My poem

You are my good friend, Our relation never ends. You are very faithful, Our friendship is beautiful. You are the reason of my joy, You are a great boy. When I cry, You are never say good bye. You always give me a hand, And we form a band. Without you I am nothing, I would just with you talking. You're like a brother, My older brother. I not get you out of my head, You'll always have my heart.

Ainhoa Garrido 3º ESO C

From the day I saw her I fell in love, and since then I never forgot. From the moment she smiled at me, she conquered my heart. Alberto García 3º ESO B

The minute I saw you
When you have seen my eyes lit And could not stop looking at you, You also looked at me, With a side of sweetness We turned around, And each went their separate ways. Alejandro Adrover 2º ESO B

Ana María Valero García 3º ESO B

Love is not what we want to feel but what we feel… without want.

No matter where I am,

or what I'm doing. When you come to mind, a smile come to my face.
Érika Saenz 3º ESO B

It’s difficult to make a rhyme in English, especially for someone who speaks Spanish. But to me it occurred one for my English teacher. Happy birthday have a nice day and I can´t say say than more happy birthday lady Leonor. Fran Segura 3º ESO B

Again I see you again, Again I breathe deep, Let the world know, That nothing else matters.

María Francés 3ºC

When love comes...
I knew that it was in love when it did not wanted to sleep in the evening, because my real life was overcoming to my dreams.

I looked at the sky and started giving to every star a reason for which I love you so much. I lacked stars.

One day I stopped to fall a tear in the ocean. The day that I her finds will be the day that let loving you.

Ángela Miralles 3º ESO C

You are so important to me, Sometimes I do not understand achievement. I try to stay away, And then I try to touch you. Sometimes your smile makes me sad, And in turn makes me smile. I want to protect her, but sometimes I wish I destroy. Despite that I is so, you took my hand and you have not released.

By-> Elena Pomares Solís 3ºC

This poem is for love It is not for nothing more you're like a mine full of objects that shine when you dress in silk that similar color to milk feelings of my heart I get up on the head I would like to see you any day I do not care if it's in May I would like everything to be free as the leaves of the trees and we are not so crazy we were not so lazy before saying goodbye I would like to fly I shall endeavor to try with this farewell will not cry

Raúl Navarro 3º ESO C


You think you’re the last guy on earth. Someday someone's gonna love me. Someday someone's gonna take your place. I'll forget about you. I'll give you a sweet goodbye. Bye, this is the last time I will say goodbye. Tania Liang Tan 3º ESO C
NUTS I love you once, I love you twice. I love you more than a cake with nuts. Teresa García 2º ESO C

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