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Kiss Army Argentina exclusive interview with Robert Fleischman of The Sky:

The ban has its own soun now

Robert Fleischman of The Sky! an former member of "ourney an #innie #incent $nvasion! took a few minutes to talk to Kiss Army Argentina about %a&estic! the new album from the ban ' Robert talke about the writing of the new songs an the recor ing (rocess' )*hat can we ex(ect from %a&estic+ ),ow can you get the new album from The Sky+ check out the interview an you-ll fin it' S(rea the wor : %a&estic! the new album from The Sky is on the way' .on-t miss it on %arch /th'

Kiss Army Argentina: Hi Robert! So good to keep in touch again with you and The Sky! Robert Fleischman: Always nice to hear from you and the KISS Army Argentina and Happy New ear to you and e!eryone" Kiss Army Argentina: #hat is your assessment on the first album after a while$ and how do you see the band for this new %&' Robert Flesichman: I like the first album but I wish it had been recorded better" (lus there)s a lot of work in putting a band together it took some time to do that" (lus time to write the songs then going to the studio to record$ it)s *uite a process" +n this one ,a-estic it is a much more rela.ed better recording situation for the band" And we know each other a lot better"

Kiss Army Argentina: Tell us about the new album" #e were waiting for so long" #hat can you say about /,a-estic/ from The Sky' Robert Fleischman: Soon after the first %& was made and released I got back into writing and wrote about 01 new songs$ for the new ,a-estic %&" So that took some time and then the recording of it" And then all the things that go on with life$ but here we are with a new one" This one is *uite different than the first one" There are 02 songs$ the sound recordings far better than the last %&" It)s a much more of a lush approach with strings$ And some great rockers" I think there is something for e!eryone on this pro-ect$ the band is !ery proud of it"" and there)s some great musicianship on it""" Kiss Army Argentina: #hat are the main differences between the first album and this one' #hat changed' Robert Fleischman: The first one was *uite a monster3 we went to recording studio and what we came out with$ we weren)t too happy with sonically" Ste!e 4arber"" 4ass player in The Sky$ has his own recording studio" So we spent some time trying to make it sound better than it was" %ould ha!e been better but we are happy with it" ,a-estic was recorded at Sound of ,usic in Richmond 5irginia with 6ohn ,orand"" I think he did a killer -ob on it" The drums sounds great3 guitars sounds great3 it7s -ust what we needed" I think the band has its own sound now$ we)!e gotten more focus since the last one" 8ots of different styles of music and songwriting on this one"

Kiss Army Argentina: #e had the opportunity of listening some new tracks and they sound really good" Tell us about the writing and recording process please" Robert Fleischman: The writing on ,a-estic !aries in song style9 there)s some pop acoustic songs$ piano with an orchestral sound much more atmospheric " I didn)t care if it rocked as long as it was a great song$ and I think we ha!e that" #e)re on the last one to me it was like one fla!or only" ,a-estic -ust has a lot more !ariety and different styles of music" Kiss Army Argentina: ,any fans remember your time in 5innie 5incent In!asion and the way your special !oice sounded on that first album3 but they also know some other aspects of it$ !ery different to those ones of the 5innie7s era" 4earing in mind that the human !oice is irreplaceable$ how do you keep it in shape' 4ecause it happens a lot that singers lose strength and undergo changes in their !ocal register

Robert Fleischman: The way I sang on In!asion was kind of the last time I e!er sang a full album like that" 4ut there are moments in ,a-estic" 4ut I)!e been lucky to ha!e a pretty full !oice" Keeping in shape !ocally I ne!er did$ any warm up e.ercises" I basically -ust start singing" (lus I)m always writing and singing and recording practically e!eryday" So there)s a bit of e.ercise going on" Kiss Army Argentina: Tell us how the fans can get /,a-estic/' #here can we buy the new album' Robert Fleischman: ou can get all The Sky %&s at htt(:00www'theskyofficial'com0merch'(h( If you pre order you will get an autographed %& of ,a-estic" (oster comes along with it with lyrics on the backside" 5ery high gloss co!er you)ll like it" ITunes will come later" And we)re also thinking about doing !inyl" The %& release date9 ,arch :th" Kiss Army Argentina: &o you think that The Sky can achie!e recognition in times in which recording companies do not gi!e much support to bands' 4ecause e!erything seems much more difficult than years ago for any band; Robert Fleischman: I think The Sky has more recognition because of the Internet which makes us much more global" 4efore the Internet you would only be known in your city state or country" And our inter!iew today is a good e.ample" And because of Kiss Army Argentina a lot more people know about us which we thank you !ery much$ been always so kind and generous to us" es the music industry is !ery hard these days hard or not I)ll do my best to do what I do and put albums out" And I hope people like them enough to buy them" Kiss Army Argentina: Are you planning to go out on tour supporting /,a-estic/' Robert Fleischman: #e would lo!e to tour but it really depends on how many people buy the %&" So come on and support this one we would really lo!e to play for you" So spread the word" Thank you ! Kiss Army Argentina: Robert$ thank you so much for your precious time for Kiss Army Argentina" Robert Fleischman: Thank you for your interest in TH< SK we)d lo!e to come to Argentina rock with you guys" Take care and thank you !ery much""""The Sky9 Andre$ 4rady$ Ste!e$ Ryan$ Robert"


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