sa1e !esterda!, toda! and 0ore%er, then He will e/in to lead !ou ! His Hol! *pirit into all the lessin/s that hea%en has 0or !ou. -od ne%er chan/es. 4Mal. 35,.6



Borship the Lord

3nd when he saw C=esusD, he fell at his feet. 7ark +:&&

I0 !ou reall! want to e led ! the Hol! *pirit, !ou 1ust not onl! renew !our 1ind with the Word o0 -od, ut !ou 1ust also spend ti1e worshippin/ Hi1. When was the last ti1e !ou 0ell on !our 0ace and worshipped the Lord; You 1i/ht sa!, @71 I supposed to do that;@ I0 !ou ha%e *cripture 0or it !ou are. @What is that 0or;@ It is a si/n o0 respect and re%erence that sa!s He is -od, and !ou are nothin/ in co1parison to Hi1. -od said in Isaiah &&595 >or as the hea0ens are hi-her than the earth, so are my ways hi-her than your ways, and my thou-hts than your thou-hts. You don2t know e%er!thin/, and I don2t know e%er!thin/, ut I ha%e /ood news 0or !ouBthe Hol! *pirit does. He knows e%er!thin/, and He li%es inside o0 !ou and 1e. He knows e%er!thin/, and He knows how to do e%er!thin/. I don2t know how to do e%er!thin/, ut I ha%e the (ne inside o0 1e Who knows how to. .ow I don2t hear Hi1 one hundred percent o0 the ti1e, ut I sure do listen to Hi1 a lot 1ore than I used to, and I hit 1ore now than I 1iss. Listen to what He is sa!in/ to !ou. 7pproach -od re%erentl! ! spendin/ ti1e worshippin/ Hi1. *pend ti1e in pra!er so that !ou can /et !our spirit in shape. -od is a -od Who wants to e worshipped, and !ou need 19

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

to worship Hi1. -od wants !ou to worship Hi1, ut !ou don2t need to worship Hi1 :ust 0or His sake. .o, !ou need to worship -od 0or !our own sake ecause !ou are 1ade to worship Hi1. He is a -od Who lo%es the praises o0 His people, and He wants to e worshipped. He wants to e praised. He wants to see !ou doin/ it. 7nd !ou are a hu1an ein/ who is desperate to worship -od. 3airus was a 1an who was desperate to worship -od, and he was willin/ to 0all on his 0ace and worship -od e%en thou/h a crowd o0 people were standin/ around. He wasn2t asha1ed. His dau/hter was d!in/, and he needed help. Mark &522 sa!s that the 0irst thin/ he did was to worship 3esus5 3nd, behold, there cometh one of the rulers of the syna-o-ue, =airus by name9 and when he saw him H3esusI, he fell at his feet.

Build 6our Spirit Up

I0 I can teach !ou to %alue the i1portant thin/s, thin/s will e real eas! 0or !ou. I don2t ha%e an! sad da!s or wonderin/ da!s, and !ou won2t ha%e %er! 1an! o0 the1 either i0 !ou will spend 1ore ti1e worshippin/ -od and pra!in/ in the spirit, pra!in/ in ton/ues. 8! worshippin/ -od and pra!in/, !ou keep !our spirit uilt up, and that is !our responsi ilit!. .o one can 1ake !ou do that. -od can2t 1ake !ou do that. $hat is so1ethin/ that !ou will ha%e to choose to do !oursel0. You will ha%e to pra! in the *pirit !oursel0. You will ha%e to keep !our spirit uilt up. 8uildin/ !our spirit and !our 0aith up is like uildin/ a house, ut !ou ha%e to know what to do. <aul said in "irst 'orinthians 1#51A, I thank my 8od, I speak with ton-ues more than ye all. In "irst 'orinthians 1#5#, he sa!s that speakin/ in ton/ues edi0ies !ou or uilds !ou up. 3ude 2D 2D

!orship the Lord

sa!s !ou uild !oursel0 up on !our 1ost hol! 0aith, pra!in/ in the Hol! -host. .ow i0 !ou don2t keep !our spirit uilt up in -od, how in the world are !ou /oin/ to listen to Hi1; Re1e1 er, -od is a *pirit 43ohn #52#6, and He is inside o0 !ou. )o !ou re1e1 er when !ou /ot sa%ed; $he *pirit o0 -od was co1in/ up out o0 !ou, and !ou were lau/hin/ and cr!in/ all at the sa1e ti1e, and the lo%e o0 -od was all o%er !ou; )o !ou re1e1 er how sweet !ou 0elt; You didn2t e%er want to sa! a har10ul word to an! od! the rest o0 !our li0e, and !ou couldn2t stop tellin/ 3esus how 1uch !ou lo%ed Hi1. $hat is the wa! He wants !ou to e all the ti1e. You 1a! sa!, @$hat2s ri/ht, 8rother .or%el, ut as soon as He lea%es, I turn ack into an ani1al.@ 8ut that is !ou. $hat is not the Lord. $hat is !ou, and !ou aren2t ein/ led ! the *pirit o0 -od. You 1a! sa!, @What a1 I supposed to do i0 I sa! thin/s I shouldn2t;@ 'ut o00 the talkin/. *1ack !oursel0 in the 1outh, and don2t talk. You 1a! sa!, @8ut, 8rother .or%el, I can2t help 1!sel0. I2%e een doin/ this so lon/ I can2t help 1!sel0. It2s like a ha it to 1e.@ $he 0irst three or 0our ti1es !ou low !our stack, /o so1ewhere and 0all on !our knees e0ore -od :ust like 3airus did and ask the Hol! *pirit to re1o%e that thin/ out o0 !ou. I /ot rid o0 :unk like that ! takin/ authorit! o%er it. I would sa!, @You 0oul spirit o0 te1per, in 3esus2 na1e, co1e out o0 1e. You 0oul spirit o0 te1per, I take authorit! o%er !ou. In 3esus2 na1e, /et out o0 1e? /et out o0 1e? /et out o0 1e. You 0oul spirit o0 te1per /o 0ro1 1e? /o 0ro1 1e? /o 0ro1 1e. You 0oul spirit o0 te1per, !ou ha%e no authorit! o%er 1e? /o 0ro1 1e? /et out o0 1e+@ "oul spirits /et a0raid o0 !ou when !ou don2t ha%e an! Euittin/ sense, 21

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

and the! run 0ro1 !ou.

Submit 6ourself to 8od

$he 8i le sa!s in 3a1es #57, Submit yoursel0es therefore to 8od. 5esist the de0il, and he will flee from you. You ha%e to resist the de%il. You are li%in/ in a world that -od doesn2t control. He onl! controls the Hol! *pirit and the 8i le and !ou, i0 !ou will listen to the 8i le. *ee, the de%il is the /od o0 this world, and he doesn2t /i%e up on !ou easil!. I0 !ou think !ou are :ust /oin/ to 0loat around a0ter !ou /et sa%ed, :ust 0loat throu/h the de%il2s world and ha%e all the /ood thin/s 0ro1 hea%en drop on !ou, then !ou are in 0or a real surprise. I a1 /oin/ to tell !ou ri/ht up 0ront, i0 !ou e%er start doin/ an!thin/ 0or -od, i0 !ou e%er e%en start passin/ ut tracts 0or -od, the de%il will turn hordes and herds o0 de1ons loose on !ou. 7nd i0 !ou don2t watch it, the de1ons that operated throu/h !ou e0ore will co1e ack in !ou a/ain. He will sic the1 on !ou :ust like siccin/ do/s a0ter ra its. $hat is the wa! the de%il will do !ou i0 !ou e%er start doin/ an!thin/ 0or -od. He will tr! to discoura/e !ou so that !ou won2t persist and han/ around 0or the lessin/s.

5esist the ?e0il

)id !ou know that the de%il tries to talk people out o0 doin/ an!thin/ 0or -od; I0 !ou don2t elie%e 1e, /o out so1eti1e and tr! it. -et so1e tracts, then /o out and knock on a 0ew doors. $he 0irst ad reception !ou /et, the de%il will last !ou. I 1ean he will last !ou. Where at; He will last !our natural 1ind. 8ut !ou ha%e to learn to not listen to !our natural 1ind. It doesn2t 1ake an! di00erence what he tells !ou. =%er! ti1e !ou /o an!where 22

!orship the Lord

and start doin/ an!thin/ 0or -od, the de%il will last !our natural 1ind and sa!, @$his is not !our a/. $his is not 0or !ou.@ $he 0irst ti1e so1e od! opens up the door and sa!s /ru00l!, @Yes, what do !ou want+@ You will ti1idl! respond, @Well, I want to talk to !ou a out the Lord.@ @$he Lord+ I don2t e%en oka!.@ elie%e in hi1+@ @(h, well,

(n the wa! ack to !our car, the de%il will sa! to !ou, @$his is not !our 1inistr!, !ou du11!. -o ho1e and watch 'hristian $C, ut don2t /o knockin/ on an! doors. $his is not !our 1inistr!. You are supposed to e watchin/ $C.@ $he de%il doesn2t 1ind !ou watchin/ a preacher on $C ecause he /i%es a 1essa/e o0 sal%ation when !ou are alread! sa%ed. $he de%il is sneak!, and !ou ha%e to watch hi1. He wants to keep !ou in the natural, ut !ou ha%e to o1 ard hi1 ! steppin/ out o0 the natural and listenin/ to what the *pirit o0 -od is sa!in/ to !ou. When !ou o e! -od and do thin/s 0or Hi1, His lessin/s will totall! 0all on !ou.

Show 8od 5e0erence

Mark &522 tells us that 3airus 0ell down at 3esus2 0eet. 3airus was a desperate hu1an ein/. )oes -od help desperate hu1an ein/s; He helps the1 when the! co1e to Hi1 like the! are supposed to and reco/niGe that He is -od. You can2t ha%e a desperate situation in !our ho1e or !our 0a1il! and sa!, @I0 -od wants to do this 0or 1e, then He will.@ .o+ He won2t do it unless !ou 1ake up !our 1ind to co1e to Hi1 re%erentl! 0irst o0 all and know that He is -od ecause the 8i le sa!s, He that cometh to 8od must belie0e that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that dili-ently seek him 4He . 115,6. 23

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

I0 !ou want %ictor!, !ou can2t co1e to -od with a nonchalant attitude and keep doin/ !our own thin/, sa!in/, @Well, -od, I2ll /o to church :ust to see what 1i/ht happen. I21 not sure You are real, ut I2ll /o :ust in case. I don2t elie%e an!thin/ is /oin/ to happen, ut I2ll /o to satis0! You.@ I0 !ou want %ictor!, !ou will ha%e to show -od re%erence. I0 !ou want 3esus to respond, show re%erence toward -od and sa!, @I worship You, 3esus. I co1e e0ore You, -od, and I worship You. I praise You, -od. Lord, I21 not co1in/ to You toda! 0or an!thin/. I21 :ust /oin/ to take so1e ti1e out o0 1! li0e to co1e to worship You ecause I lo%e You and ecause You are 1! "ather and I a1 !our child. I worship You, oh, -od. I praise You, oh, -od. I :ust co1e to worship You and to sta! awhile in Your hol! presence. I :ust want to worship You, -od, ecause You are a /reat -od. (h, 3esus, I lo%e You, and I praise Your wonder0ul lessed na1e.@ (ne ti1e the Lord showed 1e that 1an! 'hristians 1iss His lessin/s ecause the! hardl! spend an! ti1e worshippin/ Hi1. You don2t ha%e to elie%e what I tell !ou, ut elie%e it when !ou read it in the 8i le, and !ou spend so1e ti1e worshippin/ the -od Who 1ade !ou. $hat should e wh! !ou /o to churchBto worship and to praise Hi1, not to listen to 1an2s doctrine or to 1an2s ideas. -od owns the church. Men aren2t supposed to run the church. -od is supposed to run the church. 3esus is the Head o0 the 'hurch, not 1en. You need to /o to church and worship the -od Who lo%es !ou. <eople who don2t /o to church and people who rarel! pra!Bpeople who don2t worship -odBaren2t /oin/ to e %er! lessed ! -od.

Borship Bhen !o One s Lookin-


!orship the Lord

I0 I could talk !ou into worshippin/ 3esus not onl! in church ut also in !our roo1 where no od! sees !ou, then the Lord would /i%e !ou an!thin/ !ou ask 0or in His will 41 3ohn &51#,1&6 like He does 0or 1e. You could ha%e an!thin/ !ou wanted. (ne ti1e the Lord spoke to 1e and said, @*on, i0 !ou2ll talk people into worshippin/ Me when no od! is lookin/ at the1, I will reward the1 openl!. $he /reatest thin/ that I e%er see is when I look down and see one o0 1! children worshippin/ Me when the! are ! the1sel%es.@ It2s eas! to worship alon/ with a /reat worship tea1 in a ser%ice. 7 /reat worship tea1 could /et e%en a sinner to worship -od ecause the! ha%e a 1inistr! alon/ that line+ *ure, -od raises up people to 1inister in worship 0or the od! o0 'hrist, ut what -od reall! wants !ou to do is to take what !ou learned in that ser%ice ho1e with !ou. He wants !ou to take it to !our edroo1 or to !our o00ice and worship Hi1 without sha1e on !our own.

Tell 8od 6ou Lo0e Him

)o !ou realiGe that the /reatest co11and1ent is to lo%e the Lord; )o !ou know how it 1akes -od 0eel when !ou tell Hi1 that !ou lo%e Hi1; You 1i/ht sa!, @8rother .or%el, I li%e a clean li0e, and the Lord knows I lo%e Hi1.@ $hat2s /ood, ut it isn2t /ood enou/h. $he co11and1ent that su1s up all the others sa!s, Thou shalt lo0e the Lord thy 8od with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy stren-th, and with all thy mind 4Luke 1D5276. In other words, !ou need to 0ul0ill the 0irst co11and1ent, Thou shalt ha0e no other -ods before me H-odI 4=>. 2D536. I0 !ou can tell !our /irl0riend or o!0riend, !our hus and or !our wi0e and !our children, wh! can2t !ou tell -od that !ou lo%e Hi1; I lo%e to walk ack and 0orth 2&

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

across the 0loor so1eti1es, not askin/ -od 0or an!thin/, ut :ust tellin/ Hi1 that I lo%e Hi1. Make a decision ri/ht now to o e! the 0irst co11and1ent. 3ust close !our e!es and hold !our hands up to the Lord like a little child and sa!, @I lo%e You, 3esus. I lo%e You, 3esus. I lo%e You, 3esus.@ You 1akin/ that one state1ent is etter than /old. When !ou 1ake that state1ent o%er and o%er and o%er a/ain, it will e%entuall! eco1e a part o0 !ou. *o sa!, @I lo%e You, 3esus. I lo%e You, 3esus. Help 1e, Lord, to do Your work. I lo%e You, 3esus. I lo%e You, 3esus. I lo%e the -ospel, 3esus. It is the power o0 -od unto sal%ation, to e%er!one that elie%eth. I lo%e the -ospel, 3esus. I lo%e You, 3esus. I lo%e You, 3esus. I lo%e You, 3esus. .ow, chan/e it a little it and sa!, @3esus, I lo%e the 8i le. 3esus, I lo%e the 8i le. 3esus, I lo%e the 8i le. $hank You, Lord, 0or /i%in/ 1e Your Word. $hank You, Lord, 0or /i%in/ 1e li0e. $hank You, Lord. -lor! e to -od.@ I0 the *pirit o0 -od e/ins to co1e upon !ou while !ou are worshippin/ Hi1 and !ou 0eel like weepin/ e0ore Hi1, then /o ahead and weep. 3ust !ield !oursel0 to Hi1. He knows You lo%e Hi1, ut He likes !ou to tell Hi1 so. $ell Hi1 so toda!, and :ust let Hi1 less !ou.



Balk by >aith
7ark +:)/

Be not afraid, only belie0e.

.ow there are two thin/s that 3airus has done so 0ar that ha%e pleased 3esus. $he 0irst thin/ he did was to 0all down at 3esus2 0eet and show re%erence to Hi1. $he second thin/ he did was to ask 3esus to do so1ethin/ ! 0aith. We know it is ! 0aith ecause o0 what he said in Mark &523, 7y little dau-hter lieth at the point of death: pray thee, come and lay thy hands on her, that she may be healed9 and she shall li0e.

3sk by >aith
)id !ou e%er do that; *o1e people 1a! answer, @9h, no, I ne%er did do that, 8rother .or%el. $hat isn2t what 1akes it work 0or !ou, is it;@ Listen, i0 !ou ha%e a sick child and the 1inister co1es to pra! 0or !our child, then sa!, @'o1e on in 1! house. You are welco1e here in the na1e o0 the Lord. 'o1e in here and la! !our hands on 1! child, and we will a/ree that 1! child will e healed.@ $hose are the kind o0 words that are supposed to co1e out o0 your mouth" You are supposed to 1ake that state1ent !oursel0. Most people end up sa!in/ so1ethin/ like, @'o1e o%er and pra! 0or 1! dau/hter, and I hope the Lord will heal her when !ou co1e.@ He rews 115, sa!s, But without faith it is impossible to please him H-odI: 27

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

for he that cometh to 8od must belie0e that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that dili-ently seek him. You need to e talkin/ in 0aith to please -od+ Instead o0 sa!in/, @Well, I hope the Lord will heal her....,@ wh! don2t !ou :ust e Euiet until !ou /et the 8i le in !our spirit; I0 !ou would :ust e Euiet, !ou would e etter o00 ecause other people2s 0aith could work 0or !ou a little it. -od doesn2t want !ou to e Euiet. When !ou sit down and learn what the 8i le sa!s, Euote *cripture and talk like this 1an 3airus talked, -od will answer !ou. How did 3airus talk; He spoke words o0 0aith, and the! were scriptural. $he! re0erred to a doctrine o0 the church, He didn2t sa!, @Ma! e she will li%e, or I hope she will li%e.@ He said, @7nd she shall li%e.@ $hese are 0our o0 the 1ost i1portant words that he said.

Base 6our 5equest on 8od@s Bord

Re1e1 er this5 !ou can2t approach -od with reli/ious ideas and reli/ious state1ents. You need chapter and %erse. 3airus spoke in 0aith on a doctrine o0 the 'hurch. What is a doctrine o0 the 'hurch; $here are se%eral. *al%ation and aptis1 ! water are doctrines o0 the 'hurch. $he la!in/ on o0 hands is a doctrine o0 the 'hurch. I0 !ou don2t elie%e 1e, look at the e>a1ples in the .ew $esta1ent. Healin/ is all throu/h the .ew $esta1ent. $hose were doctrines o0 the .ew $esta1ent 'hurch. With a doctrine, !ou don2t ha%e a choice whether to do it i0 !ou want to. You do it ecause it is a doctrine o0 the 'hurch. In other words, I a1 tellin/ !ou oldl! ri/ht now that an! church in 71erica that does not ha%e the 1inistr! o0 la!in/ on o0 hands is out o0 -od2s will. Is that clear; $he! are not o e!in/ the 8i le. I don2t care what 2A

!al# by $aith

t!pe o0 church the! are, the! don2t ha%e the ri/ht to decide which doctrines the! want to appl! and which ones the! don2t want to appl!. Most all churches aptiGe with water in one 0ashion or another. Most all churches ha%e that doctrine, and that is correct. Wh!, then, can2t all churches appl! the doctrine o0 la!in/ on o0 hands; Let 1e e>plain so1ethin/ to !ou. I was raised in a church that had the doctrine o0 aptis1 with water and the doctrine o0 the la!in/ on o0 hands. 7s a 1atter o0 0act, o0 the thirteen or 0ourteen 1illion 1e1 ers around the world, e%er! 1e1 er pro a l! knows a out the doctrine o0 the la!in/ on o0 hands. You 1i/ht ask, @)o the! e%er appl! it in that t!pe o0 church;@ *ure, the! appl! it, ut onl! on one occasionBthe ti1e o0 ordination. When a !oun/ 1an is called to preach in that t!pe o0 church, se%eral 1inisters 1ust co1e into a/ree1ent that he is called and that he should e ordained. $he! Euestion hi1, then ha%e an ordination ser%ice where the! ordain hi1 to preach so he can /et his papers. 7t the ordination ser%ice, the! /ather around hi1, la! hands on hi1 and pra! 0or hi1, then send hi1 out to preach the -ospel o0 the Lord 3esus 'hrist. 7nd that is scriptural. 8ut the! don2t use the 1inistr! o0 the la!in/ on o0 hands 0or sick people, !et it is a doctrine o0 the 'hurch that 3esus used. It is a scriptural doctrine, a /ood, solid, 8i le doctrine. $hat church does it when so1eone is ordained, ut not 0or sick people, which is not correct. $he! need to la! hands on sick people. In truth, the! are diso e!in/ the Lord 3esus 'hrist ecause 3esus said in Mark 1,51A, They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall reco0er. -od e%en used <aul2s 29

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

hands to per0or1 1iracles. 7cts 19511,12 sa!s5

3nd 8od wrou-ht special miracles by the hands of 1aul: So that from his body were brou-ht unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the e0il spirits went out of them.

La! hands on cloths and aprons and handkerchie0s and put the1 on sick odies; You 1a! sa!, @Ma! e that is what the! did then, ut does it work toda!;@ Wh!, sure it works toda!+ It is in the .ew $esta1ent, isn2t it; =%er!thin/ in the .ew $esta1ent works toda!. )id !ou know that; We are supposed to ha%e all the doctrines o0 the .ew $esta1ent operatin/ in the 'hurch, not :ust part o0 the1. -od didn2t write the .ew $esta1ent so we could ha%e part o0 it. He wrote the .ew $esta1ent so we could ha%e all o0 itBe%er! doctrine and e%er! chapter and %erse+

8o by >aith, !ot by >eelin-s

.ow so1eone 1a! sa!, @8rother .or%el, I2%e had hands laid on 1e, ut I didn2t 0eel an!thin/.@ 3esus said, @La! !our hands on the sick, and the! shall reco%er@ 4Mark 1,51A, author2s paraphrase.6 What do 0eelin/s ha%e to do with it; 7ll !ou ha%e to do is elie%e. .ot lon/ a/o in the Indianapolis, Indiana con%ention center, a /irl was sittin/ in a wheelchair o%er a/ainst the wall. 70ter hands were laid on her, she continued to sit there 0or a out 0i%e to ten 1inutes. $hen all o0 a sudden while she was sittin/ there, the *pirit o0 -od e/an to deal with her, and she /ot up and walked. I ha%e seen people co1e down to the 0ront o0 the church to ha%e hands laid on the1 and watched the1 ho le ack up the walkwa! to their seat. $hen when the *pirit o0 -od 0alls upon the1, I2%e seen the1 throw their 3D

!al# by $aith

crutches down and :ust start walkin/. (ne ti1e when I was speakin/ at the sa1e ser%ice, two people le0t their wheelchairs e%en e0ore we started the ser%ice. <eople were so read! to e healed that 3esus started healin/ the1 in the hallwa! while the! were on their wa! to church. $hat is the wa! I like to see it. -od doesn2t deal with !ou accordin/ to what I elie%e. He deals with !ou accordin/ to !our 0aith. You recei%e accordin/ to !our 0aith. You 1a! sa!, @I don2t elie%e those *criptures.@ $hen the la!in/ on o0 hands isn2t /oin/ to help !ou. I could la! 1! hands on !ou until all !our hair 0ell out, ut it still wouldn2t help !ou ecause !ou didn2t elie%e to start with. $he healin/ power o0 3esus works in stran/e wa!s. I re1e1 er one ti1e when I was teachin/ the 8i le and the Lord said to 1e, @I want !ou to teach toni/ht on healin/ ! 0aith with no 0eelin/s.@ *o I tau/ht that ni/ht on healin/ ! 0aith and :ust si1pl! elie%in/ what the 8i le sa!s. <eople ca1e up, I laid 1! hands on the1, and it looked like no od! recei%ed an!thin/ 0ro1 -od. (ne 1an who had een a runner had to wear a race on his le/ :ust to walk. He hadn2t run in !ears. 70ter I 0inished pra!in/ 0or hi1, I walked in 0ront o0 all o0 the1 and said to the1, @Wh! are !ou healed;@ $he! said, @8ecause I o e!ed the 8i le.@ $hen I said a/ain, @Wh! are !ou healed;@ 7nd the! said, @8ecause I o e!ed the 8i le.@ When the church ser%ice was o%er, the 1an who had een a runner went ho1e and went to ed. He ne%er 0elt a thin/, ut the ne>t 1ornin/ he woke up, pushed the co%er ack, slun/ his le/s o%er on the side o0 his ed and put his 0eet on the 0loor. When he looked down at his le/, it was co1pletel! whole+ He put on his shoes, walked outside 31

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

and ran a 1ile. When he told all o0 this, I asked hi1 i0 he had 0elt an!thin/ 0ro1 the ti1e I laid 1! hands on hi1 until this 1o1ent, and he said, @.o, not one thin/.@ He si1pl! believed the *criptures, and 3esus 1ade his le/ whole while he was sleepin/. He acted ! 0aith.

=esus@ 5esponse
.ow notice how 3esus responds to 3airus2 0aith in Mark &52#5 7nd 3esus went with hi1. 3esus will alwa!s /o with !ou when !ou appl! the *criptures. You 1i/ht sa!, @What do !ou 1ean, 2/o with !ou2; He is alread! in 1e+@ I know He is. He will ne%er lea%e !ou nor 0orsake !ou 4He . 135&6, ut I a1 not talkin/ a out that. When I sa! that He will e with !ou, I 1ean that He will e/in to 1ani0est Hi1sel0 throu/h !ou ecause He will e takin/ those words !ou speak in line with the *criptures to -od. 3esus, in the last chapter o0 Mark, said, @I21 /oin/ to hea%en to sit on the ri/ht hand o0 the "ather and work with !ou accordin/ to the *criptures, con0ir1in/ the Word with si/ns 0ollowin/.@ 4Mark 1,519,2D, author2s paraphrase.6 )o !ou know that -od the "ather releases His power to !ou onl! i0 3esus rin/s Hi1 the correct in0or1ation 0ro1 !our 1outh; 7nd !our pra!er, 1! rother or sister, 1i/ht not e the correct in0or1ation. It all depends on i0 !ou are appl!in/ the *criptures. What the *criptures sa! are pro1ised to !ou. I0 !ou didn2t recei%e that thin/ that !ou were lookin/ 0or 0ro1 -od, then spend that ti1e huntin/ 0or chapter and %erse rather than hollerin/, @(h, -od, wh! 1e;@ *pend !our ti1e standin/ stead0ast on -od2s Word and not wa%erin/. )on2t e>pect so1eone else to do it 0or !ou. 32

!al# by $aith

You do it !oursel0+ M! rother or sister, when !ou were orn a/ain ! the *pirit o0 -od, !ou eca1e a 1e1 er o0 -od2s 'hurch, the 8od! o0 'hrist. You aren2t so1e little, old puppet that li%es down here on *pruce *treet. $hat isn2t who !ou are+ You are a kin/ and priest in 'hrist 3esus 4Re%. &51D6, and !ou ha%e a ri/ht to stand up strai/ht, walk strai/ht, s1ile strai/ht, talk strai/ht and clai1 what !ou need 0ro1 -od, ut !ou 1ust co1e to Hi1 re%erentl! and show Hi1 respect ! Euotin/ the 8i le and e>pectin/ to recei%e. $hen 3esus will walk e0ore the "ather, with chapter and %erse, and sa!, @Your child has a need and this is the *cripture he@ 4or @she@6 @is standin/ on.@ $hen -od will sa!, @Let it e said, and let it e done.@ 7nd when -od sa!s, @Let it e done,@ 1! rother or sister, de0eat is all o%er. -od2s power will co1e and 0low throu/h !our od! and dri%e out disease. -od2s power will co1e into !our crooked le/ and stretch !our le/ out. -od2s power will /i%e !ou a new heart. 8ut !ou 1ust co1e to the place that !ou can keep !our words in order. (therwise, !ou aren2t /oin/ to recei%e an!thin/ 0ro1 -od. 7ll !ou are /oin/ to do is li%e in a world o0 wonderin/. You will e wonderin/, @How did I /et here; Wh! don2t /ood thin/s happen to 1e; Wh! a1 I roke;@ 7nd the ne>t ti1e I see !ou, do !ou know what !ou will e; You will e a wonderer, :ust like !ou are ri/ht now. You ha%e to learn as Euickl! as !ou possi l! can to e sure and watch !our 1outh ecause that thin/ will not onl! /et !ou in trou le? it will keep !ou in trou le. $he 8i le won2t e%en work 0or !ou. =%en thou/h !ou 1a! asicall! lo%e -od, the 8i le won2t work 0or !ou i0 !ou don2t watch !our 1outh. 33

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

3esus said in Matthew 1253#, >or out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. $he Lord told 1e one ti1e, @*on, !ou don2t ha%e to :ud/e people.@ I thou/ht He was /oin/ to correct 1e when He said that. I thou/ht I had een :ud/in/ the1 too stron/, ut instead, He tau/ht 1e so1ethin/. He said, @You don2t ha%e to :ud/e an! od!. 3ust listen to the1 and their 1outh will alwa!s :ud/e the1.@ )id !ou know that; Your 1outh will alwa!s tell the condition o0 !our spirit. What co1es out o0 !our 1outh is what is in !our spirit. You can2t speak it out unless it is in there. It re%eals who !ou are and what condition !ou are in. I0 !ou want to 0ind out how 1uch this pastor down the street or that pastor on the other side o0 town knows a out -od, :ust /o listen to hi1, and !ou will know ! the words co1in/ out o0 his 1outh.

3ccept !othin- But Eictory

.ow /o ack to Mark &52#5
3nd =esus went with him9 and much people followed him, and thron-ed him. 3nd a certain woman, which had an issue of blood twel0e years, 3nd had suffered many thin-s of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothin- bettered, but rather -rew worse, Bhen she had heard of =esus, came in the press behind, and touched his -arment. >or she said, f may touch but his clothes, shall be whole. 3nd strai-htway the fountain of her blood was dried up9 and she felt in her body that she was healed of that pla-ue. 3nd =esus, immediately knowin- in himself that


!al# by $aith 0irtue had -one out of him, turned him about in the press, and said, Bho touched my clothes< 3nd his disciples said unto him, Thou seest the multitude thron-in- thee, and sayest thou, Bho touched me< 3nd he looked round about to see her that had done this thin-. But the woman fearin- and tremblin-, knowinwhat was done in her, came and fell down before him, and told him all the truth. 3nd he said unto her, ?au-hter, thy faith hath made thee whole9 -o in peace, and be whole of thy pla-ue. 7ark +:&(#)(

.ow notice, this wo1an was ein/ led ! the *pirit o0 -od. $he Hol! *pirit led this wo1an to press her wa! throu/h the crowd and to reach out in 0aith and touch the Lord 3esus 'hrist ecause she said, f may touch but his clothes, shall be whole. "or twel%e !ears she had spent all o0 her 1one! on doctors ut still was not whole. 8ut the *pirit o0 -od led her to put action to her 0aith. I elie%e that the *pirit o0 -od led her to plow her wa! throu/h the crowd :ust to touch Hi1. $he *pirit o0 -od did that. *he was led ! the *pirit o0 -od. What does it 1ean to e led ! the *pirit o0 -od; $o e led ! the *pirit o0 -od 1eans %ictor! 0or !ou in e%er! case. When the *pirit o0 -od leads !ou, !ou will show -od 0aith. .ow look at %erse 3&5 Bhile he yet spake, there came from the ruler of the syna-o-ue@s house certain which said, Thy dau-hter is dead: why troublest thou the 7aster any further< Re1e1 er 3airus who ca1e o%er and told 3esus to co1e and la! His hands on his dau/hter so she would e healed and li%e; Well, now she is dead. I don2t know i0 !ou are read! 0or this, ut I a1 /oin/ to 3&

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

/i%e it to !ou an!wa!5 @*o what;@ 3esus is $ruth. *o what i0 she is dead; $he spirit o0 death is the ene1! o0 -od+ Ro1ans &512 tells us that death entered into the world ecause o0 sin. 3esus ne%er would accept death ecause when the *pirit o0 -od is in !ou, !ou don2t accept the works o0 hell. You onl! accept what the 8i le sa!s, and that is %ictor!.

Be !ot 3fraid, Only Belie0e

"ollow this closel!BLook at %erse 3,5 3s soon as =esus heard the word that was spoken, he saith unto the ruler of the syna-o-ue, Be not afraid, only belie0e. "ear ro s 0aith 0ro1 !ou. $he e%il spirit o0 0ear ro s !our 0aith ecause he pries and tortures the natural part o0 !ou. 7nd i0 !ou don2t know that faith is the substance of thin-s hoped for, the e0idence of thin-s not seen 4He . 11516, then !ou will e/in to lean towards the natural ecause 0aith isn2t a part o0 !ou. 7nd the 1o1ent that !ou do, !ou will e cut o00 0ro1 the supernatural. You will e cut o00 0ro1 -od, and He won2t e a le to help !ou an!1ore. Is that clear; He can2t help !ou an!1ore. $he 8i le sa!s that the natural 1an understandeth not the thin/s o0 -od. 41 'or. 251#.6 .ot onl! does the natural part o0 !ou not know the will o0 -od, it can2t know. $hat is the reason that the de%il di/s and tortures !ou. He is tr!in/ to /et !ou to lean o%er to the natural ecause i0 !ou e%er do, !ou are whipped. -od is a 0aith -od, and the *pirit o0 -od will lead !ou to stand stead0ast in 0aith, ut the spirit o0 dou t and the spirit o0 0ear will co1e and tr! to 1ake !ou a0raid that it won2t happen. .otice what 3esus said to the ruler, the 0ather o0 the child who is dead. He said, 8e not a0raid, onl! elie%e 4Mark &53,6. "ear and 0aith don2t 1i>. You need to resist the spirit o0 0ear in order to walk 0orward in 0aith. 3,

!al# by $aith

You need to sa!, @In 3esus2 na1e, I resist the spirit o0 0ear. I co11and the spirit o0 0ear to /o 0ro1 1e.@ *o what did 3esus do; $he *criptures sa!,
3nd he suffered no man to follow him, sa0e 1eter, and =ames, and =ohn the brother of =ames. 3nd he cometh to the house of the ruler of the syna-o-ue, and seeth the tumult, and them that wept and wailed -reatly. 7ark +:)',)$

.ow i0 !our little /irl had died, !ou and !our relati%es would e in a lot o0 tur1oil too. *o1e o0 !ou would e passin/ out, and the! would e rin/in/ !ou to with ca1phor. (thers would e cr!in/ and wailin/, @(h, -od, wh! did this happen to 1e;@ 7nd it would take !ou si> 1onths to a !ear or two to /et o%er it. I know. I ha%e een throu/h it. I was ten !ears old when 1! 1other died, and we thou/ht !ou were supposed to 1ourn and cr! and wrin/ !our hands and run and screa1 0or a !ear. =%er! ti1e I heard a sad son/ I would /o and hide so1ewhere and cr! 0or thirt! 1inutes ecause it would re1ind 1e o0 1! 1other2s death. It was the sa1e wa! when 1! nineteenF!earFold rother who pla!ed 0oot all in hi/h school died. You don2t ha%e to die at thirt!Fse%en and lea%e ehind !our three s1all children. You don2t ha%e to die at nineteen. 8ut we didn2t know an!thin/ a out -od2s healin/ power. We were attendin/ a church that had lack oards with a si/n o%er the1 that said, @<ra! 0or the sick,@ and we put the sick people2s na1es on the lack oards. $he whole church would pra! 0or their na1es, and the! would all die. Writin/ na1es on a lack oard 0or healin/ isn2t in the 8i le, ut la!in/ hands on sick people in 3esus2 na1e is. 7nointin/ people with oil 37

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

in the na1e o0 3esus and takin/ authorit! o%er disease are in the 8i le, ut we didn2t know, so the! died. .ow so1eti1es !ou know what to do, ut !ou don2t ha%e the %ictor! in a particular area, and !ou ha%e a hard ti1e not dou tin/ -od. It was that wa! with 1e when 1! dau/hter ackslid. M! heart was co1pletel! roken and shattered into a thousand pieces, ut I couldn2t do an!thin/ a out it. $hen one da! the *pirit o0 -od 0ell upon 1e when I was in the car and told 1e what to do and where I had 1ade 1! 1istakes. .ow !ou would think that a /u! like 1e who /oes around the countr! teachin/ the 8i le would ha%e a little sense. 8ut I will tell !ou ri/ht now, !ou don2t ha%e hal0 as 1uch sense as !ou think !ou do when !ou /et in the Hol! <resence o0 the 7l1i/ht! -od. In other words, when !ou /et -od2s ideas on the su :ect, !ou will 0ind out how 1uch sense !ou reall! ha%e, and !ou will e utterl! a1aGed at how du1 !ou are. 8ut !ou will ne%er know how du1 !ou are until !ou /et into the Hol! <resence o0 -od and He pulls the curtains awa! 0ro1 !ou and lets !ou see e>actl! the wa! it is. 7t the ti1e, I had :ust co1e out o0 a 1eetin/ in *an 7ntonio, $e>as. When I had pra!ed 0or people, the! had 0allen all o%er the 0loor under the power o0 -od, and -od had healed the1. .ow three da!s later -od is tellin/ 1e, @You2%e een dou tin/ Me. You2%e een wonderin/ when I21 /oin/ to co1e and %isit !our dau/hter and rin/ her ack into M! 0a1il!. 7nd !ou2%e een wonderin/ wh! I ha%en2t hurried up and done it. Wh! don2t !ou repent o0 !our dou t and stand in 0aith, and I2ll do it 0or !ou; Her 0aith could ne%er /et Me to %isit her, ut !our 0aith could. Your 0aith is stron/ enou/h, ut !ou2re not appl!in/ !our 0aith correctl!. Instead, !ou2re lettin/ !our 1ind co1e in and start wonderin/.@ 3A

!al# by $aith

*o1eti1es !ou :ust need to /ra !our head and shake it and sa!, @8e Euiet+ *hut up+@ M! dau/hter needed that the ni/ht her an/el appeared to her. I had to /ra her and shake her ecause she was so scared that her teeth were rattlin/. I0 !ou had :ust 0loated in 0ro1 a ni/htclu and !our an/el appeared to !ou, what would !ou do; When the Lord told 1e to repent o0 1! dou t, put 1! 0aith to work, and He would %isit her,@ He knew what He was doin/. @8esides that,@ He said, @!ou ha%en2t een lo%in/ !our dau/hter like !ou should. $hat hasn2t een M! *pirit leadin/ !ou to lo%e !our dau/hter that wa!.@ When !ou check up on !oursel0, !ou would e surprised how 1an! thin/s !ou do that the Hol! *pirit doesn2t lead !ou to do. @.ow,@ He said, @let Me lead !ou. When !our dau/hter co1es in, look at her and sa!, 2I lo%e !ou, and 3esus lo%es !ou,2 then shut up.@ $he 0irst ni/ht I tried to do that I had to 1ake 1!sel0 do it. I wanted to sa! what I had een sa!in/, @Where ha%e !ou een until two o2clock in the 1ornin/; I didn2t raise !ou like that+@ 8ut the Lord said, @*hut up+@ so I shut up. You 1i/ht think !ou ha%e a ri/ht to sa! what !ou want to !our child ecause !ou are their parent. You 1i/ht think !ou ha%e a ri/ht to /o around and /i%e !our child orders and lo%e !our child an! wa! !ou want to. I ha%e news 0or !ou5 !ou don2t ha%e the ri/ht. You ha%e the 8i le, and !ou ha%e the *pirit o0 -od, and that is all !ou ha%e. -od lo%es !ou, ut it is your responsi ilit! to elie%e what the 8i le sa!s so the Hol! *pirit can lead !ou. You ha%e to listen to what -od sa!s and do it. $here is :ust no wa! around it.

Stand in >aith
.ow where the a%era/e 'hristian 1isses it is ri/ht 39

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

hereBthe! act like 3airus2 relati%es and 0riends instead o0 like 3airus. .otice what 3airus does when his relati%es and 0riends are in such a tu1ult. He keeps walkin/+ @)idn2t he hear what the 1essen/er had told hi1 earlierBThy dau-hter is dead: why troublest thou the 7aster any further< 4Mark &53&6 In other words, @What2s the 1atter with !ou, Mister;@ 8ut instead o0 listenin/ to the people or listenin/ to the 1essen/er, he listens to 3esus who said, Be not afraid, only belie0e 4%. 3,6, and :ust keeps on walkin/ toward the house. Wh!; 8ecause the 0ather elie%ed in 3esus2 words and elie%ed in the words that he, hi1sel0, had spoken earlier5 ,ome and lay thy hands on her, that she may be healed9 and she shall li0e 4%. 236. He is appl!in/ his 0aith ! usin/ a doctrine o0 the 'hurch, the la!in/ on o0 hands, and elie%es that she will li%e. 9n0ortunatel! 1ost people will not stand stead0ast in 0aith lon/ enou/h 0or the /reat and 1i/ht! lessin/s o0 -od to co1e upon the1. I a1 not talkin/ a out :ust a 0ew o0 the1 here, I a1 talkin/ pro a l! a out ninet!Fei/ht percent o0 the1. $he! :ust won2t do it. 7nd as a result, the! 1iss out. .ow look a/ain at the last 0our words that the 0ather said in %erse 235 and she shall li0e. 3esus said in Mark 11523 that !ou can ha%e whatsoe%er !ou sa!, and 3airus said, and she shall li0e. $he 0ather said that in 0aith a out his dau/hter, and she shall li%e. $hose are the last 0our words he said, and she shall li%e. $here are no 1a! e2s a out it. 3esus said !ou can ha%e whate%er !ou sa! i0 !ou will onl! elie%e, and the 0ather said, and she shall li%e. *he did, and so can !ou.



Talk Hea0en Talk

3nd C8odD calleth those thin-s which be not as thou-h they were. 5omans (:*'

What is hea%en talk; It is a lan/ua/e that looks de0eat strai/ht in the 0ace and calls it %ictor!. It is the lan/ua/e o0 hea%en. It is the lan/ua/e that 3esus used when He told the relati%es and 0riends o0 3airus who were 1ournin/ at his house, The damsel is not dead, but sleepeth 4Mark &5396. 8ut she was dead+ 8ut 3esus said she wasn2t+ 8ut she was. 8ut He said she wasn2t. .ow that will :ar the natural part o0 !ou. $hat will :ar the hu1an side o0 !ou, and !ou will co1e ali%e and auto1aticall! e/in to sa!, @.o, no, no, that isn2t correct, 3esus+ *he is in there in her roo1. *he has een dead 0or a lon/ ti1eBthree or 0our hours. We sent a 1an to tell You so a lon/ ti1e a/o. )idn2t You /et our 1essa/e;@ What !ou ha%e to understand here is that she was dead, ut 3esus said she wasn2t, ut she was. $his 1a! sound con0usin/, ut it reall! 1akes per0ect sense ecause there are two lan/ua/es ein/ spoken in two di00erent worlds here. (ne lan/ua/e is ein/ spoken in the natural worldBthe world that !ou, I and the 0a1il! li%e in. It is earthl! lan/ua/e. In earthl! lan/ua/e, she is dead. *he has taken her last reath and isn2t reathin/ an!1ore. $he spirit o0 death has co1e and attacked her with so1e disease or a00liction and has taken the li0e ri/ht out o0 her, and she is dead, speakin/ in earthl! ter1s. #1

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

You 1i/ht sa!, @Wh! did He sa! she was not dead when she was dead;@ 3esus was ein/ led ! the *pirit o0 -od to speak hea%en words on earth, and there is no death in hea%en.

Fnow Bho 6ou 3re in ,hrist

.ow when !ou are orn a/ain ! the *pirit o0 -od, !ou ha%e a ri/ht to talk hea%en talk, too. 8ut :ust ecause !ou ha%e a ri/ht to talk hea%en talk is no /uarantee that !ou will. Man! 'hristians elie%e that the! talk hea%en talk ecause the! are sa%ed and 3esus rescued the1, ut the! don2t. 3esus lesses the1 ecause the! are a child o0 -od and worship Hi1 and lo%e Hi1. $he! work 0or Hi1, and He lesses the1. 8ut that is no si/n that the! talk hea%en talk or will e%er see a 1iracle as lon/ as the! li%e. In order to see a 1iracle o0 -od2s power, !ou ha%e to know who you are in 'hrist 3esus, and !ou ha%e to learn a new lan/ua/e. $hat lan/ua/e is not ton/ues. You can2t learn ton/ues. When !ou speak in ton/ues, !ou don2t know what !ou are sa!in/ and neither does an! od! else. -od sa!s,
>or he that speaketh in an unknown ton-ue speaketh not unto men, but unto 8od: for no man understandeth him9 howbeit in the spirit he speaketh mysteries. * ,orinthians *(:&

He speaks in 1!steries in the *pirit. (nl! the Hol! -host can interpret what !ou sa! when !ou speak in other ton/ues. He knows what !our spirit is sa!in/, ut no od! else does. *peakin/ in ton/ues is a /i0t and is in a lan/ua/e that !ou don2t understand. $he new lan/ua/e I a1 talkin/ a out learnin/ is a lan/ua/e that !ou can understand. It is a lan/ua/e that #2

Tal# Heaven Tal#

looks death and disease strai/ht in the 0ace and co11ands the1 to lea%e. It is a lan/ua/e that is ased on -od2s Word.

Fnow the Spirit Throu-h the Bord

$he Hol! *pirit will help !ou. He is a <erson. He is a )i%ine <ersonalit! sent 0ro1 hea%en to li%e inside !ou to teach !ou the wa!s o0 -od and to lead !ou into all truth. He talks to !our spirit throu/h the Word o0 -od. 8ut i0 the Word o0 -od is not in !our spirit, how can He talk hea%en talk to !ou; He can2t+ It is :ust as si1ple as that. He can2t. *o1e people think that ecause the! are sa%ed and aptiGed in the Hol! -host that the Hol! -host is /oin/ to lead the1 into %ictor!. What the Hol! *pirit is /oin/ to do is to lead !ou into the knowled/e o0 the Word that !ou ha%e put into !our spirit. $hat is the wa! He is /oin/ to lead !ou. 7nd i0 !ou ha%e not taken the ti1e !oursel0 to put the 8i le into !our spirit, how can the Hol! *pirit e%er help !ou; $he Hol! *pirit won2t un0old to !ou a out 3a1es &51#,1& i0 !ou ha%en2t read a out it e0ore. How can He; You ha%en2t een takin/ the ti1e to stud! it. 7s a result, !ou don2t talk hea%en talk, ut I a1 tellin/ !ou that -od wants !ou to e led ! the *pirit o0 -od in e%er!thin/. 8ut the *pirit o0 -od onl! leads throu/h the knowled/e o0 His Word. .ow !ou 1i/ht sa!, @$he *pirit o0 -od doesn2t e%er co1e upon 1e and tell 1e to do an!thin/.@ He doesn2t ecause !ou don2t know an! *cripture. )o !ou understand that; You don2t know 1uch o0 the Word. How can He tell !ou i0 the *criptures aren2t in !ouBi0 !ou don2t know the1; How can He /i%e !ou an order; You wouldn2t e%en know what He was talkin/ a out. #3

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

8ut i0 !ou will take the ti1e to learn who !ou are in 'hrist 3esus and will eco1e a 8i le reader and a 8i le elie%er and will /et those *criptures in !our spirit, then the Hol! -host will speak to !our spirit a out those *criptures. He will re1ind !ou who !ou are in 'hrist 3esus and what the 8i le sa!s. $hat is the reason that -od warns the 'hurch not to ha%e weak elders and deacons on their oards. Wh!; How can a weak 1an help so1e od!; -od doesn2t want leaders in the 'hurch who aren2t stron/. -od wants leaders who can walk in !our 0ront door when !ou are de0eated and sa!, @.o !ou don2t, de%il+ .ot to this 0a1il! !ou don2t+@ He doesn2t want so1eone 0loatin/ in 0ro1 the church sa!in/, @I :ust don2t understand what happened here. )o !ou know; I don2t.@ *o1eone like that needs to /o ho1e, /et under the ed and sta! there until the! 0ind ut who the! are in 'hrist 3esus+ 'hurch leaders like that are dan/erous out in pu lic. -od doesn2t less i/norance or weakness. He tells the stron/ to help the weak. $he 8i le sa!s, He that is weak, let him say he is stron-. 43oel 351D.6 Let hi1 sa! it+ Let hi1 sa! it+ Let hi1 sa! it+ You ha%e to say !ou are stron/ e%en i0 !ou are weak. You ha%e to reco/niGe !our weaknesses and start sa!in/ !ou are stron/. You can do so1ethin/ a out it+ You ha%e as 1uch ri/ht as the ne>t /u! to do so1ethin/. $here is no od! in the world that -od lo%es 1ore than He lo%es !ou. 8ut !ou will ha%e to learn to talk hea%en talk. $he *pirit o0 -od will onl! lead !ou to talk hea%en talk. )o !ou understand that;

Stay Balanced
)id !ou e%er hear so1e od! sa!, @I 0elt led o0 the ##

Tal# Heaven Tal#

*pirit to write se%en checks, ut I didn2t ha%e an! 1one! in the ank;@ $hat wasn2t the *pirit+ $hat2s not what the Word told the1 to do. $hat was their idea+ You are supposed to ha%e enou/h co11on sense to know how to look at !our check ook and 0i/ure out that !ou don2t ha%e an! 1one! in the ank. You aren2t supposed to /o around writin/ a unch o0 checks with no 1one! in the ank. .ow -od 1a! co%er one or two o0 the1 0or !ou, ut i0 !ou keep that up, He isn2t /oin/ to co%er the1, and e%entuall! !ou will /et into a 1ess. When I /o to the penitentiaries, I talk to people like that. $he! sa!, @8ut I didn2t 1ean to, Mister Ha!es. I didn2t 1ean to. I0 I had it to do o%er a/ain, I wouldn2t do that. What 1akes !ou think I would do that a/ain;@ $hen I sa!, @8ecause !ou were stupid. You listened to the de%il.@ $hen the! /i%e 1e this du1 0ounded look and sa!, @$he de%il+ Who2s the de%il;@ 9n0ortunatel! 1ost people don2t e%en know who the de%il is+ $hen there are the people who actuall! think the! ha%e a ri/ht to talk an! wa! the! want to and do whate%er the! want to. $he! /o around sa!in/, @I21 a 'hristian, and -od will co%er 1e. I elon/ to -od, and I trust the Lord, so whate%er I decide is pro a l! what -od would ha%e decided an!wa!.@ You and -od 1a! not end up decidin/ the sa1e wa!. He wants !ou to elie%e the 8i le and talk hea%en talk and stop talkin/ earth talkBe>cept when !ou /o to see !our relati%es. You ha%e to talk a little earth talk with the1 :ust to e 0riendl!. You 1i/ht sa! so1ethin/ like, @How are !ou doin/, 7unt 8essie; )o !ou ha%e an! coconut pie;@ @Yes, I ha%e so1e.@ @I2ll take a piece, thank !ou.@ .ow I lo%e 1! relati%es, ut since I /ot aptiGed in the Hol! -host and e/an to pra! with other ton/ues and cast out de%ils and pra! 0or the sick, :ust /oin/ to %isit and talk #&

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

natural earth talk can see1 dull at ti1es. @)o !ou cast out de%ils, 8rother .or%el;@ @Yes, I do. )on2t !ou;@ )e%ils don2t let !our 1ind think strai/ht, so !ou need to take authorit! o%er the1 and ind the1 up. =%en thou/h !ou are a *piritF0illed 'hristian, de%ils can still press in on !our 1ind and not let !ou think strai/ht. $he! 1ake !ou look at what is happenin/ in the natural real1. Who cares what is happenin/; I0 !ou don2t like what is happenin/, call it the wa! !ou want it to e, and that is the wa! it will e. It will turn out :ust the opposite o0 the wa! the circu1stances appear.

,all Those Thin-s That Be !ot

Look at what Ro1ans #517,1A sa!s 7 raha1 did5
G3s it is written, ha0e made thee a father of many nations,H before him whom he belie0ed, e0en 8od, who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those thin-s which be not as thou-h they were. Bho a-ainst hope belie0ed in hope, that he mi-ht become the father of many nations, accordin- to that which was spoken, So shall thy seed be.

7 raha1 wanted a son, and -od had pro1ised hi1 one, !et his wi0e had passed her childF earin/ !ears. *o he called it the wa! he wanted it to e, and he had a son. He walked around speakin/ in 0aith. 7nd whether !ou know it or not, -od 1ade 7 raha1 like unto -od, and he is !our 0ather and 1! 0ather. He is not !our eternal "ather. -od is !our eternal "ather. 8ut 7 raha1 is !our 0ather o0 0aith. What 7 raha1 did sounds :ust like what 3esus did when He saw 3airus2 dau/hter. He stood ri/ht up in the 0ace o0 de0eat and con0essed %ictor!. He stood in the 0ace o0 death and said, @.o, I won2t accept that. I sa! she li%es. #,

Tal# Heaven Tal#

*he is not dead.@ $he *pirit o0 -od was in Hi1 and was leadin/ Hi1 to sa! that, ut the people lau/hed Hi1 to scorn ecause it sounded like 0oolishness. It was too di00erent 0ro1 what the! had seen with their e!es. *o the! did not elie%e. 8ecause o0 their un elie0, 3esus puts the1 all out, then takes the 0ather and the 1other o0 the da1sel and the1 that were with the1 and enters into the roo1 where the da1sel is l!in/. 4Mark &5#D.6 Cerse #1 sa!s that He took the da1sel ! the hand and said to her5 ?amsel, say unto thee, arise. 3nd she arose. *he li%ed ecause He re0used to accept the spirit o0 death, and He dared to call those thin/s which e not as thou/h the! are. You don2t ha%e to accept the thin/s the de%il /i%es to !ou? do !ou understand that; You don2t ha%e to. You ha%e a ri/ht to call those thin/s which e not as thou/h the! were. I0 3esus had not called those thin/s that e not as thou/h the! were, He would ha%e said, @(ka!, she2s dead. Let2s ur! her.@ I0 he had, then He would ha%e a/reed with the spirit o0 death, ut the 8i le tells us that the spirit o0 death is an ene1! o0 -od, and !ou know that 3esus is not /oin/ to a/ree with the de%il. 7s a 1atter o0 0act, !ou can2t 0ind an!where in the 8i le that 3esus e%er a/rees with the de%il. 7nd i0 !ou ha%e e%er read the ook o0 Re%elation, !ou will know that the de%il will ulti1atel! e cast into the lake o0 0ire and so will death. 4Re%. 2D51D,1#.6 $he! will e the last ene1ies to e destro!ed, so He isn2t a out to a/ree with the1. .ow the people outside who had lau/hed 3esus to scorn :ust 1o1ents e0ore weren2t lau/hin/ an!1ore. 7s a 1atter o0 0act, the *criptures sa!5
3nd they were astonished with a -reat


How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit astonishment. 3nd he char-ed them straitly that no man should know it9 and commanded that somethin- should be -i0en her to eat. 7ark +:(&,()

Wh! didn2t He want the1 to know it; 8ecause the! would kill Hi1+ You won2t ha%e too 1an! 0riends when !ou start o e!in/ the 8i le either. When !ou start speakin/ in new ton/ues and castin/ out de%ils and tellin/ all o0 !our 0riends a out it, see how 1an! !ou ha%e le0t. -o ahead. 'all the1 all up and tell the1, @I cast out de%ils in 3esus2 na1e.@ 8rother, the! won2t e at !our house *unda! 0or lunch. $he! reall! won2t. 7nd it is too ad ecause it is all scriptural, and it is all eauti0ul. 7nd !our 0riends who don2t understand don2t know what the!2re 1issin/. 3esus wanted to li%e out His ti1e like He was supposed to and die on the cross like He was supposed to so that !ou and I can walk around in peace and :o!. He did it so that we can talk a out a -od Who lo%es us and talk a out a -od Who has 1ore power than the de%il and talk a out a -od Who sets our spirits 0ree. 7nd we are supposed to tell others ecause 3esus said to. 8ut to so1e people it doesn2t 1ake an! di00erence what 3esus said. $o the1 it is what people think that 1akes a di00erence. You can2t /o ! what people think+ You ha%e to /o ! what the 8i le sa!s.

Speak to 6our 7ountain

7while ack, a wo1an walked up to 1e all 1ad and shook up in a con%ention where I was speakin/ and said, @Mr. Ha!es+@ I said, @Yes, 1a2a1.@ *he said, @I don2t elie%e what !ou teach+@ I said, @Well, I21 sorr! !ou don2t elie%e #A

Tal# Heaven Tal#

the 8i le, 1a2a1.@ *he said, @I elie%e the 8i le+@ I said, @(h, ut !ou don2t elie%e what I teach;@ @$hat2s ri/ht, I don2t elie%e what !ou teach ecause it doesn2t work,@ she said. $hen I said, @What did I sa! that wasn2t chapter and %erse;@ @Well,@ she said, @I don2t know, ut what !ou sa! doesn2t work. M! hus and /ot cancer when he was 0ort!F one !ears old, and he died. 8ut he elie%ed that the Lord was /oin/ to heal hi1 ri/ht up until the last reath. 7ll o0 our *piritF0illed 'hristian 0riends pra!ed 0or hi1, ut he died an!wa!. It :ust doesn2t work.@ 7 out that ti1e, the *pirit o0 -od said to 1e, @Minister Mark 11523 to her. He didn2t o e! that.@ *o I said, @Let 1e ask !ou a Euestion. )id !our hus and e%er talk to the cancer;@ 7nd she said, @.o, I ne%er did hear hi1 holdin/ a con%ersation with the cancer.@ I said, @Well, Mark 11523 sa!s that whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou remo0ed, and be thou cast into the sea9 and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall belie0e, it will done for him. Is !our hus and included in the whosoever%& 7nd she said, @Well, !es.@ $hen I asked her, @)id !ou e%er hear !our hus and sa!in/, 2'ancer, !ou can2t kill 1e. 'ancer, /et out o0 1! od!. 'ancer, /o 0ro1 1e in 3esus2 na1e. I co11and !ou to /o 0ro1 1e in 3esus2 na1e. 'ancer, I21 not /i%in/ !ou an! choice. I said /o 0ro1 1e in 3esus2 na1e.2@ 7lwa!s re1e1 er, i0 !ou /i%e cancer a choice, it will kill !ou. 7nd that 1an, who died with cancer, /a%e cancer a choice. M! 1other, 1! own 0lesh and lood 1other, died with cancer at the a/e o0 thirt!Fse%en, ut she /a%e cancer a choice waitin/ to see i0 -od was /oin/ to do an!thin/ a out it or not. $he 8i le has alread! een spoken out o0 the 1outh o0 #9

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

-od, and the 8i le has alread! een written. -od isn2t /oin/ to do an!1ore. -od does 0or !ou what !ou do. 7ll the ti1e and e%er! ti1e, -od does what !ou do, and He will do it 0or an! od!. When 3esus said @whosoe%er,@ that is e>actl! what He 1eant, @whosoe%er.@ I0 !ou don2t want so1ethin/, co1e a/ainst it in 3esus2 na1e and tell it to /et out, and it will lea%e !ou. I said, @Read it 0or !oursel0, 1a2a1, and stud! it.@ $hen she said, @)o !ou 1ean to tell 1e that 1! hus and was one %erse o0 *cripture awa! 0ro1 li0e, and i0 he had o e!ed this, he could ha%e li%ed and not died;@ @$hat2s e>actl! what I21 tellin/ !ou,@ I said, @since healin/ can e :ust one %erse o0 *cripture awa!.@ What !ou ha%e to understand is that e%er! doctor in the hospital can sa! !ou are /oin/ to die with that disease, and the! are tellin/ !ou the truth ecause the! are speakin/ 0ro1 the natural. 8ut I a1 tellin/ !ou that !ou are onl! one %erse o0 *cripture awa! 0ro1 per0ect healthB :ust one %erse+ $hat one %erse can cause -od2s power to co1e into !our od! and dri%e out all a00liction. $hat one %erse has to co1e out o0 !ou, and !ou ha%e to clai1 it 0or !oursel0. It has to e in !our spirit like !our ri/ht ar1 is a part o0 !our od!. $hat one %erse o0 *cripture has to e in !our spirit, :ust that stron/. 8ut it will ne%er eco1e a part o0 !ou unless !ou are willin/ to stud! it, 1e1oriGe it and con0ess it hundreds and hundreds o0 ti1es ecause faith cometh by hearin-, and hearin- by the word of 8od 4Ro1. 1D5176. 7nd i0 !ou don2t hear !oursel0 sa! it, it will ne%er eco1e a part o0 !ou, not to the point that it will work 0or !ou. You 1i/ht sa!, @I ha%en2t studied the healin/ %erses in the 8i le or 1e1oriGed the1 !et, ut I know the!2re in &D

Tal# Heaven Tal#

there.@ $hen !ou had etter start. *1ith Wi//lesworth, a twentieth centur! apostle o0 0aith, said that i0 !ou wait until !ou /et sick to elie%e -od 0or !our healin/, then !ou ha%e waited too lon/ ecause !ou are supposed to /et the *cripture in !ou when !ou are well. $hen when the de%il co1es and knocks !ou in the ed, !ou aren2t tr!in/ to elie%e -od in this area 0or the 0irst ti1e.

6ou ,an ,han-e 6our ,ircumstances

*o what are !ou waitin/ 0or; *peak to !our 1ountain and call those thin/s that e not as thou/h the! were. You ha%e a -odF/i%en ri/ht since !ou ha%e een orn a/ain ! the *pirit o0 -od and the third person o0 the $rinit! li%es in !ou. *o wh! don2t !ou decide, ri/ht now, what !ou want to chan/e. $he Hol! *pirit will ne%er help !ou chan/e the situation until !ou 1ake up !our 1ind that !ou will look strai/ht at it and call it di00erent. 8ut until !ou co1e to that place, the Hol! *pirit will ne%er help !ou, ne%er. .ow, whate%er !ou want to chan/e, call it di00erent with !our 1outh. I0 !our hus and has a stinkin/ attitude, call hi1 sweet. I0 !our children sass !ou, start con0essin/, @M! children are sweet and nice.@ Re1e1 er, the *pirit o0 -od li%es in !ou, and !ou 1ust con0ess %ictor! so He can work 0or !ou. I0 !our od! is weak, call !oursel0 stron/. I0 !ou 0eel like !ou ha%e not een lo%in/ 3esus enou/h or worshippin/ 3esus enou/h, start sa!in/, @I lo%e You, 3esus. I worship You, 3esus.@ *tart con0essin/ the thin/ that !ou were not doin/ e0ore so !ou can /et it on the inside o0 !our spirit and 1ake it a part o0 !ou. I0 !our od! is sick, don2t call it sick. 'all it healed. $he 8i le sa!s, Let the weak say, am stron- 43oel 351D6. )on2t sa! it two or three &1

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

or 0our or 0i%e ti1es a week then stop. *a! it o%er and o%er a/ain, a hundred ti1es, two hundred ti1es, three or 0our hundred ti1es until it eco1es a part o0 !ou. I0 !ou will listen to the *pirit o0 -od, He will lead !ou that wa! e%er! da!. Listen to Hi1, and e led ! the *pirit o0 -od in !our con0ession. I0 !ou decide not to listen to the *pirit o0 -od, I21 /oin/ to tell !ou ri/ht now what !ou are /oin/ to sa! e%er! da!Bnothin/ 1uch. $hat is !ou ein/ led ! !ou. $o 0ollow the Hol! *pirit, !ou ha%e to 1ake up !our 1ind that !ou are /oin/ to o e! -od instead o0 !oursel0. It isn2t what !ou want to do that 1atters. Who cares what !ou want to do; )o what -od wants !ou to do. He wants !ou to Euote the *criptures so He can per0or1 the1 0or !ou. *o wh! wait;



,ast Out ?e0ils and Heal the Sick;

3nd H3esusI -a0e them power and authority o0er all de0ils, and to cure diseases. Luke %:*

)e%ils cause all the har1 on earth, and !ou ha%e power o%er all o0 the1. 8ut i0 you don2t #now that you have power over them' then the! won2t e%en listen to !ou. You ha%e to #now who !ou are and stand in !our authorit! in 'hrist 3esus. Luke 951 is a %erse that will /et all o0 the weakness out o0 !ou5 Then he called his twel0e disciples to-ether, and -a0e them power and authority o0er all de0ils, and to cure diseases. 7ll !ou ha%e to do is know !our authorit! in Hi1 and sa!, @In 3esus2 na1e, de%ils and disease, /et out+ -et out o0 this roo1+ In 3esus2 na1e, /et out+ I elon/ to -od, so /o 0ro1 1e+@ *o1e people 1a! sa!, @8rother .or%el, I can2t do it that wa!.@ Yes, the! can i0 the! will pra! 0or a hol! oldness. $he Hol! -host will help the1. 8ut the! ha%e to pra! 0or hol! oldness so the! ha%e no sha1e in the1. Man! ti1es what ro s 'hristians, -od2s 0a1il!, is the natural pride the! ha%e in the1. We can2t ha%e an! pride when it co1es to o e!in/ the -ospel.

Heal the Sick

Let 1e /i%e !ou an e>a1ple o0 how the *pirit o0 -od led 1e to heal the sick awhile ack. I was on 1! wa! &3

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

ho1e 0ro1 a "ull -ospel 8usiness1en2s con%ention when I stopped at a con%enience store in .ash%ille, $ennessee. I was lookin/ around the counters waitin/ to 0ill 1! car up with /as when the *pirit o0 -od drew 1! attention to this lad!. *he looked like she was a out twent!Fei/ht !ears o0 a/e. *o I went up to her and said, @Youn/ lad!, let 1e ask !ou a Euestion. 7re !ou in pain;@ @Yes, sir,@ she said, @I ha%e a 1i/raine headache. *o1eti1es I e%en eat 1! head a/ainst the wall. When the! last 0or se%en or ei/ht da!s, the! nearl! kill 1e. $his one has een with 1e now 0or Euite a while.@ I said, @You will ne%er ha%e one a/ain a0ter we pra!.@ $hen I asked her i0 she and her hus and would like to step inside 1! 1otor ho1e so we could pra!. (nce we went in the 1otor ho1e, I :ust put 1! hands on her head and said, @I reak !our power, *atan, in 3esus2 na1e.@ 7ll o0 a sudden, the power o0 -od hit her, and she e/an to weep. *he so ed and so ed. $hen the Hol! -host rou/ht her co1plete %ictor!, and I knew it. *o I said, @*he2s healed. *he2s well.@ $hen I :ust acked o00 and e/an to thank the Lord. *he sat there saturated in the lo%e o0 -od and the peace o0 -od, and she wept and wept. "inall! I said, @You2re 0ree now. You2re 0ree.@ 70ter a while she could /et enou/h reath to talk and said, @$hat2s ri/ht. I21 0ree. It2s all /one. I21 0ree.@ $hen I looked o%er at her hus and and said, @You could do that i0 !ou2d pa! the price to do it. You could see 1iracles, deli%erances, and crooked le/s strai/htened. 8ut the! don2t co1e cheap. )o !ou understand that; -od2s /ot a test !ou2re /oin/ to ha%e to pass.@ @What test is that;@ he asked. @7 raha12s test,@ I said, @.o 1ore and no less. -od 1ade 7 raha1 like unto Hi1sel0, and -od 1ade 7 raha1 1! 0ather and !our 0ather o0 0aith. *o !our 0aith &#

(ast )ut *evils and Heal the Si+#,

has to e like 7 raha12s 0aithBno 1ore and no less.@ I talked a out Ro1ans #517. I0 onl! I could ha%e 1et her ei/ht !ears a/o, all the pain and a/on! she has een /oin/ throu/h could ha%e een o%er with ! now. 8ut she has een puttin/ up with it around 'hristian people 0or all o0 those !ears. M! rother or sister, when the *pirit o0 -od co1es upon !ou and /i%es !ou an order, He needs to know that !ou won2t /i%e up. $he *pirit o0 -od would not ha%e e%en dealt with 1e to pra! 0or that wo1an in the store i0 He hadn2t known that I wouldn2t /i%e up until that spirit was roken. He knew that I would :ust keep on and on and on until it was roken. I had intended to sta! there until that old 0oul spirit that had een around her 0or ei/ht !ears causin/ headaches le0t. He knew I would :ust stand o%er the1 and sa!, @.o !ou don2t, de%il, in 3esus2 na1e. .o !ou don2t. .o !ou don2t.@ You :ust ha%e to 1ake up !our 1ind and sa!, @.o,@ to the de%il. $he *pirit o0 -od alwa!s leads !ou to sa! to the de%il, @.o+@ =%er! ti1e !ou co1e upon so1ethin/ that is /oin/ to cause !ou har1 and de0eat, open up !our 1outh and sa!, @)e%il, no+@ )on2t e%er look at the situation and start wonderin/. $hat will onl! lead !ou into a unch o0 con0usion, and !ou won2t e%en know who !ou are or i0 -od did it or the de%il did it. Re1e1 er, whene%er an!thin/ doesn2t rin/ :o!, peace, power or lo%e, sa!, @.o+@ and !ou will stay 0ree ecause the Word 1akes !ou 0ree.

,ast Out ?e0ils

I don2t know i0 !ou know it or not, ut i0 !ou ha%en2t 0ound out, I will let !ou in on a little in0or1ation. You can2t hide 0ro1 -od. *o1eti1es people think, @I21 :ust &&

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

/oin/ to catch a plane and /o out so1ewhere and /et awa! 0ro1 e%er!thin/.@ I ha%e news 0or !ou. I don2t care i0 !ou /o to 70rica and /et ehind a ush, -od will e ri/ht on the other side o0 the ush lookin/ at !ou, sa!in/, @What are !ou doin/ here; I still want !ou to cast out de%ils.@ 7nd !ou will sa!, @(h, not 1e, Lord, not 1e. I21 :ust a nice housewi0e, Lord. I21 :ust a nice 0ellow, Lord. I :ust want to e a decent citiGen.@ I used to tell Hi1 that. I would sa!, @Lord, :ust let 1e e a /ood 1e1 er o0 1! church. I want to e a usiness1an. I :ust want to e a nice 0ellow, Lord. I don2t want to /et in%ol%ed with these /oo0ed up people. )on2t let 1e /et in%ol%ed with the1, Lord. I :ust want to e a nice 0ellow.@ (ne ti1e it happened to 1eBHe said, @*on, I want !ou to cast out de%ils.@ I said, @7h, listen, Lord, 1! church ne%er tau/ht 1e to cast out de%ils.@ I thou/ht i0 I told Hi1 I was /oin/ to church, and He knew that I hadn2t learned that in church that He would let 1e o00 the hook. 8ut ha%e I /ot news 0or !ou+ -od doesn2t /o ! what a church does or doesn2t do, especiall! when the church doesn2t do all the doctrines o0 the .ew $esta1ent church. He /oes ! the 8i le+ *o I said, @-od, I don2t know how to cast out de%ils. $he! ne%er tau/ht 1e that at church.@ When I said that, he said to 1e in no uncertain ter1s, @$he si>teenth chapter o0 the ook o0 *aint Mark teaches !ou+@ I said, @(h, !eah.@ $hen He re1inded 1e, @7nd !ou read it and studied it last week+@ I said, @(h, !es, Lord, !es. I do re1e1 er.@ 8ut He didn2t stop there, and He said, @Well, now that !ou know, /o up and cast the de%il out o0 that /irl.@ I said, @(h, Lord, I2%e /ot 0riends here. 7nd esides that, what i0 I tr! to cast the de%il out, and it doesn2t /o; I would reall! e e1 arrassed, Lord.@ $he people in the church I went to ha%e a lot o0 pride. I didn2t want to /o up there and tr! to &,

(ast )ut *evils and Heal the Si+#,

cast the de%il out o0 so1e od! ecause o0 1! pride. 8ut I wound up /oin/, and I was /oin/ under the power o0 -od. 7nd I wound up castin/ the de%il out o0 the /irl. 7nd it le0t, and -od2s power 0ell all o%er the place. $he people in the church wound up shoutin/ all o%er e%er!where, and I /ot 0ort!F0i%e hu/s and a 0ew kisses. Wh!; 8ecause I did what -od said to do and cast out the de%il. .ow I21 tellin/ !ou so1ethin/ else, when !ou cast the de%il out o0 so1e od!, the! will lo%e !ou 0or the rest o0 their li0e. $he! reall! will. In 0act, the Lord told 1e one ti1e, @You ha%e to watch so1e people, son, ecause i0 !ou cast the de%il out o0 the1, the! will lo%e !ou too 1uch.@ He said, @$he! will /ra !ou and start kissin/ !ou all o%er !our 0ace, and !ou will ha%e to use wisdo1.@ *o I said, @Yes, *ir,@ and I ha%e watched it e%er since. (n another occasion, -od /a%e 1e an order 0or a reall! desperate situation. 7t that ti1e, Lester *u1rall, who has cast out a lot o0 de%ils, and I were holdin/ a 1eetin/ in 'hattanoo/a, $ennessee, at the Y.M.'.7. in one o0 the allroo1s. (ne da! I looked up, and a hippie ca1e walkin/ in with lon/ hair and a eard wearin/ 1occasins and a slee%eless shirt. $wo lack a/s were han/in/ 0ro1 his ar1s, and he had an Indian head and around his head and a tooth han/in/ around his neck. He ca1e walkin/ up the stairs and said, @*o1ethin/ has een pla!in/ tricks on 1! 1ind.@ I said, @Yeah, I2ll u! that.@ @*o1ethin/ told 1e to co1e in here,@ he said. @Yeah, that2s ri/ht, too,@ I said. )r. *u1rall was standin/ ri/ht eside 1e when I said, @Let us pra! 0or !ou.@ *o we :ust took hi1 ! the hand and started to sa!, @In 3esus2 na1e, co1e out o0 hi1+ In 3esus2 na1e, co1e out o0 hi1+@ $he 1o1ent we e/an to do that he roke and e/an to cr!. When we turned his hands loose, he :ust stood &7

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

there weepin/ and tre1 lin/, sa!in/, @I didn2t know -od lo%ed 1e. I didn2t know -od lo%ed 1e. I didn2t know -od was real.@ He ended up appearin/ on $C and in the papers. When that happened, I e>tended the 1eetin/ e%en a0ter )r. *u1rall le0t and started a !outh re%i%al. *o 1an! people /ot sa%ed that we had to u! a house in order to continue the 1inistr!. 7s it turned out, "rank, the one who had :ust een sa%ed, had een on his wa! to "lorida to /et a load o0 acid to sell to the hippies at the hippie house he ran in .ash%ille, $ennessee, when his car roke down. He wasn2t 0ar 0ro1 our 1eetin/, so he decided to co1e. He ne%er did /o ack to .ash%ille. He said that he had ne%er 0ound an!thin/ like this in his li0e and that the! could :ust take the hippie house and do whate%er the! wanted to with it. 70ter a while we put hi1 a out hal0 in char/e o0 the house. (0 course, we had another 1an to o%ersee it and so 0orth ecause "rank was new in the Lord, ut he had a lot o0 co11on sense and was a le to help people who would co1e out to the house and had een on dope.

Trust the Leadin- of 6our Spirit

(ne da!, howe%er, I was :ust ridin/ in 1! car throu/h a shoppin/ center in 'le%eland, $ennessee, when the *pirit o0 -od 0ell on 1e, and the Lord said to 1e, @-o to 'hattanoo/a, to that house.@ *o I took o00 towards 'hattanoo/a. 7s I rounded the cur%e in the windin/ dri%ewa! /oin/ up to the house, I saw "rank at the 0ront door. 7ll o0 the sudden, the 0ront door 0lew open at the house, and "rank ca1e runnin/ out to 1! car, sa!in/, @(h, 8rother .or%el, the Lord sent !ou here+ $he Lord sent !ou here+@ I said, @I know He did+ I know He did+ $he *pirit o0 -od told 1e to &A

(ast )ut *evils and Heal the Si+#,

co1e here.@ $hen he went on, @$here2s a o! upstairs who has lost his 1ind. He doesn2t e%en know his own na1e. He2s a real padded cell case. $he! rou/ht hi1 here 0ro1 his colle/e, and his ps!chiatrist e%en ca1e with hi1. $he! said the! had seen 1e on tele%ision and that I had said that .or%el Ha!es and Lester *u1rall had cast the de%ils out o0 1e+@ *o I walked upstairs, and the! introduced 1e to the colle/e ps!chiatrist, and he said, @7 !ear a/o I didn2t e%en elie%e in this kind o0 stu00, ut I started listenin/ to so1e tapes, and I started wonderin/ i0 there could e so1e truth to it. $hen one da! I was watchin/ tele%ision, and I saw this 0ellow on tele%ision, and he said that Lester *u1rall and .or%el Ha!es had cast the de%ils out o0 hi1. @I knew then that the de%ils 1ust ha%e een in this client o0 1ine ecause he had taken o00 all o0 his clothes to /o 1arch with so1e people down the street when his 1ind snapped. .ow he doesn2t e%en know his own na1e. We2%e called his dadd! who li%es in .ew 3erse! to co1e down here and pick hi1 up, ut he won2t e here until to1orrow. *o when I saw this on $C, I /ot per1ission 0ro1 his colle/e to rin/ hi1 o%er here. Would !ou e willin/ to pra! 0or hi1;@ @I will i0 !ou2ll lea%e 1e alone,@ I said. He looked at 1e kind o0 0unn!, then I said, @)o !ou know an!thin/ a out castin/ out de%ils or deli%erance;@ @(h, no, I don2t know an!thin/ a out it. I didn2t e%en elie%e in it a !ear a/o, ut I elie%e it2s real now,@ he said. @(h, it2s real all ri/ht,@ I said, @)e%ils will dri%e !ou craG!. $he! will /et into !our 1ind and turn !ou into another creature. I0 it2s a thie%in/ spirit, !ou2ll eco1e a thie0. I0 it2s a lust0ul spirit, !ou2ll co11it adulter!. I0 it2s a les ian spirit, !ou2ll eco1e a les ian. I0 it2s a cursin/ spirit, !ou2ll curse -od. 8ut it all &9

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

depends on what kind o0 a spirit it is and i0 it /ets in !ou. I0 it does, !ou will eco1e whate%er that spirit is, ut !ou will ha%e to resist it in 3esus2 na1e. $he 8i le sa!s when !ou resist the de%il, he will 0lee 0ro1 !ou. 43a1es #57.6 $lee 1eans, 2run awa! or escape 0ro1 dan/er2. 1 -lor! e to -od, the! will run 0ro1 !ou. 8ut unless !ou resist the1, the! won2t run 0ro1 !ou.@ When I 0inished talkin/, the o! was still sittin/ there, and I asked e%er!one to lea%e the roo1 and lea%e us alone. $hat isn2t 1uch di00erent than what 3esus did in Luke A5&#. .otice what it sa!s here, 3nd he put them all out. Look at what he did5 He put the1 all out, un elie0 and all. Cerses && and &, sa!5
3nd he put them all out, and took her by the hand, and called, sayin-, 7aid, arise. 3nd her spirit came a-ain, and she arose strai-htway: and he commanded to -i0e her meat. 3nd her parents were astonished: but he char-ed them that they should tell no man what was done.

He said not to tell an!one ecause it wasn2t ti1e 0or Hi1 to die !et on the cross. I0 people had 0ound out He was doin/ thin/s like that, the old reli/ious spirit in the1 would ha%e killed Hi1. $he sa1e thin/ happens toda!. I0 !ou walk into a house where the 0a1il! has ne%er een tau/ht a out -od2s 1iracleFworkin/ power and tell one o0 their relati%es who is d!in/, @3esus wants to heal !ou ri/ht now,@ that old reli/ious spirit will rise up in the1 and sa!, @Well, this is what we elie%e. In our church, we, we, we....@ Who cares a out what !our church elie%es or what !our relati%es think; It is what the 8i le sa!s that counts+ *o I e/an to pra! 0or the o!. I went o%er to hi1 and
1 !ebster-s New !orld *i+tionary, 2d ed., s.%. @0lee.@


(ast )ut *evils and Heal the Si+#,

put 1! hands on hi1 said, @In 3esus2 na1e, co1e out o0 hi1+ You can2t ha%e his 1ind ecause I sa! !ou can2t. I21 not /oin/ to let !ou ha%e it. I know !ou want it de%il, ut I21 tellin/ !ou that the (ne inside o0 1e is /reater than !ou, and I21 tellin/ !ou in no uncertain ter1s to co1e out o0 hi1 in 3esus2 na1e. Let his 1ind /o 0ree. I21 not /i%in/ !ou an! choice, *atan. $he Hol! *pirit o0 -od ca1e upon 1e in 'le%eland, $ennessee, in a shoppin/ center and /a%e 1e an order to co1e here and cast !ou out. I2%e co1e here to cast !ou out, and I21 not takin/ no 0or an answer. 'o1e out o0 hi1 in 3esus2 na1e. I said co1e out o0 hi1.@ "or se%en and a hal0 hours I did that. I2d /o o%er and rest a while, then I would /et ack up and walk o%er to hi1 a/ain. "inall! he /ot up and stood on one 0oot, and white 0oa1 e/an to run out o0 his 1outh down to the 0loor, and his 1ind snapped ack into hi1. )o !ou understand 1e; His 1ind snapped ack into hi1+

How To Stay >ree

Well, the ne>t da! the 0ather ca1e to /et the o! and the! wanted 1e to talk to hi1, so I said, @Mister, !ou2re /oin/ to take this o! ack to .ew 3erse!, and he is in his ri/ht 1ind. It took se%en and a hal0 hours o0 pra!in/ ! 0aith with authorit! 0or -od to co1e and /i%e hi1 his 1ind ack. He is nor1al now, and he can talk to !ou and hold a con%ersation with !ou. Last ni/ht he couldn2t e%en do that. He didn2t e%en know his own na1e. 7ll he could sa! was, 2.ah, nah, nah+2 He was a padded cell case who had to ha%e so1e od! with hi1 at all ti1es.@ $hen I asked his 0ather, @What kind o0 church do !ou /o to, sir;@ He said, @I /o to a 8i leF elie%in/ church.@ I said, @$he! all sa! the! elie%e the 8i le, ut the! reall! don2t. Most o0 the1 elie%e part o0 it ut not all o0 it.@ ,1

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

*ince I know that the 8i le sa!s that the de%ils will tr! to co1e ack, I wanted to 1ake sure his 0ather would take hi1 to a church where the people knew how to resist the de%il, so I said, @I0 his 1ind starts /ettin/ con0used at all, do !ou ha%e a church where this !oun/ 1an can walk down 0ront to the altar and ask the pastor to la! his hands on hi1 and take authorit!, in 3esus2 na1e, o%er the con0usion;@ $hen he said, @I don2t think 1! pastor knows an!thin/ a out what !ou2re talkin/ a out.@ $hen I warned hi1, sa!in/, @Mister, !ou had etter 0ind a 8i leF elie%in/, .ew $esta1ent church where the! elie%e in the doctrine o0 la!in/ on o0 hands. It2s in the 8i le, !ou know.@ When he asked 1e what he should look 0or, I /a%e hi1 the na1es o0 so1e o0 the "ull -ospel 'hurches that I knew a out and told hi1 to 1ake sure that the pastor elie%ed in the 1inistr! o0 la!in/ on o0 hands. @Jeep !our son at the altar,@ I told hi1, @until he /ets stron/ and /ets the Word o0 -od on the inside o0 hi1. )on2t let hi1 1iss a ser%ice. -et hi1 in church and 1ake hi1 a part o0 his church. Let the elders o0 the church and the pastor la! hands on hi1, and let -od2s power /o ri/ht down throu/h hi1 in 3esus2 na1e.@ 7 0ew da!s later, the ps!chiatrist called 1e in 1! o00ice in 'le%eland, $ennessee and said, @Mr. Ha!es, the colle/e president would like !ou to ha%e lunch with hi1 so1eda!, i0 !ou can. He wants to talk with !ou.@ I said to 1!sel0, @$his is /oin/ to e /ood. I elie%e I2ll /o.@ 7nd I went. When I arri%ed, the ps!chiatrist, the president and one o0 his assistants in%ited 1e to sit down with the1 0or dinner. While we were eatin/, the president looked up at 1e and said, @Mr. Ha!es, I appreciate !ou pra!in/ 0or that ,2

(ast )ut *evils and Heal the Si+#,

o! and /ettin/ hi1 0ree. $hat was so1ethin/ else. .ow I ha%e a Euestion to ask !ou. Would !ou pra! to -od that He would less this school and less this colle/e and less this sta00 so that we could e led ! Hi1 and know the truth; I know this ca1pus needs a lessin/, and as president o0 this colle/e, I would like !ou to do it in 1! o00ice.@ *o as soon as we 0inished dinner, we all went into his o00ice and held hands and pra!ed the lessin/s o0 -od down upon the school in 3esus2 na1e.

Fnow 6our 1ower and 3uthority in ,hrist

.ow it was the *pirit o0 -od Who led 1e in each o0 these situations. But #now this. the Spirit o/ 0od wouldn-t have led me to do these things unless He had #nown that 1 would do them' and He only led me a++ording to the #nowledge o/ the Bible that 1 already #new" .ow He won2t lead !ou accordin/ to what I know or what !our nei/h or knows, ut He will lead !ou accordin/ to what you know. I0 !ou want to do so1ethin/ /or -od, then learn so1ethin/ about -od. You 1i/ht sa!, @Well, I know -od, 8rother .or%el.@ 8ut do !ou know !our authorit! in 'hrist 3esus; )o !ou know the ninth chapter o0 the ook o0 Luke; )o !ou know that -od has /i%en !ou authorit! and power o%er all de%ils and to cure all diseases; I0 !ou didn2t e0ore !ou started readin/ this chapter, !ou should know now that power is a%aila le to !ou.



8o Bin Souls;

8o ye into all the world, and preach the -ospel to e0ery creature. 7ark */:*+

)o !ou know that a national sur%e! clai1s that ninet!F 0i%e percent o0 ornFa/ain 'hristians ha%e ne%er won a soul to 'hrist. )id !ou e%er stop and think a out that; I0 !ou ne%er did, think a out it. You would pro a l! e surprised to know how 1an! people out there in the world want to know -od ut don2t know how to know Hi1.

A8o 6eA 7eans A8o 6ou;A

In Mark 1,51&, 3esus said, 8o ye into all the world, and preach the -ospel to e0ery creature. .ow don2t sa!, @(h, He doesn2t 1ean 1e. I :ust want to e nice to 1e and 1! 0our and no 1ore. I :ust want to /o to church on *unda! 1ornin/ and /o ack ho1e and ha%e lunch, then /o to sleep and do the sa1e thin/ ne>t *unda!. I21 not /oin/ to rin/ an! od! to church with 1e, cast out de%ils or pra! 0or the sick. -od has 1inisters who will do all o0 that.@ )ear Lord, that is what the de%il tells peopleB 'hristian people+ *ee the de%il will alwa!s tell !ou, @$hat %erse doesn2t 1ean 1e.@ Well, !ou elie%e in -od, don2t !ou; $hen,
8o ye into all the world, and preach the -ospel to e0ery creature.


How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit He that belie0eth and is baptiIed shall be sa0ed9 but he that belie0eth not shall be damned. 7ark */:*+,*/

Look a/ain at what %erse 1, sa!s. I0 !ou don2t elie%e in 3esus, !ou will e da1nedBda1ned 0ore%er. He that elie%es in Hi1 and /i%es his li0e to Hi1 shall e sa%ed. 8ut !ou sa!, @Well, I elie%e in Hi1, ut I do what I want to do.@ Listen, that isn2t elie%in/ in Hi1. You don2t elie%e in Hi1. You elie%e in !oursel0, and !ou elie%e in the de%il. You don2t elie%e in -od. $he Lord sa!s in "irst 3ohn 15, that i0 a 1an stands up and sa!s that he lo%es the Lord and then /oes out and li%es the wa! he wants to in the world, then he is a liar, and the truth isn2t in hi1. .ow !ou can li%e in :ust e>actl! what this world has to o00er !ou i0 !ou want to. You can ha%e a :o , a career and 0riends. You can ha%e ar ecues, spend !our *aturda!s at the /ol0 course and attendin/ operas. You can li%e in that i0 !ou want to. You can ha%e e%er!thin/ the world has to o00er, and it will e e>citin/ 0or a little while. 8ut when !ou die, !ou will :ust /o to hell. You won2t /o to hea%en ecause !ou don2t reall! elon/ to 3esus. You elon/ to the world, not to -od. 8ut i0 !ou so choose to walk and li%e in the precious li0e, li0e here will e a lot 1ore e>citin/ to !ou, and when !ou die, !ou can /o to hea%en and li%e 0or all eternit! in -od2s presence. 7s 0ar as I a1 concerned, there is nothin/ worth losin/ hea%en o%er. I was there once, and I a1 tellin/ !ou now that !ou don2t want to 1iss it. I didn2t /et to see %er! 1uch o0 hea%en, ut the part I did see had tin! children in it who had died at an earl! a/e. $he! 1ust ha%e een an!where 0ro1 two da!s old to si> !ears old and were sta!in/ in little roo1s where the an/els were teachin/ the1 till their little spirits /rew up. *ee, hea%en is a real world. It isn2t so1e spook! place ,,

0o !in Souls,

out there in the sk! so1ewhere where !ou :ust 0loat around in the clouds with a unch o0 spook! spirits wonderin/ what !our are doin/ there. .o+ $hat isn2t what hea%en is like. Hea%en is a real world. It is :ust a out like this world, onl! a out ten ti1es as eauti0ul. $he /rass is a out ten ti1es as /reen. $he 0lowers are a out ten ti1es as prett!, and the! don2t ha%e an! ees to stin/ !ou. $he air is saturated with peace and lo%e, :ust saturated. =%er! ounce o0 !ou, 0ro1 the top o0 !our head to the otto1 o0 !our 0eet, !our :aws, !our e!es, e%er! part o0 !ou is :ust saturated with the lo%e o0 -od. You couldn2t e%en hate there i0 !ou wanted to. It isn2t like here where e%er! now and then !ou ha%e a lue Monda!, and nothin/ see1s to /o ri/ht. -od doesn2t ha%e an! lue Monda!s. With -od, !ou sta! on top o0 the 1ountain saturated with peace and lo%e. In hea%en there is no such thin/ as a lue Monda!. In hea%en there is no such thin/ as one sad 1o1ent ecause !ou are at the hei/ht o0 lo%e, and !ou walk in it e%er! da!. $alk a out eauti0ul, this is a place !ou wouldn2t want to 1iss+

8i0e 6our Life, !ot =ust 6our Heart

*o what do !ou need to do; -i%e !our li0e to -od instead o0 :ust !our heart. $here is a di00erence, !ou know. When !ou /et orn a/ain ! the *pirit o0 -od, !ou /i%e 3esus !our heart. You are tired and sick o0 li%in/ in sin, and !ou want to ha%e a relationship with Hi1. *o when !ou /o and repent e0ore -od, He 0or/i%es !ou o0 !our sins and washes the1 all awa!. $he con0usion stops, and !ou e/in to e>perience peace with Hi1. You will re1ain in this state as lon/ as !ou li%e !our li0e clean and sta! out o0 sin. 8ut once !ou e/in to co11it sin a/ain, then !ou will lose that precious walk ,7

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

!ou ha%e with Hi1 and /o ack into the natural a/ain. *in causes a person to li%e in the natural and to e>perience onl! what this world has to o00er. 8ut i0 !ou /i%e !our li0e to -od as well as !our heart, then !ou 1ake !oursel0 a%aila le to take orders 0ro1 -od ecause !our li0e elon/s to Hi1. -od doesn2t need !our a ilit!. He needs !our a%aila ilit!. I0 !ou aren2t a%aila le to the Hol! *pirit, then He can2t use !ou. He will less !ou to a de/ree ecause !ou know Hi1, ut as 0ar as /i%in/ !ou orders to /o do so1ethin/ 0or Hi1 are concerned, He can2t. He can2t ecause !our li0e doesn2t reall! belong to Hi1. Your heart elon/s to Hi1, ut not !our li0e. You 1ust e a%aila le. Re1e1 er, -od will use an! od!. He will use !ou. He will use 1e. <ersonall! I couldn2t elie%e that -od would call 1e to teach the 8i le+ I was a usiness1an. When He called 1e, I said, @-od, are !ou sure !ou ha%en2t 1ade a 1istake; What do You want 1e 0or; 8esides, I don2t reall! want to do that, Lord. I :ust want to e a nice usiness1an and citiGen. I want to /o to church on *unda! 1ornin/ and e nice, Lord. I don2t want to /et in%ol%ed with stran/e people and e castin/ out de%ils and all that stu00. I :ust want to e a nice 0ellow. I want to e a respected, success0ul usiness1an in the co11unit!. $hat is who I want to e.@ 8ut -od had a di00erent plan in 1ind and said, @I want !ou to cast out de%ils.@ 7/ain I o :ected, @Lord, I was in a church that didn2t teach 1e to cast out de%ils.@ $hen He said, @$he si>teenth chapter o0 the ook o0 *aint Mark teaches !ou. You can read, can2t !ou;@ Ha%e !ou e%er had -od ask !ou i0 !ou could read; *o I turned to Mark 1,517 and sure enou/h it sa!s, 3nd these si-ns shall follow them that belie0e9 n my name ,A

0o !in Souls,

shall they cast out de0ils. .ow I knew the Lord wanted 1e to cast out de%ils. .ow /et read! 0or this. He wants !ou to cast the1 out too+ $his *cripture isn2t 0or special, called out people. It is 0or all elie%ers.

>ulfill the Bhole ,ommission

You 1i/ht sa!, @Well, I don2t want to /et in%ol%ed in that kind o0 stu00. I :ust want to /o to church on *unda!, ha%e a /ood ti1e and sta! sweet.@ 8ut that isn2t what -od said in %erse 17. He said, 3nd these si-ns shall follow them that belie0e9 in my name they shall cast out de0ils9 they shall speak with new ton-ues. Ha%e !ou recei%ed !our power lan/ua/e !et; I0 !ou ha%en2t, !ou need it real ad, and a0ter !ou /et it, !ou need to use it all the ti1e. Wh! should !ou pra! in !our pra!er lan/ua/e all o0 the ti1e; 8ecause it will help to keep !ou uilt up in -od and won2t allow the -ospel inside o0 !ou to eco1e a stale, e%er!da! thin/. It will keep it 0resh and new 0or !ou all the ti1e, e%er!da!. Listen, I can hardl! wait to /et to church to see what is /oin/ to happen. I can hardl! wait to see how the *pirit o0 -od is /oin/ to 1o%e ecause !ou ne%er can tell. I can hardl! wait until 3esus speaks to 1e a/ain Hi1sel0 and tells 1e He lo%es 1e. I alread! know He lo%es 1e, ut when He tells 1e I can hardl! stand it. (ne ti1e 3esus told 1e to /o up to a /irl in the co11unit! that e%er! od! thou/ht was wrecked and cast the de%il out o0 her ecause He lo%ed her. $his /irl was worse than a street walker, ut when the de%il le0t her, the Lord sent her a o! to /et 1arried to, and she told her 0a1il!, @I want !ou all to call 8rother .or%el and ask hi1 ,9

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

i0 he will stand eside the preacher at the weddin/ and read the 8i le to 1e e0ore the preacher per0or1s the weddin/ cere1on!.@ *o the 0a1il! called 1e and asked 1e i0 I would do it. 7nd I said, @*ure.@ *o here I was at this weddin/ cere1on! standin/ ne>t to the pastor when she ca1e walkin/ down the isle. 3ust a 0ew weeks e0ore that she was worse than an! street walker I had e%er known. While I was standin/ there with 1! 8i le, 3esus spoke to 1e and said, @*on, I want to thank !ou 0or castin/ the de%il out o0 this /irl. .ow she walks e0ore !ou as an an/el sent 0ro1 hea%en, clean and white as snow. *he stands and walks e0ore Me toda! as thou/h she2d ne%er sinned. 8ecause I don2t ha%e an! 1e1or! o0 the sins that she has co11itted, she walks toward !ou toda! as an an/el.@ 7nd then He thanked 1e 0or o e!in/ the si>teenth chapter o0 the ook o0 *aint Mark. 8ut !ou ha%e to learn to e led ! the *pirit o0 -od. $he *pirit o0 -od will alwa!s lead !ou to o e! the *criptures. $hat is what the *pirit o0 -od does. You 1a! as well /et read! ecause i0 !our li0e elon/s to -od, He is /oin/ to lead !ou ! the Hol! *pirit in line with the *criptures to o e! the1 and to 1inister the1 to others. It isn2t /ood enou/h to stand ack and sa!, @(h, I don2t want to do that, Lord.@ He will sa! to !ou, @$he si>teenth chapter o0 the ook o0 *aint Mark wants !ou to do it.@
n my name they shall cast out de0ils9 they shall speak with new ton-ues9 They shall take up serpents9 and if they drink any deadly thin-, it shall not hurt them9 they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall reco0er. 7ark */:*',*$

$here is no reason 0or !ou to e sick. 7ll !ou ha%e to 7D

0o !in Souls,

do is ha%e hands laid upon !ou. Is that the onl! wa! that -od heals; .o, it isn2t the onl! wa!, ut it is one wa!. $here are a out se%en or ei/ht di00erent wa!s that are 1entioned in the 8i le. 7nd -od can use an! one o0 the1. .ow, notice %erses 19,2D5
So then after the Lord had spoken unto them, he was recei0ed up into hea0en, and sat on the ri-ht hand of 8od. 3nd they went forth, and preached e0ery where, the Lord workin- with them, and confirmin- the word with si-ns followin-.

3esus alwa!s con0ir1s the 8i le with si/ns 0ollowin/ i0 He can e%er /et !ou to /o 0orth and speak the -ospel out o0 !our 1outh.

8o Bhere He Sends 6ou

.ow /o with 1e ack to %erse 1&5 8o ye into all the world, and preach the -ospel to e0ery creature. 7re !ou open to do that; I0 !ou are, the Lord will send !ou so1ewhere. It 1a! e down the street, ut it 1a! not e down the street either. It 1a! e to so1e other town. It 1a! e to so1e other countr!. 8ut i0 !ou are a%aila le, the Lord will send !ou. I ha%e a 0riend that I ha%e known 0or 1an! !ears. When she was se%enteen !ears old, she was pra!in/ and -od told her, @I want !ou to /o hold a 1eetin/ in a certain cit! and uild a church 0or 1e.@ )o !ou elie%e -od could use a se%enteenF!earFold /irl, a teena/er; .ow i0 !ou were se%enteen !ears old and -od spoke to !ou and told !ou to /o to a certain cit! and preach and uild a church 0or Hi1 and !ou don2t ha%e an! 1one!, what would !ou do; I0 !ou said, @I don2t 1uch elie%e I2d /o.@ $hat answer could cause thousands o0 people to /o to hell, and it would e 71

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

!our 0ault. 8ut i0 3esus speaks to !ou and tells !ou to do that, !ou had etter o e! Hi1+ Re1e1 er, 3esus has ne%er 1ade an! od!2s 0ace like !ours. )id !ou e%er stop to think a out that; He has ne%er 1ade an! od!2s 1outh like !ours. 3esus has ne%er 1ade another hu1an ein/ that talks like !ou do. He has ne%er 1ade two personalities alike, and He isn2t /oin/ to either. $he place He has 0or !ou no od! else can 0ill ecause the! aren2t !ou. It is a place that onl! !ou can 0ill. You can reach people that I can2t reach ecause o0 who !ou are. You know :ust how to 0low with the1, and -od can /i%e !ou the words to reach these particular people. You2re not supposed to ha%e the attitude that !ou lo%e so1e people and don2t lo%e others. *o1e people sa!, @)id !ou e%er 1eet so1e od! that !ou :ust didn2t like;@ I used to all the ti1e, ut I don2t an!1ore ecause I ha%e een set 0ree 0ro1 that kind o0 :unk. I ha%e learned to lo%e e%er! od! re/ardless o0 who the! are or where the! are 0ro1. .ow that doesn2t 1ean !ou ha%e to li%e with the1, ut !ou do ha%e to lo%e the1 and tr! to win the1 to -od i0 the! will let !ou. I0 the! won2t let !ou, then !ou will :ust ha%e to walk o00. *o -od told this se%enteenF!earFold /irl to /o to a certain cit! and preach 0or Hi1. You 1i/ht sa!, @I don2t elie%e in wo1en preachers.@ Well, so what+ Who cares what !ou elie%e; I was raised in a church where no od! elie%ed in wo1en preachers. 70ter !ou /et aptiGed in the Hol! -host and start pra!in/ in the *pirit and start seein/ thin/s in the *pirit world, !ou 0ind out Euickl! that -od is -od and that -od will do an!thin/ He wants to do, and He doesn2t ha%e to ask !ou or an!one else. 8ecause -od is -od, He does what He wants to do. 72

0o !in Souls,

*o this se%enteenF!earFold /irl told her 1other, @Mother, I21 /oin/ to ha%e to /o to a certain cit! in Louisiana and preach ecause -od told 1e to /o preach and uild a church 0or Hi1 in that cit!.@ *he said, @I know it, hone!. I was :ust waitin/ 0or -od to tell !ou ecause He alread! told 1e.@ .ow she is a pra!in/ 1other, and she doesn2t ha%e an! 1one! either, ut she decides to /o with her dau/hter, to ack her up, to pra! and to help her with the work. .either o0 the1 has an! 1one!, ut the! /o an!wa! and 0ind a lot :ust outside o0 town which is owned ! a rich 1an. $he 1other and se%enteenF!earFold /irl walk up to the 1an, and the /irl sa!s, @I was pra!in/ in 1! ho1e town, and 3esus spoke to 1e and told 1e to co1e here and hold a 1eetin/. $hen I21 /oin/ to uild a church here in town, ut I need a lot. 'an I use !our lot;@ *ince he was a wealth! usiness1an in town, he said, @Wh! not;@ I0 I owned a i/ lot and a se%enteenF!earFold /irl walked up to 1e and said, @-od told 1e to co1e here and preach. 'an I use !our lot;@ I would sa!, @*ure, i0 !ou2re that wild, I2ll let !ou ha%e it. -o ahead and do it.@ *o the! /o out to pull up weeds ecause the! don2t e%en ha%e enou/h 1one! to u! a sickle. While she and her 1other are pullin/ up weeds, an 7sse1 l! o0 -od pastor passes ! and asks, @What are !ou ladies doin/;@ $he se%enteenF!earFold /irl answers, @We2re pullin/ up weeds so we can put so1e seats down here, and I can start preachin/.@ @You;@ he Euestions. @$hat2s ri/htB1e,@ she sa!s. $hen she /oes on to ask hi1 i0 he knows where she can /et a piano. 7t 0irst, he sa!s, @.o, I don2t know where !ou can /et one.@ $hen she asks hi1, @You ha%e one in !our church, don2t !ou;@ He sa!s, @Yes.@ $hen she sa!s, @Well, I 73

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

would ha%e one i0 !ou would loan it to 1e.@ He stalls around 0or a while then sa!s, @Well, I can2t loan !ou a piano out o0 our church ecause the dew would 0all on it, and it would ruin it. I0 !ou had so1e kind o0 a shed out here to put it under, I2d e /lad to loan it to !ou.@ @Well, I2d ha%e one i0 !ou2d uild 1e one,@ she sa!s. 7 ner%! little thin/, wasn2t she; 8ut so1eti1es we ha%e not ecause we ask not. 43a1es #52.6 I0 !ou want so1ethin/, !ou are si1pl! /oin/ to ha%e to speak up. (0 course, ! this ti1e, he is wonderin/, @How did I e%er /et in%ol%ed in this; What 1ade 1e stop here;@ @Well,@ he said, @I do ha%e two or three 1en in the church who are carpenters. $he! could pro a l! uild !ou a little shed so1ewhere.@ @$he! won2t e%er do it unless !ou ask the1,@ she continued. @7ll ri/ht, I2ll /o ask the1.@ *o the! uilt a shed, and she /ot the piano, started a 1eetin/, put out a 0ew seats and si> or ei/ht people showed up the 0irst ni/ht. *he stood up there and preached to the1. $he ne>t ni/ht, ei/ht or ten showed up, and she preached to the1. $hen twel%e or 0i0teen showed up, and she preached to the1. (ne ni/ht a 0a1il! ca1e in, and when she 0inished, the! ca1e down 0ront to /i%e their li%es to 3esus. $he! were tre1 lin/, cr!in/ and weepin/ e0ore -od and had a little o! with the1 na1ed 3i11!. He was an itt!, itt! o!. (ne ti1e durin/ a 1eetin/, he ran around all durin/ that 1eetin/, sa!in/, @I21 /oin/ to e a preacher like that /irl. I21 /oin/ to e a preacher.@ 7nd sure enou/h, he eca1e a wellFknown preacher. $housands upon thousands o0 people ha%e een sa%ed under his 1inistr!. .ow !ou can see wh! -od would speak to a se%enteenF !earFold /irl and send her to an open 0ield to preach.

3re 6ou Billin- To Fnock on ?oors<


0o !in Souls,

Ma! e !ou don2t 0eel called to preach, ut did !ou e%er think a out knockin/ on so1e od!2s door to tell the1 a out 3esus; Ma! e !ou ha%e and !ou had so1e od! co1e to the door and sa! /ru00l!, @Yes, what do !ou want+@ $hen !ou said, @I want to talk to !ou a out 3esus.@ @Well, I don2t want to talk a out 3esus+ I don2t e%en elie%e in Hi1+ Wh! should I want to talk a out Hi1;@ 7 out that ti1e, the de%il tells !ou, @$his sure isn2t !our 1inistr!,@ and then !ou act like a whipped pup and /o ack ho1e. )on2t act like a whipped do/ and /o ack ho1e. 3ust keep knockin/ on doors. 3ust keep on /oin/. Wh!, it wouldn2t e lon/ until !ou knock on so1e od!2s door, and the! will sa!, @'o1e on in+ -od knows we need so1ethin/ around here. $ell 1e, how do !ou /et sa%ed; He has done so1ethin/ 0or !ou, ut wh! would He do so1ethin/ 0or 1e;@ Is there a door !ou ha%e walked up to; 'an !ou think o0 the person who would co1e to the door and sa!, @I21 so /lad to see !ou. Had it not een 0or !ou, I2d e on 1! wa! to hell ri/ht now. 8ut !ou ca1e to 1! house and witnessed to 1e and won 1e to 3esus. You sat down with 1e and talked with 1e. You showed 1e what the 8i le sa!s, and now I21 sa%ed. <raise -od+ You2re the reason I21 /oin/ to hea%en.@ 'an !ou na1e the na1e o0 one soul who is on their wa! to hea%en and not hell ecause o0 !ou;

3re 6ou Billin- To 1ass Out Tracts<

Recentl! I recei%ed a letter 0ro1 one o0 the /irls on the 'a1pus 'hallen/e tea1s, and this is what she said5 *ear Brother Norvel' 1 want to than# 0od' /irst o/ all' /or leading you into this 7&

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

+ampus ministry so that people li#e me would have a +han+e to give out a boo# to a sinner or give out a tra+t to a sinner be+ause on these +ampuses' these young people' boys and girls' are so possessed with the devil' and they need Jesus so bad" 1 pray /or them' and 1 +onsider it a great privilege /or me to have the opportunity to even give out a tra+t or a boo# to a sinner young person so that 1 +ould have a part in winning their soul" 2nd 1 want to than# you /or listening to the Lord about starting this ministry so that young people li#e me +ould have a part and be blessed in it" 2nd 1 want to than# you and than# the Lord /or the /inan+ial blessing that he has brought upon me that 1 never dreamed +ould ever be mine" Now 1 +an buy new dresses and things o/ my own" M! rother or sister, let 1e tell !ou so1ethin/. I0 !ou ha%e an opportunit! to /o /i%e a ook or a tract out to so1e od!, /o ahead and take that opportunit! to do it. $his /irl did, and she is ein/ lessed ecause o0 it. )o !ou know that a national sur%e! sa!s that si>t!F0i%e percent o0 people who ha%e co1e in contact with 3esus 0irst ca1e in contact with Hi1 throu/h a ook or a tract; I0 !ou had asked 1e what I thou/ht e0ore I read this sur%e!, I pro a l! would ha%e said 0i0teen percent. 8ut this national sur%e! said that si>t!F0i%e percent o0 ornF a/ain 'hristians 0irst eca1e interested in -od throu/h a ook or tract that so1e od! /a%e the1 a out the Lord 3esus 'hrist. .ow stop and think a out thatBsi>t!F0i%e percent+ $hree or 0our !ears a/o, I ou/ht se%eral cases o0 'hristian 0unn! ooks and :ust /a%e the1 awa!. (ne /irl took one o0 those 0unn! ooks to her sororit! house at a uni%ersit! in .ew York. 7 !ear later, another /irl walked up to her and asked, @7re !ou the /irl who /i%es 0unn! 7,

0o !in Souls,

ooks and little ooks awa! to 0raternities and sororities;@ 7nd she said, @$hat2s 1e.@ $hen the /irl went on to tell how one o0 those 0unn! ooks had landed on the co00ee ta le at her sororit! house and how one o0 the /irls in the house read the 0unn! ook and /ot sa%ed. *he /a%e her li0e to 3esus throu/h that 0unn! ook, then the *pirit o0 -od ca1e upon her, and she e/an to witness to the rest o0 us. *ince that ti1e, si> o0 us in that house ha%e een sa%ed, and we now ha%e a pra!er 1eetin/ o%er on ca1pus. )o !ou realiGe that e%er!thin/ /ot started ecause one /irl was willin/ to pass out a 0unn! ook; )o !ou realiGe that !ou could /i%e so1e od! one ook, and it could cause thousands upon thousands o0 people to e sa%ed; 8ut unless !ou listen to the Hol! *pirit, !ou aren2t /oin/ to pass out tracts. 7s lon/ as !ou listen to !oursel0, I will /uarantee !ou that !ou will ne%er pass out a tract. You ne%er will. 8ut i0 !ou do listen, !ou will 0ind !oursel0 passin/ out tracts on planes, puttin/ the1 in people2s doors and la!in/ the1 in pu lic phone ooths. 9suall! I will carr! a 0ew o0 the1 in 1! rie0case and :ust drop the1 e%er!where. *o1eti1es when I /et on a plane, I will put the1 in the 1a/aGine pockets on the acks o0 the seats in 0ront o0 1e, or so1eti1es I will :ust la! one on the seat ne>t to 1e e0ore so1e od! sits down in the seat, then the! will ha%e to pick it up. I like that one little tract, This 1s Your Li/e" *o1eti1es the! will pick it up and 0lip throu/h it then la! it ack down, and I will ask the1, @'an I see that;@ 7nd the! will sa!, @Yeah, oka!.@ *o when the! /i%e it to 1e, I start readin/ it. When I /et to a out the third pa/e, I sa!, @Hu1ph, I wonder i0 this is reall! true;@ *o1eti1es the! 77

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

will look at !ou 0unn!, then I will read a couple 1ore pa/es. $hen I will sa!, @8o!, i0 this true, I had etter /et with it.@ $hen I 1a! turn to the1 and ask, @)o !ou elie%e this is true;@ *o1eti1es the! will clear their throat and sa!, @I don2t know. What do !ou think;@ 7nd where it /oes 0ro1 there onl! -od knows. I21 tellin/ !ou the tract 1inistr! can e so1ethin/ else.

Bhat Bill 6ou ?o<

How a out !ou; Would !ou e willin/ to pass out a tract or knock on a door; Would !ou /o to an open 0ield and hold a 1eetin/ so a church could e uilt and a o! could e sa%ed who would win others to 'hrist; You would e surprised how 1an! 'hristians ha%e ne%er e%en won one soul to 'hrist+ What are !ou /oin/ to do, 1! rother or sister, when !ou stand e0ore 7l1i/ht! -od, and He e/ins to hand out rewards accordin/ to !our works; What are !ou /oin/ to do; 7re !ou /oin/ to stand e0ore Hi1 e1pt!Fhanded; I don2t know a out !ou, ut I don2t want to stand e0ore -od e1pt!Fhanded. $he choice is !ours. 3esus sa!s, 8o out into the hi-hways and hed-es, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled 4Luke 1#5236. 7re !ou willin/ to e led ! the *pirit o0 -od and o e! Hi1; 7re !ou willin/ to /o an!where 0or Hi1; Will !ou knock on at least one door and co1pel the people inside to co1e into the house o0 the Lord and listen to the -ospel ein/ preached;



!e0er Stop 8i0inLuke /:)$

8i0e, and it shall be -i0en unto you.

I0 !ou were a usiness1an, how would the *pirit o0 -od lead !ou; He would lead !ou accordin/ to what the 8i le teaches !ou is 0or !ou. In -od, there is no such thin/ as de0eat, so He would lead !ou to e success0ul all the ti1e. 8ut i0 !ou don2t put an! e1phasis on that and don2t know how to e led ! the *pirit o0 -od in !our usiness or in !our li0e, then !ou won2t alwa!s e success0ul. *o1e people want to separate their usiness 0ro1 their li0e, ut it all works to/ether !ou know. $he! sa!, @$he Lord sa%ed 1e and touched 1! li0e, so now I21 /oin/ to e a preacher. I :ust want to 0ollow the Hol! -host and /i%e up e%er!thin/.@ You had etter look at whether the Lord called !ou to preach and whether He is /i%in/ !ou that kind o0 a 1inistr!. @.o, ut I lo%e Hi1, and I want to do what -od wants 1e to do.@ I0 the est thin/ in the world 0or !ou to do is what -od wants !ou to do, then !ou need to 0ind out what -od wants !ou to do and do it. I0 He wants !ou to preach, then preach, ut i0 He wants !ou to e a usiness1an, then e a usiness1an. 7 o%e all thin/s, -od wants !ou to e success0ul, not onl! spirituall! ut also 0inanciall!. He wants !ou to e success0ul healthFwise as well. $he *pirit 79

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

o0 -od won2t e%er lead !ou an! other wa!. 7n! spirit leadin/ !ou another wa! is not the *pirit o0 -od ecause the Hol! *pirit said He would lead !ou in line with His Word, and -od wants !ou to li%e the a undant li0e. 43ohn 1D51D.6 3esus was led ! the *pirit o0 -od. When people o e!ed the 8i le and o e!ed 0aith, then He responded. He does the sa1e thin/ toda!. He responds.

Heed His Barnin-s

.ow the Lord told 1e se%eral !ears a/o, @I want !ou to teach people what I2%e tau/ht !ou. I0 !ou will, !ou will e 1ore success0ul than !ou2%e e%er een in e%er! wa!.@ (ne ti1e in a ser%ice, Jenneth =. Ha/in, a prophet o0 -od, prophesied to 1e sa!in/ that the spirit o0 darkness, the de%il, was /oin/ to attack 1! usinesses. I didn2t elie%e an!thin/ could happen to 1! usinesses. 8ut in the prophes!, he called 1! na1e and said that there wasn2t an!thin/ wron/ with an! o0 1! usinesses. He said i0 I would pra! and keep workin/ 0or -od and sta! 0aith0ul to -od and pra! and pra! and pra! that I would co1e throu/h that attack and would e 1ore success0ul than I had e%er een. 7 out si> 1onths a0ter that, the de%il hit 1! usinesses. You talk a out dri%in/ the1 roke+ I a1 tellin/ !ou, what the de%il did was so1ethin/ else. He /ot into one o0 the secretaries who had een workin/ 0or 1e 0or !ears, and she stole thousands and thousands and thousands o0 dollars 0ro1 one o0 the corporations that I owned. 7t 1idni/ht one ni/ht, the *pirit o0 -od told 1e to /o check the ooks, and I did. $hen Hol! -host showed 1e what she had een doin/. 70ter I cau/ht her, I talked to AD

Never Stop 0iving

the law!er who said, @I0 !ou as a corporation press char/es, the state will take the corporation o%er, and she will /o to the penitentiar!. You won2t ha%e an!thin/ to do with the co1pan! an!1ore ecause it will eco1e a state corporation accordin/ to state law.@ I didn2t want to see the /irl /o to the penitentiar! an!wa!, so I :ust acked awa! 0ro1 it. I let her /o then sold the corporation. $he thin/s that happened to 1e a0ter Jenneth Ha/in prophesied to 1e were a1aGin/. I0 he had not prophesied to 1e, I don2t know what would ha%e happened. )o !ou want to e success0ul; $hen e led ! the *pirit o0 -od.

Be Led n 6our 8i0inMan! people want to ha%e 1one!, whether the! con0ess it or not. 8ut 1ost o0 the1 are not /oin/ to in an! a undance. $he! will 1ake enou/h 1one! to pa! their ills and u! 0ood, ut that will e a out the e>tent o0 it ecause the! si1pl! aren2t willin/ to e led ! the Hol! *pirit when it co1es to their /i%in/. I was sittin/ in a pra!er 1eetin/ one Wednesda! ni/ht when the *pirit o0 -od 0ell on 1e. $here 1ust not ha%e een 1ore than 0ort! or 0i0t! people there. $he preacher preached, and a wo1an ca1e to the altar and knelt down e0ore -od. $hen the preacher said, @=%er! od! ow !our heads now. We2re /oin/ to pra!.@ When we /ot throu/h pra!in/ and I looked up, 1! e!es 0ell on this wo1an at the altar, and the *pirit o0 -od ca1e and o%ershadowed 1e. $hen He spoke to 1e and said, @I want !ou to /i%e that wo1an a hundred dollars and !our ta le and chairs.@ I didn2t understand wh! He wanted 1e to do that at the ti1e, ut I understand now. *o I /ra ed 1! A1

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

check ook and wrote out a check 0or a hundred dollars. I was in a church awhile ack when the Lord said that He wanted 1e to /i%e so1eone a thousand dollars, so I /a%e it to the1. *o1eti1es I ha%e /one to places to speak, and the Lord has had 1e /i%e the1 1ore than what the! /a%e 1e. I was cr!in/ so hard I couldn2t e%en see the check. I was tr!in/ to wipe the tears awa! and write at the sa1e ti1e. I had :ust a out written out the check when the *pirit o0 -od spoke to 1e a/ain and said, @$ake it up there and /i%e it to the pastor and tell hi1 what I told !ou.@ 8! the ti1e I had written out the check, I was stu1 lin/. I could hardl! walk ecause I was /ettin/ lessed so 1uch. *o I stu1 led towards the 0ront and walked up ehind the pulpit and said, @<astor, 3esus told 1e to /i%e this wo1an a hundred dollars and 1! ta le and chairs. Would !ou please ha%e a truck co1e out to 1! house a0ter the ser%ice and pick up 1! ta le and chairs;@ $he de%il will alwa!s tell !ou to put it o00 until to1orrow ecause he knows that i0 !ou put it o00 until then, !ou 1i/ht /et to thinkin/ a out it and sa!, @I don2t want to do that. Wh! don2t we talk this o%er;@ *o I said, @8rin/ a truck out to 1! house ri/ht awa! and load the1 up+@ I didn2t e%en know who she was. $hat pastor knew 1e, and he said to the church, @I ha%en2t talked to 8rother .or%el toda! or 0or se%eral da!s. He :ust ca1e in the ser%ice, and he doesn2t e%en know what he is doin/.@ I said, @$hat2s ri/ht.@ $hen he went on to sa!, @I 0ound this wo1an toda!, and she has three little children, ut she doesn2t ha%e e%en one slice o0 read. *he doesn2t ha%e an! place 0or her children to sleep toni/ht. *he2s 0ro1 -er1an! and is 1arried to so1e 0lak! 71erican soldier who ran o00 and A2

Never Stop 0iving

le0t her. I :ust 0ound the1 wanderin/ around ecause she had to lea%e the place where she was li%in/. Here she is in 71erica with three little children, with no place to sleep. *o I /ot her a 1otel roo1 0or the ni/ht so the! could sleep, and I told the1 to co1e to church toni/ht.@ I0 !ou want -od to do so1ethin/ 0or !ou, /o to church. I0 !ou aren2t /oin/ to /o to church, then !ou aren2t /oin/ to /et %er! 1uch 0ro1 -od. I will tell !ou that ri/ht now. $o recei%e an!thin/ 0ro1 -od, !ou ha%e to 1ake an e00ort to /et to Hi1. )o !ou understand that; *o the pastor had rou/ht her to church. He said, @I0 an! od! wants to :oin 8rother .or%el and /i%e her so1e 1one!, co1e up here and la! the 1one! down.@ *o the! ca1e up and started la!in/ a whole pile o0 1one! down there 0or her. $hen a wo1an rose up and said, @I ha%e a chair I can /i%e her.@ $hen another person said, @I ha%e a ed I can /i%e her.@ 7nother person rose up and said, @I ha%e two re0ri/erators? I can /i%e her one o0 the1.@ 7nother said, @I ha%e a sto%e I don2t need that I can /i%e her.@ 8e0ore the ser%ice was o%er, the /irl said, @$hat 0ellow who ca1e up here and /a%e 1e the hundred dollarsBI want hi1 to co1e up here and ask -od to /i%e 1e a :o . .o od! wants to hire 1e ecause I ha%e a hea%! -er1an accent and can2t talk plain.@ *o I went up there and laid hands on her and clai1ed a :o 0or her. I said, @*atan, take !our hands o00 o0 her e1plo!1ent, in 3esus2 na1e. You thie0+@ $he de%il has no ri/ht to !our 1one!+ You ha%e a ri/ht to it !oursel0. I0 !ou are a ornFa/ain 'hristian, !ou ha%e a ri/ht 0or 1one! to co1e in and pa! all !our ills. I0 !ou can hardl! pa! !our ills, tell the de%il to take his hands o00 o0 !our 1one!. A3

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

$en da!s later, that pastor walked into 1! o00ice and said, @I want !ou to take a ride with 1e.@ *o we /ot in his car and dro%e ! this little white house. $hen the pastor said, @)o !ou re1e1 er a out ten da!s a/o when !ou were in 1! church and -od 1o%ed on !ou to /i%e a hundred dollars and !our ta le and chairs to a wo1an;@ I said, @(h, !eah, I re1e1 er that.@ He said, @Well, she li%es in that house ri/ht now, and all o0 her children are /oin/ to school. *he has a :o , and her re0ri/erator is 0ull o0 0ood. Her house is 0ull o0 0urniture, and the lessin/ o0 hea%en has 0allen upon her.@ .ow that sounds :ust like 3esus to 1e.

Bless Someone in !eed

-od lo%es an o edient child. >or as many as are led by the Spirit of 8od, they are the sons of 8od 4Ro1. A51#6. $hat is the %er! reason wh! -od did so 1uch 0or the hand1aidens o0 the Lord ack in the (ld $esta1ent. We need to ha%e hand1aidens o0 the Lord now. What do !ou 1ean hand1aidens o0 the Lord; I 1ean a wo1an who will :ust do an!thin/ 0or -od. I0 a 0a1il! is in trou le and is sick and doesn2t ha%e an! 0ood, she will /o o%er and cook their 1eals, wash their sheets and lo%e their children 4and discipline the1 i0 needed6 or do whate%er needs to e done. @I21 li%in/ in 1odern ti1es, 8rother .or%el. I don2t ha%e an! 0riends who would do that, and I don2t want to do that.@ -o ahead and e like !our du1 0riends then. You can e like the1 i0 !ou want to. 8ut 3esus sa!s that !ou can2t /i%e so1e od! a cup o0 cool water without 3esus rewardin/ !ou 0or it. 4Matt. 1D5#1,#2.6 Water doesn2t e%en cost an!thin/, and !ou would /et a reward. 3ust i1a/ine what would happen to !ou i0 !ou would 0i> so1e od! a sandwich; A#

Never Stop 0iving

Lo%e, the -odFkind o0 lo%e, re1inds 1e o0 a oo1eran/Bwhen !ou throw it out, it :ust co1es ack to !ou. $hat is the wa! the true lo%e o0 -od is. You throw it out, and it co1es ri/ht ack to !ou all the ti1e. You aren2t /oin/ to /et %er! 1an! lessin/s 0ro1 hea%en ! li%in/ and reathin/ and takin/ care o0 !our 0our and no 1oreB !ou, !our spouse, child and do/. 8ut !ou will i0 !ou will /i%e when !ou 0ind people who are in need.

8o Bith 8od, !ot the Borld

You ha%e to watch !oursel0 and not e led ! the wron/ spirit. You can2t e led ! a spirit o0 success. You can2t e led ! the spirit o0 1akin/ 1illions o0 dollars. You can2t e led :ust ! !our talent. You can2t e led ! that kind o0 a spirit. $he Hol! *pirit o0 -od wants to lead !ou, and !ou 1ust learn to e led ! the Hol! *pirit o0 -od. 3esus alwa!s has souls, lost souls, in the ack o0 His 1ind. He is alwa!s wantin/ !ou to o e! the -ospel, ut !ou ha%e to pa! the price to o e! the -ospel. 7s 0ar as the world is concerned, it isn2t too popular to /o preach the -ospel to e%er! creature and cast out de%ils and speak with new ton/ues and la! hands on the sick so the! will reco%er. 8ut it is popular with 3esus, and He is the onl! (ne who 1atters an!wa!. I couldn2t care less what the world thinks. What the! think isn2t worth 0i0teen cents to 1e, and it shouldn2t e to !ou either. 8ut i0 !ou ha%e an!thin/ to sell, the! will tr! to u! !ou. $he! tried to u! 1e ecause I ha%e a talent that the world would like to ha%e, ut I won2t /i%e it to the1. .ow don2t ask 1e wh! I ha%e this talent ecause I don2t know wh!. I a1 a hi/h school dropout and don2t e%en ha%e a hi/h school education, ut ! the a/e o0 twent!Fei/ht !ears old, I was 1akin/ a out K&,DDD a week. A&

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

=%er since then, I ha%e een success0ul and had 1one!. $here is :ust so1ethin/ inside o0 1e that can see inside o0 a usiness, and I can 1ake an! kind o0 a usiness tick. I can take o%er the 'adillac dealership and 1ake a success out o0 it. I can sell popcorn and 1ake a success out o0 it. I0 I /i%e so1e ti1e to it, I know what to do, and I know how to do it. (0 course, the 0irst ke! to ein/ success0ul is to not e laG!, and I21 not laG!. -od doesn2t less laGiness. -od doesn2t less laG! people. I0 !ou e%er want to e success0ul in !our li0e, !ou need to /et out o0 that laG! seat ecause !ou aren2t /oin/ to e success0ul as lon/ as !ou are laG!. You can e aptiGed in the Hol! -host and pra! in the *pirit three hours a da!, ut i0 !ou are laG!, !ou aren2t /oin/ to /et the lessin/s 0ro1 hea%en. -od wants to see people work. -od likes to see !ou /et up and /et with it. When I /a%e 1! li0e to -od, I had one corporation 1akin/ K3,DDD, K#,DDD, then K&,DDD a week, ut I was a sla%e to that corporation. M! li0e didn2t elon/ to -od. M! li0e elon/ed to 1! corporation. I had to work so1eti1es until ei/ht, nine, ten, ele%en o2clock at ni/ht. I had so 1uch usiness I couldn2t keep up with all o0 it. It :ust kept 0lowin/ in. You would look at those checks and see KA,DDD, K1D,DDD, K12,DDD, K1&,DDD a 1onth. $his week !ou would 1ake K3,&DD and ne>t week !ou would 1ake K&,&DD. $his week !ou would 1ake K#,DDD and ne>t week !ou would 1ake K,,DDD. .ow that wasn2t ad 0or a $ennessee countr! o! who didn2t ha%e a hi/h school education. Wh!, that is 1ore than a /o%ernor 1akes+ You don2t ha%e to ha%e a lot o0 education to 1ake 1one!, ut !ou do ha%e to e willin/ to work and do thin/s, and -od will less !ou. He will less !our e00orts A,

Never Stop 0iving

:ust 0or workin/. -od lesses people who work, ut He doesn2t less laGiness. He reall! doesn2t. You ha%e to pa! a price to e success0ul. When I /a%e 1! li0e to -od, I had one usiness. .ow I ha%e se%en, and I a1 ne%er at work. $hat is what the Hol! -host does to !ou. $hat is what He does 0or !ou. I can e ridin/ down the road now so1eti1es, and the *pirit o0 -od will co1e upon 1e and show 1e how to 1ake K&D,DDD or K1DD,DDD. (ne ti1e I e%en had Hi1 co1e upon 1e and show 1e how to 1ake a Euarter o0 a 1illion, and I 1ade it too. 8ut a0ter !ou 1ake that, !ou still ha%e to carr! tracts in !our pocket and know that it is i1portant to pass out tracts, to la! !our hands on sick people, to tell people a out -od, to cast out de%ils and to pra! in the new lan/ua/e that -od /i%es !ou. It is i1portant to keep !oursel0 uilt up spirituall! so that !ou don2t /et 0ull o0 pride and let !our 1one! control !ou. M! success and 1! usiness and 1! 1one! don2t control 1e. I control the1. $hat is wh! I can teach the 8i le 0or two 1onths in a row nearl! e%er! da!. $hat is the reason -od dealt with 1e to start a 8i le school. I teach certain su :ects in the 8i le school, and I ha%e other teachers teachin/ in the 8i le school. 'an !ou i1a/ine a /u! who is a hi/h school dropout startin/ a 8i le school; $he Lord said, @)on2t ha%e an! te>t ooks. $each the1 the 8i le ! chapter and %erse.@ *o we don2t ha%e an! te>t ooks, and we aren2t /oin/ to ha%e an! unless -od tells us to. $he Lord told 1e to uild a 0oundation in people in order to /et the Word o0 -od on the inside o0 their spirits so the! could think strai/ht. *ee, unless !ou /et the 8i le on the inside o0 !ou, !our 1ind won2t think strai/ht. Your 1ind won2t e%er think strai/ht until !ou A7

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

1ake the 8i le a part o0 !ou. It has to e in !our spirit, and !ou ha%e to see the %alue o0 winnin/ a 1an2s soul in order to sta! success0ul.

8i0e nto 8ood Soil

You 1a! e sa!in/, @How did !ou /et !our 8i le school to work; Wh! does -od alwa!s send !ou e%er!thin/ !ou want; Wh! does !our 1inistr! account alwa!s ha%e thousands o0 dollars, and !ou ne%er ha%e an! pro le1s; Wh! is that; 8ecause I plant 1! seed in /ood soil. I /i%e 1! 1one! to 1inistries that are doin/ so1ethin/ 0or -od. I elie%e in Jenneth Ha/in2s 1inistr!, and I /i%e into it and into his 8i le school. 7nd whene%er I plant seed into his 1inistr!, it 1ultiplies like wild0ire. RealiGe that 0or se%en !ears I worked in the 1inistr! o0 helps. I used to carr! 0ood to poor people2s ho1es. I would /o u! the 0ood 1!sel0 then carr! it to the ho1es o0 poor people who had little hun/r! kids who would tear the otto1s o0 the a/s out e0ore I could e%er /et the /roceries out o0 the sack. Most o0 the ti1e so1e 0lak! /u! had le0t so1e wo1an with 0our or 0i%e little children, and the! had no 0ood. I was satis0ied with doin/ that ecause -od was lessin/ 1e so 1uch. I could hardl! stand it+ I 1ean, the :o! o0 the Lord was sur/in/ throu/h 1e da! and ni/ht. *o1eti1es I would ha%e to ask -od to turn it o00. (ne ti1e I was in ed listenin/ to a 8i le readin/ tape, and -od /ot to lessin/ 1e so 1uch that I shook and the ed shook. -od2s :o! sur/ed throu/h 1e so 1uch that 1! ones started dancin/. It al1ost see1ed like there were little 1en dancin/ on 1! ones. $hen !our 1ind thinks, @I21 sure /lad I21 in 1! edroo1 alone.@ I0 the world had seen 1e the! would ha%e thou/ht I was nuts. $he! would AA

Never Stop 0iving

ha%e said, @He is ha%in/ a 0it.@ I0 the! said that to 1e, I would sa!, @Yeah, I21 takin/ a 0it. You ou/ht to ha%e one !oursel0. It 0eels /ood.@ *o the Lord lessed 1e, and He lessed 1! 1inistr!. $hen a0ter workin/ in the 1inistr! o0 helps 0or se%en !ears, the Lord said, @.ow then, I want !ou to start teachin/ M! Word.@ I didn2t know -od was e%er /oin/ to call 1e to teach the 8i le. I was satis0ied in the 1inistr! o0 helps. I was satis0ied workin/ to /et 1one!, then /oin/ out and spendin/ it 0or -od helpin/ poor 0a1ilies. 8ut He called 1e to teach the 8i le.

Feep the Eision

Without a %ision, -od said, the people will perish. 4<ro%. 2951A.6 You ha%e to watch !oursel0 and 1ake sure !ou keep the %ision -od has /i%en !ou. .ow !ou 1i/ht sa!, @Well, how does a 1an with se%en usinesses who doesn2t need an! 1one! 0ro1 an! od!, how in the world does a 1an like that keep the %ision o0 /i%in/ out the -ospel to win one soul 0or -od; -od showed 1e one ti1e when I was in $ulsa, (klaho1a, /ettin/ read! to speak at a "ull -ospel 8usiness1en2s chapter 1eetin/. I was sittin/ on the side o0 a ed. I :ust held out 1! hands and e/an to pra!, sa!in/, @I lo%e You, 3esus. I lo%e You, 3esus. I :ust want to thank You, 3esus, 0or sa%in/ 1e.@ $hen I said, @You know, 3esus, a 0ew !ears a/o, i0 I had een here in $ulsa, (klaho1a, on a *aturda! a0ternoon I would ha%e een u!in/ the newspaper to see i0 an! od! i1portant was /oin/ to sin/ at so1e supper clu so that I could /o see the1. $hen I would ha%e eaten a i/ steak and listened to so1e od! sin/ and watched a 0loor show. 8ut I said, @3esus, wh! did I wait so lon/;@ In :ust two or three hours, I21 /oin/ to /o down to this 0anc! place, to A9

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

speak to a roo1 0ull o0 people, and I21 /oin/ to tell the1 what You2%e done 0or 1e. Wh! did I wait so lon/ to /i%e 1! li0e to You, 3esus; Wh! did I wait so lon/;@ $hen all o0 a sudden, when I said that, He :ust ca1e ri/ht throu/h the wall and 0illed the whole roo1 0ull o0 His Hol! <resence. I /ot scared and acked up on the ed until 1! ack was a/ainst the wall. $he *pirit o0 -od started 0lutterin/ and :u1pin/ in 1e, and I e/an to cr!. $ears were :ust /ushin/ out o0 1! e!es. $hen all o0 a sudden, I couldn2t see. $hen 1! %ision cleared, and I e/an to see the cross. -od rou/ht the cross that 3esus died on ri/ht up in 0ront o0 1! e!es. 3esus wasn2t on the cross, ut lood was drippin/ down the cross and onto 1e. He let 1e see the drops o0 lood with 1! e!es. 7nd all the cross had on it was the stain 0ro1 3esus2 lood. $hen He pushed it ri/ht up in 0ront o0 1e and said, @You didn2t ha%e a %ision o0 the price that had een paid 0or !our sal%ation and 0or !our eternal li0e.@ He said, @<eople ha%e lost the %ision, son. $he stor! o0 3esus, the =aster stor! o0 3esus d!in/ on the cross, is like an old stor! the! ha%e read in so1e ook so1ewhere, and the!2%e lost the %ision o0 the price that2s een paid 0or the1Bdeath on the cross. $he! ha%e lost the %ision.@ )id !ou e%er sit down and stop and think that so1e Man died 0or !ou and no od! else. He died :ust 0or !ou. He went throu/h that a/on! and su00ered 0or hours in his od! and in hell :ust 0or !ou. $hen !ou and I ha%e the audacit! to stand up here and want to li%e our li%es the wa! we want to. We 0ool around 1akin/ 1one! and lookin/ at -od and sa!in/, @I don2t want to /et in%ol%ed in this kind o0 stu00. I want to e a nice 0ellow. I21 /oin/ to 0ind 1e a church that doesn2t /o so 0ar.@ 9D

Never Stop 0iving

You ha%e to e out o0 !our 1ind+ You don2t want to do that. You want the realit! o0 -od is what !ou want, ut !ou :ust don2t know it !et. When !ou /et sick, 1! rother or sister, and cancer co1es up on !ou, what are !ou /oin/ to do; What i0 8ri/ht2s disease attacks !our kidne!s like it did 1! nineteenF!earFold rother2s who pla!ed 0oot all in hi/h school; What are !ou /oin/ to do; 7re !ou /oin/ to /o to !our old, cold church; $hat is what we did, and he died at nineteen. .o od! could help hi1. $oda! i0 I walked into the roo1 o0 a nineteenF!earFold 0oot all pla!er in hi/h school who was d!in/ with 8ri/ht2s disease or an! other kind o0 disease, I would walk in there and sa!, @.o, !ou don2t+ In 3esus2 na1e? no, !ou don2t+ You 0oul a00liction, !ou aren2t /oin/ to kill this person. I21 not /oin/ to let !ou. In 3esus2 na1e, I curse !ou, and I co11and e%er! disease to co1e out o0 his kidne!s in 3esus2 na1e. 'o1e out o0 hi1 in 3esus2 na1e.@ You 1a! sa!, @Wh! did !ou do that;@ 8ecause 3esus said in Mark 1,517, In 1! na1e shall the! cast out de%ils and ecause the de%il caused this 8ri/ht2s disease to attack his kidne!s, not -od. *o I had to take authorit! o%er the disease and co11and it to lea%e. I don2t know a out !ou, ut I would rather ha%e a %ision o0 the price that has een paid 0or 1e at ti1es like these than to own the whole world.

?epend on 8od
8ill! -raha1 sa!s, and I a/ree with hi1, that the 1ain pro le1 with 71erican people is that the! ha%en2t learned how to li%e !et. 8ill! -raha1 sa!s that ecause 71erican people are li%in/ in a land which 0lows with 1ilk and hone! and can /o to the nearest super1arket and u! an!thin/ the! want whene%er the! ha%e so1e 1one! 91

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

in their pocket, the! ha%e eco1e creatures o0 their own ha its. I0 their %alues aren2t in the ri/ht place and the! don2t know how to li%e and reall! e success0ul, then the! eco1e ensla%ed to their own ha its. It eco1es harder and harder 0or the1 to e led ! the Hol! *pirit and to 0ind the realit! o0 -od ecause the! are dependin/ on the1sel%es rather than on -od. In Luke ,53A, -od sa!s, 8i0e, and it shall be -i0en unto you9 -ood measure, pressed down, and shaken to-ether, and runnin- o0er, shall men -i0e into your bosom. >or with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you a-ain. $o reall! li%e, /i%e !oursel0 to -od. Learn to depend on Hi1 and e led ! !our spirit.


.or%el Ha!es shares -od2s Word oldl! and si1pl! with an enthusias1 that captures the heart o0 the hearer. He has learned throu/h personal e>perience that -od2s Word can e e00ecti%e in e%er! area o0 li0e and that it will work 0or an!one who will elie%e it and appl! it. .or%el owns se%eral usinesses which 0unction success0ull! despite the 0act that he spends 1ore than hal0 his ti1e awa! 0ro1 the o00ice, 1inisterin/ the -ospel throu/hout the countr!. His o edience to -od and his willin/ness to share his 0aith ha%e taken hi1 to a %ariet! o0 places. He 1inisters in churches, se1inars, con%entions, colle/es, prisonsBan!where the *pirit o0 -od leads.

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