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Triple Peep Illustrated by Aaron Main and Written by Adelaide Knowles Featured Works by Kate Bornstein, C.C St Clair, Julia Serano, Jeffery Eugenides Thanks to Trannymals, Tranny Roadshow, Sugarandmdicine, sexualambiguities, Transadvocate, Genderfork, Gendercrash –
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Letters to someone...anyone?
Dear Someone
I think I am being a bad feminist, whenever I think about what I am doing I can’t help but feel separated. I mean where do I begin? I want to say that I am the equal of any woman or man, but I’m so nervous now that I am becoming myself, I want approval so desperately that I can’t help but be afraid of what society expects of me, I’m trying to stand up for myself, but they don’t listen to my problems, when I’m really afraid, I don’t want to show my vulnerabilities. My secrets, they’re too personal and I don’t think they’d understand why I can’t talk to them. I need to talk to someone about why I don’t laugh all the time, why I’m secretly different, even when I want to reach out to another person, I wish they were more like me, or at least able to deal with me, I wish someone was mature enough to not know anything about me, to not pretend like they are an expert at dealing with trans*people. Even I don’t know who I am or what I’m becoming. I really want to scream, because I’m trying to speak and I keep getting interrupted. I’m not universal like you are... Even if I wanted to there are things I don’t tell anyone... Someone I need you to believe in me, I believe in you! I’ve been having terrible problems with sleep over the past few years, particularly with nightmares. I keep getting picked, teased and haunted, as if I am trapped in another world. I try to spend my days as positively as I can, but I’m always tired, maybe I don’t have the energy to keep up with the rest of the human race. My dreams are quite violent, I’m afraid, really scared, and I’m going through this alone. Are there things that can enter dreams and make them nightmares? Constant reminders of my never happened other gender, I fight back when I can, but I’m losing, why don’t I dream of good things- of love and unicorns, rather than imprisonment, rape and persecution? I cannot imagine living if my unconscious world was to collapse and my dreams stolen. I’d probably kill myself – as if the so called world wasn’t unfair already.. I’m exhausted, I need rest, always pushing me down into the dir, like I’m not a real person, my wrists, my veins feel empty, ravaged by vampires. I believe I will soon wake to find I am one, a damned creature to prey on innocence, as once preyed on me.

Dear Someone
I just want to say that I rule. I totally kick ass, not only is what I am doing a heap of fun, I can make fun of anyone I want to, especially if they are overly political – it’s funny. I can be something sexually that very few others can be and they know it, they’re jealous, they’re curious and supportive, but I don’t dwell or feel sorry for myself in their sympathies – I’m going places people have never been before – I am an explorer, crossing boundaries and finding new ideas and expressions. Most people don’t know I’m trans*, and that is empowering – it makes me realise how much I have achieved and that in the end that is the real trick, feeling good, eating well, making friends and getting what you want out f life. I don’t care if they try to bring me down, which they won’t, I’ve already transcended the mundane world and have emerged beautiful with the world.

Soon to be famous!

Kiss Kiss XX


Dear Someone
Last night was supposed to be a wonderful night, I have been looking forward to it for a long time, I had wanted to go to the show for ages, I have heard really good things about it. I went into the city and had some dinner and then got the bus to the theatre. My friends were there, which I supposed I knew they would be, and they were performing as well. I guess it is supposed to be a good thing, but I guess I wanted to see this particular show on my own, not because they’re negative in anyway, it is sometimes difficult to find my own spaces, which I need right now, I’ve been feeling horrible this last week, and I’ve been hurting my friends by behaving erratically, it isn’t the first time I’ve walked out on my friends, am I rude, antisocial, a bad friend, or is there something else that forces me to leave, enochlophobia, anxiety? When I’m in a crowd, I feel strangely, because despite being surrounded by a lot of people, I still feel alone and separated, and if I have to feel alone, I’d rather be on my own.

Dear Someone
I’ve done some things that have given me a bad reputation, especially sexually. It is not so much what I’ve done, just what people think of it. If my parents found out what I’ve been doing, they won’t let me go back there, if my friends found out, they’d be confused and they wouldn’t understand, I don’t want to tell them, it’s too weird. They’re so comfortable with sex, the whole idea of intimacy, but I just don’t feel so connected to the rest of the human race. If I had a chance to fit in, I think I would choose that, but I don’t think I really do, I mean I have every kind of strange thing about myself, that I shouldn’t dare try to explain, I’m confused and more than that I’m scared, that being different has even made me a bit of a stranger to myself, not in a dangerous mental health way, in an introverted, introspective kind of way. I don’t think there is anyone that I can trust with my secrets, because they’ll get weird and make assumptions, they’ll just take everything for granted, and I don’t want it to be like that. At the moment, I guess I’m ok, keeping these things to myself, but I think that one day it won’t be, and I don’t know what is going to happen then.

Dead in a fishbowl


Transparent Do you believe in transsexuals?
Yes dear, transsexuals exist, I’m sure of it, just like the fairy god mother and the tooth fairy – they perform valuable services – such as provide perfect harmony between the male and female energies. If you put you gender differences aside, or under your pillow, a transsexual will come and liberate them, meaning you will have a happy, healthy, social sexuality.

But...How can we prove transsexuals exist?
Well, there are ways, but I imagine that it is becoming harder and harder to tell whether someone is transsexual or not. I’m sure their numbers are growing, but I’m not sure if anyone can tell for sure if someone is transsexual without asking them.

Do transsexuals have enemies like the Easter Bunny has Jesus?
Interesting question; I think we all face some kind of adversity. Transsexuals have many obstacles thrown at them from great heights from Donkey Kong, the King of Society who sets them extremely difficult tasks and unfair rules in order to fill their lives with misery and injustice. Transsexuals work unnaturally hard in order to get recognition in society. Hopefully Donkey is happy in his / her concrete jungle filling its barrels of discrimination. There is a plot to replace the discrimination with laughter, but for the moment the trans* liberation movement does not have enough political credibility.

Should I give a transsexual a gift if I find one?
Yes, if you happen to encounter a transsexual, they enjoy chocolate frogs and a lick on the palm of their hand. They won’t eat the chocolate frog in your presence, but they will scoff it as soon as they get chance. Upon receiving the lick transsexuals will respond by providing you with sexual equality and liberation.

Why do I need sexual equality and liberation?
Well, because otherwise we’d all be nibbling on our own bits like animals. We need to make sure that all genders are able to exist together in a harmonious sexual environment. That may mean making an investigation into unknown territory once in a while, in order to make peace, ambience and sexual energy. Sexual energy which is syphoned into the chaos engine in the centre of the planet makes it spin, thus creating the day and the night. Without sexual energy we’d be overrun with misery, frustration and unhappiness. That is why it is important to carry chocolate frogs just in case you happen upon a transsexual.

I think I have a transsexual under my bed...
No dear that’s a paedophile, I’ll call the police...

Twisted Transistor
There are as many different genitalia as there are stars in the sky. There are as many different transgender genitalia as there are birds that fly. Some are round, some are long, some are square, some have wings, yes some do. Ours like to dress up, speak up, and look at you. In reverence and irreverence, in celebration towards a world in which we support, cherish, and celebrate all bodies, especially our own.

The Tranny Roadshow is a multimedia performance art extravaganza. It is composed of an eclectic group of artists, each one self-identified as transgender, and includes poets, rappers, filmmakers, storytellers, breakdancers, rock bands, comedians, actors, folk singers, photographers, zinesters, and more.


Women In Love
Soft on the outside, with a string theory crunch
Mary asked Jesus: "Who are your disciples like?" He replied: they are like little children in a field that doesn't belong to them. When the field's owners return they will say: "Give our field back." They will strip naked in the owner's presence and give it back, returning their field to them.

One is not born a woman, but rather becomes one. Simone De Beauvoir Strictly speaking, “women” cannot be said to exist. Julia Kristeva Woman does not have a sex. Luce Irigaray It is apparent that the deployment of sexuality, with its different strategies, was what established this notion of “sex”. Michel Foucault The category of sex is the political category that founds society as center heterosexual. Monique Wittig


Sexual Ambiguities
Associating with known uterus thieves since 2006
Transadvocate.com is the creation of Marti Abernathey. Transadvocate.com exists to give a voice for transgender advocates in the ever growing blogosphere. Be heard, get your very own TA blog here! Marti Abernathey is Transadvocate’s main page blogger, but is also a podcaster, activist, and radiologic technologist in Indianapolis, Indiana.

(The Gospel of Thomas, saying 21a, trans. Stevan Davies)



Genderfork.com explores androgyny and gender variance through artistic photography and other neat stuff. It's maintained by a really wonderful team of volunteers.


Intersection of Boston's Queer, Transgender, and Gender Queer Communities Resources, Rants, and Information for Everyone!



I am black like you are, but I’m blacker than your people, my shackles are invisible, but heavy all the same. Did you know I’ve written you many letters before, but they were written in invisible ink, because I’m an invisible person, I mean I can’t see me most of the time. I don’t really know if it is because I’m looking in the wrong places, but I’m not invisible anymore, I’m black now. I’m black at my school, if I even make it there, I’m black in the workplace as well, but I’ll never be black enough, not for you


I mean it is my voice I’m fighting for, not my silence. If they find me a nice quiet space, then I’ll be mute and invisible, I don’t think I’d like that very much. Force fed the ingredients for happiness, but somehow I’m still going to vomit it up. Black and silent is threatening, like a ninja, I don’t want to scare you like a shadow growing bigger, but there is something you’ve taken from me, so discretely you probably didn’t notice, but I’ve lost much of my independence. It’s probably because I was taken hostage, when the ‘doctor’ started demanding ransom or else they’d kill me. I think it was a few thousand dollars, I was delirious at the time, but I thought about it, is my life worth a few thousand dollars? Unfortunately my family wouldn’t pay the ransom, neither would my friends, or even the police, instead they expressed that I should ‘Go fuck myself’ and I’ve been trying unsuccessfully ever since. Perhaps in some way being a part of this scenario I’ve lost some of my dignity, unable to hold any real light to myself as an equal in this relationship, I guess I’m taking it in the ass for it. Unfortunately I am unbecoming like men, another black servant, a devotee to a white man’s supremacy, dignified to myself, but it is irrelevant, the respect of the white society is hollow and presumes I belong to its little white wonderland. I tried to kill my kidnapper, which is not a smart thing, I tried to kill my masters, my ‘doctors’ but now I’m tired of trying, that’s why I hope you see these letters my very own stigmata. PS. We should be together too. Love Always

Slim written in really

pretty red, just like the blood we celebrate out of your vagina every moon, here’s to

As a response to an article written about trans sexualities in fiction - What Trans Erotica Gets Wrong, available at or other. Entitled – Fun Loving Criminals Kissing Killers She was sitting in the back of her mind, screaming at the senselessness of her surroundings. She...ze thought about it, how complacent and adjacent she felt, staring out at the crowd’s mind’s eye, intrigued more by the idea of fucking the room, poking holes in their curiosity, deliberately inciting her own sense of anarchy, sticking her fingers into the brains of the hetero- normative and existing calmly in her dollhouse, complete with her syndicated Barbie dolls. She thought about pronouns as all generic politic venerators would do on her behalf, she felt insulted by the strength of women, the undaunted connection that biology enables, and her own feeble calm, a paler submissive, almost tentative use of the word ‘she’. She was the concentred, profane reason to rebel against that label, even as a transsexual, it would be rose, rather than a word that she would draw from, a name, a person an opinion, and not the candidly behavioural psychotic pronoun ‘she’. Ze thought about it... meaning more or less woman, her encounters now liberated to defy expectation and elicit exception to the daunting throws of men’s egotarianism and women’s synchronicity.. Ze would neither piss at a urinal, or sit down on a pot, neither holding the graces of women or men to the plastic esteems that demand devotion, ze would retain her own sense of anarchy, confusion and sexuality... a perfect witness to her exclusivity. Ze gazed up, could feel condescending women excluding her from their bathroom, but she was fantasizing... drifting into her lonely echo, confusing herself so that she’d match her confused surroundings. Sexuality had struck her so suddenly that ze was still in shock, women, of all blasted things, the kindness, the sincerity and the depth of what ‘she’ meant, underwhelmed the men, but for ze it was opening her eyes, an awakening of a spiritual connection and a drive to connect her own inner mysteries to the proof of biology, a separation from men, an exclusive possession of her selves, encountering and expressing woman. Her barbie dolls were not complacent either, the dollhouse had made many agonising portraits of gendered buffoons; a systemic pursuit of libido; without ever quite making it to the place she was existing – but dolls are not real, they’re glamourous and idyllic, but not able to apologize for their perfect little big worlds. She feels less than over oared by her libido; she’s missing completely – an invisible, yet radiant body, radicalizing sciences in which she transmutes completely to distract herself from the painstaking ordeal of honesty. Whether daydreaming or actually being a sea monster, she’s secreting an unnerving scent of slavery to those who may approach, tempered with the fury of pretence, it is a trivialising of her partner that permits them to make hysterics in her directions, they unable to gather her danger and boredom – having told a grim tale hundreds of times. It intermittently makes pleasant things, which turn a desperate bile, for having feasted on illusion and gracefulness, but been remanded days, weeks later by reality. These would be suitors are not however how she expresses love, love would have to wait until ze was able to be naked and underneath her flesh, transparent and likened to honesty...rather than carrying a sense of humour to the impending point of deception... as to whether she would or would not exist on those nights.

But love, oh how love would need her, but that is a fairytale... where she no longer transmutes into a dragon-like creature, to breathe fire as a substitute for the truth – an immaculate mask of ‘go fuck yourselves’ in store for her stand up comedy, a wicked sense of humour indeed. Yet idyllic and stasis-like, she’s poised to be taken by her feelings and lusts at any moment, a bedazzlingness that speaks of the kindness in her own heart, expounded externally upon her hopeful flesh, of having given a perfect release and fluid sexual anagram, undaunted for that moment, hopeful... and hurt for having been opened to the cruelty of her lovers and haters, which all look the same – she would kiss a killer tonight and none be taken back... awaiting a heroism to drive away her sarcasm. And she waits, unnervingly, tyrannically, catastrophically.

Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide by Kate Bornstein
Another interesting book from US trans-activist and gender warrior Kate Bornstein. This neat little book probably fits into your pocket, which is good because it might just save your life. It introduces the idea of gender freedom and sympathy for the heartache experienced by many who have alternative gender identities and sexualities. It has a foreword written by Tegan and Sara, who give support and praise for the book for what it achieves for teenagers at risk, and well all teenagers should probably at least flick through it. 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks and Other Outlaws is a witty and somewhat personal and Insightful account of life on the edge, a terrifying place where gender, Sex and identity can take you to breaking point. Please listen to Kate before Considering doing something awful to yourself or others. 41. Make a dream Come true for somebody else. 70. Get a makeover. 59. Eroticize the pain. 91. Believe in your own paradox. 94. Speak with your ears.

Morgan in the Mirror by C.C. St Clair
This is a story by regular lesbian romance writer C.C. St Clair. In Morgan in the Mirror she’s exploring the life, loves and laments of a female to male transsexual named Moran. It’s not your typical love story – how could it be, but the elements of romance seem to prevail through a haze of politics, discrimination and violence at the hands of ‘society’. Morgan is a pre-op and nervous about his body as he falls in love with a police officer named Kristen. Let’s just say she’s about to have ideas about love and sexuality Challenged by the impetuousness of a man who pushes the boundaries of sanity and safety for the sake of the undeniable truth in his heart. The romance is sometimes overshadowed by the sexual psychology of Morgan’s thoughts; his insecurities and visions of life. I would recommend this for a bit of perspective about life, if you want to Learn more about F2M romance and well, just how different and surprising Life can be.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
“I was born on the other side, of a town ripped in two. And no matter how hard I've tried · I end up black and blue ” This is the story of Hedwig, East Berlin born transsexual rock star who was asked to leave a part of herself behind to make the trip to the United States with an American G.I – There were and are many complications in her life, the least of all is her band the Angry Inch, which are on tour attempting to gain credibility for songs stolen by former lover Tommy Gnosis, now the biggest thing on the rock circuit. But the much loved lead singer has her own group of followers who support her on a rock odyssey which explores, sex, identity gender and cute Russian boys on bass guitar as she moves us with her songs and story

The Gap
The more I think about it, the more I don’t care that I’m different, separated and analysed. I don’t care that I live in a world of permissions... I doubt I’m thinking straight; maybe I need to quit trying to. The more I think about trans* folk pursuing feminism for their collective identity, the more I feel we’re curving the truth, the separatist truth – that we are attempting to belong, rather than fill out our feminist destiny. The reason I am a feminist is for its protection, its banners and I suppose the people in whom I see my social status reflected, with minimal discouraging social refractions that misshape my words opinions and commentaries – a truer state of affairs, biological differences, social restrictions, love, hate and all in between would honestly give me a much needed sense of existence.

separate yet concentric ideology. I still feel in my ankles this won’t work, the need for ambivalence and ubiquity as an impossible goal of feminism dwindles my own needs, I’m out of touch, I’m out of time so how will I preserve my voice? Bundled in with the feminist IQ? Or maybe it will be on my own because my life sucks in spite of feminism. Do I need to discourage affection and admiration? Should I allow ‘no good deed to go unpunished?’ I’m not withdrawing from myself – I do exist and I am a woman, an impossible woman who owes this experience to the masculine impossibility – particularly any explanation which warrants any biological misgivings in the first place (blame). Women alone and feminism, while my heart desires to belong to it totally, does not contemplate the mistake, the flaw which puts a girl in a boy’s body – unless they claim to have possession of that ability for their own benediction, the burden of biology stands, unavoidable. I am resisting my own urges to give up my own dilemmas and sink into the omnipotence of my feelings and intuitions which demand that I an independent modern woman can stand on my own (alone – absurd and dangerous). It might mean I’m going deeper, but the pull of both gender / sexes is hypnotic and I’m deathly afraid that it is not progressive, being buried alive silent and unspoken. Yet I speak for this woman, her trials and struggles, her painstaking honesty and her emotional exhaustion. I and the ‘we’ – have so many issues which need to be presented in a new light, for our own satisfaction, to pursue the biological uniqueness that permits self awareness as women and to discover the allies of this voice and its reasons.

I don’t want to pretend that I don’t have separatist issues – I do. I want to protect my own opinions, and thoughts in spite of varying states of consensus about what permissions I may be granted, to be able to deal openly with my unique biology without it meaning exclusion from the group. The critical nature of the whole process interrupts the simplicity of a person’s convictions and makes biology the obstacle to happiness and equality. In other words I’ve been lamenting on false states and impossibilities, a relentless plea for conception within the collective female lexicon – she, I, her and their antagonisms he, him, his. The difficulties are the differences – the menstrual agony, uterus thieves and eventually a break down – biology as irrelevant is both reason and warning to not pursue meaningless endeavours, the offering I have in that regard is a I am here to help pack up the patriarchy and put it on the shelf of archaisms, but I’m not about to build fortresses for anyone. I am as much a feminist to my identity as a woman, as a soldier is to a civilian – I am both a civilian and

a woman, rather than a soldier and feminist. It means I’m looking and lobbying for a voice, safe social spaces and friends of my experience to help me bear the ‘slings and arrows’ until I like any feminist would desire, find liberation, equality and happiness. I hope that feminism is aware of its momentum and levelling effect, so that new ideas and separations can be preserved and observed. So I’m sorry to devotees of Athena, heroines in my life – I’m still a third class citizen attempting to have bread first and then milk, rather than the buffet all at once; I think we’re missing that first step on our own, that our bodies are real in spite of our conscious minds and that there is a gap we can measure ourselves and genetics, but we’ve been loathed to measure it accurately, it is a sad fact - we shouldn’t stuff ourselves with the feminist buffet. We need to understand our own very real imprisonment and struggle, before we sit at their table – we are the guests, not the hosts of feminism.

Our struggle needs our voices to be heard, our words to be spoken.

Which one of these is me?

Maybe this is how it happens – on our own, with support.

Maybe all - maybe none. Adelaide Knowles

Feature Article: Getting paid getting laid
In the beginning God made a story and a big part of that story involved men and women arguing over inequality. Eventually they got jobs and demanded equal pay. I’m not quite sure why there were discrepancies regarding inequality in the Bible except that it tells us that we have to win our own liberties and freedoms or else some kind of patriarch will lob a millennia or two of oppression on you. Dear readers welcome to the working world of jobs that require heads and hands working together to be smart and to keep ourselves out of the negativity that sometimes gives us less of a chance and less credibility than we are should to have. A trans* person is more likely to get a job in stealth mode than they are if they come out as a gender rebel / body switcher. There are many problems we’re going to have to face – now and in the future regarding jobs and our rights at work.

you’ve achieved a lot by going to the interview and putting yourself out there.

Pictured: Butterflies support transsexuals in the workplace I’ve predominantly worked as a waitress, but like many of you, tertiary education and high paying jobs are an incentive to look beyond the simple life of serving food, delivering documents and coding a computer program. Like any human being who aspires professionally, we trans*people would like to consider the entire spectrum for potential employment in the wider world. Years ago distinct discriminations existed against women and people of colour and today while society seeks a more open perspective it, the left wing alliance of race, gender and sexual equalities, continues its efforts to thwart it. As many of you who have experienced your local trans*community socially – You will no doubt be of the opinion that we are a pretty cluey set of people. Yet poverty, desperation and depravation still comprise one of the agonies of the community. The obvious way to overcome the financial obstacles is to get a job, so let’s get good jobs and safe jobs. There are many success stories regarding trans*employment, but there is also a rather terrifying failure rate, when it comes to employment, study and mental health. Our goal should be to ensure support for all of these areas which will be essential for a successful future career. So who’s hiring? There are many businesses that are trans* friendly and a huge number of your potential co-workers are also support your human rights and liberties. Whether it is the Queer community, or liberal groups of professionals willing to adhere and promote equal opportunity in the workplace, I think it is always important to give yourself a chance. That being said, there is a down side (rather than a doom side) to the working

Pictured: Ben A. Barres a published neurobiologist is a transsexual man. One of the catches of getting a job in stealth mode is being found out – It is an awfully trivial thing for us, since we should be ok with ourselves if we’re working – but for our environment, our co-workers and our customers – the T word can be a big issue. I’ve worked a number of jobs without telling my bosses that I was trans* and it worked out fine, apart from the fact I hated my jobs, well not hated, but had a healthy loathing for overworking myself. The advice I’d give is be ok with rejection, to not see rejection as a reflection on you, no matter what,

world. The first is your safety – people do not like feeling betrayed and the result of that betrayal can result in a physical danger if you are not careful about your identity. The best thing to do is to find someone you can trust, whether a a fellow employee or a friend and let them know what you’re doing – keeping secrets can make a blame and guilt a real issue if something goes wrong. You have every entitlement for a safe workplace, the law says so – finding legal advice to tackle unfair workplace conditions is a real option. Some of us though are quite ambitious and will no doubt want to pursue high paying jobs and our own businesses. A transsexual becoming a politician would have been an impossibility not more than a decade ago, and for many of us still seems that way, however in 2007 Georgina Beyer was elected to the New Zealand Parliament. It isn’t just politics that we’re looking at, we’re looking at big companies, for positions which will suit our unique academic abilities as well. So how are we going to succeed at it? The most reasonable way is to do it like anyone else, study, get a qualification and apply. However it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Many trans*, especially young people are forced to undergo extreme stress and anxiety while studying, having apprehensions about finding friends, getting medical advice, saving money and any number of potential problems arising out of difficulties that coming out has caused with family and friends. That’s why succeeding professionally means making sure we succeed in our education, at university, TAFE or privately. It means we have to be able to provide a safe mental health environment for those who need it, and we need to improve the image of mental lapses, because it is a perfectly natural response to the extreme pressures of transitioning and seeking education and work at the same time. For now a pocket full of alliances with other sexual and gender variations comprises the base for trans* support at our local universities, but it is something that could be improved and I think the groups are beginning to look at that now. Mental health first aid is an important step to making it in the ‘big bad working world’. Solidarity is something which has worked in the past as well, don’t be surprised if another trans*person will help you out – give you a shot, a chance to prove yourself. And for that reason I think it is important to communicate our successes

within the professional world, by supporting those who wish to have our support, so that we may in turn access their success for inspiration and solidarity. Eventually one day, if we continue to make ground professionally we’ll be able to gain a real sense of power to lobby for the changes we need politically, and the peace of mind we desire professionally.

Pictured: Kate Bornstein, a successful US writer and comedialien. “I know I'm not a man...and I've come to the conclusion that I'm probably not a woman, either...The trouble is, we're living in a world that insists we be one or the other." There are of course sexual alternatives, which society shirks, I’m sure many of us have thought about prostitution and although it can work for some of us, there is a big chance of heart ache, danger and disappointment. We’re trying to make sure that we don’t have to consider our ‘last options’ to make dangerous decisions based on not having any choices. Hopefully if we maintain our vigil, we’ll soon have role models who are able to voice our plight and cause until one day we’ll achieve a safety in a world towards equality.

Adelaide Knowles

I asked three people to some of the questions community Keegan, provide a cross-section positions to include perspectives. help me find answers to I have about the trans* and Maria. They of sexualities and social a variety of different

'straight community'. The queer community also carries the same stigmas about sex, not being sexual is seen as strange and somewhat perverse and being overly sexual is similarly stigmatizing (although I think that those considered socially to be male receive more stigma in the queer community than in the straight).

As a person who is LBGT/S what are your thoughts about transgendered people?

My view of transgendered people is the same as my view of all people I am more concerned with what they are like (personality, morality, appearance and personal relationship) than how they identify. I treat them in regards to being transgendered in the same way that I would any other person's gender, if someone identifies as a certain gender I endeavor to treat them according to their identity (e.g. using the pronoun they prefer), in most aspects though I attempt not to allow someone's gender (or physical sex) to influence my attitude towards them at all

As a person who is straight, I find transgendered people confronting as my ideas about gender are challenged. However, the more I read and hear about transgendered people the more I understand about the issues that transgendered people go through in terms of identity, body issues, relationships, etc. I think that the stereotypes perpetuated by the media are crude and focus on the questions of 'is it a man or a woman?' and 'what's down there?' which ignore the reality of what a transgendered person is.
What are your thoughts about sex and the Queer community?

My thoughts about sex and the queer community... I'm not queer, so I'm going to answer from my perspective as a straight person. For me, sex is still something that should be acted between two people who are in a relationship or wanting to start a relationship, although I have had periods of promiscuity (one night stands, friends with benefits, etc). After some selfdestructive behaviour (maybe not self destructive by other people's standards, but self-destructive by mine) I came to a personal decision to end the casual sex. I have been in a monogamous relationship since. So, to answer your question, my thoughts about sex and the queer community...people have the right to do what they want in their private lives, but they should recognise that certain behaviours do not make others respect you, or are healthy behaviours, whether that be emotionally or physically.
If you took someone home and got naked, to find out they were Trans* - how would you react?

I think sex is an important way for two people to bond (i.e. create intimacy) and is a strong social tool. The queer community in my experience allows for a greater variety of sexual expression and more situations in which sex is seen as appropriate. However in cases where sex breaches social norms the queer community is just as hostile as the

Probably quite surprised, this nearly happened to me once (where I was certain the guy I had taken home had a vagina, until I got his pants off) and it was fairly awkward for me as I didn't want to offend the person I was with but am not very comfortable being sexual with vagina's. That said I would have no problems dating a person who is

upfront about their gender, it would only be the surprise that would make me uncomfortable.

See above response for my thoughts on taking strangers home! If I took someone home and found out that they were trans (after getting naked) I would have expected that by that stage the person would have disclosed that information. However, that would not necessarily stop any sexual activity.
Is there any reason a Trans* person should feel intimidated or in danger from the broader community?

as their gender would be fine unless they made their gender history (or current body if it does not match their gender) known at which point they would possibly be at risk of much more hostility from those who feel 'tricked'.

There is still a lot of anti-gay feeling in the broader

community, and for many of those bigoted persons, a transgendered person would be no different from a gay man or lesbian worman, i.e. an object of prejudice. There is greater understanding of prejudice and discrimination against gay/lesbian people these days, but that does not mean that threatening homophobic behaviours have been erradicated. I don't think many people have an understanding of transgendered people further than the 'sex change operation'. This is an extremely threatening idea for many heterosexual males in our phallocentric society, so transgendered people equal freaks to such man.
What do you like most about trans* people?

My favorite thing about many of those trans people who I have met is the grace with which they deal with ignorance and offense. Despite being subjected to both daily as a byproduct of being openly trans they are always willing to educate and explain or call people out on their attitudes. They are very forgiving of honest mistakes and in my experience do not hold grudges that members of other oppressed groups would.

What I like most about trans people....admiration for their courage and tenacity.

Certainly, any person who does not conform to gender as delineated in male (with male bodies) and female (with female bodies) is at risk of hostility from society in general (including the queer community). A Trans person who consistently passes

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The Rebel
Hath thou not come, I would not have made tea; But thou hath come, so I dare not drink it. Because it is not an offer, I can refuse... Vocabulary and punctuation never! Maid miracles work, a testing, The art of spelling... bumbles bees. And every strip, shaping my pencil, The leadened slug of weather, I Asking itself in refrain, a verse To be or not to be, that is the answer. That it is nobler, and to suffer my inventory, For slings and arrows I have, and arms to raise them. The levelling reason, erected and having parry, took For having reason, had made merry The dubious winter’s heart, content.
Reckless, danger chases the rebel Through the greener pastures of other sides Across the mercies of her followers Beyond the narrow alleyways of dead ends Via the achievements of those who came before her Bypassing the anger of her keepers Into the hazards of heresy and blasphemy Around the old ways still grumbling Over the bumps in the road Carried upon the winds of change Avoiding lofty peckers Bouncing off the edges of reality Catapulted to stardom Thrust into danger Launched towards freedom Shielded from the public.

I was walking in glue Feet stuck in my eyes Duties I don’t divulge To satisfy the daytime I pick up my dues and my feet My shoes almost worn to the sole Laughing at the day Heavy steps dim the world So I tread lightly I dance, I fly, I tip toe Into tomorrow

Red Wood I ran deeper into a forest to avoid the woodcutter’s thunder And there found a crossroads of many well trodden paths. But none of them tell me henceforth how I had entered the wood And in every one of them I see myself confounded.

Two tone
There are angels and demons in the world. People call me an angel, sometimes they call me a demon, sometimes they don’t call me at all. Some of us prefer angels, some of us prefer demons, others among us have no preference, but we divide ourselves up, separate ourselves into angels and demons, into male and female, we pretend that We understand the difference between right and wrong, but I’m not so sure... I think maybe we don’t need to tear ourselves apart to find out.

My girlfriend and I are like Batman and Robin, wrapped up in mystery and latex, head first towards the next great challenge the joker is planning for us. There will be obstacles, but the joker is lonely, where as Batman and I are inseparable. In our quest for freedom and love we kiss with our heart – which feels like tongue sometimes.... more tongue Robin!...




pretty scarification calmly vertigo

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You say gender - We say fuck

Soccer Grrlz

Soccer is one of those things that can fascinate anybody. It is a past time of passion skills and competition for fun and glory. Once upon a time sports in general were considered an activity for men and only men, but now it is becoming increasingly popular among women. Movies like Bend it Like Beckham opened up a whole new world of possibility, which is still just beginning. Unlike traditional women’s sports, netball hockey and synchronised swimming (!), soccer is a contact sport. There is lots of pushing and shoving and body bumping. It challenges the traditional image of women as timid and scared of physical contact, believe me, if you’ve played before you’ll know that accidents happen, broken limbs, noses and bruises every week, the girls are literally diving right in and picking themselves up and there isn’t a gentlemen in sight to proclaim how unladylike they are behaving. For some of us the challenge isn’t on the field its off it, girls who play sport can often cop a bit of flack for it, being labelled and accused of being lesbians and acting like boys – and yes its true and even common for a sport team to have lesbians, much more common than it is for gay men to play in the men’s leagues. What does it mean though? It means there are many

questions about gender and sex which any brave player can encounter either if she wants to kick a ball around with her friends or represent her country at soccer – She’s a feminist pushing those boundaries, on the frontier challenging gender norms. And we kick ass! The chances are if you want to play soccer there will be many challenges off the field as well as on, the political and social challenges of straight and gay women playing together androgyny and even trans identities which exist as a part of a vicarious political sideshow, but they all have to work together because believe it or not teams have to or they will fail. Just how are attitudes changing when it comes to gender, sex and sport – recently an FTM signed on for a season of AFL with his local team with the support of AFL legend Nathan Buckley. Will leagues one day be available to both sexes? Or are there some lines which cannot be breached or crossed? Fuck it let’s cross them anyway.

Across 1. Famous African American Drag Queen from US Television 2. Not just an owl 3. The birth place of 2(across)’s band 4. The ____ go marching one by one 5. Star of Transamerica Felicity _______ 6. Past tense of lip-locking 7. Famous trans porn star Buck _____ 8. Oops I’ve jumped into the wrong ___ 9. Procrastination is being ____ 10. Oops I broke a ____ 11. Waiting for surgery can take _____ 12. The official title of the cross dressing monarchy ____ 13. An alternative sexuality

Down 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. The Stonewall ____ occurred in September 1963 Famous trans* model from the 1950’s. A common location for trans youth Not a toupee Julia Serano recently published a book Whipping ____ Trannies always need Sexy trans star of America’s Next Top Model ____ King Friends of the trans community Pregnant trans man gives birth Thomas _______ A very gender queer place A type of normal trans* sexuality If you’re not sure if a person is trans you can always ___ them

This star of America’s Next Top Model placed 10th overall in the 11th season of the show – she even said yes to a marriage proposal during one of the shows. Go Miss King!

Took a turn too far To trespass To know that I am nothing more Than an error in eternity Held hands, to keep me here. But that hand slipped, Clover discolored, Misintended as I was blighted; We never meant to be this.

Tesia Samara

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