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bruise-cream-msg - 1/23/10

Period and SCA bruise creams. NOTE: See also !e "iles: #andcream-ar $ %an-d-%u&eres-ar $ a'!rodisiacs-msg$ %ou !(as!-ar $ '-medicine-ln)s$ cosme ics-ln)s$ On-*e!+dra ion-ar . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, NOT-CE T!is "ile is a collec ion o" .arious messages ! a common !eme !a - !a.e collec e d "rom m+ reading o" !e .arious com'u er ne (or)s. Some messages da e bac) o 1/0 /$ some ma+ be as recen as +es erda+. T!is "ile is 'ar o" a collec ion o" "iles called S e"an1s 2lorilegium. T!ese "iles are a.ail able on !e -n erne a : ! '://(((." - !a.e done a limi ed amoun o" edi ing. %essages ! o do (i ! se'ara e o'ics (e re some imes s'li in o di""eren "iles and some imes e3 raneous in"orma ion (as remo. ed. 2or ins ance$ !e message -4s (ere remo.ed o sa.e s'ace and remo.e clu er. T!e commen s made in !ese messages are no necessaril+ m+ .ie('oin s. - ma)e no clai ms as o !e accurac+ o" !e in"orma ion gi.en b+ !e indi.idual au !ors. Please res'ec !e ime and e""or s o" !ose (!o !a.e (ri en !ese messages. T!e c o'+rig! s a us o" !ese messages is unclear a !is ime. -" in"orma ion is 'ublis!ed "r om !ese messages$ 'lease gi.e credi o !e origina or5s6. T!an) +ou$ %ar) S. #arris A7A: T#8ord S e"an li *ous S e"an a " ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 4a e: 9ed$ 11 Aug 1/// 00:2::00 -0;00 2rom: <4ec)er$ Terr+ 4.< =Terr+4 a #eal !.S a e.O7.>S? Sub&ec : 29: SC - @ruise Oin men And glor+ be$ - s ill !a.e !is one. @ear ? @*>-SE A>-CE ? b+ #erbalis 1s 2ello(s!i'$ Ci +-S a e o" %arinus ? "rom Com'lea Anac!ronis B2: - An #erbal Crimoire ? ? Dou (ill need !e "ollo(ing Euan i ies o" !ese !erbs: ? ? 1/F cu' arnica "lo(ers 5Arnica mon ana6 ? 1/F cu' (i c!-!aGel 5#amamelis .irginiana6 ? 3 1/2 ounces com"re+ roo 'o(der 5S+m'!+ um o""icinal6 ? / ounces S . Ao!n1s 9or "lo(ers 5#+'ericum 'er"ora um6 ? 1/2 cu' 'o(dered blac) (illo( bar) 5Sali3 nigra6 ? ? Dou (ill also need !e "ollo(ing: ? ? ; cu's :0H 5iso'ro'+l6 alco!ol ? 3I "luid ounces oli.e oil ? ? %a)e a inc ure o" bo ! !e arnica "lo(ers and (i c!-!aGel as ? "ollo(s: ? ? 16 %i3 dried 'lan ma erial (i ! :0H alco!ol in a 1:10 ra io. ? 26 A" er le ing i se "or 1F da+s$ s rain !roug! a muslin ? clo !$ 'ressing ou as muc! liEuid as +ou can. ? 36 8ea.e "or 2 da+s o se le$ !en "il er ou an+ sedimen . ?

? %a)e a decoc ion o" com"re+ roo 'o(der as "ollo(s: ? ? 16 %i3 roo 'o(der (i ! (o 'in s (a er 5s'ring (a er is bes $ ? or (ell-"il ered a' (a er$ i" no ! c!lorina ed6 ? and boil "or 10 minu es. ? 26 S rain !e liEuid. ? ? %a)e oil o" S . Ao!n1s 9or "lo(ers as "ollo(s: ? ? 16 Crus! !e "lo(ers in a mor ar and 'es le$ !en combine i ? (i ! !e 2 'in s o" com"re+ decoc ion. -" s!or o" 2 ? 'in s$ add enoug! (a er o ma)e !e 'ro'er .olume. ? 26 Add 10 "luid ounces o" oli.e oil$ mi3 (ell. ? 36 Pour in o a large clear glass &ar (i ! a (ide nec). 8ea.e ? unco.ered in a (arm 'lace un il "ermen a ion occurs ? 5abou 3 o ; da+s6. ? F6 Pu on an air ig! lid and )ee' a(a+ "rom lig! un il ? !e con en s a)e on a red color 5abou I (ee)s6. ? ;6 Pour o"" !e mi3 ure$ discarding remaining 'lan ma erial. ? 7ee' air ig! un il needed. ? ? %a)e oil o" blac) (illo( bar) 'o(der as "ollo(s: ? ? 16 %i3 bar) 'o(der (i ! 10 "luid ounces o" oli.e oil. ? 26 @ring o a simmer medium !ea and allo( o simmer ? unco.ered "or 10 minu es$ s irring occasionall+. ? 36 9!en cool$ 'our in o large con ainer. ? ? %i3 com'le ed oil o" blac) (illo( bar)$ oil o" S . Ao!n1s 9or "lo(ers$ and ? inc ure o" arnica and (i c!-!aGel oge !er in a 8A*CE con ainer$ s ir ? .igorousl+ un il (ell-mi3ed. Pour o"" in o s erile$ air- ig! $ resealable ? 5're"erabl+ green or dar) glass6 bo les. ? ? %a)es abou 1/2 o 3/F gallons o" bruise &uice. S ored in a cool dr+ 'lace ? in good con ainers$ i s!ould las 1 o 3 +ears 5i" i doesn1 all ge ? used !e "irs (ee)6. ? ? 4-*ECT-ONS 2O* >SE: ? ? 2or use as oin men /linimen "or bruises$ s'rains$ and sore &oin s. 4O NOT ? TA7E -NTE*NA88D. A''l+ liberall+ o sore area 5a.oiding mucous membranes6$ ? and rub in un il oin men disa''ears in o s)in. 4iscon inue i" irri a ion ? resul s. A.oid o'en (ounds (!ere 'ossible. A''l+ as desired$ bu no more ? !an 0 imes dail+$ or irri a ion ma+ resul . ? ? 59ri er1s no e -- Surel+ +ou didn1 !in) i (as a 10 minu e 'ro&ec J ? @ruise &uice a)es a leas I (ee)s o ma)e$ bu as) an+ "ig! er -- i 1s ? (or ! i . Cood luc).6 ? ? @ob Ne(m+er ? rne(m+er a e' ? ! '://(((.e' /Krne(m+er 4a e: T!u$ 1; Aul 200F 10:F2:3: -0F00 2rom: Aad(iga La&acG)o(a / Aenne #eise =&enne a "iedler" ? Sub&ec : *e: MSca-coo)sN OT- loo)ing "or reci'e "or @ruise Cream

To: Coo)s (i !in !e SCA =sca-coo)s a ans ? - go !is reEues +es erda+. - )no( !is is a bi o""- o'ic "or !is ? lis $ bu -1m no on an+ o" !e !erbal lis s. 9ell$ (!ose "aul is !a J :6 ?? #ello - "ound +our e-mails on !e (eb and am !o'ing +ou can !el' me o ?? rac) do(n a reci'e "or bruise cream. - use o !a.e i bu !a.e los ?? i . T!e onl+ ingredien s - )no( "or sure o use is com"re+$ bees(a3 ?? and s!or ening. #m.. sounds rela ed o -asmin1s$ (!ic! - !a.e in m+ "iles: ? @ruise @alm ? ----------? T!is is !e mos 'o'ular balm - ma)e. 2ig! ers in our mar ial ar s ? 'rogram !a.e all commen ed on !o( (ell i (or)s o s'eed !e !ealing ? o" !eir bruises. T!eir doc ors !a.e commen ed on !o( (ell i (or) ? also. T!e "irs (o !erbal ingredien s are s andard ones - al(a+s ? !a.e on !and because !e+ s rongl+ encourage !ealing o" bruised ? muscles. T!e !ird !erbal ingredien .aries de'ending on m+ mood and ? !e a.ailabili + o" !e !erbs a !e ime$ bu is al(a+s c!osen "or ? i s !el'"ulness on bruises and s'rains. ? ? 1 cu' dried Auni'er berries$ crus!ed or roug!l+ ground 5Auni'erus communius6 ? 1 cu' dried Arnica "lo(ers 5Arnica mon ana6 ? 1 cu' dried @a+ 5An !imus nobilis6 ? Oil o ? 9a3 o !ic)en #ere are some o !ers "rom !e "iles o" !e SCA-#erbalis +a!oogrou': <#erbs "or !e #ouse!old< b+ %argare @. 2reeman @ruise @u er 1 1/2 C calendula "lo(ers 5'o marigold6 0 oG &ar 'ure lanolin 5an!+drous6 I oG coconu oil a Euar er o a !al" cu' com"re+ Pu all ingredien s in a co.ered casserole$ ba)e a 3:; "or an !our. S rain !roug! c!eeseclo ! in o con ainer$ cool and label. Dou can add eucal+' us oil or oil o" clo.e "or smell. As (i ! an+ sal.e reci'e i" i se s u' oo so" remel and add more bees(a3. --%+"an(+ -----------@ruise @alm K@+ #erbalis on !e @a+ou Cuild Princi'ali + o" Cleann Ab!ann I ba+ 1/2 cu' la.ender 1/F cu' sage 1/F cu' calendula 1/F cu' (orm(ood 1/F cu' rosemar+ One large bo le o" e3 ra .irgin oli.e oil. 5- don1 remember !e e3ac ounces$ bu i (as a big one "rom 9al-%ar . lol6 @ees(a3 o aling a''ro3ima el+ F-I ounces$ as needed "or !ic)ness. ,,, All !e !erbs (ere combined in a 'o and coo)ed on !e s o.e in !e oil on lo( 5or simmer i" +our s o.e is so eEui''ed6 "or a''ro3ima el+ (o !ours.

Al erna i.el+$ +ou could use an old croc) 'o or 'o 'ourri 'o use some !ing "or !erbal reci'es +ou in end o use "or "ood la er6 and simmer i o.ernig! . T!is (ould )ee' !e !erbs "rom ! a c!ance o scorc! (!ile coo)ing. Aus remember o s ir. A" er(ard$ cool and s rain !e oil. %el !e bees(a3 and add a li le a ime un il !e desired !ic)ness is ac!ie.ed "or +our balm. - (ill need o be cooled o see !e ac ual consis enc+. T!is reci'e ma)es Eui e a large ba c! o" bruise balm and could easil+ be !al.ed "or 'ersonal use. -------------------? - !in) !a one (as mine. -" no !ere is (!a - use in m+ bruise cream. 9e ? sell !is eac! +ear a *o(an+ 2es in 8oc!ac and i sells .er+ (ell and ? is .er+ e""ec i.e. ? Caris iona ? ? @ruise Cream ? F0 ml (a er ? 20ml o" oil 5(!ic! !as !ad S . Ao!ns 9or $ Com"re+ and Calendula ? soa)ing in i $ in !e sun "or "our (ee)s6. ? 2; gm o" bees (a3. ? ? Combine !e (a3 and oil and !ea un il !e (a3 is mel ed. #ea !e (a er in ? a se'ara e 'o un il i is read+ o boil. Combine !e (a er and (a3/oil ? mi3 ure. %i3 !e cream un il i is cold. Dou need o do !is o ma)e sure ? !a i does no s ar o se'ara e as i cools. -" +ou use a mi3er in ? !e earl+ s ages i can sa.e +our arm a bi $ bu "or large amoun s !e cream ? ge s !ic) enoug! o brea) a !and mi3er. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO -- Aad(iga La&acG)o(a$ 7no(ledge Pi)a &enne a "iedler" 2rom: onia bur) = oniabur) a !o 4a e: %arc! 2/$ 200/ 10:F3:10 P% C4T Cc: =s e"an a "$ =sullien a +a!$ =reneFli"e a +a! @ruise @alm %a)ing Class -ns ruc or: *andalin in )+rra oniabur) a !o 4isclaimer: >se o" an+ and all o" !e in"orma ion !erein is a +our o(n ris).

-ngredien s: 10 oG oli.e oil 5(e measure6 1/F Cu' 5dr+ measure6 bees(a3 5K0.1; lb6 1/F Cu' 5dr+ measure6: Agrimon+$ Com"re+$ Pe''ermin and 9i c! #aGel 3/F Cu' 5dr+ measure6 Calendula 2lo(ers 5Ksame mass as !e o !ers - "lu""+6 Tools: 1 liEuid measuring cu' 51 cu' .ol.6$ P cu' dr+ measuring cu'$ double boiler (i ! glass bo(l$ s a'ler$ labels #erbal Pro'er ies: Agrimon+ s blood-s aunc!ing and an i-in"lamma or+ 'ro'er ies !a.e been es ablis!ed b+ e3'erimen s in C!ina. Agrimonia eu'a oria is also )no(n as C!urc! S ee'les$ Coc)lebur$ 2un""ing$ #erbe de Sain -Cuillaume$ and S ic)(or . Calendula o""icinalis is also )no(n as Po %arigold. Calendula s )e+ ac ions are an iin"lamma or+$ muscle s'asms$ as ringen $ 're.en s !emorr!aging$ !eals (ounds and an ise' ic. T!e !erb as ringes !e ca'illaries$ an ac ion !a e3'lains i s e""ec i.e ness "or cu s$ (ounds$ .aricose .eins$ and .arious in"lamma or+ condi ions.

Com"re+ 5S+m'!+ um o""icinale6 is also )no( as Saracen s *oo $ 7ni bone$ @onese or @ruise(or . Com"re+ s abili + o 'romo e !e !ealing o" bruises$ s'rains$ "rac ures$ an d bro)en bones !as been )no(n "or !ousands o" +ears. - encourages ligamen s and bo nes o )ni oge !er "irml+. A com"re+ com'ress a''lied immedia el+ o a s'rained an)l e can signi"ican l+ reduce !e se.eri + o" !e in&ur+. T!e combina ion o" annins and m ucilage !el's o soo !e bruises and scra'es. Com"re+ oil or oin men is used o rea acne$ boils and 'soriasis. - is also .aluable in !e rea men o" scars. Pe''ermin 5%en !a 3 'i'eri a6 'ain Q reduces sensi i.i + (!en a''lied o s)in.

9i c!-!aGel 5#amamelis .irginiana6 !as a dr+ing$ as ringen e""ec $ causing !e ig! enin g u' o" !e 'ro eins in !e s)in and across !e sur"ace o" abrasions. T!is crea es a ' ro ec i.e co.ering !a increases resis ance o in"lamma ion and 'romo es !ealing o" br o)en s)in. - also a''ears o !el' damaged blood .essels benea ! !e s)in. - !el's o ig! en dis ended .eins and res ore !eir normal s ruc ure. 4iscussion 'oin s: , O !er !erbs commonl+ used in bruise "ormula ions: c!amomile$ ba+$ &uni'er berries$ red$ 'lain ain$ rosemar+$ arnica$ S . Ao!n s (or $ blac) (illo( bar)$ sage$ cinnamon$ eucal+' us$ la.endar$ clo.e , No all !erbs are !e same - Euali + color$ smell$ source - c!ec) s'ecies .aria ions 5e3: C!inese .s American .arie +6 - c!ec) in erac ions/side e""ec s (((.drugdiges .org 5e3: S Ao!ns (or - lig! sens i i.i +6 , 'ar o" 'lan used:$ "lo(er$ bar)$ roo $ , "res! 5aroma ics remain6 .s dried 5more concen ra ed cons i uen s6 , o !er o'ical "ormula ions: in"used oils$ oin men s$ 'oul ices$ creams$ lo ions$ com'res ses o" in"usions$ decoc ions or inc ures Some 'eriod re"erences: Agrimon+: Ou (ardl+ a''lied$ being s am'ed (i ! old S(ines grease$ i !el'e ! old sore s$ Cancers and in.e era e >lcersR and dra(e ! "or ! T!orns$ S'lin ers or 9ood$ Nails$ or an+ o !er suc! !ing go en in o !e 2les!R i !el'e ! o s reng !en !e %embers !a be ou o" &o+n R and being bruised and a''lied$ or !e Au+ce dro''ed in$ i !el'e ! "o ul and im'os !umed Ears. 5Cul'e'er6 %arigolds 5Calendula6: - is an #erb o" !e Sun and under 8eo !e+ s reng !en !e !ear e3ceedingl+$ and are .er+ e3'ulsi.e$ and li le less E""ec ual in !e smal 'o3 and mea sles !an Sa""ron. T!e Au+ce o" %erigold mi3ed (i ! Sinegar$ and an+ !o s(ell ing ba !ed (i ! i $ ins an l+ gi.e ! ease and ass(age ! i . 5Cul'e'er6 Com"re+: ...dis illed 9a er..and "or ou (ard 9ounds and Sores in !e 2les!+$ or Sine(+ 'ar o" !e @od+ (!ersoe.erR as also o a)e a(a+ !e "i s o" Agues$ and o alla+ !e s!ar'ness o" #umors. A decoc ion o" !e 8ea.s !ero" is a.ailable o all !e 'ur'oses$ !oug! no so e""ec ual as o" !e *oo s. T!e *oo s being ou (ardl+ a''lied$ !el'e ! " res! 9ounds or Cu s immedia l+$ being bruised and laid !erun oR and is es'ecial good "o r *u' ures and bro)en @ones: +ea i is said o be so 'o(er"ul o consolida e and )ni oge !er 5Cul'e'er6 %in : 4ioscorides sai !$ - !a ! an !ea ing$ binding and dr+ing Euali +$ and !ere"or !e Au+ce a)en (i ! Sinegar$ s aie ! @leeding: - s irre ! u' Sener+ or @odil+ lus ...a''lied (i ! Sal $ i !el'e ! !e bi ing o" a %ad 4ogR...A''lied o !e 2ore!ead or Tem'les$ i e

ase ! 'ains o" !e #ead. And is good o (as! !e #eads o" +ong C!ildren !ere(i !$ a gains all manner o" brea)ings ou $ Sores$ or Scabs !ereinR and !eale ! !e c!o's o" !e 2undamen . - is also 'ro"i able agains !e Po+son o" Senemous Crea ures. T!e+ T !e ea ing o" !e lea.esU are e3 ream bad "or (ounded 'eo'le and !e+ sa+ a ( ounded man !a ea s %in s !is 9ound (ill be cured$ and !a s a long da+. 5Cul' e'er6 9i c! #aGel: T!is seems o be a Nor ! American !erb commonl+ used b+ Na i.e Americ ans. #o($ &us a 'oin o" in eres $ !e name is no a re"erence o (i c!es$ bu d "rom !e Old Englis! (ord "or V'lian W$ and !e limber branc!es (ere used as a rc!er+ bo(s. 57o(alc!i)6 - included i because i is a (idel+ used (ell-)no(n s)in care 'roduc . *e"erences: C!e.allier$ Andre($ T!e Enc+clo'edia o" %edicinal Plan s$ 4orling 7indersle+ 8m d$ 8ond on 1//I. Cul'e'er$ Nic!olas$ T!e Englis! P!+sician$ Prin ed b+ Pe er Cole$ Prin ing-Press in Corn !ill$ 1I;2 T(eb source ! '://(((!is orical/cul'e'er/ 7o(alc!i)$ Claire and 9illiam #. #+l on$ Ed. *odale s -llus ra ed Enc+clo'edia o" #erbs$ * odale Press$ Emmaus$ PA$ 1//0.

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, *e: M%eridianO#erbalis sN *e: *andalin1s bruise balm On Aul 1F$ 2000$ a 1I:30$ Tonia @ur) (ro e: ? Cree ings %agdalena$ ? ? - began o researc! and ma)e bruise balm "or 'rac ical use. %+ ? sources (ere !e <Seasons< ar icle in Po' C!i. a number o" +ears bac) ? and .arious boo)s and (ebsi es. - is no a redac ed reci'e. - &us ? oo) (!a - li)ed ou o" eac! source. ? ? 9i c! !aGel and arnica are non-'eriod ingredien s -1.e used in !e ? 'as $ bu - !in) !e Agrimon+$ Com"re+$ Pe''ermin and Calendula are ? 'eriod. Almond oil is muc! nicer on !e s)in 5absorbs be er6 !an ? oli.e oil$ bu muc! more e3'ensi.e. - !a.e !eard (orm(ood being used as a subs i u e "or !e arnica. is '$ encourages circula ion$ and rela3es muscles. Al !oug! i is associa ed (i ! absin !e and i s dangers$ - !a.e !eard o" no 'roblem (i ! using (orm(ood ,e3 ernall+,. T!e medicinal use o" (orm(ood goes bac) o Old Tes amen imes 5and$ o" course$ is men ioned in !e Ne( Tes amen $ @oo) o" *e.ela ions as a re"erence o e3 reme bi erness6. Dou ma+ be able o documen 'eriod use o" arnica$ !o( Arnica mon ana (as used b+ Euro'eans in !e 1;00s in NA and ma+ !a.e been a)en bac) or raded o Euro'e b+ colonis s. ? - boug! !e dried !erbs "rom Se.ananda$ a na ural "ood s ore in ? A lan a !a !as .er+ "res! green dried !erbs "or su'er c!ea'. ? (is! - gre( !em allX ?

? Dou can ba)e !e mi3 ure in !e o.en or !ea i an o'en "ire in ? a double boiler 5'u +our coo)ing 'o sus'ended in a bigger 'o o" ? boiling (a erYcons an 100 degrees C6$ (!ic! !el's 're.en +ou "rom ? ! "laming bruise balm. ? ? - ga.e sam'les ou in li le baggies in !e 'as $ bu !e oil ends ? o (ee'$ so - sugges li le &ars i" +ou can ge !em. - is grea ? "or !e 'ain"ul bone-dee' bruises - ge "rom ra'ier. ? ? %+ onl+ o !er (ords o" (isdom are$ o" course$ o use a +our o(n ris) ? and o le us )no( !o( i goesX ? ? *andalin ? ? --- -n %eridianO#erbalis s a +a!oogrou'$ <8ouise 9ebb< ? =(ebb2F/ a ...? (ro e: ? - (as loo)ing a !e "iles sec ion and began s ud+ing +our bruise ? balm reci'e. -1.e as) ? around and disco.ered some "ig! ers (!o s(ear b+ i . - see +ou ? 'ulled !e !ealing ? 'ro'er ies o" !e 'lan s "rom .arious sources and - (ondered i" +ou ? came u' (i ! !e ? combina ion based on !is in"orma ion or (!e !er i (as a reci'e ? +ou redac ed. - no ed ? !e (i c! !aGel is a Nor ! American 'lan used b+ !e Na i.e ? Americans so - !oug! i ? 'ossible i (as +our o(n !ealing reci'e. ? ? - (an ed o 'os !e Eues ion a large o see i" an+one else !as ? e3'erimen ed in !is area. ? A reci'e !a !as a 'ro.en rac) record is a good 'lace o s ar ? be"ore m+ li le grou' launc!es in o !is on our o(n. ? ? - also (an ed o as) i" +ou raise all !e 'lan s lis ed or do +ou ? 'urc!ase an+ o" !e ? ingredien s as e3 rac sJ @ees (a3 and oli.e oil e3cluded o" course ? al !oug! +ou ma+ !a.e ? a !i.e and an oli.e ree. T!e !andou !as me in rigued and m+ ? li le grou' (an s o r+ i ou . ?= !e end? ? 2inall+$ an+$ (ords o" (isdom or e.en cau ionJ ? ? %agdalena Tol @olsun$ Pe er"i %i!al