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Basic Ideas of

The Burgoyne Universal Field Theory of the Construction of all Matter and

by Roger D. Burgoyne
July 10, 2009

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Basic Ideas of the Theory

Consider the accepted concept that all matter in the Universe consists of
being made up of molecules and atoms wherein the atoms are constructed of a
nucleus surrounded by one or more particles, given various names as they have
been identified as electrons, protons, neutrons, positrons, etc. and that the identity
of the atom is determined by the make-up of these particles, and that these atoms
form in various groups as they may bond together to form molecules. These
molecules and atoms bond together to make-up all the matter of the universe. All
matter that has the same atomic structure as they have become bonded together, are
referred to as an element of nature such as gold, silver or lead. Originally these
made up only ninety-two separate elements, although a few more have been added
in the recent age, that is of no particular interest here, now.
It has long been reasoned that all matter has within it some kind of stored
energy. However, only with the ancient art of burning wood, and more recently,
the burning of oil of various types, has the release of this energy been thoughtfully
used. Now, with the development by advanced physicists at the time of WW II, the
nuclear bombs have been developed. With the release of the explosions of these
bombs, it has been shown that prior to that time, what had been only theory, was
now a fact. With added research, we can now say that all matter contains very
powerful energy, more powerful than anyone had supposed. So the question is
about what that energy is, and where and how does it exist? Even with more than
sixty years of time to research and experiment, this question has not been answered
by regular centers of science. So now the time has come to attempt to find the

answer to that question. The answer is very simple, and in retrospect seems almost

Consider two ideas. 1. The basic phenomenon that occurs when we consider
the basic histories of the development of several ideas, such as: our solar system;
the structure of parts of the general universe; atomic structure, and the make-up of
the nuclei of the atoms. All of these involve basic fundamentals of particles or
objects revolving and spinning and rotating about each other, or similar groups.
(When we get to atomic and smaller sizes, the activities are so small that we cannot
see them , but scientists have speculated that to visualize these activities, we can
think of them as the circling and rotating we can see in larger bodies to gain a
better understanding in our minds of these activities. Such is used here to better
understand what is presented.) Item 2. The ideas of basic activity in the description
of the ideas of development of Energy. Circular travel is always involved.
Using these two items, it seems logical that the further projection of thought
into what must be involved in further understanding of the structure of matter
should include the use of these two items.
At this point I would like to introduce the use of an acronym I have
previously used in my writings. It is the acronym, sprc, made up of the
first letters of each of the words, spinning, rotating, and circling. This
will be used to refer to the activity of particles in doing movements
about each other and other groups to avoid repetition of these words in
describing this activity. The use will be mentioned as the sprc activity
of the items concerned. This includes all activity of sub-atomic

In doing, now, what I have suggested, it does appear quite obvious, that the
next step in considering the make-up of matter would be that such consists of yet
smaller particles beyond atoms and their nuclei, and that these particles also
engage in sprs activity. Beyond this, the process continues to smaller and smaller
particles, perhaps to infinity of smallness. The infinity part may not seem quite so
obvious to some, but a smallness to whatever is needed, may be a better
Considerable reflection and thought on the entire matter may be necessary to
establish the simple purity of the whole idea. It does include the basis of the
necessary strong and powerful energy in the sprs activity which includes the
spinning and circular motion used in gyroscopic energy, obviously the energy of
the universe. It provides for the method of creation of the negative-positive, plus-
minus type forces always present. It provides the basis of explanation of the four
main forces, including electro-magnetic force, and the force of gravity. Here, it can

be seen that the reason for the existence of only the original 92 elements when the
combinations of possible sprs combinations would reach into the millions and
billions, is that the numbers of bonding groups of the necessary strength, are very
few. We individuals and everything we know of by our human senses are made of
those materials.
Lately we have been made aware of substances in the universe that have
been called “dark matter” and “dark energy” which are not detectable by us, but
are part of the necessary balance of matter in the universe. Through the theory this
can be explained as matter that formed into substance and energy of which we are
not a part and thus cannot see it or detect it with instruments made of material used
in our known universe. This material is said to be subject to gravitation, however.
This material might be thought of as material formed by a bonding of particles
with bonds other than as is used in the known elements, but exists none the less.
An interesting subject is as to where does light and perhaps electro-magnetic force
fit into this division I have just indicated.
The mathematical proof of this whole theory has not been yet developed, but
I believe it will be. One of the proofs of a proposition is to show what things have
explanations based on that theory, or proposition. I have just rehearsed some of
these. There can be produced many more. What can be seen simply from the
logical development of the theory should be seen as very complete.
For most people what does need to be studied and further reflected upon is
as to what the sprc activity involves including the various spins and rotations and
combinations of these, and other activities that must be involved. (Consider that for
particles smaller than atomic size, the SPRC activity may be more complicated
since they cannot be observed.) This is vitally necessary to understand what can be
produced and developed by this very involved and deep sprc activity. Considering
all of this, it then becomes practically obvious that what I present here is the
answer to what it is that all matter contains.

In fact, I present that if you are a person pursuing by research and

experimentation, or any other means, what is needed to answer the questions about
matter and what is it finally made-up of, you may pause, because what I present
here makes it so reasonable, logical, and obvious that one can say, “This is it, This
is the Answer.”

Roger D. Burgoyne
July 10, 2009