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MARINA T. SAN JOSE-PANGAN E-L.GH.E. BS.E, MA. and Ph.D. in Education ‘Special Course in Managerial Psychology MAMERTO D. NOVALES. Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Management Ateneo De Manila University SUBJECT COVERAGE Partl- Verbal Abilities in English and in Filipino Vocabulary; Grammar and Correct: Usage; Reading Comprehension (new exercises added) Paragraph Organization. Part I - Clerical Reasoning, Clerical Attitude and Operations including Alphabetizing, Clerical Functions and Procedures. Part I - Quantitative Analysis and Numerical Reasoning (with solutions and answers explained) Partt¥ - A. Philippine Constitution B. General Information, Current Events, Enacted Laws and Environmental Issues C. Code of Conduct & Ethical Standards =. a couldhad —b. should havenot. ‘The measure of choosing well is whether or io sesaed : b. has chosen, es ional marketing consultants ki products: a study market trends pies b. they analyze market trends ‘The family of Ms. Victoria Sanchez does not fi a nomore ——_b. anymore ©. anymore Almost two thirds of the population today poor. a. is b. are ©. has been d. were. Much left unproductive by the flooding caused by Typhoon Ondoy. a, hasbeen. is . is being . have been The that, for various reasons, girls spent less time working with computers than boys a. studies revealing . studies revealed b. studies reveal d. studies have been “He has been absent for three days because he is measles.” a. affected with b. afflicted with, afflicted of d. affected with “to our appeal for consideration. The Board of Discipline will not give us any extension for filling additional evidence. a. Asregards b. Inregards —_c. With regards as _ «od. With regard Everyone in the field of entertainment to watekithe FAMAS Awards. a. was excited © is certainly excited b. were certainly excited d. are certainly excited Afier 8 fruitful years, Antonino finally quit his job. He along with his Immediate boss a long time before he finally decided to look fora new job. a. didn’t get. isn'tgetting _, hasn't been getting d. hadn't been getting Many years of intensive language study are required for immigrant speakers. Antonio French for 3 years, but he still need more training before he masters ‘a. will have been studying c, has been studying b. will be studying d. have been rue You wouldn't want to be late for the interview, r Id you *tyou — b. will you c, don't you 4. would you Misorcally Therefore, must be no let up in the pursuit of the solution. i d. their . there"ll b. they're ¢: there 1 ae Uncle Pido bought the camping gear for Robert and asa prize for winning a. testifies the b. testifies for testify for ‘The “Home Office Module” greatly benefits pn otis tat i because they can stay home, make money and a variety of people. & gettomect b. to meet meet d, be meeting 21. Which contraction is the correct form as used in the following sentence? a. He knew its a sin to tell a lie c. He know its a sin to tell @ lie by He knew it’s a sin to tell a lic d. He knew ita sin to tell a lie dates are irrelevant to her case being heard by Judge De la Cruz, a Th b. These ©, That d, Those 23. The convicted criminal will be __the day after tomorrow. a hanged b. hang ©. hunged d. hangi 24. Which of the following sentences use the word “liet” correctly? c fa, The judge did not believe the elicited response. bi The answer was drawn through elicit means, ¢. The judge slowly elicited the answers from the writers. d. The answer elicited was false. 25, The terms of reference will not _ 22. these regulations no matter how you protest. ‘a. exempt you from c. exclude you from b. give exemptions to d. exempt 26. “Where were you when the President arrived? a, “Tam sorry for the incident.” ¢. “Taccompanied her to the concert” b. “Tenjoy watching the program” —d. “Iwas at the Library borrowing books” 27. Our heroes like Rizal and Bonifacio are worth ioe ‘a. role-modelling —_b. comparing ©. Wolizing 28, The modern space explorers have gone earlier explorers, ‘a. further from. farther than c fale on d. further tan ec! er tryi lothes ‘ 29, The sales clerk advised the customer trying, the cl : z ‘a. “Do not try on the clothes before they are bought. b. “Do not try more ‘clothes unless they are sold. ¢, “Do not try on more clothes.” bs 4, “Do not try on the clothes many times ie digit i is my sister's. How about this? ee 30, poe video dias Fives of hi ¢. This is him 4. This is hers , emulating . who were the ones L =O d. whom were the ones 33. Most natural calamities happen in July and August. Students are sent home early a. to avoid missing the transport i i Peter pe 34. The union members cannot the kind of compensation plan they want. a) agree on b. agree to c. agree with d. get agree with 35. Please _ the book with you the next time you come to my office. a bring b. take c. carry along d. bring along 36. It is essential that harmony prevail ____ the departments. a. between b. with c, among 4. with all 37. Ever since Dr. Mateo F. Felino was elected President of the organization, the members better relations a. had enjoy by have enjoyed. enjoyed d. are enjoying 38. Which of the following words are misspelled? 1. transgression 2. transcent 3. inmunity 4. Percieve a. 2&3 22,384 co 13 &4 d. 1,283 39. It cost twice [thought it would a. as much as b. as much c. more than 4. than 40. She was much different _lexpected. b. from what ¢. from . d. than what a. than 41, When a leader is succeeded by another leaders the former is referred to as a. feplaced b. dethroned —_. defeated a. deposed 42. “You wouldn't want to be acoused of theft. _ x d. would you ‘a Wouldn't you —_b. won't you 43, Weightlifter : Strength :: Se rates ef Se prathoner * endurance 8 gale : SM © oh. hiker ‘agility d. dancer : spe aig ¢. muffler: noise, insulator : heat a. speed: drag b. motor: electricity 45. Elevator: shaft :: i + trai . : fire a. Electricity: outlet c. railroad :train — d. gas: fl b. water : conduit ah 52. 53. b. indifference : di directs ‘What utterance show determination? a, This time I have : P chistnclworteop-ckeiig > oat ae eee The victim’s father refused revenge Sve be ga : ay a. “Aneye for an eye” : “Ane ye mei . b. “Justice is always delayed” So eer a ena ___ 4 "Give him the other cheek” tl one can see rightly.” This means . The heart is always correct about everything. . Important things are not always for the heart but for the brain. c. Heart should always be over and above the brains. _;&_ Only the heart can see the beauty of ite and love. {will take the road less travelled by and be condemned if necessary.” a. Regrets come before decision b, Decisions are made despite differences from the majority ¢. Decisions are made on the crossroads. d. Regrets come after decisions. Professionals leaving abroad to seek “ereener pastures” is One YPE of s. brain-drain b. employment ¢- OFWs 4, migration Only world-class athletes win medals atthe ‘Olympic Games. Michael Phelps ae ecveral gold medals in swimming atthe 2008 iReijing Olympic Games. Therefore: Naichael Phelps isan all-time American swinvet ‘Australia won the most number of gold medals in swimming Ptichael Phelps is world-class athlete and an Olympian Michael Phelps is a be-medalled swimmet 5. Treasury bills have an interest rate of 7.85% per annum. Savings accounts have an interest rate of only 2% per annum. ie sevasury bills used to have 9-102 inlet! rates per annum. Therefore itis better tp invest in Treasury bills than jUSt 10 put your money in regular savings account a. definitely true c. most likely false bb. most likely tue d, definitely false eos? 58. Writing a beaut . ‘ esi soon! i a much achieve sli No error. e 59. “His untimely death has left us blinder than we might have been.” This means. a. Those left behind are eft homeless. c. Those orphans are left to themselves b. Those left behind are blind d. Those who blind are orphans 60. i. Two persons die every 3 seconds. For every two people who die, one is caused by accidents. In the Philippines, the rich and poor people live in different surroundings. Wv. Philippine traffic laws and regulations are blatantly disregarded. / Therefore, the Philippines have a high death rate because of apathy and indifference. / a/ definitely true b. most likely true c. most likely false 4. definitely false 61. Some Filipinos want to live in the U.S. Therese is a Filipino. Therefore: a. Therese wants to live in the U.S. b. All those who want to live in the US are Filipinos ¢. Therese wants to be a US citizen d. None of the above. 62. Ruth is a good singer. All singers have good voices. Therefore: a. Ruth has a good voice c. Singers are also good dancers b. Ruth sings only popular songs d. None of the above 63. Peoples Republic of China is a communist state. Chan Hu-pei is a Chinese. Therefore: a. China is just like Russia ¢. Chan lives in a communist country b. Chan is a communist d. none of the above 64, Allcute girls have pretty faces. Margie has a pretty face. Therefore: ‘@. Only cute girls have pretty faces ¢. Margie is a cute girl b. Margie is a very young girl 4, none of the above 65. _Alltennis players own a tennis racquet, Josef is a tennis player. Therefore: ; a. Tennis players also own tennis balls c. Tennis players play on tennis courts b. Josef owns a tennis racquet d._ Josef is a be-medalled athlete Liver is the largest organ in the human body. Healthy liver has reddish brown color and soft, spongy texture Te manufactures protein, regulates blood clotting, produces bile and destroys toxins