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Title of my Magazine

I have had two ideas of what to name my magazine: AIM and RESONATE. AIM was my original idea; it stands for Alternative, Indie Monthly. This sums up what music audience I have chosen and reveals that my magazine would be released on a monthly basis. RESONATE was my next idea for the magazine name, this was completely at random, then I researched some of the definitions of the word and I noticed it had a part meaning of To correspond closely or harmoniously with an example quote Symbolism matters, especially if the symbols resonate with the larger message. This made me feel that it could represent putting out a message to the Alternative/Individual music fans. I decided that I wanted to go for a loud and Quiet magazine cover look and I noticed that their mast head is a long word and this occurred to me of why AIM as a name may also not work, it wouldnt fit much of the top mast head space which would look peculiar, unlike RESONATE which is a longer word and looks much better in the potential font I want to use for my mast head Bebas. The AIM magazine name would also be very predictable as it is just taking the first letter from each word, this isnt unique, e.g. NME, which stands for New Musical Express. Many people could think of an idea like that, but as the research of my target audience: Alternative/Indie followers say; they like things that are different and not the same as over products. To a conclusion of this I have decided I am going to be naming m magazine Resonate.

This is my favourite idea for a name Resonate in the font which I potentially want to use for my Mast Head on the front cover Bebas.

This is my original idea for a name which I am not going to use Aim in the font which I potentially want to use for my Mast Head on the front cover Bebas.