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The Names of God

We can receive a great awareness of who God is by discovering His names and their exact meaning in Scripture. The names of God can be divided into two categories: The E ! names of God which refers to His as The "reator and revea His being# The $ehovah! names of God which revea His activity and redemptive covenants with His peop e. THE EL NAMES OF GOD El E ! means the Strong or %ighty &ne# the "reator. E ! is in the singu ar# showing that each person in the Godhead is God# co'e(ua in nature# power# attributes and g ory. E ! is used in reference to the )ather. Genesis 14:22 But Abram said to the king of Sodom, 7 have raised my hand to the Lord, God Most igh, !reator of heaven and earth, and have taken an oath"# E ! is used in reference to the Son. $saiah 7:14 %herefore the Lord himse&f 'i&& give you a sign: %he virgin 'i&& be 'ith (hi&d and 'i&& give birth to a son, and 'i&& (a&& him $mmanue&" E ! is used in reference to the Ho y Spirit. )ob **:4 %he S+irit of God has made me, the breath of the A&mighty gives me &ife"

Elohim E ohim! means the Strong or %ighty &nes. E ohim! is p ura . +t spea,s of unity# and yet p ura ity# in the three distinct persons of the Godhead. Genesis 1:2-a %hen God said, .Let us make man in our image, in our &ikeness"# Eloah E oah! is the &ne and on y true God and the unity of His being. This is in contrast to the many gods of heathen re igions. /euteronomy *2:10b e abandoned the God 'ho made him and re1e(ted the 2o(k his Savior" El-Elyon E 'E yon! means the %ost High# a God who is high above a things. +t re ates to His ever present -omnipresent. nature. Genesis 14:13 and he b&essed Abram, saying, .B&essed be Abram by God Most igh, !reator of heaven and earth"# El-Shaddai E 'Shaddai! means the God / mighty# the Strong &ne# the 0reasted &ne# and the / Sufficient &ne. +t re ates to His a powerfu -&mnipotent. nature. Genesis 17:1 4hen Abram 'as ninety5nine years o&d, the Lord a++eared to him and said, .& am God A&mighty, 'a&k before me and be b&ame&ess"# El-Roi E '1oi! means the / 'seeing God who sees me. +t re ates to the a ,nowing -omniscient. nature of God. Genesis 1-:1*,14 She gave this name to the Lord 'ho s+oke to her: .6ou are the God 'ho sees me,# for she said, .$ have no' seen the 7ne 'ho sees me"#

That is why the we was ca ed 0eer 3ahai 1oi4 it is sti there# between 5adesh and 0ered. El-Olam E '& am! means the Ever asting God. +t refers to His eternity of being. Genesis 21:** A bra ham +&anted a tamarisk tree in Beersheba, and there he (a&&ed u+on the name of the Laid, the 8terna& God" El-Bethell E '0ethe ! means the God of the house of God. +t refers to the reve ation of His being in His dwe ing p ace. Genesis *1:1* $ am the God of Bethe&, 'here you anointed a +i&&ar and 'here you made a vo' to me" 9o' &eave this &and at on(e and go ba(k to your native &and" E1-Elohe-I !ael E 'E ohe'+srae ! means the God of the 6rince who has power with God and %an. The God of $acob whose name was changed to +srae . -God changes the names of men whey they parta,e of His name and His nature.. Genesis **:2: %here he set u+ an a&tar and (a&&ed it 8& 8&ohe $srae&" El-Gi""o! E 'Gibbor means the %ighty or Great God. $saiah 3:- ;or to us a (hi&d is born, to us a son is given, and the government 'i&& be on his shou&ders" And he 'i&& be (u&&ed 4onderfu& !ounse&or, Mighty God, 8ver&asting ;ather, <rin(e of <ea(e" Elohim-Elyon E ohim'E yon! means the %ost High God. <sa&m 31:1 e 'ho d'e&&s in the she&ter of the Most igh 'i&& rest in the shado' of the A&mighty"

Elohim-Sa"oath E ohim'Saboath! means the God of Host. <sa&ms =::7 2estore us, : God A&mighty, make your fa(e shine u+on us, that 'e may be saved" Adon o! Adonai /don or /donai# which mean the %aster# &wner or 1u er of a <sa&ms =-:12 $ 'i&& +raise you, : Lord my God, 'ith a&& my heart, $ 'i&& g&orify your name forever" Imman#-El +mmanu'E ! means God with us. This is the greatest of a of the E ! names of God# which consummate in the name of $esus who is God who was made f esh when he came to this earth to be ive as a man. $saiah 7:14 %herefore the Lord himse&f 'i&& give you a sign: %he virgin 'i&& be 'ith (hi&d and 'i&& give birth to a son, and 'i&& (u&& him $mmanue&" Matthe' 1:2152* .She 'i&& give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name )esus, be(ause he 'i&& save his +eo+&e from their sins" A&& this took +&a(e to fu&fi&& 'hat the Lord had said through the +ro+het: .%he virgin 'i&& be 'ith (hi&d and 'i&& give birth to a son, and they 'i&& (a&& him $mmanue&# > 'hi(h means, .God 'ith us"# THE $EHO%AH NAMES OF GOD +n addition to the creative E ! names of God# we a so have the redemptive names of God# for the God who created us is a so the God who has redeemed us. The $ehovah! names of God are those names which refer to His redemptive'wor, 8ames. When the name $ehovah! is used in con9unction with the other names that revea s His nature and redemptive wor,#

they are ,nown as the promise names! of God. The name $ehovah means The Se f'Existent &ne Who continua y and progressive y revea s Himse f to His 6eop e.! $eho&ah Elohim When God ca ed %oses as He spo,e to him out of the burning bush# %oses as,ed by what name he shou d ma,e Him ,nown. 8?odus *:1*510 Moses said to God, .Su++ose $ go to the $srae&ites and say to them, @%he God of your fathers has sent me to you,A and they ask me, @4hat is his nameBA %hen 'hat sha&& $ te&& themB# God said to Moses, .$ am 'ho $ am" %his is 'hat you are to say to the $srae&ites: @$ am has sent me to you"#C God a so said to %oses# Say to the +srae ites# ;The 3ord# the God of your fathers < the God of /braham# the God of +saac and the God of $acob < has sent me to you.= This is my name forever# the name by which + am to be remembered from generation to generation.! When God said# + /m That + /m! -$ehovah E ohim.# He expressed his eternity of being# His Se f'existence and His essentia attributes which inc uded His omnipotence# omnipresence and His omniscience nature. His name# $ehovah! or >ahweh#! means + wi be what + wi be. $ehovah! means He is the Se f Existent &ne who revea s Himse f. /s He revea ed Himse f to His peop e# He was a so ma,ing a covenant with His peop e. When He said# + /m -;$ehovah'E ohim=.#! He was saying + am both the "ovenant 1edeemer and The "ovenant "reator. There are many compound redemptive names of God which revea His redemptive wor, on fa en man=s beha f. When He used the name $ehovah# He was saying# + am the se f existent one who revea s myse f as your ...! Each of His compound redemptive names revea s His activity on our beha f as our 1edeemer. With each name# there came a reve ation of Himse f in each aspect of His redemptive

wor,. With each one of His redemptive names# He was a so ma,ing a covenant with His peop e. $eho&ah-$i!eh $ehovah'$ireh revea s the 3ord as our 6rovider. Genesis 22:14 So Abraham (a&&ed that +&a(e %he Lord 4i&& <rovide" And to this day it is said, .7n the mountain of the Lord it 'i&& be +rovided"# $eho&ah-Ra'ha $ehovah'1apha revea s the 3ord as our Hea er. 8?odus 10:2- e said, .$f you &isten (arefu&&y to the voi(e of the Lord your God and do 'hat is right in his eyes, if you +ay attention to his (ommands and kee+ a&& his de(rees, $ 'i&& not bring on you any of the diseases $ brought on the 8gy+tians, for $ am the Lord, 'ho hea&s you"# $eho&ah-Ni i $ehovah'8issi revea s the 3ord as our 0anner. 8?odus 17:10 Moses bui&t an a&tar and (a&&ed it %he Lord is my Banner" $eho&ah-Shalom $ehovah'Sha om revea s the 3ord as our 6eace. )udges -:24 So Gideon bui&t an a&tar to the Lord there and (a&&ed it %he Lord is <ea(e" %o this day it stands in 7+hrah of the AbieD rites" $eho&ah-Raah $ehovah'1aah revea s the 3ord +s our Shepherd. <sa&ms 2*:1 %he Lord is my she+herd, $ sha&& not be in 'ant" $eho&ah-T id(en# $ehovah'Tsid,enu revea s the 3ord our 1ighteousness.

)eremiah 2*:- $n his days )udah 'i&& be saved and $srae& 'i&& &ive in safety" %his is the name by 'hi(h he 'i&& be (a&&ed: %he Lord 7ur 2ighteousness" $eho&ah-Shammah $ehovah'Shammah revea s the 3ord Who +s There -Ever present.. 8Dekie& 4 =:*0 %he distan(e a&& around 'i&& be 1=,::: (ubits" .Arid the name of the (ity from that time on 'i&& be: the Lord is there" S#mma!y God has revea ed Himse f to us as a powerfu # strong and mighty "reator in His E ! names. /s E ohim# He revea s his p ura ity of persona ities as the )ather# Son and Ho y Spirit. /s E 'Shaddai# He revea s His great power to us. /s +mmanu'E or +mmanue # He revea s Himse f as a God who in the form of His Son $esus# came to this earth to ive among us and to dwe and abide with us. +n His $ehovah! names# we find He is a se f'existent God who revea s Himse f to His peop e. /s He revea ed each of His names as $ehovah# He was a so ma,ing a covenant with His peop e as our 6rovider# our Hea er# our 0anner# our 6eace# our Shepherd# our 1ighteousness and as our ever' present God. God sti desires to revea Himse f to His peop e. He wants us to ,now Him in a rea and persona way. /s we ,now Him# we discover He has made a covenant with His peop e. He has a great ove p an of redemption for a of man,ind. He is a oving# a powerfu God who wants to provide for us# hea us and ead us into victory. He desires to give us His peace and gent y ead us as an a caring Shepherd. He has chosen to give us His righteousness and He has promised He wi never eave us or forsa,e us.

He wishes for us to come into a persona re ationship with Him and to ,now Him in an intimate way. He desires us to ive in constant fe owship with Him. Whi e He is a mighty# a powerfu God# He is at the same time a God who is very approachab e. / God of overwhe ming ove. What a mighty God He isB