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&--Charges 12 With Running

l!Jtentational Crime Corporation
l: By JOE CRANKSHAW t/. ~ .. West City Council member. He was
Herald staff Writer arrested in a Metro Justice Building
Federal officials charged 12 men courtroom while shaking hands
Wednesday with running a Miami- with a juror after his acquittal on
based, international "crime corpo- charges that he murdered Ronald
ration" dealing in murder, arson, Yaras in April 1974. He was re-
drug smuggling, counterfeiting, hi- leased on $20,000 bond.
jacking and loan-sharking.
-*< . , .. .J
Seven of the 12 were arrested in
Miami and New York, ending an
18-month investigation by the
agents of the FBI, Drug Enforce-
ment Administration (DEA), U.S.
Customs and Secret Service direct-
ed by the Justice Department's Or-
ganized Crime Strike Force and as-
sisted by Scotland Yard and the
land and elsewhere since 1971.
French Surete.
Two were arrested in court Wed-
nesday, one just moments after a
Circuit Court jury had acquitted
him of first-degree murder.
"THIS GROUP was a regular
crime corporation," Strike Force
prosecutor Gary Betz said. "They
did anything criminal for money."
The 26-count indictment returned
secretly Tuesday by a Miami feder-
al grand jury indicates that the-
"corporation" operated in South
Floricla, .New York, France, Eng-
Arrested Wednesday morning
John Lombardozzi, 52, of 157
Calle Largo, Hollywood, now fac-
ing income tax evasion charges. He
has been convicted of mail fraud
and assau-lting a federal officer. He
said he is a writer. Lombardozzi
was arrested as he stepped out of a
pre-trial hearing on the tax charges
in federal court in Miami. He was
released on $25,000 bond.
Ismael Garcia, 51, of 2 Arono-.
vitz St., Key West. a former Key
Fred Goodman, 63, of 5815 S.
Biscayne River Dr., North Miami, a
convicted narcotics trafficker who
said he is an unemployed butcher.
Charles Kabbaby, 46, of 4290
SW 109th Ave., Davie, convicted
earlier this year on jncome tax eva-
sion charges, who says he is a real
estate salesman and jeweler. Kab-
baby once operated a jewelry store
with Salvatore Grech, a partner
with Jack (Murph the Surf) Mur-
phy. Kabbaby was released on a
$100,000 personal surety bond,
which required that he put up no
cash ..
Silvio LaPace, 34, of 14930 NE
Seventh Ave., North Miami, a con-
victed narcotics dealer, who said he
operates a Miami auto paint and
body shop. His sentence on the nar-
cotics conviction is scheduled to
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12 Accttsed
Of Running
begin this morning.
Robert Kocher, 34, of 10940
SW 173rd Ter. Authorities say be
never has been arrested before. He
listed his occupation as auto body
shop manager. Kocher was released
on a $40,000 personal surety bond.
Cosmo Joseph Lombardozzi,
54, of New York, who was arrested
in New York City.
Already in jail were:
Ramon E. Dorta, who was
convicted of selling 4.5 pounds of
cocaine with Goodman in 1976.
David Gorwitz, serving time
for defrauding investors in a Cay-
man Island corporation of more
than $400,000.
AGENTS STILL are seeking:
Sam Cagnina, 42, of 2330
Prairie Ave., Miami Beach, a former
Key West policeman who also is
wanted in the Yaras killing.
Robert .J. Heller, 43, of 5760
SW Fourth St., Plantation, who also
is wanted on a counterfeiting
ch e London and on fraud
charges r and in
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Alberto Porro,
72nd St., Hialeah, who is charge
with dealing in cocaine.
The indictment charges that the
"crime corporation" operated out of
Cagnina's home and is responsible
for four murders, two attempted
murders, four truck hijackings and
four massage-parlor fires in which
two of the "corporation's" em-
ployes died.
The indictment charges that Cag-
nina directed the corporation, and
that he and Garcia murdered for
profit or to eliminate competition.
Garcia and Goodman, the docu
ment charges, arranged contract ar-
sons in Tampa, Key West and
CAGNINA, Garcia, Cosmo Lom-
bardozzi and Heller handled the
counterfeiting operation, which in-
volved smuggling $12 million in
countlerfeit Treasury notes to Eng-
l n d ~ n d Switzerland, the indict-
The indictment says Garcia and
Dorta arranged to hijack shipments
of eggs, meat and other products
and divert them to Miami for sale.
Cagnina, LaPace, Kocher and
Porro arranged shipments of co-
caine between Tampa and Miami,
and tried to arrange the shtpment of
millions of dollars worth of mari-
juana into the country, prosecutors
THE 12 are charged with arrang-
ing the murders of Yaras, a Miami
massage-parlor operator, and Rob-
ert Goldstein and George Webber,
who were partners in several of the
corpOration's enterprises.
Goldstein, according to the in-
dictment, participated in the coun-
terfeiting scheme in which the
group tried to sell $12 million in
U.S. Treasury notes in L0ndon and
Zurich. He was killed to keep him
quiet, the indictment alleges. It does
not state when or how he was
Webber, whose body was found
In a car dredged from a pond in
South Dade in 1976, was allegedly a
partner in several of the corpora-
tion's massage parlors in South
Police say he was shot in 1974 so
he would not share in the massage
parlor profits.
THE 12 were charged with con-
spiracy in the attempted murders of
Clyde Lee and Anthony Lopez.
Lee was identified as a bolita
kingpin in Central Florida, who was
llerandi for the "nit." Lee
was shot in Orlando in 1971 but
survived. Llerandi turned state's ev-
idence against Cagnina.
A state jury acquitted Cagnina of
the attempted murder of Lee after
Llerandi testified that he fired at
The indictment alleges that in
1973 Cagnina collected $5,000 for
an attempt to murder Lopez by
placing a bomb in Lopez' ca;r. The
bomb injured Lopez, but he sur-
also were charged with ordering
the firebombing of the Shampoo
Beauty Salon in Miami Beach in
1975 in which Tvrone Huffman and
Danny Meadows were killed while
allegedly setting the fire.
They were also charged with ar-
ranging the burning of the Oriental
Health Spa Massage Parlor in Key
West in February 1974 and the fire-
bombing of the Magic Fingers Mas-
sage Parlor in Tampa twice to elim-
inate competition.
The 12 men also are charged
with forcing Ronald Arthur S<:ho,::,
4.,P.Iint! teNek B"arlk'alneri-
card credit cards, drivers licenses,
Social Security cards and other offi-
.:ial papers in 1974 and 1975.
Schor had borrowed money from
the corporation and was forced to
counterfeit the documents as pay-
me!J.t, the indictment alleges.
"WE THINK we have removed
some of the biggest criminal dealers
. .. ..... ,, .

1A ' The Miami News Thursday, June 1. 1978
char,ged wit running 'crime
The defendants are charged with ordering murders
and arsons to eliminate competition in criminal ven-
. tures, including drug peddling and the operation of
massage parlors.
, Charged with racketeering activity were John
Loinbardozzi, 52, of Hollywood; Sam Cagnina, 42, of
Beach; Ismael Garcia, 51, of Key West; Cosmo
Jose"ph Lombardozzi, 54, of New York; Charles Kabba-
46, of Davie; Fred Goodman, 63, of North Miami;
Robert Heller, 43, of Plantation; Silvio Lapace, 34, of
North Miami; Robert Kocher, 34, of South Dade; Alber-
to Porro, 33, of Hialeah; Ramon Dorta, 43, of Hialeah,
and David Gorwitz, 46, of Bay Harbor Island.
the "crime corporation" operated in Key West,
Miami and Tampa between 1971 and 1978, the indict-
nien't said, but some of its ventures took its members to
'It was of the conspiracy
that Cagnina and Garcia would
murder persons in order to
eliminate competition to the
criminal ventures and to gain
farflung capitals inl Europe. In 1975, Joseph Lombar-
dozzi and Cagnina allegedly counterfeited $12,100,000
in $100,000 U.S. biQs and Heller attempted to sell the
bogus bills to banks in London and and Switzerland.
Heller, who police say is an international con man,
was arrested allegedly carrying the fake bills in a
briefcase at London's Heathrow Airport. He claimed he
was on a CIA mission to stir up economic havoc in
Both Heller and Cagnina were listed as fugitives
when the indictments, returned Tuesday, were uns-
ealed yesterday; The others were arrested. Cagnina, a
former Key West policeman, failed to appear for a
murder trial in Dade Circuit Court Tuesday. He and
Garcia faced first-degree murder charges
South Dade killing of Ronald Yaras.
Garcia, an ex-boxing champ and form
city commissioner, was arrested by waitin
yesterday as he walked out of the murder
ing his acquittal.
In the federal indictment, Cagnina is c
placing murder "contracts" on five peop
Yaras, and Garcia is charged with carryin
the murders.
"It was part of the conspiracy," th
said, "that Cagnina and Garcia would mu
in order to eliminate competition to the c
tures and to gain income."
Among the specific charges:
V' Cagnina shot Clyde Lee
wounding him.
v Two months later, Cagnina and An
offered Louis Llerandi, a convicted Ta.m
dler, a contract to kill Lee. On June 11,
and wounded Lee.
V' In April 1973, Cagnina collected $
tempting to murder Lopez, who was inju
car was bombed.
The indictment further charges Gar
April 1, 1974 murder of Yaras and the J
murder of George Webber, both identifie
par-lor operators.
- ----------
Garcia Is also charged with the "contract" arsons of
the Oriental Health Spa massage parlor in Key West in
February 1974, the arson of the Magic Fingers massage
parlor in Tampa in November 1974, and the arson of
the Shampoo Beauty Salon on Miami Beach in July
1975. Two Central Florida men allegedly hired to com-
mit the Miami Beach arson died of burns suffered in the
The defendants are charged with numerous narcot-
ics deals, including use of Cagnina's Miami Beach home
as a storage and distribution center for cocaine. During
1977, the indictment said, Lapace, Kabbaby and John
Lombardozzi discussed a plan to bring $3 million
worth of marijuana into the U.S.
The indictment charges Gorwitz, a commodities
broker convicted three years ago of real estate fraud,
with helping Cagina and Goodman force a man identi-
fied as Ronald Arthur Schor to counterfeit drivers' li-
censes, Social Security cards and credit cards.
For a three-month period in 1975, Cagaina, Garcia
and Dorta allegedly planned and carried out truck hi-
jackings, including thefts of eggs and meats, the indict-
ment charges. An estimated $6,000 theft from Publix
was delivered to a Miami store owned by Dorta, ac-
cording to the indictment.
Betz, deputy chief of the Miami Organized Crime
Strike Force, said the IS-month investigation of the
"crime corporation's" activities was assisted by the
FBI, Secret Service, Customs, Drug Enforcement Ad-
ministration, England's Scotland Yard and the French
police agency S u r ~ t e