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Dennis Walker and his wife, Lynnie, are outstanding, mature ministers who have been used powerfully by God to faithfully bring the gospel to many nations and people. This is a book of nuggets... precious revelations of truth that have come from a lifetime of seeking the Lord. The insights contained in this book will feed your spirit. Patricia King Founder of !hoeni", #ri$ona, %&#

'e thrust forward into your calling and e(uipped to sei$e the )oly &pirits direction. Dennis Walker*s book, Catching The Initiatives of Heaven, gives us insight on how to do the works of +esus in the way that )e commanded us to do them. 'y activating your spiritual senses, you can see and hear from )eaven and bring miracles to earth. This book has the potential to transform your daily life and therefore, transform your world. , highly recommend this practical book for learning how to move in miracles. Che Ahn !resident - Founder of )arvest ,nternational .inistry !asadena, /alifornia, %&#

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God didn*t call 5ust some of us to 6do the stuff.6 7ou have all you need within you to hear the voice of God and know the will of )eaven and set it in motion. Dennis* book will show you how. 8ead it and receive your upgrade to move higher in the &pirit than ever before9
Lou Engle Founder of 6The/all6 :ansas /ity, .issouri, %&#

, have known Dennis Walker for years. )e is a powerful man of God with an e"tremely powerful and anointed ministry, with signs following. )is new book, Catching The Initiatives of Heaven, tells story after story of hearing God*s voice, seeing vision and acting on them and watching as miracles happen9 , believe this book will inspire you to no end. Dennis* passion is to let you know that you can do this. )e encourages you to get started and tells you how9 What a blessing this book will be to your life. 8ead it and see if you don*t agree.
Mark Virkler #uthor of 6)ow to )ear God*s 3oice6 'uffalo, 1ew 7ork, %&#


The Key to Accessing the Power of Heaven for Every Need on Earth

Dunamis Publishing

Catching the Initiatives of Heaven < /opyright =>?>@Dennis Walker #ll rights reserved. This book is protected by the copyright laws of the %nited &tates of #merica. This book may not be copied or reprinted for commercial gain or profit. The use of short (uotations or the occasional copying of pages for personal or group study is permitted. &cripture taken from the 1ew :ing +ames 3ersion. /opyright < ?ABA, ?AC>, ?AC= by Thomas 1elson, ,nc. %sed by permission. #ll rights reserved.

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Dunamis !ublishing Dunamis #8/@#postolic 8esource /enter is like the leaven of the kingdom of God. 6# little leaven leavens the whole lump.6 4ur goal is to supply resources that lead people into the )oly &pirit*s power (Greek: dunamis), setting the stage for the last great revival.

To those who dare to live bi-dimensionall , bringing the !ower of Heaven to earth"

#!ecial thanks to $ nnie %alker, m wife, to Tracie &gando, our daughter, to 'eck Grimshaw, and to Christian and Carina &echsner" (ou made this !ro)ect !ossible"


" INITIATIVES$%OD&S 'S'AL MEANS OF INTERVENTION !!!!!!"( Doing +esus* Works..........................................................=0 Why .any Do 1ot #ccess )eaven*s !ower................=; Doing ,t9............................................................................=F ) FIVE STEPS TO
ALKIN% IN THE INITIATIVES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)(

2veryone /an Do This9...................................................0F )elp from )eaven...........................................................0B 8eaching the Lost.............................................................0C !aradigms &hift@Worldviews /rumble......................0A 4nly a Few are 1eeded to %sher in 8evival................;; 8ough /haracters 8eceive +esus....................................;G Look and Listen for an ,nstruction................................;B Woman )ealed@.arriage &aved.................................;A 4bedience@1ot as )ard as We Think.........................F? 2"ercise &trengthens &kills.............................................F0 4beying 2ven When it &ounds &trange........................F0 /ancer )ealed after God 8eveals &ecrets.....................G> Woman*s Foot )ealed by &imple /ommand...............G= # THE TENT$A NE *E%INNIN% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+, )eavenly 2ncounters......................................................B> Three Levels of 2vidence................................................B= Divine Friendship............................................................B0 &enses #ctivated in the &ecret !lace..............................B; /ommunion With God as the &ource of !rovision.....BF

Finding )eaven*s ,nitiatives in the &ecret !lace..........BB ,ntimacy With God 8eleases !ower..............................BA ,ncrease 7our /onnection...............................................C? - SPIRIT'AL SENSES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.# #ctivating the &piritual &enses......................................CG &piritual .aturity............................................................CC The Five &piritual &enses................................................CC &piritual &ense of Touch................................................??> , HINDRANCES TO SPIRIT'AL SENSES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!""/ /ondemnation................................................................??A #n %nforgiving )eart...................................................?=0 1ine Deadly 2mbraces..................................................?=; Transition from 2mbracing to 'eing 2mbraced9.......?=G 1ow the Good 1ews.....................................................?=C !ride and !resumption.................................................?00 # Fearful )eart..............................................................?;? Distracted )eart.............................................................?;= #wareness of )eaven...................................................?;; + THE RE0OININ% OF HEAVEN AND EARTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"-, )eaven /omes to 2arth................................................?;C )eaven Trumps 2arth...................................................?F> 2arth and )eaven@/reated to 4verlap.....................?F> +esus@'iEDimensional in )eaven and 2arth.............?F0 We are 'iEDimensional.................................................?FF +esus 8eceived ,nitiatives from )eaven.....................?FG 'iblical /onte"t..............................................................?FB )ow to Do :ingdom Works.........................................?FA



y life with Dennis has been an adventure9 )e has always been a trailbla$er, going after the cutting edge both in the natural and in the spiritual. #nd ,, Lynnie Walker, the lover of calm routine, have learned to go with the flow and en5oy the ride9 !reviously, for e"ample, , was terrified of flying. 1ow , hop on a plane with Dennis almost every month, heading to yet another country to preach another message and to activate more people. , need to tell you a bit of our background so you can see where we are coming from. Dennis and ,, raised as pastors* kids, met as teenagers at a church conference in Te"as. I)e from /alifornia and me from FloridaJ. Three years later in ?AB; we were married in the high 5ungles of !eru, at the lower levels of the #ndes .ountains. , had been raised most of my childhood in !eru by my parents who were missionary pastors. Dad performed our wedding. Folks brought flowers from the 5ungle and , made my wedding dress and cake. # year later, our first of three children was born. IThey are all married now, serving the Lord and have given us four grandchildren. J Dennis and , served the Lord in !eru for those si" years with no support from the %nited &tates, so we lived at the level of the people we served@not something we recommend, but useful in getting to know the people and culture. Dennis planted crops and hunted and , washed

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clothes in the river. We had no electricity or running water. , played the accordion and taught school and Dennis played the guitar and preached@often traveling by land, by air and by river. This part of our lives is detailed in a book , wrote entitled Heavenl *ncounters" We moved to Las 3egas, 1evada in ?ACF where we became pastors of &panishE and 2nglishEspeaking churches. We were impacted by +ohn Wimber*s teachings, which launched us to a new level in healing. 4ne of the first ladies we ministered to was healed of thirtyEnine tumors9 ,n ?AAF, we were greatly impacted by the Toronto 4utpouring. 4ur lives, our children@who had very real encounters with God@and our church would never be the same. We moved into greater levels of God*s manifest presence and power in healings and miracles. Dennis was even used to raise two people from the dead in Las 3egas. 4ne of those stories made the newspaper with the headline, +iracle 'ab " Lest you think it is about us, it*s not. ,t*s about a loving Father in )eaven. ,t*s about the power of +esus* shed blood. ,t*s about hearing from )eaven and obeying. ,t*s as easy for God to heal a headache as it is for )im to raise the dead. #ny one of us can learn to catch the initiatives and instructions from the 4ne who has all the power and do it on earth. #nd along the way, )e is faithful to take us through breakings to keep us humble and to form us as )is vessels of glory. Dennis had a lifeEchanging e"perience in =>>=. #fter attending an 4pen )eavens conference in 'ritish


/olombia, /anada, God told Dennis to buy a tent when he returned home and to spend time with )im inside the tent. God said )e would meet him there. &o when Dennis arrived home, he immediately bought a pup tent, set it up in our house and began spending e"tended times in the presence of the Lord. )e began being caught up to )eaven. +esus showed him ama$ing sights in )eaven. +esus would preach sermons to him and then Dennis would preach them at church9 4ne day , commented to Dennis, K, like it when you spend time in the tent. L KWhyML he asked. K'ecause you come out tender.L The time in GodNs presence was changing his very character9 #t the same time, there was an increase of miracles. Dennis began to move into a new level of words of knowledge about people, sometimes revealing their names and illnesses. Dennis moved into a new level of revelation as well. &ome of the simple, yet deep, truths in this book, came during those times in the tent. &ome of the revelations will come in future books. #round =>>0, we turned our church pastorate over to others and were launched apostolically to oversee a network and also to travel the world in ministry. ,n =>>; in Las 3egas, God led us to open a training center called Dunamis to activate people to hear and see from God and to activate them in the miraculous works of +esus so they could take it to the streets. #s people are touched by the power of God, they are led to know +esus. , could tell you many miracle testimonies, but suffice it to say, if God can do it in Las 3egas, )e can do it anywhere9 #round the world, we have seen people launched, not

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

only into a life of miracles, but into areas of political influence, media influence and business influence as they were given ideas from )eaven. 4ften these were unlocked prophetically over them. , can think of one instance in 'ra$il when a man thought Dennis was 5ust trying to be nice, by prophesying destiny in governmental influence over him. # year later he apologi$ed to Dennis, telling him what he had thought. )e told Dennis that he had indeed moved to a high position of influence with government leaders. This man had suddenly received an idea from )eaven one day and everyone liked his idea. )is ne"t appointment was with the president of 'ra$il9 , believe it had been unlocked by the prophetic word over him. We believe God is raising a prophetic people who will learn to access )eaven and catch the initiatives of )eaven and bring )eaven*s wisdom and power to earth. +oseph and Daniel in the 'ible rose to the highest positions of influence because they could hear God*s voice. This will be true for everyone who is willing to learn to listen and see what is being done in )eaven and bring it to earth. Dennis has always said that the easiest way to know if you are hearing from God is through results. For e"ample, you can measure results in the prophetic flow Iyou are either wrong or rightJ or in healing Ieither they are healed or notJ9 7ou will make mistakes as you learn, but that is how you will grow. The 'ible says, 6We know in part and we prophesy in part.6 ,t also re(uires us to discern, 6Test all thingsO hold fast what is good.6 &o go try it at Walmart or at work, especially where


you see someone with a need. Do it in a gentle, natural way. Watch yourself grow to greater levels of hearing God and catching the initiatives of )eaven to bring answers to the world. /ome 5oin the prophetic army on earth. , hope you will not only en5oy reading this book, but begin to try it9 Lynnie Walker #uthorD Heavenl *ncounters Ten %a s God #!eaks




broke a toe one day and it became swollen, black and blue. .y wife, Lynnie, came home and saw me in bed and looked at my foot. 67ou poor thing96 she e"claimed. , answered, 6, don*t need pity, , need an initiative of )eaven for my healing96 This was serious9 , had to leave on a ministry trip in a couple of days and didn*t want to be hobbling around. &o Lynnie walked down the hall and told our friends, +ohn and Glenna .iller, that we needed to hear from God for my healing. They got (uiet and (uickly tuned into )eaven@into +esus. +ohn said, 6, 5ust got a flash of a picture of something to do but it looks really silly.6 64h, good, that*s the kind that really works96 Lynnie e"claimed. &o they came down the hall to my room. +ohn had received an 6initiative of )eaven6 Ia specific directiveJ for my healing. )e saw a picture of +esus pouring water on my toe. )e grabbed a bottle of water, put a towel under my foot and poured a little water on my toe. 6That*s all , saw from +esus to do,6 he said and left. Within fifteen minutes all the pain was gone. , got up and walked to the couch in the living room. #fter another fortyEfive minutes, , looked at my toe and all the swelling was gone9 1ot only that, but all the black and blue was gone as well9 1ow, black and blue does not disappear that (uickly in the natural. 'ut my friend had accessed an initiative of )eaven from the secret place through


/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

spiritual senses and the miracle occurred. , was totally healed and was able to walk around as though nothing had happened and make my scheduled ministry trip on time. This was not a formula to be repeated every time. ,t was specific for this case. ,t was an initiative from )eaven. Throughout the 'ible, God*s usual means of intervening miraculously in the affairs of men was through dialogue and instructions from )eaven. God met needs and overcame problems throughout the history of the 'ible@starting with Genesis all the way through 8evelation@by speaking and giving instructions. When these instructions were carried out on earth, miracles happened. 4ftentimes people pray pointless, powerless prayers hoping that God will magically change that situation using somebody else and at some other time. 'ut that is not the way God works. Throughout scripture people cried out and then got (uiet and listened to God. )e told them what to do and when they did it, things changed miraculously. For e"ample, in the 4ld Testament, the people cried out for water in the desert. God said take the rod and strike the rock. ,t was a particular rod, a certain rock, an instruction of action to perform and water would come forth. ,t was the divine initiative coming from )eaven. #s they obeyed, things happened. .iracles occurred. 7ou and , are going to do )is works in )is way. The only formula that , know of doing those works is to see and hear and obey. That is the way +esus said )e did it. ,n +ohn FD?A +esus said, 1The Son can 2o nothing o3 hi45el36

,1,T,#T,32&@G4DN& %&%#L .2#1& 4F ,1T28321T,41

7ut 8hat He 5ee5 the Father 2o9 8hate:er the Father 2oe56 the Son 2oe5 ;u5t the 5a4e!1 The key to divine intervention for healing, deliverance or provision is to catch the initiative of )eaven by hearing and seeing in the &pirit. &cripture says very clearly, <M= 5hee> hear 4= :oice!1 7ou can do this whenever you have someone come to you with a need for a miracle. ,nstead of praying a prayer and not really e"pecting God to speak or show you anything, e"pect )im to show you things9 2"pect )im to speak instructions to youO so make time for that. !ray the prayer, ,$ord, we ask ou to touch him right now and here is the need", Then you get (uiet, ,$ord, we wait on ou right now- s!eak to us", God will bring spontaneous pictures, words and thoughts to convey )is instructions for the need at hand. #nother biblical story is 1aaman the leper. )e came to the prophet of God from a distant land to receive healing. )e traveled with a group spending all the time and money to get there and he came loaded with treasure e"pecting to pay for his healing. When he finally met with 2lisha, the message he got was less than inspiringD 1Di> 5e:en ti4e5 in the Ri:er 0or2an an2 =ou 8ill 7e heale2!1 Water had never healed him before9 Little did he know it was much more than water. ,t was the initiative of )eaven that 5ust happened to include water9



,n .atthew ?>, +esus commissioned the disciples to go and do what )e had been doing@to preach the kingdom of )eaven, to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

lepers and cast out demons. That was how the kingdom was to be e"tended. They were not 5ust to preach in word, but in deedO the twoEedged sword of proclamation and demonstration. +esus later sent the )oly &pirit to )is disciples, bapti$ing and empowering them to fulfill what )e had called them to do, until 1the utter4o5t >art5 o3 the earth1 were reached. The first disciples began this work, but did not reach the uttermost parts of the earth during their lifetime. Therefore, the same empowerment for doing the works of +esus is still in effect for us today. God wants to draw every people group on earth into )is kingdom, opening the door for )is return.


.any are missing out on e"tending this 6help from )eaven6 because they believe the signs and wonders stopped with the first apostles. They don*t e"pect God to heal or move in miracles today. 4thers aren*t fulfilling this mandate because they live in a futuristic idea of the kingdom. They believe that the power of God is left for some future event, not reali$ing that the kingdom of )eaven is both now and future. We can have kingdom dunamis IGreek word for 6mighty power6J right now as we access )eaven, understanding that the fullness of the kingdom is yet to come when /hrist returns. 4thers simply have not understood how they can

,1,T,#T,32&@G4DN& %&%#L .2#1& 4F ,1T28321T,41

access this help from )eaven to e"tend to others. They don*t understand that God has provided all we need to move in miracles today, including giving us spiritual senses to access )is power. #nother reason people do not walk in the miraculous works of +esus is that our present /hristian culture has made us content with the accumulation of knowledge as an end in itself. &adly, much of the present church system could continue without the work of the )oly &pirit. We have said, 6'less our works,6 instead of saying, 6Lead us by your )oly &pirit.6 'ut change is coming9 God is raising up an army of people who are saying, 1Ma= @our king2o4 co4e an2 @our 8ill 7e 2one6 on earth a5 it i5 in Hea:en61 and are willing to be a vessel for e"tending this help from )eaven by doing on earth as )e is doing in )eaven.

6,s there someone here who has a scar on their hand and the little finger doesn*t workM6 , asked. # lady standing by the back door raised her hand, so , called her forward. ,t was the end of a conference meeting in !ucallpa, !eru and after teaching, , had decided to wait on the Lord to see what )e would do. ,t was at that moment , saw a mental picture of the hand with the scar below the little finger and the nonEworking finger. #s the lady came forward, , continued to wait and see what e"actly the Lord wanted to do. The Lord spoke a

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

word of knowledge that she had been in a fight with someone she loved. , asked her, 6)ave you been in a fight with someone you loveM6 &he began to weep and said, 6, 5ust had a fight with the man , live with. )e threw me out of the house. , was wandering down the street, saw people standing in the doorway here, stuck my head in and you asked if there was someone here who had a scar on their hand with a finger that didn*t work.6 'y then , knew the greatest need she had was to receive salvation. When , asked her if she would like to receive +esus into her heart and life, she said, 67es96 There was no need for much convincing after the Lord had revealed so much already. &o , led her in a prayer to receive the Lord as her &avior. Then , asked the Lord if there was anything else for her. )e said to simply lay hands on her and bless her. &o , asked permission from the lady, 6.ay , lay hands on you and bless youM6 &he said, 67es96 &o , laid hands on her and began to bless her in the name of +esus. &uddenly she began to 5ump up and down and then began to speak in tongues for several minutes9 When she was done, she looked at me and asked, 6What was thatM6 , had her sit with one of the pastors to e"plain all that had 5ust happened to her. The Lord never led us to pray for healing of the lady*s finger, but simply used it to identify her. The ne"t night, the lady brought about twenty of her friends and family to the meeting. They all gave their hearts to the Lord9 'y hearing and seeing things from the Lord Ithrough

,1,T,#T,32&@G4DN& %&%#L .2#1& 4F ,1T28321T,41

the activation of the spiritual senses of sight and hearingJ, the Lord had impacted a lost soul and brought her into the kingdom. &he was also filled with the &pirit to empower her in her /hristian walk. The Lord used her to bring her family and friends to the Lord. Like the woman at the well, she said, 1Co4e an2 4eet 5o4eone 8ho ha5 tol2 4e all a7out 4= li3eA1 )elp from )eaven had come to the city of !ucallpa, !eru.




here are five steps to walking in the initiatives and seeing miracles occur. Five is the number that represents grace. Grace is not only unmerited favor, but it is God*s enabling power. Grace is )is power working through us.


The first step is to cry out to God. .any do not receive from God because they do not ask )im. They run to their own resources. They run to the medicine cabinet, run to take out a loan or run away when there is a relational problem. 'ut God wants us to ask )im first and see what )e wants us to do about our problems. When the children of ,srael were being chased by the armies of 2gypt, they all cried out to God, 1Sa:e u5A1 ,t really doesn*t matter who cries out to God, as long as someone does9


#fter you cried out, then stop crying out in order to hear God. The ne"t step is to get (uiet and listen. .ost /hristians think prayer is only about talking, but they don*t reali$e that it is like using a telephone. 7ou talk and then you listen. God is waiting to give some answers from )eaven. ,n fact, you can use the same ratio of listening to speaking as illustrated in how our bodies were created, with one mouth and two ears. Listen twice as much time as you spend speaking9


/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

The third step is to focus on +esus. We can (uiet our mouth, but we can*t (uiet our mind. &o we must learn to focus our thoughts on +esus. /olossians 0 says to set your mind on things above, where /hrist is seated at the right hand of God.


Fourth, is to catch the initiative for the need at hand by hearing what +esus says or seeing what )e is doing. Tap into the spontaneous flow of pictures and words to catch the heavenly initiatives. God wants to speak to you about what you have asked )im. #nd it usually comes with an instruction from )im that will bring the answer and solve the problem.


The fifth and final step is to do what +esus indicates. .ake what you hoped for into substance, by bringing it from )eaven into earth through your obedient action or words. 7ou will become the evidence of the things not seen, as the power of the unseen kingdom is demonstrated in your life. )eb. ??D? says, 1No8 3aith i5 the 5u75tance o3 thing5 ho>e2 3or6 the e:i2ence o3 thing5 not 5een!1 7ou will see the miracle become reality. This is a pattern repeated throughout &cripture. .ost of the time when God is answering prayers, )e does it through instructions by )is spoken word or through visions. The people in the wilderness were crying out for water. .oses prayed, 1%o26 the= are thir5t= an2 the= are

F,32 &T2!& T4 W#L:,1G ,1 T)2 ,1,T,#T,32&

going to kill 4e!

hat 2o 8e 2oB1

.oses didn*t plead with God for water and then 5ust walk away. )e didn*t decide beforehand how God should respond, 61ow God, we know you work in mysterious ways and we 5ust believe for a million pots of water.6 )e didn*t try to make God fit into his preconceived theological framework through a series of wrong assumptions. .any times we do this@we are assuming how God will act. This is demonstrated often when we pray, assuming God is going to use somebody else, somewhere else, some other time, some other way and not use us right here and right now. 4ur wrong assumptions rob us of the power of )eaven. God wants us to catch an initiative right when we pray that will unlock the miracle. .oses came to God, prayed and then caught the initiative of )eaven. The initiative of )eaven was, 1Take the ro2 an2 8alk o:er to that rock an2 5trike it!1 The initiative of )eaven overcame thirst on earth. ? +ohn FD; says, 1 hate:er i5 7orn o3 %o2 o:erco4e5 the 8orl2!1 &o he acted on the instruction and water flowed out. 8emember the 'ible story of when the widow*s sons were going to be sold into slavery. &he cried out to God. &he spoke to the prophet about her problem and then he cried out to God. .ost of us would say a nice little oneE si$eEfitsEall generic prayer and think we have done our duty. Then we would say, 61ow if God doesn*t deliver them, then it is )is problem and her problem.6 The truth of the matter is that we have not made the right assumptions. The right assumption is that God sends )is

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

Word. &cripture says )e sent )is Word and healed them. )e sends )is word to bring creative answers. )e sends it to give 6right now6 instructions. God is pitching@do we have any catchersM )e is looking for available vessels on this earth to begin to release the power of )is creative word. Fortunately, )e had a prophet who received the direction from God and came back to the woman saying, 1%o an2 get :e55el5 3ro4 all o3 =our neigh7or5! Fill =our hou5e 8ith >ot5 an2 >an5 an2 ;ar5 an2 8hate:er :e55el5 =ou can 3in2$not a 3e8! Fill =our hou5e!1 That was the first instruction. &he went out and did that. Then came the hardEtoEunderstand instruction, 1No8 take that little ;ar o3 oil an2 3ill the other one5!1 1ow , am sure that she struggled with that one. 1 ait a 4inute! There i5 onl= a >int o3 oil there an2 =ou 8ant 4e to 3ill all tho5e other :e55el5B1 )e said, 1Do it!1 #nd she did it. )er obedience brought the miracle. The little 5ar continued to pour out oil until the whole house was full of oil. &he sold it all and saved her family. ,t is that kind of initiative that comes through divine directions from God to bring the answer to the needs. That is what God wants to do with each of us. 1ow, , believe )e could do it without an initiative, 5ust to show us )e is sovereign. 'ut , believe that most of the time God moves when we come to )im and )e says, 67ou are my son. , am in relationship with you and , am going to tell you the thoughts of .y heart concerning this. The thoughts that are initiated in .y heart overcome every need on earth.6 #s we walk in this dynamic flow of heavenly


F,32 &T2!& T4 W#L:,1G ,1 T)2 ,1,T,#T,32&

communication and powerful actions, then God*s highest priorities are being fulfilled. The prodigal sons and daughters are being brought home and in the process we are learning to know our God9 When you start catching initiatives and start bringing them to earth, you will see everything around you change. The sick will be healed, the dead will be raised, the captives will be set free, provision will come and wisdom and knowledge will come. 7ou are the ladder to )eaven. 7ou are the connection of )eaven*s power to earth through the )oly &pirit. 'egin to catch the initiatives of )eaven and watch )eaven merge with earth9


#s followers of +esus /hrist, we have been authori$ed to take dominion here on earth while we are in our physical bodies. 1ot even the angels have such dominion here. They are simply commissioned to assist us as we are moved by the )oly &pirit. #s we pray, speak or act, they move with us. We are the connectors of )eaven*s power to earth, 5ust as +esus was I+ohn ?DF?J. #s we see into )eaven and do on earth as )e is doing in )eaven, there is a release of miracles, signs and wonders. This is how +esus moved with )is Father here on earth, leaving us an e"ample. +esus says that whoever believes in )im will do )is works I+ohn ?;D?=J. That means this power is available for a particular kind of personD the one who believes in )im9 ,t*s not only for the 6professionals.6 The Lord is wanting to


/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

change the mindset of )is church so that leaders and members alike reali$e that every one of them can do the works of +esus. They can heal the sick, raise the dead and they can bring people to /hrist. We must lose the mentality of the 6anointed one6 in the church doing everything. The purpose of the fiveEfold ministry@apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers@is to e(uip and commission all believers to do these works I2phesians ;D??, ?=J. We should all be Kthe anointed ones9L 6)e who believes in me6 also includes 6she6. The coming revival will not fully come until women have been empowered and restored to their place in /hrist. The 'ible says in ? /orinthians ??D0 that man is the head of the woman. 'ecause of misunderstandings of what this means, many women are stifled in ministry because of the concept that men are somehow better. 'ut in that same scripture, it also says that the head of /hrist is God and the head of man is /hrist. )ow did they model headshipM God said to +esus, 6/ome up here and rule with .e.6 +esus says to mankind, 6/ome up here and sit with me in my throne.6 &o the message to women is, 68ise up and let us rule together@let us do the works of +esus together.6 God is calling both men and women to do )is works. .en are also being called in a special way to do +esus* works. &ome churches have a ma5ority of women, but God is raising up men to see their authority in /hrist and to see the mighty potential they have to do the works of +esus. 7outh and children are included in doing the works of +esus. They will especially be used in the coming wave of

F,32 &T2!& T4 W#L:,1G ,1 T)2 ,1,T,#T,32&

the )oly &pirit. +oel = says that in the last days )e will pour out )is &pirit 1on =our 5on5 an2 2aughter5!1 2phesians =D?> says we are created for good works@ and not 5ust any good works. The works that were prepared beforehand. +esus walked in these works so that we could follow )im. )e came to earth from )eaven to give us an e"ample of how to walk. #s )e walked on earth Iand on waterJ, so should we9 #s we become aware that we are called and empowered to do the works of +esus, the (uestion arises, %hat are those works. +esus gives us a list of what those works are. )e said in .atthew ?>DBECD
An2 a5 =ou go6 >reach6 5a=ing the king2o4 o3 Hea:en i5 at han2! Heal the 5ick6 clean5e the le>er56 rai5e the 2ea26 ca5t out 2e4on5! Freel= =ou ha:e recei:e26 3reel= gi:e!

The first point in this passage is to preach. We are to preach the gospel of the kingdom of )eaven, not 5ust the gospel of salvation. &alvation is simply the entrance into the kingdom of )eaven. &alvation is the way in@it*s the door that leads to all the other aspects of the kingdom. ,f we focus on the kingdom of )eaven we will see the power of the kingdom operate in our lives.


, had an impacting vision years ago in which , saw a stadium filled with thousands of people who had come to see the many miracles, healings and resurrections that were occurring. , saw that secular businesses were there to

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

sponsor this event and to broadcast it by television and other forms of media. , even noticed a particular brand of toothpaste that was one of the sponsors. 4n the platform , saw a great banner that said H*$/ 01&+ H*23*4 H2# C&+* T& *21TH" The Lord e"plained to me that )e is reEconte"tuali$ing the message 6The kingdom of )eaven is at hand6 into a language that the present generation can understand. The message of the kingdom should be shared this way, 6There is help from )eaven for you96 The original recipients of this good news of the kingdom of )eaven were the +ewish people. They had carried the prophecies of the kingdom for many centuries. They knew that the kingdom would bring the help from )eaven. 'ut if you were to stand on any given street today and proclaim 6The kingdom of )eaven is at hand6, people would think you were proclaiming the end of the world. That is not the message we are proclaiming. ,t is not a message of fear, but of astounding hope enveloped in the demonstration of God*s power to help us in times of need. This comes as we learn to catch the initiatives of )eaven. There really is help from )eaven for you9


/atching the initiatives of )eaven is about reaching the lost. The Lord wants us to (uit trying to save the found and get out there and look for the people who are lost@ those needing help. )e wants to show )imself as the God of all. )e is the /reator of all. )e is the 8edeemer. )e wants to be evident to people and )e will show )imself

F,32 &T2!& T4 W#L:,1G ,1 T)2 ,1,T,#T,32&

through the divine initiatives. 6,nitiative of )eaven6 means 6that which God starts6 and what )e starts )e always finishes. 2specially if )e finds the right one to bring the breakthrough. When you see God*s initiatives and start catching them and speaking them, they are not 5ust your words, they are the words of the /reator spoken through you. #s it says in ? +ohn FD;, 1 hat5oe:er i5 7orn o3 %o2 o:erco4e5 the 8orl2!1 Whatever )e initiates overcomes natural laws of health, finances, physics, medicine and any other natural law. +ohn ?F says, 1 ithout 4e =ou can 2o nothing!1 We move as a team. We have the same testimony as +esus had in +ohn FD?A who could do nothing of )imself apart from what )e saw the Father do. )e had absolute need of the Father and the work of the )oly &pirit to do the things that )e did. 7ou and , also have that same need. We can do nothing without )im. 'ut with )im we can do all things.



+esus wants us to be kingdom agents, engaged with people for the transmission of )is power from )eaven so that people would marvel. .arvel is what happens when worldviews fall. Worldviews are peoples belief systems@ what they believe is possible or not. We have seen people who say that they are agnostic, that they don*t believe in God, but then we catch an initiative about them and all of a sudden they get goose bumps and are scared or in awe

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

because it doesn*t fit their worldview. ,t is a marvel. There is marvel manifesting all over them and old worldviews begin to crumble. &uddenly faith arises in their hearts. +ohn FD=> talks about marveling. ,t says, 1For the Father lo:e5 the Son an2 5ho85 hi4 all thing5 that he hi45el3 2oe5 an2 he 8ill 5ho8 hi4 greater 8ork5 than the5e that =ou 4a= 4ar:el!1 , asked the Lord, 6Why do you want people to marvelM6 )e said, 6.arvel is the sound of worldviews falling.6 God wants to show off )is power through us. +ohn ?;D?= says, 1The 8ork5 that I 2o6 =ou 5hall 2o an2 e:en greater 8ork5!1 The reason )e wants us to do even greater works is so the world might marvel. !eople change their worldview or their belief system when they see a miracle. We saw it happen with the 6woman at the &tarbucks well.6 /offee shops are a great place to move in this power. We were invited for coffee at &tarbucks by my brotherE inElaw, +im Drown. )e invited me and several of my family. We approached the counter to order our coffees and +im popped up to the front and said to the guy at the cash register, 6, am going to pay for the coffee of everybody in line.6 # lady had 5ust walked in behind us and heard +im say he was going to buy her coffee. &he protested saying, 61o, no, , will buy my own coffee.6 +im answered, 6, said , will buy for everybody in line and , will.6 &he agreed to let +im buy her coffee. , don*t think she understood she would now be in debt to listen to him. +im was probably thinking, 6# cup of coffee for a soul.

F,32 &T2!& T4 W#L:,1G ,1 T)2 ,1,T,#T,32&

1ot bad.6 +im and the lady waited for the order and the rest of us went to a table nearby. +im introduced himself and made a bit of small talk. #ll of a sudden +im said, 67ou have begun writing a book, but you stopped writing and God wants you to finish the book.6 &he was shocked. )er eyes got big Ithis is marvelJ and she asked, 6)ow do you know thisM6 +im responded, 6God told me.6 &he said, 6'ut , am an agnostic, , don*t believe in God.6 +im looked at her and said, 6That*s all right, God believes in you and )e wants you to finish your book.6 &he was still in shock when +im added, 67ou have some partial deafness in your left ear and God wants to heal your6 ear. The woman started trembling and said, 67ou are freaking me out96 I#gain, this is marvel.J What she was not aware of is that her agnostic worldview was falling. .arvel is the sound of worldviews falling. Then +im said to her, 6, want you to pray with me right now and ask +esus to come into your heart.6 &he replied, 6, can*t do that, ,*m agnostic, , don*t believe in God96 +im said, 67ou used to be agnostic, but now you have seen evidence that God is real and that )e knows you and )e is calling you.6 &he was trying to process this, when she e"claimed, 67ou are the third person who has spoken to me about

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

+esus this week96 6Well, what does it takeM !ray with me now.6 &he ended up praying with +im, then and there, to accept /hrist as her &avior. )e brought her over to the table and said, 6)ere is a new sister in /hrist96 &he still had a shocked look on her face and then asked me, 6)ow do you hear from GodM6 1ow this was a statement of faith, from a selfEproclaimed agnostic. &he no longer doubted that God e"isted, but asked how to hear )is voice. &o , started e"plaining to her, in 5ust a few minutes, how God speaks to us. That when we are born again and receive the &pirit of +esus in our hearts, that our spiritual senses are activated and we can begin to hear )im. #ll of a sudden , said to her, 6#nd God wants to heal your knees96 &he said, 67ou are freaking me out96 IThe marvel continues.J 6)ow do you know about my kneesM Do you see somethingM6 , said, 61o, there is nothing visible, but the Lord 5ust said that you have pain in your knees and need healing.6 &he said that she used to do skydiving, had landed wrong and had wrecked her knees. , asked, 6Would you like to get rid of that painM6 &he said, 67es, but don*t put your hands on me, ,*m still freaked out about all of this.6 I)mmm, freaking marvelMJ


F,32 &T2!& T4 W#L:,1G ,1 T)2 ,1,T,#T,32&

, told her , didn*t need to touch her. &o , 5ust spoke over her knees the words that , heard +esus say. &he said, 6.y knees are getting hot.6 , said, 6.ove them now.6 &he moved her knees and e"claimed, 6The pain is gone96 &he said, 6, think God wanted me to leave with tangible evidence that )e is real, by healing my knees.6 &he then tried to leave but came back, still in shock, to see what more she could learn. Then our daughter, Tracie, said, 6, see a vision of &panish words, +anos de 2 uda which in 2nglish is Hel!ing Hands", &he added, 6, believe God will use you to help )ispanic women find 5obs. The lady responded in shock, 6That is the name of my business. ,t is Hel!ing Hands and , help )ispanic women find 5obs.6 This lady got hit so many ways and through several people. &he had an encounter with a living God and it changed her life. That is what God wants to do wherever we go. )is heart is for the lost. )e wants to show )imself powerfully through us to the world. We want to see revival and we want to see massive impact where people and nations are brought in. #ll we have to learn is how to walk catching the initiatives of )eaven. , believe that the future revival is going to be all about people learning to walk under the initiatives of )eaven, catching the things that God is doing and bringing those things to earth. They will be igniting the

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

flames of revival wherever they walk.




.ost people don*t see healing or miracles happen partly because of pointless, powerless, pusillanimous prayers IsmallEspirited prayersJ, but also partly because they have a wrong assumption of how God works. They may believe God can and wants to heal, but that )e is going to do it somewhere else or use somebody else. They think, 6, am sure not the one (ualified for this.6 .y wife, Lynnie*s, brother, +ohnny 2nlow, wrote an interesting book called, 2re (ou %eak, #mall or 0oolish *nough to 1eall be 5sed b God. That is a great book because it shows that God is not only looking for the ones with the best image and every hair in place, nor the smartest or wisest. )e is looking for the ones who are weak, small and foolish enough to be used by God. +ohn Wimber used to say, 6God will use those who are available.6 God wants to use us all to give the message of )is goodness to others. 4nce we have these things in motion, it*s not going to be too much longer before revival breaks out. Think about the prophets in the 4ld Testament times. They were men who heard God, saw God and did )is initiatives. +ust one or two of them at a time was enough to stir up a whole nation. What would happen in your city if there were a thousand, only a thousand, doing the initiatives of )eaven out there on the streetsM 7ou would absolutely turn it

F,32 &T2!& T4 W#L:,1G ,1 T)2 ,1,T,#T,32&

upside down. What would happen if you only had a hundred of themM ,n #braham*s day, only ten people could have changed the destiny of &odom and Gomorrah. #fter +esus ascended, )is twelve disciples turned the world upside down. We are learning to live our lives knowing that God is speaking to us, directing us and sending us. Life is going to be different when we get to the point where we are aware that we are hearing and we are seeing. #ll we have to do is step out and test it. When you start doing that, then you are going to know that God really is showing up. )e wants every one of us to be activated. )ow many times a year do you pray for someone who asks for prayerM What is going to happen this year as you are called on to prayM ,nstead of praying pointless, powerless, prayers that are initiated from earth, stop and ask, 6God, what do you want to doM6 +ust go with that flow. 2"pect that God is going to show you something. 2"pect that God is going to speak something and follow the flow of the &pirit. What is going to happen this yearM #ll it takes is one or two people around town saying, 6)ey, go to that person and you will get healed, because , went there and God did this and spoke that. ,t changed my life.6 #s more people step out to catch the initiatives of )eaven, it will draw individuals and nations to )is kingdom. ,f you are dedicated to following the Lord this way, coming into a place of intimacy where you hear )is voice and learn to follow )im, you could have a fullEtime

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

ministry of miracles. +ust speaking the initiatives of )eaven over people and having that as a fullEtime 5ob. 4ne of the things that is motivating me is that , believe that the coming outpouring of the &pirit and revival is all about this. The sooner we catch it, the sooner we will see it poured out. God is waiting for us. )e is waiting for us to get prepared. , believe that this whole concept of catching the initiatives of )eaven and simply walking in them is what God is doing right now. )e is preparing the church for )is outpouring.


)ere*s an e"ample involving two of my brotherEinE laws, +im Drown and +ohnny 2nlow. +im shared +esus with a guy that was parasailing off the cliffs over the beach in Lima, !eru. +im had talked to him two years before about +esus and the guy basically cussed him out, so +im left him alone. The ne"t year he came back and the same guy saw him coming. +im often will do something foolish or humorous to catch peoples attention. &o he walked up to the guy and said, 6)ey, how about a free ride or halfEoffM6 The guy was a really crusty guy and said, 67ou bring me two pounds of cocaine and a couple of whores and ,*ll give you a ride.6 +im said, 6, really came over here to talk to you about +esus.6 When he said that, the guy said, 6,*m sorry... ,*m sorry , said that stuff. , didn*t know that you are a Father.6 'eing from a /atholic country, he thought +im was a priest. +im started talking to him and for some reason the guy started listening to him. Lynnie*s brother, +ohnny, was also there with +im and

F,32 &T2!& T4 W#L:,1G ,1 T)2 ,1,T,#T,32&

they started praying over the guy. &uddenly +ohnny felt by word of knowledge that there was something wrong with his ankle. The guy said it was true and agreed to receive prayer. They laid hands on his ankle and all of a sudden the guy got hit with a bolt of power from the Lord9 )e started running and 5umping up and down. )e had been in an accident on his hangEglider, crashing into a building and damaging his leg and he hadn*t been able to walk very well since then. )e was instantly healed9 )e had a buddy, kind of an associate in his business and he started hollering at the guy. )e said 6)ey, God 5ust IcensoredJ healed me96 )e was still cussing, yet both those guys accepted +esus right there on the side of the cliff. They started bringing other guys who had businesses there to receive prayer. ,t was a little miniErevival on the side of the cliff and it was because there was an initiative of )eaven. &omebody got healed and all of a sudden there was an invasion of the gospel into that area.


Get out of your religious bo", overcome the temptation of presuming to know what God is going to do. &top speaking /hristianese, using /hristian terminology and traditional prayers. Don*t pray generic prayers that are the oneEsi$eEfitsEall prayers, basically the same prayers used to bless the food or heal the sick, 5ust changing the names and wording a little. ,n fact +esus never prayed for the


/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

sick, )e simply spoke the words of )is Father or performed actions based on what )e saw the Father doing. Look and listen for the instructions from )eaven. Throughout the Word of God, most of the time when God was ministering and answering prayers, )e did so through specific instructions. !eople cried out to God, )e gave instructions, they did it and miracles happened. .oses received the initiative to stretch out his rod over the 8ed &ea. The rod was 5ust a plain, simple stick. /an you see this pictureM # whole army coming with the sole purpose of destroying you and God says stretch out the stick9 WhatM # stick against a whole armyM #hhh, but it was more than 5ust a stick9 ,t was the stick plus the initiative of )eaven. &omeone needed to receive the initiative and act upon it. God*s initiatives are small, like a grain of mustard seed, in comparison to the great needs. &tretching out a stick was a tiny, foolish action in comparison to the great sea before them and the mighty army behind them. 'ut it 5ust took mustardEseedEsi$e faith to act on it. .oses obeyed, stretched out the rod and the miracle happened. The waters parted and the ,sraelites went across on dry land even as the pillar of God*s fire held the army of 2gypt back. 7ou don*t need 6seaEparting faith6 to part the sea, 5ust as you don*t need 6cancerEhealingEsi$e faith6 to heal cancer. 7ou 5ust need enough faith to hear and to do what God shows you, even if it is a small action. This simple obedience to the initiative becomes the greatest manifestation of faith. 7our faith is demonstrated in the

F,32 &T2!& T4 W#L:,1G ,1 T)2 ,1,T,#T,32&

action that brings the miracle. Lynnie and , have been doing this for a number of years. ,t started when we were trained in some of +ohn Wimber*s classes with 'ob and !enny Fulton. We were trained to stop, listen and then act. , came from an old !entecostal model that was like thisD when somebody needed prayer, you had to get psyched up and you had to get the anointing going. ,f you were really anointed then you were going to shout. 7ou were going to shake the person. 7ou might spit a little when you were shouting. That was our model for praying for people. We would have people come forward and we would grab them and shake them, shout for thirty seconds, command healing and then it was over. We did our part, but was anything happeningM %sually not. The only healings we saw were what , call 6accidental healings.6 #ccidental healings are when you 5ust accidentally happen to hit on what God wanted you to do anyway. 7ou happened to hit on that initiative from )eaven accidentally. 'ut you don*t have to wait for accidental healings. 7ou can start sharpening your senses and waiting on God and letting )im give you the initiative from )eaven that brings change to that situation.



Lynnie and , have seen literally hundreds@maybe even thousands@of people who have received healing or deliverance from all kinds of problems. , remember one of the first healings we saw for a man and his wife about to go through a divorce. &he had gone to a doctor and they

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

found a tumor on her cervi" and she was about to go in for a biopsy. This couple had actually come for prayer for their marriage. The Lord gave us clear words of knowledge about what had happened in their lives to bring them to this point. We spoke to them about the root of their marital problems. They confirmed we were hearing correctly. We led them to give up the past offense and their marriage was put back together. The divorce was canceled and the wife called the ne"t day asking, 6What did you do to my husbandM )e is a different man.6 Later she went in for a biopsy and there was no tumor. That was the first time we purposefully stepped out on the instructions of )eaven for people and waiting on God to catch )is initiatives. This has become even clearer and more defined for us since we really started spending time in the secret place with the Lord. We have received so many 6downloads6 from )eaven about situations and circumstances. We are seeing a new cutting edge in ministry as we receive the initiatives of )eaven and bring real answers to people*s lives. #ll of these things are accessed by faith. 7ou must have e"pectation that God will use you and have e"pectation that you can catch an initiative from )eaven. , want you to know that , believe that every one of us, at God*s initiative, can walk on water. Do you believe thatM That is not really a big deal. !eter walked on water. 'ut he did so at +esus* bidding. , teach a lot on healing and , get people coming up to me saying, 6Would you come and pray for this one or that oneM6 , am sad about that, because they still are not


F,32 &T2!& T4 W#L:,1G ,1 T)2 ,1,T,#T,32&

catching it. .y goal is to activate everyone. ,t may be that God is speaking to them and they 5ust need to be aware of it. &cripture clearly says they can hearD 1M= 5hee> hear 4= :oice!1 2very need we face by the initiatives of )eaven is an opportunity for our growth and development. When you catch this, you won*t give your growth opportunities away. God*s heart is to bring many sons into glory and you are those sons and daughters )e is bringing into glory.


#ll this is accessed by simple faith. God spoke to #braham and said, 1Lea:e =our 3ather?5 hou5e!1 Do you know where faith startedM When he took his first step. ,t was 5ust simple obedience to the directive of God. #nd when he did so, he became the father of the faithful. Faith is that simple for us today. ,t is not something that you have to struggle with. +esus said that if you have faith as small as a mustard seed@a very, very small seed of faith@that you can move mountains. , didn*t understand that for so long and , always had a different interpretation. , thought that you plant the seed and it grows and before you know it, you can move a whole mountain. 'ut not even a mustard plant can move a whole mountain. , understand today that it is so simple, it is so small. ,t is about what )e directs you to do and you simply obey. ,t is the simple step of obedience to )is instructions.


/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

&ome of the acts of obedient faith that +esus performed looked strange. , think )e did this on purpose so that we would really get an understanding to obey whatever the Lord tells us to do. )ow many of us would spit and make mud and put it in somebody*s eyesM The two things you never want in your eyes@somebody else*s spit and dirt9 +esus put them both in a man*s eyes, told him to wash and he was healed. )e did it to teach us something. )e never healed a blind person the same way twice. This was 5ust one of many blind people that +esus healed. , picture the Lord in )eaven saying, 6We have got to find a different way to do this so that they don*t fall into a rut and think it*s a formula.6 ,t is not a formula. ,t is hearing and seeing and obeying. , think the Father said, 67ou spit and make mud and stick it in his eyes.6 +esus caught it, did it and the man was healed. The Father is probably laughing as ,*m telling this. ,t is written there so that you and , will know it is not about formulas, it is not about you reciting certain scriptures, it is not about you coming to some understanding as to what causes blindness. ,f we follow this model of hearing and obeying each time, the blind will be healed. 'ut more importantly, God*s will is accomplished. ,f you try to repeat what you did before to move in healings or miracles, it might accidentally work on one or two people. 'ut that is not really what God wants. )e doesn*t want you walking around doing accidental healingsO )e wants you to heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons. The way you do that is by catching the initiatives of )eaven. ,t is through relationship with )im.

F,32 &T2!& T4 W#L:,1G ,1 T)2 ,1,T,#T,32&

What you see, you do. What you hear, you say.


, don*t hear perfectly@none of us do@and , don*t see perfectly. 'ut this one thing , know, the more , use the initiatives, the more it will grow. The more , spend time with the Lord in intimate relationship, the more it will grow. &o there are things that , can do that will cause these abilities to grow and there are things , can do which will cause them to shrivel up and die. What you must do is avoid all the things that cause your senses to darken and become hindered in any way and then do all the things that enhance your ability to receive from God. 4ne of the things that you can do that enhances your ability to see and hear is to step out and do the little things that )e is telling you to do right now.




.y wife and , were living in .ount /harleston, 1evada, in a cabin which we were borrowing while we were having a house built down the mountain in Las 3egas. We would often invite guests to come and visit us. We were having one of those times of fellowship when some of my family came up there@my sister, Dara and her husband, /raig. /raig was complaining about problems he suffered with diabetes and pain in his legs. )e said, 6, don*t have good circulation in my legs.6


/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

,n the middle of talking about his legs, all of a sudden , saw something that , believed was an initiative from )eaven, but it looked weird. 'ut finally , thought, 6Well , am 5ust going to go for this.6 &o , looked at /raig and said, 6/raig, , 5ust saw something. /an, , do it on you and the worst that could happen is that it could mess up your hair. /an , do itM6 )e said, 67eah, go for it.6 What , had seen myself doing was taking a small throw blanket off the couch and throwing it over his head and then whipping it off. There is no place in scripture where it says, 6Thus saith the Lord, thou shalt whip blankets off of people*s heads to see them healed.6 ,t doesn*t say that, but it could be that the )oly &pirit was testing me to see if , would do what )e was showing me to do. Well, , grabbed the blanket and threw it over his head and left it there for 5ust a split second, then whipped it off his head. There were a couple of ladies behind us talking, one of them with her back to us and she got hit with the wave of power that came off of him. , felt the power go by me, blasted the lady and she went flying against the wall and screamed, 6What was thatM6 .eanwhile, my sister, Dara, on the other side got hit with a blast of heat from the Lord and she started crying. , asked her, 6Why are you cryingM6 &he said, 6, felt it.6 /raig was there in shock. , went on to talk to somebody else, , came back and /raig was standing in front of the fireplace lifting his feet up and down on the hard surface. )e was there for a long time and said, 67ou know , couldn*t stand on a hard surface like this for very long without having strong pain and right now , have absolutely no pain in my legs.6 There again, we saw evidence of things happening. There were

F,32 &T2!& T4 W#L:,1G ,1 T)2 ,1,T,#T,32&

waves of power and as a result, pain was gone from somebody*s legs after whipping a blanket off of their head. 1ow if you try that again, about all you will get is messed up hair and maybe even a sour look on someone*s face, because it*s not about blankets and whipping them off of their heads, unless God tells you to do that. 'ut this illustrates the fact that you can begin to see into )eaven and catch pictures and catch directives that God is speaking to you and then begin to move on those things. Those are the initiatives of )eaven. #nd God loves for us to move this way, because it is based on relationship with )im. #bout a week later, we had a couple Ipastors of one of our &panish churches in townJ come to spend the day with us. They came to receive some impartation. &o we spent the day going over scriptures and ministering over them. #t the end of the day when they were about ready to leave, my wife, Lynnie, said to me, 67ou know she has been diagnosed with a cyst on one of her ovaries. &he is in constant pain and they want to do a hysterectomy on her. They told her that she has to do this right away because it is dangerous. /an we pray for herM6 , said, 67eah, let*s do it96 What we do in situations like this is to 5ust get (uiet. We say, 6Lord, what are you doingM We are here and we are available.6 We don*t ask, 6Do you want to do itM6 because we know )e always does. ,t is more about, 6)ow are you doing itM What do you want to doM6 &o , was there waiting and listening and all of a sudden , saw a picture. 'ut , didn*t know what to do with this picture , was seeing


/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

because it was rather strange. , am learning that you even go with the strange instructions. +esus said to pray this prayer, 1@our king2o4 co4e6 =our 8ill 7e 2one on earth a5 it i5 in Hea:en!1 , think this is more literal than we have understood. )e is calling us to do on earth what we are seeing in )eaven. +ust like +esus did. &o , was standing there praying and asking the Lord, waiting on )im to speak or show me something and , finally got a picture. , thought, 6Well, , am supposed to reproduce this on earth.6 The picture , saw was the Lord with )is head up against this lady*s abdomen right where her ovaries would be, like )e was listening. 'ut , thought, , am not comfortable putting my head there, so , asked Lynnie if she would put her head there. &o Lynnie knelt down and put her ear right against the lady*s abdomen like she was listening. , said, 64kay, Lord, what is ne"tM6 &ometimes there will be other instructions that )e will tell you to do. )e said, 6!ut your hand on her head.6 &o Lynnie was there with her ear up against her stomach area and , put my hand on her head and immediately a prophetic word came. The word was, 6The Lord says )e hears your faintest cry.6 That is all , said. When , said those words, she began to violently shake. , have never seen her 5erk, shake or fall. &he is a 68ock of Gibraltar6 sort of person. 'ut she was violently shaking and finally she fell as her husband caught her. )e gently lowered her to the floor. &he was shaking, crying and laughing, all at the same time on the floor. This went on for a while and finally , asked what was going on. &he


F,32 &T2!& T4 W#L:,1G ,1 T)2 ,1,T,#T,32&

said, 6, have never felt anything like this before.6 , said, 6)elp her stand up,6 so they helped her stand up. &he was standing there, still laughing and crying and then began moving her leg up and down. , was thinking, This is strange. , asked, 6Why are you moving your leg like thatM6 &he said, 6#ll the pain left and it feels empty.6 &he was moving all around trying to feel the pain and couldn*t find it. &he said the pain was gone and it felt empty. , asked her a couple of weeks later, 6,s there anything thereM6 61othing is there.6 # month or two later, 6,s anything thereM6 61othing is there. ,t is gone96 What a wonderful thing to see that God loved the woman we had prayed for on the mountain so much, that there was a specific message she receivedD 6God loves me and )e hears my faintest cry,6 and then )e took the cyst out. There again, it was an initiative from )eaven that looked strange. , didn*t know (uite what to do with it at first, but all , did was reproduce on earth what , saw in )eaven. , am becoming aware and having more and more faith that so much of what , am seeing in my mind are spontaneous pictures from )eaven of what , am to copy on earth. , get simple pictures and they*re not ecstatic visions with angels or rays of light from )eavenO no nice music or thundering voice. , see pictures like any other mental picture, but ,*m seeing it right when ,*m waiting for God to show me something. #nd when , see a picture, ,*m learning to go with it. ,f it*s 5ust me, usually what , do isn*t going to hurt anyone anyway. #nd , say usually, because

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

there was one time that God had me do something that , struggled with. , was in a meeting waiting on the Lord and )e said, 6There are some men here with prostate problemsO call them forward.6 &o , gave the word of knowledge and called them forward. Two men responded. , was standing there waiting on the Lord in front of the first guy asking, 6God, what do you want to do to bring healing to this manM6 The Lord said, 6)it him real hard in the stomach.6 , started asking, 61ow are you sure about thisM This guy may have an enlarged prostate and maybe it*s delicate. ,f , slug him in the stomach , could burst it. , don*t know what all could happen, Lord.6 #nd the Lord said, 6Do you want to see healingM6 #nd , said, 67es.6 )e said, 6)it him real hard in the stomach.6 , still asked the Lord, 6#re you sureM God, is this youM6 The Lord said, 6)it him real hard in the stomach.6 Finally, , started negotiating. , asked, 6/an , hit him with my hand openM6 #nd the Lord said, 67es, hit him with your hand open, but hit him real hard.6 The poor guy was there with his eyes closed. )indsight is always pretty good. ,n the future, , would probably warn him and say, 6Listen, tighten up because , am going to hit you,6 or at least ask his permission. 'ut , didn*t. , let him have it9 , pulled my arm back and@ wham9 , knocked the air out of him. )e was there kind of gasping. Finally, he 5ust toughed it out and accepted it. The second guy saw the whole thing. The look on his face was something else9 )e was looking back at his wife as if he was saying, 6.ommy, what do , doM6 'ut then all

F,32 &T2!& T4 W#L:,1G ,1 T)2 ,1,T,#T,32&

of a sudden , saw some resolve come. )e probably decided, 64kay, if he can take it, , can take it.6 &o he started tightening up with his eyes shut. , pulled my hand back to let him have it and the Lord said, 6, didn*t tell you to hit him.6 , dropped my hand and 5ust stood there. , asked, 6Lord, what do you want me to do hereM6 )e said, 6!lace one finger on his forehead, then declare healing.6 &o , laid a finger on him and declared healing. , think the first guy may have felt cheated or abused or something, because he was now watching what , was gently doing with the second guy9 The good news is that both of those men came back the ne"t day and said every symptom was gone. ,n fact, the man whom , had hit really hard invited us to a ban(uet at his house to celebrate his healing9 'e careful about a strange initiative. 'e really sure. Dialogue with the Lord. #sk )im, 6/ome on, are you sureM6 )e will talk to you and )e will give you direction. Then get permission from the person. %sually what , do isn*t risky, so , 5ust go with it. Then if it seems , missed the direction, , can say, 64ops, , missed it. &orry, let*s try it again.6 There is no condemnation if you make a mistake, but the results are worth the possible embarrassment. , believe that when we are born again, we become partakers of the heavenly kingdom and we become those who are tasting the good things of the age to come, now. +esus said that if we follow )im, if we deny ourselves and leave all other things behind, we will have much more now in this age and in the age to come. We can have foretastes of the kingdom of )eaven now, while we await


/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

the fullness of the kingdom to come. We can live a life of miracles today, as we catch the initiatives of )eaven.


# man in !eru was brought in on a stretcher. Doctors had recently operated on him for stomach cancer. They had opened him up and found the cancer was too widespread. They closed him back up, told his family to take him home as he was going to die within the week. That was the week my brotherEinElaw, +im and , did our outdoor crusade in !ucallpa, !eru. The sick man*s daughter came to me saying, 6/an you pray for my fatherM6 , told her, 67ou go back and stand by him and , am going to ask God what )e wants to do right now.6 &he went and stood by her father. #ll , did was say, 6Lord, they have a need. What are 7ou going to do about thisM6 , got (uiet there in the middle of all the worship, ??> decibel speakers@huge stacks@blaring loudly. I7es, you can get (uiet and hear from God in the midst of that.J &o , was listening and the Lord gave me two words of knowledge about this man*s pastO things that he had been involved in and where this cancer came in. , didn*t know whether God was going to heal him. )e didn*t tell me that for sure. #ll )e did was give me two pieces of information that were initiatives from )eaven and now , had something to act on. , walked over to him, knelt down and , spoke into his ear, partly because the sound system was so loud and

F,32 &T2!& T4 W#L:,1G ,1 T)2 ,1,T,#T,32&

partly because it was private information. , asked him if he had a daughter he had disowned. )e said, 67es.6 , then asked him if he had been involved in witchcraft. )e nodded his head, yes. , asked him if he wanted to repent of both of those things and give them to God and he nodded his head, yes. , led him in prayer as he gave it up to God and then , asked, 6God, what nowM6 )e said, 6Tell the cancer to go.6 That is what )e told me, so , looked at the man, , stood up, then , spoke, not to the man, but to the cancer and said, 6, command you to go in +esus* name96 While standing there, the Lord said, 6,t is done.6 , have learned that those words mean , am done, so , walked away. , turned my back, not having seen one change in his body, but the Lord said it was done. &o , walked away. The ne"t night, the man came back walking to the meeting9 )e climbed up the steps to the platform with a little help. 8emember he had 5ust had surgery. ,t was ama$ing. )e climbed up the steps, came to the microphone and said, 6, accepted +esus last night. This man over here prayed for me and when he turned his back and walked away, the pain left96 , have learned that even though you see nothing and the Lord says, 6,t*s done,6 the fact that you turn your back and walk away is a step of faith. &o , had turned my back and walked away. The man went home and ate for the first time in thirty days. )e had been hooked up to an ,3, but suddenly was able to eat again. )e had no pain. )e was an older man and all of his kids and his grand kids came to the Lord after his healing. The whole family 5oined a church we oversee there. #bout a month later we


/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

were back in that city and the man*s family was still there, he was still there, everybody was fine and he still had no cancer. # year later , checked with their pastor again by telephone and the man was still healed and the family was serving the Lord. God healed this man when the doctors had opened him up and said, 61othing we can do. )e will be dead in a Week.6 The healing came by an initiative from )eaven.



, visited #tlanta to minister some time ago and we were praying over a group of people. There was one lady who looked like she was having a hard time by the look on her face. , wasn*t sure if she wasn*t believing what we were saying or possibly she was in pain. &he hesitated, but then came forward, so we prayed for her and prophesied some things over her. #lmost immediately the Lord spoke something@it was an initiative from )eaven. , looked at her and said, 6There is something wrong with your feet. Do you have a need in your feetM6 &he nodded her head. , had someone else come over and lay hands on her feet and , began to pray. , said, 6Lord, right now restore the bones of these feet in +esus* name. , 5ust release that on you.6 , didn*t do much more than that. ,*ve learned that when +esus released initiatives from )eaven, they weren*t verbose, they weren*t wordy, they weren*t that elo(uent, they weren*t preachy, they weren*t e"horting, they weren*t even prayers. .ost of the time they were short and simple commands.

F,32 &T2!& T4 W#L:,1G ,1 T)2 ,1,T,#T,32&

+esus said things like, 1Stretch out =our han2!1 &omething enormous happened because the man simply stretched out his hand. .ost of us, if we had gotten a directive like that, would have added another couple of paragraphs about stretching out your hand. +esus didn*t see the need to add to what the Father was giving. )e simply repeated what the Father said and did what the Father showed )im to do. &o back to the story, , spoke over the lady*s feet. , looked at her a little while later, she had her shoes off and she was doing toe stands. , asked, 6What is going onM6 &he e"claimed, 6Look at my feet96 , looked at her feet and said, 6Well they look normal to me.6 &he said, 6That*s the point96 &he said that many years earlier she had been riding a horse and the horse had fallen and rolled over on her leg and foot and crushed her foot. &he said that there was no bone in her foot that was intact. 2very bone had been broken into small pieces. Doctors had performed surgeries to put it back together but it never had come together right and her foot was in constant pain. #s a result, her foot had been turned out to the side a bit, in a fro$en position. 1ow it was completely straight and all the pain was gone9




ll of this e"ploded into my life through a series of encounters , began having with God starting in =>>=. , had attended a conference on 6The 4pen )eavens6 with Todd 'entley, !atricia :ing, +ill #ustin, among others. , was the &enior !astor of )arvest 8ock /hurch in Las 3egas, 1evada at the time. , had traveled with four others from our church Iincluding my daughter, :ellyJ to attend the conference in #bbotsford, 'ritish /olumbia, /anada. .y best friend, +im Drown, had introduced me to Todd earlier that year and we had decided to meet up at the conference. We spent a glorious four days receiving teaching on our access to )eaven as well as receiving impartation through the laying on of hands. , could feel the presence of the Lord moving powerfully in the meetings. 'ut the real outpouring started the day we left the conference to return home. We had flown into &eattle and rented a car for the short trip across the border into /anada. When it was time to return, the five of us piled into the car and immediately became overwhelmed with the presence of the Lord that filled the car. ,t was like gathering burning coals together and seeing the fire bla$e up. .y secretary, .aria, began to shake violently in the back seat. , was thankful that my friend, 8obert, was driving@, think he had more e"perience driving under the influence of the )oly &pirit9 We had left /anada knowing we would have si" free hours before needing to arrive at the airport, so what we should do with this time was on my mind. #s we were

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

driving along , suddenly saw a vision that we were in a beautiful park spending our free si" hours with the Lord. , shared this vision with everyone in the car only to discover that all five of us had 5ust had similar visions. .y daughter, :elly, had 5ust seen a vision of a lake, .aria had 5ust seen a vision of a forest and the rest of us had seen a vision of a park. While contemplating the significance of these visions, we came to an e"it sign on the freeway indicating that the ne"t e"it was for $ake 0orest /ark6 , pointed to the sign and shouted, 6That*s our e"it96 We pulled off the freeway at that e"it and when we got to the crossEstreet the Lord spoke to everyone in the car, 6Turn left.6 We turned left and had a fortyEfive minute adventure where the Lord spoke to all five of us concerning every turn. We came to a 6T6 intersection where we saw a park right on a lake directly across the intersection. Was this itM 61o,6 the Lord spoke. 6Turn left.6 We continued following this road around the lake until we came to a heavily forested area and the Lord said, 6&low down and look on the left.6 We slowed down and began looking on the left and came (uickly to a small sign that simply said /ark *ntrance" We pulled into this park and came to a parking lot where we parked the car. When .aria got out of the car her eyes landed on a scene she had seen two weeks earlier in our listening prayer time at church. &he had seen a gently descending green field with white daisies sprinkled throughout. ,n the vision she had run to the middle of the field and laid out in the presence of the Lord. &he had shared this vision with those of us present. This was the scene that now greeted us. &he began shouting, 6,t*s my

T)2 T21T@# 12W '2G,11,1G

field, it*s my field96 &he ran out to the middle of the field and laid out in God*s presence. , continued on into the park and came to a large tableE shaped stone under some pine trees. , climbed up on the stone and laid myself on it. , began to tell +esus, 6)ere , am a living sacrifice to you.6 , began to feel waves of the presence of God sweep through me. , am not totally sure how long , stayed there, but after a while the Lord spoke into my thoughts very clearly. 6When you go home, buy a tent. , will meet with you in the tent. , will restore to you the Feast of Tabernacles.6 , knew that the Feast of Tabernacles was part of the last feasts of the year for the people of God. , knew that the Feast of !assover had been fulfilled on the day that +esus died on the crossO the Feast of !entecost was fulfilled on the Day of !entecost in #cts =O and that the Feast of Tabernacles was to be fulfilled as part of endEtimes events. , got very e"cited and 5umped off the stone table to go find somebody to tell what , had 5ust heard. , found 8obert and +oann talking together close by and started e"citedly telling them what , had heard. While , was telling these things, my eyes fell on a peculiar sight. There was a tree stump right behind 8obert and +oann that was about twelve to fifteen feet high. The top had been cut off as well as all the branches of a twentyEinch diameter pine tree. When my eyes landed on this tree , heard +esus ask me, 6/an this tree liveM6 6Why, LordM6 , asked. )is answer astonished me. 6,f , were to 5udge .y church right now and cut off all the branches that have not

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

produced .y fruit in .y way, this is what .y church would look like.6 &uddenly , screamed to the tree, 6, command you to live96 Time passed very (uickly after that. We made it to the airport and finally to Las 3egas around ?>D>> p.m.. 'ut before driving home from the airport , stopped at an all night store@Las 3egas has many@and bought a tent. , arrived home after ??D>> p.m. and immediately started pushing furniture around in my living room and setting up a tent. .y wife came out of the bedroom to discover , had arrived and saw , was putting up a tent in her living room. 6Doesn*t that go outsideM6 she asked. 61o, this one goes inside and with me in it,6 , countered. , then proceeded to tell her all about my encounters with God that day. , asked her to protect my time in the tent, 6)andle the phone calls and if they knock at the front door, tell them , have gone to )eaven.6 This was the first day of a new beginning for my life9

, began spending time in the tent. , would go into the tent, put on headphones to eliminate any outside distractions and listen to instrumental music. , began to close my eyes in the natural and open my eyes in the &pirit. 3ery (uickly , began to see things in )eaven, seeing various scenes in heavenly places. , knew that my

T)2 T21T@# 12W '2G,11,1G

body was still in the tent, but , was seeing new things as my eyes were being opened. What , was seeing was very detailed and very clear. #lso , could feel the presence of Lord on me as , would have these times of encounter. 4ne of the first visions , had was of a field in )eaven where , was walking with +esus. This field had a pathway marked through the center of it. , was following +esus, noticing round stones that were marking the path. #s , looked at one of the stones, , noticed the stones had eyes and were looking at me9 &tones with eyes9 )ow can that beM Then the Lord answered me and told me that everything is alive in )eaven@everything is made up of living material. #s this thought began to soak into my mind, the Lord asked if , remembered the tree in the park that had all the branches and the top cut off. , remembered it well. Then )e said, 6When my church begins to spend time with me in heavenly places, that which was dead will come alive.6 )e then asked me, 6Do you remember the rod of #aron that buddedM6 , remembered that they placed the rod of #aron in the )oliest place overnight and in one night a dead stick had come alive. ,t produced new branches, new flowers and fullEgrown fruit in one night. The Lord said, 6This is what ,*m about to do in my church today. ,*m about to bring my church into )eaven and have it permeated with life. That which has been dead will spring forth with new life. # nation will be born in a day.6

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

The Lord showed me many things in heavenly places and , began to spend more and more time in the tent. , heard )is voice, , could feel )is presence and , saw things. .y spiritual senses began coming alive as , waited on God in the tent. .any times the Lord would teach me things@showing me scriptures. , would begin to type and write notes about the things that God was telling me. .ost of what , teach today came out of those moments in the tent. 2ven to this day new things continue to come as , spend time with )im in )eaven.


, have become aware that there are three levels of evidence that confirm the reality of our e"periences with God. That we don*t 5ust test these e"periences based on how we feel or by the warm fu$$ies that may occur. )e wants us to look for the true evidence that shows that these are heavenly realities. #s , have continued to spend time in )is presence, , have become aware of three levels of evidence. The first level of evidence is character change. , became aware of this when one day, as , came out of my tent, my wife commented, 6, love it when you spend time in the tent.6 6Why is thatM6 , asked. &he said, 6When you come out of the tent you come out tender.6 Tender is not my normal state9 'ut as , would spend time in )is presence, it would have a tenderi$ing affect on

T)2 T21T@# 12W '2G,11,1G

my life. )is presence on my heart and life was producing character change. The second level of evidence is the increase of the power of God in our lives. There would be an increase of power for healings, for signs and wonders, for prophecy and for words of knowledge. 3ery accurate prophecies and initiatives began to mark my life. With this new ability to hear and see, , could catch the initiatives of )eaven more clearly. , saw a greater level of activation into the works of +esus. The third level of evidence is when we have common e"periences with other people in heavenly places. ,f the things that ,*m seeing and e"periencing are my own invention, then others will not be able to see them. 'ut if these are heavenly realities, then it*s possible that , could have an encounter with someone else in )eaven who could tell me e"actly where , was and what , was doing. , have had these kind of e"periences with others who saw what , was doing and then later told me. This confirmed to me by solid evidence that it was not 5ust a fantasy but it was a heavenly reality.

+esus is all about you learning to hear )im and relate to )im and get intimate with )im. To catch )is heart, hearing the beatings of )is heart. Learning to hear the instructions that )e gives to you. 4ut of an overflow of a loveErelationship with the Lord, you will learn to catch initiatives from )eaven. 7ou


/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

will catch an initiative to heal someone, to do the works of +esus or to receive information about someone you witness to on the streets. .aybe you will also start catching an initiative about your own spiritual condition @where your heart is. 7ou*ll start hearing from God about how you are relating with your husband or wife. 7ou*ll start catching initiatives about how to raise your children. 7ou*ll start catching initiatives about how your 5ob is going and about your finances. 7ou*ll start catching initiatives in all these areas because it is all about relationship with the 4ne who cares about every part of your life. There is nothing about your life that God doesn*t want to be involved in. )e wants to be involved in every aspect of your life and )e wants you to be so plugged into )im that you are living out of the resources and life of )eaven. That is what +esus did and )e wants you to have life more abundantly


, e"pect any or all of the spiritual senses to function when , spend time in the secret place with God. .atthew G says to go into your room, shut the door and pray to your Father who is in the secret place. )e is waiting for us. When we come to )im, all sorts of ama$ing things can happen. We get plugged into )im who is the very source of life as we come into )is secret place. &piritual senses come alive and then they grow as we use them.


T)2 T21T@# 12W '2G,11,1G

&o the fruit of spending time with +esus in the secret place isD ?. &harper senses to more accurately catch the initiative of )eaven. =. # greater level of productivity in the fruit of the kingdom of )eaven Imore salvations, more healings, more provision and more miracles of wisdomJ. 0. ,ncreasing hunger for the things of God. IDoing the works of )eaven increases your hunger for )eaven.J ;. # drying up of the appetites of the flesh I6Walk in the &pirit and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh6 Gal. FD?GJ. #ll of these benefits are produced when we allow the )oly &pirit to redefine prayer. &o much of our prayer has been the initiatives of earth, our words to God in )eaven. ,t is saturated with our works and our sweat, when in reality that is not what God is looking for. , can see a picture of God in )eaven saying, 6/hill out9 Let*s 5ust spend some time together.6 We need a fundamental change of perspective. ,t is all about fellowship with God. 4ur time of prayer is not so that we can spout off and then leave, but so that we can e"ercise the spiritual senses, seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting what it is like to be close to God.



/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

,n .atthew G, right after the portion of verses on communion with God, it talks about provision. Did you know that every need can be met in the secret placeM #s our senses are activated to hear or see things in the &pirit, )e will show us what to do about our finances. We can access provision from the secret place. 4ne night we were attending a meeting in someone else*s church in town. During offering time, Lynnie and , prayed and felt the Lord told us to give an offering of PG>>. 4ur budget was very tight and this was not 6e"tra money6 that we had9 'ut we had learned that as we give in obedience, it unlocks God*s blessings. , went to put the check in the offering, a bit shocked at the amount the Lord had told us to give. 4n my way back to my seat, two people walked up to me and stuffed checks into my shirt pocket. I%nderstandD , was not the guest speaker, nor was , a leader in that church.J When , checked later, there was a total of PF,>F>9 , don*t think this would have come my way if we had not given in obedience to the Lord. This is birthed out of times of intimacy in the secret place, learning to know )is voice. Giving that is birthed from directives from )eaven produces provision that 6doesn*t make sense.6 ,t is kingdom finance. 7ears ago, we owned a private business but were struggling financially. We went to prayer, asking God for more work because we needed more money. We were already working long hours and raising up a &panish church as well. We were burning the candle at both ends, but needing more provision. ,*m glad that God knew what we were needing even if we worded it wrong.


T)2 T21T@# 12W '2G,11,1G

, got (uiet to listen to God*s answer. )e said, 6Get a paper and pen.6 , got the paper and pen. )e said, 6Write down these four names as , give them to you.6 68eady, Lord,6 , responded. )e had me write down four names of commercial real estate management companies that were supplying us with ongoing work. 64kay, now whatM6 , asked. )e said, 61ow , want you to call these companies and tell them you can no longer work for them.6 6Lord9 , am asking for more work not less96 6+ust do it,6 )e responded. , have to admit my heart sank. )e had told me to cancel working for four of my regular clients. , was shocked9 , wanted more income, not less and this did not make sense. 'ut , had learned to obey God*s voice. &o , called and told those four clients that , could no longer work for them. #ma$ingly, from that point on, we worked less hours and made more money and we stopped struggling financially We ended up having a lot more time to dedicate to raising up a church. , learned that as we take time in the secret place, the Lord gives us directions for our finances.


,n the secret place, we can tap into healing, whether it*s physical or emotional. )is very presence can heal us or

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

)e can give us an instruction@an initiative from )eaven @that will bring healing. 4ne day our daughter called us by phone saying she was having terrible pain in her body. We prayed a simple prayer, but nothing seemed to change. We continued holding her before the Lord asking for an initiative. # couple of days later we were driving on our way to a meeting when , 6got it.6 , received an initiative. # specific instruction for her healing. , called our daughter and asked her to set the cell phone on speaker phone and then to lay it on the part of her body that had pain. , then spoke to the body and commanded the pain and inflammation to go. This is what , had seen from )eaven to do. We arrived at the meeting and entered the worship service. &uddenly we received a te"t message from our daughter. #ll inflammation and pain was gone and she was totally healed9 'y the initiative of )eaven. The )oly &pirit can show us how to relate with our spouse, how to raise our children and other details of our personal lives in the secret place. 4ne time when my wife and , were having a disagreement, , went to God in 6complaining prayer.6 , got still to hear what God had to say about it. )e told me to go tell Lynnie.... 67es, ,*ll go tell her96, but God said to tell her she was right9 WhatM 7et , obeyed and told her God told me to tell her she was right. That simple act of obedience changed our relationship. Lynnie began going to God about issues, knowing , heard from )im and that )e would speak to me. &o God can flow toward us with miracles of wisdom from the secret place for personal direction and blessing.


T)2 T21T@# 12W '2G,11,1G

,n the secret place, )e can give us )is burden for prayer, sometimes concerning people we don*t know. 4ne night my wife, Lynnie, was told to pray for protection for the people in Wisconsin. &he did not know anyone there, but she obeyed. &he crawled into our prayer tent and wrote 6Wisconsin6 on a piece of paper and prayed for their protection. # couple of days later, the news reported that tornadoes had blown through the state of Wisconsin, destroying many buildings, stores and churches, but that not one person died. ,n the secret place, God tells us what to say in prayer, Ian initiative from )eavenJ, we say it back to )im and miracles happen9 ,sn*t that ama$ingM ,t*s so simple, yet so profound. ,t is prophetic prayer. We hear and we say. We see and we do. , believe we are going to see a church that knows how to live and walk and interface in the &pirit more than any other generation through living in the secret place and through activation of the spiritual senses. The 'ible says the glory of the latter house is going to be greater than the former house. The Lord is not coming back for a weak church, but )e is coming back for a glorious bride without spot or wrinkle and mighty in the manifestations of God. &he will reflect glory to the world as she spends time looking at )im in the secret place.




The only way to truly connect with )eaven and to develop the spiritual senses, is to have a personal


/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

relationship with the Lord in a (uiet place and to know )im above all else. 4ur lifeEflow comes from )im. .oving in miracles must be based on knowing )im. .atthew BD=?E=0 saysD Not e:er=one 8ho 5a=5 to Me6 <Lor26 Lor26D 5hall enter the king2o4 o3 Hea:en6 7ut he 8ho 2oe5 the 8ill o3 M= Father in Hea:en! Man= 8ill 5a= to Me in that 2a=6 <Lor26 Lor26 ha:e 8e not >ro>he5ie2 in @our na4e6 ca5t out 2e4on5 in @our na4e an2 2one 4an= 8on2er5 in @our na4eBD An2 then I 8ill 2eclare to the46 <I ne:er kne8 =ou9 2e>art 3ro4 Me =ou 8ho >ractice la8le55ne55AD #ll of our activity and service to the Lord must flow from a relationship of knowing )im. 4therwise, it is religious activity and not a love relationship. Dunamis power is released from this place of intimacy. ,t takes us from worry to faith, from restlessness to rest, from carnal thoughts to spiritual perceptions. The natural mind is at enmity with the &pirit and so must be (uieted. I? /or. =D?;O 8om. CDF, ?;O 2cc. FD?E0J. We must be emptied of ourselves to be filled with )im. We must focus on )im. There is a need to set aside time and a place for the Lord. 7es, we should be open to the &pirit throughout the day, but we also must set aside personal time to (uiet ourselves before )im. We must learn to tune into spontaneous thoughts and pictures and words that )e gives, as )is way of speaking to us. )e is concerned with


T)2 T21T@# 12W '2G,11,1G

every area of your life and wants to live with you and through you. #ll )e is waiting for is for you to begin to focus your thoughts on )im.


7ou can increase your connection to +esus and the Father by being bapti$ed in the )oly &pirit. )e (uickens your spiritual senses to a new level. The )oly &pirit within you connects your spiritual senses to )eaven. ,nformation can flow back and forth. The Word of God is understood at a deeper level when you are bapti$ed in the )oly &pirit. The 'ible comes alive with new meaning. The )oly &pirit is the one who leads you into all truth. I+n. ?GD?0J. #s you are bapti$ed in the )oly &pirit, you have power to become greater witnesses to those who don*t know +esus. I#cts ?DCJ. Words of knowledge, healings and miracles increase when you are bapti$ed in the )oly &pirit. +esus connected with )eaven after )e was bapti$ed in water and the )oly &pirit came on )im and remained upon )im. 8ight after this e"perience, )e said in +ohn ?DF?, 1Mo5t a55ure2l=6 I 5a= to =ou6 herea3ter =ou 5hall 5ee Hea:en o>en an2 the angel5 o3 %o2 a5cen2ing an2 2e5cen2ing u>on the Son o3 Man!1 )e lived in a flow with )is Father in )eaven by the )oly &pirit. 7ou also will flow more freely with )eaven as you are filled with the )oly &pirit. The ladder of connection is formed from earth to )eaven through you9 #nother way to increase your connection to the flow of God*s power is by hanging around others who move in

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

the )oly &pirit. Their giftedness seems to overflow to those around them. !rophets impart the prophetic. Those who move in healing carry a mantle of healing that e"tends to those around them. Whatever anointing you hang around, will grow on you9 7our connection to the flow of God*s power will also increase as you step out into what God has given you. ,f you listen to the Lord throughout the day and do what )e says to do or say, then it will grow. Whether it*s at work, at your 5ob, at school or at the store, )e wants you to increase your connection to )im. !utting a demand on the power of God through your sensitivity to the initiatives of )eaven actually increases that flow. 8emoving blockages, such as fear or distractions, increases inflow and being active in doing the works of )eaven increases outflow. 'oth have a great impact on the fluid dynamics of the 8iver of Life as it flows through you. Learn to give out what you have so flow will increase. Learn to give it out in a natural way. For e"ample, 6God wants me to tell you )e loves you.6 4r 6Do you have a sister who is sickM6 ,f they say 6no6 then 5ust say, 6,*m sorry. ,*m learning how to hear from God and , must have missed it.6 ,f they say 6yes,6 you can ask God what to say ne"t, such as, 6, sense that God is healing her right now.6 God wants to train your senses in the secret place with )im, so you can take )is power to the world.



often ask people how many senses they have and they tell me five Ior sometimes that they have that 6si"th sense6J. #ctually, they have ten senses if they are born again. Five natural and five spiritual. That is why +esus could e"plain, 1Though 5eeing6 the= 2o not 5ee9 though hearing6 the= 2o not hear or un2er5tan2!1 I.att. ?0D?0J. They heard and saw in the natural, but not spiritually. #ccording to the writer of the book of )ebrews, spiritual maturity is defined by having spiritual senses e"ercised in the discernment of good and evil. 1*ut 5oli2 3oo2 7elong5 to tho5e 8ho are o3 3ull age6 that i56 tho5e 8ho 7= rea5on o3 u5e ha:e their 5en5e5 eEerci5e2 to 2i5cern 7oth goo2 an2 e:il1 I)ebrews FD?;J. &piritual senses are regenerated when we receive our new birth in /hrist. ,n +ohn 0D0 +esus told 1icodemus that unless a man is born again he cannot see the kingdom of )eaven. ,f you put that into positive words, it means that once you are made alive in your spirit Iborn againJ, you can see the kingdom of )eaven. &piritual senses are activated. We are recreated in the &pirit through our new birth and what was dead now becomes alive. ,n fact, when you are born again through faith in +esus /hrist, you become a complete human being. 7ou now have your full set of ten senses instead of 5ust the five you were born with. 7ou have the five natural senses along with the five spiritual senses. +ust as the natural senses give us interface with the natural world, so our spiritual senses give us interface with the spiritual world. The

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

spiritual senses are the mirror image of the natural. The ten senses allow you to interact with both dimensions, natural and spiritual. +esus told 1icodemus in +ohn 0DF that unless a man is born of water and the &pirit, he could not enter the kingdom of )eaven. 'orn of water means natural human birth and born of the &pirit means spiritual birth. 'oth are important to walk in God*s plan for our lives here on earth. ? /orinthians =D?; says that the natural man does not receive the things of the &pirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, neither can he know them, for they are spiritually discerned. Therefore, the only way we can access the things of the &pirit of God is through the activation of our spiritual senses by the &pirit of God. &piritual senses are needed to bring help from )eaven to earth, to e"tend God*s kingdom rule on earth. ,t is through the activation and use of the spiritual senses that we relate with our heavenly Father, receive initiatives born in )eaven and bring )eaven to earth. ,t is how we create the 6ladder connection6 to )eaven.


.atthew =FD?E?0 saysD
The king2o4 o3 Hea:en i5 like ten :irgin5 8ho took their la4>5 an2 8ent out to 4eet the 7ri2egroo4!!! hile the 7ri2egroo4 8a5 2ela=e26 the= all 5lu47ere2 an2 5le>t! An2 at 4i2night a cr= 8a5 hear2F <*ehol26 the 7ri2egroo4 i5 co4ing9 go out to 4eet hi4AD!!! There3ore 8atch6 3or =ou 2on?t kno8 the CG

&!,8,T%#L &21&2& 2a= or the hour 8hen the Son o3 Man i5 co4ing!

We could say that the five foolish virgins were the ones with only five natural senses and the five wise virgins were the ones with all ten senses activated, including the five spiritual senses. The latter were the ones who both heard and watched with their spiritual senses. They kept their lamps filled with oil of the )oly &pirit*s flow inside of them. They didn*t deactivate their senses through slumber. God is calling )is church today to have the spiritual senses awakened to see, hear, smell, touch and taste in the &pirit. ,f the last days revival will be a prophetic revival, such as +oel = describes, then it is important to learn how to move in the spiritual senses. We live in a season where God is sharpening our ability to live in the &pirit and know in the &pirit. &piritual senses are sharpened through being filled with the )oly &pirit. )e wants you to be bapti$ed in the )oly &pirit and then be inEfilled again and again, as happened with the disciples throughout the book of #cts. &cripture tells us that we see in part, we know in part, we prophesy in part. That is true. We will still all make mistakes. We will see things wrong. There will be times when God wants to do something that we 5ust don*t catch. The thing that , know is that we can sharpen our abilities. We can sharpen our senses and we can begin to e"pect God to speak. &piritual senses grow as we saturate or 6soak6 in )is presence. #s we spend e"tended times listening to )im, our senses are sharpened and we are saturated by )is

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

presence. What God wants you to do is learn to simply get (uiet to catch )is initiatives. )is initiatives come in so many different ways. They come through spontaneous flow in your seeing and in your hearing, your feeling and in your sensing in the &pirit, as you focus on )im and yield to the )oly &pirit.

We live in a culture where accumulation of knowledge becomes an end goal in itself. 4ne feels mature if they know a lot. They go from conference to conference to accumulate more knowledge. 'ut the 'ible is clear that there must come practice, activity and e"ercise of what one knows. This defines maturity. This is meat. +esus said, 1M= 4eat i5 to 2o the 8ill o3 Hi4 8ho 5ent 4e1 I+ohn ;D0;J. To put it another way, the milk of the Word is information only, while the meat of the Word is doing what you catch from )eaven to do on earth. .aturity also suggests responsibility and partnership in the works of the Father. When asked how )e did the works, +esus referred to the use of spiritual senses in doing what )e saw the Father doing I+ohn FD?AJ. +esus shows us that having sharpened senses to relate to the Father is not an end in itself. ,t is also for the purpose of carrying out kingdom ob5ectives on earth while we are here. This is the responsibility aspect of our relationship with +esus.



&!,8,T%#L &21&2&

&piritual sight is one of the five spiritual senses. ,t is the ability to see pictures from the Lord. These are often called visions. They are pictures in the imaging area of the mind, which are inspired by God. The screen is not evil, only the movie you pro5ect there can be evil. &ome /hristians shut the internal screen down because they are afraid of 6vain imaginations6. 'ut God can fill that screen with )is pictures as we yield it to )im. )e created that mental screen to reveal )is thoughts and images. 3isions come in different ways. &ome people have (uick pictures in the mind. They come in a flash. 4thers see clear visions in the mind and others have open visions or outer visions where they see things as clearly as natural sight. This can also be called a trance.


7ou may ask, 6,sn*t *trance* a new age or occult termM6 #ctually, trance is mentioned in the 'ible. The enemy only copies the real and that*s where the word 6counterfeit6 comes into play. 3isions, tongues and all the manifestations and gifts of God have been counterfeited by the enemy. 'ecause of that, many /hristians do not move into all that God has, nor allow it, because they are afraid of deception and afraid of counterfeit manifestations. 'ut all they need is spiritual discernment to know what is real and what is false, which we will talk about later. They are missing out on so many of the blessings of God for their lives based on fear. Let*s think about a hundred dollar bill. # counterfeit

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

hundred dollar bill can be reproduced, but in spite of that, we don*t stop using the real bills. # counterfeit bill does not negate the value of a real hundred dollar bill. Think of what it can buy. #nd think of what we can access through activating spiritual senses, such as sight or vision. ,n #cts ??DF it mentions trance and vision at the same timeD 1I 8a5 in the cit= o3 0o>>a >ra=ing9 an2 in a trance I 5a8 a :i5ion6 an o7;ect 2e5cen2ing like a great 5heet6 let 2o8n 3ro4 Hea:en 7= 3our corner59 an2 it ca4e to 4e!1 God took him into a trance and vision to speak clearly to him.
1 hile Peter thought a7out the :i5ion6 the S>irit 5ai2 to hi46 ?*ehol26 three 4en are 5eeking =ou?1 GAct5 "HF"(I!

#s a result of the open vision or trance, he was willing to go with these men to preach the gospel to the Gentiles for the first time, at /ornelius* home. 'efore then, the gospel had only been preached to the +ews. God needed to make a sufficient impact on !eter*s mind to convince him of this new directive to preach to other people groups. Therefore )e showed him a clear open vision in the form of a trance three times9 We know of people today who are having open visions. # lady pastor friend of ours in !eru was bapti$ed in the )oly &pirit. &he spoke in tongues and couldn*t speak her own language for fifteen days9 &he had e"periences of being caught up to )eaven in the &pirit and when she came back, she started seeing written signs on people*s chests. &he would walk up to people and tell the secrets of their lives. .any were born again on the streets

&!,8,T%#L &21&2&

after she spoke the secrets of their lives and ministered to their needs. 4ften sins were revealed and people would come to repentance. Let me e"plain about visions or revelations that bring correction and repentance. The prophetic ministry within the church should bring comfort, edification and e"hortation. The scripture in ? /orinthians ?; refers to what happens in a public meeting. ,n church gatherings, you don*t usually have corrective prophecy going on. 'ut there is still the ministry of the prophet that can be very corrective, that can confront sin and it is usually a position earned and respected in order to bring healing to God*s people. , think that was what God was doing with our pastor lady friend in !eru. # young visiting pastor came into one of the meetings where that lady pastor was attending in !eru. &he looked over at him and saw a sign on his chest that read 2dulter " &he went to him privately with her husband and said, 67ou are in adultery, aren*t youM6 )e got mad and said, 6)ow could you say such a thingM6 )e denied everything. &he said, 6Well, , see it written on your chest. &o , will ask God who you*ve been with.6 &o she went home and prayed and the Lord gave her the woman*s name and it happened to be somebody she knew. They went and confronted her and she broke down and confessed it all. Then they went and confronted the pastor and he confessed. They were able to get rid of sin in the church where the enemy was trying to destroy it. This gift brings healing, restoration and cleansing. &o there are outer visions where people see open


/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

visions with their natural eyes. There are inner visions or pictures in the mind. There are dreams, trances, angelic visitations and visitations by the Lord )imself. , have had the Lord appear to me a couple of times in visions, while , was halfEawake and halfEasleep and preach whole sermons to me. 4n &unday mornings , preached those messages9 Through spiritual sight, we can see what )e is doing or see what )e is showing us.


#nother kind of spiritual eyesight is the ability to see others with eyes of faith. God wants to open our eyes to )is way of seeing things. To see the position we have in /hristO the potential we have in )imO and the power that is released as we follow )is directions. ? &amuel ?GDB saysD
*ut the LORD 5ai2 to Sa4uel6 <Do not look at hi5 a>>earance or at the height o3 hi5 5tature6 7ecau5e I ha:e re3u5e2 hi4! For the LORD 2oe5 not 5ee a5 4an 5ee59 3or 4an look5 at the out8ar2 a>>earance6 7ut the LORD look5 at the heart!D

With natural sight, we can look at someone who may look fine on the outward, but through spiritual sight God can reveal a deep need in that person*s life. The )oly &pirit connects us to )eaven to bring knowledge and an answer to their need. )e then gives us a glimpse of their potential in /hrist. Through spiritual sight, we can look past their needs and see their destiny. 'arnabas was able to look past &aul the !harisee who had murdered /hristians, to see !aul the #postle of the

&!,8,T%#L &21&2&

Lord. 'arnabas was used by God to open doors of ministry for !aul, when everyone else was afraid to associate with him after his conversion. 4thers only saw &aul the persecutor of /hristians, but by the &pirit, 'arnabas saw God*s call on his life. )e saw past 6&aul the murderer6 to see 6!aul the man of God.6 .aybe that*s why 'arnabas* name means 6son of encouragement.6 )e encouraged !aul into his calling. God is looking for a people with 6'arnabas vision6 who see past the defects in others and see the potential of God in their lives. )e is looking for a people who will call people*s destiny forth through encouragement. !aul became a great apostle of the Lord. The Word says he was caught up into )eaven and saw and heard secret things from God. )e had a revelation of his position in /hrist, not through his human religious $eal that he had as a !harisee, but through the power of the &pirit released in his ministry.

&piritual hearing is another spiritual sense. ,t is the ability to hear information or instruction from the Lord with spiritual ears. 1M= 5hee> hear 4= :oice an2 I kno8 the4 an2 the= 3ollo8 4e1 I+ohn ?>D=BJ. The 'ible says in .ark ;D=0, 1I3 an=one ha5 ear5 to hear6 let hi4 hear!1 )e wants to awaken our spiritual senses to know issues of the kingdom. To know things from God. #nd to know things for people. &piritual hearing can come in several ways. ,t can come as an inspired thought. ,t can come through God*s

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

audible voice. ,t can come through an inner audible voice, where the message comes loud and clear inside of you. ,t can come through someone else*s voice and bear witness in your spirit. #s you get (uiet and focus on the Lord, you can enter into a spontaneous flow of thoughts that help you hear from )im. The messages you hear can come from one of three sources. ,t can come from your own thoughts. ,t can come from the enemy. 4r it can come from the Lord. IThis also applies to dreams and every other type of message that comes to your mindJ. The way you can tell the source of what you hear is through the fruit of the &pirit, both immediate and long term. Galatians FD== talks to us about the fruit of the &pirit. For a moment, stop thinking of fruit growing on a tree and think of the verse this wayD What the &pirit produces is love, 5oy, peace, faith and selfEcontrol, etc. ,f someone gives you a message they believe is from God, it should produce these good (ualities and in this way we can distinguish the source. 2ven if it is a difficult word, if it produces good fruit, then it probably is of God. 4ne morning my wife, Lynnie, was writing in her prayer 5ournal, conversing with God. &uddenly, she received a (uick, inspired thought. 6&omeone in your family will be in a car accident today.6 The message came with peace, so she knew it was from God. &he also knew that a seemingly negative word did not necessarily mean that she needed to accept it at face value. 4ften, the Lord gives information so we can actually pray against it or pray for protection or pray a reversal. &o she prayed for


&!,8,T%#L &21&2&

protection for each one and that the blood of +esus would cover each one. Later that evening, our daughter Tracie arrived home late from the university. # friend drove her home., you won*t believe what happened. , was in a car accident that totaled my car,6 she said with embarrassment. 6Well, how are you doingM Did you get hurtM6 Lynnie asked. 61o, it*s the strangest thing. , don*t have a scratch on my body96 Tracie e"claimed. God had protected her from harm in the accident. ILater, Lynnie thought that maybe she should have !rayed protection over the vehicles as well9J God used an inspired thought to direct her prayer that morning, which brought a miracle of protection to our daughter. The spiritual sense of hearing is a gateway sense. #dam and 2ve lost spiritual sight in the garden of 2den, but retained spiritual hearing. When they sinned, they obviously had a change of eyesight. &cripture says that they had some new eyes opened when they ate of the Tree of the :nowledge of Good and 2vil and what they didn*t see before they now saw Ishame, guilt, blame and natural wisdomJ. #nd what they saw before they now couldn*t see. !reviously, they saw God and walked and talked with )im in the garden. 'ut after they sinned, they didn*t see God walking in the garden. They only heard )im. &o even after their fall into sin they could still hear God*s voice. This is important. God left hearing open as a gateway. The apostle !aul speaks about winning the lost through the foolishness of preaching. !reaching is so important for the lost because it comes through the


/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

gateway sense of hearing in the spirit. 2ven the unbelieving, unregenerate can hear the voice of God Ithough there is room for improvementJ. La$arus heard the voice of +esus even though he was dead in the tomb. , believe this applies to people who are dead and lost in sin, yet can still hear the voice of the Lord calling them. That is why preaching the gospel is so important. #s you speak the word of God, you are speaking life into their spirit. They can catch it and they will come to know the Lord. Then all the rest of their spiritual senses can become (uickened and sharpened. We are not supposed to be able to hear 5ust a little, we are supposed to hear a lot. We are supposed to be able to hear God*s slightest whispers. We are supposed to be able to be broken by the whispers of the Lord. We are supposed to be shaped and moved by )is whisperings. The scripture in ,saiah 0>D=? says, 1@our ear5 5hall hear a 8or2 7ehin2 =ou6 5a=ing6 ?Thi5 i5 the 8a=6 8alk in it!?1 We have the e"ample of 2li5ah who ran into the cave as he witnessed the wind, the fire and the earth(uake, yet God wasn*t in any of those. 'ut the still, small voice of the Lord came and spoke to him. God wants to lead us by )is still, small voice. ,t is not necessarily accompanied by booming earth(uakes, wind and fire. Those can be demonstrations of God*s power, but , always look for the ongoing still, small voice of the Lord that brings understanding, correction and direction in my life. , believe that when you are hearing in the spirit, you are hearing in the heart. )ow many times did +esus say,

&!,8,T%#L &21&2&

1He that hath an ear let hi4 hear1 M )ave you ever thought of thatM Doesn*t everybody have an earM Well, yes, but what )e is calling us to is spiritual hearing. , believe )e is prophetically calling forth spiritual ears. /alling us to hear in the &pirit. The human mind, will and emotions are designed by God for communication with )im. We are given by God the ability to hear in the &pirit. )is sheep hear )is voice. I+ohn ?>D=BJ 4ur whole relationship with God is built on hearing )im9 4ne time , asked the Lord why )e used the audible voice to speak to some people and why , have never heard it. )e spoke to me that )e usually reserves )is audible voice for people who are spiritually deaf. ,f you look at the e"ample of !aul the apostle, when he had his 6road to Damascus e"perience6 he was not a spiritual giant. )e was spiritually deaf and persecuting the church, but then heard the audible voice of the Lord. ,t was because God wanted to really catch him and pull him in. )e was apprehended at that point. )e was arrested by the Lord. , believe the same thing happened with .oses. .oses wasn*t actually seeking God. ,n fact he might have been running from God until the burning bush caught his attention. God spoke to him audibly, as so e"cellently depicted in the movie, The Ten Commandments, starring /harlton )eston. 'ut what was .oses* answerM 61ot me9 /an*t you find somebody elseM6 , think this illustrates that .oses was no spiritual giant when God called him. )e became a spiritual giant as he learned to recogni$e the still, small voice that would guide him his entire life. God calls out at times 5ust to awaken people and draw them in. God is sovereign and )e can speak to anybody audibly at

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

anytime )e wants, but , think most of the time God wants to speak to us on the inside. )e wants to have )is still, small voice speak to our hearts. , asked the Lord, 6Why is it that the way , hear your voice is so much like , hear my own thoughtsM6 )e told me, 6, created man with abilities to think and perceive, to see and hear on the inside as a means of communication.6 God*s heart is to communicate with all of us all the time. )ow would it be if we all had to hear the audible voice. We would be saying, 6Who meM )erM6 ,t could get really noisy. ,t would be a noisy world, because God wants to communicate with all of us at the same time. !salm C? says, 1Oh6 that 4= >eo>le 8oul2 li5ten to 4e6 That I5rael 8oul2 8alk in 4= 8a=5A1 God longs for us to hear )im9 We were created in )is image for relationship with )im. ,saiah 0=D0 says, 1The e=e5 o3 tho5e 8ho 5ee 8ill not 7e 2i4 an2 the ear5 o3 tho5e 8ho hear 8ill li5ten!1 The )oly &pirit was sent to reveal God*s voice to us I+ohn ?GD?0J. 4nce you have learned to hear, you need to keep listening9 Did you know you can lose your ability to hearM )ebrews FD?? says, 1@ou ha:e 7eco4e 2ull o3 hearing!1 +ust as through lack of e"ercise you lose muscle strength, so with lack of use, you lose hearing in the &pirit. We must tune our spiritual ears to the voice of God and not to other distractions. There are ways you can grow in your ability to hear or in your measure of hearing. .ark ;D=; saysD
Then He 5ai2 to the46 <Take hee2 8hat =ou hear! ith the 5a4e 4ea5ure =ou u5e6 it 8ill 7e 4ea5ure2 to AC

&!,8,T%#L &21&2& =ou9 an2 to =ou 8ho hear6 4ore 8ill 7e gi:enB1

We used to apply this to giving financially, which could apply, when actually it is speaking of hearing. 1!!! To =ou 8ho hear6 4ore 8ill 7e gi:en!1 The Lord trains us to hear as we yield to )im. ,saiah F>D; says, 1He 8aken5 4e 4orning 7= 4orning9 He 8aken5 the ear to hear a5 the learne2!1 3erse five says, 1The Lor2 0eho:ah ha5 o>ene2 4= ear an2 I 8a5 not re7elliou56 nor turne2 a8a= 7ack8ar25!1 We must (uiet our own thoughts and receive )is.


4ne day , asked the Lord what the spiritual sense of smell is. &piritual seeing and hearing were obvious, but what about the sense of smellM The Lord +esus began to speak to my heart saying, 6When , created mankind , placed your nose above your mouth for a purpose. , didn*t create you with a blow hole on the top of your head like a porpoise. , placed your nose above your mouth so that everything going into your mouth must pass by discernment first. 7our spiritual sense of smell is spiritual discernment.6 &piritual taste and smell are our ability to discern good from evil. )eb FD?; says, 1*ut 5oli2 3oo2 7elong5 to tho5e 8ho are o3 3ull age6 that i56 tho5e 8ho 7= rea5on o3 u5e ha:e their 5en5e5 eEerci5e2 to 2i5cern 7oth goo2 an2 e:il!1 Discernment is what keeps us on track. ,t keeps us from deception. 4ur spiritual nose knows9 Taste works with smell, because you smell food on its way to your mouth. The smell of the food helps create

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

appetite and even initiates the process of releasing the digestive fluids. ,n the &pirit, we discern that something is good and we taste its goodness. We become 6hungry6 for the things of God. !salm 0;DC says, 1Ta5te an2 5ee that the LORD i5 goo29 7le55e2 i5 the 4an 8ho tru5t5 in Hi4!1 !salms ??AD?>0 says, 1Ho8 58eet are =our 8or25 to 4= ta5teA More than hone= to 4= 4outhA1 When +esus rebuked !eter, it was because of his lack of discernment in the &pirit. !eter was walking in man*s emotion and thoughts, which agreed with &atan. That*s why +esus had to rebuke !eter as though &atan had spoken. .atthew ?GD=0 says, 1*ut he turne2 an2 5ai2 to Peter6 ?%o6 SatanA @ou are an o33en5e to 4e6 3or =ou 2o not 5a:or the thing5 that are o3 %o26 7ut tho5e that are o3 4en?!1 )e was not tasting or discerning the plan of God, but of man*s natural wisdom. ,t did not seem to be a good idea for +esus to die on the cross in the natural, but in the &pirit it was the means for salvation to come to the whole world. Later, when !eter was filled with the )oly &pirit he would understand this and would preach the first message of salvation that led three thousand to the Lord. #s we spend time with the Lord, we begin to pick up )is fragrance and spread it wherever we go. = /orinthians =D?; says, 1No8 thank5 7e to %o26 8ho al8a=5 cau5e5 u5 to triu4>h in Chri5t an2 He re:ealing through u5 the o2or o3 the kno8le2ge o3 Hi4 in e:er= >lace!1 2ph. FD= says, 1An2 8alk in lo:e6 a5 Chri5t al5o ha5 lo:e2 u5 an2 ha5 gi:en Hi45el3 3or u5 a5 an o33ering an2 a 5acri3ice to %o2 3or a 58eet 54elling 5a:or!1 +esus* sacrifice smelled sweet to God.


&!,8,T%#L &21&2&

,n the 4ld Testament, in 2"odus and Leviticus, it talks about sacrifices that were a sweet smelling fragrance to God. Those were natural burnt offerings. ,n the 1ew Testament, +esus became the perfect sacrifice to pay for all sin and now we no longer burn meat. +ust as +esus offered )is body as a sacrifice on the cross, so we can offer our bodies as a living sacrifice as it says in 8om ?=D?. The fragrance of a surrendered life can smell good not only to others, but to God )imself.


We can do things that smell good to God. Fragrances can either attract or repel people. #ttitudes and actions all carry a spiritual aroma. ,n the book of Leviticus it says the sacrifices that were given were a sweet smelling savor unto the Lord. We also can make sacrifices that have a sweet smelling aroma. 4ne sacrifice we can offer, is the sacrifice of love. #s we love God, absorb )is love and e"tend it to others, it becomes a sweet smelling sacrifice to the Lord. We are called to be conduits of the fragrance of )is love to the world. We offer the sacrifice of obedience as we obey God*s direction for our lives. )is inspired Word or heavenly initiative can give direction for a present situation. #s we do )is will on earth, it becomes a sweet fragrance to the Lord as we sacrifice our will for )is. The sacrifice of repentance is the evidence of a broken and contrite heart and is a fragrance that attracts the presence of the Lord. !salm F?D?B says, 1The 5acri3ice5 o3

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

%o2 are a 7roken 5>irit! A 7roken an2 a contrite heart$ The5e6 O %o26 @ou 8ill not 2e5>i5e!1 #s we embrace the breakings of the Lord, )e promotes us to greater blessings in )im. The woman who anointed +esus* feet with ointment ILuke BD0CJ, filling the room with its fragrance, also anointed )is feet with her tears in contrite brokenness and repentance before the Lord. This was the sweet fragrance that touched )is heart and +esus said, 1@our 5in5 are 3orgi:en!1 #s we offer the sacrifice of communing prayer before the Lord, it rises as incense to the presence of the Lord. 8evelation FDC says, 1!!! ha:ing6 each one6 a har> an2 7o8l5 o3 gol2 3ull o3 incen5e6$8hich are the >ra=er5 o3 the 5aint591 The Lord longs for us to have communion with )im. #s we give )im our chronos IchronologicalJ time, )e give us )is kairos Iseasons of refreshingJ time. When we give )im our dayEbyEday time, )e shows up with )is breakthrough time of visitation. ,n #cts ?> it shows that /ornelius* prayers had gone up before the Lord. The Lord responded by showing up in power by the )oly &pirit to this Gentile household. #nother sacrifice we can offer to the Lord is the sacrifice of praise. )ebrews ?0D?F says, 1There3ore 7= Hi4 let u5 continuall= o33er the 5acri3ice o3 >rai5e to %o26 that i56 the 3ruit o3 our li>56 gi:ing thank5 to Hi5 na4e!1 #s we praise )im, power is released to win mighty victories. #s we sacrifice our service to the Lord, it also becomes a pleasing sacrifice before )im. ,n #cts G and C, &tephen and !hillip were faithful as deacons, serving to distribute

&!,8,T%#L &21&2&

food to widows, etc. The power of the Lord came upon them and they moved in signs and wonders even as they were faithfully serving in natural ways. God always rewards faithful service. #ctually , don*t know of any other way to become the living sacrifice commanded in 8omans ?=D?E=, than by living a life of serving )im by doing )is will Iinitiatives of )eavenJ. The Lord crowns us with glory as we serve )im, yet we cast those crowns before )im, as it says in 8evelation ;D?>, giving )im all the glory. We are not saved by good works, but unto good works which )e has prepared for us. I2phesians =D?>J. The sacrifice of a generous heart rises as sweet incense before the Lord. ,n !hilippians ;D?C it saysD
*ut I ha:e all an2 a7oun2! I ha:e 7een 3ille26 ha:ing recei:e2 3ro4 E>a>hro2itu5 the thing5 8hich =ou 5ent6 an o2or o3 a 58eet 54ell6 a 5acri3ice acce>ta7le an2 8ellJ>lea5ing to %o2!

,n #cts ?>, it says that /ornelius* prayers and offerings ascended as a memorial before God and )e responded by bringing salvation to his household. The Lord*s blessings are attracted to giving. #s one sows into )eaven and sows into spreading the kingdom, blessings follow them and overtake them. #ll of these sacrifices smell good to God and they attract )is manifest presence. +ust as God is attracted to pleasant fragrance, so should we by continually seeking the fragrance of )eaven. When people dwell in the garbage dump, they can become accustomed to foul odors and don*t even notice it.

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

We ministered to some very poor people in .e"ico who lived in the dump and survived by digging through garbage, finding food to eat. When we went there to minister, we had to put .entholatum in our nose to be able to stand the smell. 'ut they were so accustomed to it since they lived there every day. They were no longer aware of the stench. We need to be so aware of the fragrance of )eaven that when we are not in it, we miss it and long to come back to it. We can become used to the filth and smell around us and need to make a habit of taking a spiritual bath from time to time. 4ften when , shower in the natural, , also ask the Lord to cleanse me in the spirit from any filth , might have been e"posed to from the environment , live in here in Las 3egas. This is so that , can carry the fragrance of )eaven with me wherever , go and it can attract people to /hrist. When you are aware of the fragrance of )eaven you will never be satisfied with less. 7our spiritual sense of smell will discern when something is not right. 7ou will become keen discerners of the truth.


7our spiritual sense of smell is an important part of your ability to discern good and evil Iremember )ebrews FD?;J. There are three main keys to discerning between good and evil, right and wrong or truth and error. 4ne way to discern what is right is by measuring it against the Word of God. 1othing contrary to the Word of God should be tolerated. For e"ample, if you are told to lie, cheat or do


&!,8,T%#L &21&2&

anything forbidden by &cripture, then you can throw it out since it against the Word of God which teaches honesty, love, forgiveness and holiness. The ne"t key to discerning what is truth, is that nothing added to the Word of God can be mandatory. ,f you are told to do something that is not clear in the Word of God, then you are under no obligation to receive it or do it. For e"ample, if someone tells you that God told them that you must dye your hair blue, then you can ignore it since it is not a commandment of the Word. Those decisions are for you to make. Do you like blue hairM &cripture says nothing about hair color so it should neither be commanded nor forbidden. The ne"t safeguard and key for discernment is through the witness of others. ? /orinthians ?;D=A says when one prophesies, others who are present can 5udge. = /orinthians ?0D? says, 1*= the 4outh o3 t8o or three 8itne55e5 e:er= 8or2 5hall 7e e5ta7li5he2!1 7ou can check prophetic words with others you respect. The final witness is what you sense in your own heart, especially when someone has given you a personal prophetic word. ,f you are getting ready to make a huge change in your life, you can run it by others you respect to see how they feel. 'ut in the end you are responsible to make the right choice. ,f we begin to train people in the body of /hrist to use their spiritual sense of smell, it will absolutely open the door to a new level of maturity in receiving the manifestation of the )oly &pirit. 2veryone will be able to test and prove what is happening and will only receive


/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

what is good. Learn to smell what you are about to eat9 ,f it doesn*t smell good... don*t eat it9 We need to learn to apply ? Thessalonians FD?AE==. 'asically, !aul is telling us to allow the &pirit to show up, stop forbidding to prophesy, learn to test it and keep the good part. We must always remember that right now we know in part and we prophesy in part I? /orinthians ?0J. ,n our training center, Dunamis, in Las 3egas, 1evada, we tell people that receiving personal prophecy is like eating fish@you don*t take a big mouthful and swallow everything. 7ou will need bone e"tractions afterwards. 'ut you test each bite, remove the bones and swallow the good fish. 7ou must learn how to spit9 , think that is a good sign of spiritual maturityO knowing how to spit out the bad and eat the good.


There are four things that must be tested, according to scripture. First of all, every spirit should be tested, as it says in ? +ohn ;D?, 1*elo:e26 2o not 7elie:e e:er= 5>irit6 7ut te5t the 5>irit56 8hether the= are o3 %o29 7ecau5e 4an= 3al5e >ro>het5 ha:e gone out into the 8orl2!1 7ou must test the source IspiritJ. We must discern if a message is coming from the Lord or not. We must also test every message. This means you are testing the content of the message. This includes messages taught, preached, prophesied, sung or written. ? /orinthians ?;D=A says that if someone prophesies, the rest should 5udge or discern it. #ccountability is essential. ,n the 4ld Testament they stoned a false prophet. ,n the 1ew


&!,8,T%#L &21&2&

Testament we can simply 6stone6 the false word or message. ,s the content of the message leading on the straight path or is it polluted, diluted or convoluted in some wayM 2very messenger must also be tested. 7ou must test the medium of communication. What do you do with evil messengers who bring a true message. This actually happened to the apostle !aul while ministering in !hilippi, as recorded in #cts ?GD?GE?C. # slave girl with a spirit of divination began to announce them as servants of the most high God. The enemy does this to win trust and validation of those with little or no sense of smell in the spirit. +esus said, 1@ou 8ill kno8 the4 7= their 3ruit5!1 What fruit do they produce in their lives and what is their message producingM ,s it producing the fruit of the &pirit of love, 5oy and peaceM ,s it influencing godliness in others or is it producing chaos and darknessM ,s it flowing from a heart of Father*s love or from wrong motivations of the heartM These must be discerned by the &pirit. Finally, you must test yourself. ? /orinthians ??D=C say, 1Let a 4an eEa4ine hi45el3!1 .ake sure you are living in surrender to the Lord, free from bitterness and other attitudes that contaminate the heart. Find a ministry that can help you find freedom from bondages, so you can minister out of wholeness. 2very motivation of the heart must be tested by the Lord. God desires that we minister out of )is love. .any people are very good at discerning everything and everybody but themselves. 'ut they need to continually check themselves to make sure they are moving in the right spirit. 2ven in the natural people are continually checking their own odor to not be an offense

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

to othersO how much more should we be doing the same with our spiritual noseM .any churches re5ect the gifts and manifestations of the )oly &pirit because they have never taught the people how to have a keen sense of smell. They haven*t taught people to discern. &atan throws in a counterfeit and they re5ect the prophetic flow or other gifts altogether, 5ust to be 6safe.6 %nfortunately they also throw out the legitimate move of God and are left with powerless ministry. #s we move into the powerful times of outpouring and demonstration of the goodness of God, our spiritual sense of smell will become increasingly important. Groups that don*t teach discernment and maturity to their people end up 6dumbing down6 the gospel. #s they attempt to avoid wrong spirits and false manifestations they fall into doctrinal error. 'ut even with the best motivations, mind you, error is error9 They come up with convoluted scriptural interpretations that would seem to indicate that miracles and )oly &pirit manifestations are not for today. They want to keep their people safe from eating any deadly thing, so they end up with a starvation ration of stale crackers and stagnant water. 1o wonder people aren*t very hungry and are looking for meetings that only last ;F minutes. They are missing out on the huge feast God has set for us.


/essationism derives its name from the verb 6to cease6. ,t is the name of a doctrine which tries to e"plain why the

&!,8,T%#L &21&2&

gifts and manifestations of the )oly &pirit have ceased and are no longer valid today. ,ts doctrinal hinge point is found in ? /orinthians ?0DCE?>D
1Lo:e ne:er 3ail5! *ut 8here there are >ro>hecie56 the= 8ill 3ail9 8here there are tongue56 the= 8ill cea5e9 8here there i5 kno8le2ge6 it 8ill :ani5h a8a=! For 8e kno8 in >art an2 8e >ro>he5= in >art! *ut 8hen that 8hich i5 >er3ect ha5 co4e6 then that 8hich i5 in >art 8ill 7e 2one a8a=!1

Their interpretation of this verse is 18hen that 8hich i5 >er3ect ha5 co4e1 is the 'ible, so miracles, tongues, prophecies, etc., have all ceased. They say that now we 5ust need the 'ible. 7es we need the 'ible, but that is not what is being referred to here. ,t is referring to the kingdom of )eaven coming in its fullness. Where no one will need to say, 1Kno8 the Lor261 because all will know )im from the least to the greatest. I+er. 0?D0;J /ontrary to this doctrine, #cts ?D;EC teaches us that the empowerment of the )oly &pirit is necessary to become powerEfilled witnesses for reaching the ends of the earth. This phrase indicates geography but also implies chronology. Which of the original apostles ministered in your regionM There are still many end of the earth regions that you and , will reach through the demonstrations of the power and the )oly &pirit. 3iva Las 3egas9 The need for safety and freedom from error is much better served through teaching and training people in spiritual maturity through the activation and development of the spiritual senses. #nd while producing safety, we empower people for the fulfillment of the great

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321



To be able to discern truth properly, you must be a bornEagain /hristian, having an ongoing living relationship with the Lord +esus /hrist. 7ou should be bapti$ed in the )oly &pirit, so you can sense from within what is truth. This should be evident by the manifestations of the &pirit including the manifestation of speaking in tongues. 7ou should have the spiritual senses activated to some degree, especially the spiritual sense of hearing. 7ou must believe that the 'ible is the Word of God. 7ou should have a good understanding of the 1ew Testament and be working on understanding the rest of the 'ible. 7ou must be living a life that is surrendered to God*s will. God*s will is evident in the &criptures and applied through hearing by the &pirit. 7ou should be in an accountable relationship with other mature /hristians. #s you relate with others, you can bounce things off of one another and discern what is right or wrong. God desires )is people to have spiritual smell and taste, not only to discern what is wrong, but to 6taste and see that the Lord is good6. )e wants us to en5oy )is goodness and )is fragrance from )eaven.



&!,8,T%#L &21&2&

&piritual touch is your largest sense, 5ust as it is in the natural. ,n the natural you have nerve cells throughout your body that give a lot of information about where you are and how you*re doing. Touch gives you a sense of your orientation, whether upright or reclining. #nd it also gives you a sense of your surroundings. , have e"perienced this many times as , come before the very throne of God during times of inspired worship or during intimate times of 6soaking6 in )is presence. , believe the main purpose of this sense is to make us aware when the presence of God is present or absent from our lives. #t those time we begin to seek )im anew and we maintain our intimacy with the Lord. We should not have long periods of spiritual desert, where we no longer sense )is closeness. #ny sense of absence should lead us into a diagnostic modeD what has changedM )ave , allowed some obstacle to come between usM 4ne time shortly after having surrendered to God*s plan for my life, , became aware of this kind of absence. , was a teenager, but , had learned to know God*s presence and it was definitely missing. 4n this particular Labor Day, , was spending a day of prayer and communion with the Lord and , felt so dry. 6Lord, where are youM6 , cried out. Then the still, inner voice began to speak, 67ou have allowed cobwebs to separate you from me.6 6/obwebsM What does that meanM6 , in(uired. 67ou have allowed your image of who you are to come between us,6 )e said. , knew what )e was referring to. This was the era of

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

the hippies and , was trying to identify with them. .y hair and clothing were defining who , was. , came to an instantaneous resolveD #ll of that would have to go, because , would have nothing stand between me and +esus. , turned to my older brother, Daniel and said, 6/ut my hair96 )e said, 6, don*t know how to cut hair96 'ut he finally conceded to do it. Did he ever prove it9 'y the time we kept trying to even out his errors, , basically had no hair left. 4ther items , was bearing went, too. , was no longer 6cool6, but , was bathed in the intimate love of +esus. This was not about hair and clothes, it was about the state of my heart. The hair and clothes 5ust happened to get in the lineEofEfire of a passionate love for +esus. , was taking the kingdom violently9 This ability to sense God*s presence has marked my whole life. ,t has been like a compass that constantly indicates true north. 2very believer needs this to navigate through life in a time when society has lost its foundational bedrock.


&piritual touch is the ability to touch )eaven and also touch others with the power of God. ,t is the ability to feel God*s manifested presence and also the ability to sense what someone needs from God. Words of knowledge can come by feeling the pain of another person. 7ou can learn to feel the presence of the Lord and what )e wants to do. 4ften , can sense in the &pirit that

&!,8,T%#L &21&2&

God wants do something special at a particular moment, so ,*ve learned to go with it. That is the spiritual sense of touch. 7ou can have physical sensations that go with this. &ome get the physical sensation of heat on their hands. That is often a demonstration that God wants to work through that person to another. )e may want to bring healing or impartation. ,t is for action. These types of physical sensations can come when one is touched by the )oly &pirit. When you touch )eaven, the )oly &pirit can cause you to be carried by )im to other places. 7ou can be translated in the &pirit and be taken somewhere else. !aul said this in /ol. =DF, 1For though I a4 a75ent in the 3le5h6 =et I a4 8ith =ou in 5>irit6 re;oicing to 5ee =our goo2 or2er an2 the 5tea23a5tne55 o3 =our 3aith in Chri5t!1 )e was telling them that he was not with them physically, but he was there in the &pirit. )e was not in touch with them by the natural man, but he was in touch with them by the &pirit. , was in my prayer tent one day when , was transported in the &pirit. #s , waited on God, , was caught up in the &pirit and began flying through the air. &oon , was flying over land and , could see rivers and mountains underneath me. , recogni$ed where , was going. , was coming down the )uallaga 8iver basin in a valley of the #ndes .ountains in !eru. Then , landed in the city of )uanuco. , flew right into the house of one of our pastors there. IThis pastor had recently called me to say that he had 5ust been diagnosed with a heart problem and the doctor had told him if he didn*t get out of ministry he was


/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

going to die.J , 6flew6 right into his bedroom where he and his wife were asleep. , placed my hand on his heart and , proclaimed healing on his heart and a renewed e"citement and vision in ministry. Then , walked around the bed to his wife. &he was the lady who for fifteen days couldn*t speak &panish when she got bapti$ed in the )oly &pirit. , placed my hand on her head and proclaimed that she would have a renewed e"perience with the )oly &pirit. Later, , told Lynnie about my e"perience and she suggested we call the pastor in !eru to see if anything had happened. # couple of days later , called him and , asked, 62dgar, how is your heartM6 )e said, 67ou know, it is the strangest thing. , woke up a couple of mornings ago and was perfectly fine. +ust from one day to the ne"t , was suddenly healed. , feel no effects, no problems.6 6Well, what about DorisM6 , asked. )e said that all of a sudden she had another dramatic encounter with the )oly &pirit and was again speaking in tongues and couldn*t speak any &panish. IThis lasted ten days.J This was right after , had been in their house by the &pirit. , had prayed those prayers over them and then came back into the tent. .y body had stayed in the tent, but , had been sent overseas in the &pirit. , don*t know how translation works but , don*t have to know. , would say that for God to take me in the &pirit somewhere would be easier than doing it in body. ,t

&!,8,T%#L &21&2&

would be (uicker than having to travel there by airplane. We know that !hilip was translated in his body in the book of #cts and was taken somewhere to bring someone to +esus. That is the other kind of translationO it is a spiritual and bodily translation. ,f this occurred in the 1ew Testament, it should not be strange for us today. )ow does this apply to spiritual touchM ,n my e"perience , was touched by the Lord and was then able to touch someone else in the &pirit. 7ou can e"tend the touch of God to others either physically or spiritually. These are things God does as we come to )im, spend time with )im and are touched by )im. God wants to remove spiritual leprosy from the body of /hrist. Leprosy is a disease that causes people to lose the ability to feel or sense touch. Therefore they cannot feel good sensations nor can they feel when they are being hurt. Damage comes to their body because of lack of feeling. 'ut God wants to restore spiritual touch to the body of /hrist. &piritual touch can flow by someone feeling heat or electricity, by a feeling of peace or by a flow of healing. Words of knowledge or healings often come through spiritual touch. God wants our sense of touch to be activated so we can receive from )im and so we can e"tend )is touch to others.



od wants us to flow in the spiritual senses and to be freed from blockages that keep us from receiving the initiatives of )eaven. When you consistently avoid the things that hinder while at the same time you consistently do the things that activate the spiritual senses, you will have all the right conditions for the &pirit of God to move through you. 7ou will become effective and fruitful in your particular arena of influence. Let me give you a list of five obstacles to hearing the voice of the Lord, Ior receiving through any of the spiritual sensesJ. There may be other blockages that you discover, but here are five , know about.

The first obstacle to hearing clearly from God is a condemned or a guilty heart. This is the heart that harbors unErepented sins. , believe sin has no power over us, e"cept that which we give it. #nd where sin may still occupy a place in our hearts, it is simply that we have let that place be empty of God*s grace. )eb. ?>D== says, 1Let u5 2ra8 near 8ith a true heart in 3ull a55urance o3 3aith6 ha:ing our heart5 5>rinkle2 3ro4 an e:il con5cience an2 our 7o2ie5 ha:ing 7een 8a5he2 8ith >ure 8ater!1 +ames ;DC says, 1Dra8 near to %o2 an2 He 8ill 2ra8 near to =ou! Clean5e =our han256 5inner59 an2 >uri3= =our heart56 2ou7leJ4in2e2 one5!1 When someone feels guilty, the enemy beats them down and it pulls them

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

away from hearing God. They are too ashamed to come to God. &in is simple to take care of. 4ne can (uickly ask God for forgiveness from sin. ? +ohn ?DA says, 1I3 8e con3e55 our 5in56 He i5 3aith3ul an2 ;u5t to 3orgi:e u5 our 5in5 an2 to clean5e u5 3ro4 all unrighteou5ne55!1 4ne needs to call it sin, not 5ust a 6mistake6. Through confession and repentance, a person can be set free. +esus will wash it clean by )is shed blood. )e is always waiting for us. When we allow +esus to fill that place in our heart with something new, it will be lifeEgiving. This will always involve some new actions that we begin to take. True repentance comes through a process that we have called 6replacement therapy6. 2"changing sinful actions, for godly actions. 1ot religious actions, but 6initiatives of )eaven6 actions. #s we draw near to God, we can command a spirit of condemnation to leave. We can come boldly to the throne of grace to find help in time of need. )is grace is )is power to move us beyond sin and guilt and into the flow of spiritual senses. When someone has areas of ongoing sin in their heart and life, they are under a spirit of condemnation that causes hardness of heart and an inability to clearly hear from the Lord. They can hear from the Lord enough to bring them to repentance, but as far as hearing from God for daily decisions through an intimate walk with )im, guilt drives a wedge between that person and God. #s we turn from sin and turn to God, communication and directions are restored. The Lord begins to deal with

),1D8#1/2& T4 &!,8,T%#L &21&2&

deepEseated issues in our lives. We can respond by saying, 6Lord, , give this to you right now. Deal with my heart because , want to hear from you.6 #s sin and guilt is removed, suddenly we sense the Father*s love and we can be freed to catch heavenly initiatives. True repentance is not 5ust feeling sorry, it is replacement therapy9 7ou (uit walking in the flesh and you walk in the &pirit. Galatians FD?G says, 1I 5a= thenF alk in the S>irit an2 =ou 5hall not 3ul3ill the lu5t o3 the 3le5h!1 #s you walk in the &pirit, you are replacing the old with the new. 7ou are doing )is will instead of your own, as you listen and see and then say and do. ,t is catching the initiatives of )eaven and doing the works of +esus. This is true replacement therapy for sin, guilt and shame. We had a young man in our church who fell into drug binges from time to time. )e would call me and , would tell him to get back up and try walking right again. Finally one day when he called after having fallen again, , received an initiative from )eaven for him. , told him that he should begin replacement therapy. )e asked, 6What is thatM6 , didn*t know, so , asked the Lord, 6What is thatM6 Then God revealed the truth to me. , answered the young man, 6When you want drugs, you need to go looking for it, don*t youM6 67es,6 he replied. 6Well, from now on, when you have that desire and are about to go looking for the drugs, , want you to replace it by finding someone to talk to about +esus at that moment.6 &o he began doing 5ust that9 &oon he was leading one person after another to the Lord. 4ne day he said, 6Lord, , need someone to talk to

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

about you right now96 'ecause he had learned about catching initiatives from )eaven, the Lord said, 6&top your car and start honking your horn and , will bring people to you.6 &o he obeyed. )e honked his horn and a group of children came and gathered around him, maybe thinking he was the ice cream man. )e preached to them about +esus and led them all in a prayer to receive +esus into their hearts. )e walked to a nearby church and asked if they had a children*s ministry that would disciple these kids. 61o, but we would like one. ,f you come and teach them, then you can bring them.6 &o this young man began a children*s ministry, teaching these children to have spiritual senses activated to hear from God. )e taught them how to minister healing and how to move in the prophetic. I4ne time the pastor came in to visit and all the children gathered around and prophesied over him9J This young man continued reaching people for the Lord, at his 5ob, among the homeless, on mission trips, all by catching initiatives from )eaven. 4nce, he got the instruction from )eaven to buy a bo" of oranges and give them away for free to some soccer players in !eru. )e called them over saying, 6Free oranges96 When they ran over to him, he said he 5ust needed to say a few words first. )e talked about +esus and ended up leading the whole team to the Lord with a salvation prayer9 This young man is now a fullEtime missionary in another country and has led literally thousands to the Lord9 4h and by the way, when he began doing replacement therapy, walking in the power of +esus

),1D8#1/2& T4 &!,8,T%#L &21&2&

instead of the flesh, all the desire for drugs dried up9 &o condemnation of a guilty heart, can be healed by true repentance@by walking in the initiatives of )eaven.

The ne"t thing after condemnation that separates us from hearing God is an unforgiving heart. This is the heart that embraces offense. .atthew GD?;E?F says, 1For i3 =ou 3orgi:e 4en their tre5>a55e56 =our hea:enl= Father 8ill al5o 3orgi:e =ou9 7ut i3 =ou 2o not 3orgi:e 4en their tre5>a55e56 neither 8ill =our Father 3orgi:e =our tre5>a55e5!1 # good way to walk in forgiveness is to release all those who have offended you to God, the only true 5udge of all. Forgiveness does not mean you agree with what someone did. .any say they cannot forgive because they think it means endorsing what was done. 'ut that is not the case at all. Forgiveness simply means that you surrender that offending person and that situation into the hands of the righteous 5udge. 7ou are not the 5udgeO )e is. )e will deal with that person and that situation when you let go. #s long as you don*t forgive, you will live in torment. .atthew ?CD0;, 0F says, 1An2 hi5 4a5ter 8a5 angr= an2 2eli:ere2 hi4 to the torturer5 until he 5houl2 >a= all that 8a5 2ue hi4! So M= hea:enl= Father al5o 8ill 2o to =ou i3 each o3 =ou6 3ro4 hi5 heart6 2oe5 not 3orgi:e hi5 7rother hi5 tre5>a55e5!1 The resulting torment can be spiritual, emotional or physical.


/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

, have seen people delivered from all kinds of torment when they simply gave up the right to 5udge others. , have seen cases of physical illness healed as people forgave. , have seen financial torment reversed as people forgave. , have seen people who were under demonic control get set free as they forgave. Forgiveness could mean going to the offending person and working the situation out. .atthew FD=; says, 1lea:e =our gi3t there 7e3ore the altar an2 go =our 8a=! Fir5t 7e reconcile2 to =ou 7rother an2 then co4e an2 o33er =our gi3t!1 ,f reconciliation can occur by talking it over, that is great. 'ut many times, the other person is not willing to reconcile or may have passed away. ,n that case, you can pull that person and that situation out of your heart and offer it to the Lord. 2ven if you feel like the offending person does not deserve to be forgiven, yet you deserve to be free from the poison of bitterness. Forgiveness brings health to your soul and body and draws you back into relationship with God so you can hear )im. #s you forgive, you are no longer controlled emotionally by a hurtful event or person. 7ou are no longer stuck in time and you can move forward with freedom in life. ,f you choose not to forgive, it leads you down a path of torment and it blocks your ability to hear from God.


The Lord spoke to me in a dream one night about nine deadly embraces as a strategy of the devil to lead people into bondage. ,n the dream , saw a man being freed from a

),1D8#1/2& T4 &!,8,T%#L &21&2&

destructive lifestyle and the Lord told me, 6)e is reE emerging from the nine embraces.6 , woke up and the Lord had me write the list.

The first deadly embrace is the embrace of an offense. # person gets hurt and offended by someone for what they did or said. # spirit of offense comes on the heels of such an offensive event. The 'ible says that offenses will come, but it is up to each one of us to either embrace the offense or release it immediately to God. ,f one embraces the spirit of offense, they have opened a door for other embraces to follow. This is a strategy of the enemy to bring people into bondage.


#fter the embrace of a spirit of offense, comes the embrace of a lying spirit of reinterpretation. The enemy blows the whole offense out of proportion and reinterprets the event. For e"ample, 6When he raised his eyebrows he meant this. #nd when he crossed his arms he meant that.6 ,t*s a lying spirit that e"aggerates events and e"plains things in a negative way. This usually happens after one walks away from the event and suddenly feels enlightened about actions and motives of the other person. ,t feels like discernment, but it is a lying spirit of reinterpretation that is being embraced.


/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321


1e"t comes the embrace of a spirit of accusation and 5udgment. # person critici$es and 5udges the motives of the heart of the person that offended them and accusations flow. The scripture is clear, 6+udge not that you be not 5udged.6


1umber four is the spirit of bitterness. The scripture warns about bitterness. )eb. ?=D?F says, 1Looking care3ull= le5t an=one 3all 5hort o3 the grace o3 %o29 le5t an= root o3 7itterne55 5>ringing u> cau5e trou7le an2 7= thi5 4an= 7eco4e 2e3ile2!1 7ou can tell you are in bitterness when you relive the same event over and over in your mind. 7ou feel the same emotions and then begin to spread it to others. The scripture warns of a spirit of bitterness, because it defiles many. ,t is poison. ,t*s like responding with, ,*ll show them9 ,*ll drink poison9 #nd it brings you to torment. #fter you have embraced bitterness, scripture says in .atthew ?C that you are given over to the tormentors until such a time as you forgive. &o now these tormentors have a right to lock you up and torment you. This is actually a transitional point. The first four points you choose to embrace. The following five points embrace you whether you want them to or not.



),1D8#1/2& T4 &!,8,T%#L &21&2&


The fifth embrace is the spirit of deception. 7ou become confused about who God is, who you are and about all truth in general. ,f you know the truth you will come to freedom, but the enemy*s long term plan is to take you away from the truth through a spirit of deception. The spirit of deception leads you from the truth and keeps you locked up in deceptive belief systems and worldviews.


1umber si" is an embrace of a spirit of fear and depression. %ne"plainable fears and depressions take place. # person 5ust wants to hide away in depression. Fears come out of nowhere. They are uncontrollable. The embrace of a spirit of fear and depression takes over as further torment.


The seventh is an embrace of a spirit of compulsions, obsessions and addictions. This can include an addiction to pornography or drugs or an unhealthy obsession towards another person or even compulsive handE washing. ,t can be something destructive or it can even look religious. ,t can look good. &ome people compulsively fast@they feel compelled to do so. ,t is not the leading of the &pirit, it is a demonic spirit. 4bsessions, compulsions and addictions are taskmasters.


/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321


1umber eight is a spirit of control. This spirit not only controls a person, but controls others through them. .anipulative control and dominative control has many masks. ,t can manifest through flattery, through tears, through shouting or through subtle manipulation. ,t can come through passive control, such as 6, may get really sick if you don*t do what , want,6 or through aggressive control which dominates and controls. This is the embrace of a spirit of control.


1umber nine is suppression of identity. # person*s identity begins to be suppressed by a demonic spirit that embraces the person. The words and actions are no longer theirs, but are caused by a spirit moving through them. This is the final level of nine demonic, deadly embraces.




The good news about all this is that the Lord told me that if you find someone who is stuck in any of those stages, all you have to do is take them back to the original offense and deal with that. When they release number one, the offending people and events, all the house of cards that the enemy has erected falls to the ground. We have seen cases where people were demonically oppressed at number nine. #ll we did was allow the )oly &pirit to show where offense came in. #s they released it all to the Lord, freedom came.

),1D8#1/2& T4 &!,8,T%#L &21&2&

We were in 2cuador and a young lady came forward to give her heart to the Lord in one of our meetings. We started praying for her and she fell to the floor manifesting demonic spirits. &he was writhing, spitting and manifesting spirits of lust. &ome ladies from that church rushed to her, held her down and began shouting, KThe blood of +esus9L The commotion grew, but , felt to continue ministering to people in the prayer line. #s , was ministering to the last person in line, the Lord gave me two words of knowledge for the girl who was still in torment. 8ight then my brotherEinElaw, +im Drown, came over and said, KDennis, can you do something with herM They havenNt gotten anywhere.L &o , walked over and asked the ladies if they wouldnNt mind leaving us alone with her, so they agreed and left. , looked at the girl and said, KLook at me9 L &till under the influence of demons, she closed her eyes and wouldnNt look at me. Then , spoke to the girl, K,f you donNt work with me, , am going to have to leave you like you are.L &he struggled and opened her eyes and looked at me. ,n a small plaintive voice she said, KDonNt leave me. , need help.L , now knew that she could work with me. God had led me to do this. This was an initiative from )eaven. Then , spoke the words of knowledge , had received. , asked her, 6What did your father do that you have to forgiveM6 That was the first word of knowledge@that she had to forgive her father. &he struggled and finally admitted that her father had abandoned her family when she was seven years of age and they had never seen him again. &o , asked her, 6/an you forgive himM /an you give


/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

him up to GodM6 &he struggled a bit and finally nodded. &he could forgive her father. 1e"t , asked, 6Who was the man who se"ually abused you as a childM6 That was the second word of knowledge , had received@that she had been se"ually abused as a child. &he began crying and said, 6,*m not bad. ,*m not bad.6 , looked at her and said, 61o, you are not bad and , take authority over the spirit of condemnation that has told you that all of this is your fault. &o right now , command it to go9 Who was the manM6 &he had to struggle to answer me. Finally she told me that her mom had remarried a year later. #t eight years of age her stepE father had begun to se"ually abuse her. , asked her, 6/an you give him up to God, tooM /an you forgive him and give him over to the hands of the 5ust 5udgeM 7ou are not the 5udgeO God is the 5udge of all. ,f you will give him to God and let God be the 5udge, you will be free.6 &he finally nodded her head. , had her put her hands together like a cup and , began to take things out of her heart and put them in her hands. The Lord led me to do that. , took her father out of her heart and put him in her hands. , took the other man out, her stepEfather and put him in her hands. #ll the abuse, all the abandonment, blame towards her mother and other things that the Lord showed me by word of knowledge, , pulled out of her heart and put in her hands. Finally , said, 6This is now in your power to do with as you want. , suggest that you give it all to God.6 This is important, as many feel powerless in these kinds of situations. 'y putting it all in her hands, it was a


),1D8#1/2& T4 &!,8,T%#L &21&2&

demonstration that she now had power over it to do with as she would. &he agreed, so , helped her raise her cupped hands to the Lord. &he struggled against the demons and repeated after me, 6Lord, , am not the 5udge, you are the only true and righteous 5udge and , give you all these people, all these events and all these emotions. , release them to you.6 When she spread her lifted hands, offering it all to the Lord, she was strongly shaken as there was an absolute deliverance taking place. We looked at her a moment later and saw God*s peace come over her. We were waiting on God, asking, 6,s there anything elseM6 +im leaned over to me as he received a word from the Lord. 6&he has had thoughts of suicide.6 &o , asked her in &panish, 6)ave you had thoughts of killing yourselfM6 &he nodded yes. &o , asked the Lord about it and )e said, 67ou have already dealt with the underlying issues that gave it a right to be there. +ust tell it to go.6 &o , commanded the spirit of suicide to come off. &he shook again and we sensed it leave. # sense of total peace came over her. +im leaned toward me and said, 6&he sees +esus right now.6 &o , asked her in &panish, 6Do you see +esus right nowM6 With her eyes closed, she nodded her head, smiling, saying, 6)e loves me. )e loves me.L &he had the love of +esus being ministered to her by +esus )imself. &he was filled with )is love. We told her, 67ou will continue to remain free if you continue to give up to the Lord all those thoughts and emotions related to those past events. The devil will try to get you to embrace offense again, but you will not do it9


/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

7ou have learned how to live in freedom. Go home and continue your relationship with God. /ome to the church, be faithful.6 The ne"t day she came back to the meeting and brought her whole family@her mom, her brother and her sister. 2ach one of them gave their heart to the Lord. )er whole family was born again. #nd she was sitting there with a huge 6/olgate6 grin across her face. Later she told us that she had been living with the compulsion to have se" with absolute strangers and then she would feel so ashamed and dirty. Finally she had come to such a depression that she wanted to end her life. 4n her way to end her life, she decided to give God a last chance that night by coming into the church she was passing by. ,f nothing changed, she would still end her life. God had truly intervened in her life9 We kept up with that family and they continue to serve faithfully in the church. ,n an evangelistic healing crusade in their city, where , was translating for Todd 'entley, she was one of the ushers. We saw her and gave her a hug. )er life had been changed forever by the power and love of God. Forgiveness sets a person free to hear from God and follow )is destiny for their life. The nine deadly embraces* downward spiral begins with an unforgiving heart which blocks the ability to hear God. 'ut you can receive the initiatives of )eaven to set people free. ,f you see someone in any one of those stages, you can be an agent of the Lord to set them free. 7ou can help them find the original offense, maybe by a word of knowledge and help them

),1D8#1/2& T4 &!,8,T%#L &21&2&

release it all to the Lord. Then command all attached spirits to leave. Then pray that the Father*s love fill the void. The spiritual senses flow again when forgiveness comes so one can catch initiatives from )eaven.


#nother issue that can keep you from hearing God is pride or presumption. #s soon as you think you really are something, then God resists you. +ames ;DG says, 1%o2 re5i5t5 the >rou26 7ut gi:e5 grace to the hu47le!1 #s soon as you think you know how to do everything without God*s help, you are walking in pride or presumption and apart from God*s presence. 4ne of the main enemies of the miracle power of God is powerless, pointless and !resum!tuous prayer. We pray like we have it all figured out. +esus never did that. When )e ministered healing to blind 'artimaeus, )e didn*t pray, 64h Father, , know that 7ou said in 7our scripture that none of these diseases that came on the 2gyptians will come on us. , claim this healing in my name96 .any people preach at God in prayer9 They get very wordy. They get religious. 'ut +esus did not do that to minister healing. )e 5ust followed )is Father*s directions from )eaven and miracles occurred. There is a time for prayer and petition, but then there is a time for ministering healing. There is a time for preaching, but when it is time to heal the sick, it is not time for those things. That is when it is time to e"pect to


/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

catch a heavenly initiative for healing. 7es, you can prime the pump for a flow of thoughts inspired by the )oly &pirit by beginning with what you know from the Word of God, but then you must flow into what you don*t know. 7ou must have ears attuned to what +esus is doing right now This applies whether you speak a prophecy over someone or for ministering healing. 7ou can start with God*s logos written Word, but then you must flow into God*s rhema spontaneous Word from )eaven. 7ou can start by saying, 6God loves you,6 based on the written Word of God, but then you must flow into the initiatives of )eaven. +esus is working right now. +esus said in +ohn ?;D?=, 1Mo5t a55ure2l=6 I 5a= to =ou6 he 8ho 7elie:e5 in Me6 the 8ork5 that I 2o he 8ill 2o al5o9 an2 greater 8ork5 than the5e he 8ill 2o6 7ecau5e I go to M= Father!1 1otice it says the works that , do, not the works that , did. )e is moving in present tense. )e wants you to see and hear and move with )im in your present situation, catching the initiatives of )eaven. God hates sickness and death and )is will is always to set people free, but )e doesn*t want us moving in formulas or habits. God*s number one priority for our lives is that we would know )im, but )e also wants to deliver us from all our afflictions. .oving by the initiative of )eaven accomplishes both of these things. 7ou learn to know God as )is power is flowing through you because of the initiatives of )eaven you have caught and obeyed. ,n the process, healings, deliverances, miracles, salvations and transformations occur. ,t is about hearing instructions from )eaven and working with the Father. That is what


),1D8#1/2& T4 &!,8,T%#L &21&2&

+esus did. +esus related with the Father by seeing and hearing )im, walking in communion and relationship with )im. 8elationship is what )e is drawing you into. )e wants you to see, to hear and to interact with )eaven. %sing computer 5argon, )e wants you to interface with )eaven and get the downloads from )eaven. The purposes and plans of God are not 5ust to heal someone, but to develop you as )is child and to bring you into closer relationship. That is probably more important than a single healing, but it doesn*t lessen the fact that God hates illness. )e hates sickness and )e hates death. ,t is always )is will to see people healed, but )e wants to bring us into a place where we are relating to )im, where we are hearing and seeing and following and catching the initiatives of )eaven.

&ometimes we don*t see someone healed, but , still feel it*s all about relationship. , love to see someone healed, but if , don*t see it happen, it means , need to get closer to )im. , need to see what is going on. , need more of )is thoughts, more of )is reasons. 4r it could be as simple as thisD that healing didn*t belong to me Ifor me to performJ. +esus didn*t always heal everyone. 8emember the lame man who sat at the gate of the temple in +erusalem for forty yearsM +esus must have passed by him more than once, but that healing was reserved for !eter and +ohn after +esus was caught up to )eaven. ,t became the spark that ignited revival in +erusalem.


/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

The truth is that God does not want everyone looking to me or running to me. )e wants people to look to )im and run to )im. That is why )e is activating the body of )is believers to do these things@not 5ust a few9 )ow many healings are we missing because not everyone is ready to do these WorksM !ride and presumption will push you into trying to do something +esus is not telling you to do. To pray without relating to )im. The greatest obstacle to moving by the &pirit and receiving )is initiative, is a natural good idea or a religious action that replaces a living connection with the )oly &pirit. +esus did not do that. )e said, 1I onl= 2o 8hat I 5ee 4= Father in Hea:en 2o!1 2very need here on earth is an opportunity for the power of God to transform it by an initiative of )eaven. 'ut when we fill that opportunity with something less than what comes by the initiative of )eaven, we lose the opportunity for God to be glorified on earth. !eople often times have allowed blockages to interfere with the ability of their spiritual senses to function. &o they fall back on repetitive weak and pusillanimous IsmallEspiritedJ prayers. )ave you ever noticed that most of our prayers follow the same pattern@they start and end the same with 5ust a little change of content. ,s it any wonder that these kinds of prayers don*t carry much weightM ,n contrast, +esus never prayed these kind of prayers. 7ou see +esus catching the initiatives of )is Father in )eaven and acting or commanding based on those instructions. The way to break out of this habit of oneEsi$eEfitsEall prayers is to consciously step back and look to )eaven before launching out in prayer. 'ut sometimes that is not enough

),1D8#1/2& T4 &!,8,T%#L &21&2&

by itselfO you need to deal with the blockages to the spiritual senses. +esus had such an intimate relationship with the Father that )e didn*t run ahead or lag behind what the Father was doing. )e was there waiting and listening and hearing the Father. )e was close to )im. )e was not presumptuous. )e was not fearful. ,n fact, +esus said some things to turn people away and offend them. When you say to a +ew, 1'nle55 =ou eat 4= 3le5h an2 2rink 4= 7loo2 =ou ha:e no >art 8ith 4e61 you can*t get more offensive than that. That happened right after the crowds were about to take )im and forcibly make )im king. , think this falls into the category of WW+1D. What Would +esus 1ot DoM +esus was not about to be made king by earthly initiatives. )e was going to be made king by the initiative of )eaven, not the initiative of earth. When they were going to take the initiative on earth to make )im king, )e did whatever )e could to bring offense to that spirit and to push them away and it worked. !eople were not hearing or understanding by the &pirit. +esus spoke words that were not understood. The !harisees and unbelievers had no idea what )e was talking about. They were offended by what )e said and suddenly left )im. )e then asked )is disciples, 1 ill =ou al5o lea:e 4eB1 #nd they responded, 1 here 8oul2 8e goB @ou ha:e the 8or25 o3 li3e!1 They chose to do things )is way, not their own, even when it made no sense. !ride will cause us to do things in our own reasoning. #nd as we all know, God*s ways are not our ways9 &o

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

natural understanding can hinder us from flowing in spiritual senses. !ride goes with presumption, because it believes it can be done without God*s help. ,t even believes that God*s ways are too foolish. ,n ? /orinthians =D?;, it says that the natural man cannot receive the things of the &pirit, for they are foolishness to him, neither can he know them, for they are spiritually discerned. ,n the 4ld Testament, when :ing David danced before the Lord with all his might, his wife, in her pride, said he was being foolish before everyone. )e responded that he would be even more foolish if necessary. ,t is interesting that she became barren and had no children. # heart of pride cannot bear fruit. ,t is dead religion. # prideful heart does not understand broken humility and isn*t open to hearing God. ,t is a heart that runs from the breakings and dealings of the Lord. 'ut God says in Luke =>D?C, 1 hoe:er 3all5 on that 5tone 8ill 7e 7roken9 7ut on 8ho4e:er it 3all56 it 8ill grin2 hi4 to >o82er!1 God will allow you to fall on your face in order to break the pride. The picture , get is of an inflated balloon, but God has the right little sticker, thistle or whatever it takes to pop that balloon. , had a situation occur one time that illustrates this.

7ears ago, while living as a young missionary in !eru, we were getting lots of rain. The streets of the city were flooded with about si" or eight inches of water, even running into the stores. #n ac(uaintance came and asked

),1D8#1/2& T4 &!,8,T%#L &21&2&

me to drive him around. , had a car that was loaned to me, but he wanted me to be his personal chauffeur to drive him around to do all his personal shopping. , got rather upset at that. , thought, 6, am a preacher of the Word. , could be doing something more important than being a ta"i driver. , could be at home right now writing a sermon on love or something like that.6 'esides, this guy had a reputation of spending too much time in auto parts stores and hardware stores. 4ne of the places he wanted me to take him was a car repair shop. )e wanted to look for parts. , was not happy about this, but agreed to take him. , drove him there, but not with a good attitude. , parked out front while he went in. , waited and waited. Fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, fortyEfive minutes went by and finally , got to the end of my patience. , thought, 6, am going to march in there, grab him, pull him out and drop him off somewhere and go home.6 , went marching in through the big double doors where the cars and trucks were pulled in to be repaired. #ll the workers were lined up against the wall. There was no business because the water had invaded their shop. , had my big rubber boots on to walk through water. , marched in and they all started snickering at me and pointing. , thought, 6What is the dealM6 , checked myself to see if someone had put a sign on me, but nothing. They laughed even harder, until , stepped and fell into a waterE filled ditch. ,n !eru, they don*t have lifts, they have ditches where they go underneath the trucks to work on them and it was covered in water. They knew , was headed right for it. ,


/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

took one final step, received an absolute baptism and came out covered in greasy, dirty water. , must have look like a mess. ,f , was mad before, now , was absolutely burning mad. , stormed out, thinking, 6, am leaving that turkey behind.6 , 5umped into the car and put it into gear and drove it right into another ditch9 The whole front of the car was under water. Fortunately it was a 3olkswagen so the engine was in the back. &till, there was water almost up to the windshield. Twenty seconds and two ditches9 , was really upset and began crying out to God, 67ou are supposed to protect me. , am your servant. Why two ditches in twenty secondsM WhyM6 Then the Lord told me why. )e showed me my attitude@my thoughts. ,t replayed before me and )e showed me how proud , had gotten. This was 5ust what , needed to deflate all that pride. There , was sitting soaking wet, dirty, filthy and greasy, in a car stuck in the water. , began to pray and ask God to forgive me. 6God forgive me of my pride. Deal with this.6 , have learned that the way to embrace a breaking is to ask God what to do to complete the work. &o , asked God, 6What do , do right nowM6 The Lord spoke to me, 6Go back into the shop and ask all the workers to come and help you pull out the car.6 , would much rather have called a tow truck or someone on the street to help pull me out. 'ut , obeyed and went in to ask for their help. When the guys came out and saw the car in the water, it looked like they were having heart attacks laughing at me. , had fallen into one ditch and then , had driven into

),1D8#1/2& T4 &!,8,T%#L &21&2&

another. , became famous in the city. 2very time , walked by that place, they would laugh all over again. #fter that, every time , walked by a ditch , would check my heart. , would think, 6)ow is my heart todayM ,s there pride hereM6 The Lord knows how to perform the breakings that work well for us. )e knows how to deal with pride and presumption in our lives so we can hear from )im more clearly. #s we live in humility and surrender, in relationship with )im, we can catch initiatives from )eaven to bring miracles to earth.

Fear is a fourth area that can keep us from hearing God. ,n +udges BD0 it says, 1%i2eon let all the 3ear3ul 2e>art 3ro4 3acing 8ar an2 ))6HHH 8ent ho4e!1 #braham was called by God to follow )im, even though )e didn*t tell him where he was going. )e had to leave his father, con(uering fear, to become the father of faith. Fear can paraly$e you from stepping out on what you*re hearing. ,f )e has spoken for you to do or say something and you are afraid to take the risk to move on it, then it may block your ability to hear from God again. The Lord continues to speak and is patient, but )e is looking for someone to follow through on what )e is saying. To hear and obey. The 'ible says we see in part, we know in part, we

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

prophesy in part. 7ou might as well resolve that you are going to make mistakes, so go ahead and get all your mistakes out of the way at once. Go to Walmart where no one in church knows you or sees you and try it out. #sk God to give you initiatives or prophetic messages for the people you meet. ,f you make mistakes, no one at church will ever know9 'ut you might get it right. That*s how you grow. ,f you let fear overcome you, it will rob you of your ability to grow and hear from God. &hortEterm mission trips are also a good arena for learningO any mistakes will be left far away in 5ust a few days. 'ut the successes will be good seed for the great harvest. #s you overcome fear and move out in boldness, you will begin to grow in catching the initiatives of )eaven. 7ou will start getting more right than you get wrong. The little conse(uences of our puny mistakes are nothing in comparison with the glory that comes when you get it right9

The fifth area that can keep you from hearing God is a distracted heart. This is the heart that has no time for God. )eb. 0D?> says, 1The= al8a=5 go a5tra= in their heart!1 Distractions can keep us from hearing from the Lord. 4ur modern lives are so full of distractions. We have televisions, computers, 5obs, sports, phones and various activities that keep our minds busy. They are not bad in themselves unless they are filling time we should have with our Lord.


),1D8#1/2& T4 &!,8,T%#L &21&2&

2ven as we fulfill our daily responsibilities in life, we must learn to listen to the Lord. ,t should be like having an antenna up to be aware of what the &pirit would say to us at all times no matter what we are doing. We must learn to intentionally hear from God in times set apart for )im alone, as well as keeping our senses attuned to )im throughout the day. God wants you to have a singleness of vision and a singleness of heart@a heart stayed on God. , used to hear from God a lot in the shower. , would get in my shower and start soaping up and God would speak to me. , began to wonder why and the Lord showed me it was because , had no distractions there. 1o radio, television, phones, people, newspaper, computers, etc. We must not allow the cares and distractions of life to keep us from hearing )im. )e loves spending time with )is people and wants to be in communication with us. We have a need to hear )is voice so we can live our destiny to the fullest. #s we ignore distractions and focus on the promptings of the )oly &pirit throughout the day, we can catch initiatives from )eaven, bringing blessings into every area of our lives. When , began spending time with God in my tent , was specifically dealing with distractions. , would $ip up my tent, effectively dealing with visual distractions, then , would put on my earphones with instrumental music, dealing with the audible distractions. , would spend hours in that place learning to focus my mind on the things of )eaven I/ol. 0D=J and in this way , was dealing with the mental and spiritual distractions. The result of all this was

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

a change in my character and an increase of the power of )eaven being demonstrated in my life. , know that anyone who will deal with the distractions and obey /olossians 0D?E= will have similar results. )ere is what it saysD
I3 then =ou 8ere rai5e2 8ith Chri5t6 5eek tho5e thing5 8hich are a7o:e6 8here Chri5t i56 5itting at the right han2 o3 %o2! Set =our 4in2 on thing5 a7o:e6 not on thing5 on the earth!



#s you deal with all the hindrances to the spiritual senses and press into the &pirit, you will become more and more aware of the kingdom of )eaven. +esus walked the earth but was constantly aware of the kingdom of )eaven. )e consistently walked in the initiatives of )eaven, seeing and hearing )is Father in )eaven giving instructions for the needs at hand. )e preached the kingdom of )eaven and )e demonstrated the kingdom of )eaven. )is central theme and the very purpose for )is coming to earth was for the re5oining of )eaven and earth. ,f you really want to know +esus you will know the kingdom of )eaven.



o fully understand the kingdom of )eaven, you must understand that )eaven and earth were never meant to be separated. ,n fact, they were created to be 5oined as one. This is clearly demonstrated in the first chapters of Genesis. ,n the garden of 2den, you see )eaven and earth 5oined together. ,n the garden of 2den, you see heavenly trees and earthly trees. The Tree of Life was not an earthly tree, nor was the Tree of the :nowledge of Good and 2vil. That is why we no longer have them on earth. ,n Genesis =DA, it mentions that God also caused trees to grow up from the ground. They were earthly trees. &o there were earthly trees and heavenly trees. ,n the garden there were four rivers, two of which we still have today, the 2uphrates and Tigris. They were earthly rivers. Two other rivers have completely disappeared. 4ne of those was a river that flowed through the land of )avilah where there was an abundance of gold. These rivers were heavenly rivers that we no longer have with us. &o there were earthly rivers and heavenly rivers. ,n the garden of 2den there were earthly beings and heavenly beings. God walked and talked with man in the garden. #dam himself was a 5oining of )eaven and earth. )e was formed from the dust of the earth and he was also GodEbreathed. )e was spiritually alive until sin entered. #nd through one man*s sin, spiritual death came upon all mankind I8om. FD?=J. ,n that sad instance of disobedience, death came upon

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

#dam and 2ve. 'ut God in )is great love for mankind, postponed 5udgment. )e split )eaven and earth apart, since no sin or death can abide in God*s presence in )eaven. )e had to (uarantine man on earth, left alive physically, but devoid of the life of )eaven. This was not because God was angry, but it was an act of mercy. !aul in 8omans C says that the creation was sub5ected to futility Iread deathJ, not willingly, but in hope. That hope was of the coming 8edeemer who by )is own shed blood would accomplish the re5oining of )eaven and earth for all those who believe in )im. +esus was the first man since #dam who was born with a living spirit. #nd )e did not 5ust have the same life #dam had before sin entered. )e was far superior9 #dam had a living IGodEbreathedJ soul, but +esus came to earth with a lifeEgiving &pirit. )e is the resurrection and the life @the 4ne who 5oins )eaven and earth through )is uni(ue conception. )e was conceived when the )oly &pirit overshadowed .ary. )e was born of man and born of God, reEuniting )eaven and earth. +esus went all over +udea and &amaria demonstrating the )eavenEinitiated works of )is Father, giving new life to all who believed in )im. )e proclaimed and demonstrated that the kingdom of )eaven had truly come to earth. The fullness of the kingdom was reserved for a future event, yet was brought to earth wherever a healing or miracle occurred. +esus was the connector of )eaven and earth.



T)2 82+4,1,1G 4F )2#321 #1D 2#8T)

God is bringing us to a place where we are seeing into )eaven@we are being made more aware of )eaven. We are coming into a place where God*s grace and mercy are being so poured out that we can see evidences of the realities of )eaven. )e is calling us@inviting us. .atthew BDB says, 1A5k an2 it 8ill 7e gi:en to =ou9 5eek an2 =ou 8ill 3in29 knock an2 it 8ill 7e o>ene2 to =ou!1 There are things that )e has designed to be found by us. )e is inviting and encouraging us to come into heavenly e"periences. There are things in this world that need to be overcome. /hange needs to occur in areas of our lives, our neighborhoods, our country and our world. 1ot only bad areas, but things that seem innocuous and don*t look so evil. These are actually voids which the absence of )eaven has left on earth and it includes people who have lived entire lifetimes separated from God*s love and grace. ,n )eaven there is no sickness, sin, pain or death and when )eaven comes to earth those things are overcome9 Whatever need we encounter on earth, God has that which will overcome it@that which is birthed in )eaven and brought to earth I? +ohn FD;J. That is part of the reason why +esus said to pray this way, 1Our Father 8hich art in Hea:en !!! Th= king2o4 co4e6 Th= 8ill 7e 2one on earth a5 it i5 in Hea:en!1 We are supposed to catch the direction and the will of the Father and bring that to earth. These are the initiatives of )eaven. We can catch the actions and words that God initiates in )eaven and bring them to earth.


/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321


? +ohn FD; has two relevant parts. The first part says, 1That 8hich i5 7orn o3 %o2 o:erco4e5 the 8orl2!1 ,t could be translated 6whosoever is born of God overcomes the world.6 'ut , like 1that 8hich i5 7orn o3 %o21 because it is talking about God*s initiatives, God*s directions and the words that are birthed out of )is mouth that overcome the world. )e wants to bring us )is ideas, )is initiatives, )is directives and )is thoughts, in order to bring them to earth. This is the 6that which6 is born from God and when these kinds of things come to earth, whatever problem e"ists in the world is overcome. This is how )e conveys )is resources from )eaven to earth.


When God created #dam and 2ve they were created with an ability to interface with the natural creation in the garden of 2den and with the spiritual creation that was visible to them at the same time. There was no division between the things of )eaven and earth. 7ou can see #dam and 2ve walking and moving and talking with God in the garden and having communion with )im in the garden. They saw the Tree of Life there and the Tree of the :nowledge of Good and 2vil along with the other trees that sprang forth from the ground and grew like natural trees. )eaven and earth were created to fit together in a harmonious fashion.

T)2 82+4,1,1G 4F )2#321 #1D 2#8T)

, believe that )eaven and earth e"isted as one whole. #nd there is evidence in scripture that this is where we are heading again. The #postle !aul declares that in the end +esus will re5oin those things in )eaven and on earth. 2phesians ?D?> says 1That in the 2i5>en5ation o3 the 3ullne55 o3 the ti4e5 He 4ight gather together in one all thing5 in Chri5t6 7oth 8hich are in Hea:en an2 8hich are on earth$in Hi4!1 ,n the end of the 'ook of 8evelation, +ohn saw the heavenly city, the 1ew +erusalem descending from )eaven to the earth. )eaven is coming to earth and when we see signs and wonders occur, this is evidence of God*s love and power invading earth. ,t is a prophetic sign of things to come, the kingdom of )eaven coming to earth. We are seeing crossEover manifestations that are evidences of the spiritual realm manifesting in the natural realm. Gold dust appears when the presence of God is manifest. +ewels appear out of nowhere. Limbs grow out where there were none. #nd the dead are raised. The power of )eaven comes to earth9 We are called to be the connectors of that reality to earth as we activate our spiritual senses. When , was a kid , thought )eaven was on one of the clouds floating overhead. , learned all the &unday &chool lessons that we are going to be like angels in )eaven playing harps, dressed in white and floating on clouds. , didn*t even know if , wanted to go to )eaven, but it was because , had wrong assumptions about )eaven. 'ut now , don*t see )eaven as some other planet. , don*t see )eaven as some other geographical place. , see )eaven as

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

being right here but on a different plane. 8emember, )eaven and earth were together in the garden of 2den at creation, but when sin came, it was pulled apart. When #dam and 2ve sinned they died spiritually and they died to )eaven. &cripture says that +esus came to seek and save that which was lost, in Luke ?AD?>. 1ow most of the time when we looked at that verse, we only looked at it from the perspective of what God lost. )e lost communion with humanity and intimate relationship with humanity. )e came to seek and save those who were lost, but that verse actually says 1that 8hich 8a5 lo5t1 which includes our loss of )eaven. &o from our perspective, what did we lose when )eaven and earth were split apart and when #dam and 2ve sinnedM We lost an eternal life@body, soul and spirit @that had no sin and no sickness. We lost communion with God. We lost a life with God in )eaven. We lost all the benefits of )eaven. 'ut +esus came to seek and save that which was lost for God and also to seek and save that which was lost for you. 2phesians ?D?> says that +esus came to unite in one all those things in )eaven and in earth in )im. , believe that the process and the plan of God is to reunite )eaven and earth and to reunite creation. &cripture says that all creation groans and travails for the manifestation of the sons of God. ,t is groaning and travailing in order to have )eaven restored to earth. , believe the whole natural creation is in pain and death, until such time as )eaven and earth are re5oined through God*s sons who catch the initiatives of )eaven.


T)2 82+4,1,1G 4F )2#321 #1D 2#8T)


+esus told 1icodemus what it means to see )eaven and what it means to enter into )eaven. We have put e"periencing )eaven off to some future event, either when we die or when the Lord returns. 'ut +esus didn*t wait to die to go to )eaven. ,n +ohn 0D?0 )e was standing before 1icodemus saying, 68ight now , am in )eaven.6 )e said that no one had ascended to )eaven but he who descended, the son of man who is in )eaven. +esus* testimony was that )e was in )eaven right then while walking the streets of +erusalem and +udea. )e was the biE dimensional new creation man living in the heavenly and earthly planes at the same time. +esus was in +erusalem on earth, yet )e was telling 1icodemus )e was in )eaven9 6... the &on of .an who is in )eaven.6 , believe this heavenly ascension occurred when )e was bapti$ed in water and the &pirit came on )im in the form of a dove. )e was both water and )oly &pirit bapti$ed at once. ,mmediately the heavens opened and God*s voice spoke from )eaven saying, 1Thi5 i5 4= Son in 8ho4 I a4 8ell >lea5e2!1 ILuke 0D==J. +esus ascended to )eaven in the &pirit and began living in )eaven and on earth at the same time9 From that point on, )e began moving in miracles. )e was led by the )oly &pirit into the wilderness and then into a life of signs and wonders. 1o miracles were performed before this e"perience. Later, after )is death and resurrection, )is body would also be taken to )eaven for a bodily

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

ascension into )eaven. The day before )is first miracle, +esus told 1athaniel, in +ohn ?DF?, 1@ou 5hall 5ee Hea:en o>en an2 the angel5 o3 %o2 a5cen2ing an2 2e5cen2ing u>on the Son o3 Man!1 The very ne"t verse in +ohn =D? says, 1The neEt 2a=!!!1 and tells us the story of the miracle at /ana of Galilee. )eaven was opened and came to earth through +esus as )e received the initiatives of )eaven. +esus was the heavenly man come to earth in order to unite )eaven and earth. 7ou can say that 6)is head was in the clouds and )is feet were on the ground.6 )is direction came from )eaven and )e lived it out on earth. 2verything that +esus did was initiated from )eaven. That was )is very testimony. )e said nothing but what )e heard )is Father in )eaven say. +esus had )is ears attuned to )eaven, to the voice of the Father. )e said that man will not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. That was )is lifestyle@)is ears were attuned to the words from )eaven. +esus asked the disciples at one point if they would leave )im and they said, 1Ho8 coul2 8e lea:e =ouB @ou are the one 8ho ha5 the 8or25 o3 li3e!1 They were aware that the words )e was speaking were not 5ust thoughts or philosophiesO they were not 5ust cool lessons. )e was not simply a great teacher, )e was the man from )eaven living on earth who dispensed life in every word that )e spoke. )is words were lifeEgiving. They said, 1@ou ha:e the 8or25 o3 li3e!1 ,t so impressed them, that they could not ever imagine leaving )im, because )e was the one who spoke the words of life. 'ut it went beyond

T)2 82+4,1,1G 4F )2#321 #1D 2#8T)

)is words, even to )is actions and )is deeds. )elp from )eaven came to earth when +esus performed )is first miracle. ,t came when )e healed the sick, raised the dead, cleansed the lepers and preached the good news of this new kingdom dispensation.



We are commissioned to do the same works in .atthew ?>DB, C as disciples of +esus. We are to preach the gospel, heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers and cast out demons. We are to live out of our 6spirit man6 which is already in )eaven. The scripture says in /olossians 0D0, 1For =ou 2ie2 an2 =our li3e i5 hi22en 8ith Chri5t in %o2!1 !resent tense, 6is hidden6. 4ur spirit is saved and perfect in )eaven. 4ur spirit can*t be more holy than it is right now in )eaven. 4ur soul is still being worked on and we are told to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling I!hilippians =D?=J. This comes through daily surrender to )is &pirit. /haracter issues are being transformed daily. 4ur body will yet be saved, 1!!! in a 4o4ent6 in the t8inkling o3 an e=e!!!1 our bodies will be transformed, to show forth God*s full salvation for us, body, soul and spirit. &o if we are seated with /hrist in heavenly places I/ol. 0J and our bodies are here are earth, then we are biE dimensional beings. We have a tremendous responsibility to be the

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

conduits of )eaven*s power here to earth. 7et we often walk oblivious to this, simply living a natural life. The Lord wants us to grow in the e"ercise of the spiritual senses so we can catch things from )eaven and impart them to earth so miracles can occur. +esus said in +ohn 0DC, 1The 8in2 7lo85 8here it 8i5he5 an2 =ou hear the 5oun2 o3 it6 7ut cannot tell 8here it co4e5 3ro4 an2 8here it goe5! So i5 e:er=one 8ho i5 7orn o3 the S>irit!1 We become 6wind people6 when we are led by the &pirit. ,t says, 1The 8in2 7lo85!!! 5o i5 e:er=one 8ho i5 7orn o3 the S>irit!1 We become children of )eaven as we are blown here and there by the &pirit, doing )is works. We are to follow +esus* e"ample of living by the &pirit and living from the initiatives of )eaven. #s we do, we will see transformations wherever we go.


The power and life of )eaven always overcomes the laws of the natural creation. 1 hate:er i5 7orn o3 %o2 o:erco4e5 the 8orl2!1 I? +ohn FD;J Whatever God instructs us to do here and now overcomes earth*s natural laws. That*s why +esus could walk on water and thus overcome natural gravity. )e could calm the storm, demonstrating power over the natural weather. )e could pay ta"es with a gold coin found in the fish*s mouth, tapping into heavenly provision. &ome think the provision was found in the fish*s mouth, but actually it was found in

T)2 82+4,1,1G 4F )2#321 #1D 2#8T)

+esus* mouth. #s )e spoke the word from )eaven and someone acted on it, the miracle happened. .an shall not live by bread alone but by every word proceeding from the mouth of God. 4ur provision comes at our obedience to )is word. #t our obedience to the initiative of )eaven. )ave you ever taken five thousand people out to eatM +esus did. )e was not limited to natural resources or provision. )e had tapped into )eaven. )e was looking into )eaven to see what the Father was doing so )e could flow with )is plan. 1otice the food didn*t 5ust fall out of the sky. +esus received an initiative from )eaven using something that was already on hand@a little boy*s lunch. God likes to partner with mankind and get him involved in the miracle. +esus blessed it, broke it and had the disciples feed it to the five thousand. # small action and a small amount of food in comparison to an immense need. 'ut when you do what )e*s doing in )eaven, even if it is a small action, the miracle occurs.

,n the time that +esus was on the earth, the +ews understood what it meant for the kingdom of )eaven to come, because they had been taught that a .essiah and )is kingdom would one day come and free them from the bondage they were living under. The prophecies stated that every tear would be wiped away and sorrow and mourning would flee away. These prophecies are found throughout the 4ld Testament, but in their limited understanding, they thought this .essiah would come with an army and free them from the oppressive 8oman

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

rule. +esus came and healed the sick, raised the dead, cast out demons and preached saying, 1The king2o4 o3 Hea:en i5 at han2!1 )e did not come in the way that was e"pected, with an army to overthrow those who ruled them, but in a much higher dimension. )e came to free the whole world of slavery to sin, sickness and bondage to &atan and eventually even death. ,n the garden of 2den, at the time of creation, God had given authority over the earth to #dam and 2ve. Through temptation and sin, man had lost that authority and it was given over to &atan. Through the death and resurrection of +esus, )e took the authority back. )e came to establish )is kingdom here on earth. That*s why +esus could say, 1I3 I ca5t out 2e4on5 7= the S>irit o3 %o26 5urel= the king2o4 o3 %o2 ha5 co4e u>on =ou!1 I.att. ?=D=CJ. ,n other words, as )e freed people from &atan*s bondage, )e was establishing the dominion of a new kingdom. +esus won the ultimate victory over &atan through )is death and resurrection. )is sacrifice paid the debt for the sin of mankind which had caused them to lose their authority in the beginning. )e won the authority back9 +esus told )is disciples in .att. =CD
All authorit= in Hea:en an2 on earth ha5 7een gi:en to 4e6 there3ore go an2 4ake 2i5ci>le5 o3 all nation56 7a>tiKing the4 in the na4e o3 the Father an2 o3 the Son an2 o3 the Hol= S>irit6 teaching the4 to o75er:e all that I ha:e co44an2e2 =ou!


T)2 82+4,1,1G 4F )2#321 #1D 2#8T)

)e took the authority back from &atan, gave the keys back to mankind and told them to go spread )is kingdom rule throughout the world by making disciples of all nations. )e said in .atthew ?GD?A 1An2 I 8ill gi:e =ou the ke=5 o3 the king2o4 o3 Hea:en an2 8hate:er =ou 7in2 on earth 8ill 7e 7oun2 in Hea:en an2 8hate:er =ou loo5e on earth 8ill 7e loo5e2 in Hea:en!1 +esus told us we can bind the work of sin and &atan and we can release healings, blessings and restoration here on earth. We can loose people from their bondage to sin and death. +esus asks us to enforce )is rule which )e has already won.





+esus walked around +udea doing miracles and healing the sick. )e did these works, not out of )is divinity, but as a man. .any people feel that +esus did these works as the &on of God through )is own divine power, but )e made it clear in +ohn FD?A, 1!!! the Son can 2o nothing o3 Hi45el3!!!1 This may seem like trivial theology, but thinking that +esus was powerful in and of )imself can stir up doubts about our own ability to follow )is e"ample. 6, can*t do these things because , am not God,6 we may reason. 'ut +esus said in +ohn ?=D=?, 1The 8ork5 that I 2o6 =ou 8ill 2o an2 e:en greater 8ork5!1 +esus did all )is mighty works as a man. +esus was all God and all man, yet !hilippians =DFEC tells us )e emptied )imself of all )is divine attributesD omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence. +esus, the allEpowerful, allEknowing, eternal and present God, laid

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

all those attributes down and came as a vulnerable baby born in a stable. )e did this to identify with you and me. +esus made no secret about how )e was able to work miracles, but e"plained it this way for us in +ohn FD?AD
Then 0e5u5 an58ere2 an2 5ai2 to the46 1Mo5t a55ure2l=6 I 5a= to =ou6 the Son can 2o nothing o3 Hi45el36 7ut 8hat He 5ee5 the Father 2o9 3or 8hate:er He 2oe56 the Son al5o 2oe5 in like 4anner!1

&piritual eyesight e(uips us to do the works of +esus. +esus did what )e saw )is Father doing and many miracles and healings were performed. When we start taking time to look and listen when faced with a need, we also will see the works that +esus wants performed through us. Let*s look closely at +ohn FD?A again. ,n the first part, +esus says thisD 1The Son can 2o nothing o3 hi45el3!1 That is an interesting comment. ,f you assumed that +esus* capability to heal, do miracles and walk on water was because )e is God, you are mistaken. )e is God, but that is not how )e did the things )e did. +esus identified )imself as the &on of .an. )e came to identify with you. +esus was God come to earth, but limiting )imself to the condition of a man. )e came as the pattern &on so that as we catch )is lead, we can follow )im into doing )is works. )e came as the one who was laying out the footsteps that you and , have to follow. !eter wrote that +esus came leaving this e"ample that we should follow in )is footsteps. ,f +esus did )is works through )is divinity, then we couldn*t follow because you can*t walk in footsteps that big. 'ut if +esus walked as the &on of .an

T)2 82+4,1,1G 4F )2#321 #1D 2#8T)

on the earth and did the works of )is Father through )is humanity, then you can follow in )is steps. ,f you study !hilippians =DG, you read that +esus did not consider e(uality with God as something to grab onto, but emptied )imself. )e emptied )imself of the attributes of God and came in condition as a man. )e left behind those attributes of divinity and Godhead@omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence. 4mnipresence is one of the attributes of divinity of the Godhead. God is everywhere. 'efore )e descended to earth in human form, )e e"isted in all places everywhere. #fter )e ascended back to )eaven again, )e reEassumed those attributes. That is why you and , can pray to )im. Wherever two or three meet across the world, )e is there, because again )e is now omnipresent. 'ut during the period of )is ministry on earth )e emptied )imself of those attributes of God and was no longer omnipresent. )e was here on earth as a baby. #s a human, )e was no longer omniscient. )e didn*t know everything. That*s why )e asked, 1 ho touche2 4eB1 when the woman with the issue of blood touched )im and received healing. )e felt healing virtue flow from )im, but needed to ask who touched )im. )e laid down omnipotence in order to lay down )is life and die on the cross to save us from our sins. )e could have called on the Father. )e could have been rescued from the cross. 'ut this was why )e came. To die on the cross, to pay for the penalty of the sin of mankind, to take the authority back from &atan and give it back to us. Later +esus arose from the dead, ascended to )eaven

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

and resumed all the attributes of omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence. )e is now omniscient again. )e is in the position now that )e had with the Father before coming to earth. )e that descended has ascended and is now Lord of all. That is what scripture tells us. 'ut when +esus came to earth, )e was born in the same condition as you and me. )e willingly chose to empty )imself and come in human condition to suffer all the things that you and , suffer. To e"perience every limitation, every passion and every area that we suffer, yet without sin. +esus emptied )imself, came in the condition of a man and then moved in miracles through the work of the )oly &pirit. That is why )e could say in +ohn FD?A, 1The Son can 2o nothing o3 hi45el3!1 1ow if you study that phrase alone, it confirms that )e did not use )is own power. )e became human to give us an e"ample of how we can move in miracles. Later +esus said the same thing about us, 1 ithout 4e =ou can 2o nothing!1 &o how did +esus move in miraclesM First of all, the )oly &pirit came upon )im when )e was bapti$ed in water. From that time on, )e began moving in miracles. ,f you look at the earthly life of +esus, there were no miracles that occurred in )is life of ministry until the )oly &pirit came upon )im. )e went down to the river +ordan where )e was bapti$ed in water. When )e came up out of the water, the )oly &pirit came upon )im and remained on )im. #fter that, )e was led by the &pirit into the wilderness where )e was tested for forty days. From there )e went to the wedding feast at /ana where )e turned water into wine. The 'ible says this was the first of

T)2 82+4,1,1G 4F )2#321 #1D 2#8T)

)is miracles. There were no miracles before then. ,t was after the )oly &pirit came upon )im. &econdly, +esus looked into )eaven and watched to see what the Father was doing and then copied it on earth. This was easy for )im because )e spent a lot of time with the Father. )e would often spend the whole night in prayer on a mountain or arose early to spend time with )im away from all the crowds. )e was intimate with )is Father, embracing )is love and e"tending it to the earth. )e saw into )eaven and did on earth what )e saw )is Daddy doing. )e repeated it faithfully and accurately on earth and miracles happened. This a beautiful picture of the Father, &on and )oly &pirit working together to impact the affairs of mankind with the power of )eaven. This is how the triune God wants to work through you. .iracles occur through an ongoing relationship with )im, not through learning some formula. ,f you read in the 1ew Testament all the ways that +esus healed blind people, you will see that )e did not do it by any formula. )e made mud with spit and dirt, put it in a blind man*s eyes and told him to wash. )e returned totally healed. #nother time, )e simply said, 1@our 3aith ha5 4a2e =ou 8hole!1 #nother time )e cast out a spirit. #nd a blind and dumb man was healed. Why did )e do it differently every timeM 'ecause )e was watching )is Father and doing what )e saw from )eaven to do. The divine link that +esus had to )eaven was the )oly &pirit coming upon )im. 7ou and , can have the same e"perience where the )oly &pirit comes upon us and the

/#T/),1G T)2 ,1,T,#T,32& 4F )2#321

)oly &pirit enables us to see what God is doing in )eaven. Through the )oly &pirit we are able to see the things that are about to come. That is what it says in +ohn ?;, ?F and ?G. .any verses in those three chapters tell us what the work of the )oly &pirit is. )e speaks to us, reveals things to us, leads us and guides us. &o the )oly &pirit fills us and then we are given the ability to hear from the Lord. We are given the ability to see what the Lord is doing. We are given the ability to catch the initiatives of )eaven. When +esus left earth and returned to )eaven, )e commissioned us to do )is works. )e left us an e"ample of how to do )is works when )e said, 1I onl= 2o 8hat I 5ee the Father 2o!1 We must do )is works, )is way. We must catch the initiatives of )eaven and do on earth what )e is doing in )eaven through the )oly &pirit within us. We must activate our spiritual senses that were birthed in us when we gave our lives to +esus /hrist. # prophetic army of God is arising in these last days to hear from )eaven and bring answers to earth. To be the ladder to )eaven@by the )oly &pirit. To demonstrate the power of )eaven on earth. To bring the abundance of )eaven without earthly limitations. To be God*s voice to the world and God*s loving arms to the lost. To demonstrate the wisdom from above in all sectors of life. That*s our commission while we are in our physical bodies.






,n =>>;, the Lord began to give us a vision for an #postolic 8esource /enter. This would include a school of ministry, a free resource center and a prayer center. The training center would activate people into prophetic evangelism, healing the sick, ministering inner healing and deliverance and would include a biblical foundation. The idea is to bless the whole city and it is open for anyone from around the world wanting to be trained to do the works of +esus. We are aware that the Lord is in the process of bringing transformation to )is bodyO that the old styles of ecclesiastic structure will not be sufficient for the tasks at hand. We believe that we are modeling, to some degree, the /hristian community of the near future. We also believe that this model and its adaptations will spread around the globe.


7unamis TI was birthed out of an intense desire to provide inEdepth training for people who desire to do the works of +esus in every place they live. ,t consists of a shortEterm, mediumEterm or longEterm training school. The classes include 'ible teachings, handsEon practice and street practice. Dunamis Training ,nstitute is open for internship from other nations as well.




The yearly 7unamis /ower Training conferences offer three days of intensive teaching and training.

Learn to activate your spiritual senses. Learn how to move prophetically. Learn how to move in healing. Learn how to see and step into )eaven. Learn how to access help from )eaven for every need.

For more information, visit 888!Duna4i5ARC!org!




Ho8 to Soak in the S>irit$ Get started on your adventure with )eaven. Learn to get (uiet and activate your spiritual senses, so you can e"perience )eaven. With special spontaneous worship at the end by :elly IWalkerJ :allas. The S>iritual Sen5e5$+ust as you have five natural senses to interface with the natural world, so you have five spiritual senses to interface with )eaven. Get activated9 The Flo8$Learn how to activate spontaneous flow of the &pirit from you to others. Nine Dea2l= E47race5$ 2mbracing an offense will take you down a pathway of nine levels of bondage. This teaching will set you free and show you how to free others. The Secret Place$#s you spend intimate times with the Lord, provision for every need on earth is accessed from )eaven. The %ar2en$2ach of us has a garden in )eaven to tend like the garden of 2den. This teaching will change your life, your character and your influence on earth.
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In th !"ng# $ %& ' (") S%"th A* (ica) L+nni an, h ( h"$-an,) D nni$ Wa#. () $ (/ , a$ +%"ng *i$$i%na(i $0 In 1234) th + *%/ , t% La$ V ga$) N /a,a) in th 5nit , Stat $0 Wh ( / ( th + #i/ ,) th + # a(n , t% #i$t n t% G%, an, acc $$ th 6%7 ( %& H a/ n t% ,% th 7%(.$ %& 8 $"$0 Th $ $t%(i $ a( * ant t% nc%"(ag / (+%n t% - #i / that h a/ n#+ nc%"nt ($ a( a/ai#a-# ) / n n%7) &%( a## 7h% #%/ G%,) $ . Hi* an, ,% %n a(th 7hat H $ ,%ing in H a/ n0 A$ 6 %6# acti/at th i( $6i(it"a# $ n$ $) th + can -(ing th #%/ an, 6%7 ( %& H a/ n t% a(th) ca"$ing t(an$&%(*ati%n 7h ( / ( th + g%0

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