PROJECT TITLE: “Study and analysis of the role of Packaging on Consumer Buying

Behaviour with focus to toilet soap segment concentrating on brands LUX, DETTOL, DOVE, and PEAR”

The aim of the study to get a point toward role of packaging on consumer buying behaviour. The basic purpose of behind it to find out how packaging factor play an important role in consumer buying behaviour. In this research, I am trying to find out the positive relationship between independent variable and dependent variable. The significance of the study, delimitation and limitation will be discussed. The consumer buying behaviour is dependent variable. The packaging is the most important factor. Packaging elements like packaging colour, background image, packaging material, and font style, design of wrapper, printed information and innovation are considered as predictors. Due to increasing self service and changing consumer’s lifestyle the interest in package as a tool of sales promotion and stimulator of impulsive buying behaviour is growing increasingly. So package performs an important role in marketing communications, especially in the point of sales and could be treated as one of the most important factors influencing consumer’s purchase decision. By conducting research we seek to reveal elements of package having the ultimate effect on consumer choice. Taking into consideration that package could be treated as a set of various elements communicating different message to a consumer.

1. To study the current market for Toilet soaps. 2. To analyze the relationship between a specific brand and its buying behavior as per packaging. 3. To assess factors influencing the buying behavior of the consumers related to packaging.

In order to find data based on the role of packaging on consumer buying behaviour. I will collect the data using questionnaire which will include open ended as well as close ended question act as primary sources of data. Secondary data will be collect from websites, newspaper, and journals. While for analysis parametric (regression & correlation) & non parametric test will be used. A sample size of 300 consumers will be selected to test the reliability of the model use in this research.

Dependent variable is “Consumer buying behaviour” while Independent variables includes packaging colour. BENEFITS OF STUDY: Marketers today are quite difficult to target consumer and approach need of people on the existing market. maximum and mean values of data. Second techniques I will use Person’s correlation to find a correlation between at least two continuous variables. And importantly. Other factors such as group size will determine if the correlation is significant. packaging material. It will shows minimum. Each of above mentioned variable will be measured by asking the questions by using 5 points itemized rating type scale from strongly agree to strongly disagree. background image. As a result the study will be a significant attempted in differentiating the factors affecting a consumer purchasing a product or service on a local existing market. . printed information and innovation incorporated. font style. the topic is the one most important and providing a deeper understanding of factors affecting consumer buying decisions to students and for business education. The study is also helpful to marketers to identify and adapt their marketing strategically approaches for the groups after distinguishing the target group from others. The value for a Person’s can fall between 0 (no correlation) and 1 (prefect correlation). involving one or more independent variable. and motivations of the consumer. Moreover. design of wrapper. First techniques I will use descriptive analysis for generating result. Fourth techniques I will us sign test to check impact of role of packaging on consumer buying behaviour. Third techniques I will use linear regressions analysis to estimates the coefficient of a linear equation. the study is beneficial to the firms segmenting the markets and the needs and wants of the specified group. that best predict the value of dependent variable.

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