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Hermetic Innovations Ars Magica V Minor innovations New Range: Presence The magician produces a kind of magical aura

except to allow others to affect ta rgets within this area as an extension of himself. Aura size depends on the pres ence of the character, as shown below: presence distance +4 / +5 100 paces +2 / +3 50 paces -1 / 0 / +1 15 paces -2/-3 5 paces -4/-5 0 paces * * Only the magician. For purposes of calculating the level of the spell, this range is equivalent to speech . An object delighted with this range can be used or the presence of anyo ne who uses or bonus quality or size of the order , whichever is greater . Required points Innovation : 30 [ This range can be invented by Original Research or creating spells or incantat ions with this range , or by Hermetic Integration using Holy Magic spells or Wiz ardry Faerie , integrating with Understanding that kind of spells. If the magici an or partner owns Faerie Magic or Arcane Magic Sagrada skills as a teacher can use it and give you your score as many Seals . Both modes are supported , as is both. This range makes the range View less necessary for magicians trying to be subtle , becoming a popular spell for some magicians who deal much with the mundane in cities and elsewhere, especially among the most attractive : mystagogues of wor ship , and conveners Jerbiton specialists. ] New Range: Aura [ the Kingdom ] Is equivalent to the rank of connection Arcana or Vista and allows affect with m agic to everything within the Mystic Aura in the wizard , depending on whether t he Aura [ the Kingdom ] ( Aura Magic ) is Magic origin and be so add +3 to the m agnitude , or any other kingdom which adds +4 to the magnitude of the effect. It means that you must use a spell designed strictly for use each Mystic Realm , o r a spontaneous spell level is different as perform in a place other. Still meet s the Connection Limit Arcana , but with a spell Intellego you can detect target s and then use the range itself. It has a requirement for use Vim . Required points Innovation : 35 [ In general this is an innovation , and not likely to be something that Integra te . You can start trying to experiment to create spells Touch and Target Range Limit , and when you can get yourself a Discovery start trying to stabilize that new inventions range of spells. You can also add 1 to 2 +3 Magnitudes of Vista

to invent it , until you have a innovation to get rid of that penalty . New Duration : Focused The effect lasts until the wizard executes any supernatural effect , including f rom use features Sympathy Faery , use or recover Points of Faith Trust sinning o r activate magic items . During this this time interval , the magician or heal, or recover fatigue or Power (if any reserve) and wins trust. It is equivalent to concentration . An object with this duration requires +5 levels to maintain a l asting effect with this himself, but also can not be sheathed , repaired or kept for the duration . Required points Innovation : 30 [In addition to Original Research Integration can be used on Wizardry Faerie ] New Duration : Aura The spell lasts as long as the target remains within a supernatural aura . If th e target leaves the area or the physical world completely ( if he dies , he trav els to Arcadia or suffer from Twilight for example) the spell ends . This allows an aura to another as long as these overlap - Objective leave any supernatural aura . Is equivalent to year , and therefore it requires a ritual to be performe d , and a requirement Vim . Required points Innovation : 30 [In addition to Original Research Integration can be used on or secrets and Wiza rdry Faerie Mysteries Merinita ] New Objective : Duet This objective is similar to that required Grupo including Magnitudes +2 DB to p erform. This range affects two individuals based , requiring appropriate magnitu des of size , if only one of them is greater. A duo is determined by some immedi ate relationship and the sorcerer can perceive between the two objectives , and can for example use one of these spells to affect the same effect with both the rider and a saddle ( relative position and possession) , affected yourself and t ouch someone (proximity) or himself as an enemy that can hear ( opposing relatio nship ) this relationship as the objectives must be determined at the time of de signing the Spell if this is Formulaic , or Released in spontaneous magic. In ca se of the magician use this range considers himself have a personal range , inst ead of employing to use the other party , with all the benefits and problems tha t have: avoid magic resistance does not cause corruption to be an effect high su pernatural, etc. . Also, you can use this to combine antagonistic effects range ( but within the li mits Hermetic , as they may get back Fatigue Limit of Life Energy ) adding +1 ma gnitude if it is the same form and / or technique (eg for exchange positions wit h another with an effect of Rego Corpus or transform into an animal and transfor m him in ti) or +2 if you require a new technique and form as requirements ( a s pell of recovering from injuries while the other suffers and so on) . Innovation Points : 33 [ Through experimentation but limited to Group 2 Objectives . When you have the immense Point Innovation stable you can start to create effects for the most exo tic range conditions , adding 2 and 3 magnitudes, until complete Innovation. ] New Objective : Passion Determines the effect of a group of people through their passions , only affecti ng those inclined towards a particular emotion or desire, which is determined by the spell. Each character within the affected area must make a simple roll and add or subtract any inappropriate Personality Trait , anyone with a 6 greater af fected . It is the same level that Target Group, and is modified just by the siz e of the affected area . Points of Innovation: 28 [ This range can be invented by Original Research or creating spells or incantat

ions with this range , or Hermetic Integration by using magic spells or Chtnica W izardry Faerie , integrating with Understanding that kind of spells. If the magi cian or partner owns Faerie Magic or Arcane Magic Chtnica skills as a teacher can use it and give you your score as many Seals . Both modes are supported , as is both methods. ] New Objective : Aura Range that allows affect an entire area covered by a Mystic Aura , similar to li mit both requiring addition +4 Effect Magnitudes and always must be a Ritual . B y inventing the Ritual you must determine the type of aura you want to affect , with each requiring a different spell UK , but as a similar account when designi ng effect. The effect and affect every creature within the aura Objective , with certain rules and limitations you can see below. To use this target is always r equired as Requirement Form Vim . In case that no other Aura within or spaces as Lacunae , the effect will no dent thereon; Excepta having a magnitude to further affect different auras or Lacuna e present. The same applies to Regios. If another Aura overlaps or off and for s ome reason ( day night , holy days ) must be conducted with the requirement as t he Aura that lasts less to leave for the duration of not working at the moment i s . If a new or level of Regio Aura appears , the effect stops working on it. Innovation Points : 28 [ One can easily discover by Original Research, although you can see ancient and exotic traditions that have the same objective . Those Merinita and faerie wizards with the ability to use the same range will pr obably be a contest to see some of its exclusive powers in danger mode interfere nce can be very varied . ] New Mastery Spells: Spell Changing This Master's one Formulaic spell shape change aimed at the same pitcher ( a spe ll of Muto Corpus Personal range most of the time) , you can choose another way to transform if it requires the same level requirement and the other spells. For example , the spell of the Skin of the Adorers of the Moon change shape to allo w a horse or other animal in addition to land , but not a bird, but having Domin ated the Black Feather Mantle spell would become a different bird. Each addition ally requires a Master Level , can be purchased multiple times. If something tri es to change so if consent can either perform the spell ( require Fastpitch ) or is in a chin shape, use your score as Magic Defense Force Form Animal adding or Corpus ( or Shape apparently you have) to the roll , which creates a total equa l to roll Vitality Mastery + bonus + Form , a +9 difficulty to return to its nat ural shape . You can check with Vitality + Master switch to one of the methods t hat you have to spell difficulty equal to the magnitude of the spell. Required points Innovation : 30 [ Study magic of other traditions with knowledge reshaping , and original resear ch . At the end of the trick ] Major innovations Master of Many Forms ( Major or Minor Hermetic Virtue ) The magician who possesses this virtue can learn the Masters Spell and Spell Bou nd Changeling ( Muto only spells that modify the physical form of the target ), with the same rules, but these rules can be applied even spells that you have no objective plus all the physical change spell your target will not require penet ration for it to attack or use the properties of your body , but require penetra te the magic resistance of the target shape change . You can invent spells and i tems change Momentary Duration (hence the penetration is obvious after launch ) , thus simulating shapeshifter rules in this regard with their spells. This part of the Integra Virtue Supernatural Ability to Change Form . If the Wiz ard had it turn Virtue is Minor Change Shape and lets you add your totals Labora tory in similar effects and learn the Mastery skill Forms Switches and add the s

ame in place of the Master of the Force checks Form . Innovation Points : 45 (30 if you purchased before Moody Spell Mastery ) [ Integrating Skill Change Forms , whether known or not quickly and effectively , and learn and create similar effects by Original Research form . The Bjornaer and Ex Miscellanea with shapeshifter mages possibly snooping in the process, but it can work if they are promised access to this as part of their Mysteries , al though probably Bjornaer if the mage is possessed of Change Forms will boycott . Remember that if you own is Major and Minor Forms does not change in the opposi te case . ]

Hermetic innovations Awakening (New Skill Arcana ) This Skill Arcana inanimate objects can awaken something like a mind. There are two ways to use this Skill Arcana . One simply requires a base exceeds 9 difficu lty with a roll of Perception + stress + Awakening , and that will help to resol ve a question concerning the object itself : who owns it , who produced a materi al that is part of it, and well ... For whenever the result exceeds by a +3 do t ake longer to wake the subject or answer a more complex question (who was the la st to pass him , where was the last place where it was stored , etc. . ) and +6 enough to make it move in obedience or the nature of the object or the magician , or to speak with him for a bore , a total score of +18 can make before the nex t sunrise or sunset you add a + 9 to attacks because that object will warn or ob ject will notify you of such an attack. You can also add Awakening to total laboratory Intellego Vim Investigating an En chantment . Even talking to a magical object in this way the research is still n eeded to learn all the details , but a high communication can provide details fo r believing that it is or is not really happy . Also you can " wake up" an inert or artificial object (material not worked can b e thinned with conventional hermetic rituals) , transforming it into a an Artifa ct Awakened - a sort of Cosa Magic as the elementary and the like - but this is a laboratory task and requires pawns Vis ( Vim or the appropriate type to the su bject you want to wake up) and at least one workstation. Vis required : 1 pawn Size x Material - Quality Object * o Vis laborers employed on it before ** , whichever is greater of the two amounts Limit by Vis Station: ( + Awakening Magical Theory ) x2 (* Believes that an object provides superior advantage , regular one adds a +1 o r a cheap gives -3 , while you add excellent quality) (** whether an object is less Invested Talisman or both which is used to open an d for each effect imbued ) The Vis may be related to the most important material used in the manufacture of the object : Animal for a coat or a whip , Terram for a sword , or Vim for a pr eviously enchanted item . The enchanted objects but have not used Vis employee t able size , or if an object has more material by size and by the employee in his spell Vis use that instead. Unconventional sizes, although the object has to fi t either in the laboratory or at least acquire a magician Arcana connection ther ewith, or to touch it every day it takes to wake can be employed. Magical Power of Purpose: 10 + Material + size + ( Modifiers ) Trouble spells without a Object Awakening : Magic Power - 2x Bonus Item Quality Difficulty Awakening Magic Items : Total Employed in manufacturing Vis x5 , or h igher level + 15 Effect ( The higher of the two) Total for Awakening : Magical Theory + Perception + Awakening + Aura + roll stre ss. Total Enchanted Object for Awakening : Vim + Intelligence + I (prerequisite: For m Object ) Magical Theory + + Awakening + Quality + Aura Object The size in this case refers to the size of the object as if it were a creature, and not the spending Vis . It's easier to wake up a ring, but will have less po wer than a wooden statue , and this probably requires less Vis . The quality of

the object is heavy when Wake him up using the same happens at Vis required , ad ds the bonus mentioned on Vis required to power and subtracts the same bonus twi ce the total for Wake him up , in case of negative is subtracted from the power and double the penalty is added to Awakening . Add Vis pawns used in the manufac ture of the object if it's happy or the magnitude of the effect that holds the o bject and the Power Rankings of Corruption as a modifier Magic Power, and Qualit y. Difficulty should bend to finish the process , Once Awakened , the object will be endowed with intelligence , you can check Rea lms of Power - Magic for details on their profile. Even being animated creatures , are also being the object before being animated and can not have much mobilit y , plus have a Trait Personality (One Trait Essential) which is determined by i ts shape and quality ( A sword shall Sword or Fighter , one Corts jewel will Vani dosa or so ) . His powers come in addition to possessing the Enchantments before determined, by its shape and material - A statue shaped like a person likely to be moved while a ring will not be able to move but you probably have power over people. Check the book Realms of Power - Magic for details character creation o r profiles Spell Stuff ( normally have 7 points to properties and 120 experience points or more if it is a particularly important subject if you want the narrat or ) . Innovation Points : 75 [ Developing Intelligence spells that give inanimate objects , starting with liv e plants , or even use remains or material of animal origin to revive them , as well as spells and effects of communication with inanimate objects. You can also explore other animated objects or Awakened Traditions , or experience to create and perform rituals that create Elementals base material, for example. This Skill Arcana requires Don to his most powerful effects , but much of the Pe ripheral Code would be changed to make these objects tuviesen limits : one of th ese objects Awakened can be used for spying and engaging mages , destruction can mean " to end the other magical resources " and so on. Generally assumed that i nstead of Animal Magic , Hermetic mages devote more attention and resources to t heir Magical Things . The property to make inanimate objects talk will be useful for those with problems to Intellego spells . ]