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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE VINOD KUMAR SHANMUGAM. Degree MS (Management Information Systems). Admission So g!t" S#RING $%%&.

. In the modern world with a rapid advancement in technology, computers and advanced communication systems play a predominant role. Man and resource management seem to be driven into a state of oblivion. Management is the backbone of all the engineering fields. Any professional has to be necessarily proficient in communication and possess a reasonable degree of leadership traits. Without these traits, an Engineer can find it difficult to co-ordinate activities with his co-workers. ndergraduate study has e!posed me to various techni"ues and organi#ational processes, which has created an insatiable desire to pursue my graduate study in the field of Management information system. About me: I did my schooling in Ebene#er Marcus Matriculation $igher %econdary %chool where I developed a good aptitude with a keen interest to learn new concepts. I cultivated an e!tensive liking to mathematics and science ac"uiring a good knowledge of the fundamentals of these sub&ects. 'his was the solid base for me where I launched myself into a technical stream. My under graduate course: My score of ().*+, in my high school helped me to gain an admission in Dr.M.G.R Engineering o!!ege" Anna Uni#ersity" $ennai, one of the most reputed institutions in the state. At this &uncture I was ready to do an undergraduate course in Mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering dealing with a variety of courses has an unlimited scope and application in any industry. 'his has enabled me to attain an in-depth and strong ground ship in the fundamental and technical concepts. 'his fascinated me and I was driven to e!plore the intricacies in this field. %o I wish to build on this mission and lead an organi#ation that is efficient, self-reliant and adheres to the ob&ectives of industrial growth for public sector industries. My com%uter %ro&iciency: -n the other hand, I created interest in myself for computers. I was moved by the career growth in information technology. 'o fulfill my dreams, after my graduation, on my own interest I studied I.M-Mainframe /Application 0rogramming1 in MA02E% E%M 'E3$4-2-5IE% 2'6. 'he reason for studying this program is that the I.M system consists of both hardware and software products. %torage management, workload management and data management are the three ma&or areas in any organi#ation. 'his I.M system provides services to all these three areas. %o I created great interest in this field, which motivated me, further in the field of management. As a part of curriculum, I did a pro&ect in I.M-Mainframe. My responsibility involves the development of Householder insurance policy using -%789:, ;% 3-.-2 II, 3I3%, 6.), <32 and %=2. My pro&ect module involves %creen design, manipulation, system design, testing and implementation. 'his e!perience in pro&ect has also made me understand the importance

of teamwork and has given me cogni#ance to the process and management behind every level of the pro&ect. My goa!: My goal is to become a .usiness Analyst. 'he business analyst of the future must be able to identify how technology can be applied to solving e!isting and new problems, but also how to leverage technology to reali#e strategic opportunities. Web based technologies, E3ommerce and 6ata Warehousing has created a revolution in consumer-to-business and business-to-business transactions. I also have a keen interest in understanding the functions of business organi#ation. I had an opportunity to understand such functions, when I went to in plant training at M7s %undaram .rake 2inings /';% 5>- 01, one of the leading manufacturers in .rake linings, which has ac"uired ?6emming award.@ 'here I got an in depth knowledge in business functions and also e!posed to various management concepts like '0M, '=M, +A%A, 2ean Manufacturing and Bai#ens. 'hen I came to know that effective management is very important for an organi#ation to produce desirable results. '$y M(S) 3omputers have fascinated me ever since I was a child. I was lucky to have studied in a school where students were e!posed to computers at a very young age. MI% will enable me to develop competencies in applying systems analysis and design strategies and techni"ues in realistic marketplace environments and provide a balance between technical and organi#ational knowledge for a variety of professional organi#ations. 'aking up this course, I feel would fulfill my twin ob&ectives of e!celling in the field of computer programming and improving my efficiency in the same with the use of management techni"ues. -ver years I hope to gain enough e!pertise and e!posure, so that I can reali#e my long-term goal of serving as a consultant to public sector industries around India. '$y N*(T) I understand that this Uni#ersity offers e!iting and uni"ue opportunities for research and learning. My seniors pursuing higher studies in the % have always spoken highly of the eminent faculty and the intellectually stimulating atmosphere at the niversity. 4ow with the wealth of e!perience gained from my practical e!perience, and with the know-how on the various management practices in the industry, I feel that the MI% program offered by N*(T was tailor-made to suite my re"uirements. I value hard work immensely and firmly believe my commitments and efforts will definitely be up to the e!pectations of my colleagues and faculty at the niversity. onc!usion: I am certain that I possess the intelligence to envision, the knowledge to formulate, the commitment to e!cel and the spirit to live. I sincerely hope that my application will be considered and I will be given the opportunity to pursue my graduate studies with substantial financial assistance at your esteemed university. 'hank you for the opportunity given to me to e!press myself.