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Unleashing the upernatural Power of God in Your Life

Norval Hayes
Harrison House Tulsa, Oklahoma

Introduction 1 Worship Me More 2 The Works of the Lord Are Great " Worship God, and He Will #a$ the %ills ' God(s )o*enant With +ou 5 When the ,lesh -ises .p, Worship God 4 5 1! "& '5 5&

/ What To 0o When +ou Are 0esperate 1 Add ,aith To +our Worship 2 Gi*e Him Thanks

/! 2& !2

.nless other3ise indicated, all 4cripture 5uotations are taken from the King James Version of the %i6le


God 3ants $ou to ha*e *ictor$ in $our life7 He 3ants to 8i*e $ou e*er$thin8 $ou need or e*er 3ill need7 He 3ants to 8i*e $ou the desires of $our heart7 When $ou are 3illin8 to spend time in His presence, 3orshippin8 and praisin8 Him, $ou 3ill 6e ama9ed at 3hat happens7 His 6lessin8s 3ill fall on $ou:totall$ fall on $ou7 There 3as a time that I didn(t kno3 3orship and praise 3ere important7 I ;ust thou8ht that as lon8 as I lo*ed God and 3as faithful to Him, as lon8 as I 3ent to church, paid m$ tithes and 3as nice to people, thin8s 3ould turn out oka$ for me7 %ut after I 3ent into the ministr$, I found out 3hat reall$ 3as in*ol*ed in ser*in8 the Lord7 When I learned the thin8s a6out 3orship and praise that I am 8oin8 to share 3ith $ou in this 6ook, m$ life 3as chan8ed7 I found out that 3hen I o6e$ed God(s Word, it came ali*e to me and God 3as a6le to manifest Himself to me7 I found out that He had alread$ set up a co*enant 3ith His people and that He had pro*ided its 6lessin8s ;ust for me and for $ou7 +es, there is a time to sin87 There is a time to pra$7 There is a time to preach7 There is a time to teach7 There is a time to 8i*e thanks7 There is a time to praise7 %ut there is also a time to 3orship, and as $ou do and as I do 3e 3ill 6e8in to 3alk in all that God has pro*ided for us and li*e da$ 6$ da$ in a 6rand ne3 realm7



Worship Me More

Praise ye the Lord. I will praise the Lord with my whole heart, in the assembly of the pright, and in the !ongregation. #salm 111<1 4e*eral $ears a8o I 3as dri*in8 do3n the road ;ust mindin8 m$ o3n 6usiness 3hen the 4pirit of God came upon me7 He comes upon me in some of the most unusual places Then He said to me, =4on, the church is sadl$ lackin87= I said, =What do $ou mean, (sadl$ lackin8(>= =Well,= He said, =M$ children 6asicall$ lo*e me, 6ut the$ li*e in po*ert$ and sickness and defeat7 The$ don(t li*e in hea*en(s 6lessin8s 6ecause the$ don(t 3orship me enou8h7= =+ou said that ri8ht, Lord,= I said, =in fact I kno3 3hole con8re8ations 3ho don(t spend an$ time 3orshippin8 +ou at all7 The pastors don(t e*er sa$, (Let(s 3orship God for a 3hile ;ust 6ecause He(s God7( The$ ;ust teach the people to 8o to church, sin8 a fe3 son8s and listen to a son8 or t3o sun8 6$ the choir, 6ut the$ don(t reall$ 3orship +ou7= Then He said to me, =And neither do $ou7= All I could sa$ 3as, =Is that ri8ht>= He continued, =+ou(re 8oin8 around the countr$ teachin8 M$ Word7 +ou(re teachin8 faith and confession7 +ou(re pra$in8 for the sick, 6ut $ou

need to 3orship Me more, and $ou need to teach M$ people to 3orship Me more7 I(m their God, and the$(re M$ children7 If $ou(ll teach m$ children to 3orship Me more, I(ll do 8reat and mi8ht$ thin8s for them7= %$ this time I 3as 3eepin87 ?*er$ time the Lord tells me I(m a flake and I(*e missed it, I al3a$s repent and 3eep7 It 3asn(t lon8 6efore I found out 3hat the %i6le said a6out 3orship and 6e8an to teach on 3orship7

God Wants You To Live an Abundant Life

0o $ou kno3 that I found out that God 3anted to 6less me> He 3anted to 8i*e me peace and contentment7 He 3anted to 8i*e me stren8th 3ithout sorro37 0o $ou kno3 that He 3ants to do the same for $ou> That sick, po*ert$ stricken, 3eak, confused, 8oofed up life some 6elie*ers are li*in8 is not the kind of life He prepared for us7 The kind of life He prepared for us is an a6undant life7 +ou mi8ht 6e sa$in8, =%ut %rother @or*el, m$ children are 6ackslid7 M$ hus6and is sick, and the doctors sa$ that there is no hope for him7 I(*e 6een askin8 m$self, (Wh$ do all these thin8s happen to me> Wh$ doesn(t God e*er do somethin8 for me>(= Ho3 much ha*e $ou 6een 3orshippin8 God this month>

+ou mi8ht sa$, =I ha*en(t 3orshipped Him an$ this month, 6ut I 8o to a 8ood church, and m$ pastor is nice7 Well, I don(t dou6t that $ou 8o to a 8ood church and ha*e a nice pastor, 6ut 3hat does that ha*e to do 3ith $ou> +our pastor, $our church can(t 3orship God for $ou7 +ou(re supposed to ha*e a relationship 3ith God $ourself7 +ou mi8ht sa$, =%ut, %rother @or*el, I(*e 6een sa*ed and 6apti9ed in the Hol$ Ghost for thirt$ $ears7 God kno3s I lo*e Him7= +ou didn(t ans3er m$ 5uestion7 Ha*e $ou 3orshipped Aesus an$ this month> Ha*e $ou 6o3ed do3n 6efore Him this month and called Him $our 4a*ior, $our Healer and $our Miracle Worker> Ha*e $ou thanked Him 6ecause $our name is 3ritten in hea*en> Ha*e $ou told Him ho3 3onderful He is and 3orshipped Him and Him onl$> =Well, as a matter of fact, I don(t think I ha*e7= Then $ou(re missin8 the a6undant 6lessin8s from hea*en Worship is important to God God finds so much fa*or in His children 3hen He looks do3n and sees them 3orshippin8 and praisin8 Him7 He(s 3orkin8 out their pro6lems for them7 He 8i*es them e*er$thin8 the$ need and 3ant that(s in the %i6le7 He 6rin8s to pass the desires of their heart7 B#s7 "1<'7C It doesn(t matter 3hat kind of pro6lems $ou ha*e7 God kno3s 3hat to do7 I don(t kno3 3hat to do, 6ut Aesus does7 He kno3s all a6out 1

$our case7 He made $ou7 He lo*es $ou and 3ants to 6less $ou7 All He 3ants $ou to do is 3orship Him for Who He is and praise Him for 3hat He has done7 Worship and praise are like t3insD the$ ;ust kind of min8le to8ether7

"Get Alone Before Me"

When God sho3ed me 3hat I had 6een doin8, I said, =Well, I don(t kno3 a6out the church, Aesus, 6ut I(m 8oin8 to chan8e7= I didn(t chan8e o*erni8ht, 6ut o*er a period of time I 6e8an to 8o in the 6ack room alone, 6o3 m$self do3n and ;ust 3orship God m$self7 I 3as tra*elin8 all o*er the countr$ speakin8 to thousands of people7 %ut until that da$ came, I reall$ didn(t spend an$ time 3orshippin8 God in m$ 6ack room 6$ m$self7 Oh, I pra$ed 6efore a ser*ice to tr$ to 8et an anointin8 from Him, and I tried to li*e m$ life ri8ht7 %ut I didn(t spend an$ 5ualit$ time 6$ m$self in m$ room alone, 3here no man sees7 If $ou ha*e to ha*e a 6unch of people around $ou 6efore $ou can 3orship God, $our relationship 3ith God is half sick7 +ou shouldn(t ha*e to ha*e an$6od$ 3ith $ou to 3orship God7 +our 3orship to God ne*er 3ill please Him to the fullest until He sees $ou do it alone7 If $ou 3ant God to 6less $ou out of $our socks, start 3orshippin8 Him in $our 6edroom 6$ $ourself7 4ure, God is pleased 3hen $ou 3orship Him in church, 6ut those choruses $ou sin8 6efore a ser*ice are to train $ou to 3orship7 The$(re not 2

8oin8 to 8et the ;o6 done7 God is pleased 3ith it, 6ut $ou(re 8oin8 to ha*e to come to a place that $ou decide $ou(re 8oin8 to ha*e a relationship 3ith God $ourself, ;ust $ou and Him7 +ou can(t li*e on $our mother(s relationship 3ith Him7 +ou can(t li*e on $our dadd$(s relationship 3ith Him7 +ou can(t li*e on $our pastor(s relationship 3ith Him7 +ou ha*e to ha*e a relationship 3ith God $ourself, and $ou(ll ne*er ha*e a relationship that is 3orth much to $ou unless $ou learn to put first thin8s first7 "ee# ye first the #ingdom of $od, and his righteo sness% and all these things shall be added nto yo BMatt7 /<""C7 When $ou put first thin8s first, it 3on(t 6e *er$ lon8 until God 3ill 6e8in to *isit $ou in a ne3 3a$7 +our mouth 3ill taste like it has su8ar in it7 The atmosphere around $ou 3ill smell like roses 6ecause Jes s is the &ose of "haron7 B4on87 2<17C If I could ;ust talk $ou into 6elie*in8 the 4cripture in Matthe3 /</ that sa$s, If $od sees yo pray in se!ret He will reward yo openly, $ou 3ould see the realit$ of this 4cripture for $ourself7 If people readin8 this 6ook 3ould actuall$ 6e8in 3orshippin8 Him 6$ themsel*es, I 3ould 6e 8ettin8 letters from some of them neEt $ear and the neEt $ear and the neEt $ear sa$in8, =%rother @or*el, I 3orshipped God for a $ear and a fe3 little thin8s happened, 6ut no3 m$ life has 6e8un to chan8e totall$7 Life isn(t a stru88le for me an$ more7 God is sho3erin8 me 3ith His 6lessin8s7 I can hardl$ stand it7=

Since That Day

@o3 are $ou read$ for this> 4ince the da$ I started doin8 this, I(*e had no financial pro6lems7 I e*en 6ou8ht some propert$ for a %i6le school7 In a $ear the ministr$ had the mone$ to pa$ for it7 We ne*er e*en had to take up an offerin8 =+ou mean to tell me $ou ne*er had to take up an offerin8 to pa$ for the 6uildin8>= Hone$, I mean to tell $ou that 3e(*e 8ot four sanctuaries no3:3e(re puttin8 the finishin8 touches on the fourth one no3 :and I ne*er took up an offerin8 to pa$ for one of them7 +ou sa$, =Well, 3here did the mone$ come from>= I don(t kno37 It ;ust sho3ed up7 God 3ould send to a seminar 3here I 3as speakin8 people 3ho 3ould sa$, =%rother @or*el, I 3as pra$in8 in the state 3here I(m from, and God told me to come here and 8i*e $ou a check for ten thousand dollars7= @o3 I ha*en(t li*ed m$ life a hundred percent perfect7 There(s onl$ 6een one Aesus, and I(m not Him7 There(s onl$ 6een One Who didn(t make an$ mistakes, and I(m not Him7 %ut if $ou(ll ;ust tr$ to do 3hat He tells $ou to do, the 6lessin8s of God 3ill fall on $ou, totall$ fall on $ou7 One $ear I 3as in )olum6us, Ohio, to speak at a camp meetin87 When I arri*ed at the motel that da$, I told the pastor I 3ouldn(t 6e meetin8 3ith him that afternoon 6ut that I 3ould see him that ni8ht7 1&

All afternoon I sta$ed in m$ room and 3orshipped God7 I must ha*e 3orshipped Him for a6out fi*e or siE hours7 That e*enin8 3hen I spoke at camp meetin8, I opened up m$ mouth, and God 6e8an re*ealin8 and unfoldin8 the %i6le to me7 I could ha*e tau8ht the %i6le for ten hours and ne*er looked at it7 It 3as ;ust comin8 to me in re*elation kno3led8e like $ou 3ould not 6elie*e7 I mean it 3as ;ust a6solutel$ pourin8 out from me7 And the anointin8, I could hardl$ stand it7 I thou8ht God 3as 8oin8 to take me to hea*en7 I 8ot so anointed that at first I could hardl$ talk Another minister, 3ho 3as sittin8 neEt to the pastor, said< =@or*el is anointed so hea*$7 I don(t see ho3 he(s standin8 up7 He ma$ ;ust fall on the floor an$ minute7= 0urin8 that meetin8 the Hol$ 4pirit mo*ed in such a po3erful 3a$7 It(s ama9in8 3hat He 3ill do 3hen $ou o6e$ His Word and 3orship Him7

Make Worship and raise a Way of Livin!

+ou ma$ 3ant to choose a particular time and place for 3orship7 That(s fine if $ou do7 It(s up to $ou7 I don(t do that, 6ut $ou can if that(s ho3 $ou feel7 If $ou set a time:sa$, /<&& or !<&& in the mornin8, for instance:to 3orship God, don(t sa$ later< =Well, I 3orshipped God for an hour this mornin8, so m$ time has alread$ 6een spent in 3orship7 I can do somethin8 else no37= @o, $ou


need to 6e read$ and 3illin8 to 3orship God an$time7 I am not tellin8 $ou that $ou ha*e to 8et up at 5<&& in the mornin8 and keep 3orshippin8 God until !<&&7 And $ou don(t ha*e to 8o out under an oak tree at "<&& e*er$ afternoon so that $ou can praise God for three hours7 I(*e tried all those kinds of thin8s, and it all sounds real reli8ious and real 8ood, 6ut the sad part of it is $ou can ne*er stick to it7 There 3ill come a da$ 3hen $ou can(t 8o out under the oak tree at "<&& and pra$ for three hours7 0o $ou understand that> It is a 8ood idea to esta6lish a time and place for 3orship and praise if $ou 3ant to7 I am not knockin8 that7 %ut don(t let a schedule and place for pra$er put $ou under some kind of pressure or 6onda8e7 Aust make 3orship and praise a 3a$ of li*in87 I 3orship God re8ularl$, 6ut I don(t ha*e hours set to 3orship Him7 I tr$ to 3orship Him at least t3o, three or four times a da$7 #ersonall$, 3hen I first 8et up e*er$ mornin8, I like to 3orship the Lord for a 3hile7 =,or ho3 lon8, %rother @or*el>= people ask me7 I don(t kno3 ho3 lon87 I(m not 8oin8 to time m$self in 3orshippin8 God7 I 8ot deli*ered from that 6onda8e a lon8 time a8o I used to 3orship God onl$ from 11<&& to 12<&& e*er$ 4unda$ mornin87 %ut if 3e didn(t 8et out at 12<&&, the other churches 3ould 6eat us to the cafeteria


God doesn(t 3ear a 3atch7 He has nothin8 6ut time7 If $ou 3ant to 3orship God e*er$ mornin8, take fi*e, ten, fifteen minutes:take three hours if $ou 3ant to7 %ut 3atch that $ou don(t 8et out too far and 8et 3eird7 If $ou do, it 3on(t 6e lon8 till $ou(ll 3ant to 5uit $our ;o6 and =li*e 6$ faith7= After three or four months, $our 3ife 3ill 6e sa$in8, =Ha*e $ou looked at the cup6oards latel$>= +ou(ll sa$, =I(m ;ust 6elie*in8 God to suppl$ our needs, hone$7= After a6out siE months of that she(ll 6e sa$in8, =0on(t $ou (hone$( me7 I(m hun8r$7= Make 3orshippin8 God a 3a$ of li*in8, 6ut sta$ 6alanced I(m tellin8 $ou7 God likes normal people full of the Hol$ Ghost7 Ma$6e $ou(re a 6usinessman, and $ou 3ant to 3orship God at noontime in $our office7 Well then, ;ust close the door to $our office and sa$ to $our secretar$, =If I 8et an$ phone calls, take a messa8e7 Get the num6er, and I(ll return the call7= Aust sho3 God that $ou(ll close $our office door for fifteen minutes7 Then don(t do an$thin8 3hile $ou(re alone there in $our office eEcept 3orship and praise Him7 Get do3n on $our knees and praise Him and 3orship Him for a 3hile7 4tart seein8 Aesus as $our 6usiness partner7 After spendin8 some time like that, the 8lor$ of the Lord 3ill start comin8 into $our office, and $ou(ll 6e8in to feel His presence like ne*er 6efore7 When $ou 6e8in to 3orship God alone, He 3ill re3ard $ou openl$7 In God there is no defeat7 Whene*er $ou suffer an unsuccessful thin8 in $our life, it is 6ecause Aesus is on the outside 1"

lookin8 in7 He is not in*ol*ed in it7 An$thin8 that Aesus 8ets in*ol*ed in 3ill 6e successful7 There are no unsuccessful thin8s in God7 ?*er$thin8 in God is successful7

raise "i# in the $on!re!ation

@o3 ;ust 6ecause $ou 3orship God alone doesn(t mean $ou shouldn(t e*er 3orship Him 3hen others are around7 #salm 111<1 sa$s, Praise ye the Lord. I will praise the Lord with my whole heart, in the assembly of the pright, and in the !ongregation7 God said to praise Him 3ith the upri8ht and in the con8re8ation7 When I 3as in Tulsa, Oklahoma, one time, I found out 5uick a6out 3hat happens 3hen people praise and 3orship in the con8re8ation7 While I 3as sta$in8 3ith %rother Fenneth Ha8in and his 3ife, Oretha, 3e 3ent out to a restaurant for dinner one ni8ht7 We had left the ta6le and 3ere 3alkin8 across the dinin8 room 3hen, all of a sudden, a man stopped me at his ta6le and said, =@or*el Ha$es>= =+es, sir,= I said7 =I 3on(t take much of $our time7 I kno3 $ou are 3ith %rother and 4ister Ha8in7 %ut sometimes people don(t e*er 8i*e $ou testimonies7 I ;ust 3ant to 8i*e $ou a 5uick one7= =I 3as a total dope addict,= he said7 =I had 6een on dope a6out siEteen $ears7 I 3as a needle case, a hea*$ trip7 One ni8ht I 3as strun8 out on dru8s and, as I 3as dri*in8 6$ a 6i8 6uildin8, I sa3 1'

hundreds of cars in the parkin8 lot7 I 3as so strun8 out that I didn(t kno3 3hat 3as 8oin8 on7 =I thou8ht to m$self, (The$ must 6e ha*in8 a 6i8 part$ in there7 Look at all the cars ( 4o I parked m$ car7 =4omeho3 I found m$ 3a$ to the 6uildin8 and 3ent inside7 +ou 3ere up there 6ehind the pulpit speakin8, so I took a seat to3ard the 6ack of the room7 =Then $ou had people stand up7 I 3as ;ust standin8 there, totall$ strun8 out on dru8s7 I didn(t e*en kno3 3here I 3as7 I didn(t kno3 3hat 3as 8oin8 on7 I had ne*er heard of Fenneth Ha8in7 =+ou pointed $our fin8er strai8ht at me and said, (Lift up $our hands and praise God7 He is 3orth$ to 6e praised7( =When $ou said that, I ;ust thou8ht, (Well, I(ll ;ust lift up m$ hands and praise God7( =All of a sudden some kind of po3er came ri8ht do3n from the top of m$ head7 It 3ent throu8h m$ hands and out the 6ottom of m$ feet7 When it did, e*er$ 6ad desire left me7 I so6ered up and 6ecame normal ri8ht at that moment7 =I 3as totall$ chan8ed into another human 6ein8 as I stood there that ni8ht, 6ecause $ou told me to lift up m$ hands and praise God7 +ou said that God 3ould do 8reat thin8s for me, that the 3orks of God 3ere 8reat7 When I lifted up m$ hands, e*er$ ounce of 6ad desire left me completel$7 =Toda$ I am a student at %rother Ha8in(s school, -hema %i6le Trainin8 )enter, and I ;ust 3anted to thank $ou, Mr7 Ha$es, for $our ministr$7= 15

If $ou 3ant God to help $ou and 6less $ou a6undantl$, learn to 3orship Him and praise Him7 If it 3ill 3ork for a dope addict, it 3ill 3ork for $ou, 6ut $ou can(t 6e ashamed of God in front of men7 #raise Him 3ith $our o3n mouth out loud so $ou can hear $ourself praisin8 Him, and 3orship Him 3ith $our 3hole heart in the assem6l$ of the upri8ht and in the con8re8ation7

Your Motive %s %#portant

@o3 some people tr$ to 6e reli8ious 3ith God on 4unda$ mornin8 and 4unda$ ni8ht then do their o3n thin8 the rest of the 3eek7 Wh$ don(t the$ 3orship God all throu8h the 3eek> 4ome people take $ou out to dinner and 3ant to sho3 $ou ho3 reli8ious the$ are and sa$, =%less God, I(*e 8ot some tracts 3ith me, and I(m 8oin8 to 8et this 3aitress sa*ed7= Then the$ sa$ to the 3aitress, =He$, are $ou sa*ed>= 0o $ou kno3 3h$ those people are like that> %asicall$ it is 6ecause the$ 3ant to 6e seen in pu6lic7 The$ don(t spend an$ 5ualit$ time 3orshippin8 Aesus in the 6ack room 3here no6od$ can see them7 God plainl$ tells us in His Word that the$ alread$ ha*e their re3ard7 'a#e heed that ye do not yo r alms before men, to be seen of them( otherwise ye have no reward of yo r )ather whi!h is in heaven BMatt7 /<1C7 When $ou act like this, $ou(re not helpin8 Aesus7 0o $ou understand that> +ou don(t ha*e to sho3 some6od$ ho3 spiritual $ou are 6$ em6arrassin8 some6od$ else or 6$ stoppin8 1/

some6od$ on their ;o6 3hile someone is pa$in8 them to 6e 3orkin87 If the situation calls for it, and $ou feel led of the Lord, that(s fine, 6ut al3a$s remem6er not to 8et out of order7 Learn ho3 to conduct $ourself first of all7 Al3a$s lea*e a person 3ith a 8ood taste in their mouth a6out $ou and Aesus7 We ha*e all made mistakes in our li*es7 4ometimes 3hen some6od$ 8ets 6apti9ed in the Hol$ 4pirit, the$ run around the countr$ tr$in8 to share messa8es in ton8ues 3ith e*er$6od$7 @o3 God 3ould like for e*er$6od$ to speak in ton8ues, I 8uarantee $ou, 6ut people shouldn(t run around doin8 that7 The$ think< =@o3 that I am 6apti9ed in the Hol$ Ghost and I speak 3ith other ton8ues, I am 8oin8 to 8o home and 8et m$ 3hole famil$ 6apti9ed in the Hol$ Ghost and speakin8 3ith other ton8ues = @o7 The$ need to take a different approach7 If the$ 8o home and sa$ that to their famil$, the 3hole 6unch ma$ sa$,= *hat+ +ou do what+, I kno3 a 6eautiful 8irl 3ho 3as 6apti9ed in the Hol$ Ghost and spoke 3ith other ton8ues7 Then she 3ent home and told her hus6and, =I speak in other ton8ues = He 8ot so scared of her that he 3ouldn(t kiss her a8ain7 He said, =+ou(re not kissin8 me +ou ha*e one of those funn$ spirits7= The$ 3ound up 8ettin8 a di*orce7 4ome6od$ Bpro6a6l$ other than his 3ifeC should ha*e taken the %i6le and sat do3n 3ith him, sho3ed him the 4criptures B1 )or7 1'D Acts 11

2<'C, and eEplained to him intelli8entl$ a6out the plan of sal*ation and the 6aptism in the Hol$ 4pirit 3ith the e*idence of speakin8 in other ton8ues7 Handlin8 it that 3a$ 3ould ha*e 8i*en him a chance to understand it7 At least, he mi8ht ha*e understood it a little 6it7 %ut she ;ust 6la9ed a3a$ at him 3ith< =I(*e 8ot 3hat $ou need7 +ou need to 6e 6apti9ed in the Hol$ Ghost and speak 3ith other ton8ues7= 4he told the truth, 6ut she didn(t handle it ri8ht7 4o she 8ot no more kisses, and it 3asn(t lon8 until she 3as di*orced7 Watch 3hat $ou sa$ and ho3 $ou act around people7 %e led 6$ God in e*er$thin8 $ou do7 Then $ou 3ill al3a$s conduct $ourself the 3a$ He 3ants $ou to7



The Works of the Lord Are Great!

'he wor#s of the Lord are great, so ght o t of all them that have pleas re therein7 #salm 111<2 =What eEactl$ do the 3orks of the Lord include, %rother @or*el>= $ou ma$ ask7 The 3orks of the Lord are sal*ation for $ou and $our 3hole famil$ if $our faith 3ai*ereth not7 The 3orks of the Lord God Almi8ht$ are health to $our 6od$7 The 3orks of the Lord are miracles 3hen $ou need them7 The 3orks of the Lord are the nine 8ifts of the 4pirit for an$one that 3ill 6elie*e in Him7 The 3orks of the Lord are 8reat, sou8ht out of all them that 3ill ha*e pleasure therein7 I 3ish the 3orld kne3 ho3 8reat the 3orks of the Lord 3ere7 I hate to ha*e to sa$ this, 6ut I 3ish all the church 3orld kne3 it, too7 I kno3 that some of them do, 6ut I feel so sorr$ for the people 3ho are al3a$s 3orkin8 hard to 6uild 6uildin8s in their o3n stren8th instead of en;o$in8 the 8reat 3orks of the Lord7 The$ are s3eet #eople 3ho spend lots of mone$, millions of dollars, on 6uildin8s for the Lord7 %ut 6ecause of the doctrine the$ are li*in8 under, the doctrine that is preached to them, the$ ma$ ne*er 8et to en;o$ the 3orks of God7


=%ut, %rother @or*el, I(m sick7 I(m 6roke7 I(m confused7 I need help7= I(m tellin8 $ou 6oldl$ that the 3orks of God are 8reat, and the$ are manifested 3hen $ou are 3illin8 to 3orship and praise Him7 As lon8 as $ou re;ect 3orshippin8 God and praisin8 Him and 8lorif$in8 His name, $ou 3ill ha*e no kno3led8e of His 3orks 6ein8 8reat7 +ou 3ill 6e lea*in8 Aesus out of $our life 6ecause $ou are failin8 to keep $our e$es on Him7

The Works of the Lord Are "ealin!

4ome Ae3s in Aerusalem sa3 some of the healin8 3orks of the Lord, and the$ 3ere ama9ed at 3hat the$ sa37 Let(s read a6out this in Acts "7 Now Peter and John went p together into the temple at the ho r of prayer, being the ninth ho r. -nd a !ertain man lame from his mother.s womb was !arried, whom they laid daily at the gate of the temple whi!h is !alled /ea tif l, to as# alms of them that entered into the temple% *ho seeing Peter and John abo t to go into the temple as#ed an alms. -nd Peter, fastening his eyes pon him with John, said, Loo# on s. -nd he gave heed nto them, e0pe!ting to re!eive something of them. 'hen Peter said, "ilver and gold have I none% b t s !h as I have give I thee( In the name of Jes s 1hrist of Na2areth rise p and wal#.


-nd he too# him by the right hand, and lifted him p( and immediately his feet and an#le bones re!eived strength. -nd he leaping p stood, and wal#ed, and entered with them into the temple, wal#ing, and leaping, and praising $od. -nd all the people saw him wal#ing and praising $od( -nd they #new that it was he whi!h sat for alms at the /ea tif l gate of the temple( and they were filled with wonder and ama2ement at that whi!h had happened nto him. *erses 1G1& Within a fe3 minutes that crippled man 3as totall$ normal7 His le8 3asn(t crooked an$more And he 3ent 3alkin8, and leapin8, and praisin8 God When the Ae3s sa3 it, the$ 3ere ama9ed7 =%ut Ae3s don(t 6elie*e in Aesus, %rother @or*el,= someone ma$ sa$7 When the$ see a crippled man healed, the$ do all of a sudden7 +ou 3ould, too, especiall$ if $ou had someone 3ho 3as crippled at home $ourself7 +ou 3ould 6elie*e it 5uick Oh, I ha*e pleasure in the 3orks of the Lord7 And, m$ friend, $ou should ha*e pleasure in them, too7

The Works of the Lord Are &inancial rovision

As I shared 6efore, God said to me< =I 3ant M$ people to spend time 3orshippin8 Me7 I 3ant to see M$ )hurch 3orship7


%ut more than that I 3ant indi*iduals to 3orship Me, especiall$ 3hen those indi*iduals 8et alone 6efore Me7= When God told me that, I 6e8an to 3orship Him more and more7 I 6e8an to spend time 3orshippin8 and praisin8 Him7 When I put Him first in 3orship and praise, finances 6e8an to come to me and to m$ ministr$7 The same thin8 3ill 3ork 3ithin $our church7 %ut $our pastor and the con8re8ation ha*e to 3ant to 3orship God7 The$ ha*e to spend more time 3orshippin8 God and praisin8 Him, lookin8 to3ard hea*en rather than al3a$s seein8 the needs and the lack of mone$7 #ut e*er$thin8 in the proper perspecti*e7 Then God 3ill pro*ide, and $ou 3ill see hundreds of thousands of dollars added to $our church account7 I(m tellin8 $ou that $ou 3ill7 +ou ma$ sa$, =Well, 3here does it come from, %rother @or*el>= Who in the 3orld kno3s 3here it comes from> I don(t al3a$s kno3 m$self7 God 3ill ;ust see that it comes7 I recei*ed an interestin8 letter at m$ office one da$7 This is ho3 it read< =I(m do3n here in ,lorida and I 3as pra$in87 %rother @or*el, the Lord told me to send $our ministr$ a check for H2/,&&&7 =I told m$ 3ife a6out it, 6ut she didn(t a8ree 3ith me7 I said, (Hone$, I kno3 3hat the Lord told me7 I 3as pra$in8 and God told me to send @or*el


Ha$es(s ministr$ a check for H2/,&&&7 4o $ou 8o pra$ $ourself and ask God a6out it7(= 4he 3ent to her room and started pra$in87 After she had pra$ed for a 3hile, she came out and said, (4end %rother @or*el the check7(= And he did M$ friend, that happens to me all the time7 -ll the time M$ ministr$ has mone$ in the 6ank, 6ut 3e need it 3ith all that(s re5uired at our office and in our %i6le school7 There is al3a$s somethin8 that needs to 6e done7 I 6elie*e 3e ou8ht to ha*e a certain amount of mone$ ;ust as a nest e887 Then 3hen somethin8 comes up, I don(t ha*e to sa$, =Where are 3e 8oin8 to 8et the mone$>= I can tell $ou ri8ht no3, God doesn(t 3ant me to 3orr$ a6out an$thin87

The Works of the Lord Are Gifts fro# the Spirit

One time 3hen I 3as holdin8 a meetin8 in 4an Antonio, TeEas, a lad$ came up to 6e pra$ed for7 When I laid m$ hands on her and pra$ed, she raised up her hands and 6e8an to praise the Lord7 All of a sudden she 6roke do3n and 6e8an to 3eep7 It seemed different 3ith her as she 3as praisin8 the Lord7 %oth of her hands 3ere 6ein8 held out as if she 3ere pla$in8 a piano7 As she continued praisin8 Aesus, her 6od$ 3as standin8 still, 6ut 6oth her hands 3ere mo*in8 from left to ri8ht7 4he 3as


praisin8 the Lord 3ith her mouth and 3ith her hands, and tears 3ere streamin8 do3n her face7 4he must ha*e stood there for a6out t3ent$ minutes7 When I looked around at her, the 4pirit of God said to me, =I(m teachin8 her to pla$ the or8an7= As 3e sa3 in #salm 111<2, the 3orks of God are 8reat7 %ut $ou 3ill ne*er kno3 much a6out the 8reat 3orks of God until $ou 6o3 do3n 6efore Him and 6e8in to 3orship7 To 3orship Him, $ou ha*e to spend some time praisin8 His name and 8lorif$in8 Him7 This 3oman(s hus6and 3as standin8 3ith her 6$ this time7 I 3alked o*er to them and said to her, =The Hol$ Ghost ;ust spoke to me, and He is teachin8 $ou to pla$ the or8an7= After that happened, God unfolded the or8an to her and tau8ht her to pla$ it 6$ ministerin8 to her throu8h her hands7 4he 6e8an to pla$ the or8an ;ust like a professional7 4he 3as so 8ood, in fact, that the pastor of a lar8e con8re8ation in Houston, TeEas, had her come to his church and pla$ for them7 4he 3as so 8ood at the or8an that she pla$ed there for months and months7

The Works of the Lord Are for the 'e(t Generation

If $ou 3ill 8i*e $our talent to God and dedicate $ourself to Him, God 3ill do the same kind of 3ork in $our offsprin8 that He has done in $ou7


I sa3 this happen throu8h a mother and dau8hter after I ministered another time in 4an Antonio, TeEas7 I met a lad$ 3ho 3as a *iola pla$er in the 4an Antonio s$mphon$ orchestra7 4he said, =@or*el, 3ould $ou come to m$ house, talk to m$ hus6and, and 6e8 him to let me 3ork for Aesus>= I had dinner 3ith them and talked for a lon8 time a6out the importance of their 6ein8 open to the Lord(s 3ork7 =+ou(re not married to a normal 8irl,= I said to the hus6and7 =+our 3ife has a deep dedication to God, and she is hea*il$ anointed of God7 He is 8oin8 to do 8reat and mi8ht$ thin8s for her, 6ecause she 3ould 8o an$3here for Him7= 4he 3as 3illin8 to dri*e fi*e hundred miles to pla$ one tune on the *iola for Aesus7 One time she dro*e to 4hre*eport, Louisiana, 3here I 3as holdin8 a meetin87 When she started to pla$ the *iola, the Lord healed a crippled man 3ho 3as sittin8 do3n front7 Then people started 6ein8 healed e*er$3here7 All she did 3as pla$ the *iola as God led her7 When $ou start praisin8 God 3ith the strin8ed instruments and 3ith $our *oice, it is ama9in8 3hat God 3ill do7 He ;ust 3ants His people to praise Him7 ,irst, that lad$ used her strin8ed instrument to praise the Lord7 Then she 3as 6lessed 3hen a 6a6$ 8irl 3as 6orn to her7 When that dau8hter 8re3 into her teens, the Lord God 8a*e her a sin8in8 *oice7 He anointed that *oiceD


and 6$ the a8e of fifteen, she 3as 8i*en the a6ilit$ to 3rite son8s7 @o3 that $oun8 lad$ is eEactl$ like her mother7 4he 3ill 8o an$3here, an$place, 3hene*er she is allo3ed to do somethin8 for Aesus7

The Works of the Lord Are Already repared for You

The 3orks of the Lord are 8reat, and the$ are a*aila6le to all 3ho 3ould 3orship and praise God for all He has done and e*er 3ill do for us7 When $ou 3orship and praise God, it(s as if $ou are sittin8 do3n at God(s ta6le set 3ith 6eautiful dishes and a6undant food7 ?*er$thin8 $ou 3ill e*er need in $our life has 6een set 6efore $ou on God(s ta6le7 ?*er$ dish on His ta6le has a 6i8 en8ra*ed si8n on each 6o3l 3ith 3ords like< 4al*ation, Healin8, ,aith, Miracles, 0eli*erance, Fno3led8e, and Wisdom7 The food inside is alread$ prepared for $ou7 +ou don(t ha*e to hire an$6od$ to prepare it7 It has alread$ 6een prepared and paid for7 All $ou ha*e to do is 8et $ourself in shape so that $ou can sit do3n and freel$ eat from God(s ta6le 3here His 8reat 3orks are a*aila6le to $ou throu8h His Word7 +ou 8et $ourself in shape 6$ 6uildin8 $our faith and learnin8 the promises of God to $ou in His Word7 "o then faith !ometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of $od B-om7 1&<11C7 +ou 8et $ourself in shape 6$ spendin8 time in pra$er7 %ut $ou also 8et $ourself in shape 6$ praisin8 and 3orshippin8 God, and lettin8 it 6ecome a part of 2/

$our life7 Worship and praise God all the time $ou can7 Then 3hen $ou 3ant somethin8 from God, $ou 3ill come to His ta6le and sit do3n 3ith 8reat manners, 3ith 8reat respect for His Word and His promises in it7 +ou 3ill put $our napkin across $our lap and sit up strai8ht7 Then $ou 3ill look o*er and sa$, =#ass the healin8 6o3l, please7= When it is passed, $ou 3ill take that healin8 6o3l and $ou 3ill freel$ dip out of it7 +ou 3ill freel$ eat out of the 6o3l of His Word7 Of course, 3hen $ou eat God(s Word, no matter 3hat the su6;ect is, $ou 3ill start en;o$in8 it more and more7 The kind of lifest$le $ou ha*e 3ill 6e 6ased on the food $ou eat7 If $ou are sick and don(t kno3 ho3 to 6e healed, or ha*en(t 6een healed, it is 6ecause $ou ha*en(t 6een eatin8 God(s healin8 *erses in the @e3 Testament7 =%rother @or*el, I read a6out them7= 0on(t ;ust read them, eat them7 Meditate on them and make them part of $ou =%ut, %rother @or*el, I need a miracle,= $ou sa$7 4it do3n at God(s ta6le 6$ 3orshippin8 and praisin8 Him7 4ho3 His Word respect and 3ith 8ood manners sa$, =#ass the miracle 6o3l, please7 I(*e 8ot a 6i8 spoon = -each into that miracle 6o3l and take out the miracle $ou need7 ?at as much of it as $ou can stand 6ecause miracles are $ours God has miracleG 3orkin8 po3er, and it is a free 8ift to the )hurch7 The Lord said to me< =4on, the reason man$ people can(t recei*e is 6ecause the$ can(t 21

e*en eat at M$ ta6le 3ithout 6ein8 a ner*ous 3reck7 The$ ha*en(t 6uilt up their faith7 Their pra$er life is sha66$7 The$ ha*e hardl$ spent an$ time praisin8 and 3orshippin8 Me7= The ta6le is alread$ set and prepared 6$ )hrist Aesus for $ou to li*e the a6undant life BAohn 1&<1&C, so eat an$thin8 $ou 3ant from God(s Word that $ou need7 It is all in there7 =When the$ come to M$ ta6le to eat,= God told me, the onl$ reason the$ don(t recei*e is 6ecause the$ ha*e slopp$ manners7= When the$ are halfG6eaten, the$ sit do3n at the ta6le and look o*er at the 6o3l of healin8, hopin8 to 8et healed, 6ut 3onderin8, =Will it 3ork for me>= If $our mind thinks like that, $ou 3on(t recei*e the miracle $ou need -ene3 $our mind to the Word of God7 +ou ha*e the mind of )hrist in $ou When $ou do, $ou 3ill sit do3n at God(s ta6le 3ith respect and sa$< =#raise God The stripes on Aesus( 6ack ha*e paid for m$ healin87 4o pass me that 6o3l of healin8 = Then $ou 3ill take it, fill $our plate full of it, and eat it7 As $ou eat it, $ou 3ill che3 e*er$ 6ite of it7 +ou 3ill 8ladl$ take in e*er$ mouthful, and $ou 3ill recei*e it 3ith di8nit$7 +ou 3on(t 6e slopp$ and let it run do3n $our cheeks, 6ecause $ou don(t 3ant to miss e*en one drop of it7 +ou don(t 3ant it to 8et a3a$7 +ou 3ant e*er$ ounce of it and e*er$ 6ite of it7 That is called ha*in8 respect for the stripes on Aesus( 6ack7 It is called ha*in8 respect for the healin8 *erses in the %i6le7 0on(t $ou kno3 that the onl$ part of the %i6le $ou 8et to en;o$ is the part $ou ha*e respect for> If $ou don(t en;o$ the %i6le as much as a


Hershe$ 6ar or homemade fud8e 3ith nuts, then 8o 3orship God some more7 As $ou 3orship God and praise Him, not onl$ 3ill $ou 6e8in to desire to kno3 3hat God(s Word sa$s, 6ut it 3ill 6ecome more appeti9in8 to $ou, and $ou 3ill 6e a6le to eEperience more and more of the a6undant life that He has prepared for $ou7 The 3orks of the Lord are 8reat7 4eek after them and ha*e pleasure in them7 B#s7 111<27C



Worship God, and He Will Pay the Bills!

He hath given meat nto them that fear him ... #salm 111<5 I 3ant us to look at #salm 111 a8ain7 This time at *erses "G5< His wor# is hono rable and glorio s( and his righteo sness end reth for ever. He hath made his wonderf l wor#s to be remembered( the Lord is gra!io s and f ll of !ompassion. He hath given meat nto them that fear him....

Don)t Worship &alse Gods

If people aren(t afraid to 3orship a false 8od, the$ can ;ust 8o ahead and do it7 %ut 3hen the$ do, the$ ma$ ha*e to 8o 3ithout meat7 Whole countries ma$ star*e 6ecause the$ don(t 3orship God7 The$ ;ust don(t 3orship God7 If those people 3ould 6o3 do3n 6efore God and 6e8in to 3orship Him 3ith no shame, I 8uarantee $ou that it 3ouldn(t 6e man$ da$s until the rain 3ould start to fall and their crops 3ould 6e8in to 8ro37 If the$ kept on 3orshippin8 God, it 3ouldn(t 6e lon8 until the$ 3ould ha*e so much food that the$ could sell it to other nations7 The$ 3ould 6e o*erloaded 3ith food7


Aust remem6er this< God 3ill onl$ put up 3ith people(s re;ection of Him and their refusin8 to 3orship Him and 8lorif$ His name for ;ust so lon8. $od is f ll of mer!y and !ompassion and nderstanding. B#s7 2/<15D 1'1<57C 4ometimes He 3ill put up 3ith 3hat people do for $ears and $ears and $ears, e*en hundreds of $ears7 %ut a nation can(t continue re;ectin8 the Lord Aesus )hrist or failin8 to 8lorif$ Him and praise Him after He has shed His 6lood 6$ sufferin8 on the cross for all mankind 3ithout the de*il 3reckin8 ha*oc in the li*es of its people7 #eople like that don(t e*en reco8ni9e God7 The$ reco8ni9e some 8oof$ false 8od7 )an $ou 6elie*e that an$ part of the human race could e*er 3orship a false 8od like %uddha for instance> If I 3as 8oin8 to 3orship an$ other 8od 6esides Aesus, I think I could find some6od$ that looked a little 6etter than %uddha7 I mean, if $ou are 8oin8 to 6e decei*ed, $ou mi8ht as 3ell 6e decei*ed in a nicer 3a$7 Ho3 people can e*er 3orship him is 6e$ond m$ understandin87 I 8uess the$ do it 6ecause their parents tau8ht them to7 ?*er$thin8 produces after its o3n kind7

*(perience "is Abundant Life

Are $ou health$> Are $our needs met> Are $ou 3illin8 to do 3hat God sa$s, e*en if it means 8oin8 out on the streets and passin8 out tracts> 0oes mone$ mean an$thin8 to $ou>


If $ou ha*e to sa$ no to these 5uestions, $ou are 6ein8 ro66ed of li*in8 that precious a6undant life in Aesus7 +ou ma$ sa$, =Well, I don(t 6elie*e )hristians are supposed to ha*e much mone$7= If $ou 6elie*e that, $ou are 6ein8 ro66ed 4ome people don(t e*en kno3 the truth that is in the %i6le7 The$ ha*e no earthl$ idea a6out the thin8s God 3ould like for them to eEperience7 The$ ma$ ha*e 8one to church for $ears, 6ut spirituall$ the$ are as empt$ as an$ person could possi6l$ 6e7 The$ are 8ood people 3ho 8o to church and sa$, =I lo*e the Lord777I lo*e the Lord777I lo*e the Lord7= And the$ do lo*e the Lord7 %ut the$ ha*e no earthl$ idea a6out li*in8 the precious life that Aesus has pro*ided for them7 I kno3 lots of people like this7 And the$ are s3eet people, too7 I ha*e 8one o*er to their houses and had dinner 3ith them7 I lo*e them all, e*er$ one of them7 The$ are precious people7 %ut if I started talkin8 to them a6out a6undant life and said somethin8 like, =The Hol$ Ghost 3ants to make $ou a million dollars,= the$ 3ould almost come apart at the seams I 3ant $ou to look at the neEt chapter, #salm 1127 +ou(re not read$ for it 6ut $ou mi8ht as 3ell look at it an$3a$7 Praise ye the Lord. /lessed is the man that feareth the Lord, that delighteth greatly in his !ommandments. His seed shall be mighty pon earth( the generation of the pright shall be blessed. *ealth and ri!hes shall be in his


ho se( and his righteo sness end reth for ever. *erses 1G" Aesus 3ants $ou to li*e an a6undant life It(s ne*er God(s 3ill for $ou to 6e poor, to li*e in po*ert$, confusion and sickness7 That is not God(s 3ill for the human race7 I am tellin8 $ou that if $ou 3ill ;ust 6o3 do3n 6efore God and 3orship Him and allo3 $our mouth to praise and 8lorif$ His name, $ou(ll 8et deli*ered7 +ou can li*e afar off if $ou 3ant to:far off from 3here $ou could 6e li*in87 +ou can 3allo3 around in the lap of reli8ion if $ou 3ant to7 Man$ people do, $ou kno3, e*en thou8h the$ are 8ood people 3ho lo*e the Lord7 %ut if those 8ood people lo*e the Lord, 3h$ don(t the$ 8et God(s 6est> The$ 3ill ne*er 6e a6le to 8et God(s 6est until the$ 6o3 do3n 6efore God, 3orshippin8 Him and praisin8 His name7

Let Your Soul rosper &irst

When I 6e8an to spend time 3orshippin8 the Lord, finances 6e8an to come to me and to m$ ministr$7 I remem6er one time 3hen the financial 6lessin8 came to me throu8h a 6usiness deal7 When I 3alked in that la3$er(s office that mornin8 to si8n those papers, I said to Aesus, =I kno3 3hen I si8n those papers that I(ll make a 5uarter of a million dollars7 @o3 3h$ did $ou do that for me> I don(t e*en need it7= He said, =+ou passed M$ test7=


I said, =#assed +our test> What do $ou mean that I passed +our test> I(m not an$ more special than an$6od$ else7= He said, =+ou passed M$ test7 +our soul has 6een prosperin87 +ou(*e 6een spendin8 time 3orshippin8 Me, and $ou(*e 6een 3orkin8 for ei8ht $ears 3ith a 3oman 3ho has 6een li*in8 in adulter$7 After ei8ht $ears of compassion and ei8ht $ears of lo*e, that calls for re3ards7 Then He reminded me, =Who made a phone call to $ou so $ou could 8et this deal>= I started thinkin8 6ack, =Well, let me see no37 Oh, that 3oman777= He said, =+eah, and 3hile she 3as li*in8 in adulter$ 3ith that married man for ei8ht $ears, $ou talked to her a6out hea*en7 +ou 8ot her so hun8r$ for hea*en that she finall$ 8a*e up her lo*er and 8ot sa*ed7 That(s the 3a$ it 3orks7 +ou let $our soul prosper first7= God puts it this 3a$ in His Word, /eloved, I wish above all things that tho mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy so l prospereth B" Aohn 2C7 In another 4cripture He sa$s it another 3a$, 4eek $e first the kin8dom of God, and his ri8hteousnessD and all these thin8s shall 6e added unto $ou BMatt7 /<""C7 If $ou 3ill seek Him first, God 3ill add His a6undant 6lessin8 to $ou7 +ou mi8ht sa$, =%rother @or*el, God is not addin8 a6undant 6lessin8 to me7= =Well, there is a reason 3h$ He is not7 @o3 let me ask $ou a 5uestion, Are $ou spendin8 time e*er$ da$ 3orshippin8 God> Are $ou lettin8 the praises of God come out of $our mouth "'

throu8hout the da$>= When $ou do, God 3ill release His po3er to $ou7

God rovides for the 'eeds of a Ministry

4ome time a8o I 3as at a con*ention 3here a 3ellGkno3n tele*ision e*an8elist 3as the speaker7 0urin8 that time he shared 3ith me a6out ho3 his ministr$ had 6een ha*in8 some pro6lems7 =I(m ha*in8 trou6le pa$in8 m$ 6ills, @or*el7 4ince all this mess came out a6out the TI ministers, some stations ha*en(t 3anted to keep us on the air7 I(m reall$ ha*in8 a pro6lem7= At the end of the con*ention, the$ 3ere holdin8 a 8reat 6i8 6an5uet7 The$ called and said the$ 3anted me to sit on the platform that da$, so I did7 Then one of the fello3s in char8e came up to me and said, =@or*el, 3e(re 6ehind a lot7= =What do $ou mean>= =Well, 3e(*e 8ot to ha*e se*eral thousand dollars in this offerin8 to e*en pa$ the 6ills for this con*ention7 This is the last ser*ice7 Wh$ don(t $ou pra$ and see if God 3ill let $ou take up the offerin8 for us>= =Well, I(ll pra$, 6ut I don(t feel an$thin8 ri8ht no37= I kno3 God calls me to do thin8s like that sometimes, and I don(t mind if the 4pirit of God 3ants me to7 4o I pra$ed, 6ut I didn(t feel an$thin8 one 3a$ or the other7 "5

A little 3hile later, he came 6ack o*er to me and said, =@or*el, do $ou feel like $ou can take up the offerin8 for us>= =@ot necessaril$,= I said7 =If $ou feel led of the Lord, $ou 8o ahead and take it up7 If $ou don(t feel like the Lord 3ants $ou to, then I(ll take it up for $ou7= 4o it 3asn(t *er$ lon8 6efore he introduced me7 The tele*ision e*an8elist 3as the 6an5uet speaker, and he 3as sittin8 ri8ht neEt to me on the platform7 When I 3ent up to the podium, I 6e8an to tell them a6out ho3 I used to ha*e to stru88le sometimes to pa$ m$ 6ills until the Lord spoke to me a6out ho3 I 3as missin8 it7 Then I shared 3ith them some of the thin8s I ha*e 3ritten in this 6ook7 =The Lord said to me, (+ou don(t 3orship Me enou8h7 +ou are 8oin8 a6out the countr$ esta6lishin8 $our o3n doctrines and doin8 $our o3n thin87(= Then I said to them< =4o 3hen $ou 8o around the countr$ esta6lishin8 $our o3n doctrine, doin8 $our o3n thin8, preachin8 $our o3n sermons, and pra$in8 $our o3n pra$ers, God 3ill let $ou pa$ $our TI 6ills, too7 =He 3ill let $ou take $ears and $ears and $ears to raise the mone$ to 6uild a 6uildin87 He 3on(t do an$thin8 a6out it7 +ou 3ill ha*e to practicall$ 6e8 e*er$ church 8roup that $ou come to, 8o on a mone$Graisin8 campai8n, and 6eat $our mem6ers o*er the top of their head, tr$in8 to 8et them all to 8i*e mone$ for this (8reat campai8n for God7( "/

=%ut the Lord told me that I could ha*e an$thin8 I 3anted in the %i6le if I 3ould 3orship Him7 This con*ention needs se*eral thousand dollars to pa$ the 6ills, 6ut that is nothin8 for God7= Then I said< =0o $ou kno3 3hat is 8oin8 to happen> We are 8oin8 to 3orship God in this place, and God is 8oin8 to pa$ His 6ills7 He 3ill pro*e Himself to $ou7= A6out that time 3e started 3orshippin8 God7 While 3e 3ere 3orshippin8, the 4pirit of God all of a sudden came on me, and God 6e8an to 6oil a messa8e out of m$ 6ell$ in ton8ues7 I 3as 3eepin8 6efore God7 When I spoke the messa8e out in ton8ues, another man 8ot up and 8a*e the interpretation7 The e*an8elist 6e8an to 3eep and cr$ as he sat there7 He 3ept and 3ept and 3ept, and so did a lot of other people7 I told the people to o6e$ God in the offerin87 %ecause the$ had 6een 3orshippin8 God, the$ ;ust freel$ 8a*e into that offerin87 When the plates 3ere passed, that offerin8 came to much more than 3as needed7 The con*ention 6ills 3ere paid, and there 3as e*en some left o*er7 That(s no 6i8 deal for God When I had finished takin8 the offerin8, I patted that e*an8elist on the shoulder and said, =God 6less $ou7= He 3as still so66in87 Then he 3as introduced7 When he 8ot to the podium, he said, =This comin8 Monda$ mornin8 there is 8oin8 to 6e a chan8e at m$ ministr$ head5uarters7 4tartin8 at 2<&& a7m7 3hen "1

all of m$ staff comes in, 3e are 8oin8 to 6e8in the da$ 6$ 3orshippin8 God7= When he said that, I kne3 ;ust ho3 *alua6le that time of 3orship 3ould 6e to them7 When a 8roup is 3illin8 to 6e8in a time of 3orship and praise to8ether like that, the$ can eEpect God to 6e in their midst:and their 6ills 3ill 6e paid, too When $ou 3orship God durin8 offerin8 time, $ou can 8i*e 3hat $ou 3ant to7 %ut 3hen $ou reall$ 6o3 do3n in 3orship to God, $ou 3ill want to 8i*e Him somethin87 +ou don(t need some6od$ to put pressure on $ou7 0o $ou understand that> Worship God, and $ou 3ill 3ant to 8i*e God somethin87 It 3ill 6e a pri*ile8e for $ou to 8i*e God somethin87 +ou 3ill 6e ;ust like Aesus said< ...freely ye have re!eived, freely give BMatt7 1&<2C7 +ou 3ill freel$ 8i*e God somethin8 6ecause $ou lo*e Him and 3orship Him7 I ha*e ne3s for $ou< 3hen $ou 8i*e God somethin8 freel$, He 3ill freel$ 8i*e it 6ack to $ou7 The onl$ =trou6le= $ou mi8ht ha*e is that 3hen He 8i*es it 6ack to $ou, He multiplies it man$ times7 That is His 3a$ of 6lessin8 $ou like ne*er 6efore When that ministr$ staff did as the e*an8elist said the$ 3ould and turned to 3orshippin8 God on a re8ular 6asis, the$ 6e8an to see *ictor$ like ne*er 6efore7 And so 3ill $ou77.if $ou spend that same kind of time in 3orship and praise to $our Lord Aesus )hrist7


Worshippin! God Brin!s

You Out of Debt One of the most important thin8s in the 3orld that $ou can do is learn ho3 to praise the Lord7 0on(t 6e afraid of praisin8 Him7 %e 3illin8 to learn ho3 to praise $our God7 @otice #salm 112<1 sa$s( Praise ye the Lord. /lessed is the man that feareth the Lord, that delighteth greatly in his !ommandments. I 3ould 6e afraid not to praise God7 After stud$in8 the %i6le as much as I ha*e, I kno3 ho3 important it is to God 3hen 3e are 3illin8 to spend this kind of time 6efore Him7 I ha*e found that if I don(t 3orship God and praise Him a curse can come on me7 =What do $ou mean a curse comes upon $ou, %rother @or*el>= someone ma$ ask7 Well, a curse 3ould 6e me not ha*in8 enou8h mone$ to pa$ the 6ills or ha*in8 to put up 3ith all kinds of pro6lems7 As 6elie*ers, 3e do ha*e afflictions B3hich the Lord deli*ers us from accordin8 to #salm "'<1!C, 6ut I ha*e noticed that 3hen I don(t spend time 3orshippin8 and praisin8 the Lord, I end up ha*in8 to put up 3ith all kinds of pro6lems all the time7 There is no total freedom or *ictor$7 A num6er of $ears a8o 3hen I 3as in Ha3aii for another meetin8, a fello3 came up to me for counselin87 He said< =I 8o to church here, %rother @or*el, and I reall$ need some


counselin87 )ould $ou help me>= Then he told me his situation7 =I ha*e three children, and I ha*en(t had a ;o6 in t3o $ears7 I(m H15,&&& in de6t, and I(*e eEhausted e*er$ an8le for mone$7 =I(*e 3orked in the su8ar cane fields here in Ha3aii7 %ut 6i8 corporations ha*e come in and taken o*er7 Little fello3s like me can(t 8et an$ more ;o6s7 I ha*e some 6i8 e5uipment ;ust sittin8 out here, and I ha*en(t turned a 3heel on it in t3o $ears7 =I don(t ha*e an$ mone$ for food, so I ha*e to 8et food stamps and do 3hat I can7 M$ o3n children asked me for lunch mone$ so the$ could eat 3ith the other kids, 6ut I had to tell them I don(t ha*e it7 +ou kno3, that makes a dadd$ feel real 6ad 3hen he has to sa$ no to his o3n kids7 %ut I can(t 8i*e it to them 3hen I don(t ha*e it7 =M$ friends ha*e loaned me mone$, 6ut I can(t 6orro3 an$more7 )an $ou help me, %rother @or*el>= =)an I help $ou> I can tell $ou ho3 to 6ecome rich = =-eall$>= =+es, reall$7 %ut $ou ha*e to listen to me7 +ou ha*e to listen and do 3hat the Word of God sa$s to do7= 4o I took 4cripture and said, =Let(s see 3hat Aesus said7= Then 3e looked at Mark 11<2" 3here Aesus said< ...*hosoever shall say nto this mo ntain, /e tho removed, and be tho !ast into the sea% and shall not do bt in his heart, b t shall believe


that those things whi!h he saith shall !ome to pass% he shall have whatsoever he saith. Then I said to him< =+our 3hole 3orld is framed 3ith 3hat $ou are sa$in87 All the thin8s $ou ha*e said to me are< (I don(t do777,( (I can(t do777,( (I(m 6roke,( (I(m defeated7(= =+ou are not talkin8 ri8ht, and $ou 3ill al3a$s 6e 6roke as lon8 as $ou talk like that7 +ou ha*e to start dail$ chan8in8 $our *ie3 on $our life7 +ou ha*e to put $our e5uipment to8ether and 8et it read$ to start 3orkin87 =I(m 8oin8 to 6reak the po3er of the 0e*il o*er $ou and the po3er that is a8ainst $ou financiall$7 We 3ill 6ind the 0e*il and run him off, in Aesus( name7= Then I told him ho3 to command corporations to call him and 8i*e him some 6i8 ;o6s that he could fill7 =I 3ant $ou to 6e8in to sa$, (@o3, 6i8 corporations, I(m talkin8 to $ou and I command $ou, in Aesus( name, to call me and 8i*e me some ;o6s7( @o3 don(t sa$ (;o6( sin8ularl$D sa$ (;o6s7( And don(t sa$ (little ;o6s7( That(s foolish7 4a$ (6i8 ;o6s7(= =%ut, @or*el, the$ 3on(t call me 6ecause the$ don(t call independents an$more7= =Hush $our mouth +ou(re H15,&&& in de6t, remem6er> +our e5uipment hasn(t mo*ed a 3heel in t3o $ears7 4tart seein8 3ork comin8 $our 3a$, in Aesus( name7= That is the truth7 +ou ma$ hate to ha*e to tell people the truth, 6ecause the$ are nice people, '1

and the truth can 6e so stron87 %ut sometimes $ou ha*e to7 The onl$ thin8 I kno3 is 3hat I ha*e learned from God7 I am not so smart m$self, 6ut I ha*e learned to o6e$ the Lord7 Then I said to him< =@o3 I 3ant $ou to listen to me and do 3hat I tell $ou7 I 3ant us to 8et do3n on our knees 6efore God7 I am 8oin8 to teach $ou ho3 to 3orship Him7 We are 8oin8 to 3orship Aesus to8ether 3ithout shame7 =+ou need to start 3orshippin8 the Lord e*er$ mornin87 Learn to praise Him 3ith $our mouth7 %efore $ou start 6elie*in8 God to 3ork in $our 6ehalf, $ou ha*e 8ot to start thankin8 Him for all that He is7 4pend time 3orshippin8 Him e*er$ da$7 Look to Him in 3orship and praise7 Gi*e Him thanks for all He has done for $ou7= =Well, @or*el,= he said, =I do that sometimes7 I do it in church7= =Well, $ou ha*e to start talkin8 to the Lord e*er$da$7 0on(t 3ait until $ou 8et to church to 3orship Him7= He listened to me and 3as 3illin8 to 6e8in a chan8e in his life 3hen it came to puttin8 His e$es on the Lord7 A fe3 $ears later I sa3 him a8ain7 =@or*el,= he said, =I ne*er for8ot 3hat $ou told me7 +ears a8o $ou said that I 3ould ha*e to 3orship God e*er$ mornin8 and praise Him in order for m$ circumstances to chan8e7= =+es, that(s ri8ht7 That(s 3hat I told $ou7= 4o after that he 6e8an to 3orship God 3ithout shame7 He thanked God for all that God '2

had done and all that God 3ould do in his life7 He and his 3ife e*en 8ot to8ether as a team to 6o3 do3n 6efore God and 3orship Him7 After the$ did that first, then he 6e8an to sa$, =%i8 corporations, $ou call me and 8i*e me some 6i8 ;o6s, in Aesus( name7= He and his 3ife did that for fi*e months, 6ut nothin8 happened7 In the fifth month he 8ot up off his knees one mornin8 after 3orshippin8 God, and the telephone ran87 It 3as a man from one of those 6i8 corporations7 =We hear that $ou ha*e some e5uipment for the su8ar cane fields7= The man said7 =We 3ould like $ou to come to our office to talk 3ith us7= When he met 3ith them in their office, the$ said< =4omethin8 happened and 3e need some eEtra 3orkers7 We ha*e a contract here, and 3e(ll 8i*e $ou H2&,&&& if $ou 3ill operate $our e5uipment for us for a6out siE 3eeks7= He si8ned the contract, did the 3ork, and collected that amount from them7 The 3hole time, he kept praisin8 the Lord and thankin8 God for it7 I had told him, =@o3 3hen $ou start 8ettin8 mone$, $ou ha*e 8ot to keep thankin8 God for it7= %efore the siEG3eek ;o6 3as finished, the$ called him a8ain and said, =We 3ant to 8i*e $ou another H2&,&&& contract7= And the$ did7 He 8i*es his testimon$ no37 =I 6o3 do3n 6efore God no3 e*er$ da$,= he said7 =I had ne*er done that in m$ life, 6ut I '"

kno3 God is m$ 4ource7 Worshippin8 and praisin8 Him 6rou8ht me totall$ out of the hole7 After t3el*e months I paid off that H15,&&& de6t =Toda$ I tithe to m$ church7 -i8ht no3 I ha*e H'&,&&& in m$ sa*in8s account and another H2&,&&& ;o6 is comin8 up after this one7= I talked 3ith the man(s pastor the neEt $ear 3hen I 3ent to speak at his church, and he said, =@or*el, $ou tau8ht him 3hat to do, and that man tithed H/5,&&& to this church last $ear = @o3 tr$ that on for si9e Onl$ a $ear and a half 6efore, the man couldn(t e*en 8i*e his children lunch mone$7 He 3as totall$ 6roke7 He 3as a nice fello3, 6ut he didn(t kno3 3hat to do7 He could ha*e ;ust sat there until he died7 He mi8ht ha*e lost his 3ife and famil$ alon8 the 3a$7 He 3ould ha*e ;ust messed up until some6od$ came alon8 and told him the truth7 %ut 3hen he heard the truth, he 3as 3illin8 to act on it7 He took time to seek the Lord7 He 6o3ed do3n on his face 6efore God7 He spent time 3orshippin8 and praisin8 the Lord:and God met him there



God s !o"enant #ith $o%

...he 3$od4 will ever be mindf l of his !ovenant. #salm 111<5 One mornin8 3hen I 3as in Los An8eles, )alifornia, the 4pirit of God mo*ed upon me and 6e8an to re*eal to me a6out the co*enant He has made 3ith His people7 He said, =I ha*e made a co*enant 3ith the human race, son7 The$ didn(t make it 3ith Me7 I made it 3ith them7 I(m their God, and the$(re M$ children7 JLe*7 2/<127K If the$ 3ill enter into the co*enant I(*e made and 6e M$ children, I(ll do 8reat and mi8ht$ thin8s for them7 I 3ill 6e their God, and the$ can ha*e an$thin8 the$ 3ant that(s in the %i6le7 %ut the$ must 3orship Me7= Then He said, =I(ll pro*e M$self to $ou toda$ in the ser*ice $ou are a6out to 8o into7 4peak on the po3er there is in praise and the po3er there is in 3orship7 +ou ;ust call on Me, and I(ll pro*e it to $ou7 M$ Word 3ill stand the test7 M$ Word 3ill stand the fire and so 3ill I7= God(s 8ot a 8ospel that 3ill produce *ictor$, and $ou(ll 8et the *ictor$ throu8h )hrist Aesus7 0o $ou understand that> +ou(ll 8et the *ictor$ throu8h pra$er and throu8h faith in Him7


+ou sa$, =I 6elie*e, %rother @or*el7 I 6elie*e7= +es, $ou ma$ 6elie*e, 6ut the 5uestion God is askin8 the human race is, =0o $ou 6elie*e Me enou8h to 3orship Me>= He 3ent on, =I 3ill pro*e M$self in this neEt ser*ice 6$ M$ po3er throu8h 6arren 3omen7 I 3ant to use them as an eEample in the ser*ice7 I could use an$one or an$thin8 for an eEample, 6ut 6ecause I 3ant them all to ha*e the *ictor$ I 3ill use them7 I 3ant them to reali9e that I promised *ictor$ to e*er$ human 6ein8 on earth that 3ill 8i*e Me time in praise and 8i*e Me time in 3orship7 An$ human 6ein8, an$ denomination or an$ church that 3ill not 6reak the co*enant I ha*e made 3ith them can ha*e an$thin8 the$ 3ant7= #eople e*er$3here are tr$in8 to do this and tr$in8 to do that, 6ut the$ don(t spend an$ time 3orshippin8 and praisin8 God7 The$ ha*e a lot of pro6lems and 3ant a 6unch of thin8s from God, 6ut the$ need to enter a different realm of dedication to3ards God than 3hat the$(*e kno3n7 Thank God for all that the$ alread$ kno3, 6ut God is sa$in8 the$ need to enter a different realm of dedication, a realm of praise and 3orship unto God dail$7 After God said those thin8s to me a6out 3hat He 3anted to do in that meetin8, I did as He said7 I asked for all the 6arren 3omen to come do3n front, and the$ did7 The$ 6e8an to come and 3orship God all around the altar in that 6i8 church7 As 3e 3orshipped Him, the 4pirit of God came do3n upon us in a mi8ht$ 3a$, and the 8lor$ of '/

God filled that sanctuar$7 God 3ill 8i*e 6arren 3omen a ne3 3om6 if the$ need one7

A rophecy on "is $ovenant

%ut e*en 6efore that part of the ser*ice, there 3as a time of real 3orship and praise7 That(s 3hen a spirit of prophec$ came forth, and the 3ord of the Lord 3as spoken7 +ou kno3, 3hen that happens, the Hol$ Ghost can read $our sermon to a con8re8ation7 He can tell them $our sermon 6efore $ou(*e e*en said a 3ord The man 3ho 3as used 6$ God to share that 3ord of prophec$ didn(t kno3 an$thin8 a6out 3hat I 3as 8oin8 to speak on7 I hadn(t said an$thin8 $et7 I hadn(t called the 6arren 3omen do3n front7 I hadn(t told them an$thin8 a6out the co*enant that God had said He made 3ith the human race7 %ut that 3as spoken out in prophec$7 I 3ant to share this 3ord from the Lord that the man spoke in that meetin8 3ith $ou7 #a$ close attention to 3hat He sa$s a6out His co*enant 3ith us7 ,-s -dam wal#ed with 5e in the $arden,, says the "pirit of the living $od, ,so I wo ld have a people who wo ld !all o t nto 5e and !ry nto 5e and worship 5e,, saith the "pirit of $ra!e. ,-nd as yo !reate the atmosphere of praise and the !lo ds of glory begin to des!end, the Lord thy $od shall ride pon


the !lo ds in His ma6esty and !ome to visit His people on!e again., -nd the Lord says, ,7o not see# for revival and do not loo# for a brea#thro gh, b t loo# for the King of Kings and loo# for 5e, saith the "pirit, for I 5yself shall visit yo ,, saith the Lord. ,I will not send a revival, b t I 5yself will !ome, for I am loo#ing and sear!hing thro gho t the earth,, saith the Lord. ,I am loo#ing for a people who will worship. 5e in spirit and in tr th, who will dedi!ate and !onse!rate themselves to 5e,, saith the Lord. ,I am waiting for a generation of people who will !ome before 5e with !lean hands and a p re heart, who will worship and serve 5e only and bow down to no other god,, saith the Lord. ,I am waiting for a people who will !ry nto 5e and draw nigh nto 5e, for I am longing to manifest 5y glory,, saith the Lord, ,and let the lightning bolts of 5y th nder !ome forth,, saith the "pirit. ,8h, 5y people, if yo wo ld ma#e a !ovenant of praise with 5e and ma#e a !ovenant of worship with 5e,, saith the Lord, ,even if any shall !ome p with 5e,, saith the "pirit, ,yo shall '2

trans!end the law of sin and death,, saith the Lord. ,9o shall rise p in 5y power and glory, and I shall have a people who shall wal# in dynami! power, who shall wal# with a thority,, saith the Lord, ,for the earth is 5ine and the f llness thereof, and it doesn.t belong to the 7evil. He doesn.t own anything,, saith the Lord. ,"o rise p, 5y people, and enter into a !ovenant with 5e and worship 5e,, saith the Lord, ,and praise 5e,, saith the "pirit, ,for I have an atmosphere !reated pon this earth that will drive the demons away,, saith the Lord, ,that 5y glory might be revealed. ,8h, 5y people, feel 5y presen!e, e0perien!e 5y ma6esty. )or it.s a taste of what is to !ome where I shall po r o t 5y glory in the days ahead, and the finest ho r shall !ome,, saith the Lord. ,'herefore, #now, and #now this s rely,, saith the "pirit, ,yo are the people I have !hosen, and I have ordained this pla!e to worship 5e and to praise 5e with 5y !reative power,, saith the "pirit of $od.

Make a $ovenant +ith God

@o3 read closel$7 God made a co*enant 3ith the human r ace7 +ou are human, aren(t $ou> '!

Then He(s made a co*enant 3ith $ou %ut $ou must choose to 3orship Him and 8i*e Him praise7 After hearin8 a 3ord like that from the 4pirit of God, $ou reall$ need to praise Him and 3orship Him Gi*e the Lord Aesus )hrist praise from $our lips and from $our heart and from $our mind7 Get 3ords of 3orship and praise into $our thinkin8, then raise $our hands 6efore God, and sa$ this to Him< =I praise +ou, Aesus7 I lo*e +ou, Lord7 +ou are m$ Lord and m$ God7 %lessed 6e the name of the Lord God fore*er I 3orship +ou and I praise +ou, O Lord God7 I praise Th$ 3onderful name7 Thank +ou, Lord7 +ou are the true and li*in8 God7 =Oh, God, I make a co*enant 3ith +ou that I 3ill praise the name of Aesus, and I shall 3orship +ou all the da$s that I li*e7 =Thank +ou, Lord, for makin8 me stron8 and not 3eak7 %lessed 6e the Lord God fore*er Oh, I 3orship +ou, Aesus, and I praise +our hol$ name7 Thank +ou, Lord7 I 3orship +ou and praise +ou, in Aesus( name7= Make this time of 3orship a part of $ou, ;ust like $our ri8ht arm is a part of $ou and $our left arm is a part of $ou7 4et aside a time of 3orship and praise unto God7 #raise Him for a 3hile, then 3orship Him7 #raise Him and 3orship Him7


Stay in God)s Will

+ou kno3, if $ou don(t e*er 3orship God and praise Him, $ou are, *er$ simpl$, out of God(s 3ill7 =What do $ou mean, %rother @or*el, 3hen $ou sa$ 3e are (out of God(s 3ill(>= +ou ma$ sa$, =I 8o to church and lo*e the Lord7 I am not out of God(s 3ill7= +ou ma$ not think so, 6ut $ou are li*in8 6eneath $our means7 +ou are li*in8 afar off:far off from 3here $ou could 6e li*in87 =@o3 that isn(t true, %rother @or*el,= $ou ma$ sa$7 =I(m not li*in8 afar off7 I lo*e the Lord7 I pra$ durin8 church7 I 8et 6lessed in the son8 ser*ice7 And I e*en 3eep7= %ut if $ou onl$ 3orship durin8 a church ser*ice and onl$ 8et 6lessed 3hen $ou sin8 those son8s in church, $ou are not reall$ 3orshippin8 Him the 3a$ He 3ants $ou to7 And $ou 3ill ne*er 6e a6le to en;o$ God(s 6est7 +ou see, if $ou(*e not 6een spendin8 time 3orshippin8 God $ourself, $ou(*e 6een li*in8 $our life in the permissi*e 3ill of God7 %ut all $ou ha*e to ha*e, m$ friend, is dedication to come 6ack to Him7 This is $our o3n choice7 +ou ha*e to make the decision to return to God and 6e8in to 3orship Him7 Then $ou ha*e a ri8ht to pra$ and ask God for thin8s7 If $ou are tr$in8 to pra$ and ask God for a lot of thin8s 3ithout e*er 3orshippin8 Him,


$ou 3ill usuall$ 8et a fe3 thin8s ;ust 6ecause He lo*es $ou so much7 %ut al3a$s remem6er this< man$ thin8s $ou 3ill ne*er 8et unless $ou $ourself make a co*enant 3ith $od. Man$ of the 6lessin8s of God that He has for a human 6ein8:or the human race, or the )hurch:3ill ne*er come to $ou unless $ou make that co*enant of 3orship and co*enant of praise 3ith Him7 Man$ of those 6lessin8s, $ou 3ill ne*er 8et7 @e*er =Well, I pra$, %rother @or*el,= some6od$ ma$ sa$7 =%ut it seems like God doesn(t hear me7 I tr$ to li*e m$ life clean, %rother @or*el7 I lo*e the Lord, and I 8i*e m$ mone$ to the Gospel7 I don(t kno3 3h$ God 3ouldn(t hear me 3hen I pra$7= Well, all that sounds 8ood, 6ut it sounds reli8ious, and that(s a6out 3hat it is7 I(m not talkin8 a6out 6ein8 reli8ious7 I(m talkin8 a6out ha*in8 a relationship 3ith God7 +ou mi8ht sa$< =%rother @or*el, I need help7 I can(t pa$ m$ 6ills7 M$ 6od$ has sickness in it7 I(m in terri6le shape I need Aesus to help me7= We are the )hurch of the Lord Aesus )hrist, and Aesus is Head of the )hurch7 If $ou 3ill ;ust tell God ho3 much $ou need His 4on to help $ou, He 3ill7 All $ou ha*e to do is 6e 3illin8 to 8i*e $ourself o*er completel$ to God7

$hoose To Worship "i#

Look at some other 4cripture *erses a6out 3orship and praise7 52

8 !ome, let s worship and bow down( let s #neel before the Lord o r ma#er7 #salm !5</ :0alt the Lord o r $od, and worship at his holy hill% for the Lord o r $od is holy. #salm !!<! Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord. #salm 15&</ God(s people shall praise and 8lorif$ His name fore*er and e*er:for as lon8 as 3e ha*e 6reath, as lon8 as 3e shall li*e7 That is fore*er and e*er #raise and 8lorif$ God7 All the 6ad thin8s that the 0e*il has put upon $ou 3ill disappear, and all $our children 3ho are lost 3ill come into the Fin8dom of God7 All of them7 @one of $our children ha*e an$ 6usiness 8oin8 to hell, so $ou ;ust 6e8in to stand in the 8ap for them $ourself7 4tand in the 8ap for them like ?9ekiel 22<"& talks a6out< I so ght for a man among them, that sho ld ma#e p the hedge, and stand in the gap before me.... +es, $ou ma$ 6e in trou6le7 #raise and 3orship God7 +ou ma$ 6e 6roke7 I(*e 6een 6roke 6efore, so I kno3 3hat it is like7 #raise and 3orship God7 +ou ma$ 6e sick7 I kno3 3hat that is like, too7 When I 3as a child, I had to sta$ out of school for one $ear7 I had pleuris$, and the$ thou8ht I 3as 8oin8 to die7 I couldn(t e*en 6reathe the air outside for that 3hole $ear7 M$ mother 3ould heat irons and hot 3ater 6ottles, then put them at m$ feet, 6ecause the doctor said, =If he catches cold, he 3ill die7= %ut I(ll ha*e $ou kno3 I(m ali*e toda$


My ,ision of Life since Birth

While I 3as in ,lorida one time, God 8a*e me a *ision of the da$ I 3as 6orn7 The people I 3as 3ith and I had 6een in intercession, and as 3e 3ere pra$in8, the 4pirit of God came all o*er me, and I fell o*er on the couch all of a sudden7 That is 3hen God 6e8an to 8i*e me a *ision on the 3all7 It 3as like a mo*ie screen in front of me7 He let me see m$self from the time I 3as a 6a6$7 He sho3ed me e*er$thin8 that had e*er happened to me7 Then He said< =This has happened to $ou 6ecause the 0e*il has 6een tr$in8 to destro$ $ou since the da$ $ou 3ere 6orn7 %ut I anointed $ou, son, 6efore $ou e*er came out of $our mother(s 3om67 4he 8a*e $ou to me, and I had a 3ork for $ou to do for Me7 = That *ision made me appreciate 3hat it meant to 6e lo*ed 6$ God7 ?*er$ da$ I thank Him and praise Him and 3orship Him so much for all that He means to me7 #arents, do like m$ mother did for me and 8i*e $our children o*er to Aesus7 #romise God that $ou 3ill dedicate $our children to Him like m$ mother dedicated me7 I promise $ou, God can meet $ou there and make a difference in the li*es of $our kids7 If necessar$, He 3ill perform a miracle for $ou:a miracle It makes no difference 3hat kind of miracle7 He can do it if $ou need one7


Give Yourself -ver to "i#

Aesus is the miracle 3orker7 He 3ants $ou to ha*e God(s 6est7 Aust remem6er to 3orship Him7 Wh$> %ecause He is 3orth$ of praise and 3orship7 &e6oi!e in the Lord, ye righteo s% and give than#s at the remembran!e of his holiness. #salm !1<12 Oh, 3orship God in His holiness, not in doctrines7 Aust 3orship God in His holiness7 4tart 3orshippin8 the Lord and praisin8 Him, 8i*in8 $ourself o*er to Him7 4tart tellin8 Aesus ho3 much $ou lo*e Him7 4a$< =Lord, I 8i*e m$self totall$ o*er to +ou7 M$ life 6elon8s to +ou, Aesus7 M$ 6od$ 6elon8s to +ou, Aesus7 And, Lord, I 8i*e m$ children o*er to +ou7= If $ou are married, 6ut ha*en(t 6een a6le to 6ear children, 8i*e that o*er to Him no37 Aust start tellin8 Aesus ho3 $ou feel7 4a$, =Lord, in +our time I 3ant to 6ear children7= I promise $ou that God 3ill not lea*e $ou 6arren7 +ou don(t ha*e to 6e 6arren7 #ut $our e$es on Him as $our #ro*ider, and 8i*e $our future children o*er to Him7 There is no use in 3aitin8 until $ou are eEpectin8 a 6a6$7 Gi*e that little one o*er to Him no3 6efore $ou e*er concei*e it7 4a$< =Lord, an$ offsprin8 of mine are $ours, Aesus, for the Gospel(s sake7 4o, Lord, 6efore I start to carr$ a 6a6$, I 8i*e it to +ou no37=


The Lord God performs miracles like that all the time7 It is no pro6lem for Him to do that7 =Well, %rother @or*el, the doctor sa$s there is somethin8 3ron8 3ith m$ 3om6,= someone ma$ sa$7 That doesn(t make an$ difference7 The Hol$ Ghost can 8i*e $ou a ne3 3om6 if $ou need one7 He can strai8hten out all $our in3ard parts7 Aust keep 3orshippin8 the Lord and praisin8 HimD keep talkin8 to Him7 The 4pirit of God 3ill come upon $ou and minister to $ou7 The Hol$ 4pirit is precious7 0on(t 6e ashamed7 Tell God 3hat $ou need from Him7 Tell Him no3, and ;ust thro3 that need o*er on Him7 0on(t $ou carr$ it around7 +ou take that need to Him, and let Him ha*e it7 +ou take the undefeated thin8s a6out $our life to Him, and la$ them on the altar7 Lea*e them at His feet7 4a$ this to Him< =Thank +ou, Aesus, for lo*in8 me7 I don(t 3ant all these pro6lems, Lord7 The$ are a6out to dri*e me nuts, so I 8i*e them o*er to +ou7 I don(t 3ant them, and I(m not 8oin8 to ha*e them, so I ;ust 8i*e them to +ou, Aesus7 =Lord, +ou take m$ 6od$ and make it ne37 Take m$ mind and make it stron87 I 8i*e m$ children o*er to +ou7 I 8i*e m$ ;o6 and m$ 6usiness o*er to +ou7 I am ;ust 8oin8 to praise +ou and 3orship +ou for as lon8 as I li*e, in Aesus( name7=


.eceive the Abundant Life God "as for You

God said He 3as lookin8 for a people 3ho 3ould esta6lish 3ith Him a co*enant of praise and a co*enant of 3orship7 He is lookin8 for a people, a )hurch, a human race 3ho 3ould esta6lish and make a co*enant 3ith Him7 He has alread$ made one and set it 6efore $ou7 And He isn(t 8oin8 to 6reak His co*enant7 I can tell $ou that no37 We are the ones 3ho ha*e 6roken the co*enant, not God7 If $ou 3ill make a co*enant 3ith God and 6e8in to #raise Him and 3orship Him, $ou 3ill come on into the a6undant life that 3ill set $ou free7 =Will God do it for me>= $ou ma$ sa$7 God 3ants to 6less $ou7 He 3ants to meet all $our needs and 8i*e $ou the desires of $our heart7 An$thin8 that God does for me, He 3ants to do for $ou7 An$thin8 God does for an$6od$ else, He 3ants to do for $ou, too7 .nderstand that God 3ill do it for $ou, 6ut remem6er< 3ithout the co*enant of praisin8 His name and 3orshippin8 Him, 3ithout the co*enant 8oin8 from $ou to Him, $ou are 6reakin8 the co*enant7 God 3ants to 6less $ou a6undantl$, and Aesus paid the price for $ou to ha*e those 6lessin8s7 If $ou ha*e accepted Aesus, 6ut are not keepin8 the co*enant of 3orship and praise, $ou 3on(t 6e recei*in8 the a6undant life God 3ants for $ou7 Oh, $ou 3ill recei*e 6lessin8s in church, and $ou 3ill recei*e some thin8s from God, 6ut there 3ill 6e man$, man$ thin8s that $our life 3ill 6e lackin87 51

The$ ;ust 3ill not come $our 3a$ unless $ou make that co*enant of praise and co*enant of 3orship 3ith Him7 God is lookin8 for people 3ho 3ill make that co*enant 3ith Him7 God has alread$ made His part of the co*enant7 He is lookin8 for a people 3ho 3ill take part in it7 4o enter into the co*enant of 3orship and praise7 Open $our spirit to God7 4et $our heart and mind on Him7 Gi*e Him all the 3orship and praise $our heart can muster7 He is read$ to recei*e it this *er$ moment7 Then 3hen $ou pra$, the ans3ers 3ill come7 And He(ll do 8reat and mi8ht$ thin8s for $ou



When the 'lesh (ises )p, Worship God

$ive nto the Lord the glory d e nto his name% worship the Lord in the bea ty of holiness. #salm 2!<2 The sermon $ou ha*e heard all $our life that sa$s $ou ha*e 8ot to 6e 6roke in order to 6e hol$ is not in line 3ith the Word7 @o3 it is 8ood for $ou to 6e hol$7 That should 6e the num6er one thin8 in $our life7 %ut I kno3 the flesh 3ill rise up and desire thin8s that God doesn(t 3ant us to ha*e7 I li*e in a 6od$ 3ith flesh, too7 4ometimes there are certain thin8s that $ou mi8ht like to ha*e, thin8s that e*er$6od$ likes, 6ut $ou can(t al3a$s ha*e them7 +ou kno3 $ou 3ant them7 4ometimes $ou 3ant them real 6ad7 %ut God sa$s $ou can(t ha*e them7 When He sa$s that, $ou ;ust ha*e to sa$ =no= to them and 3alk a3a$7 The 8reatest 3ord $ou can e*er sa$ to temptation is No; The 8reatest 3ord $ou can e*er sa$ to the 0e*il is No; The 8reatest 3ord $ou can e*er sa$ a8ainst a #articular desire in $our life is ;ust plain No; +ou ;ust ha*e to sa$ No; That(s all The 0e*il understands the 3ord No.


When he sa$s to $ou, =Tr$ this,= or, =0o this,= $ou ;ust ha*e to sa$, N8; Then he(ll sa$, =%ut $ou kno3 $ou 3ant to do it, so ;ust 8o ahead7= What do $ou sa$> N8; I 4aid, =@o = One mornin8 m$ door6ell ran87 When I opened the door, a tall, slim, 6eautiful 6lond 3oman 3as standin8 there7 After she 3alked into m$ house, I said, =What do $ou 3ant>= =I(*e come to 8et $ou,= she said7 =What do $ou mean $ou(*e come to 8et me>= =Well, $ou(re a 6achelor, aren(t $ou>= =Oh, $es7= =Well,= she said, =I kno3 $ou 8et lonel$7 I(*e come to fulfill that loneliness7= @aturall$, 3ith her sa$in8 that, I kne3 she 3asn(t a )hristian7 I said, =Oh, reall$>= =+es,= she said7 =I kno3 that since $ou(re a 6achelor $ou(re 6ound to 8et lonel$7 Aren(t $ou normal>= =Oh, $es, I(m normal all ri8ht7= =Well, I(*e come to fulfill that desire7= =+oun8 lad$, $ou ;ust ha*e to understand somethin8 a6out me7 I(m pro6a6l$ ;ust as normal as $ou are, 6ut I can(t ha*e 6oth $ou and Aesus7 And I don(t 3ant to trade Aesus for $ou = =What> What did $ou sa$>=


=I said, (I can(t ha*e 6oth $ou and Aesus7 And I don(t 3ant to trade Aesus for $ou7(= =I don(t kno3 3h$,= she said7 =+ou can ha*e us 6oth7 +ou(*e alread$ 8ot Him, and no3 here I am7= %ut I said, =@o @o = =+ou kno3 $ou 3ant to7 +ou(re a 6achelor7 Well, here I am7= %ut I ;ust kept sa$in8, =@o @o @o = I stood ri8ht there until I had talked her out of it7 If $ou tr$ to 8et people like that sa*ed, the$ 3on(t attack $ou7 +ou ha*e to start talkin8 to them a6out ho3 much Aesus lo*es them7 I didn(t sa$ to her, =+ou creep, 8et out of m$ house = I said, =Well, I(m sure a prett$ 8irl like $ou 3on(t ha*e an$ trou6le findin8 a man7 +ou(re so prett$7 %ut I can(t do that7 I ;ust can(t7= +ou ha*e to 6e careful 3hen $ou are talkin8 to a person like her7 If $ou do an$thin8 3ron8, $ou mi8ht make her mad7 And there is no tellin8 3hat she mi8ht sa$ a6out $ou then There are a lot of 3omen like that7 I 8o to lots of meetin8s, and there are lots of people in the hotels and con*ention centers and churches7 Most of the time these 3omen don(t kno3 3here I am sta$in8, 6ut sometimes the$ do7 4ometimes I 3ill see a lad$ in a meetin87 Then 3hen I 3alk throu8h the hotel lo66$, I see her sittin8 there7 I tr$ to look the other 3a$7 Then I
8o strai8ht to m$ room and don(t come out


Worship over Desire

After a meetin8 one ni8ht, I 3as 3alkin8 throu8h the hotel lo66$7 The fello3 3ith me said< =He$, @or*el, there(s that 6eautiful 8irl I sa3 in the meetin8 toni8ht7 4he 3as sittin8 on the front ro37 0id $ou see her>= =Oh, $es7 I 8uess e*er$6od$ sa3 her7 4he 3as so dressed up7= =Well, she(s sittin8 ri8ht there7 0on(t $ou 3ant to 8o o*er and talk to her>= =@o, I don(t %ut let me teach $ou somethin8 a6out a situation like this7= B4he 3as sittin8 close to the ele*ator, and it 3as hard to keep from seein8 her7C Then I said to him< =As 3e 3alk to the ele*ator, 6e careful not to 8lance o*er to3ard her7 Let(s ;ust keep talkin8 and 8et on the ele*ator as soon as possi6le7= 4o 3e talked and talked and talked7 After I had pushed the 6utton, the ele*ator doors opened, and 3e 8ot on it as 5uick as 3e could and headed up to the room7 =@o3, $oun8 man, 8et into $our room7 The onl$ 3a$ $ou can keep a3a$ from a prett$ 8irl like that is 6$ sta$in8 in $our room7 =0on(t let the 0e*il tell $ou, (Go to the lo66$ and 8et a paper7( 0on(t let him talk $ou into 8oin8 6ack do3nstairs for an$ reason7 That is eEactl$ 3hat he 3ill tr$ to do7 If $ou sa$ no to him, he 3ill tr$ comin8 at $ou from some other an8le, an$thin8 he can to 8et $ou into the lo66$, so that $ou 3ill start talkin8 to her7 /2

=0on(t 8o do3nstairs7 Aust sta$ in $our room7 0on(t e*en ans3er the phone7 Aust put $our e$es on God and start 3orshippin8 the Lord7 Get do3n on the floor and 3orship Him7 Aust 3orship Him more and more7=

Watch Your Associations

I am not smart in m$self7 I dropped out of school7 I am not supposed to ha*e an$ sense7 %ut 6ecause of God, I am prosperous7 He has 6lessed me 6e$ond 6elief @ot too lon8 a8o, I put a piece of m$ propert$ up for sale7 I had paid H!&,&&& for it, 6ut I 3as offered much more than that7 #eople ma$ ask, =Ho3 much are $ou 3orth, %rother @or*el>= I reall$ don(t kno37 I ha*e no earthl$ idea7 I don(t e*en keep track of it, and couldn(t care less7 I ;ust li*e the simple life, ;ust as simple as I can7 I ha*e alread$ 6een in*ol*ed 3ith the countr$ clu6 and the fanc$ 6unch and found out the$ are as phon$ as the 0e*il7 I don(t 3ant to 8et in*ol*ed an$more 3ith 3ealth$ socialites7 At home in )le*eland, Tennessee, the$ ha*e tried to 8et me to ;oin all the countr$ clu6s and 8o to all the social functions 3ith all the =successful= people7 I hide from them I don(t e*en 3ant to 8o around them7 If I sta$ed around places like that, all the ne8lected 3i*es 3ould 3ant attention7 %ecause the$ need someone to care, the$ 3ill reach out for a man the$ think can fill their 3ants and desires7 I /"

kno3 that kind of thin8 is 8oin8 to happen 6efore I e*er 8o, and I don(t 3ant to 8et in*ol*ed in that7 M$ God, deli*er me from that kind of a 3orld 0ear Aesus, help us all I ;ust 3ant to 6e plain and simple 6efore God7 I 3ant to 3orship the Lord and praise His name 6ecause I kno3 that the 6lessin8s of God 3ill come on me as I keep m$ e$es on Him7

Don)t Let ride Stand in the Way

One time I spoke at this 8reat, 6i8, fanc$ 6an5uet in Geor8ia7 When I 8ot throu8h speakin8, I 8a*e an altar call7 When $ou 8et a thousand in*itations, it doesn(t matter 3hether the$ in*ite $ou 6ack or not7 4o 3hile $ou(re there, $ou ma$ as 3ell 8i*e an altar call and 8et some folks 6lessed7 When I finished 8i*in8 the altar call, a6out t3o hundred people 8ot out of their seats and 3alked do3n to the front7 One of the 6usinessmen 3ho had come for3ard had a 3ife 3ho had recei*ed the 6aptism of the Hol$ 4pirit7 4he had knelt do3n 6efore the Lord in their 6edroom 6$ the 6ed and pra$ed and said, =Aesus, please 6apti9e me in the Hol$ 4pirit7= And He 6apti9ed her in the Hol$ 4pirit7 The hea*enl$ lan8ua8e 6e8an to come up out of her, and she 6e8an to speak it out so 6eautifull$ and 8loriousl$7 It 3as so precious7 Her hus6and 3as stu66orn and said that he didn(t 6elie*e in that kind of stuff7 After a 3hile, she ;ust kept on lo*in8 him and 3ould pra$ in ?n8lish and speak out in her hea*enl$ lan8ua8e /'

some7 He 8ot used to seein8 her 6eside the 6ed pra$in8, and he 3ould ;ust lie there and 3atch her7 ,inall$ he 8ot to the point that he 3as con*inced it 3as real and 3as e*en 3antin8 it himself7 %ut he 3as full of pride, and he told God, =God, I 6elie*e in that no3, and I 3ant +ou to 8i*e that to me7 I 3ant $ou to 8i*e it to me the same 3a$ m$ 3ife 8ot it:in pri*ate, on m$ knees, 6$ m$ 6ed, 3here no one can see me7 There 3ere a6out t3o thousand people at the 6an5uet the da$ he decided to come for3ard7 ?*er$thin8 3as real s3eet and nice until all of a sudden someone slammed up a8ainst the 3all and ;ust hun8 there7 When I looked o*er, there this 6usinessman 3as7 He 3as tr$in8 to push himself up 3hile he 3as slidin8 do3n the 3all sa$in8, =Oh, no God, no, not in front of all these people7 M$ 3ife didn(t 8et it like this7= He 3ould pull himself up a8ain then God(s po3er 3ould push him do3n a8ain, and he 3ould 6e speakin8 in ton8ues7 When God 8ot throu8h 3ith him, he didn(t ha*e an$ pride left7 All the pride he had 3as eEposed, and he kne3 he 3as a meathead7 If $ou e*er in $our life tr$ to tell God an$thin8, it is for sure that He 3ill ne*er do it that 3a$7 %elie*e me, this ma$ 6e a shock to $ou, 6ut God kno3s a lot more than $ou kno37 And 6ecause He is God, He can(t afford to let $ou tell Him an$thin87 +ou ask Him for 3hat $ou 3ant 3hen it(s promised to $ou in the %i6le then $ou step 6ack and let God do it the 3a$ He 3ants to do it7


%ut don(t 8o around full of pride like this man did and sa$, =God, I(m a class$ man, and I 3ant 3hat m$ 3ife has 6ecause it(s so 6eautiful7 %ut I 3ant +ou to 8i*e it to me 5uietl$7 I don(t 3ant an$6od$ to kno3 that I speak in ton8ues7 4o 8i*e it to me in m$ 6edroom7 0o $ou understand me>= Of course, God doesn(t e*en ans3er people like that7 Oh, He understood him all ri8ht, and He kne3 eEactl$ ho3 to make him look like an oE in a china shop7 He 3as the most misera6le lookin8 mess I had e*er seen in m$ life7 %ut he 8ot the 6aptism of the Hol$ 4pirit and started speakin8 in ton8ues7 And he 3on(t e*er for8et it7

'o Blue Mondays/

4ome people(s emotions 8et the 6est of them, and the$ li*e from da$ to da$ on a roller coaster7 One da$ the$ are up, and one da$ the$ are do3n7 God told me this a6out that kind of life7 He said< =4on, I don(t ha*e an$ 6lue Monda$s7 What are yo doin8 3ith them>= =Well, Lord, if +ou don(t 6elie*e in them, then I 3on(t 6elie*e in them either7 #raise God I(m 8oin8 to 3orship +ou all durin8 that 6lue Monda$7= =4on, I don(t 6elie*e in 6lue Monda$s or 8ra$ Tuesda$s7= =Then neither do I = Whene*er $ou find out ho3 Aesus 6elie*es a6out somethin8, then a8ree 3ith Him as 5uick as $ou can7 Aust sa$, =I(m 8oin8 to 6elie*e like that, //

too, Aesus7= As long as $ou tr$ $our 6est to follo3 after Him, $our mistakes 3ill 6ecome fe3er and fe3er7 0urin8 meetin8s and con*entions, I fello3ship 3ith m$ 6rothers and sisters in the Lord, 6ut I can hardl$ 3ait sometimes until the ser*ice starts the neEt mornin87 When I am speakin8 in those mornin8 sessions, I al3a$s 8et anointed reall$ stron8 6ecause I spent time 3orshippin8 the Lord7 If $ou 3ill take time to 3orship God, $our life 3ill 6e like that e*er$ da$ :every day; 4ometimes I ha*e ridden in the *an 3ith m$ ministr$ team on the 3a$ to another cit$ for a meetin87 As 3e listen to anointed music tapes, 3e ;ust 3orship God and praise His name7 That is 3hen I 8et 6lessed7 4omethin8 6lesses me, and I ;ust 3ant to keep praisin8 God o*er and o*er a8ain If $ou are li*in8 a dead, dr$ life and $ou are 3onderin8 a6out God, $ou ma$ sa$< =M$ life doesn(t seem *er$ eEcitin87 What do $ou think is 3ron8 3ith me, %rother @or*el>= I pro6a6l$ 3ouldn(t ha*e enou8h time to tell $ou all that is 3ron8 3ith $ou, 6ut I kno3 a6out somethin8 that 3ill help pull $ou out7 I can 8uarantee $ou that7 It 3ill totall$ 8et $ou out of 3hat is 3ron8 3ith $ou7 The neEt time $our flesh rises up and $ou start to ha*e a 6ad da$ or a confused da$ or a 6lue da$, start 3orshippin8 God and praisin8 Him7 Tell Aesus ho3 much $ou lo*e Him7 Thank Him for all /1

He has done for $ou7 #raise Him for carin8 enou8h to 8i*e His o3n life on the cross t3o thousand $ears a8o7 %e8in to reall$ Worship Him and praise Him7 @otice the second *erse in #salm 2!7 It sa$s< $ive nto the Lord the glory d e nto his name% worship the Lord in the bea ty of holiness. Gi*e unto the Lord the 8lor$ that is due unto His name7 That is trul$ 3orshippin8 the Lord Ha*e $ou done that latel$> =%ut, %rother @or*el,= someone ma$ sa$, =I 8o to church7= -ats and mice 8o to church, too =Well, I 8ot sa*ed $ears a8o, %rother @or*el, and I lo*e the Lord7= Are $ou sin8in8 the same son8 o*er and o*er a8ain> Are $ou sa$in8 =I lo*e the Lord777I lo*e the Lord777I lo*e the Lord = o*er and o*er a8ain like a ha6it> Aust 8oin8 to church or sa$in8 =I lo*e the Lord= o*er and o*er isn(t 3orshippin8 God7 +ou are to 3orship God for His name and His po3er7 +ou are to 3orship Him all the time:all the time :in the 6eaut$ of holiness7 As $ou do, $our outlook on $our e*er$da$ life 3ill chan8e7 +ou 3ill eEpect God(s 6lessin8s to come on $ou 6ecause $ou are keepin8 $our e$es on Him, and $ou 3on(t ha*e an$ more 6lue Monda$s /


* What To +o When $o% Are +esperate

... and when he saw him, he fell at his feet, and beso ght him greatly... Mark 5<22,2" Ho3 on God(s 8reen earth do $ou e*er 8et the God that made the 3hole 3orld to hear $ou and to respond to $ou 3hen $ou are in a desperate situation> There is a 3a$7 And 3hen $ou learn that 3a$, $ou 3ill sa*e $our life and $our children(s li*es too7 There 3as a fello3 some $ears 6ack 3ho 3as desperate 6ecause his dau8hter 3as d$in87 He kne3 Aesus had the ans3er7 And 3hether $ou kno3 it or not, He has the ans3er for $ou, and $ou(re desperate for that ans3er7 This fello3 lo*ed God, trusted in God and 6elie*ed in God so much that He 3as 3illin8 to fall on his knees and 6o3 do3n 6efore Aesus in the middle of a cro3d7 He 3as desperate for God to find fa*or 3ith him7


&all at 0esus) &eet

If $ou(re like this fello3 and are desperate for God to find fa*or 3ith $ou, turn to Mark, chapter 5, *erse 227 And, 6ehold, there cometh one of the rulers of the s$na8o8ue, Aairus 6$ nameD and 3hen he sa3 him, he fell at his feet7 @o3, let me teach $ou somethin8 here7 An$thin8 that $ou e*er see a human 6ein8 doin8 to Aesus 3hen He 3as ministerin8 on earth in person, $ou can do7 +ou can 8et the same results 6$ doin8 the same thin8 no3 6$ faith7 God is a faith God7 /y gra!e yo are saved thro gh faith7 B?ph7 2<27C %$ the merc$ of God throu8h faith, $ou are healed7 %ecause of $our faith in God, He 3ill perform miracles in $our l i f e7 +ou could sa$, =%ut @or*el, Aesus 3as there in person7= It doesn(t matter7 +ou can do the same thin8 6$ faith toda$7 That is 3hat the church is all a6out7 +ou ha*e a ri8ht to come to the altar and 8et it7 +ou can(t sit there in $our seat and 6e full of pride and eEpect to 8et somethin8 from God7 +ou ha*e to come God(s 3a$7 God likes $ou to come pu6licl$7 He likes to 3atch $ou 3alk do3n the aisle and 6o3 do3n on $our knees 6efore Him at the altar7 He likes to put his po3er on the inside of $ou7 He likes to put his arms around $ou and lo*e $ou like $ou(*e ne*er 6een lo*ed in all of $our life7 I tell 6o$s in the penitentiar$ all the time, =Look, lust and 8reed and 3hiske$ and 3omen 1&

and dope put $ou in here, 6ut if I can talk $ou into 8i*in8 $our life to Aesus and 8ettin8 filled 3ith the Hol$ 4pirit, He 3ill take $ou on a trip so hi8h that $ou(ll thro3 rocks at L74707= 4o 8et rid of $our pride and come to God His 3a$7 Aairus did7

Believe 0esus Will "elp You

@o3 notice, after Aairus fell at Aesus( feet, he 6elie*ed Aesus 3ould help him7 Look at 3hat he sa$s in *erse 2"7 -nd beso ght him greatly, saying, 5y little da ghter lieth at the point of death( I pray thee, !ome and lay thy hand on her, that she may be healed% and she shall live. If $ou 3ere God 3hat 3ould $ou do> I 3ould do the same thin8 Aesus did7 If I 3as Aesus and 3as 3alkin8 alon8 like this and some man approached me and came and fell at m$ feet and said, =M$ little 8irl lies at home at the point of death7 #lease come and la$ +our hands on her, and she 3ill li*e and not die,= I think I 3ould listen7 I don(t kno3 all a6out God, 6ut I kno3 5uite a 6it a6out Him, and I(m tellin8 $ou that I ha*e ne*er kno3n Him to turn an$6od$ a3a$ 3ho did that7 @e*er @ot one time ha*e I e*er seen Aesus turn a3a$ an$6od$ that 3orshipped and 6o3ed do3n 6efore Him in re*erence askin8 Him for help7 He didn(t turn me a3a$7 He didn(t turn m$ dau8hter Lona a3a$7 4he had 6een on dope for three $ears, and I had 6een pra$in8 for three $ears, 6ut she 11

3ouldn(t listen to me or an$ other human 6ein87 Then one da$, God sent an an8el, and she listened to the an8el7 I can tell $ou that 4he hasn(t taken an$ dope since7 God has his o3n 3a$ of doin8 thin8s7 In the Old Testament, a man(s hand 3rote some 3ords on the kin8(s palace 3all durin8 a part$, and e*er$one 3ent, =Aaahhh7= God did 3hat He said He 3as 8oin8 to do, and the kin8 and his kin8dom 3ere ;ud8ed7 B0an7 57C When $ou(re dealin8 3ith God, $ou(re dealin8 3ith a true 6ein8 that spoke the 3orld into eEistence and has all kno3led8e7 %elie*e me, $our case is not too hard for Him7

When Bad 'e+s $o#es1

Only Believe 4o Aesus 3ent 3ith the man to his house7 On the 3a$ a 3oman reached out in faith and touched His clothes and 3as healed7 While Aesus 3as talkin8 to this 3oman, a man came runnin8 up from Aairus( house 3ith some 6ad ne3s7 He said to Aairus< ... 'hy da ghter is dead( why tro blest tho the 5aster any f rther+ *erse "5 0o $ou kno3 3hat Aesus said to Aairus> He said< . . . /e not afraid, only believe7 *erse "/ And Aesus kept 3alkin8 to3ards the house7 This man had come and fallen at Aesus(s feet and told Him, =I 6elie*e in +ou7 I 6elie*e if +ou(ll come and pra$ for m$ dau8hter that she(ll li*e and not die7 I 6o3 m$self do3n 6efore $ou, Aesus7 I 12

3orship $ou, Aesus7 If +ou(ll come pra$ for m$ dau8hter, she(ll li*e and not die7 4he 3ill li*e7= And Aesus said, =Well, I 3ill,= and 3ent 3ith the man, and the dau8hter died 3hile the$ 3ere on their 3a$7 And Aesus said, =0on(t 6e afraid7 Onl$ 6elie*e7= And He kept on 3alkin8, full of faith, full of po3er, full of kno3led8e7 0eath didn(t scare Him7 He kept on 3alkin87

.efuse To Be %nti#idated By eople

When He 8ot there, there 3ere people all around cr$in8, and He said to them< 777 *hy ma#e ye this ado, and weep+ the damsel is not dead, b t sleepeth. -nd they la ghed him to s!orn. / t when he had p t them all o t, he ta#eth the father and the mother of the damsel, and them that were with him, and entereth in where the damsel was lying. -nd he too# the damsel by the hand, and said nto her, 'alitha ! mi% whi!h is, being interpreted, 7amsel, I say nto thee, arise. -nd straightway the damsel arose, and wal#ed% for she was of the age of twelve years. -nd they were astonished with a great astonishment. -nd he !harged them straitly that no man sho ld #now it% and !ommanded that something sho ld be given her to eat. *erses "!G'" 4o there 3as Aesus7 When He arri*ed, people 3ere cr$in87 When He told them she 3as onl$ sleepin8, the$ 6e8an to lau8h at Him7 %ut He didn(t pa$ an$ attention to them, and He took that father and that mother into the room 3here their dau8hter 3as and 1"

took her 6$ the hand and lifted her up then he told them to 8et her somethin8 to eat7 ?*en death can(t hold 6ack the po3er of God @o3 3h$ 3ould God do somethin8 like that for a human 6ein8> %ecause he had found fa*or 3ith Him7

Stop Your 2nbelievin! $ryin! and Be!!in!

=Well, no3, %rother @or*el, I(*e seen cases like that 6efore, and God didn(t do an$thin8 for them,= $ou ma$ sa$7 Wait a minute7 God doesn(t do an$thin8 for an$6od$ unless that person finds fa*or 3ith Him7 0id that person find fa*or 3ith Him> I kno3 of cases 3here God didn(t do an$thin8 either7 The$(re cr$in8 and 6e88in8 and cr$in8 and 6e88in8 God to do somethin8, 6ut the$(re full of un6elief, and God hardl$ does an$thin8 for them7 The$ need to stop their cr$in8 and 6e88in8 and come to the altar, 8et on their knees and sa$, =I 6elie*e7 I(m not afraid7 I 6elie*e7 I call m$ child 3ell7 I(m not afraid7 I 6elie*e7 The God I ser*e is real7 I 3orship +ou, Aesus7 I 3orship +ou, Aesus7 M$ dau8hter 3ill li*e and not die7 In the name of the Lord Aesus )hrist, I 3orship +ou and 6o3 do3n 6efore +ou7= 4top $our un6elie*in8 cr$in8 and 6e88in87 We(*e all 6een tau8ht the same 3a$, e*er$ last one of us7 A mem6er of the famil$ dies, and the famil$ 6e8ins to faint and fall on the floor and cr$7 The onl$ One Who doesn(t do that is Aesus7 1'

4ure, $our natural heart is 6roken7 +ou lo*ed that person7 I understand7 M$ mother died 3hen I 3as nine $ears old, and I cried for a6out t3o $ears7 %ut no6od$ in the church e*en said to me, =Aesus, lo*es her ;ust like $ou did7 Let(s 6o3 do3n ri8ht here around the 6ed and 3orship Him7= @o one started out in 3orship and said, =We 3orship +ou, Aesus, and 3e 3ant our mother, Lord7 We 3orship +ou, Aesus7 +ou(re our God7 Glor$ to +ou, God7 Thank +ou for Th$ po3er and Th$ 8lor$7 We 3orship +ou, Aesus7 We 6o3 do3n 6efore +ou, Aesus7 We 3orship +ou, Aesus7 We 6elie*e in the Lord God of the @e3 Testament7 In Aesus( name 3e 3orship +ou7= We did nothin8 like that When $ou don(t do it the %i6le 3a$, $ou don(t 8et %i6le results7 When $ou do it the natural 3a$, $ou 8et natural results7 That is all $ou(ll e*er 8et7 It(s that simple7 It(s ;ust that simple7

Beseech "i# Greatly

Wh$ does God 3ant me to teach $ou this> %ecause the neEt time that the de*il comes and tries to knock $ou for a loop or one of $our children 8ets into a car 3reck and the doctors tell $ou that the$ don(t kno3 if the$ 3ill li*e or not or some 8oof$ thin8 happens to $ou, He 3ants $ou to kno3 3hat to do7 0on(t come un8lued7 0on(t start 3alkin8 the floor, 3rin8in8 $our hands sa$in8, =God, 3hat did this happen to me for>= @o, sa$, =In Aesus( name, I 6ind $ou 4atan7 Take $our hands off m$ 15

child7 In the name of the Lord Aesus )hrist I claim God(s po3er to come upon their 6od$7 Where*er the$ are ri8ht no3, in Aesus( name, let $our mi8ht$ po3er come upon their 6od$ so the$ 3ill li*e and not die7= Then 3alk the floor and pra$ in the 4pirit7 #ra$ *ictor$7 #ra$ in the 4pirit7 I had to do that a 3hile 6ack one ni8ht for a6out an hour in m$ house7 When I 8ot the lon8 distance call from TeEas no6od$ 3as at the house 6ut a pastor friend of mine and me7 An Assem6l$ of God pastor from 0allas, TeEas, had ;ust had a heart attack7 We hit the floor and started pra$in8 as hard and as fast as 3e could7 If 3e had 3aited a fe3 moments, he could ha*e died7 I mean 3e started pra$in8 as hard and as fast as 3e could for a6out an hour, =4atan, $ou(re not 8oin8 to kill that Assem6l$ of God pastor7 I 6ind $ou in Aesus( name7 Let him 8o free7 Thank +ou, Lord, for +our mi8ht$ po3er7 Thank +ou, Lord, for 8oin8 into that room and touchin8 him ri8ht no37= After a6out an hour, the 8lor$ of God came into that room7 M$ pastor friend fell o*er on the couch under the po3er of God and 6e8an to prophes$7 God told us that 3e had pra$ed correctl$7 If $ou e*er find $ourself in a desperate situation, pra$ hard and fast7 Let the de*il kno3 $ou(re on the scene7 %reak the po3er of the de*il o*er them in ?n8lish, in the name of Aesus, then immediatel$ start pra$in8 in ton8ues, in the 4pirit, until $ou pra$ $ourself ri8ht on o*er into the spirit 3orld 3here $ou can reach *ictor$7 1/

There 3as no hope for him7 He had ;ust had a massi*e heart attack7 %ut after an hour of pra$in8 in Aesus( name and claimin8 his health in Aesus( name, God healed his heart7 God 3ill heal $our heart, too7 He can pump a ne3 heart into $our chest ;ust that 5uick7 The Lord can 8i*e $ou $our e$esi8ht ;ust that 5uick7 Aesus can 8i*e $ou a ne3 kidne$ so 5uick it 3ill make $our head s3im7 There is onl$ one Aesus, friend7 +ou ma$ ha*e 6een misinformed up until this point, 6ut no3 $ou kno3 the truth, and the truth 3ill set $ou free7 The truth 3ill make $ou 3ell7

Get in Shape for rayer by Worshippin! "i#

The Lord also said to me one da$< =The person 3ho 3ill come 6efore Me to praise and 3orship Me 3ill 8et himself in shape to enter into the 3orld of pra$er7= ,or the most part, the )hurch is not in shape7 All the$ 3ant to do in pra$er is 6e8 God to do somethin8 for them or ar8ue 3ith Him a6out somethin87 I(m tellin8 $ou ri8ht no3 that it(s a 3aste of ener8$ and a 3aste of 6reath7 There(s no reason to 8o to God in pra$er and a8oni9e 3ith Him o*er and o*er and o*er a8ain7 ,irst of all $ou esta6lish a lifest$le of praisin8 His name and 3orshippin8 Him7 Then $ou 8o to Him in pra$er7 0o $ou understand that> There is a 3a$ to 8et $our pra$ers ans3ered, e*er$ one of them7 It isn(t hard to 8et $our pra$ers ans3ered7 There is an eas$ 3a$7 11

If $ou(re d$in8 3ith a disease, $ou can 8et $our pra$er ans3ered, and the healin8 po3er of God 3ill come into $ou and dri*e out affliction, ;ust totall$ dri*e it out7 %ut $ou(re 8oin8 to ha*e to pa$ the price7 +ou are 8oin8 to ha*e to make $our o3n co*enant 3ith God and make a commitment to 3orship Him dail$7 +ou(re 8oin8 to ha*e to make it a 3a$ of li*in87 If $ou(ll esta6lish a co*enant 3ith Him, if $ou(ll praise Him and 3orship Him, He 3ill 6ecome $our God all the time in e*er$ situation7

Your ,ictory Will $o#e

4ometimes in life $ou ha*e these 8reat 6i8 situations, these 8reat 6i8 mountains to fl$ up o*er7 +ou don(t kno3 ho3 to handle it7 That(s oka$ 6ecause He does7 0on(t 3orr$ a6out it7 Aust 8et on $our knees and praise Him and 3orship Him for a 3hile then 6ind up the de*il and pra$ in ton8ues for a6out thirt$ minutes or an hour, and 6less God, I 8uarantee $ou that *ictor$ 3ill hit $ou like a 6olt of li8htnin87 All of a sudden it 3ill 6ecome like a teen$, little thin87 It 3on(t ha*e an$ meanin8 an$ more7 0o $ou kno3 3h$ those circumstances look so 6i8 in front of $ou> It(s 6ecause $ou don(t ha*e a co*enant 3ith God7 +ou don(t ha*e a co*enant of praise and 3orship, and $ou(re tr$in8 to fi8ure thin8s out in $our o3n natural mind7 +ou can(t do it, not if $ou 3ant to li*e 6$ faith7 +ou(*e 8ot to flip that mess o*er on God7 I don(t care 3hat it is7 Thro3 it o*er on the Lord7 12

Make a co*enant 3ith Him and 6e8in to praise and 3orship Him, and I(ll 8uarantee $ou that God is 6i8 enou8h to 8et the miracle for $ou that $ou need7 0o $ou understand 3hat I(m sa$in8 to $ou> Get a 8limpse of 3hat I(m tellin8 $ou7 If $ou can ;ust 8et a little 8limpse of it and thro3 that 8reat need $ou ha*e o*er onto God, instead of tr$in8 to dri*e $ourself nuts, God 3ill do a miracle for $ou7 +ou sa$ to $ourself, =I(m 8oin8 to do it 6$ m$self7 I(ll do it m$self7 I(m so 6eaten do3n I think I(ll 8o to ,lorida for a *acation7 Ma$6e all I need is a *acation7= It(s all ri8ht to 8o to ,lorida and 3alk the 6eaches for a 3hile and listen to the 3a*es7 That(s all ri8ht7 %ut there isn(t an$ reason for $ou to 6e 6eat do3n 3hen $ou 8o7 Thro3 $our need o*er on God and 3orship Him then 8o7 -emem6er, there(s onl$ one Aesus, and that(s the One $ou find in Matthe3, Mark, Luke and Aohn7 There is not another One7 That(s the onl$ One there is, and He is sa$in8 to the 3hole human race, =)ome and follo3 Me7=



&aith to Your Worship

'hen Jes s answered and said nto her, 8 woman, great is thy faith( be it nto thee even as tho wilt. Matthe3 15<22 Our God is a God Who speaks thin8s into eEistence 6$ faith7 He 3aits for us to do the same and 6lesses e*er$6od$ on earth accordin8 to 3hat He hears from them7 Toda$, there are thin8s that are lackin8 in some people(s li*es 6ecause the$ ha*e failed to act in faith7 +ou ma$ 6e sa$in8 to $ourself, =I 6asicall$ lo*e God, 6ut all these cra9$, s5uirrell$ thin8s keep happenin8 to me all the time7 I don(t like li*in8 in a 3orld like this7 )an $ou help me>=

A $ry for Mercy

Let(s start 3ith a 4cripture that God sho3ed me so $ou 3ill see it for $ourself7 It 6e8ins in Matthe3 15< 'hen Jes s went then!e, and departed into the !oasts of 'yre and "idon. -nd, behold, a woman of 1anaan !ame o t of the same !oasts, and !ried nto him, saying, Have mer!y on me, 8 Lord, tho son of 7avid% my da ghter is grievo sly ve0ed with a devil7 *erses 21,22 This 3oman had a de*ilGpossessed dau8hter, demon possessed7 This 3oman had heard a6out Aesus7 4he 3as a Gentile 3oman 3ho


had come cr$in8, askin8 for merc$7 @otice the 6e8innin8 of the neEt *erse7 / t he answered her not a word. -nd his dis!iples !ame and beso ght him, saying, "end her away% for she !rieth after s. / t he answered and said, I am not sent b t nto the lost sheep of the ho se of Israel. *erses 2",2' Aesus 3ouldn(t e*en talk to her7 Wh$> %ecause her approach 3as 3ron87 4he 3as failin8 to put first thin8s first7 Toda$ that(s the *er$ reason man$ 6elie*ers don(t ha*e their pro6lems ans3ered either7 That(s the reason the$ ha*e a disease, and the$(*e had it for months and months7 That(s the reason their children are still de*il possessed, and the$(*e 6een that 3a$ for a lon8 time7 And those children 3ill pro6a6l$ sta$ that 3a$ and 8o to hell if their parents don(t chan8e7 0oes this appl$ to $ou> =%ut, %rother @or*el, I lo*e the Lord, and I(m 4pirit filled7= Aesus lo*es $ou too, 6ut He kno3s if $ou(re a flake or not7 ?*en if $ou(re sa*ed, 4pirit filled, and lo*e God, He 3on(t talk to $ou much 6ecause $ou fail to put first thin8s first7 At one time in m$ life, I had no earthl$ idea that Aesus 3as e*en like that7 I al3a$s thou8ht Aesus 3alked around real soft and talked soft all the time7 In the 4unda$ school rooms the$ al3a$s had a picture of Aesus sittin8 there 3ith the little lam6s and children around Him7 I thou8ht that 3hate*er I 3anted to do or sa$ 3as all ri8ht7 I didn(t ha*e to 3orr$ a6out it 6ecause Aesus lo*ed me7 Aesus did lo*e me, 6ut if I failed to put first 21

thin8s first, He 3ouldn(t talk to me *er$ much7 It(s 3hat I call 8ettin8 a total 6lank7 It(s 3hat I call pra$in8 for somethin8 for $ears and ne*er recei*in8 it7 Aesus( disciples e*en came o*er to Him and 3anted to send the 3oman 3ith the de*ilG possessed dau8hter a3a$7 The$ 3ere 3ild7 0o $ou remem6er in the %i6le 3here 6lind %artimaeus 6e8an to cr$ out to Aesus for merc$> ?*en the cro3d told him to 6e 5uiet7 BLuke 12<"!7C 4ometimes the disciples 3ere like $ou and me7 The$ 3eren(t completel$ 3ith it7 I(*e 8ot ne3s for $ou7 The Lord Aesus )hrist is not like $ou or me or #eter or #aul or that pastor or e*an8elist $ou kno37 He doesn(t think like 3e do7 We(re supposed to think like He does7 And once $ou 8et to kno3 Aesus, $ou(ll find out somethin8 real 5uick< He is not interested in sendin8 an$6od$ a3a$ if the$ need help, 6ut He is interested in teachin8 them the truth 6ecause He kno3s the truth 3ill make them free if the$ 6elie*e it7 BAohn 2<"27C If $ou don(t 6elie*e it, $ou can remain as $ou are, 6ut if $ou 6elie*e it, it 3ill make $ou totall$ free7

She Be!ins To Worship

@o3 this 3oman lo*ed the Lord 3ith all her heart7 4he lo*ed Him as much as $ou do, 6ut her approach 3asn(t 3orkin87 Aesus Himself 3ouldn(t talk to her7 4o she said to herself, =I had 6etter chan8e7=


If $ou(re not 8ettin8 *ictor$, then $ou had 6etter chan8e7 God isn(t 8oin8 to chan8e7 He remains the same all the time7 Throu8h di*orce He remains the same7 Throu8h cancer He remains the same7 Throu8h demon possession He remains the same7 +ou ma$ clim6 up mountains and fall into *alle$s, 6ut God ne*er chan8es7 If $ou(re not 8ettin8 *ictor$, then $ou chan8e7 @o3 notice 3hat she does in the neEt *erse< 'hen !ame she and worshipped him, saying, Lord, help me. *erse 25 4he chan8ed her approach7 This time she 6e8an to 3orship Him7 4he 3asn(t askin8 Him, =Wh$ don(t $ou help me> Wh$ don(t $ou ha*e merc$ on me>= 0on(t come 3himperin8 to Him all the time, tellin8 Him all $our trou6les7 He alread$ kno3s all $our trou6les7 4pend $our time 3ith Him 3orshippin8 Him7 When 3as the last time $ou 3ent 6efore the Lord and ;ust 6e8an to 3orship Him> I 3orship Aesus l$in8 do3n, standin8 up, 3alkin8, ridin8 in m$ car7 I 3orship Him mornin8, noon and ni8ht7 I make m$ 3orship of Him a 3a$ of life7 Aust sit there in $our li*in8 room sometime and 6e8in to 3orship the Lord7 =Won(t m$ famil$ think I(m stran8e>= $ou ma$ ask7 If $ou(*e ne*er done it 6efore, the$ 3ill7 %ut if $ou(ll do it mornin8, noon and ni8ht for a6out t3o or three months, the$ 3on(t think it(s stran8e7 %esides, people 3ho 3orship Aesus aren(t stran8e7 It(s the


people 3ho don(t 3orship Him that are7 +ou(re supposed to 3orship Aesus7 It(s normal7

She $ontinues To Worship

@otice, in *erse 2/, God puts the 3oman throu8h a test7 He 3ants to kno3 if she is reall$ sincere and reall$ 6elie*es7 / t he answered and said, It is not meet to ta#e the !hildren.s bread, and to !ast it to dogs. *erse 2/ In those da$s Gentile people 3ere kno3n as do8s in the e$es of Ae3s7 It doesn(t sound too 8ood7 I(*e seen some flak$ do8s, and I(*e seen some cute do8s, 6ut I don(t e*en 3ant to 6e called a cute do87 %ut that is 3hat Aesus said7 He called her a do8 -nd she said, 'r th, Lord( yet the dogs eat of the !r mbs whi!h fall from their masters. table. *erse 21 In other 3ords she 3as sa$in8, =I kno3 $ou Ae3s aren(t supposed to ha*e an$thin8 to do 3ith us Gentiles7 I kno3 that $ou look upon us as do8s, 6ut I onl$ kno3 one thin87 +ou are m$ Master, and I lo*e $ou7 ?*en the do8s eat the crum6s from their Master(s ta6le7= What did she mean> Well, $ou could put it this 3a$< =Aesus, 3ithout +ou I am a 3orm7 Without +ou I am no 6etter than a crum67 Without +ou I am nothin87 M$ life 6elon8s to +ou, Aesus7 I(ll do an$thin8 for +ou, and I(ll 3orship +ou for the rest of m$ life7 I lo*e $ou so much that I(ll take a crum6 of an$thin8 $ou ha*e7 +ou are m$ Master7= 2'

When He looked do3n on her and sa3 her keep on 3orshippin8 Him and tellin8 Him, =I(ll eat all the crum6s I can 8et,= Aesus 3as so impressed7 Her truth and sincerit$ mo*ed Him7

"er Dau!hter %s Made Whole

'hen Jes s answered and said nto her, 8 woman, great is thy faith( be it nto thee even as tho wilt. -nd her da ghter was made whole from that very ho r. *erse 22 )an $ou ima8ine Aesus tellin8 a human 6ein8 that the$ ha*e 8reat faith> If God had told me I had faith to please Him, it 3ould so thrill me I couldn(t stand it7 I 3ould pro6a6l$ run around the 6lock7 If Aesus 3ere to tell me I had 8reat faith, I 3ould pro6a6l$ turn a flip in the middle of the air7 =What did He tell her that for>= $ou ma$ sa$7 =What had she done>= It(s called puttin8 first thin8s first7 Ha*e $ou 6een puttin8 first thin8s first latel$> Ha*e $ou 6een 3orshippin8 God> Let me tell $ou somethin87 When $ou put first thin8s first, $ou(ll not onl$ 6e healed, 6ut $ou(ll hold on to $our healin87 When $ou put first thin8s first, $our de*ilGpossessed children 3ill 6e sa*ed 6ecause the 4pirit of God 3ill s3eep into 3here the$(re li*in8 and dri*e all the de*ils out of them7 When Aesus said, O 3oman, 8reat is th$ faith< 6e it unto thee e*en as thou 3ilt, the 4pirit of God 3ent to the *illa8e 3here the demonG possessed dau8hter 3as and 6e8an to dri*e out all 25

the de*ils7 When the mother 8ot home, the dau8hter 3as completel$ 3hole7 The 3oman couldn(t ha*e 6een too far a3a$ 6ecause e*identl$ she 8ot home 3ithin siEt$ minutes or less7 The %i6le sa$s 3ithin siEt$ minutes the dau8hter 3as made completel$ 3hole7 ?*er$thin8 3as done 6$ the 4pirit of God 6ecause a mother 3as on her knees, 3orshippin8 Aesus and refusin8 to 5uit7 "he ref sed to < it. 4he 3as determined to 3orship Him7

My Dau!hter Was Made Whole

If $ou(ll 3orship Aesus e*er$ da$ and sell out to Him, I 8uarantee $ou that the 4pirit of God 3ill 8o *isit $our children and dri*e the de*ils out of them7 I(m a perfect eEample7 I ou8ht to kno3 6ecause for three $ears m$ dau8hter 3as on dope, and I couldn(t 8et her off7 4he 3ouldn(t listen to me or an$ other human 6ein87 I 3as ;ust cr$in8 out and pra$in8 for merc$ for m$ dau8hter7 Wh$> %ecause she alread$ had fi*e or siE little friends that had 6een 6uried in )le*eland, Tennessee, 6ecause of o*erdosin87 ?*er$ time the phone 3ould rin8 the de*il 3ould sa$, =It(s a6out her7 4he(s dead7= I 3ould sa$, =@o, she(s not dead7 In Aesus( name stop it, 4atan7 I 6reak $our po3er o*er Lona7 I command $ou to take $our hands off of her and let her 8o free7= I 3ould 3alk the floor and sa$, =4atan, $ou(ll ne*er send m$ dau8hter to hell 6ecause I(m pra$in8 for her in Aesus( name7 I(m pra$in8 that God(s po3er


3ill 8o *isit her 3here*er she is at, #la$mate )lu6 or 3here*er7 I pra$ed for three $ears, and one ni8ht she looked up at the ceilin8 of the #la$mate )lu6 and all of a sudden part of the ceilin8 turned into m$ face, and she ;umped up and ran out of there7 That supernatural eEperience alon8 3ith the an8el 3ho *isited her in her room 3ere enou8h to scare the de*il out of her7 This an8el that God sent 3as a6out as 6i8 as t3o men7 When $ou(re as 6i8 as t3o men and $ou(*e ;ust come from hea*en, $ou ha*e the 8lor$ of God on $ou, and $ou don(t ha*e to preach an$ sermons7 +ou don(t ha*e to sin8 an$ son8s7 +ou don(t ha*e to sa$ an$ pra$ers7 All $ou ha*e to do is appear7 That an8el appeared, and m$ dau8hter said, =Aaahhh = and from that da$ to this she hasn(t taken an$ more dope7 God has his o3n 3a$ of doin8 thin8s7 He spoke the 3orld into eEistence, and He has all kno3led8e7 His 3a$s ma$ 6e a little different from $ours, 6ut 6elie*e me, $our case is not too hard for Him7 %ut $ou need to learn to put first thin8s first7 4ure $ou need to lo*e God7 The 3oman 3ith the demonGpossessed dau8hter lo*ed God from the *er$ 6e8innin8 or she 3ouldn(t ha*e 6een lookin8 for Aesus7 If $ou lo*e Aesus and 6elie*e He has the ans3er for $ou, $ou had 6etter 6e lookin8 for Him7 4he 3as lookin8 for Him7 4he had faith in Him7 4he lo*ed Him7 And she found Him, 6ut she made the 3ron8 approach7 4he didn(t put first thin8s first7 All some people sa$ is, =Gi*e me, 8i*e me, 8i*e me, Aesus7 21

I(m in trou6le, Lord7 I(m sorr$7 Gi*e me, 8i*e me, 8i*e me7= If $ou think like that, I(*e 8ot ne3s for $ou7 Aesus is not a 8i*eGme Aesus all the time7 Aesus( heart o*erflo3s 3ith an a6undance of ;o$ 3hen He sees $ou 6o3 do3n 6efore Him and 3orship Him7 Put First Things First +ou ma$ need a 6lessin8 from God7 +ou can ha*e it, 6ut $ou must put first thin8s first7 +ou must 3orship Him7 4peak His name out of $our mouth7 It(s 3hat comes out of $our mouth that defiles $ou, not the thin8s that 8o in7 Let 3orship come out of $our mouth7 4a$, =Aesus, I 3orship $ou7 I lo*e $ou7= 0on(t ask Him for an$thin8 ri8ht no37 Aust 3orship Him first7 4ometimes the 4pirit of God 3ill come upon $ou and heal $ou e*en 6efore $ou ask7 God kno3s 3hat $ou ha*e need of e*en 6efore $ou ask7 BMatt7 /<27C +our child ma$ ha*e 6een sa*ed 3hile $ou 3ere 3orshippin8 Him7 -emem6er $ou can start and stop 3orshippin8 Aesus an$ time $ou 3ant to7 0on(t 3ait until the 4pirit of God comes upon $ou to 3orship Him7 0on(t 3orship Him 6ased upon $our feelin8s7 Worship Him 6ecause He is God7 Worship Him 6ecause He died on the cross so $ou could 6e sa*ed7 Worship Him 6ecause He is the Lord of $our life7 When $ou put first thin8s first, then $ou ha*e a ri8ht to ask God for an$thin87 =Well, %rother @or*el,= someone ma$ sa$, =I don(t kno3 a6out that7 I ask Him 3hene*er I 3ant to7= 22

That is 3hat the 3oman thou8ht, =I ha*e a de*ilGpossessed dau8hter7 I(ll ;ust 8o ask Him7= %ut He 3ouldn(t e*en talk to her7 Her first approach didn(t 3ork 6ecause she failed to put first thin8s first7 If $our approach to God is not 3orkin8 and $ou(re not 8ettin8 healed and $our children aren(t 8ettin8 sa*ed then chan8e $our approach7 +ou lo*e Him, and He kno3s $ou lo*e Him, 6ut some of $ou ha*en(t 6een 3orshippin8 Him enou8h, and $ou(re cuttin8 off the 6lessin87 God sa$s in " Aohn ', I ha*e no 8reater ;o$ than to hear that m$ children 3alk in truth7 And 3hen the$ do, the$(ll 8et a 6lessin8 from hea*en7 He 3ants to 8i*e it to $ou7 He 3ants His po3er to shoot into Los An8eles7 He 3ants His po3er to 8o into @e3 +ork )it$ and deli*er that child of $ours7 =%rother @or*el, do $ou think if I(m faithful to 3orship Aesus that His po3er 3ill 8o to m$ child and run all the de*ils out>= someone ma$ sa$7 Are $ou kiddin8> What did He sa$> I can(t tell $ou that God is 8oin8 to do it in siEt$ minutes or less7 +ou can(t put God on a time clock7 He mi8ht take fi*e minutes or fi*e 3eeks7 +ou can(t tell God or an$6od$ else 3hen God is 8oin8 to do somethin87 God imparts a lot of information to human 6ein8s, 6ut He usuall$ doesn(t tell 3hen He is 8oin8 to do somethin87 If He does, it(s a supernatural manifestation ;ust for them, 6ut He usuall$ doesn(t7 When $ou put first thin8s first, $ou ha*e a ri8ht to ask Him to sa*e $our child7 +ou ha*e a 2!

ri8ht to ask Him to heal $ou and set $ou free7 +ou ha*e a ri8ht to ha*e $our home 6ack to8ether a8ain7

Ask Accordin! to "is Will

Once $ou(*e sho3n God that $ou(re interested in 6elie*in8 the 4cripture and 3orshippin8 Him, then $ou ha*e a ri8ht to ask God for an$thin8 accordin8 to His 3ill and 6e 6old a6out it7 B1 Aohn 5<1',157C Open up $our mouth7 Talk out loud7 Ask God for 3hate*er $ou 3ant: healin8, sal*ation7 Go ahead7 Ask Him in Aesus( name7 Ask in ?n8lish not in ton8ues7 Ask Him for 3hat $ou 3ant7 =Aesus, I ask $ou to sa*e little Tomm$7 I ask $ou to sa*e ?li9a6eth7 Aesus, I ask $ou to allo3 $our healin8 po3er to flo3 throu8h me7 I need to 6e healed, Aesus7= Aesus plainl$ told $ou and me, Whatsoe*er $e shall ask the ,ather in m$ name, he 3ill 8i*e it $ou BAohn 1/<2"C7 Wh$> %ecause the ,ather lo*es the name of Aesus7 The ,ather lo*es His 4on7 His 4on is the One Who came to earth and paid the sacrificial price that $ou and I ma$ 6e sa*ed7

$ontinue To Worship
If $ou 3ant to please God Almi8ht$, the

)reator of all the uni*erse, if $ou 3ant to please him, 3orship AesusD ha*e faith in Him7 When $ou 3orship Aesus, He 3ill 3alk into the throne room and sa$, =,ather, that 3oman


do3n there 3ho is sick and has a de*ilGpossessed child has 6een 3orshippin8 me7 =Ho3 lon8 has she 6een doin8 it>= God mi8ht sa$7 =4he(s 6een doin8 it for a 3eek,= Aesus mi8ht sa$7 =4he mi8ht ;ust 6e doin8 it to 8et Me to manifest M$self 6ecause the$ need help 6ut aren(t reall$ sincere in 3orshippin8 Me7 I(m not interested in that 8ospel 8ame,= God mi8ht ans3er7 A month later Aesus ma$ 8o 6ack and sa$, =,ather, that 3oman I told $ou a6out last month is still 3orshippin8 Me, and she tells Me e*er$ da$ that the$ lo*e +ou and that the$ lo*e the Hol$ 4pirit, and the$ 3orship Me mornin8, noon and ni8ht7= God the ,ather could sa$, and pro6a6l$ does, =I think she mi8ht reall$ 6e sincere, 6ut time 3ill tell7= Time 3ill al3a$s 6rin8 out the truth7 An$6od$ can ha*e patience 3ith God for a 3eek7 An$6od$ can put up a front for a month7 An$6od$ can stretch their ima8ination and 8o to church for three or four months7 %ut, remem6er, God 3on(t 6u$ those phon$ tricks7 He alread$ kno3s those tricks7 God 3ill 8i*e a test7 He Wants to see ho3 lon8 the person 3ill 3orship Him7 The ke$ is< 0on(t 8i*e up7 Aust keep on7 ,inall$ the 4on 3ill sa$ to the ,ather, =I ha*e come to make intercession for that famil$ that li*es in @ash*ille, Tennessee, the 4mith famil$7 The$ ha*e a demonGpossessed child, and the de*il is tr$in8 to kill their child, 6ut the$(*e made up their minds to turn their child o*er to Me7 The$(*e !1

made up their minds to turn their famil$ o*er to Me7 The$(*e made up their minds to turn their li*es o*er to Me7= 4ome people ha*e 6een 6orn a8ain t3ent$ $ears, 6ut the$(*e ne*er turned their li*es o*er to Aesus7 It(s one thin8 to 8i*e $our heart to Aesus, 6ut it(s another thin8 to 8i*e $our life to him7 #eople 8i*e their heart to Aesus 6ecause of con*iction or 6ecause of a sermon or 6ecause the$ 3ant to sta$ out of hell7 %ut there is a *ast difference in 8i*in8 $our heart to Aesus so $ou can 8o to hea*en 3hen $ou die and la$in8 $our life do3n for Him ri8ht no3 3hile $ou(re rich, sharp and health$, and the 3orld 3ants e*er$thin8 $ou(*e 8ot7 4a$ to the 3orld, =@o, $ou can(t ha*e me7 I(m turnin8 m$ life completel$ o*er to Aesus7=

Give "i# Your Life

God 3ants $our life7 He doesn(t ;ust 3ant $our heart7 He 3ill take $our heart if that is all $ou(ll 8i*e Him, 6ut He 3ants $our life, $our su6stance7 If $ou don(t turn $our mone$ o*er to God, $our life doesn(t 6elon8 to God7 +our life 6elon8s to $our pocket 6ook7 If $our life reall$ 6elon8ed to God, $ou 3ould thro3 it do3n for Him and 8i*e Him an$thin8 $ou(*e 8ot7 When I 8o out to a house to 8et the de*il out of a child or pra$ for them 6ecause the$(re d$in8, I al3a$s ask them t3o 5uestions7 The first 5uestion I ask them is, =0o $ou 3orship God in this house>= !2

@earl$ e*er$one 3ill tell me, =We 8o to church7= I sa$, =I didn(t ask $ou that7 0o $ou 3orship Aesus in this house>= =.h, Mr7 Ha$es, 3e(*e 6een church mem6ers for a lon8 time, and 3e(*e lo*ed God for a lon8 time7= =I didn(t ask $ou that7 0o $ou 3orship Aesus in this house>= I alread$ kno3 6$ no3 that the$ don(t 6ecause if the$ had the$ 3ould ha*e said, =Glor$ to God, $es We 3orship God in this house all the time7= Then I ask them, =0o $ou tithe>= =Let me tell $ou 3hat I think a6out tithin87= =I didn(t come here for $ou to preach to me7 I don(t e*en 3ant to kno3 3hat $ou think a6out it7 Tell me7 0o $ou tithe>= =Well, this is m$ idea7= =I(m not interested in $our idea7 0o $ou tithe>= =Well, no7= =@o3 let me 8et this strai8ht7 +ou don(t 3orship Aesus, and $ou don(t tithe, and $ou 3ant me to come into $our house and tr$ to talk God into healin8 her> Is that ri8ht>= =+es, that(s ri8ht7= =Then sho3 Him $ou 6elie*e in Him7 4ho3 Him $ou lo*e Him7 Worship Him and pa$ $our tithe7


Thank God in &aith

@o3 there is one more thin8 $ou need to remem6er7 Whate*er $ou thank God for that(s in the %i6le 6efore $ou see it, God 3ill let $ou see it7 He 3ill 8i*e it to $ou7 That(s 3h$ God tells $ou in His Word to 8i*e Him thanks in e*er$thin87 B1 Thess7 5<127C Thank God for a 8ood 3ife7 Thank God for a 8ood hus6and7 Thank God for peace in $our home7 Thank God for $our children 6ein8 sa*ed7 Thank God for a 8ood church7 Thank God for $our healin87 @o3 if $ou ha*e 8i*en thanks to God, I ha*e 8ood ne3s for $ou7 If $ou are a pastor make special note of this7 I(m 8oin8 to 8i*e $ou a perfect definition of faith7 I(m 8oin8 to let $ou kno3 eEactl$ 3hat faith is7 An$thin8 $ou can thank God for out loud 6efore $ou see it Aesus 3ill let $ou see it7 ,aith is not seen7 +ou ha*e to thank God for it 6efore $ou see it7 Thank God for 3hat $ou asked Him for out loud7 Thank +ou, Lord, for m$ healin87 Thank +ou, Lord, 6ecause +our presence is in m$ house7 Thank +ou, Aesus, for sa*in8 ?li9a6eth, Tomm$ and Aohn7 Thank +ou for puttin8 m$ home 6ack to8ether7 The neEt time $our child, sa$ his name is =Aohn,= sasses $ou and slams the door, 3alk in his room and hold up $our hands and 3orship God in his room7 )onfess 3ith $our mouth, =The spirit of respect from God 3ill 8o into m$ son, Aohn7 He 3ill not slam doors and sa$ smart thin8s to me7= !'

Then 8o kneel 6$ his 6ed and 3orship God7 La$ $our hands on his pillo37 4a$ =When he sleeps in this 6ed, let the 4pirit of peace come into him7 Let the 4pirit of respect come upon him7= +ou 3ould 6e surprised 3hat the Hol$ Ghost 3ill do 3ith him7 All of a sudden, it 3on(t 6e too lon8: ma$6e a 3eek or t3o :6efore he(ll come up to $ou and sa$, =Mother, I(m sorr$ that I slammed the door and said a smart 3ord to $ou last 3eek7 I(*e 6een feelin8 so 6ad 6ecause I talked to $ou that 3a$7 Will $ou please for8i*e me>= Of course $ou(re ;ust like Aesus to3ards $our son, and $ou(ll reach out and 8i*e him $our arms and sa$, =Thank $ou, son7 It takes a 8ood man to do 3hat $ou ;ust did7 I for8i*e $ou7= Whate*er $ou can thank God for 6efore $ou see it, Aesus 3ill let $ou see it7 0o $ou 6elie*e the Lord is 8oin8 to heal $ou sometime> 0o $ou 6elie*e He(s 8oin8 to deli*er $our child sometime> He(s not 8oin8 to do it 6ecause =sometime= ne*er comes7 God is a now God, and faith is ri8ht no37 A preacher 3ho 6elie*ed in the 8reat 3orks of God told me one time< =We(re pra$in8 for m$ 3ife(s mother, %rother @or*el7 The doctors ha*e alread$ told us that there(s no hope, and 3e(re pra$in8D 6ut if God doesn(t inter*ene, she(s 8oin8 to die7= =Well, then,= I said, =she(s 8oin8 to die7= There 3as no faith in that man(s statement, not e*en one 3ord of *ictor$7 All he had 3as a


6unch of =if(s= and =3h$(s= and =if God doesn(t do it7= There is no such thin8 as =if God doesn(t do it7= If it is a promise to $ou from the %i6le, there is no such thin8 as =if God doesn(t do it7= Get that out of $our mind, out of $our *oca6ular$7 If that is ho3 $ou pra$, $ou mi8ht as 3ell punch the 6alloon and 3alk off7 I can tell $ou ri8ht no3 God isn(t 8oin8 to do the miracle for $ou7 0on(t 3alk around sa$in8, =If God doesn(t do it, I 8uess I 3ill ;ust ha*e to suffer7= #ut on $our =sufferin8 clothes= then, 6ecause that is 3hat $ou are 8oin8 to 8et If $ou 3ant God to do an$thin8 for $ou, $ou(*e 8ot to sho3 Him that $ou ha*e faith in Him7 Worship Him, ask Him, then thank Him7 4ho3 Him this afternoon7 0on(t 3ait until tomorro37 He 3ants to manifest Himself to $ou toda$7 He 3ants $ou to accept Him ri8ht no3 on the 6asis of $our faith7



Gi"e Hi/ Thanks

8ffer nto $od than#sgiving% and pay thy vows nto the 5ost high( -nd !all pon me in the day of tro ble( I will deliver thee, and tho shalt glorify me. #salm 5&<1',15 4ome people ask me, =%rother @or*el, 3h$ are $ou sa$in8 I should thank and praise the Lord 3hen I don(t kno3 if I ha*e recei*ed from Him 3hat I am praisin8 Him for> I didn(t see an$thin8 3hen I pra$ed, and I don(t see an$thin8 no37= Let(s look at the %ook of #salms, chapter 5&, *erses 1' and 157 It sa$s< 8ffer nto $od than#sgiving% and pay thy vows nto the most High( -nd !all pon me in the day of tro ble( I will deliver thee, and tho shalt glorify me. I 8uarantee $ou this< 3hen $ou 8et deli*ered, $ou 3ill 8lorif$ the Lord -i8ht no3, $ou ma$ ha*e a stack of 6ills on $our desk that can(t 6e paidD 6ut 3hen the mone$ comes in and $ou 8et them all paid, $ou 3ill 8lorif$ the Lord +our le8 ma$ 6e crooked ri8ht no3D 6ut if $ou 3ill 3orship God and praise Him, one da$ $our healin8 3ill come7 It ma$ take time:ma$6e siE months, a $ear, t3o $ears or three $ears: 6ut it


3ill come to pass7 -emem6er, faith doesn(t ha*e a 3atch, 6ecause faith can(t tell time7 +ou 3ill 3ake up one mornin8, and $our crooked le8 3ill 6e ;ust as normal as $our other one7 And 3hen it is, $ou 3ill 6e like that crippled man 3ho 3as healed at the Gate %eautiful7 BActs "<27C +ou 3ill thro3 6ack $our co*er, ;ump out of 6ed and praise God all around the house When He deli*ers $ou, God said $ou 3ould 8lorif$ His name, and $ou 3ill too

Don)t 3uestion God

Look at Luke, chapter 117 ,ollo3 me closel$ 6ecause $ou(re 8oin8 to lo*e this7 -nd it !ame to pass, as he went to Jer salem, that he passed thro gh the midst of "amaria and $alilee. -nd as he entered into a !ertain village, there met him ten men that were lepers, whi!h stood afar off( -nd they lifted p their voi!es, and said, Jes s, 5aster, have mer!y on s. -nd when he saw them, he said nto them, $o shew yo rselves nto the priests. *erses llG1'a Listen, if $ou e*er ask Aesus to heal $ou or to 8i*e $ou a miracle and He tells $ou to 8o do3nto3n and pass out tracts, don(t 5uestion Him7 Go 8et $ou some tracts and 8o do3nto3n as fast as $ou can and start passin8 out those tracts7 I 8uarantee $ou that 3hile $ou(re passin8 out those tracts or 3hile $ou(re on $our 3a$ do3nto3n that $ou(ll 6e healed7


0on(t e*er 5uestion God7 I don(t understand God, and neither 3ill $ou7 +ou ma$ 3ant to understand 3h$ 6efore $ou do 3hat He sa$s, 6ut God is not 8oin8 to tell $ou an$thin8 eEcept 3hat to do7 0on(t 5uestion God7 He kno3s eEactl$ 3hat He is doin87 Aust o6e$ Him7

-bedience %s Better Than Sacrifice

4o these men decided to do 3hat Aesus said to do7 The$ decided to o6e$ Him7 -nd it !ame to pass, that, as they went, they were !leansed. *erse 1'6 @o3 read closel$7 ?*er$ part of the @e3 Testament that $ou fail to o6e$, $ou 3ill ha*e to sacrifice7 In 1 4amuel 15<22 He sa$s it this 3a$<777 to obey is better than sa!rifi!e, and to hear#en than the fat of rams. What 3ould ha*e happened if those ten men had decided not to do 3hat Aesus had said7 %esides, the$ still had lepros$7 Wh$ should the$ 8o to the priest and 6e cleansed 3hen the$ 3eren(t e*en healed $et> Well, that(s 3hat $ou call actin8 in faith7 The$ didn(t see it $et, 6ut the$ 6elie*ed 3hat Aesus had said and acted as if it 3as so7 And as the$ 3ent, the$ 3ere cleansed B*7 1'C7 %$ the time the$ 8ot to the priest, the$ 3ere healed, and the priests could pronounce them clean7 %ut the$ had to o6e$7 If the$ hadn(t o6e$ed, the$ 3ould ha*e sacrificed their healin87 The$ 3ould ha*e 8one 3ithout e*en thou8h Aesus had alread$ pro*ided it and told them 3hat to do to recei*e it7 !!

Worship "i# +ith a Thankful "eart

@o3 notice closel$ 3hat happens in the neEt *erse7 -nd one of them, when he saw that he was healed, t rned ba!#, and with a lo d voi!e glorified $od. -nd fell down on his fa!e at his feet, giving him than#s( and he was a "amaritan. *erses 15,1/ I hope to God that $ou think like this man did7 When he sa3 3hat Aesus had done, he 3as 8rateful7 He 3as so 8rateful that he 8lorified God 3ith a loud *oice7 He 3asn(t em6arrassed7 He 3asn(t ashamed7 He 3as happ$7 He 3as 8lad, and e*er$one kne3 it7 Then he fell do3n on his face at Aesus(s feet and 8a*e thanks7 What 3as he doin8> He 3as 3orshippin8 Him7 He 3as praisin8 Him7 He 3as 8i*in8 Him thanks7 -nd Jes s answering said, *ere there not ten !leansed+ b t where are the nine+ 'here are not fo nd that ret rned to give glory to $od, save this stranger. -nd he said nto him, -rise, go thy way( thy faith hath made thee whole. *erses 11G1! This man, 6ecause he 3as thankful, 8ot a dou6le dose of 3hat Aesus had for him7 @ot onl$ 3as he healed, 6ut he 3as made 3hole7 +ou see 3hen a person 8ot lepros$ in those da$s, it usuall$ ate a3a$ a person(s fin8er or toe or nose or ear7 %ut this man, a 4amaritan at that, 8a*e 8lor$ to God and 3as thankful 3hen Aesus healed him7 Aesus then turned around and made him 3hole7 He 8a*e him a dou6le dose7 If his fin8er had 6een missin8, no3 it had 8ro3n 6ack7 If his 1&&

toe had 6een missin8, no3 it had 8ro3n 6ack7 God is a miracleG3orkin8 God, and it isn(t an$thin8 for him to put 6ack in place a part that(s 6een missin87 All $ou ha*e to do is look to Him 6elie*in8 and 8i*in8 thanks7

% Started &ollo+in! the Lord

I(*e 6een follo3in8 the Lord for man$ $ears since He *isited me one ni8ht as I 3as dri*in8 do3n the hi8h3a$7 I had 6een attendin8 an eEecuti*e 6oard meetin8 in )olum6us, Ohio, a6out t3o hundred miles from home7 As I 3as dri*in8 alon8 that ni8ht, the 4pirit of God came upon me for an hour and a half If Aesus e*er rides 3ith $ou in $our car for an hour and a half, $ou 3ill 6e as 3ild for Him as I am no3 It is like 6ein8 on a oneG3a$ street7 +ou can onl$ 8o in one direction, and there is no return7 When the Lord Aesus )hrist comes to *isit $ou like that, $ou mi8ht as 3ell for8et a6out $our eEecuti*e position7 +ou mi8ht as 3ell for8et a6out $our 6usiness and ;ust start follo3in8 Him7 =What do $ou mean (for8et a6out $our 6usiness(> 9o didn(t7= %asicall$ I did7 I onl$ had one 6usiness at that time, 6ut it 3as successful7 I 3as li*in8 in another 3orld in Indianapolis, Indiana7 I 3as a 6usinessman, an eEecuti*e, a mem6er of the church, 6ut there 3as no room for 4piritGfilled people and their 6eliefs a6out the Hol$ 4pirit and His 8ifts in m$ life7 %esides there 3eren(t *er$


man$ 4piritGfilled 6elie*ers in Indianapolis in those da$s7 I fi8ured m$ 3hole famil$ 3ould 6e so pleased 3hen the$ found out ho3 the Lord had come to me as I 3as dri*in8 home that ni8ht7 %ut 3hen I told them a6out it, the$ didn(t 8o for it, and I 3ound up 3ith m$ nineG$earGold dau8hter ;ust 8i*en to me t o rai se After that the Lord had me and m$ dau8hter mo*e to )le*eland, Tennessee7 The %i6le sa$s, ...and a little !hild shall lead them BIsa7 11</C7 M$ dau8hter 3anted to mo*e to )le*eland, Tennessee, and I 3ould ha*e done an$thin8 to help her, so 3e mo*ed there7

% -beyed "is Leadin!

It 3as a storm$, rain$ ni8ht 3hen I mo*ed, and I had m$ little nineG$earGold 8irl han8in8 onto me7 We 6oth 3ere 6rokenhearted7 I had a 6roken heart from the top of m$ head to the 6ottom of m$ feet, and the call of God 3as all o*er me7 The Lord God Himself started *isitin8 3ith me t3o or three times a 3eek7 %ut I didn(t think there 3as an$ 3a$ that the 4pirit of God 3ould e*er use a man 3ho 3as di*orced, e*en thou8h it 3asn(t m$ fault I 3as di*orced7 I ;ust kne3 that God 3ould ne*er use me, 6ut I couldn(t fi8ure out 3h$ He 3as *isitin8 me so often and so stron87 After mo*in8 to )le*eland, Tennessee, I met a #entecostal preacher and, the da$ I met him, the Lord said to me, =I 3ant $ou to talk to him7=


4o I said, =,or some reason, sir, the Lord 3ants me to talk to $ou7= When 3e 8ot to m$ 6usiness office, 3e sat do3n to talk7 I told him m$ stor$ in detail7 Then I asked him a 5uestion7 =What do $ou think is 8oin8 to happen to a fello3 like me> I am ;ust a 6usinessman7 I ha*e the call of God all o*er me, 6ut I don(t reall$ kno3 an$thin8 a6out God7 The onl$ thin8 I kno3 is that He is nice and the 0e*il is mean7 What do $ou think is 8oin8 to happen to a fello3 like me>= =Well, @or*el, $ou need to start 3here $ou are7 Aust start doin8 the little thin8s7= =The little thin8s> What little thin8s>= =Helpin8 people,= he said7 =+ou lo*e $oun8 people, so help them7= The pastor I 3as talkin8 3ith 3as 3orkin8 a lot those da$s in the ministr$ of helps, reachin8 out to people7 =0id $ou e*er feed the poor>= =@o,= I said7 =I(*e ne*er fed the poor7= =Then start feedin8 the poor7 God finds 8reat fa*or 3ith people 3ho feed the poor7= =Oh, reall$>= =That(s ri8ht7 4tart helpin8 people7 Help other 6usinessmen find God7 Aust start 3orkin8 in the ministr$ of helps an$ 3a$ $ou can7= =%ut I ha*e ne*er heard of the ministr$ of helps 6efore7= I reall$ didn(t kno3 3hat that 3as, 6ut I 3as 3illin8 to learn7 After I 6e8an to reall$ follo3 the Lord, I 3orked se*en $ears in the ministr$ of helps7 I


didn(t kno3 then that God had a pu6lic ministr$ for me7

% Got Bapti4ed in the "oly Spirit

Later on, that #entecostal preacher in*ited me to come to his church and teach a 4unda$ school class7 4o I did7 I 3as plannin8 to lea*e after the class at that #entecostal church and 8o 6ack to m$ church for 4unda$ mornin8 ser*ice, 6ut the 4pirit of God spoke to me as I 3as 8oin8 up the steps7 He said, =4ta$ here for this ser*ice and sho3 respect7= 4o I sta$ed7 0urin8 the ser*ice, a 3oman 3ho 3as sittin8 close to me started speakin8 in ton8ues7 I had ne*er heard an$thin8 like that 6efore, and I thou8ht she 3as a mental case %ut I found out after the ser*ice that she 3as normal7 I thou8ht, =@o3 that(s stran8e7 Ho3 can some6od$ talk like she did in the ser*ice and 6e normal>= %ut like a man said, $ou start foolin8 around 3ith people 3ho ha*e the 6aptism of the Hol$ 4pirit, and it is like 3alkin8 on a slipper$ creek 6ank7 One of these da$s $ou 3ill slip in Well, e*entuall$ I did7 I fooled around those ,ull Gospel people for a 3hile, and it 3asn(t lon8 until I 3as 6apti9ed in the Hol$ 4pirit and speakin8 in ton8ues like the rest of them7


% Worked in the Ministry of "elps

Then I started 3orkin8 3ith a 8roup from Lee )olle8e called =#ioneers ,or )hrist,= and I started *isitin8 the Lee )olle8e chapel ser*ices7 At the time, I o3ned a restaurant, and it 3as loaded e*er$da$ 3ith Lee )olle8e students7 That 3as one of m$ 6usiness in*estments that I had 6ou8ht a num6er of $ears 6efore7 In those da$s there 3ere no restaurants in that area, so m$ place 6ecame a Lee )olle8e han8out, totall$ packed e*er$ ,rida$ and 4aturda$ ni8ht7 All the colle8e kids 3ho came in there lo*ed me, and the$ in*ited me to chapel ser*ice7 I 3ould 8o there and 8et 6lessed7 The 8roup of Lee )olle8e $oun8 people that I 3orked 3ith 3ere a dedicated 6unch of kids7 The$ called themsel*es =#ioneers ,or )hrist,= and the$ were; =What does (#ioneers ,or )hrist( mean>= It means the$ 3ill ;ust 8o out and pioneer an$thin8 The$ 3ill make thin8s happen 3here there is nothin87 When I started 3orkin8 3ith them, I lo*ed e*er$ one of them7 In m$ entire life I had ne*er seen such a dedication amon8 $oun8 people7 And I 3ill ne*er for8et them7 The$ used to 3ork an area that 3as like a cit$ dump7 Once the$ found a 3oman 3ith t3o or three little children 3ho had 6een sleepin8 under a tree for se*eral ni8hts 6ecause the$ didn(t ha*e a home to 8o to7 The #ioneers ,or )hrist 6uilt her a little place around that tree7 It 3as a couple of little 1&5

rooms made out of sla6s that the$ picked up at the sa3mill7 +ou kno3, =Where there(s a 3ill there(s a 3a$7= Those Lee )olle8e students 3ere a 6unch of 3orkers7 The$ had to 3ork their 3a$ throu8h school, 6ecause the$ 3eren(t o*erloaded 3ith mone$7 %i6le school students usuall$ aren(t o*erloaded 3ith mone$7 %ut it doesn(t make an$ difference7 If $ou are a pioneer for )hrist and $ou find a 3oman under a tree sleepin8 3ith her children, $ou can 6uild her a house under that tree 3hen $ou don(t ha*e a dime7 It all depends on ho3 much pioneer 6lood $ou ha*e in $ou7 After the$ 6uilt that house, I 3ent there one da$ to pra$ for that 3oman7 When I 3alked into that little place, flies 3ere e*er$3here7 A little 8irl 3alked up to me 3ith a dirt$, stinkin8 milk 6ottle in her hand7 It looked like she hadn(t chan8ed clothes in siE months =Mister, 3e don(t ha*e no food7 Our little 6a6$ onl$ has this much milk7= 4he held up that stinkin8 6ottle to sho3 me7 When I looked do3n at her as she looked up at me and said that, the Hol$ 4pirit inside m$ 6ell$ 6e8an to rise up and half choke me7 I 6roke do3n and 6e8an to 3eep7 There is so much 3e ha*e to 6e thankful for7


Be Thankful "ere and %)ll ro#ote You

As I 3alked out, I sa3 m$self 3ith the tailorGmade suit on m$ 6ack and the )adillac parked there7 I looked up to hea*en and said< =Oh, God, is this m$ ministr$> Is this 3hat +ou are 8i*in8 me> Is this 3hat I left the church I used to 8o to for< a cit$ dump ministr$> God, is this 3hat +ou ha*e for me>= @o3 some people sa$ that God 3on(t talk to $ou in an audi6le *oice7 %ut He 3ill sometimes7 On the isle of #atmos the apostle John heard a great voi!e as the so nd of a tr mpet tal#ing to him7 B-e*7 1<1&7C While the apostle #eter 3as on a housetop pra$in8, he fell into a trance, saw a vision and heard a voi!e from heaven7 BActs 1&<!G1/7C God 3as 8ettin8 #eter read$ and preparin8 him to take the Gospel to the Gentiles7 When I cried out to God that da$, I heard a *oice come do3n from hea*en to me7 He said< =4on, 6e thankful to Me here, and I(ll promote $ou7 I onl$ promote people I can trust7= @o3 $ou can understand the ministr$ of helps and the depth of it7 I didn(t kno3 that God Himself had created the ministr$ of helps in the doctrines of the )hurch7 There is much a6out the doctrines of the )hurch that most people don(t kno3 an$thin8 a6out7 M$ friend, 3hen God sa$s somethin8 and He puts a doctrine in the )hurch, no man has a ri8ht to take it a3a$7


4o one of the doctrines of the @e3 Testament )hurch is the ministr$ of helps7 B1 )or7 12<227C ?*er$ church in the 3orld that doesn(t ha*e a ministr$ of helps:to train $oun8 people, to feed the poor, to help all people in need:is out of God(s 3ill7 =Ho3 do $ou kno3>= $ou ma$ sa$7 Well, I can read7 All $ou ha*e to do to find out if $ou are out of God(s 3ill is to read the %i6le for $ourself7 God has set some 8ifts and doctrines in the )hurch7 If $ou don(t ha*e 3hat He put in the )hurch, ho3 can $ou 6e in God(s perfect 3ill> There is no 3a$ $ou can if $ou are not 8oin8 to 6elie*e 3hat He said and recei*e the thin8s that He has put in the )hurch and add those thin8s to $our life7 ,or eEample, it 3ould please God if all nine of the 8ifts of the 4pirit talked a6out in 1 )orinthians 12 3ere operatin8 in $our church as the 4pirit 3ills7 The sad part of it is that man$ churches in the 3orld don(t e*en 6elie*e in them7 4ome pastors 8et 6ehind the pulpit and make li8ht of them7 4ome actuall$ make fun of them7 4ome make fun of ton8ues and interpretation7 I 3ouldn(t ha*e that much ner*e I found out from God a lon8 time a8o that an$6od$ 3ho makes fun of Aesus and the Gospel and the Hol$ Ghost 3ill not li*e his life out7 +ou can(t make fun of an$thin8 a6out God, Aesus, the %i6le, the Hol$ Ghost, and the )hurch or an$ of its doctrines7 +ou can(t make fun of them and eEpect to li*e happil$ e*er after7


Make up $our mind that 3hen God sets doctrines in the )hurch, that(s the 3a$ it is7 @o man has a ri8ht to chan8e it7 =If $ou 3ant to 8et alon8 3ith Me,= God is sa$in8 in the %i6le, =$ou had 6etter read the %i6le and follo3 it7 An$ man: I don(t care 3ho he is or 3hat he looks like:that adds to It or takes a3a$ from It, the pla8ues of the 3orld 3ill 8o to him7= If $ou 3ill start foolin8 around 3ith people 3ho are dedicated to God and 8o to pra$er meetin8s 3ith them, $ou 3ill learn ho3 to pra$7 God 3ill 8i*e $ou the desires of $our heart if $ou 3ill ;ust seek God from $our heart, 3ith true moti*es7 Worship and praise God first7 Then pra$ that He 3ill sho3 $ou 3here He 3ants to use $ou7 %e thankful for 3here*er He places $ou, and e*entuall$ He 3ill promote $ou

Be Thankful &or the Ministry "e Gives You

4ome people li*e in the 3orld of 3onderin87 The$ sa$, =I 3onder 3hat m$ ministr$ is7= #eople sa$ to me< =%rother @or*el, can $ou tell me 3hat m$ ministr$ is>= or =%rother @or*el, can 3e pra$ and see 3here I should 8o and 3hat I should do> I need to kno3 3hat m$ ministr$ is7 )an $ou tell me>= I sa$, =Oh, $es, I can tell $ou 3hat $our ministr$ is7=


It is knockin8 on doors and passin8 out tracts, feedin8 the poor, and helpin8 the need$7 =%ut I don(t 3ant to do that kind of thin8, %rother @or*el7 I(m not talkin8 a6out that7 I(m talkin8 a6out m$ ministr$7= =That is $our ministr$,= I tell them7 I 3as satisfied 3ith that kind of ministr$ for se*en $ears7 I didn(t 3ant a pu6lic ministr$7 I didn(t ask for a pu6lic ministr$7 That 3asn(t 3hat I 3as lookin8 for7 If $ou are lookin8 for a pu6lic ministr$ and nothin8 else, He(s not callin8 $ou7 That(s $ou7 Instead of refusin8 to do an$thin8 6ut a pu6lic ministr$, 6e 3illin8 to do whatever God 3ants $ou to do, when He 3ants $ou to do it, where He 3ants $ou to do it, and how He 3ants $ou to do it7 Aust 6e 3illin87 4omeone ma$ ask, =%rother @or*el, 3hat if God told $ou to 8o 6ack full time into the ministr$ of helps and let some6od$ else do all that preachin8>= If God told me that, I 3ould sa$, =#raise the Lord = =Would $ou 8o 6ack to Lee )olle8e and start 3orkin8 3ith the #ioneers ,or )hrist a8ain>= I 3ould 8o, and I 3ould 8o 5uickl$ And I(m not kiddin87 0on(t 8et hun8 up on 6ein8 a 8reat speaker7 I do a lot of preachin8, 6ut I don(t 8et hun8 up on it7 I recei*e thousands of in*itations7 @ot onl$ that, people are offerin8 me plent$ of mone$ ;ust to come and speak for one ni8ht7 Onl$ one ni8ht


These da$s I 8o to meetin8s all o*er the countr$, from the ?ast )oast to the West )oast and e*en to forei8n countries7 I 3as in 4outh Africa once, and I couldn(t 6elie*e it m$self7 ,i*e thousand people came to the meetin8, and I had ne*er 6een to 4outh Africa 6efore in m$ life7 I asked them, =%efore I 3alked up 6ehind the pulpit toda$, ho3 man$ people in here kne3 me>= There 3ere pro6a6l$ a6out three thousand hands that 3ent up7 I couldn(t 6elie*e it =Ho3 did $ou kno3 me>= I asked7 =I(*e ne*er 6een here 6efore7= The$ ;ust kind of lau8hed and said, =We kno3 $ou, %rother @or*el7= After that, I 3ent to speak at another con*ention7 There 3as a 3hole 8roup of people there from @i8eria, and I had ne*er 6een to @i8eria in m$ life7 %ut that 3hole clan of @i8erian people 6rou8ht me 8ifts7 =Wh$ are $ou 6rin8in8 me 8ifts>= I asked7 =Ho3 do $ou kno3 me>= =We kno3 $ou, %rother @or*el7 We lo*e $ou, %rother @or*el7 We 3ant $ou to come to @i8eria, %rother @or*el7 Won(t $ou please come to @i8eria>= =Well,= I said, =$ou keep that up *er$ lon8, and I 8uess I 3ill ha*e to 8o to @i8eria = As I said, I didn(t ask God for a pu6lic ministr$7 I 3asn(t lookin8 for one7 %ut 6ecause I 3orshipped and praised God, He promoted me7 And He 3ill do the same for $ou7 He 3ants to


pour His a6undant 6lessin8s do3n from hea*en onto $ou7 Worship Him for Who He isD praise Him for 3hat He has done7

rayer of Salvation
If $ou ha*en(t accepted the Lord Aesus )hrist as $our personal 4a*ior, pra$ this pra$er 6elo3 and accept Him7 ?nter into a co*enant 3ith Him, 6e8in to 3orship and praise Him and come on into the a6undant life that 3ill set $ou free7 If He 3ill do it for me, He 3ill do it for $ou too7 7ear Heavenly )ather, )orgive me for anything I have done or said that wo ld be against 9o r will. *ash me !lean. Let me be white as snow. Let me have a tender, sweet relationship with 9o . I want to #now 9o more. Please !ome and be my Lord and my "avior. Let 9o r power melt all the world o t of me, so that I !an be steadfast li#e the &o!#, 1hrist Jes s. I love 9o and worship 9o . 'han# 9o for sending 9o r "on, Jes s, to me and to the world. In Jes s. name, -men.


rayer To .eceive the Baptis# in the "oly Spirit

Accordin8 to the @e3 Testament, Aesus 3ants to 6apti9e e*er$6od$ on earth 3ith the Hol$ 4pirit, and He 3ants e*er$6od$ on earth to speak in other ton8ues7 4o $ou can 6ase 3hat $ou 6elie*e on the 4criptures, I ha*e listed a fe3 ke$ passa8es for $ou to refer to7 4ee Aohn 1'<1/,11D Acts 2<1G 'D1/G 12,"2,"","2,"!D Acts 2<12,1'G11D Acts !<11D Acts 1!<1G",/D Acts 1&<''G'/D 1 )or7 1'<2,12D Aohn 1<"1G"!D Luke 11<11G1"D Luke 2'<'!D Acts 1<27 The onl$ responsi6ilit$ of the Hol$ 4pirit to $ou or an$6od$ else is to 8i*e $ou the utterance like He did on the da$ of #entecost, 6ut $ou do the speakin87 As $ou read this pra$er, recei*e the 6aptism of the Hol$ 4pirit 6$ faith and 6e8in to speak out in faith an$ sounds or s$lla6les that rise up 3ithin $ou7 7ear Heavenly )ather, I !ome before 9o now with an open heart to re!eive all 9o have for me. I have already a!!epted the Lord Jes s as the Lord and "avior of my life, so now I open myself to re!eive the power of 9o r Holy "pirit. 9o said in 9o r *ord that if I as#ed, I wo ld re!eive, so I as# 9o now to fill me to overflowing with 9o r pre!io s Holy "pirit.


I re!eive Him now by faith and e0pe!t to spea# with other tong es as He gives me the tteran!e... In Jes s. name, -men. @or*el Ha$es shares God(s Word 6oldl$ and simpl$, 3ith an enthusiasm that captures the heart of the hearer7 He has learned throu8h personal eEperience that God(s Word can 6e effecti*e in e*er$ area of life and that it 3ill 3ork for an$one 3ho 3ill 6elie*e it and appl$ it7 @or*el o3ns se*eral 6usinesses 3hich function successfull$ despite the fact that he spends more than half his time a3a$ from the office, ministerin8 the Gospel throu8hout the countr$7 His o6edience to God and his 3illin8ness to share his faith ha*e taken him to a *ariet$ of places7 He ministers in churches, seminars, con*entions, colle8es, prisons:an$3here the 4pirit of God leads7