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Entry 1. Introduction ......................................................................................................2 Entry 2. Effect of economic environment........................................................................4 Entry 3. Effect of industry environment.........................................................................8 Entry 4. Effect of political and legal environment.........................................................10 Entry 5. Effect of socio-cultural environment...............................................................13 Entry 6. Effect of et ical environment ..........................................................................14 Entry !. Effect of tec nological environment................................................................16

&o'ia as sales in more t an 160 countries and employs 123553 people (according to figures in t e end of 200=* out of % ic 3!020 %or's in 4esearc and <evelopment (4><* in 16* and 4eynosa (+e)ico*. 1ere is t e $rief istory of &o'ia. 1ead2uarters of t e company are located in Espoo# 3inland and it as ten manufacturing plants located in nine countries.oint venture# +o$ira :y# % ic %as speciali.Entry 1. &o'ia is t e company % ic mainly produces mo$ile devices (mo$ile p ones# smartp ones# mo$ile computers# lu)ury mo$ile devices* and accessories (c argers# memory devices# andsets etc. / e list could $e muc longer $ut I guess it8s $etter to stop it ere. 1ere are some ot er @orld8s ##firstsE made $y &o'ia 6orporationF t e first " ort +essage "ending "ervice(1==3*# t e first all-in-one communicator# &o'ia =000 (1==6*# t e first <+/ (digital multimedia terminal*# t e first p one using solar energy# &o'ia1611(1==!*# t e first radio availa$le D"+ telep one# t e first communicator %it function %ireless imagining# t e first telep one t at ena$les to use intranet# t e first company to sell mo$ile p ones on airplanes# t e first p one %it 3D# pus -to-tal'# @-A (@ireless -pplication Arotocol*# DA4" functions. +oreover# &o'ia o%ns &o'ia "iemens &et%or's (.* for t em.ed on producing medium cost mo$ile devices are located in 7omarom (1ungary*# 6lu. Introduction "ince t e tec nological revolution# mo$ile device industry as $ecome one of t e leading industries all over t e %orld and no%adays &o'ia is t e num$er one company in t is sp ere.ointly %it "iemens* % ic offers its communication net%or' services and &-. 4elatively e)pensive mo$ile devices are mainly produced in plants situated in "alo (3inland*# 5ei./E0 creating digital maps and navigation systems for mo$ile devices. (4omania*# <ongguan (6 ina*# 6 ennai (India*# +anaus (5ra. -ccording to official site# &o'ia8s %orld%ide mo$ile device mar'et s are in t e t ird 2uarter of 2010 %as 30? % ic is for 4? and 1? lo%er comparing to t e t ird 2uarter of 200= and t e second 2uarter of 2010 respectively. In 1=!= &o'ia and 3innis television producing company B "alora opened a .ing (6 ina* and +asan ("out 7orea*# % ile &o'ia8s lu)ury mo$ile p ones 'no%n as . 2 . :t er si) manufacturing plants speciali. &o'ia8s converged mo$ile (smartp ones and mo$ile computers* device mar'et s are %as 38? in t e t ird 2uarter of 2010 glo$ally# % ic %as 3!? in t e same period of 200= and 41? in t e second 2uarter of 2010. / is paper mill# named &o'ia -$# %or'ed successfully until 1=6! % en it merged %it 3innis 4u$$er @or's# % ic %as found in 18=8 $y Eduard Aolon# and 3innis 6a$le @or's# esta$lis ed in 1=12 $y -rvid @ic'strom# and created a &o'ia 6orporation.ertu are produced in 9nited 7ingdom. In 1==8 &o'ia $ecame t e num$er one mo$ile p one producer in t e %orld and it is andling t e first position from t en on. In 1==1 t e first D"+ call %as made $y t e &o'ia device and after a year it launc ed its 1st telep one %it D"+ standard# &o'ia 1011. -fter 13 years &o'ia produces &o'ia <C200# company8s first digital telep one s%itc .ed on producing radio telep ones. &ame of &o'ia comes from t e name of t e river &o'ianvirta in sout -%est of 3inland# % ere 3redri' Idestam set up a paper mill in 1865.

GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I'ia. Nokia in 2009. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJ%%%. Key data.pdf K G-ccessed 23 :cto$er 2010H. GonlineH -vaila$le fromFI ttpFJJ%%%.comJ&:7I-L6:+L1J-$outL&o'iaJ"ide$arsLne%LconceptJ&o'iaLfirstsJ3i rstsL2010. 3 . GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJstoc'%atc . &o'ia 6orporation# (2010*.no'ia. &o'ia 6orporation# (2010*.no'ia. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJ%%%.inJfilesJno'ialogo.pdfK G-ccessed 23 :cto$er 2010H. &o$ile re#olution% 1992-1999.comJa$out-no'iaJcompanyJstory-of-no'iaJt e-move-to-mo$ileK G-ccessed 24 :cto$er 2010H. &o'ia 6orporation# (2010*. . &o'ia 6orporation# (2010*. T"e mo#e to mo$ile%'ia.comJ&:7I-L6:+L1J-$outL&o'iaJ"ide$arsLne%LconceptJ&o'iaLinL$riefJInL$ riefMul10.. Nokia no'% 2010-today.comJa$out-no'iaJcompanyJstory-of-no'iaJmo$ile-revolutionK G-ccessed 24 :cto$er 2010H. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJ%%%.comJa$out-no'iaJcompanyJstory-of-no'iaJno'ia-no%K G-ccessed 24 :cto$er 2010H.pgK G-ccessedF 22 <ecem$er 2010H &o'ia 6orporation# (2010*. . Nokia logo. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJ%%%. Nokia in $rief.Reference list: "toc' @atc # (200=*.no'ia.pdfK G-ccessed 23 :cto$er 2010H. &o'ia 6orporation# (2010*. &o'ia 6orporation# (2010*. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJ%%%.comJ&:7I-L6:+L1J-$outL&o'iaJ"ide$arsLne%LconceptJ-nnualL-ccountsL2 00=J&o'iaLinL200=.pdfK G-ccessed 23 :cto$er 2010H. Form 20-F'ia. &o'ia 6orporation# (2010*. Nokia firsts in Telecommunications.comJ&:7I-L6:+L1J-$outL&o'iaJ3inancialsJform20-fL0=. Nokia’s first century 186 -196!.comJa$out-no'iaJcompanyJstory-of-no'iaJno'ias-first-centuryK G-ccessed 24 :cto$er 2010H. .no'ia. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I'ia. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJ%%%. &o'ia 6orporation# (2010*.comJa$out-no'iaJfinancialsJ'ey-dataK G-ccessed 20 &ovem$er'ia.

5elo%# t ere %ill $e discussion a$out impact of economic factors li'e economic gro%t # income level of population# interest rates# inflation# fiscal policy and e)c ange rates on t e demand for &o'ia8s products. Economic growth. Effect of economic environment "uccess of t e company does not completely depend on only itself. :n t e ot er and t is situation can $e understood in ot er %ay# % ic isF &o'ia is one of t e companies t at mostly contri$ute to D<A in 3inland. (3igure 1* -s can $e seen from t e ta$le t ere %as a rapid decrease in D<A of 3inland % ic conse2uently reflected on t e performance of &o'ia % ic is s o%n in figure 2 $elo%. 5ecause of not very good conditions in t e economically crucial companies# li'e &o'ia# 3inland8s D<A decreased significantly over t e recent years.Entry 2. <ecrease in t e total value of products and services produced in t e recent years informs a$out not very good economic conditions in 3inland. / e most o$vious one is D<A (Dross <omestic Aroduct* % ic evaluates t e overall value of products and services produced during a year. / ere are a lot of factors t at impact on t e performance of t e company. -s long as mo$ile p ones are not t e primary necessity# demand for &o'ia mo$ile p ones# especially for e)pensive ones# can $e considera$ly lo% in unsta$le economic periods. / ere are several components t at indicate t e economic gro%t . 4 .

&o'ia gets most of its profit from oversea mar'ets# t an's to e)ports. Income level of population. -s &o'ia registered in 3inland it is considered as resident company and ave to pay ta)es on its %orld%ide income. / is is relatively ig num$er for 3inland % ic can directly lead to financial scarcity among residents# % ic conse2uently spar's of t e decrease in demand for mo$ile p ones. 3or suc 'inds of companies depreciation of t eir domestic currency is more $eneficial t an its appreciation. Increase in t e income ta) results in lo%er earnings of population and ig corporate ta)es needless to say decreases a profit of t e company.(3igure 2F :fficial &o'ia %e$ site* -not er important indicator of economic gro%t is unemployment level % ic increased significantly in recent years in 3inland. Fiscal policy.5? in Muly of 2010# % ic is for a$out 2? ig er t an t e same period of 2008. In fact t is indicator gre% up for a$out 4? in 200= comparing to 2008. :n t e ot er and lo% inflation rate is a sign of t e %ea' economic conditions and lo% demand of population for goods# % ic include mo$ile devices also. Exchange rates. 5ecause inflation rate % ic is $elo% 10? is considered as not critical and 1? inflation is not t e $est $ut very good condition for doing a $usiness. +oreover it as foreign competitors in domestic mar' is 1? % ic does not affect negatively on t e &o'ia8s performance very seriously. :n t e ot er and depreciation of E94: may $e disadvantage for &o'ia % en it is $uying ra% materials from a$road (main ra% material imported $y &o'ia is metal# li'e /antalum from 6ongo*. /al'ing more specifically proportion of unemployed la$or force in 3inland %as 8. Inflation. (3igure 3* 5 . Increase in any type of t ese ta) rates negatively impacts demand for &o'ia products and t erefore# t e profita$ility of t e company. Income level of population is one of t e factors t at very seriously impact on company performance. <espite t e glo$al crisis# income level of 3innis population is gradually increasing % ic may result in t e rise in t e demand for &o'ia products. -ccording to 3innis la%s income ta) varies according to t e income of a person# t e more e gets t e more e pays# % ile corporate ta) in 3inland is 26?# % ic is neit er ig nor lo%. Denerally# ta) types t at mostly influence on t e performance of &o'ia are individual income ta)es and corporate ta). Inflation rate in 3inland and in t e % ole Euro . 6onsidering t e fact t at most of t e &o'ia8s operations are done %it 9"< and E94:# e)c ange rate $et%een t ese t%o currencies is very important for &o'ia company.

6 anging interest rates is one of t e government8s mostly used monetary policies and it ig ly depends on inflation. +oreover t e ot er reasons for decreasing interest rates could $e increasing unemployment rate and lo% D<A gro%t in 3inland. (3igure 4* 6 .Interest rates. 6urrent condition can $e very useful for &o'ia to start ne% pro. 3or e)ample# Euro -rea interest rate %as 4? % en inflation rate in 3inland %as a$ove 4?# o%ever 6entral 5an' decreased its $ase rate as lo% as 1? % en inflation %as very lo% since 200=.ects# getting loans from $an'# % ere interest rates are very lo%.

Key data. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJtradingeconomics. tmlK G-ccessed 13F <ecem$er 13# 2010H /rading Economics# (2010*.com# (2010*.fiJtupJsuolu'Jsuolu'Lpal'atLen. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJ%%%.asp)Nsym$olO3I+K G-ccessed 13 <ecem$er 2010H /rading Economics# (2010*. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I'ia. Finland 4nterest 3ate.comJdJE94J9"<Jgrap'ia.E4:LE&DPI"1>pat O488#4=4#4=8>languageOE&DK G-ccessed 13 <ecem$er 2010H 7 . 2010. (rigin of ra' materials. tmlK G-ccessed 13F <ecem$er 13# 2010H "tatistics 3inland# (2010*..asp)Nsym$olO3I+K G-ccessed 13 <ecem$er 2010H /rading Economics# (2010*.comJEconomicsJInflation-6AI.stat. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJtradingeconomics. Finland *nem5loyment 3ate.vero.)rates. Finland 4ncome Ta6es and Ta6 /a's. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJ%%%.Reference list: &o'ia 6orporation# (2010*. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I (2010*.2 1ro't" 3ate. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJtradingeconomics. -ages. (2010* 0or5orate ta6ation 2009 and 2010.fiJN articleO1522>domainO.comJfinlandJfinlandLta). GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJtradingeconomics. Finland 1.asp)Nsym$olO3I+K G-ccessed 13 <ecem$er 2010H &o'ia 6orporation# (2010*. Finland 4nflation 3ate.comJEconomicsJD<A-Dro%t .comJa$outno'iaJfinancialsJ'ey-dataK G-ccessed 20 &ovem$er 2010H @orld%ide-ta).aspK G-ccessed 13 <ecem$er 2010H 3innis ta) administration.comJEconomicsJInterest-4ate. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJ%%%. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJ%%%.asp)Nsym$olO3I+K G-ccessed 13 <ecem$er 2010H /rading Economics# (2010*.%orld%ide-ta).comJEconomicsJ9nemployment-rate.comJcorporate-responsi$ilityJsupply-c ainJsu$stance-managementJorigin-of-ra%materialsK G-ccessed 13F <ecem$er 13# 2010H C-rates. +alaries and /a$or 0osts. )uros to 1 *+.

= percent lo%er t an 2008.4? mar'et s are. -ccording to I6< in 200= overall 1!4. -ccording to Dartner overall 1 $illion 211.!?. &ot surprisingly# &o'ia8s main competitive advantage is its reputation# % ic %as gained t an's to relia$ility and 2uality of &o'ia products.%or's muc $etter in t is :" t an ot ers and "ym$ian is muc easy t an ot er :perating "ystems in terms of use. &o'ia also may focus on ot er fields ot er t an mo$ile industry in order to reduce its e)posure on only one industry. In t is mar'et &o'ia8s s are is 38.8?*# -pple (14.2 million smartp ones %ere sold# constituting 15. &ot surprisingly# &o'ia %as a eadliner of t e list of top mo$ile p one companies %it 36. /o illustrate# &o'ia8s converged mo$ile devices use "ym$ian operating system % ic as some advantages over ot er mo$ile :perating "ystems. 3or e)ample# despite t e fact t at -pple iA ones are said to $e t e most prestigious among smartp ones# t eir mar'et s are comprises only 14. 3or e)ample# very important functions li'e 5luetoot # D"+# DA4" and 6<+.4?*# 1/6 (4.6?* and "amsung (3. Effect of industry environment I/ industry# in particular# mo$ile p one manufacturing s o%ed its great potential# % ic resulted in t e increase in t e num$er of companies in t is field. 3or e)ample# "amsung and PD are mar'et leaders in ome appliances and tec nical device industries. Its main competitors %ere "amsung# PD# +otorola and "ony Ericsson %it 1=. +ar'et s are of ot er companies comprised 1=? all toget er.4?# due to very ig prices. &o% let8s tal' a$out distinct features of &o'ia8s competitors. :t er manufacturing companies s are composed 24. Past $ut not least# anot er very important competitive advantage of &o'ia is t at# it as patented many tec nologies# intellectual properties# % ic create a $arrier for ot er companies. 3rom my o%n e)perience# I can also add# t at &o'ia8s smartp one touc screens are muc difficult to use $ecause of t eir not very good sensitivity# % ic is perfectly developed in some ot er competitors of &o'ia li'e -pple. Denerally# productions of &o'ia are considered relatively c eap comparing to ones of ot er companies %it t e similar configurations and 2uality.1?# 4. 1ere are some of t em.5?# 10. / is is $ecause of :perating "ystem.5? of all t e mo$ile andsets sold. If you pay attention most of t e &o'ia8s competitors# li'e "amsung# PD# "ony and -pple are very diversified# % ile &o'ia is mainly specified at mo$ile p one production.3?*.ects in mo$ile p one production. +ain reason of &o'ia8s leaders ip in t is sp ere is its competitive advantages over its competitors. :t er $iggest smartp one manufacturers are 4esearc In +otion (1=. In t is fierce mar'et of mo$ile manufacturers it is very ard to survive %it out somet ing distinct from ot ers. +oreover# &o'ia %as also a num$er one company among smartp one manufacturers in 200=. +oreover &o'ia mo$ile p ones are popular for t eir ease of use.Entry 3.5? mar'et s ares respectively.=?. &o'ia produces cell p ones for all t e levels of population.8? and 4. 3or e)ample# not far ago &o'ia suited -pple saying t at iA one uses 10 &o'ia8s patented intellectual properties relating to 9+/"# @P-& and D"+ tec nologies# % ic may cost -pple one $illion dollars. +oreover# no%adays more and more mo$ile net%or' operators are manufacturing ne% mo$ile devices under t eir o%n $rand name and t eir main competitive advantage is t at t ey are offering special discounts 8 .2 million mo$ile p ones %ere sold in 200= %orld%ide# % ic is for 0. / is ena$les t em to $e more secure in emergency conditions in mo$ile industry and ig revenues ta'en from ot er industries may contri$ute to run ne% pro.

GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJ%%%. +oreover some of ne% companies are also $eing contri$uted $y t eir ome government. 6urrently some ne% mo$ile manufacturing companies are using very aggressive price strategies. &o'ia8s su$stitute competitors can $e internet# manufacturers of communicators and <igital /%o-%ay 4adios# % ose functions# to some e)tend# may replace mo$ile p ones. 1lo$al mo$ile statistics 2010.ations li'e police# fire e)tinguis ing or ta)i departments using <igital /%o-%ay 4adios can $e muc more money saving t an mo$ile p tariffs to t ose % o $uy t eir mo$ile p ones.or-mo$ile.softcov. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJ%%%.pdfK G-ccessedF 1! <ecem$er 2010H "oftcov.comJmo$ile-mar'eting-toolsJlatest-mo$ile-statsQp one-s ipmentsK G-ccessedF 16 <ecem$er 2010H &o'ia 6orporation# (2010*. Nokia /a'suit 0ould 0ost 955le :1 . GonlineH -vaila$le fromF 7 ttpFJJ%%%. Form 20-F 2009.pgK G-ccessedF 22 <ecem$er 2010H 9 . GonlineH -vaila$le fromF 7 ttpFJJmo$it in'ing. / ey are selling t eir mo$ile devices in a very lo% or no cost prices in order to attract customers to t eir ne%' 0om5arison of t"e t"ree ma8or mo$ile o5erating systems. &o$ile com5anies logos. tmlK G-ccessedF 1! <ecem$er 2010H <y$%ad 5.comJ&:7I-L6:+L1J-$outL&o'iaJ3inancialsJform20-fL0=.illion GonlineH -vaila$le fromF 7 ttpFJJmas a$le.# (200=*. In addition# t ere are some companies# particularly in some -sian countries# t at are producing lo% cost mo$ile p ones %it unlicensed soft%are and platforms % ic are ma'ing &o'ia mo$ile p ones cost uncompetitive.comJimagesJgartner-list.comJ200=J10J23Jno'ia-apple-la%suit-2JK G-ccessed 18 <ecem$er 2010H +o$iletor# (200=*. /o illustrate# for some organi. Reference list: dot+o$i# (2010*.mo$iletor.comJoperating-systemJne%s-comparison-of-t e-t ree-ma.

+oreover 3inland is a country % ic does not ave serious disputes %it any foreign countries t at allo%s &o'ia to trade freely internationally %it out many pro$lems. -ccording to 3innis 6ommunications 4egulatory -ut ority# &o'ia# or any ot er communication provider in 3inland# s ould ensure t e confidentiality of all electronic communications. Even one day of a$sence of any employee costs a lot for t e company. In addition -nnual 1olidays -ct ensures t at employees are given olidays# li'e summer and %inter olidays (24 %or'ing days*. 3or e)ample# in 2002 guarantee period for mo$ile p ones %as 1 year and :m$udsman re2uired &o'ia to prolong it. &o'ia ave no pro$lems on t is issue# % ic can $e seen from t e in. Pa$or 9nions8 role is also very important in 3inland# % ere all t e salaries and %ages are agreed $et%een la$or union# employer8s federation and central government. +aternity and paternity leaves are one of t e main issues of employee legislation. -fter a long disputes %arranty periods %as prolonged up to 2 years in 2005# % ic loads additional $urden and more financial e)penses to &o'ia. -fter1=808s 3inland allocated enormous funds for I6/.ury and illness rate of &o'ia (0. -dditionally# t ere is a merger control in 3inland# % ic generated uge pro$lems % en &o'ia opened &o'ia "iemens &et%or's. "afety @or' -ct sets responsi$ility of t e company for t e safety of its %or'ers. +aternity leave in 3inland is 105 days %or'ing days# % ile paternity leave lasts for 18 days and company can not dismiss t e employee in pregnancy# or maternityJpaternity leave periods. -ll t ese %ere very important for &o'ia to reac t is level# % ic is a clear evidence of vitality of government policy.ations t at regulate dominant companies# $y putting ig er ta) rates or ot er restrictions. +oreover# t ere is a 6onsumer :m$udsman in 3inland# % o as significant influencing po%er over $usinesses in 3inland. +oreover under +inistry of /rade of 3inland %as created /ec nology <evelopment 6entre % ic is aimed to elp industries. -ll t ese la%suits cost enormous e)penses for &o'ia. +oreover almost all t e countries ave t eir antimonopoly organi. 6onsumer rig ts are approac ed very carefully in Europe# particularly in 3inland. In ot er %ords some leading companies may unofficially agree to artificially increase or decrease prices.oined European 9nion# loads of ne% opportunities %ere opened for &o'ia as t ere %ere no custom tariffs among t e mem$ers of E9# t ere %ere no pro$lems relating to e)c anging currencies as single currency %as adapted in all E9 countries and more free economic conditions %ere created for doing a $usiness in Europe. 1o%ever# olidays and maternity leaves are crucial for t e umanitarian sa'e and little rest %ill increase t e efficiency of t e %or'ers. "uc practices are accused %it very fierce punis ments. / ere is a 6onsumer Arotection -ct % ic is created to ensure t e rig ts of consumers.Entry 4. +oreover one of t e 'ey factors t at made &o'ia so successful is 3inland8s great contri$ution to I6/. Effect of political and legal environment "ince 3inland . :n t e ot er and 3inland# and t e % ole Europe 9nion# is 10 .4=?*. -dditionally# / e 3innis 6onsumers -ssociation %or's very actively in protecting consumers interests in 3inland# t ey conduct consumer educations to inform people a$out t eir rig ts# % ic ma'es &o'ia to $e very careful %it interacting %it consumers. / ere are agreements# li'e -ct on 6ompetition 4estrictions# % ic regulate competition actions. :ne of t e most fre2uent situations in t is issue is fi)ing prices $y companies. / ere %ere many la%suits $laming &o'ia and ot er mo$ile device manufacturers of $eing a cause of $rain tumor in some p one users. 3urt ermore# electromagnetic field is anot er $ig concern for &o'ia.

considered to $e an open mar'et t at %elcomes competition# $y deregulation# % ic indeed allo%ed 3inland to $ecome one of t e most po%erful countries in tec nology %orld. / e ones t at may effect to &o'ia areF Environmental Arotection -ct# -ct on Implementation of t e Pegislation on Environmental Arotection and Environmental <amage Insurance -ct. 3innis government is very muc %orried a$out environmental issues and as several legislation documents to control it. -lt oug # &o'ia $uys most of its ra% materials in t e ready condition from foreign suppliers and does not arm environment seriously# t ere are 50 full time e)perts of &o'ia % o e)amine company8s impact on t e environment. 11 .

Jpu$licationsJresearc policyJ%pJ2000J00-01Jt%p00-01. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpsFJJelectronics. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJ%%%. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJ%%%. . 0or5orate<0om5any /a' . . GonlineH -vaila$le fromFI ttpFJJeuropa.ymparisto. .n. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJ%%%. tmK G-ccessedF20 <ecem$er 2010H European Rout Aortal# (2010*.Reference list: 6onsumer -gency# (2002*. T"e 4m5act of )n#ironmental 2olicy 4nstruments on 9cti#ities.euJyout JyourLrig tsJasLaLconsumerJinde)LfiLen.fiJmolJenJ03Lla$ourlegislationJ04L%or'ing oursJinde).comJ9serLimagesJAdfJ@""L1215306285.aspNarticleidO46238K G-ccessedF20 <ecem$er 2010H Environmental -dministration# (2010*.mol. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJ%%%. 2rotection of electronic communication.nlJ%lgJlegisJnofrJeurJl)%efin. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJ%%%.fiJviestinsuo.monda2.spK G-ccessedF20 <ecem$er 2010H +onda2# (200!*.%esrc .pdfK G-ccessedF 22 <ecem$er 2010H 12 .ficora.d'Jsite.environment. 2roducts and )n#ironmental 0a5a$ilities in t"e )lectrical and )lectronics 4ndustry =>2+)? .fiJdefault. .asp)NpO11220K G-ccessedF20 <ecem$er 2010H Employment and Economic <evelopment :ffice (2010* @or'ing ours and annual olidays .# Finland and Ne' @ealand% 9 0ross-0ountry 0om5arison of )conomic 2erformance .pdfK G-ccessedF20 <ecem$er 2010H Environmental -dministration (2010* 4m5lementation of )uro5ean *nion en#ironmental la' . 0onsumer (m$udsman demands longer 5eriod for &o$ile 2"ones.govt. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJ%%%..treasury.asp)NgroupIdO=!d82021-$55!-4$!2-8ad= !0fc2a301cf=>announcementIdO4e242=22-3588-464!-8df5-==383fa64d8e G-ccessedF20 <ecem$er 2010H 9ADE+# (2010*.comJarticle.le)adin. . GonlineH -vaila$le fromFI ttpFJJ%%%.# (2002* Nokia-t"e 4nside +tory.'ulutta. +aternity /ea#e in t"e 0ountries in t"e *21)& 2ro8ect. tmlK G-ccessedF 22 <ecem$er 2010H 1Si'iT# +.avirasto.fiJdefault.fiJAageJd1$c11a!-!3!1-4140-8681 e$!44f0400c8. Finnis" 0onsumers’ 9ssociation.aspN contentidO3!0!64>lanOE&K G-ccessedF20 <ecem$er 2010H 3rame# <. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJ%%%. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJ%%%.ausJenglis Jinde). tmlK G-ccessedF 22 <ecem$er 2010H 3innis 6ommunications 4egulatory -ut ority# (2008*.aspNnodeO1!68=>lanOenK G-ccessedF20 <ecem$er 2010H Pe)adin (2008* /)14+/9T4(N F4N/9N.dpu.

+oreover mo$ile p one is not culturally controversial product t at is apt to cultural t reats. tmlK G-ccessed 1= <ecem$er 2010H 13 . +oreover# t ere are loads of young people from less developed# $ut %it lo%er medium age countries (to illustrate average age in 9ganda and Da. "ituations# a$ove can $e c anged $y offering some a%ards or promotions for t ose % o %or'ed for t e company for many years. 5ecause# I do not t in' t at# a man# % o is over 60# %ill $e interested at UcoolE converged mo$ile devices and ne% tec nologies of &o'ia.o$. Especially# t is situation# % ic is called Udemograp ic %interE is very trou$lesome in Europe. 3or e)ample# t ey can ma'e some contri$ution to youngsters $y paying t eir tuition fees# in return t at t ey %ill %or' in &o'ia after graduation. / is is mainly $ecause of lo% $irt rates# % ic are resulted $y ig divorce rates# legali. /o demonstrate# $efore# people used to %or' for many years# may$e for t eir entire life# in one place.inde)mundi.&edian age. 1o%ever# no%adays people are c anging t eir %or'places# or even . In addition# language $arrier is also one of t e pro$lems &o'ia may face. Ne' +tats% )uro5e Facing . GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I%%%.ed a$ortion and ot ers.= %orld%ide. Finland . Ret# no%adays t is num$er is only 2.a "trip is only 15 years*# % o are %illing to %or' for suc companies. 3or e)ample# 40 years ago a %oman on average ad 6 c ildren.# (2008*.comJne%sJarc iveJldnJ2008JaugJ08082=06K G-ccessed 1= <ecem$er 2010H Inde) +undi# (2010*. &o%adays one of t e main social concerns of many companies# including &o'ia# is ageing population. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJ%%%. -not er social t reat for &o'ia# can $e c ange in attitudes of people to%ards t eir %or'places. Reference list: @ ite# 1. )conomic Tensions.3# % ic %as 42. +o$ile p one platforms do not ave all t e languages and t ose % o do not understand languages availa$le# ave certain pro$lems %it using &o'ia mo$ile p ones.comJfinlandJmedianLage. <ue to t at# most parents avoid $uying mo$ile devices for t eir c ildren# % ic considera$ly decreases t e num$er of sales. 3inland# ometo%n of &o'ia# is t e country %it one t e ig est average age rates in Europe.Entry 5.emogra5"ic -inter. Effect of socio-cultural environment -ny company $efore starting t e $usiness s ould $e a%are of t e social and cultural situation in t e area it is going to open its $usiness. "taff pro$lems can $e solved $y encouraging young people to %or' for &o'ia. @ en a person %or's part-time e 'no%s less a$out people e is %or'ing %it and $ecomes less dedicated to is . Po% $irt rate is t e concern of many ot er countries also. +ain pro$lem spar'ed from t is# is o$viously# enormous pro$lems related %it finding young %or'force. / erefore# &o'ia s ould increase t e set of languages availa$le.5 mont s every year. 6 ildren %it mo$ile devices are said to $e more prone to $e spoiled# $ecause of easy distri$ution of %rong information li'e# porn pictures and videos# misleading information and ot er unet ical data. In fact# medium age in 3inland in 2010 is 42. 1o%ever t ere may $e some pro$lems %it consumers also. /al'ing a$out cultural t reats# &o'ia is not li'ely to face t reats related %it culture of different societies# as mo$ile devices ave already entered to t e life of almost all communities successfully. 1o%ever# t ere may $e some $e avioral pro$lems.1 in 200=.o$s# very often# % ic s o% lo% loyalty to%ards t e company t ey are %or'ing for.lifesitene%s. -not er factor# % ic decreases loyalty# is $eing part-timer# % ic is $ecoming more and more popular t ese days. /o illustrate# mo$ile devices are $eing used more for entertainment purposes rat er t an communication purposes among some young people. It means t at average age is getting old for 2. 1ro'ing 2olitical.

3or e)ample# imagine# &o'ia decided to close one of its manufacturing plants in India $ecause of glo$al economic crisis# to reduce its e)penses. In 200=# in.ury and illness rate of 22=35 employees %as 0. 1o%ever# t is as a serious negative impact on Indian government# employees %or'ing in t at plant and s are olders. In addition more t an a alf of all senior management posts are occupied $y non-3innis citi. It %or's in four main environmental areas suc as# decreasing 6:2 emission# energy saving# less %ater consumption and %aste recycling. I deem t at companies s ould regularly listen to t e opinion of pu$lic a$out its products and t e company itself.Entry 6. 9net ical $usiness decisions in t e first place influence on t e reputation of t e company. In fact &o'ia is very muc careful a$out t is concern. =2? of &o'ia8s direct suppliers ave a certificate of Environmental +anagement "ystem. "tarting from t e spring of 200= special trainings %ere eld for &o'ia employees and $y t e end of t e year 85? of all staff undertoo' t ese trainings on ne% 6ode of 6onduct.8?. / is as $ecome more easy t an's to internet % ere everyone can post t eir comments# complaints and advices. <ecisions made to increase profit margins sometimes violate environmental concepts. 3inally# t is practice leads to negative attitude to%ards &o'ia in India# % ic is one of t e $iggest mar'ets of &o'ia products. 6ompanies s ould more often refer to suc $logs and %or' over t e pro$lems mentioned $y people. +ost of t e $ig companies ave t eir o%n rules called 6ode of 4esponsi$ility# % ic identifies companies8 rig t treatment to%ards all its sta'e olders. Environment is anot er $ig issue. 6ompany s ould start fulfilling its responsi$ilities rig t from its employees# creating good conditions for t em# as t ese are t e main people# t an's to % om company is ma'ing $ig revenues. &o'ia as its 6ode of 6onduct in order to avoid any type of unet ical act.4=?# s o%ing t at employees are treated perfectly in &o'ia. Effect of ethical environment 5usiness et ics of t e company is as crucial as all t e ot er economic and political factors t at influence on t e performance of t e company. +oreover t ere is an Et ics :ffice of &o'ia % ic is responsi$le for ensuring $usiness et ics. 14 . 6ompanies s ould ma'e sure t at t ey are not damaging t e atmosp ere or land. Its effect can $e seen in all t e participants of t e $usiness# including# employees# customers# environment and population. Employee diversity is also ig ly important for t is company $ot in se)ual and national manners. :n t e first sig t it is a normal economic strategy to ensure t e sta$ility in not good economic conditions. -ll of t ese %ill o$viously reflect on t e decrease in t e demand for company8s products. :ne little mista'e done $y t e company# no matter if its done $y t e 6E: or a casual employee# may result in t e lost of t e entire reputation gained over many years.ens. /o illustrate# in 200= percentage of females employed in senior management positions constituted 13. Even some decisions t at may sound et ical may ave an adverse effect on company. It %as lastly revised on Manuary 1# 200=. 9net ical $usiness decisions can $e in different forms li'e# mistreating t e consumers or employees# misleading information a$out t e products# not follo%ing government regulations and la%s# producing environmentally armful productions and ot ers.

Nor'egian go#ernment is no' filing a ma8or la' suit for unet"ical 5ractices committed $y $ot" Nokia and +ony )ricsson. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF 7 &o'ia in $eing unet ical.comJ&:7I-L6:+L1J-$outL&o'iaJ3inancialsJform20-fL0=.pdfK G-ccessedF 1! <ecem$er 2010H "tefan# (2006*.comJ2006J12J06Jnor%egian-government-is-no%-filing-a-ma.or-la%-suit-forunet ical-practices-committed-$y-$ot -no'ia-and-sony-ericsson-i-need-a-translator-pleaseJK G-ccessedF 1! <ecem$er 2010H 15 . It funds a lot of p ilant ropy pro. 3or e)ample# t ere %ere some rumors t at &o'ia produces p ones t at %ill stop %or'ing after 3-4 years t at ma'e consumers to $uy a ne% one. Form 20-F'ia. <espite all t ese advantages# % ile searc ing for information# I found loads of $logs critici.ects# % ic are aimed to increase t e %ell $eing of umanity.intomo$ile. / ese all s o% a completion of &o'ia responsi$ilities to%ards its sta'e olders. :r some accusations t at &o'ia sells defective units.ured from flooding in +anila and /ur'ey and $y eart 2ua'e in Indonesia and Italy. -ny 'ind of suc comment %ill result in t e c ange of pu$lic opinion a$out t e company. +oreover# &o'ia "iemens made a great contri$ution to t ose % o %ere in. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJ%%%.&o'ia as not forgotten a$out pu$lic responsi$ilities also. Reference list: &o'ia 6orporation# (2010*.

/ e second is t e one t at is suggested $y <ai. " a'e $atteries# % ic are $ased on 'inetic energy# can also $e an alternative for casual $atteries. &o'ia is a company t at ta'es on all t e innovations very fast.orgJfilesJactiveJ0J&ordic-+o$ile-A one-Industry. &o'ia allocates significant part of its revenue to 4esearc and <evelopment# % ic ensures &o'ia to $e one step a ead of its competitors.tec vert. In addition# it is very relia$le t at customers are $uying t e goods from t e first and# rig t from t e producer.dime-eu.# (2008*. +oreover# it eases t e %ay people s op# in t e manner of time and distance.ust t ro% t eir mo$ile p ones % en t ey are out of order. It as successfully developed t e system of online stores. Effect of technological environment Improvements in tec nology are opening great opportunities for $usinesses to %or' more efficiently and t ese advancements are more vivid in mo$ile p one industry t an in any ot er field. Nokia 0once5t 2"one 3uns (nA 0okeBC. It %ould $e muc easy to get customers feed$ac'# if &o'ia provided a lin's to social sites li'e 3ace$oo' or /%itter in its %e$ site.Entry 7. / e first option is $attery t at is c arged on solar energy. I assert t at &o'ia s ould diversify and try producing some ot er tec nologies also. -ccording to <ai. -dditionally# &o'ia s ould %or' on decreasing radiation amount of its p ones# % ic is $eing a su$. &o improvement in tec nology is left out from &o'ia8s sig t.ect for many disputes $et%een ealt organi. +ost people . / ey are useful and efficient in many %ays $ot for &o'ia and customers. / us it decreases its e)posure to one industry. :n t e ot er and# &o'ia :fficial "ite does not ave a special place for %riting $logs. 3irstly# it allo%s customers to $uy &o'ia products for muc c eaper prices# as t ere is no dealer $et%een t em# % o %ill put additional money. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJ%%%.i V eng# % ic is $io-$attery. -ll t e options a$ove are a lot more environmental friendly# c eap and less armful t an our everyday $atteries. 6ontinuing t e t eme of energy# most of t e current c argers 'eep on spending energy until t e p one is disconnected from t e c arger.i V eng simple 6o'e or any ot er sugary drin' can $e used# instead of a $attery. )n#ironmental 4nno#ations in t"e Nordic &o$ile 2"one 4ndustry. In ot er %ords it is enoug to s a'e t e p one a $it to c arge it. :ne of t e tec nologies t at &o'ia can implement is producing more energy friendly p one $atteries.pdfK G-ccessedF 22 <ecem$er 2010H 16 . 1o%ever# &o'ia can $uy all t ese p ones and recycle t em# % ic %ill $ot save uge amount of natural resources (in fact# according to information given $y &ordic 6ouncil# manufacturing of 1 mo$ile p one generates !5 'g of %aste* and $eneficial for customers .ations and p one manufacturers. Reference list: <eal# 4. -s mentioned in t e previous entries &o'ia is too dependent on mo$ile industry. 1o%ever# &o'ia can produce c argers t at stop c arging# rig t after $attery gets full energy.# (2010*.comJno'ia-concept-p one-runs-on-co'eJK G-ccessedF 21 <ecem$er 2010H 4emmen# -. GonlineH -vaila$le fromF I ttpFJJ%%%. 5y doing t is &o'ia can totally capture t e % ole communication industry. 5esides# &o'ia can also develop net%or' operating company and operating system (mo$ile platform* as it as all t e necessary resources to do t at. 1o%ever# in addition# to online s op# &o'ia can also develop an online store t at $uys used devices from customers.