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Kid Powered Media

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Executive Summary

Too  many  children  who  live  in  slum  and  temporary  communities  remain  
outside  of  the  effective  reach  of  charitable  and  aid  agencies.  These  
children  need  access  to  the  basic  health,  lifestyle  and  educational  
information  that  can  help  them  make  informed  and  enlightened  choices  
about  their  lives.  Current  programs  have  had  a  hard  time  connecting  
with  these  vulnerable  kids.

Kid  Powered  Media  believes  that  the  creative  arts  and  the  children  them-­
selves  can  be  harnessed  to  develop  educational  tools  and  solutions  that  
will  engage,  educate  and  inspire.
Though  educational  media  for  children  already  exists,    Kid  Powered  is  unique  in  that  it  is  educational  media  
for  disadvantaged  kids,  by  disadvantaged  kids.

We  aim  to    teach  children  about  issues  such  as  HIV  /  AIDS,  drug  and  substance  abuse,  personal  health,  
education,  gender  equality  and  vocational  training,  using  media  and  experiences  to  more  effectively  reach  

Our  idea  was  born  out  of  a  pilot  Hilm  we  created  in  Delhi.  We  gave  control  of  the  media  to  the  kids,  believing  
that  the  creative  process  would  not  only  educate  those  children  involved  in  its  production  but  that  the  their  
output  would  be  more  realistic  and  credible  to  other  children  in  their  communities  and  their  situations.

Our  decision  to  expand  the  Kid  Powered  concept  is  based  on  the  extraordinarily  positive  response  from  
children  who  developed  and  saw  the  pilot  Hilm,  as  well  as  a  number  of  Delhi-­‐based  organizations.  

We  will  operate  three  linked  programs:

Kid  Powered  Classes  –  interactive  learning  workshops  for  children.  Classes  are  built  upon  learning  
conversations,  creative  thinking  and  problem  solving  exercises  and  the  use  of  the  arts  to  educate  and  inspire.  

Kid  Powered  Films  –  at  the  heart  of  our  program  are  our  low-­‐cost  educational  Hilms.  These  Hilms  are  
completely  Kid  Powered  –  the  children  are  the  writers,  actors  and  directors.  

Kid  Powered  Theatre  –  brings  the  creative  outputs  of  our  Hilms  and  media  to  street,  working  and  slum  
children  living  in  communities  throughout  Delhi.  It  also  allows  us  to  engage  and  educate  disadvantaged  chil-­‐
dren  who  currently  don’t  receive  traditional  educational,  health  and  awareness  support,  using  an  extremely  
impactful  and  cost  effective  learning  medium.

Kid  Powered  Media  will  be  run  primarily  by  ex-­‐street  kids  who  have  a  clear  understanding  of  the  challenges  
facing  youth  in  India  today.  Their  knowledge,  experience  and  passion  will  make  them  ideal  youth  and  peer  
educators.  We  will  train  them  in  the  Hields  of  new  media,  leadership  and  mentorship  to  allow  them  to  adopt  
the  Kid  Powered  programs  to  the  needs  of  their  own  communities,  and  by  doing  so,  scale  the  program  across  
the  country  while  also  providing  them  with  a  job  and  meaningful  income

K i d P o w e r e d!

Our  programs  teach  and  promote  life  and  leadership  skills,  boost  self-­‐conHidence  and  give  children  pride  and  
ownership  over  creative  and  educational  works  of  art.  Kid’s  become  spokespersons  for  their  Hilms  and  subse-­‐
quently  the  issues  they  seek  to  confront.

Importantly,  we  also  give  children  the  opportunity  to  laugh,  learn,  dance,  play  and  express  themselves  
creatively.  Kid  Powered  allows  kids  to  be  just  that,  kids.

The Situation

India  has  a  staggering  18  million  children  who  live  and  work  on  its  ur-­‐
ban  streets.

Incalculable  millions  live  in  temporary  or  slum  communities.

Many  them  will  never  go  to  schools,  and  even  those  that  do  likely  will  
never  Hinish.  Most  come  from  families  who  have  moved  to  cities  like  
Delhi,  Mumbai  and  Kolkata  with  the  hopes  of  Hinding  work  and  escaping  
the  crushing  poverty  of  rural  life.
Substance Abuse
The  greatest  challenges  though  are  faced  by  children  who  have  made  
this  journey  on  their  own.  These  ‘street  kids’,  who  live,  work  and  grow   Anil Kumar played the role of
up  on  the  streets  of  India  with  no  family  face  a  daunting  list  of   the drug pushing chef in our
challenges  in  their  daily  lives. kids pilot film. Unfortunately in
real life Anil and his family suf-
Kid  Powered’s  mission  is  to  work  with  these  children.
fered from the affects of sub-
We  believe  that  a  common  denominator  for  all  disadvantaged  kids  is  a   stance abuse. Anil’s father was
lack  of  access  to  information,  basic  life-­‐saving  and  changing  knowledge. an alcoholic. His addiction
caused his health to deteriorate
We  can  be  a  vehicle  for  street,  slum  and  working  children  to  learn  about  
and he was no longer able to
issues  such  as  HIV  /  AIDS,  T.B.,  drugs,  empowerment,  education  and  
health  and  easily  share  this  information  among  their  peers. work. When Anil’s father’s liver
began to fail he was admitted to
Indian  cultures  and  traditions  also  present  some  unique  challenges  to   a local government hospital.
educating  children  about  sensitive  or  “taboo”  issues  including;  sex,   Unable to eat, he slowly slipped
homosexuality,  anatomy  and  gender  empowerment.  Parents  rarely   away. He passed away on the
speak  to  their  children  about  these  issues,  they  are  not  taught  in  schools  
or  by  physicians,  and  communities  occasionally  actively  discourage  aid   16th of May. Anil became the
agencies  from  speaking  on  these  subject  matters. families sole income provider.

Alcoholism is a growing issue in

Street  kids    have  a  strong  aversion  to  accepting  “aid”.  Most  government  
India’s rural and urban com-
orphanages  are  horriHic  and  many  children  have  been  exploited  by  
adults.  They  often  also  enjoy  the  “freedom”  of  the  streets,  regardless  of   munities. Anil believes that in-
its  challenges.  Charities  are  often  able  to  connect  with  kids  with  the   forming kids about its dangers
promise  of  free  meals,  television  or  games  but  Hind  it  extremely  difHicult   is an important first step in
to  effectively  translate  this  into  educating  and  assisting  them. combating this affliction.

K i d P o w e r e d!

These  children  also  work,  and  not  from  nine  to  Hive.  Many  spend  ten  to  fourteen  hours  a  day  standing  on  
street  corners  selling  magazines  or  collecting  water  bottles.  At  the  end  of  the  day,  they  are  tired.  Traditional  
education  programs  or  workshops  can  be  boring,  long  or  take  place  at  times  that  make  it  impossible  for  these  
kids  to  attend.  

Numerous  charities  and  NGOs  have  amazing  programs  work  tire-­‐

lessly  to  improve  the  lives  of  these  kids.  But  the  sheer  numbers  of  
children  coupled  with  the  relatively  high  costs  associated  with  
connecting  to  them  means  that  far  too  many  children  remain  out  
of  reach.

Life  on  the  Streets

There  are  three  main  segments  of  children  who  Kid  Powered  
seeks  to  engage;

Children  who  live  in  temporary  or  slum  communities;

These  communities  have  little  or  no  access  to  sanitation  or  clean  water.  Because  of  their  families’  economic  
situation,  these  kids  are  often  forced  to  supplement  their  families’  income  through  
working  in  a  myriad  of  jobs  -­‐  delivering  tea,  working  in  hotels  and  restaurants,  domestic  servants  etc.  These  
communities  often  lack  any  educational  services

Children  who  live  and  work  on  the  street;

These  are  children  who  have  a  family,  but  not  only  work  on  the  street,  but  also  live  on  the  streets  at  night.  
Their  “homes”  sometimes  exist  of  a  canvas  tent  but  more  often  than  not  they  eat,  live  and  sleep  in  the  open.

Because  they  lack  a  permanent  address  these  children  have  no  access  to  government  services,  including  

Street  Kids;

Street  kids,  many  of  whom  are  as  young  as  eight,  struggle  daily  on  their  own  to  survive.  Most  of  these  kids  
have  run  away  from  rural  villages,  often  escaping  extreme  poverty  and  physical  and  sexual  abuse.

They  travel,  without  tickets,  by  rail  or  bus  to  India’s  major  urban  centres  where  they  arrive  with  nothing  more  
than  the  clothes  on  their  back.

They  have  no  access  to  education,  are  forced  to  beg  or  work  as  ragpickers  and  garbage  collectors  to  earn  a  
meager  income  and  are  constantly  faced  with  the  struggles  of  life  on  the  street.

They  face  discrimination  and  exploitation  by  both  the  police  and  the  general  public  and  are  subject  to  pimps  
and  drug  dealers  who  exploit  their  situation.  Most  never  learn  to  read  and  write  and  all  of  these  kids  suffer  
from  chronic  poor  health  and  malnutrition.

K i d P o w e r e d!

Our Vision

We  want  to  connect  with  kids  who  haven’t  been  reached  and  re-­‐imagine  how  to  work  with  street  and  working  

These  kids  need  help.  

They  need  access  to  basic  information,  for  example;

What  is  AIDS  and  how  can  I  get  it?  What  do  I  do  if  I  am  offered  drugs?  How  are  washing  my  hands  and  staying  
healthy  related?  Why  should  I  go  to  school?  Where  can  I  get  training  to  get  a  better  job?

Kid  Powered  believes  there  is  a  solution.

We  believe  it  resides  in  the  medium  as  much  as  the  message.

We  aim  to  use  new  media  to  connect,  inspire  and  inform  street,  slum  and  working  children.

We  seek  to  build  a  platform  for  the  development  of  educational  tools  and  solutions,  created  by  and  for  kids,  as  
well  as  the  tools  that  help  them  share  the  results  with  their  peers.

We  will  impart  children  and  their  families  with  the  information  they  need  to  make  informed  health,  education  
and  life  choices  and  link  them  to  the  current  government  and  private  organizations  that  can  provide  it.

K i d P o w e r e d!

What We Do Differently

Our  difference  is  how  we  bring  media  –  its  creation  and  distribution  –  down  to  the  “grassroots”  level.    

Many  children’s  NGOs  have  developed  excellent,  mostly  high-­‐cost,  educational  Hilms,  but  these  are  normally  
released  regionally  or  internationally  and  are  often  subtitled  or  dubbed  into  other  languages.  We  establish  the  
means  for  local  kids  to  make  Hilms  about  local  issues  with  local  solutions,  to  be  shown  to  their  peers.

Kid  Powered  believes  that  children-­‐generated  media  will  allow  us  to  reach  a  large  target  audience  of  children  
and  impart  to  them  a  wealth  of  basic,  realistic  and  pertinent  information  –  including  “taboo”  issues  –  in  an  
extremely  replicable,  cost  effective  and  impactful  way.

Most  manuals  and  training  materials  for  working  with  children  advise  the  use  of  “props”  or  role-­‐playing  as  a  
valuable  tool  to  help  kids  comprehend  life  skills  and  issues.  With  the  advent  of  affordable  means  of  
production,  we  will  be  able  to  bring  this  approach  to  the  next  level.  This  will  translate  into  Hilms  and  messages  
that  children  can  more  easily  relate  to,  believe  in  and  also  judge  that  the  solutions  are  things  that  they  can  

We  will  partner  with  existing  Delhi-­‐based  NGOs  to  facilitate  kid-­‐powered  classes  for  the  street  and  working  
children  they  assist.  We  will  connect  with  these  hard-­‐to-­‐reach  kids  by  creating  fun,  interactive  and    creative  
workshops  that  bring  them  to  us,  and  lead  in  selected  cases  to  new  Hilms.  We  are  not  trying  to  “trick”  children  
into  learning,  but  we  do  think  that  it  is  relatively  easy  for  them  to  have  some  fun  and  be  creative  along  the  

It’s  not  only  the  production  of  the  Hilms  that  is  different  but  also  our  distribution.  Kid  Powered  Theatre  will  be  
the  Hirst-­‐ever  program  to  bring  kid-­‐created  educational  media  directly  into  Delhi’s  slum  communities,  using  
portable  movie  equipment.  The  power  and  draw  of  mass  media  cannot  be  overstated,  nor  can  their  ability  to  
teach  through  story  and  not  just  facts.

We  will  hire  ex-­‐street  kids  as  our  staff.  This  has  

two  immediate  beneHits.  One,  it  will  provide  youth  
with  a  job,  income  and  opportunity  while  also  
teaching  life  skills.  Second,  the  street  kids  will  
bring  Kid  Powered  Media  the  passion,  experience,  
knowledge  and  understanding  of  the  issues  
       affecting  children  today.  

Kid  Powered  will  be  there  where  and  when  it  

make  sense  for  kids.  Our  classes  and  theatre  
programs  will  be  short  and  concise  -­‐  never  more  
than  two  hours  -­‐    and  we  will  hold  them  in  kids’  
communities  during  times  of  the  day  and  evening  
that  work  around  the  family  and  personal  obliga-­‐
An example of a current educational poster. tions  of  the  
Although its message is clear, what is missing is a children.
deeper understanding of the ramifications of
following or not following its advice.

K i d P o w e r e d!

Our Programs

Kid Powered Films

Films  are  an  incredible  educational  tool.  Numerous  NGOs  and  organizations  use  them  as  a  medium  to  spread  
a  wide  variety  of  messages  and  ideas.  Children  especially  are  captivated  by  TV.  

By  using  the  interest  and  ‘wow!’  factor  that  the  children  have  for  TV  
and  movies,  Kid  Powered  Films  creates  short,  very  low  cost,  highly  
targeted  and  entertaining  Indian  themed  educational  Hilms  (dance  
scenes  and  all),  using  children  from  local  communities  as  the  writers,  
actors  and  directors.  The  goal  of  the  Hilms  is  to  bring  awareness  to  
basic  yet  invaluable  life  lessons  the  children  wouldn’t  otherwise  learn.  

What  makes  Kid  Powered  unique  is  that  the  children  we  work  with  are  
the  writers,  actors  and  directors  of  our  Hilms.  These  are  movies  for  
disadvantaged  children  by  disadvantaged  children.  Involving  the  
Salaam Baalak Trust
children  throughout  the  creative  process  allows  us  to  produce  
extremely  relevant  story  lines  and  solutions  to  issues  that  are  con-­‐ Kid Powered is honoured to have
fronting  their  communities,  developed  with  a  high  degree  of  realism   partnered with this incredible
that  their  audiences  can  directly  relate  to.     charity. Founded by the director
of the groundbreaking film ‘Sa-
We  will  spend  our  Hirst  few  months  working  with  our  staff  and  kids  to  
laam Bombay’, Ms. Mira Nair,
determine  the  “style(s)”  of  Hilm  that  resonate  the  best.  We  envision  
S.B.T. has worked for over twenty
creating  three  styles  of  Hilms;  Features  –  Hifteen  to  twenty  minutes  
years with the street, working
movies  that  blend  the  sharing  of  real  life  stories  with  educational  
and runaway children of Old
messages,  Shorts  –  six  to  ten  minute  Hilms  created  during  our  
Delhi. They work directly with
workshops,    and  Stories  –  documentaries  about  street  and  working  
over 5000 children each year, pro-
youth  shot  by  the  kids.
viding them with meals, shelter,
We  also  plan  on  creating  interactive  Hilms.  Shot  with  multiple  endings   education and support. They op-
and  outcomes  these  would  allow  children  watching  the  Hilm  to  choose   erate four homes for street chil-
the  ending  and  learn  about  the  consequences  of  the  decisions  they   dren, seven “contact points” for
kids to come to during the day
and a twenty-four hour telephone
We  are  not  out  there  to  create  cinematic  masterpieces.  Some  of  our  
“hotline” for children. Kid Pow-
Hilms  may  seem  cheesy,  over  the  top  and  closely  resembling  an  Indian  
ered will draw upon the experi-
soap  opera,  but  that’s  what  works!  
ence and knowledge of S.B.T. and
Kid  Powered  staff  will  work  with  the  children  to  Hlesh  out  a  script,   its staff.
based  on  our  Classes  (see  below).  This  is  followed  by  a  series  of  acting  
workshops,  where  we  work  out  the  scenes  for  the  Hilm,  assign  roles  to  
play  and  then  help  the  kids  become  comfortable  in-­‐front  and  behind  the  camera.  

Finally  over  one  to  three  days  we  shoot  in  their  neighbourhoods.  We  then  edit  the  Hilms  in-­‐house.

The  Hinal  part  of  a  Hilms  creation  involves  designing  a  presentation  and  workshop  to  accompany  the  Hilm  

K i d P o w e r e d!

during    Kid  Powered  Theatre  screenings.  These  presentations  re-­‐enforce  the  theme(s)  of  the  Hilms  and  their  
solutions,  while  also  allowing  the  kids  to  participate  in  discussions  

Kid Powered Classes

Kid  Powered  Classes  will  partner  with  existing  Delhi  children’s  charities  to  help  them  re-­‐imagine  how  to  
connect  with  street  and  working  children.

Together  we  will  look  not  only  at  the  ‘what’,  but  more  importantly  the  ‘how’  these  aid  agencies  support  and  
educate  kids  through  classes.

Moving  away  from  rote  learning  and  the  traditional  teacher  student  relationship,  our  classes  will  be  built    
upon  learning  conversations,  creative  thinking  and  problem  solving  exercises  and  the  use  of  the  arts.  Kids  will    
be  able  to  create  educational  posters,  write  and  record  educational  songs,  choreograph  and  perform  dances    
and  storyboard  and  act  in  educational  movies.

Some  of  the  classes  will  lead  to  Kid  Powered  Hilms.  The  creation  of  a  Hilm  revolves  around  a  series  of  classes  
where  we  introduce  a  subject  matter,  have  an  open  discussion  about  how  this  issue  affects  their  lives,  stress-­‐
ing  cause  and  effect,  and  then  using  a  series  of  templates  the  kids  themselves  write  the  story-­‐line  for  the  Hilm.

Kid Powered Theatre

Kid  Powered  Theatre  will  bring  our  Hilms,  their  messages  and  the  power  of  new  media  to  slum  and  temporary  
communities  throughout  Delhi.

The  mobile  platform  will  allow  us  to  screen  educational  Hilms  and  conduct  educational  presentations  to  large  
audiences  of  youth  and  children  using  a  high-­‐impact  and  cost  effective  medium.  Almost  all  children  who  live  
in  slums  have  never  been  to  the  movies  and  rarely  have  access  to  television.  This  immediately  creates  interest,  
drawing  power  and  attendance  for  our  Hilm  screenings.

Mobile  theatre  will  be  truly  mobile.  Using  portable  projectors  and  computers  there  will  be  no  place  that  we  
can’t  go.  

Screenings  will  draw  upon  aspects  of  our  Hilm  and  class  programs.  They  will  allow  us  to  introduce  community  
speciHic  issues,  present  kid  powered  Hilms  and  solutions  
and  use  media  and  theatrical  centric  presentations  to  
reinforce  understanding  of  the  issues,  their  ramiHications  
and  how  decisions  and  choices  affect  the  outcome.

Our  mobile  theatre  program  will  also  allow  us  to  link  
communities  outside  of  the  reach  of  traditional  charitable  
organizations  to  government  and  private  assistance  pro-­‐
grams  –  micro-­‐crediting,  vocational  training,  health  check-­‐
ups  and  testing  etc.

This  beneHit  goes  two  ways.  It  provides  government  and  

private  agencies  with  a  vehicle  to  advertise  their  
programs  to  their  intended  audience  quickly,  efHiciently  and  
K i d P o w e r e d!

cost  effectively  while  also  informing  individuals  and  communities  that  these  programs  exist.

Kid  Powered  Theatre  will  also  package  collections  of  our  completed  Hilms  and  media  to  be  used  as  educational  
material  for  NGOs  and  charities  working  with  kids.

Kid Powered Online

Kid  Powered  Online  will  serve  three  main  purposes.

One,  it  will  be  an  online  distribution  channel  for  our  Hilms  and  media.  
Whether  on  the  regional,  national  or  international  level,  it  will  allow  indi-­‐
viduals  and  organizations  to  view  and  download  our  material,  free  of  cost.

Films  will  be  posted  online  as  they  are  created,  along  with  supporting  mate-­‐
rial  and  bios  of  the  kids  involved  in  its  creation.  
Sanjay was a writer and one of the
This  will  also  allow  the  children  to  connect,  most  likely  for  the  Hirst  time,  to   main actors in Nasha (Drugs) - the
the  world  at  large.  They  will  be  able  to  share  their  lives,  stories  and  creativ-­‐ film he and his friends created.
ity  -­‐  including  print  and  digital  media  -­‐  and  we  will  endeavor  to  Hind  a  way  
Shortly after we had completed the
for  the  world  to  share  their  thoughts  back  to  the  kids.
project Sanjay’s sister-in law died
Our  online  presence  will  allow  local  organizations  and  government  depart-­‐ during child birth. She did not
ments  to  connect  with  us.  One  of  the  beneHits  of  our  program  is  that  Kid   have her baby in hospital, instead
Powered  Theatre  can  easily  serve  as  a  distribution  vehicle  for  programs  and   choosing to have it at home. She
initiatives  from  third-­‐party  organizations.  These  ‘linkages’  can  supplement  
was anemic and bleed out after the
our  programs  by  connecting  children  and  their  families  to  the  resources  and  
opportunities  we  present  through  our  Hilms. delivery. The baby, a boy, survived.

Tragedies like this happen thou-

Finally,  our  website  will  allow  us  to  connect  with  new  Hinancial,  creative  and   sands of times, every day. Sanjay’s
technical  support  while  also  properly  thanking  those  people  who  have  
sister-in law had been told that it
made  Kid  Powered  possible.
was safer to have the baby in hos-
pital, but in all likelihood she was
probably painfully unaware of the
dangers of having a baby at home.

We are determined to spread mes-

sages such as this, to ensure that
people have access to this most
basic, yet life saving, information.

K i d P o w e r e d!

Our Strategy

Our  objective  is  to  expand  Kid  Powered  in  the  fall  of  2009

We  think  Kid  Powered  Media  is  something  to  be  excited  about.  What  we  are  trying  is  new,  and  in  many  ways  
unique  and  we  are  can’t  wait  to  roll  out  our  programs.  

Through  our  pilot  Hilm,  we  know  the  concept  works.  The  kids  are  
excited.  The  productions  can  be  created  in  house  using  consumer  
oriented  equipment,  at  very  low  cost.  An  expanded  program  will  enable  
us  to  not  only  improve  the  quality  of  our  productions,  but  also  increase  
the  number  of  children  we  can  reach  through  the  development  of  
multiple  Hilms  and  through  the  distribution  of  a  growing  library  of  titles.  

Kid  Powered  has  already  partnered  with  Salaam  Baalak  Trust,  a  

renowned  charity  operating  in  Delhi  and  Mumbai.  We  seek  to  grow  our  
network  to  eventually  work  with  a  multitude  of  Delhi  based  charities  
and  NGOs,  and  use  the  knowledge  and  experience  of  these   I started Kid Powered because I
organizations  and  their  staff  to  help  us  improve  our  processes.   had the pleasure and opportunity
to work with street children in
Delhi through volunteering with
Kid  Powered  has  formed  an  advisory  board  of  individuals  from  Canada, Salaam Baalak Trust.
The  United  States  and  India  with  experience  in  media,  business  and  the  
not-­‐for-­‐proHit  sectors.  This  group  of  people  will  help  guide  Kid  Powered   Disadvantaged children in Delhi,
forward,  ensuring  the  expansion  of  the  organization. and throughout India, are inher-
ently smart, ingenious, charismatic
We  will  expand,  evaluate  and  reHine  our  three  core  programs  –  Kid   and extremely hard working.
Powered  Classes,  Films  and  Theatre.  Our  objective  is  to  create  between   Despite their situations, or maybe
6-­‐10  Hilms  before  the  summer  of  2010.  Integral  to  our  process  will  be   because of them, they have an
ongoing  assessment  by  our  partners  of  program  strengths  and  weak-­‐ exuberance for life and a
nesses  to  allow  us  to  continuously  improve  our  approach. remarkable understanding on
what is truly meaningful in it.
We  will  train  two  to  three  ex-­‐street  kids  as  youth  and  peer  councilors   These kids do need help.
and  Kid  Powered  Staff.
I passionately believe that Kid
Kid  Powered  will  construct  a  library  of  kid  created  Hilms  and  media  that   Powered can be a rung on the lad-
will  be  made  available  to  children’s  organizations. der to improving their lives. If we
can equip children with basic
Our  theatre  program  will  reach  out  to  slum  and  temporary  communi-­‐ knowledge and information we can
ties  throughout  Delhi.  We  will  screen  educational  Hilms,  both  our  own   endow them the ability to make
and  other  organizations,  to  groups  of  disadvantaged  children. informed and enlightened choices

Our  web  site  will  serve  as  a  local,  national  and  international  distribution  centre  for  our  Hilms,  an  outlet  for  
Delhi  youth  to  reach  the  wider  world  and  as  an  introduction  to  the  countless  organizations  and  people  who  
spend  their  lives  in  the  pursuit  of  helping  others.

We  hope  you  are  excited  about  Kid  Powered  too!

K i d P o w e r e d!

We  are  searching  for  the  support  of  individuals,  companies  and  foundations  which  believe,  as  we  do,  that  all  
children  deserve  access  to  life  changing  and  saving  information  and  who  share  our  passion  for  the  creative  
arts  and  media.

If  you  are  inspired  by  our  idea  and  would  like  to  help,  we  would  love  to  hear  from  you.  Please  contact  us;

through  our  website

by  email

or  by  telephone;       1  647  680  1537

K i d P o w e r e d!