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HOW TO START A SOCIAL SERVICE ORGANISATION ? Are you interested in rendering social Service to the society?

Many of us have the urge to do some thing to the society. The basic reasons could be         For satisfaction For spiritual reasons To do give back something to the society where from we get everything for our life. Charity begins at home! I am a social being . I need a society to live in. And I also help the society someway I have everything except satisfaction. I think I should do something to my community to get peace of mind. I don’t want to be a human being. I want to be more than a human being by understanding and helping othr human beings. MAKKAL THONDE MAHESAN THONDU. Service to mankind is service to God. Let me serve the visible Human beings.

There are different ways of doing social services. Here are some professional ways As individual volunteers! You can do part time (1 day a week, one day a month, 1hour every day, etc.,) or full time voluntary work join some of the field social service organizations and render services in the field you like (eg. Literacy, Health Awareness, orphanage home visit, talking to the seminar citizens, etc.,) in geographical locations preference by you. For more details to volunteer as individual go to our volunteerism section. I have some skills let me share with others. I have some spare time will spend talking to some senior citizens instead of visiting a movie theater or a club. If you want to do have a full time professional Development work by starting an NGO, here are guidelines to you Pre – requisite to start an NGO : A lot of commitment to a social cause and some knowledge on the issues and causes which you would like to address. Forming a Social Service Organization Social Service Organization, Voluntary organization, Non Government organization, Non profit organization – all are synonymous - meaning a body which renders a non profit service to the society. .This body has to be registered under law to have a legal entity. Advantages of registering a social service organization. Advantages of incorporation of registration as a legal body

What are the legal forms of social service organizations? A Social Service organization can be registered as a Society or as a trust of also as Non profit company. eg. It means that the legal body can sue and be sued in its own name . A deed of Trust in times of memorandum of Association. Exemption from various tax laws. Registration as a Non Profit Company : (Under Section 25 of the Companies Act 1956) A minimum of 2 persons can focus and start a non profit company and apply for a license with regional Director of the Department of company affairs. Karnataka Societies registration Act 1960. Numerous benefits are available to an incorporated body . A memorandum of Association by objectives and bye-laws have to be framed and submitted to the registrar of Societies of your registration District. Legal operations of a registered body : . and not in the name of the members. Society registration : A Society has to be registered under Societies Registration Act. approval from the Government. These companies are registered without the name as private Limited Company. Ministry of Finance. are the modified state Acts).It gives a legal right to the members to hold property in the name of the organization. etc.1961 are more easily granted if the organization is incorporated. Registrations under the foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act. GOI.. Tamilnadu Societies registration Act 1975. The properties of an incorporated body can be more easily protected from rival claimants and resulting litigations. This is an all India Act with State modifications (eg. Any property held can pass from one generation to another without having to pay any transfer fees or taxes and without any cumbersome documentation.1976 and the Income Tax Act. A minimum of seven members have to be in the Governing body and General body. Bye-laws with objectives have to be framed and submitted to the Sub Registrar of your registration District. Bihar Societies registration Act 1965. land ceiling regulations. Registration of a Charitable Trust : ( under India’s Trust Act 1882) Minimum 2 members can join and start a Trust.

Registration under Income tax Act 1961. Registration of a Social Service Organization means Transparency to the Government. There are different sections available for exemption depending on the category of the organization. Go for registration a body preparing a vision document with goals and objectives and plan of action of your organization. to its members and to its target community. Minutes book should be maintained and all meetings discussions and resolutions should be recovered as prescribed by the registration Act. Submit to the concerned registration authority. recourses and work towards your objective. All financial Transactions should be audited and audit report should be submitted to the concerned registration authority annually.Any registered body whether Society or Trust should abide the laws under which they were registered. Income tax Act. Educational Institutions section 10 (22) Medical Institutions section 10 (22A) General Charitable Institutions section 10 (23c) (iv) . there are some benefits to the organizations. A flow Chart If you are a committed persons and willing to work for a Social cause. Prepare a required documents depending on the type of body you are registering. etc. Get other Government benefits by registering under various other acts . This will help to get exemptions on tax for the organizations. The Activities of the Society / Trust should be as per their bye – Laws or MOA Governing body / General body meetings should be conducted as prescribed in the registration Act. Design a management structure for the Society / Trust. Start identifying the Target Groups /issues and plan to organize people . FCRA. if the organizations are registered under these acts. Registering your organization under various other acts : There are other acts.. to its Donors.         Get more information on the issue and causes through reading. discussions with those who are working in the field Get like minded people with interest and ability to spare their free time for the social cause.

www.tamilnaduwomen. Contacts /Referrences suggested. And for volunteering.TNCDW Updates on Women development project coverage www. A prior permission could also be sought in the absence of FCRA registration. Last 3 years activities should be supported by Activity and financial reports The applications should be sent in the prescribed format FC – 8 along with registered documents to Ministry of Home affairs. A legal expert / Auditor may be contacted for more information. Rural Innovations Network to know about the various technological innovations by Rural South India Producers Myrada . for information on various NGOs working in various fields of activities. Registering under foreign contribution (Regulation) Act 1976. for information on various NGOs working in the field of health activities. Existence at least for a minimum period of 3 years No previous remark on the organization regarding the use of foreign funds without pri permission. Contact: TamilnaduVoluntary Health Association. Phone : 91-44-4352313 . Conditions to apply for registration under FCRA Should preferably be a registered organization. www.tnvha.rinovations.There are prescribed formats & eligibility conditions for applying. to know about institution building and participatory learning Methodologies. Please contact a legal expert / an auditor with ample knowledge in the Development sector for more information. Tamilnadu corporation for development of women Tamilnadu AIDS Control society for information on various NGOs working in the field of HIV/AIDS Prevention. This act is to regulate the acceptance of any faring donations either by individuals or by institutions. www. will help in finding market for the rural products.

Their email id is as follows : poswonet@usa.Positive Women’s network to know about the discriminated treatment of HIV +ve women in the society.3711176/4717363 State Women’s Commission to know about the various legislations preventing Harassment against Women. Chennai – 14. Sitaraman & Governance and financial management in Non-profit Organisations. 1975 Published : C. Published by CARITAS India. . Phone 91-44. Phone: 91-44-2200375 Refer : THE TAMILNADU SOCITIES REGISTRATION ACT. CREA to know about the various legislations preventing Harassment against Women.