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C D8227 GP is audio power IC wit h built-in two Channels developed for portable radio cassette tape recorder with power ON/OFF switch. Thermal shut down protection


Outline Drawing

circuit is built in. Because of the parts reduction and DIP (Dual in line package), space merit is re markable.

High Power :(Vcc=9V,R L =4 Ω ,f=1kHz,THD=10%) :(Vcc=9V,R L =3 Ω ,f=1kHz,THD=10%) Pout=2.5W/CH(Typ.) Pout=3.0W/CH(Typ.) Vo ltage Gain :

Gv=45dB(Typ.) ( Rf=120 Ω ,f=1kHz ) Gv=56.5dB(Typ.) ( Rf=0 Ω ,f=1kHz

Low popping noise at power ON Small Quiescent Current : I C C Q =21 mA(Typ.) (Vcc=9V Vin=0)

Ripple Rejection Ratio : R.R.=-52dB(Typ.)(Vc c=9V , fripple=100Hz , Rg=600 Ω ) Cross Talk : C .T .= -50dB(Typ.)(V cc=9V , f=1kHz , Rg=600 Ω ) Output Noise Voltage : Vno=0.3mVrms (Typ.)(Vcc=9V , Rg=10k Ω ,

BW=20Hz~20kHz) Stand-By Switch Soft Clip Built-in ther mal shut down protection circuit Best for supply voltage 9V S upply voltage range : Vcc=5~12V



0 43 21 2 .7 0 . BW=20Hz~20kHz Rg=600 Ω . SW1-OFF MIN.4W/CH Rf=120 Ω V O U T =0dBm Rf=0.5 12 Vcc Vcc 4.T V6.Ta=25 °C) CHARACT ERISTIC Quiescent Current Output Power Total Harmonic Distortion Voltage Gain Input Resistance Output Noise Vo ltage Ripple Rejection Ratio Cross Talk Input Offset Vo ltage Stand-By Current SYMBOL ICCQ POUT(1) POUT(2) THD GV(1) GV(2) RIN VNO R.f=1kHz.03 0 . Rg=6 00 Ω .7 11 4. TYP.2 45 56. DC VOLTA GE (V) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 5.R C.0 47 1.V O U T =0dBm Rg=10k Ω .0 0 -25~75 -55~150 CD8227GP UNIT A W °C °C Power Diss ipation* Operating Te mperature Storage Temperature * Value for mounting on PC board(Refer to P D -Ta curve) ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Unless otherwise specified . Ta=25 ° C) TERMINAL NO.0 10 8. MAX. UNIT 2. Vcc=9V. fripple =100Hz Rg=600 Ω . R L =4 Ω .0 60 kΩ mV r m s dB dB mV μA mA W % dB TYPICAL DC VOLTAGE OF EACH TERMINAL (Vcc=9V.5 8. R L =3 Ω P O U T =0.3 -52 -50 30 1 45 1.0 0. V O U T =0dBm.5 30 0.03 0 .5 0 3 .7 2/8 SUM .V7 Istb TEST CON DITI ON V I N =0 THD=10% THD=10%.5 3.7 GND 0.SUM MAXIMUM RATINGS (Ta=25 ° C) CHARACT ERISTIC Output Current (Peak/CH) SYMBOL IQ(peak) PD Topr Tstg RATING 1.

sin ce th e feed b ack Fig 1 . Howev er. it is reco mmended to use this at 40dB or over.R2 and Rf in Fig.) By increasing Rf . * ( 2 ) T h e c o n d e n s e r b e t w e e n t h e ④ p i n a n d t h e G N D ( C 11 ) i s f o r r e d u c i n g p o p n o i s e w h e n t h e p o w e r O N / O F F s w i t c h ( S W 1 ) i s s e t t o O N / O F F. increase is liable to produce oscillation . I f v o l u m e s l i d e n o i s e o c c u r r e d b y i n p u t o ff s e t v o l t a g e i s u n d e s i r a b l e .1. ADJUSTMENT OF VOLTAGE GAIN The voltage gain Gv is obtained as follows by R1.SUM TEST CIRCUIT & BLOCK DIAGRAM CD8227GP *(1) T h i s I C c a n b e u s e d w i t h o u t c o u p l i n g c a p a c i t o r ( C I N ) . Gv=20log((Rf+R1+R2)/(Rf+R1)) When Rf=0 When Rf=120 Ω Gv=56. reduction of Gv is possible . i t n e e d s t o u s e t h e c a p a c i t o r ( C I N ) .5dB(Typ.) Gv=45dB(Typ. APPLICATION INFORMATION AND APPLICATION METHOD 1. 3/8 SUM .

oscillation is liable to be produced. PNP TR: Q1 is provided in the input circuit so as to make its usage possible without the input coupling capacitor. For cutting the volume slide noise. OSCILATION PREVENTIVE MEASURES For oscillation preventive capacitor C6 and C7 between th e output ter minal and GND. it is recommended to use Polyester fil m c apacitor having good characteristics for te mp erature and for high frequency. Apply the capacitor after ch ecki ng en ough for its capacity. INPUT STAGE The input circuit of this IC is as shown in Fig.connect C10 to Vcc at th e nearest possible position fro m power GND. at pins ⑥ and ⑦ . Since the characteristics of the capacitor is liable to be influenced by the te mp erature. The operation te mp erature is set at radiation Fin temperature 175°C(Typ. 4/8 SUM . However . as the position of the electrolytic capacitor has a re markable influence on the oscillation .SUM 2. At using th is application with th e voltage gain reduced. THERMAL SHUT-DOWN CIRCUIT CD8227GP The thermal shut-down circuit is built in for the purpose of preventing the destruction of IC due to the abnormal te mp erature rise when the heat radiation is insufficient. use th is capacito r after the te mperature test to check the oscillation allowance. In addition.) At this temp erature or over th e bias is in terrupted to prevent the destruction of IC.2. Application after checking volu me slide noise is recommended.2 4. max 60mV offset voltage is produced. 3. Insert the input capacitor: C I N in series to interrupt the DC component Fig. type and mounting position.

7. tu rning-up is produced in th e clip waveform. 6. output po wer is changed by pin 1 supply voltage when pin 1 voltage in not same pin 12 supply voltage. However.) : Vcc=9V. f=1kHz : Enough care must be taken for this phenomenon. the 5. POWER ON/OFF SWITCH There is po wer ON/OFF switch at pin 1.GND. please check it. That is liable to cause distortion and cross talk worse. GND LINE GND pin is not separated for Pre-GN D a nd for Pw .SUM standard printed board is recommended to be referred to des ign it CD8227GP As the oscillation allowance varies according to the printed pattern layout. Th e tu rn ing-u p po in t is V I N =300mVr ms(Typ. INPUT VOLTAGE When the excessive signal is in put. CHARACTERISTIC CURVES 5/8 SUM . Before use this IC. R L =4 Ω . select pin 1 supply voltage. after referring to attach ed date.

SUM CD8227GP 6/8 SUM .

SUM CD8227GP 7/8 SUM .

SUM CD8227GP 8/8 SUM .