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Kiss Army Argentina interview with Scott Griffin of L.A.


No one ever really talks about Animalize an! it"s really awesome#$

Kiss Army Argentina: %i Scott &hanks for your time for this interview with K'SS Army Argentina (e want to talk about LA Guns an! as you may imagine K'SS as we know you are a fan of the ban!# Scott Griffin: Thank you. Yes, I'm a huge KISS fan! And I'm honored to be inter ie!ed by KISS Army Argentina! Kiss Army Argentina: )efore we !ive into K'SS let*s talk about LA Guns. +ou have alrea!y been in the ban! for some time an! became the ,ermanent bass ,layer an! last year the ban! issue! %ollywoo! -orever$ a great album that brings back the ol! soun! of the ban! an! that has been receive! with enthusiasm both by fans an! by critics an! that gave you the chance to tour !uring ./0. an! ./01 in festivals with other ban!s an! artists such as 2att 3okken an! Lita -or! among others. 4lease tell us more about these e5,eriences.

Scott Griffin: I think it is a big thing !hat re"easing #$o""y!ood %ore er# has done for us& it 'ro es !e're not (ust a band "i ing on 'ast g"ories. )e sti"" ha e a "ot to say. *hi" is sti"" !riting a!esome songs, and a"though I'm not an origina" member, I fee" I'm ab"e to add to the +.A. Guns "egacy in my o!n !ay by !riting songs that meet the standards set by 're ious a"bums. Kiss Army Argentina: (e have also notice! that LA Guns change! guitarist again as Stacey )la!es is no longer with the ban! after having been there for some years a fact that ha! given them certain stability. )earing this in min! what can you tell us about the future ,lans of LA Guns6 Scott Griffin: )e"", +.A. Guns has sur i ed numerous member changes. In fact, e erybody has been out of the band at one 'oint or another. )e !ere rea""y sorry to see Stacey go, but !e understood he had to do !hat he had to do. ,ut you gotta remember, Tracii Guns, the guy !ho started the band, "eft, and +.A. Guns carried on. It ob ious"y has a "ife of its o!n. It's a "ifesty"e for a "ot of 'eo'"e. It embodies a 'oint in time that is ery s'ecia" to a "ot of 'eo'"e, and it's a"so a time and '"ace that a "ot of 'eo'"e, e en kids that !eren't born yet, !ish they !ere a 'art of. And +.A. Guns he"'s fi"" that need I think. Kiss Army Argentina: Let*s talk about K'SS now. %ow an! when !i! you become a fan6 (hat is your favorite album an! your favorite member7former member6 Scott Griffin: )e"", e en though I !as a kid !hen they first came around and a"" my friends !ere huge fans, they !ere (ust too much for me. They actua""y scared me at the time, haha. I !as into stuff "ike -" is, ,uddy $o""y and .huck ,erry. A "ot of /0's music because my fa orite T1 sho! !as $a''y 2ays. I didn't get into KISS unti" they took their make3u' off. ,ut !hat's funny is, that's !hen I got into their origina" make3u' era stuff! And at the time, it !as rea""y out of date and not coo" to "ike the make3u' era stuff. - erybody !as into +ick It 4' and I !as (ust getting into A"i e I and A"i e II. The first time I "iked them !as the #I +o e It +oud# ideo. I thought it !as an a!esome song. And the ideo, !hich !as based on teenage rebe""ion, a''ea"ed to me at the time. ,ut it !asn't unti" I sa! !hen they took off their make3u' for the first time on 5T1, that I rea""y got curious about them. So I borro!ed a friends6 A"i e I and A"i e II a"bums, and then got into e erything e"se since then. I fina""y caught u' to them by the #.ra7y 8ights# a"bum. Kiss Army Argentina: (as being a K'SS fan a circumstance that in some way ins,ire! you to ,ick an instrument an! become a musician6 Scott Griffin: It's funny, I '"ayed guitar for years before I became a bass '"ayer. ,ut one of the first instruments that I rea""y noticed and "iked !as Gene Simmons' a9e bass from the #I +o e It +oud# ideo. That !as 'robab"y a sign. ,ut unfortunate"y it !ou"d take me years to rea"i7e that the bass !as my instrument. Kiss Army Argentina: (e guess that like most of the K'SS fans your favorite era is the one of the original lineu, back in the early seventies. )eyon! that glorious time which other K'SS eras !o you en8oy the most6 Scott Griffin: I "ike 'retty much a"" the eras u' unti" around .arni a" :f Sou"s. not that I don't "ike it, I (ust didn't fo""o! it as much. I actua""y se'arate the origina" KISS make3u' era into three different eras. The 're3fame era !hich is the first ; studio a"bums <KISS, $otter Than $e"", 2ressed To Ki""=, the famous era <2estroyer, >ock 8 >o"" : er, +o e Gun=, and then the dec"ining years <2ynasty, 4nmasked, The -"der, .reatures :f The 8ight=. And I "ike a"" those #eras#, but my fa orite !ou"d 'robab"y be the famous era <2estroyer, >ock 8 >o"" : er, +o e Gun=. They (ust had it a"" right then. They cou"d do no !rong!

Kiss Army Argentina: %ow many K'SS shows !i! you atten!6 (hich was the first one an! the latest one6 %ave you ever met any of the guys6 )ecause if you !i! well for any fan that is a !ream come true for sure# Scott Griffin: I' e on"y seen KISS three times. .ra7y 8ights, $ot In The Shade, and the >eunion tour. I a"so sa! them do a fe! songs "i e for the @immy Kimme" Sho!. I'm so g"ad I got to see them on the >eunion tour. It !as one of the greatest concerts I e er !ent to! As for the ne9t 'art of your Auestion, I' e met Gene and *au" so far. I met Gene at the Key ."ub, and it !as 'retty hea y. I had a drinking 'rob"em at the time, and he basica""y ca""ed me out on it. I don't rea""y drink anymore. 5aybe an occasiona" g"ass of !ine. ,ut Gene ta"king to me "ike a dad that time about it !as the beginning of me sto''ing my a"coho" abuse. And I met *au" at an air'ort in +.A. recent"y before their "ast tour. )e ta"ked about the ne! stage that he hadn't seen yet and !as going to check out. It !as a!esome, he !as te""ing me a"" about it before anybody kne! anything! Kiss Army Argentina: (hich are your favorite K'SS albums an! your least favorite ones6 Scott Griffin: 5y fa orites are 'robab"y the first a"bum, +o e Gun, .reatures :f The 8ight and Anima"i7e. +o e Gun is 'robab"y my fa orite if I cou"d on"y 'ick one. ,ut Anima"i7e is such an under3rated a"bum. I think it's more under3rated than any other a"bum. +ike, The -"der has its fans because it !as hated so much, so it's kind of "ike an underdog a"bum. ,ut no one e er rea""y ta"ks about Anima"i7e, and it's rea""y a!esome! And it's hea y too! *eo'"e forget about that. Kiss Army Argentina: 's your enthusiasm for K'SS restricte! only to their music or you also like the merchan!ising too6 9action figures ,ictures etc.: Scott Griffin: Yeah, I got some KISS 'ara'herna"ia, haha. I "ike to co""ect things, so it's on"y natura" that I co""ect some KISS stuff too. Kiss Army Argentina: After a ;/<year long career what woul! be in your o,inion K'SS* greatest achievement6 )y the way it is known that in general the me!ia has never showe! true enthusiasm towar!s them but ban!s an! artists such as Ski! 2ow =>tley ?r@e Sebastian )ach =etallica have acknowle!ge! the ban! as a main influence for themA Scott Griffin: I think you (ust ans!ered your o!n Auestion. It's the im'act that they ha e had on 'ractica""y a"" hard rockBhea y meta" bands since! )hen you see that and hear a"" these bands saying ho! much of an inf"uence they had. Then you hear some critic say they aren't re"e ant or !hate er. It makes you rea"i7e that most critics ha e their head u' their asses. $o! can you say a band that has inf"uenced so many bands that ha e made it are not re"e antCCC They !i"" a"!ays be re"e ant through the bands that they ha e inf"uenced. @ust "ike ,"ack Sabbath, +ed De''e"in, the ,eat"es and the >o""ing Stones. Kiss Army Argentina: (hat is your o,inion about the current version of K'SS an! their latest works Sonic )oom$ an! =onster$6 Scott Griffin: )e"", I think it's great that they're sti"" recording ne! music !hether I think it's their best or not. They're kee'ing KISS a"i e and breathing and ne! and fresh. I'd rather hear them making an a"bum that I don't "ike than making no a"bum at a"". $a ing said that, I'm not saying I don't "ike it. I ha e to be honest and te"" you I ha en't rea""y ke't u' to date on their stuff since *sycho .ircus. 5y "ife has (ust been a b"ur since around that time and I (ust ha en't had the time. It's easier !hen you're a teenager and you're sti"" "i ing at home, haha. I do '"an on buying a"" the a"bums from *sycho .ircus and on one of these days and gi ing them a chance. @ust ha en't found the time yet.

Kiss Army Argentina: 'f you ha! the chance to make an album covering K'SS songs which ones woul! you choose an! why6 Scott Griffin: $mmmm, !e"" off the to' of my head, ten songs I !ou"d !ant to do: .harisma, See You Tonight, A"" American 5an, Goin6 ,"ind, .a""ing 2r. +o e, .hristine EF, I +o e It +oud, Good Gir" Gone ,ad, .'mon G +o e 5e, Ta"k To 5e. 8o 'articu"ar reason, other than I "ike a"" of those songs a "ot and I think I cou"d sing them, or at "east sing my o!n ersions of them. I don't ha e a ery high oice, so I might ha e to change the me"odies. 8o! you got me !anting to record a KISS co er a"bum, ha! Kiss Army Argentina: -inally ,lease make any comments that you wish regar!ing your career an! your ,lans. Bnce again we want to thank you for your time an! we ho,e that you continue rocking with LA Guns an! en8oying K'SS# Scott Griffin: )e"", +.A. Guns are sti"" touring non3sto'. )e (ust got back from '"aying 5e9ico .ity and ,ogota, .o"umbia. )e're ho'ing to go back to South America, 'ossib"y e en Argentina, this year or ne9t. )e'"" definite"y be '"aying a"" o er the 4nited States and 'ossib"y the 4K and -uro'e. I don't rea""y kno! any definite dates other than the 5onsters :f >ock .ruise in 5arch and the 5; %esti a" "ater in the year. ,ut !e !i"" definite"y be '"aying a "ot. $o'e to see e erybody !ho reads this. If you !ant to kee' u' to date, go to !!!." or my %acebook 'age, or add me as a friend on:

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