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Milkor Multiple Grenade Launcher (MGL) Mk-1

WEAPON ROF DAM PEN L! MAG ""# R"$ RNG Mk-1 %#&utt'tock ()** +E "A, -./ .10 nil ( 1 /#2)* Mk-1 no &utt'tock ()** +E "A, -./ .10 nil / 1 2#()* RO3ND ()** +E MAG 1 round re4ol4er *a5a6ine WE7G+$ 28/k5 unloaded PR7-E O$+ER Type: Grenade Launcher (shoulder-fired) Operation: Revolver feed - semi-automatic Origin: South Africa anufacturer: il!or "ali#er: $%mm &' "apacity: ( rounds (revolverdrum maga)ine) Lengths: **+mm (e,tended) -((mm (folded) .arrel: /0%mm1 riffling t2ist (progressive) 0 in 03%%mm 4eights: -1/!g (unloaded) Sights: Armson Occluded 'ye Gunsight (O'G)5 The mount provides for rapid range ad6ustments and compensates automatically for the spin-induced natural drift of the grenades5 The 7uadrant is graduated in 3- meter increments up to the practical ma,imum of /*meters5 Aiming 2ith the O'G is simplicity itself5 Loo!ing into the sight1 2ith one eye1 a vertical red #ar is seen5 This mar! has only to #e aligned 2ith the target1 2hich is vie2ed 2ith the other eye5 The #ar appears the si)e of a standing man at 3%% meters and1 #y proportion1 can #e used to estimate the actual range to a target5 The O'G is opera#le under any conditions1 as long as there is sufficient light to see the target5 "yclic rate: 0+rounds8min (practical)1 / rounds8sec (theoretical) u))le 9elocity: *(m8s Range: /%m (minimum8training) $%%m (ma,imum effective) :sers: South Africa ; 3( countries1 S2eden (has #ought t2o for evaluation purposes) "onstruction: <lastic #ody1 The GL- =0 has a progressively rifled steel #arrel1 mounted in a steel frame5 The frame s2ivels to allo2 access to the revolving cylinder-maga)ine for reloading5 A folding #uttstoc! is fitted 2hich can #e set instantly for lo2-angle or highangle firing1 or folded for transport5 The foregrip position is infinitely ad6usta#le to suit the stance of the user5 The cylinder is of aluminum and is driven #y a spring that is re2ound #y manually rotating the cylinder during reloading5 The firing mechanism is of the dou#le-action type1 #ut is not lin!ed to the cylinder5 "ylinder advance is controlled #y a gas-operated plunger1 2hich is actuated 2hen a round is fired5 A manual release lever is also provided5 The GL can #e loaded or unloaded a#out as 7uic!ly as a revolver5 The ma,imum rate of fire depends on the s!ill and de,terity of the user1 #ut for si, shots is typically a#out fifteen times higher than can #e achieved 2ith a single-shot 2eapon5 &istory: The production started in 0>+/1 it 2as specially conceived to meet the need for an area 2eapon 2ith a high rate of fire and an a#ility to handle ranges #eyond the reach of hand grenades5 Over 0$ %%% have #een manufactured and distri#uted5