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An %nforgettable novel of &ealth an fame! politics an a %ltero%s romances! m%r er an intrig%e! along &ith family secrets that each generation s&ears to take to the grave# ))) An i ealist! *ack Gilbert travels to California &here life+s events make him a &itness to an participant in the intrig%es an br%tality of &ar# ,nvolve in espionage! he becomes an a %lterer! a secret he vo&s to take to his grave# -ollo&ing the &ar! his life of love! politics! an gro&ing &ealth compromises his i ealism! an as each ne& generation of Gilberts emerges! there is little realization that the family+s &ealth has come at great e.pense to others# B%t gree ! like a moving train! is har to stop# Excerpt: *oshette %nlocks the oor an lea s *ack insi e# She sho&s him the files &here the oc%ments are kept an *ack /%ickly begins taking pict%res# ,n a fe& min%tes he is rea y to leave! b%t *oshette hears noise o%tsi e of the office# 0,t1s the 2anitor#0 She begins to %n ress an tells *ack to /%ickly remove his pants an 2acket# She sits on the esk an parts her legs# ,n the ambient light! *ack sees a smile on *oshette1s face as she says! 03o yo% nee some help! or can yo% perform %n er these con itions40 *ack silently an /%ickly complies! as the oor to the office slo&ly opens# 5hen the 2anitor sees them! he imme iately e.its an closes the oor# *oshette asks! 0Are yo% going to finish40 *ack lo&ers her onto the esk an the passion is imme iate# 6e p%ts his arm %n er her hea an p%lls her gently to him# After&ar ! he kisses her gently on the lips an &alks to his car# Str%ggling &ith his a %ltero%s con %ct! he attempts to 2%stify &hat is happening on the &ar# *ack+s son 3avi is born in 789:! on the ay the "orean 5ar begins! the first military action of the col &ar! an as the &ar rags on! *ack becomes &ealthier an &ealthier# 5hen it en s! some five million sol iers an civilians are ea ! an *ack feels a slight egree of responsibility for the eaths# ,t is! after all! some of his b%sinesses that man%fact%re &eapons for &ar# ;ears later! *ack+s son 3avi eparts for the secon military action of the col &ar < =iet Nam#


>he b%sh is thick! an 3avi an the others slo& o&n for fear of being amb%she # 3avi +s y -re y contin%es on an is /%ickly lost from vie&# After a fe& min%tes 3avi moves ahea alone

to search for him# 6e sees -re y on his knees over a ea =iet Cong# 6e appears to be c%tting his hea off# 3avi looks aro%n ! sees no one! then speaks 2%st lo% eno%gh for -re y to hear# -re y stops &hat he is oing an motions for 3avi to come over# ?ooking at the ea =iet Cong &ith half of his hea c%t off! 3avi says! 05hat in the hell are yo% oing40 -re y has a s%rprise look on his face as he replies! 0,+m killing the enemy an making an e.ample of him to any other =iet Cong &ho comes into this village# 5hen , remove his hea ! ,1m going to p%t it on a pole as an e.ample of &hat &ill happen to the ne.t =iet Cong#0 3avi is st%pefie at -re y1s &or s# 05hat yo% are oing is a eath sentence for the people of this village# 5hen Charley sees that hea on a pole he &ill think the villagers i it! an they &ill kill everyone in the village to set an e.ample to everyone &ho opposes them#0 -re y oesn1t respon # 3avi &on ers if -re y is a psychopathic killer or if he really believes the only sol%tion to &inning is to kill every one of the enemy# 0;o% are al&ays the first to go after Charley! b%t they never seem to s%rvive once yo% get to them#0 -re y smiles back# 05hy &o%l yo% &ant to capt%re sc%m like that4 , on1t take prisoners! %nless ,1m tol to#0 0B%t yo% seem to en2oy killing them#0 0, o en2oy killing them! an , hope this &ar never en s#0 Several ays after they ret%rn from leave in Saigon! they are on a patrol an as %s%al! -re y is in the front of the shooting# 6e is %nseen! an right behin him is 3avi # 3avi sees the =iet Cong firing at -re y an -re y firing back# -re y is shot an blee ing o%t from a &o%n that severe the main artery in his leg# 3avi takes a to&el an p%ts it over -re y1s leg to apply press%re! b%t he is hesitant abo%t applying eno%gh press%re to stop the flo& of bloo # >his is his chance to prevent -re y from committing another atrocity# -re y can feel that no press%re is being applie # 6e looks %p at 3avi ! smiles an says! 05elcome to the cl%b#0

5hen ?eah falls in love &ith a man &ho shares her interests an reams! she kno&s he is the one for her# 5hat she oes not kno& is that he carries &ith him ark secrets an a past that nearly estroye him# She tries to %n erstan him! b%t he p%shes her a&ay an into the arms of another man# 5hen this ne& man learns the i entity of ?eah+s on again! off again lover! he realizes that he! too! is involve in &hat co%l be an entanglement of the most angero%s kin #

"essa ha never kno&n a man like @aster# 6e took her breath a&ay &ith his mysterio%s se.iness an spontaneity# >he night they met! "essa ha been invite to the ho%se of the Rit%al by a lone hitchhiker she are to pick %p on a gloomy rainy night# @aster ha &atche from a ark corner as man after man begge to to%ch "essa! trie to kiss her! an attempte to charm his &ay into her life# >he yo%ng &oman co%l not resist the recl%sive charmer! an she left &ith him that night! tho%gh she kne& nothing abo%t him or the ark life he le #

>he man &ho came to Colville kne& there &as something %ni/%e abo%t the yo%ng men he &as or ere to observe# >hey ha been able to &ar off a c%rse an s%rvive a vampire attack# >he man ha spent most of the ay observing the to&n an keeping an eye on the yo%ng men# $ne of them &as ill an the man kne& &hy# >he other one ha no i ea he &as being follo&e ! b%t as far as the man &as concerne ! he &as a belo& average &ere&olf at best# Still! there ha to be a reason for a vampire to sho& %p in Colville! other than creating t&o &ere&olf slaves#

Arousing the Legac ! is perfect for the "oung A#ult/$e% A#ult paranormal fiction/m ster enthusiast&

"yle Robertson is a C,A operative! an cr%shing the enemy is &hat he oes best# A 2ilte e.Alover! he lost his la ylove! Stephanie! to a @a2or in the Arme Services! b%t he kno&s that if he &aits long eno%gh! payback time &ill arrive# 5hen &ar breaks o%t an @a2or Brian -airchil receives or ers to ship o%t! "yle is given a angero%s an ea ly or er that! if fla&lessly! &ill make him a hero in the eyes of the Presi ent# Blackmailing someone into carrying o%t the plan &itho%t iv%lging the secrets of the mission is his top priority! an Stephanie is the i eal choice# >he yo%ng &oman+s 2o%rney to e.otic places lea s to intrig%e an terror &hen she iscovers that she has been set %p! an she fin s herself engage in a fierce an eceptive battle in &hich the prize is life# 'eroes $e(er )ie!* romantic suspense/political thriller b Lois +an#ers* is a must rea# for an one %ho lo(es a goo# ,-A/sp no(el&