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R. S. Lees. S. M. Beattie. J. A. Taylor. C. D. P. Smallpeice. L. G. Hornsted. K. Kreitmayer. L. C. E. King. B. M. Patton. A. H. G wynne-Vaughan. W. M. O'Kelly. A. Houghton. L. T. Peach. . The undermentioned Second Lieutenants to be temporary Lieutenants: Dated 1st August, 1915. T. B. M. Egleston. J. S. Gregory. J. N. G. Gibbons. R. O. Nelson. H. N. Kerr. C. D. Mooney. I. A. Ross. L. B. Nicholls. A. C. Hyland. Smith, Th'e Suffolk Regiment. Dated 25th September, 1915. Major Beauchamp Seymour, The King's Royal Rifle Corps. Dated 27th September, 1915. Staff Captains Captain A. G. Turner, 2nd Canadian Infantry Battalion, vice Captain E. S. Hill, Royal Canadian Engineers. Dated 10th September, 1915. Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant) Samuel Dawson, Royal Artillery, and to retain his temporary rank whilst so employed. Dated 15th September, 1915. (Substituted for the notification which appeared in the Gazette of 6th October, 1915.) Temporary Captain (Honorary Captain in Army) The Honourable H. W. W. Horsley-Beresford, The Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment), and to be transferred to the General List. Dated 27th September, 1915.

Office, 9th October, 1915. REGULAR FORCES. . COMMANDS AND STAFF. The undermentioned appointments are made: PERSONAL STAFF. A ide-de-Camp Second Lieutenant William J. M. Lowe, 15th (The King's) Hussars. Dated 4th October, 1915. GENERAL STAFF. General Staff Officer 3rd Grade Captain Robert A. Ray, The King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment), and to be seconded, vice Captain C. E. B. Denniss, Royal Artillery. Dated 1st October, 1915. ATTACHED TO THE GENERAL STAFF. (Graded for purposes of pay as a Brigade Major.) Captain (Honorary Major) C. G. A. Nix, Territorial Force 'Reserve. Dated 30th June, 1915. SPECIAL APPOINTMENTS. (Graded for purposes of pay as a General Staff Officer, 3rd Grade.) Captain T. W. Dickie, The Royal Dublin Fusiliers, Special Reserve. Dated 2nd June, 1915. (Graded for purposes of pay as Staff Captains.) Major Standish G. Smithwick, The Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Dated 21st September, 1915. Major Thomas W. Sheppard, The King's (Liverpool Regiment). Dated 25th September, 1915. ATTACHED TO HEADQUARTER UNITS. Brigade Majors Major Hastings Ross-Johnson, Reserve of Officers, vice Lieutenant Colonel H. d'A.


The undermentioned temporary appointments are made at the War Office: Deputy Assistant Director Major Alan D. Garden, Royal Engineers, from a Squadron Commander, Royal Flying Corps, Military Wing. Dated 1st September, 1915. Staff Captains Dated 1st August, 1915. Lieutenant (temporary Captain) Percy R. Grace, Royal Flying Corps, Special Reserve, from an Equipment Officer. Lieutenant Alexander G. Clark, Royal Flying Corps, Special Reserve, from an Assistant Equipment Officer. Major Clive Mellor, Royal Engineers, from a Flight Commander, Royal Flying Corps, Military Wing. Dated 1st September, 1915. Staff Lieutenants Second Lieutenant Edward S. Skipper, Royal Flying Corps, Special Reserve, from an Assistant Equipment Officer. Dated 1st August, 1915. Dated 1st September, 1915. Quartermaster and Honorary Lieutenant Walter J. D. Pryce, Royal Flying Corps, Military Wing. Second Lieutenant Noel C. F. Francis, Royal Field Artillery, Territorial Force. The undermentioned temporary appointment is made: Assistant Provost Marslial (Graded for purposes of pay as a Staff Lieutenant, 1st Class.) Lieutenant Herbert T. Hewett, Territorial Force Reserve, and to be temporary Captain whilst so employed, vice temporary Captain H. A. Van Bergen. Dated 7th September, 1915.