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Members are reminded that they must declare all relevant pecuniary and nonpecuniary interests relating to any

items of business to be discussed at this meeting. If a pecuniary interest is declared a Member must not speak or take part in that agenda item. Any declarations will be recorded in the minutes of the meeting. BIRMINGHAM CITY COUNCIL NECHELLS WARD COMMITTEE
Thursday, 20 March 2014 at 1800 hours in Stanhope Hall, Emily Street, Highgate B12 0XG

1 Attached 2 APOLOGIES MINUTES To confirm and sign the Minutes of the last meeting held on 30 January 2014. 3 PETITIONS Notification of petition received from residents of Aston Church Road requesting the Council to provide a gate at the alley adjacent to number 128. Also to clear the land at the side of the alleyway that is attracting litter, rats and drug users. 4 COMMUNITY SAFETY SERVICE ISSUES West Midlands Police and West Midlands Fire Service have been invited to attend the meeting to provide updates on issues affecting the Ward. 5 UPDATE FROM THE ENVIRONMENTAL WARDEN Richard Lane will attend to provide an update on his work in the Ward. 6 WHEELIE BIN ROLL OUT Officers will attend to present details of the roll out of the wheelie bin service across the Nechells Ward 7 UPDATE FROM THE DISTRICT CONVENTION WARD WORKSHOP Feedback will be provided at the meeting.

SHISHA LOUNGES To discuss the issues around the increase in the number of Shisha Lounges in the Ward as requested at the previous meeting




MATTERS OF URGENT LOCAL CONCERN Any item, matter or issues raised by the public or representatives of a Neighbourhood Forum which the Chairperson is of the opinion should be considered at the meeting as a matter of urgency.


ITEMS FOR FUTURE AGENDAS Consideration will be given to any suggestions for items to be included on future agendas


GOOD NEWS ITEM An opportunity to share good news stories, as suggested at a previous meeting.


DATE OF NEXT MEETING To agree a provisional date for the next meeting 19 June 2014


AUTHORITY TO CHAIRMAN AND OFFICERS Chairman to move :''That the Chairman (or in his/her absence, the Vice-Chairman if appropriate) is hereby authorised to act until the next meeting of the Committee except that, in respect of the exercise of the Council's Executive functions delegated to it by the Cabinet, the appropriate Chief Officers are hereby authorised to act in consultation with the Chairman and that the Director of Legal & Democratic Services is authorised to affix the Corporate Seal to any document necessary to give effect to a decision of the said officers acting in pursuance of the power hereby delegated to them; further that a report of all action taken under this authority be submitted to the next meeting and that such report shall explain why this authority was used.''