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TIBCO at a Glance

Information Sheet: TIBCO at a Glance

)elcome to TIBCO Su""ort*
ou have been registered as an assigned support contact for your company. Submit all service re!uests using "#$%& Support 'eb. http())

Severity 1 is an emergency production

environment situation where the Licensed Software is inoperable or fails catastrophically, and there is no workaround. Call your re ional T!C office to re"ort thi# #ituation $

Lo in Information:
our user*id is and password is

rhartanto Password1

++Login is for your use only and is to not be shared ++

Severity %& is a detrimental situation where (a)

performance degrades substantially under reasonable loads causing a severe impact on use, (b) the Licensed Software is usable but materially incomplete; or (c) one or more mainline functions or commands is inoperable.

Ty"e of Su""ort Covera e: %( + , -Silver.

Support is available , - ./ - 012. 'e are here when you need us, no matter where you are. S"otfire /ivi#ion0 i# a #u1#i2iary of TIBCO Soft3are Inc$

Severity '& is an inconvenient situation where

the Licensed Software is usable, but does not provide a function in the most convenient manner and Licensee suffers little or no significant impact.

Technical !##i#tance Center -T!C. 5hone num1er#:

7orth an2 South !merica: 9:.12;.</1.2,./ or 9:.<,,.,./.<.., (:.<,,.,./."5%S) E6E! -Euro"e0 6i22le Ea#t0 !frica.: 9// (;) <,;.=;=.0<=0 !u#tralia: 91:.../0,=.=0:< or :.<;;.:</...1 !#ia: 91: . /0,= =0:< or for toll free numbers for countries outside of 5ustralia please refer to the "#$%& Support 'eb8> Support 7olicies8> "echnical 5ssistance %ontact and)or 4scalations

Severity (& is when use is noticeably affected but

reasonably correctable by a documentation change or a future release.

Other TIBCO Information: 5ro2uct /o3nloa2 Site: http())

+ #f you do not have a login, send an e8mail to Or2er In4uiry: Licen#e Re4ue#t#:

E#calation of Service Re4ue#t#

8%all "5% to escalate a service re!uest. or 8?or issues that need "#$%& management@s attention, call the escalation line( 7orth an2 South !merica( 9:.12;.</1.2,<= E6E! -Euro"e0 6i22le Ea#t0 !frica.: 9// (;) <,;.=;=.0<<= !u#tralia: 91:.../0,=.=0.. or :.<;;.:</..0, !#ia: 91:.../0,=.=0.. or for toll free numbers for countries outside of 5ustralia please refer to the "#$%& Support 'eb8> Support 7olicies8> "echnical 5ssistance %ontact and)or 4scalations #f voicemail is reached, please provide us the following( your company name, phone number(s) and the Service 3e!uest number and this will page the regional Support Aanager.

TIBCO E2ucation Service#:


S"otfire E2ucational Service#:


TIBCO 5rofe##ional Service#:


TIBCO 5ro2uct Information:


S"otfire 5ro2uct Information:


5ro2uct /ocumentation:


in a Service Re4ue#t

TIBCO Communitie#:

)e1 -5referre2 6etho2.

ou may report service re!uests using the web interface of our call tracking system ("#$%& Support 'eb)( http()) )e 2o re4uire that Severity 1 i##ue# 1e follo3e2 u" 3ith a "hone call to our Technical !##i#tance Center to en#ure imme2iate attention$ 3efer to severity level definition above.

5hone: 4ach "#$%& customer is assigned a regional "echnical 5ssistance %enter ("5%)
where they can contact "#$%& for support via phone (see above for phone numbers). 5 service re!uest will be created for you along with an S3*#6.

Ba#ic Information: 7rovide us with the following information when opening a service
re!uest (S3)( 8 7roduct name, version, operating system 8 our name and telephone number 8 %omplete description of the problem, a reproducible case including dumps, compiler listing, etc

2003 TIBCO Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. TIBCO Confidential and ro!rietar"