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Final List of H1b Consultants: 1. Systel 2. VQuest 3. Swat Solutions 4. AIT 5. Cloudeeva All pages of Passport 2.

All Degree Certificate Marks Memos 3. Secondary Certificate 4. Intermediate Certificate 5. All Computer Certificates (If Any) 6. All Previous Experience Letters 7. Last Pay Slip (Salary Slip/Pay Stub) 8. Soft Copy of Latest Resume. 9. Current home address Please submit the following if YOU ever been to USA on H-1B Visa in last Seven 1. All H-1b Approval Notice 2. Social Security Number 3. W 2 (If any)

4. Few paystubs 5. Email the details description of Arrival and Departure dates from and to USA with the VISA Type. (Mention First arrival Date to USA and Last arrival date to USA. Your Resume should contain all of the following information: 1. The name of each University, College and/ or Vocational School Which you have attended; the city, state and Country in which that institution is located; The exact Degree/ Diploma/ Certification you have earned and you major field of study; The month year you have started at that institution; and the month and the year you have stopped studying there. 2. Each job you have held since you graduated from college, or any other job whi ch

you have had which is related to your current employment, For each job, the resume should state: a. The full legal name and address of your ACTUAL employer. Your Actual employer is the party who issues you the salary; also mention your client or customer name below your employers name. b. Your Job Title c. For each respective period of employment, the month and year you started working there and the month and year you left. d. A detailed description of your duties in each position. e. Environment you worked on f. Other Technical skills.