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Walter Russell and Nikola Tesla

For me the studies of alchemy and electricity went hand in hand. Both had much to do with geometrical representations of purification and working with the natural energies of the earth. All throughout readings by Tesla and Russell there is a repeating correlation between the energy of time being a concept in the mind, and also a vibration at which the earth is resonating at (our surroundings). It puts man is such connection to earth and the surrounding stars energetically it is profound in terms of understanding our true nature. Many concepts are asymmetrical, which I mean as vortex-like in nature. The vortex is a fractal of sorts. It contains the golden ratios of the Fibonacci sequence and is key to breaking symmetry. The ni trogen cycle, carbon cycle, rain cycle, life cycleect are all self looped systems. From these independent systems they intertwine together to replicate a seemingly chaotic rhythm at which life pulsates at in regards to the energy of time. On the subject of these waves of time, let us remember the ancients studied and mastered these concepts.

Nikola Tesla was very intrigued by the vedic philosophy of how everything is already resonating. It is the idea that the cosmic ohm/sound created the physical. From this center of vibration springs the universe. Back in the day when people were trying to condense various gasses out of the atmosphere from seemingly nowhere, Tesla had the idea to condense the primary starting material of all things, the energy of consciousness. Consciousness being intertwined in time, it must first be rectified and purified before it can be recombined to make creative energy. This is done through modern day devices called rectifier diodes. Rectification of electricity is also radioactive in nature. Russell talked of how radioactive energy was the energy of death. Radioactivity is also associated with large isotopes breaking down into smaller elements. Thus uranium eventually breaks down into lead, but along the way it releases an enormous amount of electrons into earths crust. This attributes to the charge gradient between the earth and the skies. Earth builds a charge in accordance to the amount of charged particles ejected from the sun at earths magnetic field.

The rate at which the sun emits particles is a cosmic vibration, which then causes the earth to vibrate electronically through the repetition of lightning strikes (Schumann Resonances) that hit earth. To sum this up, the polarities of electricity can be derived by discharging into a coil (geometrical representation of vibration), and rectifying the types of energy (positive and negative) that manifest as time goes on. This is a way of separating charged particles based on the way nature responds to magnetic fields that are not natural. In modern day systems, they are symmetrical. So when energy is applied from our side of reality, it creates a symmetrical manifestation of this energy into a magnetic field which then initiates a reaction from the environment, commonly referred to as a back emf spike which is the exact opposite geometrical manifestation of the magnetic field created by our induced charge. Due to the symmetrical nature of our modern day systems they effectively create large amounts of heat as energy loss.

Asymmetry as a Key to Radiant Electricity The trick to making these energies not cancel each other out into heat is to make it asymmetricalSymmetry effectively damps oscillations into heat. Just as every action has an equal and opposite reaction, they will cancel each other out if only allowed to move in a linear, symmetrical mannerHowever when movement in a linear motion is turned into movement in a oscillating/circular motion, a different type of electricity manifests itself and is what Tesla referred to as radiant electricity. The repetitive discharge of energy into an asymmetrical system is what creates a resonant condition within the environment. In other words it allows the energy of the environment to resonate freely, allowing your body and surrounding objects to become sources of radiant energy due to their vibratory nature in accordance with the environment we occupy.