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Introduction by Dr.


You have all heard about the ascension, some might think its nonsense, some just know it is going to happen. We are focusing more and more on awakening as many people as possible and prepare them for this ascension process. This book is here to guide and help you understand many of the processes that are happening at this time. This book will assist you in focusing on what needs to be done and can be done at this time. Full complete ascension is within your reach at this time. And we are here to assist everyone that decides to follow this path. Dr. Joshua David Stone.

The energies coming in are the energies of transforming duality and 3rd dimensional thinking. There is no difference between you and anyone else, except for what you can see in the physical. But the physical is not who you are so you have to look further than that. When you meet new people, look at their soul. See who they really are. Just look into their eyes. See who you are and who they are through the eyes of your soul. Everyone is a soul on the path toward ascension with his or her own way of thinking, learning and understanding. When you look at the people you know, you do the same. Look at their soul, not who and what they are in the physical. It is important to see the real person, the soul of that person. Also know you cannot intervene with their path, their way of learning and understanding. Their knowledge has to come from within and not from the outside. When you are asked for help you can assist, tell them what you know. Do not force your knowledge and understanding upon others. Let them find their own way. You can guide them but they have to make their own decisions. Learning and understanding is very much dependent on the vibration or frequency you are in. The higher your frequency, the more you will be able to receive and understand and the knowledge will be coming from higher dimensions. We are available to guide everyone that asks and we will do it in a\ way that is appropriate for them and according to their path and capability to understand. The energy coming in through each portal are here to support you in transforming duality and 3rd dimensional thinking and acting. The most important part of this support is the release of the 3rd dimensional thinking and the release of attachment to the 3rd dimension. Many are still not able to release these ways of thinking and the energies will help in releasing the 3rd dimensional thinking and acting and it will support you in your new way of thinking. The 5th dimensional way of thinking and acting and beyond. This also applies to the way you are all still learning and teaching. Many are still doing this from within a 3rd dimensional reality.

Teaching and learning what was taught in the 3rd dimensional reality. Many of those teachings are a good basis for what is being released at this time. But you have to stay open for the new that is coming in at this time. Do not be afraid to change your way of learning and teaching. Do not be afraid to change the knowledge that is there at this time. Much of this knowledge is based on a 3rd dimensional reality. At this time many of you are able to receive the teachings from the 5th dimensional reality and higher. You have all raised your vibration or frequency, so you are ready for it. Do not let the old get in the way of the new. Throughout time teachings have been adjusted and new knowledge was coming in at all times. The knowledge was coming in based on the capability of people to understand the new knowledge. At this time people are so much more open than ever before and we are able to make a lot more adjustments and changes to the teaching. We are bringing in the teachings from the time of Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt. They are coming in as an adjusted version as well. This is what we have been working toward all this time. This is the time where more people can ascend than ever before. Look at your history. How many people do you know that have actually ascended in the last 50 years? You can probably count that on one hand. Why do you think this is? People were not ready. All the knowledge available still wasnt enough for people to ascend. The ascension process on earth is one of the most complicated processes that exists through the universes. So many things have to be completed that many people are overwhelmed and not many have been able to do this in one lifetime.

There is so much information and knowledge out there, but what is it you need to do, what is it you need to learn. You can read all about it and this will give you more understanding of the processes. But this still doesnt teach you exactly how and what to do. None of those teachings gives you a complete overview of what these processes are and when you need to do them. Part of the problem is also that knowledge is not enough. Experience is what you need more than knowledge. And experience is what brings you the understanding of the knowledge. Without experience the knowledge is not as useful as it is with experience. This is why there were ascension schools, mystery schools. And you have all attended one or more of these schools in previous lifetimes. So your soul has most of the experience. It is just the physical part of you that needs the experience at this time. Your physical being needs to awaken to complete conscious remembering of all that knowledge. We do have several dispensations at this time. One of the dispensations is that while learning, you do not need to know the complete process consciously. One other dispensation is that you are allowed to start more advanced teachings even if more basic teachings have not been completed. Let me explain a little bit about the order of the teachings in previous times. The first thing we would work on would be the opening of all seven chakras. From there we would open the chakras eight through twelve. These chakras would have to be integrated to be a basis for further teachings. Let me give you a list of some of the main teachings that have to be completed for ascension. 1. Opening, clearing and balancing of all seven chakras. 2. Opening, clearing and balancing of chakra eight though twelve. 3. Integrating chakra eight though twelve into the physical body. Note: After this you will start working on all the other chakras up until your source self. This is happening during and in between the other teachings. Spread out through the teachings. 4. Complete all 13 gates. Note: These are the gates of consciousness awakening and they are spread out through the teachings.

5. Integrate the ego and the mind with the physical and spiritual bodies. Note: When the ego and mind are integrated the Higher Self can connect more fully with the physical. 6. Integrating the Higher Self in the physical body. 7. Integrating the Soul and Monad. Note: This is where we more fully start living from the God-self. 8. Balancing the male and female energies in your physical and spiritual bodies. Note: When these are balanced you will merge the female and male into one full complete energy. 9. Balancing the Light Light and Dark Light in the physical and spiritual bodies. Note: When these energies are balanced they can be merged and return to their original state of being one. 10. Integrating all spiritual bodies in the physical body. 11. Releasing all attachments, either physical or spiritual. 12. Learning to work with the energies and the ultimate power you have inside of you. There are many more teachings in between and this list is not in a specific order. Releasing duality, releasing fear, releasing attachments especially to the 3rd dimensional reality is what is important at this time with the new energies coming in. Now let me explain a bit more about the dispensations. The ascension process on earth is like I have already said one of the most complicated ones. What makes it more complicated or special is that your planet earth has ascended already. The planet itself hasda time related ascension based on where the planet is in the universe. Many of the changes are not seen. The planets energies have always been largely affected by the people living upon it. And the earth has always been there to support you in living there. All that has happened over the millions of years people have been on your planet wasstored in and around the planet earth. The energies of distress, have been cleared by your planet. So many people are becoming aware of the opportunity to ascend in this lifetime.

When you are going into higher frequencies, you are able to receive more knowledge, you are able to understand more consciously. We are making adjustments and changing many of the older teachings. We are also releasing some new teachings. Much of what was taught has been simplified so to speak. This will make it easier for more people to get onto the path of ascension. Do not get me wrong. This is still a complete process of ascension. Even more so than before, since many of you will come back into the 3rd dimensional part on planet earth to help in assisting those that have not awakened yet. So be open at this time, be open to change. Know that many of the old teachings are what they are, old. Every day more and more of the new teachings are being released. Every day more knowledge is being released. Do not fear the change, embrace it. People might tell you it is not possible. All these old teachings have worked for so long. People have ascended by using these teachings. Ask yourself the question. How many people did ascend with those teachings? We know this is a different way of teaching, but you are ready for it. We know the knowledge we are bringing to you can be somewhat bring you to a halt and question yourself at times. But know that you are ready to receive the knowledge that is for people living in a 5th dimensional reality and higher. This has never been done before in this way. But we know it is possible for you to ascend in this lifetime. And this is where our focus and attention is at this time. We will take this complicated process and simplify it so as many as possible can ascend now and in the future.

I am Adama I am here today to welcome you into our world. We have been waiting for this moment. We have been preparing for this moment. This is a historic change in history, as the earth has revolved back to its original state of being. The earth is moving through the universe following a spiraling path, moving further away from the point where it originally started some 26.000 years ago. The earth has taken you all through many experiences and while doing this, the earth has gone through her own experiences as well. You are the wayshowers of this time. Ascension has always been the goal for every soul incarnating on planet earth. And many souls have ascended after working and learning in many lifetimes. At this time many of the souls will reap what they have sown in previous lifetimes. They will accomplish their goal of ascension. Now this is what many people do not think about. Everyone has come in with a veil, not remembering the work and teachings of previous lifetimes. Some people think ascension is just here and everyone will ascend no matter what. Even though you have completed many studies in previous lifetimes, there is still one last part to complete. You have to bring in the consciousness of these previous lifetimes into this life. Ascension is and has always been the goal and focus of every soul incarnating on earth. Now all these souls that are going to be ascending have done their homework so to speak, all they are doing is finishing up. Every soul on earth is ready for this, the only thing we need to do is to awake all of them. Life on earth still has its challenges and the shift into the fifth dimension and beyond will not change that for those who have not awakened yet.

All we can do is supply the tools for awakening, and that is what we have done in combined effort with all the masters in spirit. The is the assigned time for ascension. We have all been working toward this for thousands of years since the time of Lemuria when people started to lose consciousness. This is not a plan thought up by us and the masters. No, all of you were involved in this plan. And the time is now. Time to finish the last part of your ascension teachings. To regain full consciousness again. And to ascend completely conscious into a new world of consciousness. So here we are, welcoming you back with us. We are all here to support you in this last part. And we will be there waiting for you when you ascend. In Love I wait, Adama

Dr. Stone We have already given you a small list of all processes that need to be completed before ascension. We want you to remember that there are dispensations at this time. You do not have to complete all these processes consciously. The first 12 we have given so far are some of the most important ones, and we would like everyone to go through these more consciously. Many of the other processes can be done during sleeptime. Part of your learning process at this time also has a great affect on how you are going to be teaching others. You have chosen a certain path of learning that is preparing you for when you return as a teacher. Think about this when you are working toward your ascension and you notice how different your path is from others. Your path is to work on your ascension in your own way, and you are already preparing to be a teacher after this ascension if needed. This is why you feel attracted to learn what you are learning. There are different ways of learning as well. People can like me work from the mental body, I have done this throughout my life since I needed all the information to get me ready for this part of my work. Many people work from the mental body, there are also people working from the heart, the emotional body and more, this is all connected to your path of learning that you choose. Another thing to keep in mind when you meet others on the path, their way of learning. Now in this book we are focusing on the most important processes toward ascension. We will be writing a workbook as well that will have exercises and meditations in it for you to work with all these processes. This book is mainly for you to understand the ascension processes and give you information about everything that is involved and more. We will take all 12 processes and more and guide you through them in a way that is easy and will help you understand more about the processes. The mental part of me will give you as much information as needed at this time. But the focus needs to be on experience as well.

I was very blessed throughout my life with all the people that were supporting me during my process of learning and ascending. It is my intention to give you that same support. I always worked with certain Ascended Masters, especially Djwal Khul.There are many more Ascended Masters and they are equally capable and willing to assist you at this time. This is a group effort and I want you to know that no matter which Ascended Master you see or even prefer, it is, or they are the right ones for you. Your own guides also play an important part in this process. Your Higher Self, your Soul and Monad are also involved. I highly recommend to connect with them all to give you guidance at all times. Now I give the word to Kuthumi, he will explain about the different rays you can work with at this time. Many new rays have come in and a lot of changes have taken place on the 7 rays that were already on the earth. But Kuthumi is the one who can tell you more about all of them including the new rays. Kuthumi Working with the rays and different colours of the rays has a clearing and balancing effect on all your energies, physical and spiritual. In the past there were seven rays to work with. At this time we have four more that have been sending their energy to the planet for you to connect with. These are: The Golden Ray The Platinum Ray The Diamond/Crystal Ray The Rose Ray Most of you have heard about the changes on the rays that were already there. There has been a change in the masters residing on the different rays and there also has been a change in frequency on all rays. There have been teachings that have taught you to work with the lower and higher part of the rays. This has changed as well. The rays have moved from a 3rd dimensional frequency they were sending out to a 5th dimensional frequency and higher.

This means there is no higher or lower part to work with anymore. One other thing that we would like to tell you is that even though there is a residing master on each ray, every master is comfortable and qualified to work on each and every one of the rays. The rays are not connected to any chakra, they have their own use and work on all energy bodies, spiritual and physical. This is a small overview of the rays coming unto your planet at this time. The Ray Attibute Color Chohan Ray 1 Power and Will Red El Morya Ray 2 Love and Wisdom Blue Dr Stone Ray 3 Intelligence and Higher Mind Yellow Serapis Bay Ray 4 Harmony, Beauty, Art Emerald Green Paul, the Venetian Ray 5 Knowledge and Science Orange Hilarion Ray 6 Devotion and Idealism Indigo Sananda Ray 7 Transformation and Divine Alchemy Violet Ray 8 Focus and Ascnsion Gold Ray 9 Transformation Physical Body Platinum Ray 10 Integration Diamond/Crystal Ray 11 Ascension Rose Pink There are many more rays available at this time and you can work on one or all rays at the same time. We have asked each of the residing Chohans for a small explanation of the ray they are working with at this time. Master El Morya, Chohan of the First Ray of Light The first ray is the colour red at this time. It is the ray of power, willpower, courage and abundance. The ray is invoked when you are in need of assistance on your path toward ascension. The path to ascension can be easy and difficult at the same time. I am here with many others to assist you in moving forward when you feel stuck and feel dishearted. When you see no way out of your situation. Many of you have already unconsciously invoked the ray while standing before a new part of your life. The courage and wisdom in this ray is the part that inspires many to follow their inner vision and guidance at this time. It is also the ray of love and wisdom. You can ask to be transported to this ray at night and study the knowledge and wisdom that comes within this ray of enlightment.

Archangel Michael is on this ray to transform anything that is not needed while working on this ray, he is there to protect you and share his wisdom with you. You can invoke him at anytime you feel the need to be more clear about your path. He will assist you in letting go of attachments to the third dimensional reality. There are many masters on this ray and we ask you to feel comfortable with invoking this ray. The first ray is strong and has many powers within and when you connect start easy, bring in the energies of the first ray up unto a level that feels comfortable to you. And you work from there. Ask for assistance during the day and during the night so you will be able to fully work with this rays power and knowledge. The first ray is also the ray of freedom. Freedom to be who you are as a soul, a spiritual being without fear and without being afraid and influenced by others. Freedom is the path toward ascension and you need this freedom of expression of who you are to follow this path. This is what we support at all times for everyone. Master Dr. Joshua David Stone, Chohan of the Second Ray of Light The Second Ray has the colour blue and is the ray of love and wisdom. At this time there has been much going on concerning the movement of several masters to other rays and I want you to know that even though at this time I am the Chohan of the Second Ray, All other masters can still be asked for assistance as well. You can still invoke Master Djwhal Khul and visit him in the synthesis ashram. Master Kuthumi is still working with many of you on the planet and this will be his continuous focus at all times. The Blue Ray or Second Ray contains all the Love and Wisdom of our creator and this is what you will receive when you connect with this ray. Pure unconditional love is what this ray is needed for at this time. The wisdom that is connected to this ray is pure wisdom and knowledge coming from source. This ray will assist you in living from the heart where you will experience the power and wisdom from within yourself and from the creator.

You can ask to be brought to the light ashram of the second ray during sleep time where we will assist you in further integrating the energy of this ray. We will focus on you being comfortable with the power that comes from living within the heart. Many have misunderstood this real power of love and see power as something that is controlled by the negative ego. I am here to tell you today that this is not true. We have been focusing on the negative and positive for too long now and we need to transform and transmute this way of duality thinking that is connected to the third dimensional reality. This is where you can invoke the Second Ray as well, to assist you in transforming any duality thinking and to just live from within your heart. This is thinking and acting from within your heart. There are many angels and light beings working on this ray that will assist you when asked. Archangel Jophiel is the one that is connected to the Second Ray as an overseer of all the processes connected to living from within the heart with pure love and wisdom. You can ask for his assistance at all times, to bring in the energies of love and wisdom of our creator. He will assist you in bringing in these energies through your heart where they will merge with your heart and from there spread through your whole being. So you become the heart, and you will be working and living from the heart, the mind and your soul with pure power, love and wisdom. Master Serapis Bay, Chohan of the Third Ray of Light The Third Ray of Light is the final ray of the main rays. We have explored the first, second and now the third ray. The other four rays are extensions of the third ray and are all overseen by the Maha Chohan the Master Saint Germain. The next four rays do have their own qualities, energy vibration, chohan and colour. But the first three rays of light are the main rays while still living partly in the third dimension and partly in higher dimensions. Each of these rays have their own overseer to ensure the chohan of the ray is completing their mission correctly for the benefit of the students of the Earth. The Third Ray of Light is the ray of clarity and individual thinking. The Third Ray has the luminous colour yellow like the sun to clear away anything that is holding you back from your true path.

The energy of this ray is here to assist you while you are gaining more and more knowledge throughout your process of ascension and this ray will assist you to separate the real knowledge from the knowledge that has been influenced by others in and around your planet. Much of the knowledge in the third dimensional reality is influenced by the knowledge that is available in the third dimensional consciousness around the planet earth. The new consciousness that has been placed around your planet is free of preconceived knowledge and this is slowly coming into you and everyone else on the planet earth. The Third Ray is there to assist you in being able to perceive this knowledge in freedom. This ray is assisting many people on the path of awakening. Once you are on the path of awakening this ray will assist you in gaining full knowledge. The wisdom and knowledge coming from our creator that is already inside of you waiting to be discovered and used for the benefit of your ascension path at this time. We highly recommend working with the first three rays before you enter the realms of the other rays. Archangel Chamuel is the overseeing archangel working with the Third Ray of Light and he is here to assist you together with many other angels and light beings to bring in this ray of illumination and higher wisdom. Working with the Third Ray of Light is working from within the heart to receive all knowledge and wisdom through a pure clear channel. Master Paul, the Venetian, Chohan of the Fourth Ray of Light The Fourth Ray of Light has a beautiful green colour and is the ray of harmony, balance, communication and creativity. This ray is an extension of the third ray and assists many of you in releasing the old and integrating the new. You cannot move forward until you have released anything that is holding you back. Failing to release will result in keeping having to go through many of the same fears and situations at this time. The Fourth Ray of Light is here to assist you in releasing all blockages that you have inside your physical and spiritual bodies. It will help you in releasing all attachments to the third dimensional ways of thinking and acting. This ray is here for you to express your creativity in many ways for yourself and others.

Once you have released all blockages and attachment you can start working on bringing the harmony and balance needed inside of you to communicate and work even more from within the heart. As you can see, this is where many of the rays have their focus at this time, working from withinthe heart.and mind as well as soul level, All of the rays have their own way to help you receive the balance needed inside of you to be able to work from within the heart completely. The Fourth Ray of Light is especially used when communicating with others and can be invoked when you enter a situation where you do not feel you are capable of expressing yourself in a complete way from within the heart. The Fourth Ray of Light can also be invoked when you enter a situation in your life on your path toward ascension where you feel part of you is not in balance and you want to release the blockage and attachment to this part of your life. Archangel Gabriel is the one working with the Fourth Ray of Light to bring in all the beauty that comes with living from the heart. You can ask for his assistance anytime you feel the need to experience the full beauty of living life in balance and harmony. Master Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray of Light The Fifth Ray is the colour orange and has a different frequency than many of the other rays. This ray is completely focused on gaining spiritual knowledge that can be used in many ways in the physical and spiritual parts of your life. This ray is connected to the physical science that is accomplished on your planet where people are receiving information and knowledge to assist mother earth in her ascension process. The knowledge also pertains to information on how to live life in a way that is beneficial for the physical planet earth and your own physical body. It will help you in gaining knowledge on many different levels and subjects. This can be new ways to grow food, or using the resources on planet earth in a way that is beneficial for the earth and the people upon it. When you connect to this ray, you will be able to receive many of the universal truths. Ask to be taken to this ray either in meditation or during the sleep time. I am here to assist humanity on earth and to help you discover your true divine soul, mission and purpose on the planet earth at this time.

We will explore the energy of the creator and we will help you in understanding the true science of life on earth as well as on the spiritual planes and universes. Much of what you perceive at this time is only a small percentage of what you can perceive once you are on the path toward ascension. And this is where we will assist you. To perceive all that is available in higher dimensions and beyond. Archangel Raphael is the residing Archangel on this ray and you can ask for his assistance in many of the earths processes. He will assist you in gaining the knowledge that is needed for you when you ask for it. Master Sananda, Chohan of the Sixth Ray of Light The colour of the Sixth Ray of Light is indigo and it is the ray of love of the creator and the love and devotion that resides within you. This ray of light is focused on opening your heart to the love of the Creator and the love that exists constantly in and around you. The ray of devotion was anchored on earth when I was walking the earth as Jesus. Together with Mary Magdalene and many others we anchored this light onto your planet and it has been misused and Misunderstood many times. Devotion is not worship. Devotion is living from the pure love within your heart and creation. As you are all awakening, you will truly understand the power and love within devotion between every being and your creator. We are all equal, divine beings in creation and we have to learn how to accept this part of us in the divine flow of life. Devotion in the purest form is to love, respect and honor each other in every way possible. We are all sacred and divine beings and this is why many of you are breaking away from certain religions and teachings to find your own path in between the chaos of society. We are here to help and guide you on that path of spiritual growth and find the guidance from within rather than from outside of your own being. We assist in connecting you to the divine light of our creator within you and we encourage you to find the path inside of you. To grow, to purify and to honor the light of the creator that exists within you.

Realizing that you are all connected in every way and you are all carrying this divine light of the creator no matter who you are in the physical, your soul is important at this time on the path toward ascension. The time is now to be devoted to your soul and your own spiritual growth. Devotion is a very powerful tool that will assist you in truly reaching the highest goal possible, ascension. You can ask to be taken to the sixth ray during meditation or sleep time and you will experience the true sacredness and purity of this energy and how you can evolve on your path of spiritual growth regaining the wisdom we lost so long ago. I know it has been hard to understand why so many of the masters are moving from ray to ray and beyond that. We are all on our own path while guiding you and each of us must learn to let go and move on, otherwise we will never allow ourselves to ascend to our true potential. Change is inevitable and is a constant part of true life on Earth and in the universe. Archangel Uriel is the presiding angel on this ray and you can invoke his assistance just by asking. You will receive the energy of this ray and the pure and unconditional love it brings you from within. The Seventh Ray, the Violet Ray of Light At this time we do not have a residing master on this ray and we will not have one for some time. The energy of the seventh ray is to create unity, we ask people to connect with this energy and to create unity between the physical and spiritual planes. Heaven on earth. This ray will assist in anchoring the love, light and peace unto the planet earth. The mission of the seventh ray is also to unite humanity with the angelic kingdom, the nature and elemental kingdoms. Unity, respect and devotion are needed at this time for all that reside within this universe. We have to respect our own divine beings and when we learn to respect that part of us we can truly unite and honor other kingdoms. The Seventh Ray of Light has the colour violet and the Violet Flame of transmutation is very much connected to the Seventh Ray of Light. You can invoke this ray and the violet flame simply by asking for it.

The energy will be the energy of transformation, clearing, balancing and dissolving everything that is not needed at this time. Simply invoke and follow your own intuition as to how much of this energy you can bring in at this time. By understanding and experiencing this ray one can see that this is the ray that will lead you into the new age of spiritual awakening and discovery of all truths within your own being and the truth of the divine creator that resides within you at all times. The Eighth Ray, the Golden Ray of Light The Golden Ray is the ray of Intent and Focus on ascension. It assists in maintaining balance throughout the process of working toward ascension. This ray will support you during the ascension process, especially when you are going through many of the processes at the same time it is easy to lose track of your focus and what you need to do. The Golden Ray is used to get you back on track. It will assist you in finding your focus again. Many of the processes can be very emotional. You are clearing and transforming many old wounds, energies and experiences. Many of them come from past lives as well. You are working on bringing in all your energy bodies, your Higher Self, your Soul and Monad. By doing all this you are bringing back the energies into the original state of pure god consciousness with all the knowledge you have accumulated during this life and previous lifetimes. Bringing in all these past life experiences can be overwhelming and emotional and they can feel very real at times. This is also where the Golden Ray assists you in maintaining your balance. It brings you back to your original focus and helps in releasing many of the emotions that are coming in through and from past life experiences. All you have to do is when you feel the need, you ask for assistance from the Golden Ray. Ask for the Golden Ray to be poured into you. The energy will come in through your crown chakra. And even though you might not always feel or see it, know that when you ask it will respond and be there for you.

The Ninth Ray, the Platinum Ray of light This ray is for transformation of the physical body and DNA activation. The Platinum Ray is a very fluid energy and is usually felt as a fluid coming in through the crown chakra. From there it will spread out through the physical body. The Platinum Ray works with the physical body and assists the body in the transformation of all physical cells into etheric cells. It is also a DNA activation and we suggest you connect with this ray on a regular base. The process of ascension is where you integrate all spiritual parts of you into the physical body. This is where your physical cells will adjust to the higher frequencies and where they are changing from their physical appearance into an energy appearance. This process can have a lot of influence on how you feel in the physical and the Platinum Ray is there to make this an easier process when needed. As with all other rays, all you need to do is ask for assistance when needed. Ask to be connected to this ray as many times as you wish. The Tenth Ray, the Diamond/Crystal Ray of Light The Diamond/Crystal Ray is here to assist you in changing the structure of your physical body with the integrated energy bodies into a diamond/crystalline structure. This is used to make the transition into the 5th dimension. This is one of the last rays to work with and you know when you are ready for it. This ray transforms the physical body into a crystaline etheric body once you have integrated all of your spiritual bodies. This ray also assists in transforming your light body into a diamond light body which is used to travel between dimensions. Ask for this ray, it will only start working once you have integrated enough of your spiritual bodies into the physical body. Once you have integrated enough of your spiritual energies, and this includes the Higher Self, Soul and Monad, the Diamond/Crystal ray will assist you in further integrating the final parts of your spiritual energies.

The Eleventh Ray, the Rose Ray of Light This is the most powerful ray of all and it is the ray of Ascension. Once you have completed all processes needed for ascension you will start working with the Rose Ray. This is the part where you become a fully incarnated Ascended Master. More information about this ray will become available at a later time once you have reached this part of your ascension. Now that we have covered all twelve rays there is one more thing left to explain. When to work with what ray. At this time many of you have already completed one or more rays. So all we can say is let your intuition guide you in this and just integrate all rays. Opening, clearing and balancing of all chakras One of the most important parts of integrating is to work on the chakras. Once you start working with the rays they will assist you in clearing and balancing the chakras as well. Once chakra one through seven are working at full speed you will start bringing in chakra eight though twelve into the physical body. By full speed I mean completely open, cleared, balanced and able to spin at full speed. Chakra 1 Survival and living in the present moment. Chakra 2 Compassion for everything and everyone including yourself. Chakra 3 Power center Chakra 4 Seat of the Soul Chakra 5 Wholeness Chakra 6 Spirit voice Chakra 7 Soul voice Chakra 8 Intuitivity Chakra 9 Connection to Higher Self Chakra 10 Connection to the 5th dimension Chakra 11 Higher Self Chakra 12 Connection to spirit guides, masters and angels Chakra 13 Christ Consciousness Once all twelve chakras are spinning inside the physical body, chakra thirteen will reside just above your crown chakra. From there on during several of the other processes more and more chakras will be opened. You have many chakras and they will all be open by the end of your ascension process. This line of chakras reaches all the way to source.

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Restoration of our ORIGINAL PROGRAMMING, Restoration of our ORIGINAL PROGRAMMING, REBOOT of our BIO-ENERGETIC COMPUTERS. Complete Reprogramming To the Origen of Creation, The Spark.

Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Mastery activations, Heart-Oriented Approach to Ascension. Untangle and Unplug from the Third Dimensional Matrix. Liberating You From the Mass/Duality Consciousness!!!

Usui Reiki Attunement Get attuned into Reiki I, II, or III and Receive the Benefits of this Pure Healing Energy for Yourself and Others.

E-Books Our E-books written with the Masters and full of information for Ascension, Clearing and Healing on Many Levels.

Connecting to New Earth Crystalline Grid This is the Time to Disconnect yourself from the Past, Connecting Fully with that what You are Creating at this Moment.

The Diamond Consciousness 12 Templates Representing the 12 Divine Attributes Emanating the God- Seed of Our Essence. Alchemical Formula to Restore the Christos Blueprint.

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