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EC2204: Electromagnetic Fields Tutorial 6 7th March 2014 Think twice before printing. Save paper, save trees.

Jan-May 2014

1. A 3 (GHz ), y -polarised uniform plane wave propagates in the +x direction in a non-magnetic medium having a dielectric constant of 2.5 and a loss tangent of 0.01. Determine the instrinsic impedance, the wavelength, the phase velocity of the wave in the medium. 2. Given that the skin dephth for graphite at 100 (M Hz ) is 0.16 (mm), determine (a) The conductivity of graphite (b) The distance that a 1 (GHz ) wave travels in graphite such that its eld intensity is reduced by 30 (dB ) 3. A circularly polarised wave is incident on a dielectric discontinuity at an angle of 600 , from air onto fused quartz ( r = 3.45). Find mathematically, the polarisation of the wave inside quartz. Find Brewsters angle. Determine the fractions of the incident power that are reected and transmitted. 4. A uniform, plane electromagnetic wave propagates in the +z -direction (Assume coordinate system with z -axis pointing downward ). and impinges normally, at z = 0 on an ocean surface. Let the magnetic eld at z = 0 be given by H (z = 0, t) = ay H0 cos 104 t (A/m) (1) Assume ocean conductivity is and permeability is 0 . Find the following. (a) Skin depth (b) Expressions for H (z, t) and E (z, t) (c) Power loss per unit area into the ocean (in terms of H0 ) 5. Notation: r = /0 and =
r/ 0

(a) A ferrite material has r = 750, r = 5 and = 106 (S/m). For a 10 (M Hz ) electromagnetic wave i. Tell whether this material should be considered as free space, lossy dielectric, lossless dielectric or a good conductor ii. Find the propagation constant and wavelength of the wave in this material iii. Find the intrinsic impedance of the medium (b) Consider a material for which r = 2.5, r = 1 and loss tangent is 0.12. Assume that these values remain unchanged over the frequency range 0.5 (M Hz ) f 100 (M Hz ). Calculate at 1 (M Hz ) and 75 (M Hz ). Also comment on your observations. i. Conductivity of the medium ii. Wavelength of the wave iii. Phase velocity of the wave 6. A uniform plane wave of frequency 50 (M Hz ) is propagating in a material medium. It is found that the wave gets attenuated by a factor of e after propagating a distance of 28.65 (m) through the medium. It is also known that the electric and magnetic elds associated with the wave undergo a phase change of 2 (rad) after propagating a distance of 1.112 (m). The ratio of amplitude of the waves electric eld to that of its magnetic eld in the medium is 59.4. Find (a) Complex propagation constant (b) Complex intrinsic impedance (c) Conductivity, permittivity and permeability of the medium Bonus Questions 1. Explain how the idea of polarisation can be used to double the bit-rate in digital communication over an optical channel 2. Explain the working of 3D movie technology that works on the principle of polarisation