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ros harmonizes chaos in a cosmic love that unites the universe. He hovers over gods and men, taming beasts and breaking the thunderbolts of Zeus. His golden arrows kindle sensual love; or they may be leaden and cold. I have felt the breath of this god fluttering near, encouraging me to drop the ego and merge with my beloved.
We might take time to consider just what the real object of our desire is and which kinds of pleasure offer lasting and deep satisfaction. Desire has its own intelligence.... Over time we will become clearer about what the soul is seeking. 1 We may feel polluted if we engage in adultery, but we defend ourselves, offer explanations, and hope for a cleaner future. The Greeks, like many other cultures aware that Eros is divine, believed that sexual misconduct has much deeper consequences. Transgressions in the erotic realm are not mere mistakes calling for resolutions and explanations; that are a form of sacrilege requiring a deep cleansing that goes beyond reason and psychology. 2 Pollution calls for an absolute cleansing. A halfhearted expression of remorse will not do, although remorse plays an important role in the psyche. In ancient times people restored their purity through fire, water cleansings, chasing scapegoats from the community, impressive ceremonies, and symbolic expulsion of the polluting element. The sense of invasion and the profound need for renewal that accompany pollution hint at its depth.3

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If they are based on the repression of Eros. then. instead of the living presence of the god who unites hearts and minds as well as genitals. then they are fundamentally inimical to a vital and vibrant way of life. gathering knowledge. that’s what happens when we repress Eros. and ultimately it makes a tougher and more demanding life than one based on intellect. God created androgynes. When there is sex without love. we must work on the mistakes of past lives to reach toward higher levels of love. 294. Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. What. does it mean to live our ordinary. and forgiveness. Kevin Zucker I n the modern mind. The minute I heard my first love story. Eros is there. Eros has been reduced to one thing ('the erotic'). p. It doesn’t mean to create a sentimental philosophy that denies the dark and difficult aspects of everyday living. four arms and two faces. The gods were displeased with these beings and Zeus split them in half. Eros is not there.INNER GAME OF LOVE Copyright © 2014. without oneness. not knowing how blind that was. The Soul of Sex. Eros | 2 . After many incarnations among the same soul companions. It doesn’t mean to abandon our spiritual and moral sensibilities. People who incarnate together in groups help each other evolve. They're in each other all along. Only after becoming free of karma does the soul finally recognize her twin. —Rumi 4 Thomas Moore. wisdom and purity. Your family situation provides the means of evolution by confronting you with your unresolved karma. which is another name for the life principle. our lives are a desperate search for the other and wholeness. patience. daily lives erotically? It doesn’t mean to exaggerate the importance of sex. When you give someone a gentle hug for three long breaths. Eros is involved in our pain and struggle as much as it is in happy moments. Now walking on two legs. with four legs.4 According to the Greeks. I started looking for you. feeling that the other person is very real in your arms. The people close to you need your love. We have many soulmates but may fail to recognize them.

soul and Nous or divine consciousness. the whole approach toward sex becomes very cheap.5 H On the physical plane.6 Soul mates help each other toward the ultimate: physically. There is less and less solid body until eventually everything is based on the meditation body. but few of us move on toward the ultimate. Once someone begins to regard the sexual act as a frivolous thing. as though they were using each other purely as property. sexual communication consists purely of holding hands. The higher you go the less ego-clinging there is.INNER GAME OF LOVE Copyright © 2014. psychologically and spiritually — complementing each other on all three tracks. in the highest realm. Eros | 3 . ascending toward bliss. sexual relationship consists of smiling at teach other. Their love is a divine madness. Work Sex Money.. sexual communication is purely gazing at each other. In the second realm. and body as they search for glimpses of the divine. We are somehow indoctrinated into this view. The attitude of people toward each other becomes frivolous as well. in the third realm. Love is the energy that draws us on the search for completeness and a return to our original state — union with God. the way the gods communicate sexually is by means of sexual intercourse. We fail to see the sacredness of sex. Sexual love is the beginner’s path. a flight to the highest stage of love. beauty is the visible attribute of the divine. each of these realms has less solid bodily substance than the one below. 100-101 . Kevin Zucker umans exist on three planes: the body. Work Sex Money. Society and culture and the conventional moralistic pattern often do not acknowledge the sacredness of sex but regard it as a superficial act. And finally. As you progress higher from the first dhyana state toward the fourth. 103 6 Trungpa. the body connected with the highest trancelike state of absorption . p.. mind. In the realm corresponding to the first or lowest of the four states. People seek out beauty of spirit. Beyond that. 5 Trungpa. purely as a functional element. pp. the actual communication quality.

To be total in your action brings joy. 20. Anything done halfheartedly never brings joy to life. with all the intensity you can find.INNER GAME OF LOVE Copyright © 2014. Eros | 4 . p. fighting. the result would have been the same. and a feeling that perhaps the other part that was not participating was right. it is a question of whether you go totally into it or not. anxiety. Kevin Zucker Do things with your whole heart. and tension. misery. If you had followed the other part. doing everything only with one part of our being while the other part is resisting. because whenever you do anything halfheartedly you are dividing yourself into two parts. And whatever you do with half of your being is going to bring you repentance. It only brings misery. opposing. The misery in the world is not surprising. torture. The Book of Understanding. 7 7 Osho. it is a natural outcome of living halfheartedly. It is not a question of which part you follow. and that is one of the greatest calamities that has happened to human beings—they are all split.