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University of Applied Arts Vienna

Papanek Foundation

Papanek Foundation Inaugural Lecture

9 November 2011 19.00 A History of Violence Design, Control, and Rebellion Paola Antonelli Senior Curator Architecture and Design, MoMA New York History has taught us that design is a means of exercising power and control. At times however, in the attempt to subvert the status quo, design and architecture use their ownpower to rebel using disruptive actions that can be either theatrical, or subtle and systemic. From Brutalism to Rudofskys 1964 Architecture without Architects exhibition, and from Punk to Papaneks 1971 Design for the RealWorld and Enzo Maris Autoprogettazione of 1974, all the way toDunne & Rabys contemporary CriticalDesign, this presentation will examine the past fty years of polemical theory and practice.

University of Applied Arts Vienna Exhibition Centre Heiligenkreuzer Hof Schnlaterngasse 5, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Anti-Design: Prescription for Rebellion?

How radical design transforms social futures 911 November 2011
Symposium organised by the University of Applied Arts Vienna Paola Antonelli (MoMA) Gerald Bast (University of Applied Arts) Alison Clarke (University of Applied Arts) Anthony Dunne (RCA) GuyJulier (V&A) Jamer Hunt (Parsons New School) Felicity D. Scott (Columbia) John Thackara (Doors of Perception)

Social Design Award

10 November 2011 19.00 Design for the Real World REDUX Victor J. Papanek Social Design Award Together with the Museum of Arts and Design, NYC and the Austrian Cultural Forum, NYC, the University of Applied Arts launched the competition Design for the RealWorld REDUX in Spring 2011. Designers were invited tosubmit innovative examples of ecologically orsocially responsible design. Theaward ceremony includes theopening of an exhibition featuring designs ofthe 17competition nalists.

1011 November 2011 The Victor J. Papanek symposium celebrates the legacy ofPapanek as a leading critical thinker of design. Eachbi-annual event embraces a timely theme, bringing togetherinterdisciplinary speakers to discuss and debate issues witha bearing on contemporary design practice. The theme of the launch symposium, Anti-Design: APrescription for Rebellion, takes its slogan from Papaneksclarion call to designers, to look beyond the aesthetics of conventional product design to a broader, politicised vision of designs power to transform social futures. Invited speakers, from historians to contemporary designers, will present their visions and critical reections onthe potentiality of designs anarchic past and future.

10 November 2011 13.30 Registration 14.00 Welcome Gerald Bast Rector University of Applied Arts Vienna 14.15 Introduction Alison Clarke Research Director, Papanek Foundation Chair of Design History and Theory University of Applied Arts Vienna 14.30 Critical Design/ Anti-Design Anthony Dunne Professor of Design Interactions Royal College of Art, London 14.50 Uncanny Futures Attraction and Repulsion inCritical Social Design Jamer Hunt Director of Transdisciplinary Design Parsons TheNew School for Design, New York 15.10 Outlaw Territories Felicity D. Scott Director of Critical, Curatorial and Conceptual Practices inArchitecture Columbia University, New York 15.30 After the doomsday machine? True cost design in a restorative economy John Thackara Director and Founder Doors of Perception, France 16.30 Panel Discussion Chaired by Alison Clarke

11 November 2011 14.00 Panel Discussion Legacy of Anti-Design Chaired by Guy Julier (V&A London) Anthony Dunne (RCA) Bjrn Franke (ZHdK) Jamer Hunt (Parsons) Felicity D. Scott (Columbia) John Thackara (Doors) 15.30 Coffee 16.00 Anti-Design Film Screening Introduction Alison Clarke, Bjrn Franke and Felicity D. Scott IDCA: 70 by Eli Noyes and Claudia Weill, USA 1970 Biographics by Victor Papanek and Al Gowan, USA 1966 Life (Supersurface), Director: Superstudio, Italy 1972 Ceremony, Director: Superstudio, Italy 1973 Desire Management, Director: Noam Toran, UK 2006 Postponing the Inevitable, Director: Noam Toran and OnkarKular, UK 2007 17.1518.00 Closing Reception

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