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Ekoplastik FIBER pipes

Assembly Instructions

For water supply and heating

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Tables and graphs 10. Properties of FIBER pipes . the provisions of the Assembly Instructions for Ekoplastik PPR system remaining the same. UTILISATION OF FIBER pipes 2. Unless otherwise stated. FIBER pipes Routing options 9. CONTENTS 1. Information provided here concern specific features of FIBER pipes. PPR PPR GF PPR 2 TelefON +420 326 983 111 FAX +420 326 983 110 E-MAIL info@ekoplastik.These Assembly Instructions define the application of FIBER pipes and represent an integral part of the Assembly Instructions of the Ekoplastik PPR system. Assumed media properties in piping system 3 3 3 3 7. Operating parameters of FIBER pipes – heating 3 3 4-5 6 7 8. PRODUCT RANGE . Assembly Instructions 3 11.BASIC INFORMATION 4. Material transport and storage 6. WARRANTY TERMS AND CONDITIONS 3. Operating parameters of FIBER pipes – water supply 3 Chapters 12-19 in the Assembly Instructions of Ekoplastik PPR are valid for FIBER pipes without changes.

Poland. For the calculation the safety factor (SF) of 1. 25. line no. 7. The inner and outer layers are made of polypropylene. Romania 5.Ekoplastik Fiber Pipes 1. the maximum temperature of heating water when using FIBER pipes is 70 °C.467 0. WARRANTY TERMS AND CONDITIONS FIBER pipes as a part of the Ekoplastik PPR system are guaranteed for the period of 10 years. type 3 (PPR) while the middle layer consists of polypropylene (PPR) reinforced with glass fibre (GF). 63 mm.1. pipe designation.122 1.7 8. Information about the basic material for production of FIBER pipes The basic material is polypropylene.783 100 60 40 24 16 12 l – pipe length FIBER pipes are welded to fittings of the Ekoplastik PPR system in the same way as all-plastic pipes. 3. 32. 40.286 0.5 l [mm] 4000 4000 4000 4000 4000 4000 CODE TTRF020P20 TTRF025P20 TTRF032P20 TTRF040P20 TTRF050P20 TTRF063P20 Packing kg/m 0.4 S2. temperature of heating water of 70 °C. FIBER pipes are produced in one pressure range . D [mm] 20 25 32 40 50 63 t [mm] 3. line number: EKOPLASTIK FIBER PPR/PPR-GF/PPR 20x3. FIBER pipes Routing options You must ensure protection from mechanical damage of pipes. which considerably reduced the total thermal expansion of pipes. Ukraine.2. date.723 1.3 10.ekoplastik. series (pressure range). Standards for product manufacturing and testing FIBER pipes are produced in accordance with the PN 01 corporate standard in compliance with requirements of âSN EN ISO 21003 and âSN EN ISO Assembly Instructions 3 .) as pipes are fragile at temperatures below 5 °C.5 (PN 20). low-temperature heating (we do not recommend using them for heating systems with a higher heating water temperature than 70 °C). especially on non-heated premises (warehouses. Advantages Thanks to glass fibres the pipes have 3 times lower linear thermal expansion and higher rigidity than all-plastic PPR pipes www. For the production of the middle layer the basic material is reinforced with glass fibre. This guarantee is only valid if the provisions of these instructions and the Assembly Instructions of the Ekoplastik PPR system are observed.5. 4. Made in EU (Czech Republic) 4. service life and relations among them.3. As regards heating. On the pipe there is a description containing the manufacturer’s name. etc. FIBER pipes are certified in these countries: Czech Republic. Russia. 4. time. The operating parameters are summarized in table 1. type 3 (PPR). 4. OPERATING PARAMETERS OF FIBER PIPES – WATER DISTRIBUTION The operating parameters involve the maximum operating pressure. FIBER pipes are designed for transport of cold and hot water. OPERATING PARAMETERS OF FIBER PIPES – HEATING The operating parameters and the calculation method of the service life are the same as for PN 20 all-plastic pipes while for heating we recommend the max.186 0. 6. 50.5 has been used. temperature.5 has been used.4 6.S 2.5 (PN20) time. For the calculation the safety factor (SF) of 1. Marking of FIBER pipes The pipes are grey with an orange stripe.4. 8. open halls. PRODUCT RANGE – BASIC INFORMATION 4. UTILISATION OF FIBER PIPES FIBER pipes are three-layered pipes. The composition of the layers can be schematically described as PPR/ PPR-GF/PPR. compressed air distribution systems and air-conditioning. Assumed media properties in piping system The values of pressures and temperatures present in inner water supply lines are equal to values specified in the Assembly Instructions of Ekoplastik PPR. FIBER pipes are made in these dimensions (outer diameter of the pipe): 20. The operating parameters and the calculation method of the service life are the same as for PN 20 all-plastic pipes and are summarized in table 1 (page 4). The guarantee only covers pipes and pipe fittings of the Ekoplastik PPR system and pipelines made of them.4 4. Properties of FIBER pipes 4. 2.2 5. the same as used for the production of all-plastic pipes. dimension x wall thickness. date.

2 9.2 31.2 22.0 10.2 15.2 19.2 8.8 18.1 11.4 26.7 7.7 7.1 6.3 21.4 25.9 15.0 5.9 12.7 25. TABLES AND GRAPHS 9.3 29.4 23.4 15.7 21.5 9.1 HEATING SF 2.2 9.9 9.1 27.0 11.0 8.2 7. Table 1 – Operating parameters of FIBER pipes for water and heating (according to DIN 8077/2007) MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE OVERPRESSURE [BAR] TEMPERATURE [°C] TIME IN OPERATION [YEARS] 1 5 10 10 25 50 1 5 20 10 25 50 1 5 30 10 25 50 1 5 40 10 25 50 1 5 50 10 25 50 1 5 60 10 25 50 1 5 70 10 25 50 1 80 5 10 25 95 1 5 WATER SUPPLY SF 1.3 11.1 30.9 13.9 28.9 10.0 7.9.5 15.0 13.6 5.3 12.8 23.6 8.8 9.2 14.6 20.9 13.8 11.0 12.3 13.4 13.6 18.0 6.6 8.9 12.3 8.3 13.1 33.6 .5 4 TelefON +420 326 983 111 FAX +420 326 983 110 E-MAIL info@ekoplastik.4 14.5 7.0 16.0 32.3 18.2 17.5 10.5 35.1.

2.Ekoplastik Fiber Pipes 9.ekoplastik. Table 2 – Mechanical strength PPR isothermal lines valid for FIBER pipes comparable stress σv [MPa] YEARS Service life [in hours] Termination of an isotherm indicates maximum servis life also at lower tension. The isotherms in the chart do not extend. Assembly Instructions 5 .

a medium flows through the system at a different temperature to that prevailing during the installation period. results in linear changes . additional thrust and tensile forces are concentrated in the pipes shortening their service life. Δt [mm] ∆l α L ∆t linear change [mm] is thermal expansion coefficient of expansion [mm/m °C] for design of Ekoplastik FIBER α = 0. for PPR k = 20 pipe outside diameter [mm] linear change [mm] calculated from the formula shown above Calculated pipeline length L If pipeline linear changes are not compensated in suitable way. General Individual recommendations mentioned in the Ekoplastik PPR Assembly Instructions are valid for FIBER pipes as well. if the pipes can not contract and expand. Linear expansion and contraction The difference of temperature during installation and under service conditions. Lk = 2 . Δl + 150 [mm] and also Lk ≥10. increased attention must be paid to protection of pipes from external impacts. i.05 design distance (distance of two neighbouring fuxed points in the line) [m] installation and service temperature difference [°C] Ls = k . A suitable compensation technique is the one where the pipeline is deflected perpendicularly to the original route and a free compensating length (marked as Ls) is left at the normal line. i. Δt = 40 °C Δl = α .expansion or contraction (Δl). pipe material and diameter.2. Pipe bends are also used for these purposes. √(D .1. 10. L . ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS 10.e. The values of Δl linear change and Ls compensating length can also be taken from the graphs. Δt temperature difference (°C) PB – fixed point KU – slip joint L – design pipe length Ls – compensating length Δl linear change (mm) Expansion U-bendr ∆l – linear change Lk – bend width 6 TelefON +420 326 983 111 FAX +420 326 983 110 E-MAIL info@ekoplastik.D In polypropylene applications material flexibility is used for linear compensations. especially at low ambient . Δl) [mm] Ls k D ∆l compensating length [mm] material constant.10.e. Spacing distances of supports Ekoplastik FIBER piping Example: L = 10 m. The value of Ls compensating length will depend on calculated route extension (shortening).

Distances of pipeline supports The max. pipes must be protected from impacts during handling.3. For vertical pipelines the distances in the table are multiplied by the coefficient of 1. Material transport and storage 20 90 25 110 32 120 40 130 50 140 63 160 As compared to all-plastic PPR pipes FIBER pipes are more fragile. www. Therefore. distances of FIBER pipe supports are presented in the table. The values mentioned here can be used for a range of temperatures (tested for water temperature of 80 °C). Pipe diameter [mm] Distance of supports [cm] Assembly Instructions 7 . The pipes must be stored at a temperature of at least 5 °C.Ekoplastik Fiber Pipes Determination of Ls – free compensating length Ls – free compensating length [mm] Δl – linear change (expansion in mm) 10. especially at lower temperatures than 5 °C.ekoplastik. they must not be thrown. dragged on the ground and on the loading surface of a vehicle.3.

cz www. without oxygen barrier Pressure resistance PN 20 (S 2.: +420/ 326 983 111 Fax: +420/ 326 983 110 ekoplastik@ekoplastik.r.5) Welding without surface treatment Thermal expansion 3x lower than in the case of all-plastic PPR pipes WAVIN Ekoplastik s.o. cold and hot water Suitable also for low-temperature heating. Rudeã 848 277 13 Kostelec n/Labem Czech Republic Tel.ekoplastik.Ekoplastik FIBER pipes Assembly Instructions ❚ ❚ ❚ ❚ ❚ Designed for .