Universidad Tecnologica de El Salvador. Faculty of Social Science. English’s Department.

Student‟s name: Career: Subject: Activity: Professor: Year: INTRODUCTION: The purpose of this activity is to know what my learning styles are and understand the different learning strategies that I as a student can apply in my study. The acronyms VARK mean Visual, Aura, Read/write and Kinesthetic. This is a questionnaire that provides users with a profile of their learning preferences. These preferences are about the ways that they want to take-in and give-out information. It is really convenient and important to identify my learning styles because in this way I can learn more effectively and use different strategies in order to understand and process and communicate the information in a better way. THE TEST RESULT AND THE DESCRIPTION OF MY LEARNING STYLE: The VARK Questionnaire Results. My scores were: • • • • Visual: 1 Aural: 5 Read/Write: 5 Kinesthetic: 5 Delmy Elizabeth Fuentes Nuñez. English Language Major. Management of Technological Resources for the Teaching and Administration of the English Language. Project 2: Vark Inventory Learning Style. Lic. Martín Ulises Aparicio Morataya. 2014

I have a multimodal (ARK) learning preference. Multimodal Study Strategies. According to my results I have the same score (5) in three preferences Aural, Read/Write and Kinesthetic, that is way my learning preference is multimodal. My score in in Visual category is 1 that means that I am lacking potential in that area as a learning style. However, I have a vary balance learning style. Based on the results I have a multimodal learning preference, it means that I need to have a least two or three modes involved in learning before to be satisfied with what I learn. That can be a disadvantage but one of the advantages is that my preferences can be more flexible about how I take in and give out information than those with a VARK profile that emphasizes a single preference. In my learning process, I have to use of a variety of strategies, inasmuch as my learning preference is multimodal, I have to combine the aural, read/write and kinesthetic strategies in order to take in information, get knowledge, use information and communicate effectively with others.

STUDY STRATEGIES THAT APPLY TO MY LEARNING PREFERENCES: The VARK Questionnaire Results: Visual: 1; Aural: 5; Read/Write: 5; Kinesthetic: 5 SWOT- Study without tears. Use all these techniques:  Replace words with pictures, posters, slides, symbols or initials. flow charts, underlining,  Look your pages. different colors, highlighters, graphs, symbols, white space, etc. Redraw your pages from memory. Attend classes.  Put your summarized Attend discussions and notes onto tapes and tutorials. listen to them. Discuss topics with  Ask others to „hear‟ others. your understanding of a Explain new ideas to topic. other people.  Read your summarized Use a tape recorder. notes aloud. Headings.  Write out the words Glossaries. again and again. Handouts.  Read your notes Textbooks. (silently) again and Readings- library. again. Notes (often verbatim).  Rewrite the ideas and Essays. principles into other words.  Talk about your notes with another “K” person.  Use pictures and photograph that illustrate an idea.  Recall the experiments field trip. INTAKE OUTPUT  Write exam answer.  Draw things, use diagrams.  Recall the pictures made by your pages.  Practice turning your visuals back into words.  Listen to your voices and write them down.  Spend time in quite places recalling the ideas.  Speak your answers aloud or inside your head.  Practice with multiple choice question.  Write paragraphs, beginnings and endings.  Arrange your words into hierarchies and points.  Write practice answers, paragraph…  Role play the exam situation in your own room

Visual= 1

 Aural= 5            

Read/Write= 5

Kinesthetic = 5  All your senses- sight, touch, taste, smell, hearing…  Laboratories.  Field trips.  Applications.  Recipes- solutions to problems, previous exam papers. CONCLUSION :

The VASK questionnaire is a newfangled resource, which help me to identify my learning preferences, inasmuch as I received a profile explaining how I can use my learning preferences effectively. It was an interesting test; there were only 16 questions that measure my preferences to take in, and putting out information when learning is the objective. I agree with the result because based on the result I have a multimodal preferences (Aural: 5, Read/Write: 5 and Kinesthetic: 5) and that is right, when I study I make use of different strategies to learn in a better way. I will use this information in order to improve my learning and communication skills. Moreover, I will use these strategies during these two last modules.

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