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Those who are in a college career can be so with the following actions:

* May SPM for SPM school leavers for the Teaching Course (KPLSPM) or the
applicability to the formation apply in the context of the registration at the Sultan Idris
Teaching University.
* For those who have already graduated and are interested may apply to the outgoing
program teaching golf (kpli).

Teaching pre-training

Course instructor school leavers (SPM KPLSPM)
Want to SPM leavers, teachers can apply directly online KPLSPM follow. Successful
applicants in relation to initial teacher training will be used for four years. At the end of
their studies will receive a Bachelor of Education in selected areas. This program
provides teachers for all grade levels.

The courses of the outgoing degree (kpli)

Lean is open to people who already have a first degree and who can when entering the
grounds of the university apply online kpli interested. Interns, however, is a teacher for
primary schools.


Graduate Diploma of Education, under the coordination meeting with the Ministry of
Education Malaysia Ministry of Higher Education 29th August 2006 agreed that the
management of recruitment programs study a bachelor of education (ISMP) tests to
ensure the Malaysian stock educators selection (MEDS) and interviews from the
academic session 2007 is required / 2008 for qualified teachers from the two departments
were born in Malaysia as the standard of training by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

Duration of the training grade (ISMP) in public is 1 year (2 semesters). The successful

which correspond to those areas of the country. all persons in a position to be a teacher. Medsi instruments to measure the quality of teacher candidates in view of the inner personality. Ministry of Higher Education MALAYSIA Ministry of Higher Education will sponsor selected fees and allowances for qualified candidates and for the diploma in education in the public. Sponsorship * MINISTRY OF EDUCATION MALAYSIA Ministry of Education to serve selected for funding from student fees and scholarships for qualified applicants and for the diploma in education in the public that there are teachers in secondary schools and colleges in the KPM Matriculation want. Information on the basis of this measurement is used to select suitable candidates for . a teacher at the Ecole Polytechnic and Community College would like to KPTM. * For those who have already graduated and are interested may apply to the outgoing program teaching golf (kpli). the test and pass can be brought into the high school or university registration by the Ministry of Education (MOE) or in colleges or community colleges Ministry of Higher Education (Mohe). Provision of education requires an effective workforce and qualified teachers. As we know.ATAU Persons pursuing a career college. To achieve these goals. KPLI | Kursus Perguruan Lepasan Ijazah candidate must meet the prescribed period. INTRODUCTION: Medsi To achieve developed nation by 2020. we can participate with the following steps: * May SPM for SPM school leavers for the Teaching Course (KPLSPM) or the applicability to the formation apply in the context of the registration at the Sultan Idris Teaching University. Based on the above objectives. countries need to be sufficiently skilled in various areas. vocational interests. values and integrity of emotional intelligence. should the selection of future teachers are based on objective tests and interviews. an instrument of the Committee for Construction Medsi instruments was that of an expert group consisting drawn from public institutions of higher education (Ipta).

INSAK can see a personality test of the ability of candidates to the teaching profession. Identify candidates who have the right personality in the field of education. with two options Answering questions from the user Applicants are required to meet spontaneously . motivation. loyalty. discipline. leadership. Size Matters Total Requests: 135 Duration: 30 minutes As questions: the answer objective questions. KPLI | Kursus Perguruan Lepasan Ijazah Instrument Content Medsi instrument contains 300 articles in four sections. sincerity and dedication. sensitivity. In a test includes the notion of trust. Emotional Intelligence INTRODUCTION: mtest : CDR COMPONENTS mtest IPGHistory Personality Inventory (INSAK) Explanations Applicants must take the typical characteristics of a good. Career Interest 3. namely: 1. his responsibility as a teacher. Personalities 2. Value Integrity 4. positive and strong will. emotional control. INSAK is a fundamental element in mtest and candidates must attain goals. Objectives Component testing should Candidates according to the requirements of the teaching profession. creativity and innovative thinking and maturity. training in the public sector.

progressive and confidence in the ability to alter helpless to leave. Objectives This component aims Identify the level of verbal communication taakulan potential as a tool. Questions 4 to 5 in 1 minutes KPLI | Kursus Perguruan Lepasan Ijazah Verbal Explanations Accounting aspects of verbal communication skills are important for every individual to interact to each other. Analytics Explanations Taakulan capacity analysis is a force that serves as basis for the training of scientific man. visionary and high technology. Format Item consists of 3 areas: Analogies 15 questions Complete Verse 5 Questions The understanding of the 5 questions Total Questions: 25 Duration: 30 minutes The form of questions: objective questions with four possible answers Answering questions from the user He recalled that the question of candidates Pairs of words or emphasis according to the chain said that shows the relationship between certain elements. Recognize potential to act in a mature. In this connection a new teacher and can master the vocabulary through appropriate communication menghubungkaitkannya. complete set consists of a set of one or two empty seats to understand the scope of the proposed tests include an estimate. Aims to assign the level of mastery of skills with verbal contact test and vocabulary control menaakul. able candidates for the verbal skills to use effectively. Objectives This component aims to identify and prospective teachers who have the ability to select . This component will dominate assess the qualifications of candidates. rational and professional.

to make the best decisions on quantitative information. Create charts. This ability enables them to make decisions more precise. Quantitative Explanations Data from the ability to data or information on how to manipulate a comparison between two variables and interpret. tables. and potential analytical and logical.16 Questions Logic . or logical expression based on the recovery and followed by question. Objectives This component aims to identify and prospective teachers who can you Application of fundamental principles of high school mathematics (arithmetic. A comparison between two quantities. menyelesai problem as core competencies for all teachers. KPLI | Kursus Perguruan Lepasan Ijazah Format This component contains 2 fields Analytiques . tables or brief notes will help to answer the candidate for the analysis of the issues. Read. To solve problems involving the use of data. charts or diagrams.4 questions Total Requests: 20 Duration: 30 minutes The form of questions: objective questions with four possible answers Answering questions from the user Dingatkan candidates this question analytical expression is followed on the basis of the stimulus or more questions. effective and credible. Format . algebra and geometry) in different situations. interpret and analyze graphs. Forecasts are based on quantitative information.

10 Questions Improved sales . the following possibilities: . It is therefore important for the candidates to the courses at colleges of education have the knowledge and skills to enable this language in order to obtain information from various sources.10 Questions Improving rates .Geometric figures are not drawn to scale. understanding of basic mathematical concepts and skills.5 questions .15 Questions Problem Solving & Interpreting the data.English-GRAMAT The use is in the process of teaching and learning. Objectives This component aims at the selection of candidates.Treat all types of numbers before making a decision.Detection of errors and to improve the use of English in different situations.15 Questions Total Requests: 30 Duration: 30 minutes The form of questions: objective questions with four possible answers Answering questions from the user He reminded candidates Wasting . . . Components that these types of questions in the form The quantitative comparison . KPLI | Kursus Perguruan Lepasan Ijazah The measurement of the quantitative component of knowledge. .The comparison must be based on mathematical skills.Do not waste time calculations that are accurate to compare two sizes. . ENGLISH Reason: English is the language of this knowledge worldwide. . Format There are three types of elements: Error Identification .

we are also a bonus for the interview at the University are examples of frequently asked questions and advice about the response of the university interview questions. ESPECIALLY FOR TEMUDUGA kpli TEMUDUGA Get the Interview TIP is useful. including the technical questionnaires. All candidates must have a diploma is valid and have to sit mtest Medsi " Usability testing and teaching of our TEMUDUGA CONTENT: * Sample questions INSAK. personality.When asked DPLI includes only the question for the candidates INSAK kpli. quantitative and language as a reference and TECHNICAL AND mtest technical issues.Get our sample to complete testing to which universities are also suitable for testing GRED14 SPA * Interview Guidelines Offer in addition to references to the written test. * ISSUES IN EDUCATION -We also provide examples of current issues that are typically applied to the entire interview EXCEPT THAT WE HAVE Sample Question mtest INSAK include analytical. . emotional intelligence . personality. we also offer free samples and guidelines for responding to mtest kpli.Our sample is for all the exams for the universities. . the ideal meliputu INSAK kpli and 4 items for Medsi In addition. . KPLI | Kursus Perguruan Lepasan Ijazah Total Questions: 25 Duration: 30 minutes The form of questions: objective questions with four possible answers "Make sure you secure it early to make sure you are prepared to answer questions and mtest Medsi difficult because of the difficulty of the actual test kpli / DPLI questioned menJjawab mtest and Meds. They have not only Advisor: TAPI TEST FOR YOU can also find the USERS TEMUDUGA later.

...other You may... ... HURRY! Would you sure that you are sorry 3979558559. Singapore and other countries . Suri budget . Malaysia. no question KPLI | Kursus Perguruan Lepasan Ijazah Techniques attention PENEMUDUGA . In preparation for the testing and maintenance of your institution 2...... Students .jpg Whether you are ... Brunei.. private employees .... Government employees ........predictable. in practice this method. where ever you are .. Add your knowledge . What we need is just Basic knowledge of computer use and Learn how to surf the Internet E book that we are not only compatible Badi DPLI TAPI kpli AND ALSO FOR EDUCATION Bachelor and covers all aspects WHY IS OUR GUIDE VOUS: 1.

You do not need a manual to guide you through the trials dpli / kpli "TeknikSimple" them. Interviews with users of other state 7.tiada delayed term later stand trial Methods in this ebook do not like you are at risk (no risk). as long as you want in the event of a change. The universities will help you to dream meralisasikan KPLI | Kursus Perguruan Lepasan Ijazah 4. You can see immediately when you are finished making payments. Also includes "Quick Guide" to a fast start. It will be updated (latest version) for free. we will also have some of the techniques to interview questions interview with an appointed body nothing can help you dominate penemuduga Answer In this eBook Guide DPLI we also teach how to mtest test questions with answers and Medsi Answer . not lost. 3. The fact is that there is no need to buy. even if a hundred Do not get lost and can not be used to test and kpli dpli. You will not be convened. In fact. It is directly to your e-mail address and you can read and merta. The audience . Our price is very reasonable 5.. you can download and READ sudah! Testimony: . Tekniksimple In this ebook. This eBook will guide updatekan from time to time. Why do not you? 8. can be used to create a long time 6. there is even a hidden cost. software or tools to carry out this method. ONLY 10 minutes after the payment. I must be ordered through bookstores.

After the call to talk with women I do not believe. Please send information that you can fill CUBA BAWAH. Tip contains examples of . I could read without bringing time and money in the market ' Women Izan .jpg Reply to ISI: EDUCATION personality TEST user tips and questions and test mtest Medsi for candidates sitting for the written examination. Only 10 minutes.. when I finally managed to ask in an interview last year.jpg Your name: E-mail: Please send any questions that you: dpli..Azmi-Pahang "My first question to you buy this eBook. KPLI | Kursus Perguruan Lepasan Ijazah EN. IF YOU WANT MORE . and then proved to be futile." Ms Juliana Kuala Terengganu "E-book is very useful and very easy to obtain.."open". Thank you. Perak "Participate in training after almost 4-times. Thank you e-DPLI" PUBLIC acquired and successfully TEMUDUGA . because the question kelauar almost equal that advice.KAMI repayment as soon as possible content3_edit2_r5_c1.

.. penemuduga attention seeker and how to get good grades in all interview questions DOMESTIC . 3. including many frequently asked questions .jpg 106138128631 Name: Zahida Even Bin Mamat How acquired: 1. answer questions . With your choice image003. RM 39. KPLI | Kursus Perguruan Lepasan Ijazah questions and answers and methods to face TEMUDUGA tips for interviews and guidelines for the universities.. B.. e-mail and your name for us .. 2..90 SHJ !!!!!! Apalah RM39.90 with a very . It is the money just for a dinner at the restaurant for two nights ..Electronic Books BOOK AND CD.Covers current issues in education are usually asked in every interview is in the form of E . advanced technology maintenance. . Please Ban-in or use your account maybank2u wrong. Only money to go on your car fuel to one or two days of work . Time of SMS.. . As simple as A.. buy cigarettes every day . Not just your money.... C SHJ Our Price: PROMOTION! . Within 30 minutes you will receive an e-book @ this guide by e-mail ...

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