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Diane Torres Period 6

Sermon of Mary Warren I am Mary Warren. I just turned eighteen recently, and I work for Goody Proctor. They are good to me as long as I obey, and do things well. They are good people indeed, but, Ive noticed they have problems of some kind, and if I mention it, Goody Proctor will whip me. But since Im at it, I guess Ill tell you. Goody Proctor committed lechery with Abigail, and his wife Elizabeth found out, and fired her. Since then Abigail has been looking for a way to get rid of her as revenge. I know what I did wasnt right. I lied, in front of the court. Abigail forced me and those other girls, to pretend we were bewitched, to faint, act ill, and even possessed openly by spirits sent by others upon us even though we werent. And we sure gained importance just by doing that. We sent many to jail, saying, We are just cleansing the village from witchery, we are saving them all. Then things started getting out of control, for everyone. I didnt know Abigail was so angry at Goody Proctor that she invented that Elizabeth struck her with a needle, through a poppet. I just couldnt believe it, it took me out of my wits sir. I was greatly frightened, and realized things were really getting out of control. I had already saved Goody Proctor at the court that afternoon. I was greatly bored, just being a witness for the time being, so I decided to make a poppet for Goody Proctor. I never ever have seen one in that house. I guess that is because she had all boys, of course she wouldnt have poppets; boys dont play with poppets like little girls do. Abigail was there, and she saw me sewing and she asked me with her innocent and quiet little voice, What are you doing Mary Warren. And I, very excited said that I was doing this poppet for Goody Proctor. But then Cheever came for Goody Proctor, claiming that Elizabeth had sent her spirit out to stab her in hate, and that through a poppet, the same one I had just given her. That frightened me a lot. So much was it that I almost couldnt speak. It was Abigail that frightened, how she was

capable of many things, even send to hang the whole village if she wanted to. I.I tried to tell them I had given her the poppet as a present, I had stuck the needle in it, and that it was another play of Abigail, using and playing the court for her evil purposes. Still, I couldnt speak; the only thing that came out was Aye. They took Elizabeth, and Goody Proctor was quite devastated. He pleaded and begged for me to tell the truth. I yelled I cant, I cant, but he wouldnt listen. He told me I had to say the truth, all of it. He been very smart you see. He hadnt fallen for our farce. He doesnt believe in witches. So the next day he took me to court, and I had to testify for him, how it was all a farce, and that all was pretended, that it was all Abigails idea. Goody Proctor kept on telling me how lying is a sin and all that. I talked about how we fainted, and how everything was an act, and Sir Danforth wanted me to do it, but I couldnt. I faked it yes, but now I had no reason to do it. And they didnt believe me. The worse came after when they brought Abigail in. She lied about me saying the truth, and quickly got everyone on her side by faking herself and the other girls I was throwing my spirit out to them. They were going to accuse me of a witch! Abigail had terrorized the girls and me, causing for us to fear for our lives, and I didnt want to die like that, so I decided to side with her. It was my only choice. I hope God will forgive me. I really do. In the end, the court had Goody Proctor hanged, poor man. And then Abigail left us alone to take the guilt for them. I now regret lying, for it was for nothing. I hope she goes to hell. And I hope that, not only God, but the whole town, will someday forgive my sin.