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Case 8:13-cv-03059-PWG Document 89 Filed 02/24/14 Page 1 of 1


Felicia C. Cannon, Clerk of Court Jarrett B. Perlow, Chief Deputy Elizabeth B. Snowden, Chief Deputy

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February 24, 2014 Bill Schmalfeldt 6636 Washington Blvd, #71 Elkridge, MD 21075 Re: Case No. PWG 13-cv-3059

Dear Counsel/Party: The Clerk received your Correspondence on February 24, 2014; however, it is deficient in the area(s) checked below and is being returned to you, at the direction of the presiding judge.
Noncompliance with L.R. 101 or 102 Member of bar has not signed the document. Business entities other than sole proprietorships must be represented by counsel. Noncompliance with L.R. 102 and FRCivP 5 Certificate of service not affixed to document. Certificate of service not dated and/or not signed.

Noncompliance with L.R. 104 or 105 Discovery materials should not be filed unless in support of a motion or by court order. Discovery motion filed contrary to L.R. 104.7.

Miscellaneous Document does not contain original signature.

Document relates to more than one file.

Motion to compel filed contrary to L.R. 104.8.

Original and appropriate copies are required for each file unless the cases have been consolidated for all purposes. Offer of judgment should not be filed with the Court until it has been accepted. Fed. R. Civ. P. 68. Other: Improper Non-Party Filing and Violation of Letter Order, ECF# 88 Very truly yours, /s/ B. Ames, Deputy Clerk for Felicia C. Cannon, Clerk

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Case 8:13-cv-03059-PWG Document 89-1 Filed 02/24/14 Page 1 of 4

February 18, 2014 The Hon. Judge Paul W. Grimm USDistrict Court for the District of Maryland Greenbelt Division 6500 Cherrywood Lane Greenbelt, MD20770 RE: 8:13-cv-03059-PWG Your Honor: I wrote to you previously about WJJHoge's attempts to insert me into Mr. Kimberlin's case. Today, my letter to you appeared on PACER.Within a couple hours, I received two death threats from someone who is identified as a regular commenter to Defendant Hoge's blog, "Hogewash." The e-mails are below.
pete mason
To all
FeDruary 16 14 3 PM

Kimberlin v. National B10ggers Club et al

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Douche Nczzle

From: pete mason c:pemason54'rnal!lnalOr com>

Subject: Doocne NOllie Message Bocy: Hi Ooucl'le rOll Ie GoOd to see YoU ArE Irvo!vJng YoUrSe11 in lhis case. Hopefully youll be adCed as a defendant whet" you! bull bUOOy15 thrcr n Oul of court with lMe judges laugl'Jing. Speaking of La~hjng. I see Ire retard grows strong in your Ime, your orother arIC Gall beU"1Id two other line examples. I mean, j'd nave to be pre:ty oesperate to hit tnat. ana 10be honest. your OOggy lOO~smore anractive than !'Ier, C"eer ull.

etouche nozzle. someone will gel you: soon eflough.

This e-mM was serl from a conlaC110rmon My Webs~e (hUDJlpatnplP'!"""1Sman

February 16 20'4 ,4Q t.A Hide DetailS

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From: PM <Dema.SOn549sct!Tludl1ekn com> Message Body:

How'd you ~ke to COIT:e hOme Irom your "'ext af appomlm&ro.tto flt'd o"'e of your mutlS g"ned, keep.I up, It Will nappeI'.

iNeSlll"es spread a~ over yOur POOPfi!led be<l?

Here is a recent comment on Mr. Hoge's blog written by this individual. Although his peace order forbids direct contact, I have tried to let Mr. Hoge know that [ find this sort of behavior on the part of his supporters abhorrent and intolerable, and [ have suggested that he take actions to ensure that no further threats are sent. He has not given any indication that he intends to do anything about this, and I assume when word gets out that I have sent you a second letter, [ will be in for more of the same.

Case 8:13-cv-03059-PWG Document 89-1 Filed 02/24/14 Page 2 of 4

18 FebNary. 2014 a1 '4:03


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18 FebNary. 2014 at '4;07

The IP address he gives,, does not resolve to any server. It's a fake. You Honor, this is emblematic of the sort of harassment that I have received from Defendant Hoge and his supporters since I began reporting on their similar harassment of Mr. Kimberlin. Mr. Hoge has taken on a leadership role what looks more and more to me like an online, criminal gang that has now escalated to direct death threats to intimidate people such as myself from reporting about their activities. I can state for the record, based on my reporting and the subsequent attacks on me, that I believe Mr. Hoge will do everything in his power to attack and intimidate anyone who rejects his delusional view of the world. I am concerned that he is now seemingly inciting vigilante action against me simply because I wrote you a letter. I am certainly willing to meet with you or testify at any hearing you may order to deal with Mr. Hoge. This is submitted for your information as you consider the various sides in this case.

Case 8:13-cv-03059-PWG Document 89-1 Filed 02/24/14 Page 3 of 4


William M. Schmalfeldt 6636 Washington Blvd. #71 Elkridge, MD 21075 410-206-9637

Case 8:13-cv-03059-PWG Document 89-1 Filed 02/24/14 Page 4 of 4

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