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The Devil’s Motto: World Conquest Through Stupidity

September 1, 2009

A few years ago I bought a second hand edition of “Widerstand und Ergebung,” a
book Dietrich Bonhoeffer, (a Christian minister during the 3rd Reich in Germany
who was part of the Resistance and was sentenced to death by Hilter himself a
few weeks before the war ended), consisting of letters he wrote in prison, where
he was awaiting his execution.
I soon came upon the statement, “Stupidity is a greater threat to good than evil
itself.” That struck me as something strange for a Christian to say. After all, aren’t
we all supposed be nice and politically correct with each other and our
But the more I live to see and learn in this world, the more I realize just how right
he was.
Obviously, Dietrich Bonhoeffer was referring to the way the majority of the
German people unquestioningly obeyed orders and tolerated and collaborated
with what became known as some of the grossest atrocities in history.
Unfortunately, due to the often cited fact that we never learn from history, history
also has a tendency to keep repeating itself.
Apart from the ever increasing deliberate dumbing down of not only America, but
pretty much also the rest of the so-called illuminated world I’ve addressed
repeatedly, I’m just saying: Galileo.
What in the world did the church (as in Christendom) ever learn from that
episode of having to apologize centuries later for having been so dumb?
Apparently exactly the same amount that we always learn from such incidents.
It’s not that knowledge or wisdom wouldn’t be available. In fact, they’re both in
the list of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit (gifts as in, available for the asking), which
Christendom at large has determined were only for those of God’s children who
happened to live during the first century. Perhaps St. James was also exclusively
addressing first century believers when he wrote that if anyone should lack
wisdom, they should ask God for it.
But then, if God is supposed to have stopped talking altogether around that same
time, I guess it’s easiest to just repeat and believe and “know” whatever we’re
being told to accept.
If knowledge and wisdom (along with 7 other pretty useful gifts) are weapons that
God has equipped us with in our battle against evil, I’m afraid we’re losing the
war because the vast majority of “Christian soldiers” don’t even know that they
exist, much less know how to use them. (Coming to think of it, most of them
aren’t even aware that there’s a war going on, much less fighting for the right
So, we’re just standing by and watch as the Devil, along with his spirit of
antichrist (aka “Zeitgeist”) conquers the world by telling them that Jesus was
nothing but a myth, largely because we fail to arm ourselves with sufficient
knowledge that could easily debunk such diabolical claims.
But then, most Christians also believe their preachers’ fairy-tales that they’re
going to be whisked out of this world before any of that evil stuff might ever
happen, so why put unnecessary strain on the brain when we still need that thing
to enjoy the football game?
The only problem is that the Bible itself predicts that the Antichrist will wage war
on the saints (no, not the Jews, since they refused the deal that would have them
sanctified), and is already marshaling his forces, so, how is that going to happen
if all the saints have gone marchin’ in already?
I’m afraid there are just too many things Christians don’t want to know.
“Ignorance is bliss” is the current motto of the game, “So stick me back in the
Matrix and give me my steak to enjoy and let me forget all about this dreadful
thing here called reality!”
Unfortunately, that attitude just about drives home perfectly the point of how right
on Bonhoeffer was in the above statement.
The history books of a future under God’s reign may one day prompt their
teachers to ask their students, “What was the most effective weapon Satan used
in order to establish his kingdom on earth before the Lord’s Return?” And the
unanimous, though chilling answer will be chorusing, “Stupidity!!!”
On which side of this war of stupidity against mankind do you stand?