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Objective: Seeking a challenging and dynamic career where I can use my technical, analytical and inter-personal skills to make it a winning team and resulting in the growth of organi ation and indi!idual growth. C !ee! t "# $ce:

Ha!ing around " years of good e#perience in telecom field as $% Engineer. &onsistent team player with strong analytical, problem sol!ing skills and good communication skills.

%&!' e()e!ie$ce: 're!iously worked as $% Engineer with 'rith!i information solutions '!t (td. from )an *+,, to sep *+,". 'resently working as $% Engineer in -$ Switch n $adio ser!ices p!t ltd. from , st .ctober to till date. Ac *e+ic,: U$ive!,it./ B& !* )-03 /oard of Intermediate Education, 6ndhra 'radesh /oard of Secondary Education6ndhra 'radesh. 1e ! &2 ) ,, i$" *+,, 1EEE2



3 4+.+,5

/.0ech 1EEE2

)-03, 'uli!endula


7.$8 and 8EE8 )r. college, Hayathnagr, $angareddy.




7.$8 and 8EE8 High School Hayathnagr, $angareddy.



C&+)-te! '$&4#e*"e: 'rogramming (anguages 'ackages

: <

& MS-.ffice

.perating Systems Tec5$ic # ,'i##,: 3tilities


7indows ;=>*+++>?'


M&.M, Map info, -et Monitor,gps,compass. )e!i&* &2 30 * .,6

U$*e! 4e$t t! i$i$" , *!ive te,t e$"i$ee! 2&!

7!ive $* O)ti+i8 ti&$ &2 9S: 900; 9S: 1800 $et4&!' <=!ic,,&$ )# t2&!+>6 =()e!ie$ce* 4it5 TOOLS , : ) 0$2& P!&2e,,i&$ #; :CO:; T=:S 0$ve,ti" ti&$6 Tec5$ic # ,-))&!t t& c-,t&+e! c !e *e) !t+e$t 2&! !e,&#vi$" c&ve! "e c&+)# i$t,6 O)ti+i8i$" Net4&!' )!&b#e+, #i'e P&&! C&ve! "e P tc5e,; 0$te!2e!e$ce; C ## 7!&); H $*&ve! i,,-e,; Sect&! S4 ); C b#e S4 ),6

S&2t S'i##,:

@ery keen and enthusiasticA constant desire to learnA genuine commitment to e#cel. &onfidence and fortitude. E#cellent 'roblem sol!ing skills with analytical ability. %le#ible and !ersatile to adapt to any new en!ironment. Self-starter with dri!e, initiati!e and a positi!e attitude. 0eam player with strong analytical and leadership skills. 7illingness to meet deadlines and deli!er results, e!en under pressure. 6bility to take initiati!es and work in a planned manner to achie!e the defined targets. Ha!e good written, !erbal communication skills and interpersonal skills.

P!&ject 7et i#,: %&!'i$" P!&ject 7et i#,: P!&ject Tit#e : 6irtel /harati Enterprises (imited Tec5$&#&"ie, U,e* : -et Monitor,Map info, 7e,c!i)ti&$ : 8iagnosing the network issues in case of any call drops, network errors, site down issues, line of site microwa!e alignment according to the customer complaints B reCuirements. C&$t!ib-ti&$ < &ontributing data of $# le!els, $# Cuality and lat longs for optimi ation and alignment changes in the site as per the reCuirements by identifying the key !ariables. Ac *e+ic P!&ject: P!&ject Tit#e

'I8 controller tuning using /odeDs integrals

7e,c!i)ti&$ : 0he main aim of this proEect is implementing a new method for 'I8 controller tuning based on bodeDs integral. It is shown that without any model of plant, deri!ati!es of amplitude and phase of a plant model with respect to freCuency can be appro#imated. /y this a 'I8 controller can be designed for slope adEustments of -yCuist diagram and impro!e the closed loop performance. Pe!,&$ # P!&2i#e: P!&2i#e: &ontact 6ddress


%ather -ame 8ate of /irth Marital Status (anguages Hnown 'assport -umber -ationality Hobbies

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(IF "G;, H/ colony 'hase *, Moula-ali, $angareddy - 4+++G= -andan kumar.' )uly *4, ,;=: Single English, 0elugu and Hindi )****,:4 Indian Singing, playing music, Sol!ing Sudoku pu les. <S $t&,5 b b- P&#&j->