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Alex Nelson, the most successful Indie artist of 2013 is putting his Brogues on and hitting his first world tour called The uture Is The !ast", after releasing his second al#um called Than$ %ou !epper"& Alex has had two al#ums released including his new highl% successful release and his first al#um which was surprisingl% not as good as the audience expected' rom (ome"& )e met up with Alex to discuss his new tour and the reasons #ehind his unsuccessful al#um and wh% he #elie*es his recent release has #een so large& Soo Alex when does your tour start and what lovely city are you heading off to first? Alright dude, well I"m sta%ing in m% home countr% +ngland to $ic$ it off, including the cities ,anchester, home of m% inspirers -asis .said with a louder tone/ then to Birmingham and 0ondon, with a few others after that& Then I"m finall% off a#road1 I"ll #e fl%ing to man% cities all o*er +urope' including !aris, Barcelona, 2ome and a few others on that& I"ll also #e attending m% first *enues across North America, 3outh America, Asia and Australia .putting on an Australian accent/& It is going to #e so f44c$ing good& An%wa% the first gig will #e at ,anchester on 5une the 1st and the other 67 gigs are e*er% other da% after that& 8ou can chec$ m% #log for other dates though, so %eah&9 Sounds great where did the na!e "The #uture $s The %ast& for your tour co!e fro!? )ell, .laughs/ it"s a #it sill% and emotional reall%& But #asicall% m% mum past awa% last summer and she used to alwa%s #ug me when I was a mid: teen a#out how I will decide m% future& It #asicall% was meaning what I was to do then would affect what I did now& 3o I decided it was m% mum that got me to #e the successful artist I am toda% #% encouraging me to ta$e ,usic and +nglish 0iterature A:0e*els during m% teens and forced me to participate in poetr% classes .laughs/& rom this I thought I could dedicate the tour to her, than$ing her for the support and $ic$ing m% ass to college e*er% morning&9 That&s cool !an what ha''ened to your first al(u!? )hy wasn&t it as successful as your recent release "Than* you %e''er&? Arghhh, I $new this ;uestion would #e coming1 .laughs/ Basicall% I was originall% signed to a small record la#el called A3 3tudios" in <amden, 0ondon& <amden is a small, rough town which is where I grew up, until I mo*ed to a more wealth% area& But, an%wa% I reall% appreciated the support and ad*ice that I recei*ed from ,ic$ at A3 3tudio"s, don"t get me wrong& But the compan% =ust didn"t ha*e the finance and promotion power to distri#ute m% al#um in top #randed stores or ha*e it pla%ed on wide audience radio stations such as 2adio 1 or > ,, so I won"t lie that will ha*e #een the reason it wasn"t as successful& )hen I left <amden, I managed to get some tr% out sessions at a more well:$nown record la#el in the centre of 0ondon Atlantic 2ecords 67" who had much more finance a#le to distri#ute m% +!"s after m% al#um, further into the industr% and now m% 2013 success al#um Than$ %ou !epper"&9 That&s great what do you thin* is next after your world tour? ?This will surprise %ou1 I would #e fascinated to actuall% start a #and or =oin a #and, #ut that"s onl% an idea& .laughs/ 0i$e, I used to hang around with the lads from The 1@AB' ,att, 2oss, Adam and Ceorge and it was alwa%s good fun pla%ing with them at small *enues #ut unfortunatel% their record dealer didn"t see m% potential& I will for sure #e ta$ing a #rea$ after this world tour though' as it is going to #e mental #ut a lot of hard wor$, don"t worr% though, whate*er happens I"ll #e #ac$ in the studio producing some more records and al#ums for m% fans&9 Nice is there any artist you have seen recently $ thought a(out a''roaching to record a single with? ?As it happens I ha*e recentl% approached 0orde, the solo artist who recentl% gained 3ong of the 8ear D Best !op 3olo !erformance" Cramm%s this %ear for her record 2o%als"& I thin$ she is a highl% talented girl who writes some *er% powerful and successful songs& It would #e an a#solute pleasure to wor$ alongside her and I feel we could produce some impressi*e records& But at the moment that"s all I can let %ou $now a#out, #ut there ma% #e more on the wa%, %ou"ll =ust ha*e to wait and see& .laughs/ O*ay Alex $ ho'e your tour goes well $&! certain we&ll (e s'ea*ing to you again soon+ ?Alright then ,egan, cheers&9 Text, -ac* .reen %hotogra'her, Megan Ross