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Saturday, November 20, 2010

20101120 - TechRadar: Mobile web design: platform by platform

Comments: There is now a variety of smartphone systems, i.e. iPhone (by Apple), BlackBerry, Android (by oo!le), "ymbian (pop#larised by $okia),%indows &obile ' (by &icrosoft), etc. The mobile landscape is a complex and sometimes confusing place to be. Here we'll take a look at the most popular platforms, operating systems and app stores and offer some quick and easy tips to making the most out of the opportunities they offer. Comments: mount of smartphones sold are mind boggling. !martphones may "ery well be more significant than notebook#netbook computers. $ho knows% &'Commerce may o"ertake e'Commerce in the near future. round (.) billion phones were sold last year, (*+ million of which were smartphones. !ymbian de"ices count for nearly +* per cent of this market ,with -okia making up the ma.ority of this figure/, but they're losing market share to both pple and 0esearch in &otion ,01&/, the company behind 2lack2erry, which now ha"e (+.+ per cent and (3.3 per cent respecti"ely. The fastest growing markets last year were pple and ndroid, which grew by 4.) per cent and 5.6 per cent respecti"ely. !martphones enable consumers to download apps, and now there are app stores e"erywhere, courtesy of de"ice manufacturers ,eg -okia's 7"i !tore/8 7! de"elopers , ndroid &arket 9lace8 $indows &arketplace for &obile/8 operators ,:odafone's 54; !tore8 7range's pplication !hop/ and 1ndependents ,<et=ar8 Handango/. ll are competing fiercely for eyeballs, clicks and sales. t the moment, the pple pp !tore is the undisputed champion8 in =anuary, it announced that three billion apps had been downloaded o"er the last (> months. 7thers are catching up, though, with -okia now proclaiming that it has broken the (.6million app sales per day mark as of &arch. The ?@ mobile scene ccording to the d&ob report on smartphone usage trends for =anuary, *6 per cent of requests came from a combination of the pple i9hone and i9od Touch. The next most popular were -okia and HTC on +.> per cent and +.* per cent respecti"ely.

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Mobile Learning portal [prototype] WAP Blog: Mobile Learning & Usability

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Mobile 'W('')* pros & !ons Mobile P+one is "ore !on$enient t+an #oteboo, -o"p... rea/ing Bible on Mobile p+one in !+0r!+ 20101121 2 -on!ept0al3'+eoreti!al 4ra"e5or, (5i,ip... Usability 4ra"e5or, (6+a!,el) 20101121 2 !on!epts & /e7intions o7 )$al0ation res... 20101121 2 )$al0ation resear!+3"et+o/ (Patton) 20101121 2 )$al0ation *esear!+ (Wi,ipe/ia) 20101121 2 )$al0ation *esear!+ (Po5ell) 20101121 2 )$al0ati$e *esear!+ (Winsett8 #A'-9) 20101121 2 '+e Planning2)$al0ation -y!le (6o!ial*e... 20101121 2 )$al0ation *esear!+ (6o!ial*esear!+Met+... 2010112& 2 iagra" 2 4o!0s :ro0p as a ;0alitati$e ... 2010112& 2 Pee, & 4ot+ergill8 Using 4o!0s :ro0ps 7...;(;#((#);(;(();'techradar'mobile'web'design.html


;ichael 4eap"""0hD Candidate> *+(+((*+ - Tech?adar> ;o,ile we, desi$n> platform ,y platform

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2010112& 2 4o!0s :ro0p resear!+ "et+o/ (:ibbs) 2010112& 2 4o!0s :ro0p reporting ((o5a 6tate Uni$)... 2010112& 2 4o!0s :ro0p resear!+ "et+o/ ((o5a 6tate... 2010112& 2 4o!0s :ro0p 2 a <0alitati$e resear!+ (=... 2010112& > 4o!0s :ro0p resear!+ "et+o/ology (Up4ro... 2010112& 2 4o!0s :ro0p resear!+ "et+o/ology (Wi,ip... 20101122 2 ?an/ling -o""on 'as,s 7or iP+one 2 part... 20101121 2 -o""on 'as,s 7or iP+one 20101121 2 Usability & esign :0i/elines 7or iP+on... 20101121 > Apple8 iP+one ?0"an (nter7a!e :0i/eline... Prototype o7 Mobile Learning Portal@pls !riti!ise3... 20101120 2 6tart eAperiential.."obile apps & M2Lea... 20101120 2 'e!+*a/ar: Mobile 5eb /esign: plat7or" ... Mobile Learning portal [prototype] WAP Blog & )1 !lone 20101114 2 =oo8 9nline -ollaborati$e Learning... /B ay 1C #o$ 2010 Proposal3Wor, e7ense 6e"inar 2010110D 2 'ri7ono$a8 ..?oar/ing -ontent in Mobile... 5riting & s0b"itting Eo0rnal Paper...7ire2n27orget... Usability (nspe!tion -riteria 7or e2Learning Porta... Paper 7or Eo0rnal: Usability (nspe!tion -riteria 7... iE)' 2010

With Apple firmly set with the top two handset models, it's left to HTC's Hero and Dream and Nokia's N95 to complete the top five ! smartphone handsets" DROID MILESTONE: Amazing statistics released by app analytics company Flurry report higher sales for Droid than iPhone in the first 74 days of sale. This isn't the sit#ation all aro#nd the world, tho#$h" %or e&ample in 'ndia, () o#t of the top *+ we,-accessin$ devices are Nokia phones" Nokia here has a market share of nearly .+ per cent, whereas Apple has /#st #nder two per cent" Comments: Is Droid/Android the main rival of iPhone?

Palm and the


0alm has a vision that the f#t#re of mo,ile will ,e ,#ilt on the we," 1ast s#mmer it la#nched a new mo,ile operatin$ system called e!OS" !#ilt #sin$ %e! te&hnolo$ies s#&h as 'TML(" )avaS&ri*t and CSS" Comments: hat is the differen&e !et%een 'TML( and +'TML? A 2ava3cript framework provides access to standardised ' elements, device hardware and services, ena,lin$ relatively rapid t#rnaro#nd times for applications" 1ast Decem,er, 0alm la#nched the first mo,ile development environment hosted entirely in the ,rowser, 0ro/ect Ares" C#rrently in ,eta, it provides yo# with a dra$ and drop interface ,#ilder, code editor, vis#al de,#$$er, lo$ viewer and so#rce code inte$ration" 4o# can preview apps in the ,rowser or la#nch them directly on the We,53 em#lator 6installed as part of the 3D!7" 0ro/ect Ares works on the latest ,rowsers incl#din$ 3afari 653 8 9 Windows7, %irefo& 653 8, Windows 9 1in#&7 and Chrome 6Windows7" 'f yo#'d like to have a :#ick peek at all the ' elements, a handy app to check o#t 6it comes as part of the 3D!7 is one that $oes ,y the name of 3tyle ;atters" 't comes complete with all the lovely code for yo# to start di$$in$ and $ettin$ yo#r head aro#nd the vis#al parts of the framework" The 0alm 3D!, development $#ides, tools and more can ,e downloaded from developer"palm"com"

9!tober (42) 6epte"ber (&2) 200C (212)

As a developer, yo# have more freedom on the Android platform compared to i0hone ,eca#se yo# have the a,ility to chan$e or replace some of the core f#nctionality 6e$ a c#stom dialler7" The Android SD, r#ns on indo%s" OS + and Lin#-. A**li&ations are develo*ed in )ava" normally in the <clipse 'nte$rated Development <nvironment 6'D<7, #sin$ the Android Development Tool pl#$-in" 5ther 'D<s s#ch as 'ntelli2 or <macs are an option, ,#t <clipse remains =oo$le's recommendation" The 3D! provides yo# with all the tools yo# need, incl#din$ em#lators" The /oo$le Android Mar0et a** &o#nt has more than do#!led over the last fo#r months" %ith the *#r&hase rate havin$ tre!led in the same *eriod of time. And even more man#fact#rers will ,e releasin$ Android-,ased devices this year" Comments: Android a**s $ot *otential1? However, it's not all rosy news for Android> fra$mentation ,etween devices is ,e$innin$ to present an iss#e" Phones are !ein$ released %ith a ran$e of Android firm%are versions 23.(" 3.4" 5.6 and 5.37 %ith a variet8 of different soft%are feat#re sets and hard%are. %or e&ample, the Ne&#s 5ne doesn't r#n some of the more pop#lar $ames d#e





Michael <eap...&h! Candidate= >0/0//>0 . Tech?adar= Mobile web design= platform b$ platform

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Lion Mick Yap

to its different resolution screen. What's more, there's a range of different user experiences available, with HTC and Motorola having developed their own U s. t's also worth noting the success of the Motorola !roid "in the U# it's called the rather less catch$ 'Motorola Milestone'%, which outperformed the i&hone in terms of sales in the first '( da$s from launch. )oogle's *exus +ne, on the other hand, sold ver$ few units, which could be due to a combination of bad mar,eting and the fact that $ou could onl$ bu$ it online.

To write an i&hone or i&odTouch app, $ou'll have to get used to the +b-ective.C programming language. This can ta,e time for those unfamiliar with it, but having prior ,nowledge of object oriented concepts and the C language will be a big benefit. There are also a number of tools on the mar,et that enable $ou to code in different languages and then either compile down to Objective-C or provide access to the native Objective-C calls via special bridges, such as Titanium by Appcelerator (JavaScript, T!" and CSS#$ %lash CS& by Adobe, which will include a pac'ager (or i)hone$ *lips Studio + (rom Open)lug$ and the open source )hone,ap projectComments. i)hone apps seem to be popularly developed-

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)A/ AS /O0 ,O. 'We Rule', a Farmville-style game by ngmoco is free, but features in-app purchasing The performance of the apps that these tools create ma$ not be entirel$ /001 when compared to a totall$ native app, but the$'re getting ver$ close in some situations. t shouldn't be forgotten that a ver$ competent browser exists on these devices. 2or a web developer, it's a lovel$ place to be, writing mobile web apps in HTM34 and C556, with the abilit$ of offline storage and advanced transitions blurring the boundar$ between native apps and browser based alternatives. t ma$ onl$ be a matter of time before the ma-or native 7& s can be accessed easil$ from within the browser. Chec, out for human inter(ace guidelines, getting started videos, sample code and the 5!#. Comments. /ea1 That is a website worth visiting-

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The 2indows )hone(s#

With onl$ 9:6 apps in Microsoft's store at time of writing, there are large gaps for developers to fill and monetise. ts upcoming app store for 2indows )hone 3 devices has been designed to reward apps that deliver a high ;ualit$ of experience rather than filtering first on price "with a focus on ;ualit$, there's also a certification process to getting $our app in the mar,etplace%. Comments. 2ould 2indows !obile 3 be really popular4 aven5t heard anything here in !alaysia6yetThere's also an optional Trial 7& for freemium business models, which enables the developer to program their own conditions for the 'tr$ before $ou bu$' experience. This is most commonl$ based on either time or experience, but $ou as the developer have the flexibilit$ to develop $our own set of custom rules, which could be ;uite interesting. n terms of legac$ applications, developers should expect to rewrite from the ground up as so much has changed "eg

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(ichael Beap...Ph3 @andidateC %&'&''%& ; -ech=adarC (obile web designC platform by platform

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UI best practices and underlying architecture). Developers will need to use either one or a combination of Silverlight, XNA frameworks and the .NET ompact !ramework to develop the apps. Windows Phone 7 is being targeted to consumers for now, leaving the enterprise market with .! "which has still got a few updates due), which might still be a viable market for enterprise apps for the ne#t year or so. $lthough the phone has a release date of late %&'&, (icrosoft has already announced free development tools ")isual *tudio %&'& +#press and +#pression ,lend). -o get started, visit $lso check for the latest blog articles.

Nokia"s #vi Store is currentl$ selling %.&million apps a da$, with growth of sales accelerating rapidly as it begins to capitalise on its market share. -he latest version features a redesigned user interface and an upgraded rating system, with the new re/uirement that users must download an app before they can rate or comment on it. -here0s still lots for 1okia to do, though, such as adding functionality to push app update announcements down to your device 2 la $pple. At last count, the #vi store supports %%' devices, including S(), S*) +rd Edition ,N-&, N.+/ and S*) &th Edition. 3evelopers have reported that the * & !th +dition phones drive the ma4ority of the sales "157, 157 mini, !6&& 7press(usic and !!8& 7press(usic), in part due to the 9vi store app coming embedded on more recent devices. 0n terms of development choices, $ou have a few1 2eb 3unTime ,23T/, native S$mbian, 4ava and !lash. )ery broadly speaking, :ava is used if you want to support a large number of devices "including the older ones) and especially for games, *ymbian has been used for utilities "due to access to low;level $PIs and hardware), <lash for more graphically rich touch apps and W=- for apps such as <acebook. In my view, 23T is the future1 it"s got access to an increasing number of device A50s, is web standards6based ,apps essentiall$ run in a browser without the chrome/ and it"s relativel$ simple and 7uick to create apps using 8T9:, 4avaScript and SS. omments1 0nteresting that !lash could be used develop S$mbian apps. -o create visual effects in W=- you0re going to need to use a :ava*cript library such as 4>uery, which has a small footprint of under %&kb, making it ideal for working on mobile. -here0s also a 4>uery;based UI library called ?uarana UI specifically built for 1okia W=- devices. It makes sense to re;use e#isting knowledge where possible so when it comes to building W=- apps, web developers out there already have all the skills they need. @heck out and filter by 09vi *tore0 to see a list of all currently supported devices. -he web store;front can be accessed at

,lack,erry $pp World has been known to be unattractive and buggy but a recent update focuses on improving the efficiency and performance "rather than adding new front;end features). 0ts app catalogue is far smaller than Android"s or the i5hone"s. omments1 8uh; That"s wh$ << apps are much fewer that i5hone apps and Android apps.'&.''.%&'&''%&;techradar;mobile;web;design.html


(ichael Beap...Ph3 @andidateC %&'&''%& ; -ech=adarC (obile web designC platform by platform

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STORE WARS: The potential for opportunity on platforms other than Apple is huge. You can keep an eye on the numbers at!report $n interesting observation of ,lack,erry app usage is that users are more likely to play games than use utility;based apps. -his could be due to the rise of consumer market, where teenagers have chosen ,lack,erry devices for their ability to te#t using the very usable >W+=-B keyboards and ,lack,erry (essenger ",,(). Comments: I personally think that QWERTY is an important Strength of BB phones. ,illing at the moment is limited to PayPal, so there0s an e#tra step for users whilst making an app purchase. 1etwork operator billing is apparently planned for later this year. ,lack,erry $pp World has a number of nice little featuresC you can flag specific customer reviews for $dmin review by =I(, which helps to raise the /uality of reviews /uite substantiallyD the web storefront features uni/ue U=Es for each appD and it0s also well integrated to a number of social networks, which helps when making app recommendation to each other. $t (obile World @ongress this year, =I( announced that it plans to introduce the WebFit browser into its ,lack,erry phones. It0s a browser that gets a '&& per cent score on the $@I3 8 test and provides a welcome speed boost over the current browsing e#perience. -he ,lack,erry 3eveloper Portal contains a lot of information at

*ourceC;and;;;web;design;platform; by;platform; 5%!&

Poste/ by Mi!+ael F(69F at 1:G4 AM Labels: An/roi/8 Bla!,berry8 iP+one8 "obile p+one plat7or"8 #o,ia8 Pal"8 6y"bian8 Web968 Win/o5s P+one 1


rashid1891 November 21, 2010 at 11:58 PM It is a very good icture o! No"ia Mobi#e 1$ it is a very good video No"ia Mobi#e %e #y

&osting 'ecember $, 2010 at 11:58 PM (nsure your visitors can read the te)t on the bac"ground, ie* no b#ac" +riting on dar" b#ue bac"ground or ye##o+ on +hite* ,#so be care!u# that your #in"s are visib#e'&.''.%&'&''%&;techradar;mobile;web;design.html


Michael Yeap...PhD Candidate: 20101120 - TechRadar: Mobile eb de!ign: platfor" b# platfor"

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before and after being visited. The default for links in most programs is blue (before being visited) and burgundy (after being visited), so if you have a dark background, ensure your links are light. Reply

Hosting December 3, !"! at ""#$% &' (f you )ebsite is more than "$ pages, it is useful to have a site map or a *+earch, feature to ensure your visitors can easily find )hat they-re looking for. Reply

rashid . . December " , !"! at " #$" /' it is useful site Reply

(ndian seo forum 'arch ., !" at # . /' /)esome post, thanks for sharing this )onderful and useful information )ith us. Reply

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Michael Yeap...PhD Candidate: 20101120 - TechRadar: Mobile eb de!ign: platfor" b# platfor"

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