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From: "Haskel, Peter" <> To: "Lawson, Gary" <Gary.Lawson@stras !r"> #c: "$rnst, %arren" <>, "#hris.&" <#hris.&owers@dallascityhall.

com>, "Lowe, 'onna" <'>, "#hipper(ield, )eanne" <*eanne.chipper(>, "+cott, $dward" <>, "Haskel, Peter" <> +! *ect: #ity o( 'allas ,ct!arial ,!dit o( $-F 'ate: Th!, )an ., /012 10:/. ,3 Hello Gary, Thank you for your letter dated January 3, 2014, received here via email on January 7, 2014, regarding Fo ter ! Fo ter "on ulting #ctuarie , $nc%& #ctuarial #udit of the "ity of 'alla (m)loyee & *etirement Fund +(*F,, to -hich thi email me age re )ond % #ll content of thi me age are offer of valua.le con ideration in attem)ting to com)romi e di )uted claim and tatement made in the cour e of com)romi e negotiation -ithin the co)e of Te/% *% (vid 400% $n con ideration for (*F& )romi e to fully and )rom)tly com)ly -ith all re1ue t for information and record .y the actuary the "ity #ttorney -ould u))ort the "ity 2anager agreeing that3 The "ity -ill a k the actuary to end (*F a -ritten undertaking that3 #ctuary -ill kee) confidential and -ill not di clo e to any )er on, including the "ity of 'alla , information regarding the name , addre e , ocial ecurity and other information identifying individual , retiree , .eneficiarie or alternate )ayee of the Fund e/ce)t to the e/tent that the actuary, in it )rofe ional 4udgment deem uch di clo ure nece ary and a))ro)riate in furtherance of the audit& )ro)er )ur)o e including ati fying regulatory and la- enforcement )ur)o e % The actuary -ill notify the Fund of any uch di clo ure u. tantially contem)oraneou ly -ith the di clo ure unle the di clo ure i for regulatory or la- enforcement )ur)o e and the agency to -hom di clo ure i made re1ue t that notice not .e given, or the notice i )rohi.ited .y la- or court order% The "ity -ill al o )rovide (*F -ith u. tantially contem)oraneou -ritten notice of any change in the co)e of the actuarial audit% Thi "ity decline to agree to a k the actuary to )rovide (*F -ith advance notice or 4u tification for di clo ure to the "ity% The "ity decline to agree that (*F -ill .e con ulted in advance a.out change in the co)e of the audit% To effectuate the a.ove the "ity i -illing to )ro)o e the follo-ing change to )aragra)h 0 of it agreement to Fo ter ! Fo ter if the actuary i -illing3

0% 567(*8H$9 5F '5":2(7T8 :)on acce)tance or a))roval .y "ity, all delivera.le )re)ared or a em.led .y "on ultant under thi "ontract, and any other related document or item +including -ork)a)er and ource document u ed to com)ile delivera.le hall .ecome the ole )ro)erty of "ity and hall .e delivered to "ity, -ithout re triction on future u e, e/ce)t that "on ultant hall in tead of uch delivery retain in confidence for at lea t one year any -ork)a)er and ource document that di clo e non;)u.lic information a ociated -ith identified )lan )artici)ant of (*F% "on ultant may make co)ie of any and all delivera.le and related document or item for it file % <y e/ecution of thi "ontract and in con ideration of the fee for ervice to .e )aid under the "ontract, "on ultant here.y convey , tran fer and a ign to "ity all right under the Federal "o)yright #ct of 1=7> +or any ucce or co)yright tatute,, a amended, all common la- co)yright and all other intellectual )ro)erty right ackno-ledged .y la- in the )ro4ect de ign and other )ro4ect data develo)ed under thi "ontract% The "ity -ill con ider a king the actuary to )rovide the Fund -ith a co)y of any lia.ility in urance )olicy that may a))ly to thi engagement .ut -ill not re1uire di clo ure% The "ity -ill not undertake any indemnity of (*F, it .oard, or taff, or anyone el e, e/ce)t to the e/tent )rovided in "ha)ter 31# of the 'alla "ity "ode% (*F and it agent are ade1uately )rotected .y tate la-, in urance )rocured -ith )lan a et , and the "ity& agreement -ith the actuary% #ll the .e t of the 7e- ?ear to you and your a -ell% *egard , 9ete Ha kel 'alla (/ec% # @t "ity #tt@y 214;>70;3030 Aoice 'irect 214;>70;0>22 F#B )eter%ha kelCdalla cityhall%com "57F$'(7T$#D$T? 75T$"(3 Thi communication i intended only for the u e of the individual or entity to -hich it i addre ed and may contain information that i )rivileged, confidential, and e/em)t from di clo ure under a))lica.le la-% $f you are not the intended reci)ient of thi information, you are notified that any u e, di emination, di tri.ution, or co)ying of the communication i trictly )rohi.ited, and re1ue ted to re)ly hereto or notify ender .y other immediate mean of the mi delivery%