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I am not sure whether a thread like this had been started before or not.

However, i know that a LOT of shias (and sunnis) are confused about what the differences b/w the 'real' hlus !unnah and !alafees are. I would "reatl# a$$reciate it if all knowled"eable brothers can $artici$ate, so that we can better understand. %a&ak llah 'hair.

The hlus(!unnah is different from the !alafi##ah in fi)h, a)idah and kalam. *hile the salafi##ah is a newl#(s$routed movement, the hlus(!unnah has e+isted since the earliest of times. *hat is the difference, The hlus(!unnah abide b# $rinci$les, while the salafi##ah do not have $rinci$les. These $rinci$les/methodolo"# are called -sool l(.i)h. *e do not $ick u$ a book and read a hadith and decide what it means. /o. That is the wa# of the i"norant. It is the 'ulema who are the inheritors of the 0ro$hets, and those who have the understandin" of ahadith, and those that we follow. 0erha$s the followin" will $ut thin"s more into $ers$ective1 !uf#2n ibn 3-#a#na said1 4Had5th is a $itfall e+ce$t for the fu)ah2',4 and 3 bd ll2h ibn *ahb said1 4Had5th is a $itfall e+ce$t for the -lema. 6ver# memori&er of had5th that does not have an Im2m in fi)h is mis"uided (d2ll), and if ll2h had not rescued us with 72lik and al(La#th 8ibn !a3d9, we would have been mis"uided.4 (Ibn bi Hatim, :hahabi, Ibn ' bdul(;arr) Ibn *ahb stated, 4*ere it not for 72lik ibn nas and al(La#th ibn !a3d I would have $erished< I used to think ever#thin" that is 8authenticall#9 related from the 0ro$het ( ll2h bless and "reet him ( must be $ut into $ractice.4 (Ibn =a>ab, ;a#ha)i, Ibn sakir) He also stated, 4I "athered a lot of had5ths and the# drove me to confusion. I would consult 72lik and al(La#th and the# would sa# to me, 'take this and leave this.'4 (?adi 'I#ad) Ibn 3-)da re$lied to a man who had asked him about a certain narration1 4'ee$ such had5ths to a minimum for, trul#, the# are unsuitable e+ce$t for those who know their inter$retation. @ah#2 ibn !ula#man narrated from Ibn *ahb that he heard 72lik sa#1 '7an# of these had5ths are 8a cause for9 mis"uidance< some had5ths were narrated b# me and I wish that for each of them I had been flo""ed with a stick twice. I certainl# no lon"er narrate themA'4 ( l('hatBb al(;a"hdCdi) Ibn al(7ub2rak said1 4If ll2h had not rescued me with bD Han5fa and !uf#2n 8al(

Thawr59 I would have been like the rest of the common $eo$le.4 l(:hahab5 relates it as1 4I would have been an innovator.4 (Ibn Ha>ar, :hahabi) !uf#2n said1 4The e+$lanation (tafs5r) of the had5th is better than the had5th.4 (Ibn ' bdul(;arr) Ibn b5 La#l2 said1 4 man does not understand had5th until he knows what to take from it and what to leave.4 (Ibn ' bdul(;arr) Ish2) ibn =2hD#ah said1 4I would sit in Ira) with hmad ibn Hanbal, @ah#2 ibn 7a35n, and our com$anions, rehearsin" the narrations from one, two, three routes of transmission... ;ut when I said1 *hat is its intent, *hat is its e+$lanation, *hat is its fi)h, The# would all remain mute e+ce$t hmad ibn Hanbal.4 (Ibnul(%aw&i, :hahabi, Ibn bi Hatim)